I am in no way at all making any profit off of this story. This story is only written for the reading pleasure of The Biker Mice From Mars fans such as myself.

(By: N-E-K Givan Jan. 22, 1998)

Help Around The Block

By: N-E-K Givan Jan. 22, 199

Copyright N-E-K, 1998

12:30 P.M

Scene 1: In front of the Last Change Garage

(Setting takes place in front of the garage. The guys and Charley are waiting outside for the pizza delivery man to bring their lunch. While waiting, the guys are about to race each other on their bikes.)
Throttle: Hey Vinnie, I have this race in the bag, as always.(He starts to laugh knowing that he is making Vinnie a little upset.)
Vinnie: Well, lets just see about that bro, remember, I am the baddest mamajamma on this side of the universe.(He revs up his bike and eyes Throttle)
Modo:(Deciding to sit the race out): I'll sit this one out guys, it looks like a competition to me between the two of you and not for fun.
Throttle: Ok Modo, you be the judge then. Tell us how is better than the other.
Vinnie( Very sure of himself): Yeah Modo, tell him that I am the best.
Modo(Thinking to himself): What did I get myself into.

(Charley sits there and watches the guys get ready to race. She leans against the garage door and shakes her head at Modo. She feels sorry for him, knowing what is going to happen when the race is over.)

( The race begins, down the street the both of them go. Going speeds up to 200mph. As they circle the block back to the street that the garage is on they spot some kids dancing. They both decided to end the race for a safety factor that the kids wouldn't get hurt. As they came closer to the kids, they realized that the kids weren't that little. They were all in their late teens. There were a total amount of 4. 3 out of the four were a nice slim muscle tone build, while the fourth one had a thick heavy-set but muscular build. They were all females and all were very pretty. As Vinnie and Throttle watched the girls dance to a kind of music close to rock but with a snappier beat (rap & reggae) the girls immediately took notice)

One of the girls: May we help you? (She said in a snappy voice)
Vinnie: Sorry babe if we disturbed you in any way, we were just watching you dance.
Throttle: Yeah, you all were looking good.
(The heavy-set girl walked over to the two and introduced herself and the others. ((Oh, the heavy-set girl is me!! The writer!!)) )
N-E-K(With a friendly voice): I'm N-E-K, but my friends call me Bengal. (Pointing to the girl that spoke first.) Thats my best friend Nikki, but we call her Slash. ( pointing to another) Thats Neshia, but we call her Potts,(Pointing to the last girl) and last but not least, thats Kellee, we call Shotgun cause of her feet.
Vinnie(wondering): Why is her name based on her feet?
N-E-K: Because she likes to kick things.

(Slash was the one of the group that trusted hardly anyone. She stood 5'1 and weighed 127lbs of muscle. She had medium length hair and had a butter cream complexion. She wore a pair of firm fitting pants and a plaid shirt. Potts is the tallest of the group. She stood 5'6 and weighed 180 of muscle. She was the shy one of the group, but when trouble came around she was ready to go. She had long hair and an almond complexion. She wore a pair of baggy cut-off jeans and a big tuck-in shirt. Shotgun was the witt of the group. She stood 5'4 and weighed 150lbs of muscle. She also had long hair and a brown complexion. She wore a pair of camouflage pants and a matching color shirt. Bengal had the biggest heart of the group, she gave everyone a fair chance, when her trust is broken thats when she is the most dangerous. She is also the biggest, but don't let that fool you, she is still very agile and flexible for her size. She stood 5'1 and weighed 245lbs, of bulk and fat. She uses her weight to a great advantage. She had semi-long hair and a solid brown complexion. She wore a pair of baggy jeans and a T-shirt with a glove on the right hand and a long leather trench coat. Each of the girls lived around the block.)
Slash(Talking to the guys): Now that the introductions are over, where are you from and what are YOUR names?
Throttle(Looking at Vinnie): Well, uh, my name is Throttle (pointing to Vinnie) and he's Vinnie.
Potts: Your not from around here are you?
Vinnie: Define here.
Potts: Earth.
Throttle(Looking at Vinnie): They're on to us Vin. No we aren't from here, we're from Mars.
Vinnie: The Biker Mice From Mars. We're here to save the planet, but I bet you don't believe us do you?
Bengal(Touching her forehead): I believe you both, I can touched your mind to see if you were really telling the truth. I also know that there's another in the group.(She looks at the guys and they are in shock to see that a human can possess powers. But what she knew was that they didn't know that the others have powers also. All, more than one.) Its a gift.

