Authors Note: Hi! Lookie! I got another story! Joy. (I OWN this word!? )(Well, not really, but you know what I mean.? ) Well, I don't own the BMFM but I DO own my own characters and the plot of this story. Just one thing you have to remember for this story (And the rest for that matter.) to make sense: This is an alternate zone. (Okay, ya I know I refer to it as a dimension but its not, as will be explained in the story.) Things don't happen the same here as they do in others fics or in the show. So what are you waiting for?! Read on!

The Biker Mice from Mars


"Strange Things Happen Under A Full Moon."

By Skylark.

Copyright Skylark Mar. 27, '98

Two dark orange mice walked across the reddish sands of Mars with a younger, light orange mouse hopping hyperactively along with them. "Clutch, calm down." One of the dark orange mice said to the young mouse. "I can't help it, Mom," Said Clutch, "I'm finally gonna meet my brother and sister! What were their names again?" The other dark mouse shook his head.
"How many times do we hafta tell you?" He asked. "Mackenzie, you don't hafta be so harsh. You know how Clutch is." Said the other. "Ya, I know, Rosemary, I know. Clutch, your brothers name is Throttle and your sister is Anna." Said Mackenzie. "COOL!!!" Clutch sang hyperactively.
The small family kept walking, Clutch bouncing hyperactively along. "Whoa!!!" He yelped as a laser beam cut through the air right in front of him. Mackenzie grabbed his son and ducked behind some rocks. "Stay down. Your mom and I will take care of this." He snapped, drawing his laser.
Rosemary drew her laser as well and began firing at the Plutarkians who were swarming over the sand dune in front of her. "CHEW ON THIS!" Hollered Mackenzie (Then he threw them a pack of Trident! Just kidding!-Butterfly.) and, popping up from behind the rocks, gave the Plutarkians everything he had. Rose hopped behind some more rocks and kept shooting, but the Plutarkians kept coming. Just when Rose and Mackenzie thought the gig was up, the Plutarkians turned and ran!
"What tha?" Asked Mackenzie, turning to an equally startled Rose. "Hello there!" Came a voice from behind. Mackenzie and Rose both turned to see the F.F.'s and...
"Ken?! Rose?!" Stoker exclaimed. Clutch then popped up from behind the rocks. "HIYA!" He piped in his usual hyperactive way. Stoker jumped in surprise, then clutched his chest, gasped, flopped to the sand and lay still. "Stoke!" Exclaimed Mackenzie. "I KILLED HIM!" Shrieked Clutch. Stoker sat up. "Fooled ya!" He sang. "That was sick, Stoke." Growled Mackenzie.
"Sorry," Stoker apologized, "Where've ya been all these years?" "It's a long story," Said Mackenzie, "I'll tell ya later. Now, though, you could tell me where's Throttle and Anna?" "Weeeellll," Started Stoker, "Throttle's on Earth..." "EARTH?!" Exclaimed Rose and Ken in unison. "That is so COOL!" Exclaimed Clutch, bouncing around hyperactively.
"Feed him a few too many sugar cubes this morning?" Asked Stoker, motioning to Clutch. "Actually, he's always like that." Said Mackenzie. "Joy." Said Stoker sarcastically.
"What about my daughter?" Asked Rose, putting her hands on her hips. "Uhhhhhh..." Stuttered Stoker. "Well?" Asked Rosemary. "Anna was killed." Said Stoker. "No..." Gasped Rose in shock, "My poor little girl..." She put her head down and cried on Mackenzie's shoulder. "How did it happen, Stoke?" Asked Ken. "She had pushed Throttle out of the way of a laser shot and it hit her." Said Stoker. "Oh. But WHY is Throttle on Earth?" Asked Mackenzie.
"He traveled down there with Vinnie and Modo to stop Limburger," Explained Stoker, "But I didn't know you had been pregnant, Rose." He pointed to Clutch. "Neither did I," Replied Rose, "But I'll explain when we get to the base." "All right," Said Stoker, "Catch a ride with someone and we'll head back."
Clutch rode along with Stoke while Rose and Ken borrowed a bike from another mouse who offered to ride with another, and they all rode back to Stoker's base.
* * *
"Carbine, come see who I found!" Carbine heard Stoker call. She walked over and did a double take. "It's nice to see you, too." Said Mackenzie. "Where've ya been?" Asked Carbine in shock.
