Friend or Foe?

Part 3

By: Leanne MacLeod Nov 10,1997.

I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone, I won't be making a profit.

"Did you find anything?" Silverdawn asked her son and daughter in law as they entered the cave. It was well after midnight. Throttle shook his head.
"Dad's still out," he said "He said to stay the night here."
Silverdawn nodded. "I'll make some coffee."
The phone rang, Carbine picked it up. She talked for about five minutes then hung up.
"That was Jewel, she said the Peace Keepers have searched the entire west desert with no luck. They're packing it in until dawn."
"Hmmm." Throttle grumbled in agreement.Carbine walked over and hugged him.
"Maybe you should go to bed. You have a meeting tomorrow with..."
"Screw the meeting!" Throttle shouted. "Finding my son is more important!"
"Throttle, lower your voice. You'll wake up Rider and Reve." Carbine said."You have to go to that meeting, if rumor gets out about this...."
"I don't care Carbine. Nothing comes before my family, nothing!" Throttle said lower this time.
"Throttle, you're not thinking, If people know about the Martian Ambassador's son being missing the kidnappers could get nervous and do something drastic. We have to go on living our lives normally until we get him back."
"That's impossible." Throttle said as he put his head in his hands.
"We have to try," Carbine said "for Chance's sake."

Chance stared at the walls of the crate he was under.The floor was damp and he was freezing cold. Tears streamed down his cheeks.He was never more frightened in his life. That rat was so mean, sometimes he acted nice, but then he got scary, like when he threw the dagger at him. It was two days now that he'd been there. He was hungry, because Bloodlust didn't bother to feed him and he was starting to get sick because he was so cold.I just want Mummy and Daddy so bad. He started to cry harder.He was making a lot of noise and Bloodlust walked into the cavern. He banged his fist down on the top of the crate and said.
"I'm trying to sleep! Stop your pathetic crying or I'll give you something to cry about!" Chance managed to stop the noise but the tears still fell. He couldn't stop sniffing, he tried to bury his face in his shirt and wished his arms weren't tied behind his back. This reminded him that the rope burns on his wrists stung. Daddy will get here soon. He'll come and get me! Those people won't be able to kill him, he's too smart for them.

Reve sat alone on the School steps. She didn't feel like going to Biology class. That wasn't important in her life right now. Finding Chance was important, but her Dad wouldn't allow the Biker Mice to look for him, except Vinnie and Modo He said it was too dangerous, that whoever took Chance was out to get him and any one of the Biker Mice would be a perfect target. Reve sighed, she never thought she'd miss her crazy little brother so much,. She missed everything about him that past weekend. From stepping on his imaginary friends to mistreating his grubby stuffed T-Rex.
"Hi Reve, why aren't you in class?" Louricia said as she sat down beside her.
Where did she come from, not from inside the school, I didn't hear her."Didn't feel like goin, what's your excuse?" Reve asked.
"I slept in, Stayed up way to late last night watchin the tube." Louricia said and smiled, Reve didn't smile back. "You're worried about Chance right?" She asked.
"Yes." Reve sighed in frustration. " I should be out looking for him , not sitting in school.This is too important, we don't even know if he's alive."
"He's alive." Louricia said.
"It's nice of you to try and cheer me up, but it won't work. No one knows if he's alive or dead." Reve replied.
"I know, my master took him ,Reve." Louricia said solemnly.Reve looked at her.
"Your master..... why are you doing this? It's not funny!" Reve exclaimed angrily.
"It's true, my master is a rat named Bloodlust. We were hired to kidnap your brother for ransom,but... It's gone too far. He's alive now, but maybe not for long. My master is crazy and unpredictable. He loves killing people."Louricia said.
"Then take me to him!" Reve exclaimed If she's telling the truth that shouldn't be any problem, and I can handle one mangy rat all by myself!
"I can't." Louricia said.
"WHY!" Reve shouted, she was losing her patience.
"I just can't, not right now." Louricia said.
"Who are you?" Reve said "Really? I don't believe anything you're saying!" Reve said.
"I am who I said I was.Look I'll prove it, ok? I need all of the Biker Mice to meet me at the edge of the south desert after school.Will you be there?" Louricia asked.
"Maybe." Reve said in an angry tone. She turned and stormed off.
Louricia walked into the alley beside the school. Tyra was waiting there for her. She had been waiting there for her. Tyra had disappeared.

