Authors Note: Hi. Back again? Well, you've heard this a million times over, but I don't own BMFM but I do own my own characters and the plot of this story. PLEASE respect that. Sorry this took so long, but I really had a tough time coming up with the plot. Thanks to the Twilight Triplets who helped me out. (Yes, they are real and not just something I made up. Well, they aren't really mice, but you know what I mean.) By the way, anyone who thinks Wulf and Sky are boyfriend girlfriend can forget it! Wulf's married with children! (By the way, Wulf is Silver's last name. Just thought I'd clear that stuff up.) Enjoy!

The Biker Mice from Mars


"The Good, the Bad and the Plutarkians."

Written by Skylark.

Copyright Skylark Apr. 14, '98

Everyone was silent.
"Are we there yet?" Whined Vinnie. Sky slapped him upside the head. "Hey! What was that for?!" Yelped Vinnie. Sky ran and hid behind Modo and giggled. "Ha! She got you good, bro!" Laughed Modo. "You let your guard down, Vincent." Laughed Throttle. "Humph." Grumped Vinnie.
"Will you lummoxes cut it out, out there!?" Charley called from the Sickbay of the ship. She, Flor and Castano had stayed with Gyro, who had improved a lot since he had received the cure for the disease that he had been infected with a while ago. But it didn't help with the fever or wound. Flor, Charley and Cassie had done everything they could for him and were now playing a game of Poker, betting with peanuts.
"I see your peanut, and raise ya five." Said Charley, pushing five peanuts into the centre of the table. "Too rich for my blood." Said Flor, and folded. "I see your five, and raise ya five more." Said Cassie, pushing out the peanuts. Charley put five more peanuts into the centre of the table. "What'd ya got?" She asked. "Read 'em and weep." Said Cassie, laying out her cards. She had a straight, 6 to 10.
"That's pretty good," Said Charley, "But it doesn't beat this." She laid her cards out, reviling a full house, Queens over Jacks. "Man, what ARE you? Some kind of card shark?" Asked Cassie, eyeing the growing pile of peanuts in front of Charley. "Nah," Said Charley, "I had a good teacher." Cassie smiled.
"You should play poker for real money with those three jokers out there," She said, "That'd really put a dent in Vinnie's ego." "If it doesn't deflate it altogether." Replied Charley, laughing.
* * *
Gizmo, Harley and Blaze greeted the ship as it landed. Harley ran to get the medics when Charley and Flor appeared carrying Gyro on a stretcher. "What happened?" Asked Gizmo as they were swamped with the medics Harley had retrieved. Charley filled Blaze and Gizmo in as she and Flor handed Gyro over to the medics, whom rushed him into the infirmary.
Before stepping off the ship, Sky shifted into Diamond. Stoker noticed, and said, "You'll be accepted here whether you're Martian or not." "Oh, ya?" Asked Diamond, and shifted into a Plutarkian. Stoker had to laugh. "Way to contradict me." He congratulated as she changed back into Diamond, and the two left the ship.
Vinnie ran to Harley and gave her a kiss. "Vin! I've missed ya SO much!" Harley cried. Spotting Throttle, she released herself from Vinnie and with a, "I'll be right back.", she walked over to him.
"Hi, Throttle. Glad to see you're okay." She said. Throttle was surprised. "HARLEY!? What happened to Mace?" He asked, shocked. Harley cocked her head quizzically. "Don't you know," She asked, then snapped her fingers, "Right! You were in a coma! I'll tell ya later. Right now, someone would like to see ya." "Who?" Asked Throttle. "You'll see." Answered Harley, and lead him to the infirmary. Everyone else had already strayed inside.
"Throttle?" Came a voice. "Comm?" Asked Throttle, looking for the source of the voice. His eyes fell upon a 17-year-old orange mouse with terra cotta colour hair. "Hey, cuz." Said the orange mouse. "Commadore! I...gee, you've changed! Long time no see!" Said Throttle. Then he looked around. "Where's Bridgette?" He asked.
Commadore's head dropped. "She's not here." He said with pain in his voice. "Oh. What happened?" Asked Throttle. "Long story. Can I tell you some other time?" Asked Commadore. "Sure. Right now, I've got some people for you to meet." Answered Throttle, and lead Comm to the group.