"We'll tell ya after we find a place to take this little ankle-biter." Said Rose, pointing to Clutch, who was trying to get Stoker to give him a piggyback ride.
"Will ya cut it out, kid?" Stoker growled in good nature while prying Clutch off his back. Once he had succeeded, he handed Clutch to Rose. "Clutch, you leave Stoker alone." She admonished him. "Sorry Mom." Said Clutch. "I believe you owe Stoke an apology, too." Snapped Mackenzie. "Ken! You don't have to be so harsh," Said Rosemary, "Clutch, apologize to Stoker." "Sorry, Stoker." Said Clutch.
"I know where ya can keep him," Said Carbine, "Follow me." She led Rose to a large room teeming with Martians of all ages. "Just find him some kids his own age to play with." Said Carbine. Rose found a small group of 10-year-olds and let Clutch go play, then returned with Carbine to Stoker's quarters.
"Okay. Now, tell, us, where were ya all those years?" Asked Stoker. "Okay, the story goes something like this..."
* * *
"Now, son, should anything happen to us we want ya to take care of Anna." Mackenzie told his son, Throttle. "You can count on me, Dad." Throttle replied, with an edge of nervousness in his voice. It wasn't because he was afraid that his parents wouldn't come back.
Mackenzie and Rosemary had just accepted an extremely dangerous mission to spy on the Plutarkians. "And remember, if something DOES happen, Stoker becomes your legal guardian," Said Rose, then hugged her son, "I'll miss ya, sweetie." "I'll miss ya too, Mom." Replied Throttle, returning the hug. Then Rose turned and hugged Anna as Mackenzie approached Throttle. Throttle backed away a little so Ken took his hand and gave it a hard squeeze, and said, "So long, son." Throttle, wincing in pain, replied, "Bye Dad."
Then Rose and Ken left, and successfully infiltrated a Plutarkian base. Everything was running according to plan, 'till the Plutarkians discovered they were spies. The Plutarkians locked them up in a dark, dank cell. "You're gonna be in there 'till you rot." Laughed a Plutarkian as he walked away. "D***, d***, d***." Muttered Ken, pacing the length of his cell. "Stoker probably thinks we're dead." Said Rose. "Uh-Hun." Muttered Mackenzie.
Rose was right. Stoker did figure that the Plutarkians had killed them. He knew Throttle was suspecting, but he refused to tell him before he was sure. But Throttle got him to talk. "Stoke what's going on? And don't lie." He asked, walking up to Stoke. Stoker sighed. "I didn't want to tell ya 'till I knew for sure, but your parents haven't reported back for a couple weeks. I think the Plutarkians may have discovered them and killed them." He said. "Oh, no." Moaned Throttle and went off to tell Anna.
A month passed and Rose and Ken remained captured. "Well, honey, I have something to tell ya..." Said Rose. "What?" Asked Ken. "I'm pregnant." Replied Rose. "WHAT?!" exclaimed Mackenzie. "I'm gonna have a baby." Repeated Rose, happily. "Well, we can't exactly have it here. We have to escape." Said Ken. "My thoughts exactly." Replied Rose.
A Plutarkian then came with the meager rations they feed to the prisoners. Ken grinned as the Plutarkian entered the cell, and clobbered him. "After you." He said, making a sweeping gesture to the open door.
The two managed to escape without much confrontation with the Plutarkians. Traveling through the desert, they soon hooked up with a band of mice who had been driven out of their village by the Plutarkians. There was only one problem, though. These mice weren't with the Army or F.F.'s, and possessed no means of which Rose and Ken could use to contact Stoker to assure him that they were still alive.
But there they stayed and in a few more months, Rose had her baby, a little boy whom they named Clutch. A few days after Rose had given birth to Clutch, Mackenzie approached her. "We should try to get back to Throttle and Anna." He said.
"But, honey, we don't have any means of transportation, and Clutch is too young to go gallivanting about in the desert," Protested Rose, "And besides, I'm not fit to travel right now." "I guess you're right," Said Mackenzie, "But we'd have to wait 'til Clutch is about ten before attempting to go."
* * *
" we waited, then journeyed out. We were lucky enough to find a couple of disregarded lasers that still worked. Then we met up the Plutarkians, and that was when you came along." Finished Ken.
