Sinny-poo: "AHHHHHHHH No Stay AWAY!!!!!!!!"

Lawyer From the Depths of Hades: (Call him Squiggy, it's shorter.:)) "Are you afraid Mr. Essex?"

Sinny: "I'm not even IN this fic! Why are you picking on me? "

Squiggy: "Because I can. Now if you would be so kind…"

Sinny: "Lawyers… genetically inferior…"

Squiggy: "I do have paper for a slander suit here in my briefcase…"


Blitz doesn't own the BMFM or Gen X and it's characters. She is a demented female who's DNA I need to examine…"



Sinny: "Owie…"

Squiggy: "You really need to cut back on the Ranma 1/2 episodes my dear."

Blitzie: "Ok this fic has some spoilers for my as yet unfinished Long Road series. Italics indicate Telepathy. Be patient, I will finish it as soon as my Muses see fit inspire me. Oh and Squigs? Bite Me. "<L>

Biker Mice from Mars/Gen X part I

Isis and Stoker
How to Annoy Intergalactic Scum in Two Weeks or Less

(c)Blitz October 13, 1998 all rights reserved

Jubilation Lee looked out the window, depression weighing heavily on her shoulders. Wolvie was hangin with his perfect Kitty Pride, Lil Miss Ninja and computer goddess. Ev was hanging all over Gaia and no one cared about Jubilee. Looking down at the knife in her hands, she turned it over slowly. Why keep going? Why keep fighting? No one loved her. To hell with all of this, taking the handle in a firm grip, and a deep breath Jubilee brought the blade down on her right wrist.

Emma Frost, AKA the White Queen walked through the girls' dorm. Something was wrong, but she didn't know what. Opening her telepathy up a bit she made a quick scan and froze in horror.

Dear God no!

Reaching out, Emma telepathically took control of her young student.

The glittering knife blade froze mere millimeters from her wrist.

No I don't wanna live!

Jubilee, life is precious.

Why? I'm a drag on the team, no one gives a damn about me…

Jubilee, I…

What? You care? Right sure whatever.

Emma entered the room still holding the knife mentally. Then she moved to hold Jubilee close.
She took the knife from the girl's still fingers and tossed it to the floor. Then she enfolded Jubilee in her arms the girl shudder and sob.

"I do care Jubilee, I care."

Various thoughts raced though Emma's mind, she knew that Jubilee needed an adult and one on one time. Scanning the astral plane, she found a familiar psyche and smiled.

"Jubilee, I need to make a trip to Chicago, would you like to come with me?"

"Who else is coming with us?"

"No one else, just you, me, and the open road. I have to talk with a friend there and you need a change of scenery. Pack up enough clothes and gear for two weeks, and we'll leave in
an hour."

Jubilee packed some jeans, T-shirts, boots and her duster. She left the cowboy hat Logan had
given her.

In her own room, Emma Grace Frost pulled open the false section of floorboards under her bed. Inside the hidden compartment was a long black duster, fingerless black gloves, armored biker boots, well worn jeans, halter tops of various jewel tones, a helmet painted in ghost-flames, and two sets of keys.


Life is a hiiiighwaaaaay I'm gonna riiiiiide it… All Night Looong…

Jubilee was in shock, in the last hour, she had seen Emma Frost ditch the white leather, don
clothes and dog tags, sing loudly to whatever music she had in the CD player, and drive a Dodge Ram Truck.

The truck was emerald green with black racing stripes. The vanity plates read ISIS. Behind the truck was a trailer painted to match. She had no idea what was in that trailer. She had never seen the teacher so happy and relaxed.

"Umm Ms. Frost?"

"Yes Jubilee?"

"What's going on? I mean you look so relaxed… and different."

Emma laughed a bit and said, "Well whenever I visit my brother I get that way. I don't have to be a bitch, I don't have to dress like a 14-year-old boy's wet dream. I can just be… Emma."

"You got a brother?!?"

"Yes, that's who we're going to meet. His name is Stoker."

Earth, Planet Fall


"Yeah Stoke?"

"Are you planning on crashing into the scoreboard again?"

"No! Why do you guys keep acting like I can't land a ship normally?"

"Cause you've crashed twice kid."

"I was shot down both times!"

Chuckling the older Freedom fighter, ruffled Rimfire's hair, then sat down to wait for a safe landing.

Quigley Field

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh IT'S GONNA CRASH!!!!!!"

"Uncle Modo! That's not funny." Grumbled the grumpy young freedom fighter. "Jeez get shot down and mice think you can't land a ship…"

"Sorry Nephew, I couldn't resist." Modo chuckled.