"Hey everyone! I'd like ya to meet my country bumpkin of a cousin, Commadore. Comm, this is Charley, Flor, Estrella, Chestnut, Sk...," He looked at Diamond and caught himself, "and Diamond. I believe you already know everyone else." They all exchanged greetings. Throttle knew his cousin, and when he said hi to Diamond, he was extremely shy.
"I think he likes her," Thought Throttle, then grinned, "Just WAIT 'till he finds out her little secret."
* * *
Wulf followed Limburger to an old, abandoned warehouse. His special tracker that told him where the Star Stone was said that Limburger had it. "I wonder what that foul, odiferous stench needs the stone for?" He thought.
* * *
"Is the Particle Annihilator ready, good doctor?" Limburger asked. "All is in readiness, your whipped cheese toppingness." Replied Karbunkle. "It's hard to believe that this little stone has the power to destroy a building the size of the Chrysler Building." Mused Limburger, rolling the last piece of the Amethyst Star Stone between his fingers.
"Oh, but it can, your over ripeness." Replied Karbunkle. "Can we test it?" Asked Limburger. "Oh, absolutely!" Replied Karbunkle, and, taking the stone from Limburger and placing it inside a ray gun, aimed the ray at a condemned building across the lot and fired. The building disappeared.
"Curious," Said Karbunkle, "It was suppose to explode, not disappear." "Oh, well. Good enough." Said Limburger. Little did they realize that the building didn't just disappear, it was transported to the prison dimension of Carcel.
* * *
"What was that!?" Thought Wulf in shock as the building just sorta blinked out of existence. He snuck over to the warehouse and peered inside. Seeing Limburger with the stone, he immediately understood what had happened.
"He's built a teleportation ray," He thought," But I doubt he realizes it." Then Wulf got an idea. "But I doubt I could pull it off by myself. I'll need some help." He thought, and hopped back to his dimension.
* * *
Skyace flopped into a chair as Scout ran circles around him. "Will you cut it out?" He asked, sounding as he had just finished running a marathon. Scout stopped and asked, "Where's the fun in that?"
"Nowhere." Said Wulf, walking into the room. "Hey, Wulf. How's ya been?" Asked Ace. "Not too good. Listen. I need your help. Meet me in the village square in an hour, Kay?" Answered Wulf. "Can I come?" Asked Scout. Wulf regarded the lizard intently.
Scout may have the appearance of an 8-year-old, and DEFINITELY acted like one most of the time, but in battle, he could be VERY dangerous. "All right. But we don't tell Sky about this, okay?" Asked Wulf. "Yes!" Cheered Scout, half in answer, half in victory, and Wulf left.
* * *
"Enigma!" Called Wulf. The omnicreature half walked, half hopped out of his cave. "Yes?" He asked. "How do you feel about going on a mission?" Asked Wulf. "What do you want ME for? I'm a scientist, not a fighter." Said Enigma. "I'll tell ya later if you're coming." Replied Wulf. "Alright." Said Enigma, curiosity getting the best of him.
Wulf knew that that had been the only way to talk Enigma into going, since he was extremely stubborn. Since Enigma was part Tiger, he had natural curiosity like most cats. And you all know curiosity killed the cat.
"Okay. Meet me at the village square in 40 minutes." Replied Wulf, and left.
* * *
Wulf knocked on the door of a hut and it was immediately opened. "What's up?" Asked Butterfly. "I'll explain later. Meet me at the village square in 30 minutes." Replied Wulf. "I'll be there." Replied Butterfly.
Wulf then walked to a hut not far from Butterfly's. The door was opened immediately and Wulf was only stopped from rapping on the occupant's head by the hug she gave him.
"Miss me, Doll?" He asked, grinning. "Of course, Silver." Replied Dolly Wulf. "I'm having a meeting in the village square in 25 minutes. Will ya come?" Asked Wulf. "If I can find a babysitter." Replied Dolly. "Have they been good?" Asked Wulf. "Its been as it always is, except they miss their dad." Replied Dolly. "Well, I guess I can visit for a minute." Said Wulf, entering the hut.
