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The Day She's gone

By Gemini
25th May, 2001
Copyright Gemini, all rights reserved

Vinnie was watching TV, when the radio made it's familiar bleebing sound. Since Throttle and the others had gone outside to get food, Vincent had to answer it himself.
"Sigh, it's always me who has to answer the phone, get the radio, do the dishes, blaa blaa blaa' he muttered.
"Hello, you've reached the secret hidingplace of the bikermice from Mars, how may I help you?" he asked sarcastically not yet looking at the picture forming in the monitor.
"That has to be Vinnie." a person sighed his voice crackling slightly.
"Stoker!" Vinnie yelled amazed. "You are the last person I thought would be calling, old geeser. I thought Carbine wanted to talk to Throttle or something. Wassup?"
"Listen, bro. I have something to tell you. Are the others there?" Stoker said. His voice was serious and he looked tired.
"Nope." Vinnie said trying to figure out what was bothering his old friend. "They went out to get food. Why?"
"I'd rather have them there aswell"
"Hey, don't back away now, you already started. Now what's all the hullabaloo about?" Vinnie asked. He was now seriously curious.
"This ain't easy, bro." Stoker said. He cleared his throat. "We found Harley."
Vincent shot up from his chair.
"HARLEY?!" he yelled. At first he was relieved. Harley had been found. But then worry came to him. "Stoker, is she alright? Can I speak to her?"
"Listen bro, she can't speak to you right now."
"Harley" Vinnie whispered not even listening to Stoker. Harley was alive! He had never been this happy before! Wait 'till the guys would hear!
"What? I'm still here. Can't speak right now? Of course, she must be tired and evrything. God, Harley! Listen do me a favor, will you? When you see her, tell her I love her."
This was not a common thing coming from Vinnie and Stoker knew it. And that made it even harder.
"I can't believe she's back!"
"Vinnie! Listen to me!" The tone of Stoker's voice got Vinnie's attention, but still he couldn't wipe the smile of his face.
"Vinnie, bro, Harley can't talk to you. Not now, not ever." Silence.
"She's dead."
The words hit him hard. He sat down not saying a word.
"Vinnie..?" Stoker called quietly. Vinnie lifted his hand slightly asking Stoker not to say anything.
"Did she suffer?" he asked after a moment.
"Did she?" he repeated.
"Yes. Mace tortured her untill she couldn't take it anymore. I'm sorry Vinnie, I know how much she ment to you."
Vinnie shook his head.
"No. You don't know." he whispered his hands balling into fists. "Thanks for letting me know." And with that he broke of the communication.
"Harley" Tears fell from his eyes as he repeated her name over and over again.
"HARLEY!!" he screamed. Vinnie smashed his fists down and broke the table in half.

Throttle, Modo and Charley pulled up at Quigley field with a brown paper bag at everyone's lap.
"Poor Vinnie, he must be starving." Charley said. "And the weather isn't helping either." she added looking up. The sky was filled with lightning bolts and the rain poured on them.
"What's with the sudden interest in Vinnie?" Throttle asked curiously.
"Do I detect a tone of jealousy in your voice, Throttle?" she asked opening the door. Modo snickered behind them.
"She's on to you, bro." he laughed.
"Oh my God!" Charley screamed. She dropped her bag and rushed in the room.
Throttle and Modo followed her seeing what she saw. The room had been torn apart. All the mirrors were broken, chairs, tables, everything.
"Vinnie?!" Modo called. He was worried. Vinnie was good at getting in trouble.
"Look!" Throttle said pointing at something. Vinnie's cherry red bike was laying on the floor, it's power turned off. Throttle walked to it and swiched it back on. It immediately started to beeb and flash it's lights.
"Easy there, girl. What happened? Where's Vinnie?" Throttle asked. The bike shone it's lights towards the stairs and beebed worriedly.
"Is he in trouble?" Charley asked tears welling in her eyes. Again the bike beebed, more loudly this time.
"Vincent!" Throttle yelled and ran up the stairs.
The stairs led outside, to the top of the scoreboard. Vinnie was standing at the edge of the board, and the only thing keeping him from not falling was the beating wind and rain.
"Vincent!" Throttle yelled again. "What happened here? The place is a wreck!"
"Sorry." Vinnie whispered and Throttle barely heard him.
"What happened?" he asked again.
"Stoker called." Vinnie said looking down. Throttle was slowly walking towards him, thinking his friend might fall. "He said she's dead."
"Who?" the tan furred mouse asked. His heart was beating fast.
"Mace killed her. Tortured her until she died."
"Harley.." Throttle said. "Vinnie, I'm so sorry."
"She's dead! What will I do now?!" Vinnie cried facing Throttle. The streaks on his face told Throttle he had been crying for a long time.
"Vinnie, I don't know what to say"
"It was Mace! I'll kill him! I'll rip his heart out and KILL HIM!" He pluged towards Throttle and he ducked. He nearly fell down, but Modo caught him. He had to grab Vinnie with both hands to stop him from hurting anyone. He struggled for a while but then he fell down on his knees.
"Harley" he cried. Charley had walked to him and put her hand on his shoulder. He was shaking and Charley couldn't remember ever seeing him cry.
"What will I do without her?" Vinnie sobbed. Charley pulled him in her arms and whispered to him gently; "You'll get by, Vinnie. You'll remember her, always."
And for the first time in his life, Vinnie cried himself to sleep.

Against All Odds

How can I just let you walk away,
Just let you leave without a trace?
When I stand here taking every breath,
With you, ooh,
You're the only one, who really knew me at all
How can you just walk away from me,
When all I can do is watch you leave,
'cause we shared the laughter and the pain,
And even shared the tears,
You're the only one, who really knew me at all,
So take a look at me now,
There's just an empty space,
There's nothing left here to remind me,
Just a memory of you're face,
Take a look at me now,
There's just an empty space,
And you coming back to me,
Is against the odds,
And that's what I've got to face

I wish could just make you turn around,
Turn around and see me cry,
There's so much I need to say to you,
So many reasons why,
You're the only one, who really knew me at all,
So take a look at me now,
There's just an empty space,
There's nothing left here to remind me,
Just a memory of your face,
Now take a look at me now,
'cause there's just an empty space,
But to wait for you,
Is all I can do, and that's what I've gotta face,
Take a good look at me now,
'cause I'll still be standing here,
And you coming back to me,
Is against all odds,
It's the chance I've gotta take,
Take a look at me now