We make no profit from this. It's for entertainment only. All characters remain property of their creators. This is one of those short, one scene fics written just for the fun of it and thought of at one of those odd hours of the night right out of thin air! Enjoy!

Goodnight Darlin'

By Lania and Saphire

Copyright 1998 Lania and Saphire

Throttle, Vinnie and Modo were cruising down one of Chicago's streets. It had been unusually quiet with no sing of anything form Limburger and they were all restless. As they rounded a corner much to everyone's-especially Vinnie's-delight and disgust they saw a group of Limburger's goons led by Greasepit. Upon seeing the Biker Mice they turned and fled.
"Well," Modo remarked dryly, "That was easy."
"Yeah, too easy." Throttle agreed.
"Well, Darn it!" Vinnie grumbled. "They could've stuck around for a few minutes. I didn't get off a single shot!" Throttle glanced at him.
"Come on bro. Let's go see what they were up to." As they approached the area their attention was drawn to a small alleyway leading off the street by a low moan of pain.
"Someone's hurt." Throttle tensed. They screeched to a stop and looked. Modo's eye glowed as it was obviously a child. They drew closer to the still form and when they were close enough to see who it was they all gasped in recognition.
"Airik!" They all cried together as they ran to the young girl. Modo scooped her up cradling her in his arms.
"She must've gotten caught in the cross-fire or something!" Vinnie exclaimed, pointing to her bike a few feet away. Airik wearily opened her eyes and recognized a friend holding her.
"Modo." She whispered before passing out again.
"We have to get her back to the garage." Throttle's voice was tight."Let's go." Modo answered, frustration, concern and worry filled his voice. Everyone knew how he felt about children. Throttle picked up Airik's bike and got on. He then patted his handlebars.
"Follow me home, baby?" He asked it. It revved in agreement. Modo settled Airik in front of him. Cradling her head on his shoulder he wrapped his tail around her waist and they headed for The Last Chance Garage. Charley wasn't there when they arrived which may have been a good thing considering the shape her daughter was in. Throttle parked her bike in it's usual place then followed Vinnie and Modo to her room. Modo stood there with Airik in his arms looking uncomfortable. Vinnie began to look smug. He rubbed his hands together then began to pace back and forth with his hands locked behind his back.
"Let me see if I can recap the events leading to this incident," He began in his best detective impersonation.
"Miss Davidson was trying to surprise both her Mother and us. At the same time for one warped reason or another, Greasepit was attempting to rob that shop by the alleyway. As Airik came down the street, Being both stupid and nervous, Limburger's goons mistook her for one of us and fired on her. It could've been anyone. She knows how to handle fire, and since she doesn't appear to have any broken bones or be bleeding she probably simply lost control of her bike and was knocked unconscious. Realizing their mistake but being too chicken to do anything about it they simply left her there. When we showed up it foiled the robbery, again, and we were able to rescue Airik." Nobody bothered to argue with Vinnie. It was actually a very accurate account. Throttle pulled back her blankets, Vinnie pulled off her boots and Modo laid her down. Airik's eyes fluttered open.
"How're ya feelin'?" Modo asked her softly.
"I have a horrible headache," She murmured "But other than that I'm alright."
"Take a nap for now and we'll check on you later." Throttle tried to be comforting. Airik gave him a sleepy smile. He pulled her covers up under her chin and kissed her forehead. Vinnie hugged her gently and kissed her forehead as well. Modo was the last to hug the little girl and kissed her cheek. As they left her room and closed the door they all softly said,
"Goodnight Darlin'."