I am in no way at all making any money off of this story. This story is for the reading pleasure of all the Biker Mice from Mars fans such as myself.

Girl Power!!!!!!!!!!!

(No not the Spice Girls)

(By: N-E-K Givan Jan.27,1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

12:00 P.M

Scene 1: At the bank

(The setting starts at the bank at high noon. Charley and Maula are at the bank so Maula can make a withdrawal from her $800,000.00 bank account {rich girl huh?} for clothes, food for the guys, and for fun!!!! They both want to make it home before the guys get there first and start to worry since they decided to stay the night at the Quigley field hangout.)
Charley: Thanks Maula for giving me some money to go shopping!!!! It feels good to know what it looks like again, since I haven't seen it in a while, it just slips out when the mice are over!

(They both begin to laugh)

Maula: Its nothing Charley, besides, I owe you big time for taking me in, gotta contribute somehow, you know!
Charley: Yeah, I get what you mean, but we better hurry back, the guys get kinda over protective over women.
Maula(funny look): Are you sure that its not sexism Charley girl?
Charley(thinking): You know, I never thought of it that way.

(They both hop on their individual bikes and head back to the garage. When they arrive, they see that the guys are there first, worried sick. The two get off of their bikes and are immediately questioned on where they went.)
Modo: Charley ma'am, Maula ma'am, we were worried sick!!! Why didn't you leave us a note telling us where you two were heading? We almost thought that Limburger got a hold to you!
Charley(looking at Maula with the same evil look): Look, I know that you guys mean well when you worry about me, but we just went to the bank, nothing major, ok? You don't have to worry about us every single minute, (pointing to Maula), especially Maula, she IS a one woman army.
Maula: Thanks Charley girl!!
Throttle(looking at Vinnie): Hey Vinnie?

(Vinnie was staring into space with an evil look on his face.)
Throttle: Yo Vincent!!

(Vinnie snaps from his thought and looks at Charley and Throttle)
Vinnie: Yeah. Sorry, I was just thinking.

(He then hops on his bike and rides off without saying where he was going. The guys say that they should follow him so he won't do anything crazy, like he does on a day to day basis.)

Throttle: Oh man, I'm worried about Vinnie, he has been acting way wield after your kidnapping with Limburger. I think that really got to him. We better go after him and make sure he doesn't do something stupid.
Modo: Yeah, we'll be back ladies. (He and Throttle hop on their bikes and start to rev them up to signal that they were about to leave. He then looks back at Charley and Maula, who he has grown to like, a lot and gives Maula a unexpected kiss on the cheek and Charley a hug): We'll be back, promise that you'll be safer next time, yeah I may seem sexist, but I'm not. I know that you girls can throw down, but I don't want you to get hurt. Not you two, can you promise me that, please?
Charley: Yeah Modo, we can do that.

(Modo smiles and rides off after Vinnie with Throttle.)

Maula(holding her cheek): He can't always be that nice, its inhuman. No man can be that calm and nice all the time!!
Charley(giggling at Maula): You forgot Maula, he's not human!

(Maula stills holds the cheek Modo kissed)

Maula: He's what I think every woman wants in a man, and more. (Well, at least thats what Maula wanted, she wanted herself some Modo.)

12:30 P.M

Scene 2 ; At the Pits

(The guys find Vinnie throwing rocks into the pits, he figured he needed a good fight to clear his head of from what he was feeling. The guys approach Vinnie slowly so Vinnie wouldn't think that they were the enemy, but they were mistaken, for Vinnie thought that they were the enemies he was so waiting to fight.)

Throttle(talking to Modo): We better walk slow towards him, or else he may try to have some fun with us.
Modo: Oh mama, I hope your right.

(When he heard them coming, he thrashed his body in a 180 degree circle and rapped his tail around Modo. Modo, trying to catch his balance, grabbed on to Throttle, who then fell forward on to Vinnie causing them all to fall into the pit. )
Throttle(falling): THANKS A LOT VINCENT, IF WE LIVE FROM THIS, I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:00 P.M

Scene 3 : Back at the Last Chance

(Its been over 5 hours and now the girls start to worry. They had already went shopping and had dinner ready. the guys were NEVER late for dinner. Something was really wrong, they both could taste foul play.)

Maula: We have to look for them, Charley!!!!! From what you say and from what I have observed from being here, they would never pass up Chicago chili dogs with all the root beer they could handle!!!!
Charley(agreeing): Yeah, I'm worried too. And Modo was the one that told us to be careful so they won't worry.