"Well, would you like to go visit Throttle?" Suggested Stoker. Carbine elbowed him hard. "Shouldn't we tell them?" She asked. "Tell us what?" Asked Rosemary. Stoker nodded to Carbine, then said, "Well, lots stuff has happened on Earth, and Throttle was knocked into a coma. As far as we know, he's still in it, but that was a while ago, so he may be awake now."
"Oh, dear," Gasped Rose, "But I don't care if Throttle's in a coma. I want to see my son." "We can leave now, if ya want." Said Stoker. "We can leave Clutch here so he doesn't cause trouble." Suggested Carbine. "No. I want Throttle to meet his brother." Said Rose, crossing her arms across her chest. "Whatever." Replied Carbine.
She and Rose went to retrieve Clutch, then joined Mackenzie and Stoker to head to Earth.
* * *
Gyro had gotten lost in the woods after being separated for the group. He drove around trying to find them, but with no luck. Five minutes later, he found himself travelling along the river. "Okay, if I follow the river, I should find everyone." He muttered to himself.
In a flash of red, blue and grey, he found himself off his bike and in the water, his assailant dunking his head underwater. Grabbing Gyro's hair, the assailant pulled his head above the water and barked, "What's your name?!" Gyro sputtered for a second before replying, "I ain't telling you!"
He found his head back underwater, and struggled to get free, but his assailant held him under 'till he was about to black out. The assailant pulled Gyro's head back up and barked, "Name! Now, or I'll drown ya!" "Gyro." Gyro replied in fear. "Gyro WHAT?!" Barked the assailant and splashed his face in the water quickly then pulled it back up just as quickly. "Buzz." Replied Gyro.
The assailant was about to reply when the sound of motorcycles was heard. Dunking Gyro's head underwater one last time, the assailant disappeared into the woods. Gyro coughed and spat water before he turned to the group. "Did you see someone leaving just a second ago?" He asked, picking himself, sopping wet, out of the river.
"No, can't say that I did." Answered Modo. The rest of the group shook their heads no. "Drat," Muttered Gyro, then hopped on his bike, "This is gonna be cold." The group headed back to the garage, having already taken care of Limburger's nefarious scheme.
* * *
Gyro and Castano straggled into the garage, Gyro shivering form the coldness of the water evaporating from his fur. Charley ran to grab a towel for Gyro to dry off with.
"What happened?" Asked Throttle as the rest of the group entered. He had stayed behind with Charley since one of the many things he had forgotten was how to drive. (It had been a couple weeks since he had lost his memory.) Gyro sneezed violently as Cassie filled Throttle in on the resent events.
Charley returned with a towel and draped it around Gyro's shoulders. "Tank's Charley." He sniffled then sneezed again. "Sounds like your catching a cold, Gy." Said Charley. "Yeb, I tink so, Charley." Gyro replied. He dried himself off, but continued to shiver so Charley fetched him a blanket and got him to lie down on the couch. He soon fell asleep.
"What happened?" Asked Charley. Wulf and Skylark walked over to an empty corner as the others talked about the battle.
"Shouldn't we be searching for the star stone?" Asked Wulf. "You know we have to help the mice first." Answered Sky. She had decided to stay in her original form and only use her Martian form when she felt it was necessary. "Why?" Whined Wulf. "You know we have an obligation to uphold justice. We have committed ourselves to helping the mice. We search for the stone once we have completed our mission." Replied Sky.
As the two rejoined the group, the sound of a Martian spacecraft's engines filled the room. "Jeez, how many times are they gonna come?" Growled Castano in frustration. The racket aroused Gyro, and he groggily lifted his head to see what was going on. "Wha...?" He mumbled. Castano walked over to his side and stroked his cheek. "Shhhh. It's okay. Go back to sleep." She cooed soothingly. Gyro moaned softly, closed his eyes and fell back asleep.
Cassie then joined everyone outside. The ship landed and the hatch opened, reviling Stoker and Carbine. The first thing they noticed was Throttle. Carbine rushed over to Throttle and said, "I'm so glad you're awake now." Throttle looked down to her and asked, "Do I know you?" "Hun?" Asked Carbine, caught totally off guard by his question.
"Carbine, Stoker. I have some bad news. Throttle has amnesia and doesn't remember you guys." Said Charley. "Hmmm," Said Stoker, "Perhaps these two will jog him memory."