Throttle hung up the phone, relieved. He was so frightened calling the morgue every day and asking if they picked up any four year old corpses. They hadn't today. Thank Phobos! Oh I wish this would end! Throttle plunked down in his office chair and laid his head on his arms.
"Um...scuse me." a female voice said from behind, he looked up and a red haired girl about Rider's age stood there. The window was open and she had grappling hook in her hand.
"How did you get past security?" Throttle asked.
"I'm a stealth expert." Tyra replied.
"You must have something important to say if you went to all that trouble just to see me." Throttle said blankly.
"Well, yeah. I have information on Chance."
"What!?" Throttle asked surprised. No one knew about him being missing but a select few.
"I know where he is." Tyra said."The man who took him wants the Biker Mice dead."
Throttle stared at the girl, How does a teenage Martian Mouse know all this?
"How did you come across this information?" Throttle asked, knowing it was the only way to get some answers, and hopefully his son.
" for him." Tyra said."But, I wish I didn't." Tyra felt tears welling up in her eyes. She sobbed quietly.
Throttle went to his desk drawer and got a tissue for her, she took it and wiped her eyes."Tell me what is going on please." He said in a serious but not stern voice. It will be no use to get her hysterical
" My master is a hit man,he's called Bloodlust. Ambassador Ravage hired him for Lawrence Limburger.They're out to gain control of Mars by taking the political power away from the Martian Mice. We were going to get rid of the Biker Mice first, because you'll be impossible to defeat. After we were done with that, the Sand Raiders, Plutarkians and Rats were going to join forces and overthrow all you mice. Ravage will be Emperor of Mars, and he was going to allow Limburger to stay on the planet in return for the service of his followers." Tyra, blew her nose softly. Throttle rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Now there's a problem!
"What made you decide to be a turn coat?" Throttle asked. I don't know if I should trust her, but her explanation seems to be the kind of thing Limburger would do.
Tyra's tears started to flow freely now, she started sobbing uncontrollably and fell to her knees.
"Calm down." Throttle said calmly, he went to her and took her hand. He led her to his office chair and motioned for her to sit. This kid's been through a lot. No way it's an act.
"Thank you." Tyra said, Throttle got her another tissue.She wiped eyes and sighed.
"Do you think you can continue now?" Throttle asked, trying not to rush her, but wanting her to hurry up. He wanted his son back now.
"Yeah, um... I'm not a Martian." Tyra said.
"You sure look like one." Throttle said skeptically.
Tyra swallowed. "That's because I'm a Morpher." Tyra said.
"Morpher?" Throttle asked. He'd never heard of them. Tyra nodded, she shifted her weight around in the chair, outstretched her arms and inhaled slowly. What is she....Throttle started to think, then she started to glow a light purple. The light outlined her whole body, shifted it's form and settled into another outline, completely different from the first. The Martian girl no longer sat in front of him. In her place sat a purple skinned alien. She was thinner than her previous form, a bit shorter. She had fushia eyes, the same red hair. Her face kind of resembled a humans but she had no nose or nostrils.Throttle's mouth was agape, he realized this and snapped it shut quickly.
"You're a shape shifter?" Throttle asked puzzled.
"What did you think I meant by Morpher?" Tyra managed a smile.
"Is your master, Bloodlust a Morpher too?" Throttle asked. That would make things difficult.
"No.He's a Martian Rat.His real name isn't Bloodlust, he just adopted it to suit his new career. His real name is Herix Grunge. Maybe you heard of him?" Tyra said.
"He was exiled from the planet twenty four years ago. He murdered any species of people on this planet Rats included."Throttle said, he rubbed his chin again. "How did he get you? You can't be from any planet in this solar system."
Tyra nodded slowly, tears welling up again. "We lived in a solar system consisting of five planets, three thousand light years east of the Milky Way. Our planet was inhabited by several gangs of, terrorists, arsonists, murderers and criminals. We weren't all bad, just some cities were. Anyway, you can understand how frightened the other planets were of us. We could change our shape into anything for very long periods of time.It's easy to get away with something if people can't figure out who did it. Many of these gangs victimized the citizens of these planets. So, with their own safety in mind, they combined their forces and attacked our planet."Tyra said, she stopped and wiped her eyes again.
"Five planets all attacked you?" Throttle asked in disbelief, We had enough trouble with one planet attacking us! And I thought we had it bad.
"Yes, all at once." Tyra said "It was awful!There were bombs blowing up all over the place, and aliens were shooting every thing that moved! Some adults rounded up everyone they could and we all hid in a stronghold deep underground.My sister and I saw our parents gunned down as we ran to it. We saw all kinds of people we knew killed, even kids.We stayed in the stronghold for a really long time, I can't really remember how long it was. We ran out of food and the adults started to fight each other. Even more people were killed. Those who weren't slain by their own people starved to death. Lou and I were almost dead when he found us. We were the only ones left alive on the entire planet." Tyra had gained control over her emotions now, she was happy that someone was finally eager to listen to her spill out all the bad memories she had hidden inside her.
"Why was Bloodlust there?" Throttle asked
"I have no idea. He took us to his ship and told us he'd care for us. It was good for awhile, he was very nice to us. Then one day, when I was eight and Louricia was six, he told us who he really was. A hit man, and he said we were to be his assistants.We told him that we wanted nothing to do with that, but he took out this control pad and pressed it. This stabbing pain shot through my chest, it was unbearable. From then on, he used it to force us to spy on people for him. I found out when I was older he injected us with a shock device, I don't know how it works, he caught me before I found out." Tyra said.
"Well, you don't have to put up with that torture anymore! I'm getting my bro's right now, I'm capturing that Rat and getting my son back." Throttle was enraged at Bloodlust, he couldn't endure the thought of a child in pain.
"No! We can't! He has armed resistance waiting!" Tyra said "And Louricia has told Reve the whole thing, in order to get you to follow us into a trap.She doesn't know I'm here, she's more sensitive than I am, Bloodlust uses it against her. He's going to make her do something horrible, I can't let him do that! She's too innocent and trusting! Tyra started to cry again." Tyra said.
"What!?!" Throttle shouted, Reve is gonna go with her, probably the rest of the kids too! Great, we've got a full blown rescue mission on our hands now!
"Don't worry, I have a plan. But you have to do everything I say exactly or the whole thing will blow up in our faces, literally!Please do this. If I go back now, Bloodlust will kill me for sure, Chance too." Tyra said.
Throttle stared at her for a moment, "What do I have to do?" He asked. Tyra stopped the tears and smiled wide.