"Daddy!" Echoed three voices. Two boys and a girl ran to Wulf and gave him a big hug. "Cathy, Erik, Sydney. Have you all been good for your mother?" Asked Wulf. "Yes!" Chorused all three. "Really. Your mother and I have to go for a little while." Said Wulf. "Is Shelly going?" Asked Cathy. "No." Answered Wulf. "Then can she baby-sit us?" Asked Erik. "You kids really like her, don't you?" Asked Wulf, laughing. "Yep!" Said Sydney.
"That works out perfectly, then," Said Wulf, "Dolly, you can bring the kids to Shelly's, then me in the village square."
* * *
The small room was filled to capacity. Carbine, Liz and Stoker stood at the front of the room. There was a low rumbling coming from the crowd.
"A-TEN-HUT!" Carbine suddenly bellowed, causing everyone in the room to immediately snap to attention. "At ease," Said Stoker, then began the briefing, "As you all know, John Fellows is free. You should all realize that he is very dangerous, and we have reason to believe that he's teamed up with the mercenary, Wildfire."
There was a murmur from the crowd. Wildfire was well known. "SILENCE!" Bellowed Carbine.
"As I was saying," Continued Stoker, "Together, those two would make an almost unstoppable pair. We also have reason to believe that they are going to come after Liz and I, since John swore he would. We want to find them before they find us. That's why you're here. You'll be separated into search parties and sent to search the desert to try and locate them. If you find them, radio back your positions and stay put 'till reinforcements arrive."
Then Carbine took over and made the search parties. Making five groups of five, she placed Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, Commadore and Diamond in one, Estrella, Castano, Blaze, Gizmo and Dipstick in another and the rest were made up of other soldiers and F.F.'s. Then they were sent on their way. (Flor had stayed behind with the medics who were taking care of Gyro.)
* * *
Johnny and Wildfire laughed as their young captive made another futile attempt to get herself free from the chair she had been tied to. "Forget it, girl," Said Wildfire, "You're not getting free 'till you tell us where to find Liz and Stoker." "Not in your lifetime!" Yelled the young mouse. Johnny pulled out a small remote.
"I'm afraid you have no choice, Bridgette, unless you want Commadore to die." He said, holding his finger over the button. Bridgette glared at Johnny in mute anger. She knew he had her over a barrel. "You have another half-hour to come to your senses or Comm goes boom." Said Johnny, and placed the remote on a table.
Bridgette continued to struggle. "Ah, ah, ah," Admonished Wildfire, "Every time you struggle, you get five minutes subtracted. You now have 25 minutes." Bridgette stopped struggling.
"I'm not going to sell out my friends," She thought, "But I don't want them to kill my brother, either. So forgive me, Liz, Stoker. If my time runs out, I'm going to tell. It gives everyone a longer time to stay alive."
* * *
"Don't worry, sis. I'm coming." Thought Commadore, as he drove along with the others. Throttle, Vinnie and Modo led the way, while he lagged behind with Diamond.
From the minute she had met him, Diamond knew Commadore was hiding something. She had tried to get him to talk before leaving the base, but he would either change the subject or just avoid the question altogether. So, seeing no other way of getting information from Comm, she thought, "Forgive me, Comm," and started to probe his mind with her slight powers of telepathy. She was shocked at what she found.
"Bridgette is alive! And he knows where she is! Johnny and Wildfire have her!? He's strapped to a BOMB!?" She thought in shock. But then she picked up some of Comm's random thoughts.
"I wonder if Diamond knows I like her? I hope she likes me, too." Thought Comm. Diamond smiled and shook her head. "He IS kinda cute. Aw, why not," She thought, then called out telepathically, *Comm?*
Commadore looked about in confusion. *Hey, Comm? Can you here me?* Diamond called telepathically. "Who's there?" Called Comm in confusion. "Cute, but not very bright." Diamond thought and giggled.
*Comm, it's me, Diamond. I'm contacting you telepathically,* She said, *Answer me with your thoughts.* "You're telepathic?!" Thought Comm. *Yes. And I hope you don't mind, but I read your mind, too.* Answered Diamond. "You didn't read everything, I hope?" thought Comm. *No, that would be unethical. But I DO know that you know about Bridgette, Johnny and Wildfire, you're hooked up to a bomb and that you have a crush on me.* Replied Diamond.