Mackenzie and Rosemary stepped off the ship, with Rose carrying Clutch. Throttle stared for a moment, then shook his head slowly. " Dad?" He asked in shock. Charley shot Stoke thumbs up. "That did it." She said. "" Throttle asked. "Never mind that," Said Rose, "Throttle, meet your brother, Clutch."
Throttle stared in shock at the hyperactive ten-year-old in his mother's arms, then broke into a large smile. "Hiya, bro," He said, lifting Clutch into the air, "'Tsupwitchoo?" Clutch laughed as Throttle swung him around in circles, then put him down and ruffled his brown hair. "I'm glad to see you two get along." Smiled Rose.
Ken then walked over to Throttle. Throttle swallowed hard, figuring he was in for more than just an earful because of Anna. Clutch ran back to Rose as Throttle bit his lip and thought, "No. He's not like that anymore. He can't be. I hope." Mackenzie clapped his son on the shoulder, and Throttle flinched a little. "Are...are you mad at me 'cause...because of Anna?" Throttle asked. "Oh, no, son. Stoker told us what happened, and we understand that it wasn't your fault." Replied Ken. Throttle let out a relieved sigh, realizing that he had been holding his breath. Charley noticed Throttle's reaction, but it seemed no one else had, so she said nothing.
Rose turned to Throttle sternly. "Aren't you gonna introduce us to your friends?" She asked. "Oh, right! Mom, Dad, Clutch, there are my friends, Charley, Chestnut, Flor, Estrella, Modo, Vinnie, Wulf and Skylark. My other friend, Gyro, is inside sleeping, 'cause he's sick," Said Throttle, "Guys, these are my parents and brother." "Pleased to meet ya." Said Rose. "One thing, thought," Said Castano, "My name is really Castano, but since Throttle can't pronounce that, he calls me Chestnut." "That's neat." Said Rose.
"Where'd you two come from?" Asked Clutch, pointing to Sky and Wulf. "Clutch," Exclaimed Rose, "That was very rude! I want you to apologize!" "Sorry." Said Clutch. "That's quite alright," Said Skylark, "He has all the right in the Multi-Universe to wonder where we're from." "MULTI-Universe?!" Everyone asked in amazement. "Yes. Do ya want me to explain?" Answered Sky. "Yes, please do." Said Estrella.
"Okay. You see, there's are a lot of groups of separate zones and worlds and such, and all exist in groups. Each group has a name, like 'zones', 'worlds' and 'dimensions'. Yours are zones, while Wulf's and mine are dimensions. But all these worlds and zones and such exist as one big group, known as the Multi-Universe." Explained Skylark.
"It's getting kinda dark out here. Perhaps we should head inside." Suggested Charley. As the group entered, Charley and Castano went ahead to move Gyro somewhere quieter. Castano walked over to Gyro as Charley went off to her spare room to set up a cot. Cassie knelt beside Gyro and stroked his cheek, and he looked groggily at her. "Shhhh. Don't say anything, sweetie," Cassie said, then felt Gyro's forehead, "Gee, you feel warm. Don't worry, I'm just gonna move you somewhere where it'll be quite."
She carefully picked him up and carried him to Charley's spare room. Charley had finished setting up the cot, so Cassie lay Gyro down, and tucked him in. He gave her a weak smile of appreciation. "See ya in the morning, sweetie." Said Cassie, then, after giving Gyro a quick kiss on the nose, joined Charley back in the main room.
Everyone had just been catching up on old times, but Skylark seemed a little on edge. "What's the matter Sky?" Asked Flor. "Wha...oh, nothing, yet. It's just that there's a full moon tonight. You should be careful tonight, because Wulf here turns into a werewolf sometimes." Answered Sky. "Oh, don't tell me you believe in werewolves." Moaned Castano.
"You two are full of baloney." Sighed Estrella, leaning her head on Modo's shoulder. "It's no joke." Said Sky. "Ya, right." Said Castano. "Fine. Don't believe me. But don't come looking for my help if Wulf turns y'all into weremice." Said Sky. "Ya, whatever." Said Vinnie.
Carbine then stood up. "Throttle, can we talk?" She asked. Throttle glared at her and nodded. The two walked outside.
* * *
Throttle stood illuminated by the streetlight. "What'd ya wanna talk about?" He asked icily. "Throttle...I...I'm sorry I broke up with you. Would you...would you maybe...possibly...consider getting back together?" Carbine asked nervously, studying her boots.