(They both go to the weapons area that they keep for the bikes, but they are now going for another cause. Fury was already full of all the deadliest weapons that Mars ever made, courtesy of Carbine. Charley then grabbed some hand blasters for extra protection.)
Maula: Well Charley girl, its time to do what the mice do best, but with a touch of femininity!!
Charley: Alriiiiggggghhhhhhttttttttt!!!!! Girl Power!!!!!!!!
Maula: Where have I heard that before?
Charley(realizing): Don't ask!

(They mount their bikes.)
Maula: Let me see if I can get a psychic link on one of them so we know where to look. (She searches the minds of the Vinnie and Throttle, they were unresponsive, but Modo was awake, which meant that they were alive, but in danger.): Modo is conscious. There is someone talking to him. He calls himself the Pit boss.
Charley: The pits, I know where that is!
Maula: Well then lets get a move on then huh?
Charley: Right, lets RIDE!!!!!!!!!

(They both ride off to the pits)

6:20 P.M

Scene 4 : Back at the Pits

(All of the guys are finally awake, but Modo was the first one up. He felt someone probe through his mind. He now notices that he and his bros are locked in chains in a giant cage in an arena like stadium.)

Modo(looking at the guys): Oh mama, look what we got ourselves into. I just hope the girls aren't worried about us.
Throttle(curious): What do you mean what we got ourselves into? We've been through a lot worse.
Modo: But we didn't eat!!!!!!!!
Throttle(scared voice): OH NO!!!!!! We missed dinner!!!!
Vinnie: I'm sorry guys its all my fault.
Throttle: Vinnie, what WAS on your mind, if it isn't still there?
Vinnie: I was thinking about Charley when she was captured by Limburger. Maula said that we were her protectors, it sure didn't seem that way then.
Modo: Ah bro, (patting him on the shoulder): Charley knows that we'll give our lives for her to be safe.
Vinnie: Yeah, yeah, maybe your right. But how are we going to get out of this mess?
Throttle: Luck.

(Outside the pit stand Charley and Maula, armed to the teeth knowing the obstacle that they have to face. She instantly looked at Charley, for she looked like she had something on her mind.)
Maula: Hey girl, whats up, not getting cold feet are you?
Charley: Are you kidding? While the Pitboss has my mice? I don't think so!!!!
Maula(laughing): Or your MOUSE!!!!!!
Charley: Can't hide a darn thing from you can I?
Maula: Nope, but lets go!!!!!!

(They leap into the pits for the adventure of their lives.)

(Back in the arena. The Pitboss walks out from his chambers, he then looks down at the chained mice and started to laugh)
Pitboss: Well rodents, I see your here once again, but I promise you, you won't leave this time, ALIVE!!!!!!! (he starts to laugh)
Modo: Not while I live your Porkiness.
Pitboss: Which won't be for long mousy!

(Vinnie heard the rumbling of bikes, he hoped it wasn't the girls, but had a feeling it would be them. Throttle caught on to it also.)

Throttle: Uh oh. I think the Pitboss is in for it.
Modo(curious): Why you say that Throttle?

(The doors to the arena blew open from the blasts of the girls fire power. They rode inside and noticed that the bikes were chained up in the corner. Charley blew them free so they could go save their owners. Maula then hopped off of her bike to go handle the Pitboss one on one. What the guys seen blew their minds. The only reason why the girls would be defenseless was if they were caught by surprise, face to face combat wasn't pretty for the people they would fight. After kicking the Pitboss all over the arena, Maula then hopped back on her bike to help Charley with the devastation. The guys just looked in awe on what was unfolding in front of their eyes. Suddenly Maula gave the signal to leave.)
Maula: Hey guys, get off your tails, close your mouths and lets go!!!!!

(After seeing what the girls were made of, they didn't want to argue. The rode to the end of the pit and turned on the blasters on the bikes and rode upward until they were out of the pit.)

Guys all together: Sorry girls for misjudging you!
Charley: Ah, its ok guys, just remember, we aren't any different, except that you have fur and we don't.
Modo: Yes ma'am.

(Back at the garage)

Maula(walking towards the kitchen): Hey guys, are you still hungry? We can just heat the food up for you.
Throttle: Oh, after what you girls did, we'll do it ourselves.
Maula: Ok then, be in the living room.
Modo(snatching her and laying another kiss): I'll see ya in there when I'm done eating. (He gives her a warm smile as she gives him one back)
Charley: And I'll be upstairs.

(Vinnie catches Charley before she hits the stairs.)

Vinnie: Hey Charley.
Charley: Yeah Vin?

(He pulled her close to him to hug her tight and slow. He didn't let go of her for a long time.)

Vinnie: Are you coming back downstairs?
Charley(blushing): Uh,...yeah. I will.
Vinnie(small smile): Good, I'll see you then. (He then kissed her on the cheek): Sweetheart, you just don't know................

(He turned around and walked downstairs while Charley was standing there thinking of what Vinnie had said.)

The End