Commadore blushed and thought, "About that last part. I...I mean...I DO like you." Diamond smiled. *I like you, too, Comm,* Said Diamond, *But right now your sister is in danger. You have to lead us to where she is.* "I...I can't." Thought Comm. *Why not?* Asked Diamond. "If Wildfire or Johnny see me, they'll blow me to kingdom come." Thought Comm. *That would be a problem,* Said Diamond, *But now we have to tell those goof balls.* She motioned to Throttle, Vinnie and Modo.
"GUYS!" Called Comm, but they didn't notice, their music turned up too loud as always. *I'LL get their attention.* Diamond said telepathically to Comm and winked.
All of a sudden, the air was filled with the sound of opera and a fat lady singing instead of the loud rock and roll tunes the guys were just listening to. Throttle, Vinnie and Modo all screeched to a halt and quickly flicked off their radios. Throttle ripped off his helmet and fixed Diamond with a steely gaze.
"What's the big idea?!" He snapped. "We needed to get your attention." She said and shrugged. "Why didn't you just call us?" Asked Vinnie. "We tried. You didn't here us." Replied Commadore.
"Well, Comm has something important to tell you." Said Diamond. Commadore dropped his head in shame. Throttle cocked his head quizzically. "What's up?" He asked. "Bridgette is still alive. Johnny and Wildfire have her, and I'm hooked up to a bomb." Replied Commadore. "WHAT?!!?" Exclaimed Throttle. "How'd it happen?" Asked Vinnie.
"Remember that cave we used to play in as kids, Throttle?" Asked Comm. "Ya, what about it?" Asked Throttle. "Well, Bridgette and I were staying there for a while when the base got too crowded." Replied Comm. Throttle nodded. He knew that his cousins weren't comfortable with big crowds.
"Anyway, I guess Wildfire and Johnny saw it and decided it would be a good hide out. Then they discovered us. They're holding Bridgette hostage, trying to force her to rat on Stoker and Liz. They hooked me to a bomb as insurance that Bridgette would tell them what they want to know in a certain amount of time. If she doesn't tell them in time, they'll activate it." Continued Comm.
"Why don't you take it off?" Asked Modo. "If I mess with it, it'll activate and blow me to kingdom come." Said Comm. "Where is it?" Asked Throttle. Comm pointed to his wrist. He was wearing what appeared to be a wristwatch. "I thought so. I knew you don't normally wear watches," Said Throttle, "But what's YOUR part in this?" "I'm suppose to keep the Army and F.F.'s away from the hide out," Said Commadore, dropping his head, "If they see me or anyone else, Bridgette and I are toast."
"Then I guess they won't see us," Said Vinnie, "Should we tell Carbine?" "We should," Said Throttle, "Or she'll have a major hissy fit when we get back." "You say that like you miss it, bro." Taunted Vinnie. Throttle just glared at him as Diamond turned on her COM. "Come in, General Carbine..."
* * *
"Now remember. We do this as we planned." Said Wulf to his small team, as they approached Limburger's newly rebuilt tower. "It's still not fair, Wulf," Whined Scout, "I want to get in on the action, too."
"Working with explosives IS action, Scout. And besides, if Sky had any say in this, you wouldn't be here at all." Replied Wulf. Scout grumbled in reply. He knew Wulf was right. Butterfly moved off with Skyace, Wulf went with Dolly and Scout went with Enigma.
* * *
"Scout, put this over there." Said Enigma, passing one of his homemade explosives to him and pointing him to the right spot on the wall.
Their job had to be done just right, or they may damage some buildings close by. They were hooking up Limburger Tower to be imploded, a science Enigma was familiar with.
He took some of his explosives and attached them to the tower.
* * *
Wulf, Dolly, Ace and Butterfly burst into Limburger Tower. Countless goons immediately attacked them.
Ace and Butterfly set about taking of them while Wulf and Dolly set about finding Limburger.
* * *