"Why not?" Asked Carbine. "I've been thinking. If you really loved me, you wouldn't have cared if I was 100 billion miles away." Answered Throttle. "You have no idea what it's like!" Yelled Carbine. "Don't you tell what I know and don't know! I had to live with the distance, too!" Throttle yelled back. "What do you mean 'HAD'?!" Yelled Carbine.
"It's over, Carbine." Throttle snapped, and re-entered the garage, leaving Carbine staring angrily after him.
* * *
Carbine stalked in after Throttle and headed straight to Stoker. "I'm leaving. Now." She growled. "You can't leave now," Said Stoker, "We're not ready to go yet." "Too bad. I'm going NOW." Snapped Carbine. "Oh, alright," Stoker said in surrender, "You head back now, though, and you'll have to come and get us." "Fine." Snapped Carbine, and left.
"What was THAT all about?" Asked Rosemary, once Carbine had left. "Our break up is now official." Snapped Throttle. "You two broke up?" Asked Mackenzie, amazed. Throttle gave his father a strange look, then walked outside. "What's the matter with him?" Asked Flor. Rose handed a sleeping Clutch to Mackenzie and stood up. "I go talk to him." She said and followed Throttle outside.
"What's the matter honey?" She asked, walking up behind her son. Throttle didn't reply. "Come on, sweetie. You can tell me." Rose prompted. "No," Throttle replied softly, "I can't tell anyone." "Why not?" Asked Rose, worried. "I don't want to cause trouble." Whispered Throttle. "It couldn't be that bad." Said rose. "Believe me, it is." Whispered Throttle. "Tell me what's wrong, honey, please." Pleaded Rose. "I...I can't..." Throttle whispered and walked away.
Rose sighed worriedly and re-entered the garage. "He won't tell me what's the matter." She said. "Could I try?" Asked Charley. "Well, I don't see what he could know that he would tell you but not his own mother, but be my guest." Answered Rose.
Charley got up and headed outside, and found Throttle sitting on the curb. "What's the matter, Throttle?" She asked, and sat next to him. He turned away and rested his head on his palm. "Come on," Said Charley, "You can tell me." Throttle shook his head. "I can't tell you," He said, "I can't tell anyone." "Why, what's the matter," Asked Charley, "And does your reaction to your father have anything to do with it?" Throttle sighed.
"You already know too much." He said. "What?" Asked Charley. Throttle sighed again, and asked, "If I tell you, do you promise not to tell?" "Alright." Answered Charley, even though her instinct told her not too. "It's a long story, so this'll be a while." He said. "That's okay." Said Charley.
"Alright. It starts when I was 7 and Anna was 5. Well, truthfully, it's starts before then, but I don't really remember before then. But, anyway, mom always thought that Anna and I were extremely accident prone. She would always come home at night and find either Anna or me with various bruises or sometimes even a black eye. She worked all day and was never around when we had our 'accidents'. Dad was. He had been a 'cycle racer until an accident almost killed him, and he retired. But he would always tell mom that Anna or I had either fallen down the stairs or walked into a doorknob or the such." Said Throttle.
"You dad abused you?!" Charley asked, horrified. Throttle nodded. "The worst part was that mom always believed him. But it seemed it had ended after Anna was almost killed." He said. "That's terrible! What happened?" Asked Charley.
"Well there was one time when Anna was really sick of getting beaten all the time and she wanted to hide. So I let her hide under my bed, hers was being the kind that didn't have an underneath. Dad came after her for something, but I forget what now. But, so, when he couldn't find Anna, he came after me..."
* * *
"Where is she?!" Yelled Mackenzie. Throttle stubbornly stood his ground, and replied, "I'm not telling." Ken grabbed Throttle by the front of his shirt and hauled him off the ground. "You'd better tell me." He snarled through clenched teeth. Throttle shook his head, getting slightly unnerved. Mackenzie growled and backhanded Throttle.
"You tell me right now, young man!" He snapped. Throttle started to cry and shook his head. Ken shook him roughly and barked, "Quit that and tell me where your sister is!" Anna overheard the argument, and knew she had to do something. Crawling out from under Throttle's bed, she ran into the hall.
"No! Leave him alone!" She cried, and ran over and tried to stop Mackenzie. "I'll deal with you later, after I teach your brother a lesson." Ken growled and shoved Anna aside. But she had been too close to the stairs, and went tumbling down them.