"Ha Ha." Rimfire snorted.

"So Stoke," Throttle asked, "Why're ya back on Earth bro?"

"R & R my mouse, R & R. That and I'm gonna see my lil sis Isis."

"Isis is on Earth? You mean we finally get to meet your mysterious sister?"

"Yep, She'll be here any minute now, and she's bringin along one of her young students. Kid's name is Jubilee. I guess the kid needed to get away from the school for a bit…"


The mice watched in amazement as the aging warrior was pounced on by a beautiful blond human and hugged tightly.

"Stokie?" The mice chorused

Vinnie started to snicker, "S-Stokie… Bwahahahahahahaaaaa!"

Stoker gave the white mouse a dirty look and smiled at his adopted sister. "Isis! How ya doing lil sister?"

"Not too bad old timer. Jubilee come here."

As the girl moved towards her teacher's side Rimfire caught his breath. She had shoulder length black hair, an ivory complexion and stunning blue eyes. Sad blue eyes he amended, she was hurting, and for some reason, he wanted to take her pain away. He shook his head, ridiculous he thought. They hadn't even been introduced.

"Stoke this is my prize pupil Jubilation Lee. Jubilee this is Stoker, one of the best biker's on the face of Mars."


Sinister: Rassa-Frassem insane fan fic writers… dissect them all…

Blitzie: Would you be referring to me?

Sinny: aaaaah no of course Oh Great Fan Author, I would never…

Blitzie: Stifle Sin, groveling don't work;p
The usual disclaimer fellow fans. I own nada, cept for Freedom, CJ, Shasta, and Shea. Ask nice and I will loan them out. ;)

CJ, Shasta, and Shea: LOAN US OUT?!?

(sounds of various high caliber weapons being loaded)

Blitzie: Eeeeeehh heheheh I was kidding?



Sinny: HA! Serves you right…


Sin: Owie…. Crazy mallet wielding human…

Biker Mice from Mars/Gen X part II
Isis and Stoker
How to Annoy Intergalactic Scum in Two Weeks or Less

( c ) Blitz October 26, 1998 all rights reserved

It was an uneventful trip to the Last Chance, Emma, once again surprising her young student, unloaded a 1998 Harley Fat Boy painted pearly blue with cherry blossoms scattered over the fuels tank. She tugged on a helmet complete with ghost flames and Egyptian Eyes peered out from the sides. Jubilee stared in shock as her uptight teacher straddled the bike and revved the engine.

Rimfire rode his bike off the ship and rolled up to the stunned girl. Holding out his hand he smiled and said, "Would you like a ride to the Last Chance with me Miss Jubilee?"

Jubilee shook her head and smiled, "Uh yeah, sure."

Rimfire handed her a helmet and lifted her on the back of his ride. Driving with marked restraint, he made his way to the garage.

Modo glanced over his shoulder at his nephew and smiled.

Limburger Plaza

"Your Cheesiness, I Have found a wedge to drive apart those wretched mice." Dr. Karbunkle wheezed.

"Oh? And what would that be you moron?" Limburger snapped.

"I have here, in my hands, the unofficial diary of that wretched female excapee CJ. She was a sniper in Black Ops. And these last few entries will be her downfall."

"And?" Limburger quirked a brow.

"And your Reeking Reverence, her last target was the leader of those rampaging rodents."

"You mean, her last target was…"



The Last Chance

CJ flipped her long hair back from face and chuckled at Shea.

"Oh girl, you know anything you wear out to dinner with Modo will be fine. 'Sides Modo is so head over tail in love with you, you could wear a burlap bag and he'd love it."

Shea snickered and said, "Well if I'm lucky I won't be wearing it long…"

CJ collapsed with laughter and Freedom snickered, "Girl, his momma raised that mouse better than to kiss on the first date."


"Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrgh… I'll kill him… No I'll vape his hard-drive, yeah. Then I'll wipe out his website, Yeah Yeah! All after I burn him outta Cyber-space!!!!!!!!!" Blitzie continued to scream keyboard cowgirl insults and profanity in 12 different dialects.

"Jack?" Charlie asked

"Jack," Freedom giggled "Those two are out of control with this little cyber war. I have no idea why those two can't play nice."

Listening half-heartedly to her young friend's ranting, CJ looked at the Chicago sunset. Her mind wandered over her last days as a Black Ops sniper on Mars. Thank God her kill book was vaporized; she never wanted anyone, not Freedom, the guys, and especially not Throttle to find out about her last job.