"Oh, what is it THIS time?" Limburger wondered aloud. Karbunkle looked a little nervous. He was holding the ray with the stone. Dolly and Wulf suddenly burst into the lab. "Not you again." Moaned Limburger. "Yes, me," Said Wulf, "We're here for the stone. Now hand it over!"
Karbunkle aimed the ray at the two wolves and fired. Wulf dodged to the side as Dolly jumped up, and did a summersault in the air. As she did, she grabbed the whip at her side. Snapping it at Karbunkle, it wrapped around the end of the ray, and she yanked it to her. Then she removed the stone and smashed the ray.
"Come on! Let's get out of here!" Yelped Wulf, and he and Dolly ran out of the room.
* * *
A lazer shot over Scout's head. "Looks like we've got company," He stated, "Come on, Enigma." Enigma knew what Scout meant, and stomped on his foot. Scout let out a loud roar, and grew into a 12-foot dragon, a shocker since he only normally stands at 3 feet. He turned to the goons who had done the shooting and growled.
They kept shooting at him, Enigma having hidden. Scout growled as a shot stung his shoulder, and breathed a fireball at the offending goon. The rest of the goons ran away scared, but Scout's fireball missed its target and hit some of the explosives.
"Oops." He said as it set off a chain reaction of explosions. At that moment, Ace, Dolly, Wulf and Butterfly ran out of the building. "Let's get out of here!" Yelped Enigma, and the group made it to safety as Limburger Tower crumbled to the ground for the hundredth time.
* * *
Carbine arrived with a small battalion of mice. Among the mice were Ella, Cassie, Blaze, Gizmo, Dipstick, Roca, Wheeler, and three other new mice, Race, Lori and Jackhammer. They all quietly stood outside the cave Comm had specified.
Throttle glowered at Diamond, who grinned back sweetly. She wasn't supposed to have radioed Carbine; Throttle, Vinnie and Modo all wanted to handle the situation themselves.
Carbine took charge immediately. "Let's just storm 'em, and get it over with." She said. "No," Protested Commadore, "If they see you, I'm toast!" "Then what do you suggest we do?!" Snapped Carbine. "I've got an idea." Said Diamond. "Oh, ya? What?" Asked Carbine.
"It goes something like this..."
* * *
"What was that?" Asked Johnny as a strange, warbling sound wafted into the large cavern. Bridgette also heard it, and listened. "There it is again!" Exclaimed Johnny. Bridgette smiled. She recognized that sound. "Comm's here!" She thought.
The noise came again, and Johnny said, "I'm checking it out." He walked to the cave's entrance. Ten minutes passed before Wildfire began to wonder what had happened to him, since he hadn't come back. Subconsciously, she picked up the remote for Comm's bomb, and walked warily to the cave's entrance. Upon hearing whispering, she knew what was going on. She ran out of the cave.
"GET HER!" Bellowed Carbine. Wildfire pulled out the remote and said, "Ah, ah, ah. Get any closer and I blow Comm to smithereens." She threateningly put her finger over the button.
Diamond knew that Wildfire was probably going to blow up Comm anyway, so she set about trying to find a way to keep the bomb from exploding. Finding that she could use her powers to hold the trigger for only a few moments, she decided to hold off 'till Wildfire actually DID trigger it.
Vinnie then decided to take step. "Tsk, tsk, tsk." Said Wildfire, shaking her head. Diamond grabbed the detonation pin with her powers just as Wildfire pushed the button. Everyone was awaiting the explosion but it never came. Wildfire then took off, and everyone but Comm and Diamond took off after her.
"How come the bomb didn't explode?" Asked Commadore. "I'm holding the detonation pin. I can't hold it much longer, though. Get it off and throw it away!" Said Diamond.
Comm did as he was told, but Diamond lost her hold on it before it was far enough away. "NO!!" She exclaimed, and shoved Comm out of the way as the bomb went up like a, well, bomb. A piece of airborne stone hit her in the side of the head and she fell to the ground in a heap.
"Diamond!" Exclaimed Comm in horror, and, picking himself up off the ground, he ran to her side. "Oh, good," He breathed, "She's still alive." He tried to stop the steady trickle of blood coming from the gash on the side of her head. Being unconscious, Diamond couldn't hold her form any longer.