Mackenzie immediately dropped Throttle and ran down to Anna. He hadn't meant to knock her down the stairs. She was hurt pretty badly so Ken called the hospital...
* * *
"She nearly died, Charley!" Sobbed Throttle, ending his story. "That's AWFUL!" Said Charley. Throttle nodded. "But I think after that, dad saw the error of his way, because he stared getting help and his attacks became less and less." Said Throttle, then thought, "But I still fear them."
"Well, that's good to hear. Does your mom know?" Asked Charley. "She might, but I wouldn't know. And I don't want to tell her, because all it would do is cause problems." Sighed Throttle. "Throttle, I really think you should tell her." Said Charley. Throttle shook his head. "If you don't, then I will." Said Charley and turned to leave.
Throttle grabbed her arm in an iron grip and wheeled her around. "Don't." He growled, his voice low and steely. Charley scowled and slapped him. Throttle retreated a few steps and stared at her in shock, rubbing his cheek. "I...I'm sorry, Charley," He stuttered, "I...I don't...don't know what came over me." "I'm sorry I slapped ya, but I recognized what was happening," Said Charley, "You're taking after your father." The look of horror on Throttle's face scared Charley.
"We'll clear this up tomorrow." She said. "O.k.," Said Throttle, "But I'm gonna hang out here for a minute. There's something I need to think about." Charley nodded and headed back inside.
* * *
"So, did he talk?" Asked Rose. "Yes, but he want's to wait 'till tomorrow to talk about it." Answered Charley. "Alright. By the way, Charley, is there a place where I can put Clutch to bed?" Replied Rosemary. "Follow me." Answered Charley and led Rose to her room.
"He can sleep here." She said, pulling back the covers. Rose laid him down and tucked him in. As she and Charley walked back into the main room, they heard a terrifying howl echo throughout the Last Chance Garage.
"What tha?!" Exclaimed Charley, and she and rose quickly ran into the main room. They got there in time to see Wulf morph into a normal looking wolf. "What's going on?!" Exclaimed Charley. "Wulf's turning into a werewolf! I warned you that this may happen!" Yelped Skylark. "That's a werewolf!?" Asked Vinnie. "In my dimension, yes!" Answered Sky.
Wulf leapt at Vinnie, howling madly. Vinnie dodged, but not by much and Wulf's claws went raking through his shoulder. "Yeouch!" He yelped, holding his shoulder. Taking his hand from the wound, Vinnie found it had already healed! "Wha..." He yelped, and collapsed to the floor. "He's turning into a weremouse!" Exclaimed Skylark.
Vinnie, meanwhile, was smart enough to kick off his boots before they were ripped to shreds by his feet, which were turning more and more werewolf-like. His fur thickened and two sharp, glistening fangs grew in. He stood up and howled. "Be careful, everyone," Said Sky, "Even Vinnie can make weremice!"
Throttle then chose that moment to run in the door. "What's going on?!" He asked in shock. Wulf lunged at him before he could react, knocked him to the floor and started to chew on his arm. Throttle yelped in surprise and pain. Castano ran over and pulled Wulf off of Throttle as Vinnie attacked Estrella. Wulf bit Castano, who yelped in pain and dropped him and Vinnie clawed Strella across the face. Then Throttle, Castano and Estrella underwent the same changes Vinnie had, each smart enough to kick off their boots before they were ripped to shreds.
"What's goin' on?" Came Clutch's sleepy voice from upstairs. "You stay upstairs, Clutch!" Yelled Mackenzie. Throttle growled at him as Vinnie, Wulf, Castano and Estrella loped out the door and down the street. "Sky, what's going on? Where are they going, and why is Throttle still here?" Asked Charley. "Well, in my dimension werewolves, or, in this case, weremice, attack the closest person to them who made their lives miserable." Answered Sky.
Everyone jumped in surprise when Throttle pinned his dad to the floor. Charley knew right off why Throttle had reacted in such a manner, and she noticed that Rose wasn't at all surprised. "Throttle, what are you doing?!" Yelped Mackenzie in shock. Throttle snorted in his face.
"Isn't there anything you can do, Sky? Before I have to rely on drastic measures?" Asked Charley. "Hopefully. Back as soon as possible." Replied Sky, and headed to her own dimension.