(As soon as they were done talking, a speeding car was approaching their way. They all jumped on the sidewalk, but Bengal spotted a little kid that just steeped in the street. He was in danger. She quickly leaped into the street and grabbed the boy and jumped back on to the side walk before the car even reached them. Throttle and Vinnie were amazed that a person that big could maneuver themselves with that much speed. She returned to the group and put the little boy down.)
Slash: Don't underestimate my girl, she is as quick as a cat. Thats how she got her name.
Throttle(Impressed): Hey, why don't you come with us for lunch. there is plenty of food for all of us. We're having pizza.
Vinnie(agreeing): Yeah, besides, with girls like you with the abilities you have, this city may have a chance with Limburger and his goons.
Potts: Yeah, we know about his fat behind, we tangled with him more than once. He tried to come around here and bother this nice lady that owns a garage right up the street.
Both Vinnie and Throttle: Lets eat!!!!
Throttle: We can discuss this over the table with a full stomach.
Slash: Alright, we'll meet you there. Where are we going again?
Vinnie: The Last Chance Garage.
All the girls: We'll be there!!!!!!!

12:50 P.M

Scene 2: Back at the garage

(When the guys get back to the garage, Charley had just received the pizzas. Modo was still waiting for Throttle and Vinnie when he realized that they were back. He also realized that they had company. The four girls introduced themselves to Modo and Charley and told her that they were invited to lunch. Charley openly agreed to them staying for lunch since she had more than enough to go around.)
Bengal(Thinking to herself): This is the same garage Limburger was after.
Potts(Sensing what Bengal was thinking about): Yeah, I know what you are thinking Bengal.

(Inside , in the kitchen the 8 of them all dine to the delicious pizza. Charley, for once, feels truly comfortable because she is no longer the only girl in the house, for now. When they were all done from eating, Bengal offered to help Charley with the dishes. Charley, never having anyone ask her if she needed help cleaning automatically said yes. The others went into the living room to watch TV.)
Charley: So Bengal, where did you get your name?
Bengal: My girls gave it to me when they realized that I am faster than what I appear. They say that I have the speed of a cat. So they called me Bengal.
Charley: Oh, I see.(Wondering what she thought of the guys) Well Bengal, what do you..........
(Before Charley could finish, Bengal started to sniff the air. She smelled the presence of heavy grease. Plus, she smelled sour fish. She knew it wasn't from Charley's house. She knew, something was wrong.)
Bengal(Turning to Charley): Charley, do you smell that?
Charley(Thinking to herself what to smell until the odor hit her): Oh no. Bengal, you have to leave, something bad is going to happen.
Bengal: I know. That smell has only come from a certain person that the girls and I have fought before. His name is Greasepit, and where's there's Greasepit, there is Limburger.
Charley(In shock): You know about them?
Bengal: Know about them, we've fought them before.

(Charley and Bengal both run into the living room and warn everyone of the danger, but it was too late. The goons had blown open the doors before the mice could bet to their bikes. They were totally defenseless, except for the girls. Slash threw forward her hands and suddenly a burst of energy flowed from her fingertips. Shotgun leaped into the air and started kicking the goons into the wall with her powerful legs. Potts did exactly her name, for she possessed strength. She pounded the ground causing a sonic blast of power to knock the goons off of their feet onto the energy charged floor. Bengal lunged forward with her fists out like a giant cat knocking out three goons at the same time. Charley decided to join in the fight to help the guys get to their bikes. She grabbed one of her giant wrenches from her work shelf and clobbered three of the goons in one whack. The girls gave the guys enough time to get to their bikes and take care of the rest of the goons. They all thought to themselves thank goodness that the girls were on their side. The would have been a tough crowd to deal with because of their powers.)

Throttle: Wow man, those girls pack a heck of a punch. Did you see Charley go to work?
Vinnie(Being his arrogant self): Of course bro, she learned from the best. Me!!!!
Modo(Hiding his laughter): Yeah ok Vinnie, if you say so.
Vinnie: There goes the big cheese dead ahead guys.
Modo: Well, I don't know about you, but I can go for a grilled cheese sandwich!
Throttle and Vinnie(laughing): Just what the situation called for.

(They all fire there guns at Limburger's purple limo and the Limo goes up in a great ball of fire. Limburger hobbles out of the car, coughing and tearing from the eyes from the smoke. Greaspit, who also in the car blew up into the sky and came back down striking the ground with a hard BBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!)

Vinnie: Whoooooo, that'll put a definite dent in the street.
Modo: Yeah, that'll take a while to fix, and get out of, too.
(They all start to laugh)

Throttle: Well bros, we better get back to the girls and see how they're doing.
Modo: I agree. Let's rock.
Throttle and Vinnie: And ride!!!!

(They ride off into the sunset till they get to the Last Chance Garage)

Charley: Bout time you guys got back.
Bengal: Yeah, we thought that you forgot about us defenseless girls.
Modo: Ladies, thats one thing you all are not, is defenseless.

(They all laugh out loud, and the scene now goes outside of the Last Chance)

The End