Comm backed away in surprise as Diamond's form wavered and was replaced by Skylark. He was surprised, confused and even a little scared, but he decided to help her anyway. Taking the bandanna from around his neck, he tied around Sky's head. Her wound wasn't that bad. Comm did everything he could, and deciding that she would be okay by herself for a moment, he ran into the cave.
He found Bridgette crying, still tied to the chair. He walked up behind her, and put his hand on her shoulder. She jerked in surprise, and saw Commadore. She sniffed. "Comm,...I...I thought they killed you..." She sniffled. "It's okay, Bridgette," Said Comm as he untied her, "It's gonna be okay." She threw herself into his arms, sobbing. "Shh, it's okay, sis." Soothed Comm, and led her out of the cave. Bridgette gasped when she saw Skylark. "Who's that?" She asked. "I honestly don't know anymore," Answered Comm, "But she's a friend."
At that moment, everyone else returned, with Johnny and Wildfire in shackles. "What happened?!" Asked Throttle, seeing Skylark lying unconscious. "Diamond was hurt when the bomb exploded. Then she changed into...whatever that is." Said Comm.
"Comm, I have to tell you something. That's Diamond's natural form," Said Throttle, "Only in that form, she's known as Skylark. She's from another dimension." He decided not to mention the magic in front of everyone.
Comm looked at Sky and smiled. "She's still pretty." He whispered. "We'd better get her back to base, along with these two." Said Throttle, motioning to Johnny and Wildfire.
* * *
Arriving back at base, Stoker took Johnny and Wildfire off to prison. Roca, Race, Jackhammer and Lori left as everyone else meandered into the infirmary. Sky had been laid on one of the beds next to Gyro.
"Is she gonna be okay?" Asked Commadore. "Don't worry Comm. She'll be fine." Said Harley.
Cassie sat next to Gyro. He was doing a lot better. "How ya doing, honey?" She asked. "Much better, Cassie," He answered, "Harley said I should be back on my feet in a couple days." "That's great." Said Cassie, and gave Gyro a kiss.
Everyone turned to look as Sky moaned and came to. "Hey, uh, Skylark," Said Commadore nervously, "You gonna be okay?" "Ya," She replied, "But please, call me Sky." "Okay." Replied Commadore.
Bridgette approached Sky. "Thank you for saving my brother." She said. "It was nothing. I'm just glad I could help." Replied Sky.
Looking around the room, Sky noticed Throttle and Carbine standing at opposite ends of the room, glaring at each other. She almost laughed at the comical scene. Two of the most stubborn mice she knew having a staring contest was something she didn't get to see too often. She did laugh, though, when it was Throttle who turned away first. He shot her a dirty look that made her laugh harder. Eventually, Throttle laughed, too.
After a moment, he turned back to see if Carbine was still watching him. She was and the two immediately turned from each other in disgust. After a couple seconds, they both turned back around and, meeting each others eyes, turned back away. Everyone else exchanged knowing glances.
"Looks like there's still hope for those two." Commented Sky. Commadore and Bridgette exchanged quizzical glances. "I guess you didn't know they broke up." Said Charley. "Oh." Said Bridgette.
"Carbine, do you think I could put on some music?" Asked Skylark. "As long as you don't play it too loud." Replied Carbine. Sky took out a blank tape and slid it into a portable radio on the table beside her and pressed play. The room was filled with rock and roll.
"What group is this?" Asked Throttle. "Starship," Answered Sky, "They're a pretty old band, though. But I like 'We Built This City' and 'Love Rusts.'" "What song is this," Asked Vinnie, "I like it." "Oh, that's 'Rock Myself to Sleep'," Answered Sky, "You don't mind if I sing with the next song?" "You can't be much worse that those three." Laughed Charley, pointing to Throttle, Vinnie and Modo, who all acted proud making everyone laugh. The song changed and on came 'Desperate Heart.' Throttle and Carbine exchanged looks as Sky started to sing with it and Cassie recognized the song and sang with her.
Desperate Heart- Starship.