* * *
Scout gave a joyful shout as Butterfly started chasing him around the room. "Give me back my skateboard!" Demanded Butterfly, finally catching Scout. "You gotta say the magic word!" Said Scout, lashing his tail about wildly. It connected with a small cabinet, knocking it over. All the small vials on it shattered.
"Oops." Scout stated mildly. Butterfly smacked her forehead. "Jeeper creepers, Sky's gonna KILL me," She exclaimed, "I'm gonna pluck every one of Ace's feathers out for this." Skylark walked into the room at that moment, and asked, "Why's that?" Then she noticed the mess on the floor. "What happened here?!" She exclaimed. Scout studied his boots. "I kinda knocked your cabinet over." He mumbled. "It figures," Sighed Sky, "Just when I need 'em, they get broken. It's okay, thought. Neither of you is in trouble. Where's Ace?"
"He went out and dropped this little bugger on me." Answered Butterfly, nodding to Scout. "Hey! I resent that remark!" Snapped Scout. "Don't ya mean you RESEMBLE that remark?" Asked Butterfly jokingly. "Remind me to kick his tail feathers when I get back. I'm gonna go see Enigma now." Said Sky and turned to Scout. "Behave yourself." She said, then left.
* * *
"Will someone DO something?!" Exclaimed Mackenzie. Throttle snarled. Charley shook her head, then ran into her office. She emerged brandishing a rifle. Modo's eye widened in surprise. "Your not really gonna shoot him with that, are ya, Charley-ma'am?!" He asked in shock. "Relax. It's just a tranquilizer." Replied Charley.
She leveled it at Throttle and fired. Throttle yelped in surprise as the dart hit his shoulder, but slowly went under its calming effects and was asleep in a matter of minutes. Ken picked himself up off the floor, and backed away from his son. "Where did ya get that thing?!" Asked Stoker.
"Sky gave me an earlier warning about Wulf and gave it to me just in case something like this happened," Explained Charley, taking the dart from Throttle's shoulder, "He should be out for an hour. Sky should be back before then with some kind of cure."
* * *
"Hey, Enigma! You home?!" Called Skylark.
A three-foot omnicreature half walked, half hopped out of the cave Sky had been calling into. He had the head and forelegs of a tiger with a silver lion's mane and gold and silver dragon wings. His hind legs were kangaroo, while his tail was that of an otter with a tuff of beige fur on the end, like a lion. "You called?" Asked the omnicreature.
(An omnicreature is an animal existing in my dimension only. Most are a mixture of three animals, one usually winged. Enigma is special, being that he is a mix of five. He even has a bit of saber-toothed tiger in him, giving him two oversized fangs, but that's counted with the tiger.)
"Ya, I did," Said Sky, "I need your help. I've got a werewolf crisis, and some weremice were created." "Joy," Said Enigma sarcastically as he led Sky to his lab, "How many weremice?" "Four to my knowledge." Answered Skylark. "Alrighty then." Mumbled Enigma, and started to mix coloured liquids.
In about 15 minutes, he handed Sky three bottles and an eyedropper. "The red is for Wulf. Make sure he drinks all of it," Said Enigma, "The blue is for the weremice. Just give 'em a couple drops each. And this purple stuff is a booster shot. Give it to your friends, and this shouldn't happen again." "Thanks, Enigma," Said Skylark, "See ya later." Then she opened a portal and headed back to the mice's zone.
"Do ya got a cure now?" Asked Stoker when she appeared in the room. "Yep," Answered Sky, then noticed that Charley had used the tranquilizer, "I see you had to resort to desperate measures." Charley nodded. "Well, I got the cure right here," Said Skylark, "I just need him to take a couple of drops of this." She brought out the blue liquid.
Rose held Throttle's head up as Sky put a few drops of the liquid down his throat with the eyedropper. Almost immediately, Throttle started to change back to normal, but remained under the effects of the tranquilizer. Rose ran her hand through her sleeping son's hair, while Clutch came into the room. "I thought I told you to stay upstairs." Snapped Mackenzie. "I couldn't sleep," Yawned Clutch, "What's goin' on?" Rose got up and picked up Clutch. "Let's get you back to bed, honey." She said, and carried him back to bed.
"We should do something about the others." Reminded Flor. "You're right," Said Stoker, "Let's go!" "Uh, any idea where they went?" Asked Rose. "Limburger Tower, no doubt." Answered Sky. "Rose, Charley, I would appreciate it if you would stay behind to take care of Clutch, Throttle and Gyro." Said Stoker. "Sure." Answered Rosemary. "I hate you, Stoker." Laughed Charley. "Thanks Charley-girl." Said Stoker and he, Flor, Mackenzie, Modo and Skylark headed to Limburger Tower.
* * *
Wulf led Castano, Vinnie and Estrella on a full-scale attack of Limburger Tower. The goons on guard fled in terror when they saw the werewolf and weremice. Luckily, none got bitten or scratched. Then the four proceeded on to Limburgers office. Limburger looked up in surprise as the four crashed into his office and surrounded him.
The group was about to attack when Sky flew into the room and froze time in the small office. Stoker, Modo, Mackenzie and Flor followed Sky. "Okay, this is gonna be dangerous. I have to unfreeze them before I can administer the cure. Let's start with Vinnie. Get ready to hold him." Warned Sky.
The others held Vinnie down, and Sky unfroze him then administered the cure. Once he had changed back completely, they cured Estrella and Castano. But when they got to Wulf, they were amazed at how hard it was to hold him still once Sky had unfroze him, despite his size. Sky brought out the red liquid and forced Wulf to drink it all. Hissing, growling and spitting the whole time, Wulf slowly turned back to normal.
"Well, I guess that's over with." Said Castano. "Not quite," Said Sky, "Let's get back to the garage." The group headed back to the garage as Sky unfroze Limburger, then followed.
* * *
Throttle awoke from the effects of the tranquilizer with a major headache. "Ohhhhhhh, what happened?" He asked, holding his head. Rose gave him a big hug. "I'm so glad you're alright." She cried. "It's okay, mom. I'm fine. What happened?" Replied Throttle.
It was then that Sky walked in with everyone else. "I could answer that question," She said, "But first," She imitated The Mask, "You all need a booster shot." Castano went pale. "Needle?" She squeaked. Throttle had to laugh. "Miss Nothing Scares Me is afraid of needles?!" He taunted. He received a steely look from his dad and immediately shut up.
"You all need one to prevent this from happening again," Said Sky, taking out the purple liquid and a small needle, "Alright, who goes first?" No one moved. "Come on. Stoke, your suppose to be a 'big man'." Said Sky. "Oh, alright. Just to get this thing movin'" Stoke said, and surrendered his arm to Sky. Sky then gave Stoke his needle. Then everyone else got his or hers 'cept Gyro and Castano.
"Waitaminute," Said Castano, "What about Gyro?" "Or better yet," Said Throttle, "What about you?" "Oh, ya," Exclaimed Sky, "Come here, Cassie." Cassie cowered behind Modo and shook her head. Sky walked over to her and she backed away. "Listen, I can use my magic to make it so you won't feel a thing." Said Skylark. "O...okay." Said Castano and let Sky give her the shot.
"There, now that wasn't so bad, now was it?" Asked Sky. "No, it wasn't. Now, how about Gyro?" Replied Cassie. "It depends," Said Sky, "If he's too sick, we should wait 'till he's better to give him the shot. It can wait 'till morning thought. We should let him sleep."
"Speaking off sleep, we should probably all get some." Said Charley. "Ya, well, I kinda wanna talk to mom and dad, so we'll be back in a minute, okay?" Said Throttle. Ken and Rose exchanged looks and followed Throttle outside.
"What's the matter?" Asked Rose, once they had gotten outside. "I need to talk about something, but I'm not sure if you know about it, Mom." Said Throttle. "What's that?" Asked Rose. "It's about when Anna and I were kids..." Started Throttle. "Oh, that? I've known about that for a while, sweetie." Replied Rose. "You have?" Asked Throttle. "Yes. I told her after I knocked Anna down the stairs." Said Mackenzie. "Well, that's that. I'm glad I cleared that up." Said Throttle.
The three then headed back inside for the night.
* * *
"Interesting place ya got here." A voice echoed around Limburgers office. "Ah, Wildfire. How'd things go?" Asked Limburger. "Perfect. The 'subject' didn't even notice when I gave him the needle." Answered the voice. The owner stepped out of the shadows to revile a grey furred female Martian with long red hair and wearing a blue outfit. "Great!" Cheered Limburger and he and Wildfire laughed evilly.

The end.

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