One night,
One empty room,
One man gettin' over you.
One star,
One lonely moon.
I make a wish I know will never come true.

You call my name,
You beg me to hold you again,
But the truth remains.
I'm only a fool who can't help but pretend.

It's all over but I'm holding on.
I can not go until the love is gone.
It's all over but I keep holding on,
With a desperate heart.
With my desperate heart.

Some nights,
I try in my mind,
To see myself loving someone new.
Still, I know I'm wasting my time.
No one can take the place of you.

So I close my eyes,
I swear I feel you here by my side,
But it's all only a lie,
I need to believe for my heart to survive.

It's all over but I'm holding on.
I can not go until the love is gone.
It's all over but I keep holding on,
With a desperate heart.
Oh, with my desperate heart.

I can't hold you no more!
(Desperate heart!)

All this time,
I've been drowning in hopeless elusions,
I'm keeping inside.
That someday you'll walk out of the shadows,
And back into my life.

It's all over but I'm holding on.
I can't believe your love for me is gone.
It's all over but I keep holding on.
(With a desperate heart.)

Ya, with my desperate heart
(Desperate heart.)
I can not go until the love is gone.
(All over but I'm holding on.)

I keep holding on.
I can't believe your love for me is gone.
(All over but I keep holding on.
All over but I'm holding on.)
"Gee, you're good," Said Estrella, "If we ever get a band together, would you join us?" "Maybe." Answered Sky. "I've got an idea for something we could all do when we get back." Said Cassie with a mischievous grin. "What ya got in mind?" Asked Sky as she flipped the tape.
The girls started to plot as the next song played. "That guy sounds like one of the Hanson brothers." Said Vinnie out of the blue. "Oh, gross!" Said Castano. "I know," Laughed Sky, "Don't ask me which one, though." Then she continued to plot with the Twilight Triplets.
* * *
The days passed and soon it was time to head back to Earth. Sky and Gyro were both fully recovered.
"You know," Said Comm shyly, "I'll miss you." Sky had returned to her Martian form, Diamond. She looked thoughtful for a moment, than said, "Aw, to heck with it." She grabbed Commadore by his bandanna and gave him a kiss. Was he ever surprised! "Wha...?!" He asked.
Diamond smiled shyly. "I've been wanting to do that for a while now," She said, "But you have to understand that it will never work between us." "I understand. But we can still be friends, right?" Asked Comm. "Of course, silly," Exclaimed Diamond, "Take care. Bye."
Then everyone boarded the ship and, with one last wave goodbye, headed back to Earth.
The end.
(The song is from the Starship album 'Knee Deep in the Hoopla.' I just happen to like the old rock and alternative music. So sue me. It could've been Genesis or something country.? )