Louricia,Rider, Reve, Spark, Vinnie, Lazer,Vinnie jr. and Modo were all out in the south desert.
"The hideout is in that mountain in the distance," Louricia "We have to get in, get Chance, then get out before Bloodlust catches us." she said.
"Hmmpph! One rat is no match for all of us!"Vinnie exclaimed.
"I wouldn't be too sure of that, he's tricky." Louricia said.
Reve looked over at Rider, he hadn't said anything since she told him that Louricia and Tyra were behind Chance's kidnapping. He was really depressed. Tyra was the first girl he really had a crush on. It's sad that it had to end this way.Spark leaned over and whispered to Reve.
"I don't trust her Reve, I never have. Her and Tyra never acted like real Martians. Like the racing in the field, no Martian Mouse is that slow! I think there's more to this than it seems." she said, Reve just nodded slowly. She didn't trust her anymore either, but following her was the only way to get Chance back, they had to take that risk.
"I wish Throttle was here, it's strange that we couldn't find him." Modo said.
"Yeah, but we don't really need him here, he'd probably just be upset." Vinnie said.
"Yeah." Modo replied.
"Are you ready?" Louricia asked.
"Yeah, let's roll." Modo said
They all took off toward the mountains, it took longer than expected to get there. Or it could have been the anticipation of getting Chance back. They drove into a huge opening in the mountain face. They sped around some curves, Vinnie and Modo in the lead. Suddenly everyone stopped, fifty armed Plutarkians were in the cavern just ahead of them.
"WHAT THE....." Vinnie started, then Limburger appeared from behind the Plutarkians blocking the passageway..
"Limburger!" Modo said in anger, his red eye started to glow. Reve looked behind her, Louricia was flanked by armed sand Raiders. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.
"I...I'm so sorry! I couldn't help it, he made me do it!" she sobbed. An ugly rat came to her side and patted her on the shoulder.
"And a fine job you did too, my dear." Bloodlust said and smiled evilly. Reve just glared back at her."We can kill them now." Bloodlust said.
"That's fi....Wait!" Ravage said "Where's Throttle?"
"He's not here." Vinnie said in an ice cold voice. "But you can bet he will be soon!"
"Uh oh!" Limburger said fearfully.
Bloodlust grabbed Louricia by the collar of her jacket "I thought I told you to make sure they were all here!"
"I..I know! But they came without him, I couldn't turn back..." Bloodlust threw her to the ground.
"YOU'RE WORTHLESS!" He shouted at her. "Where is Tyra? I can always count on her to do things right!"
"I..I don't know!" Louricia said from where she cowered on the floor.
"You better hope for your sake that she's fixing this mess!" Bloodlust said angrily.
"So, what do we do with them now?" Ravage asked annoyed,Planetary Leadership is almost within my grasp, something like this can't screw it up!
"We retain them until we know what's goin on with Throttle. If Tyra killed him, we murder the rest. If she didn't," Bloodlust side glanced angrily at Louricia. "We hold them for ransom. For the entire planet, we'll tell the army to come for them unarmed.When the army gets here we kill all of them in one big swoop."
"That won't work, I've already tried..." Limburger started.
"Trying to tell me how to do my job again are we?" Bloodlust said.
"Fine job you did by yourself!" Limburger retorted.
"I GOT FARTHER IN THIS SINGLE ATTEMPT THAN YOU DID IN YOUR WHOLE CAREER!" Bloodlust shouted in rage. Limburger loathed, the rat was right.
"What are you waiting for?" Bloodlust shouted at the Sand Raiders and Plutarkians "Tie em up!" He stalked off. Louricia saw her chance and ran off to another part of the cave.
"Well this is just great!" Vinnie said, "I'm gonna die, and I'm not even wearing my favorite pair of jeans!"

"Are you sure this plan will work?" Throttle asked. He and Tyra, Now back in Martian form , were running through the natural corridors of the mountain. They had entered the caves at a time that Tyra assured that the armed resistance would be busy. Throttle tried not to think of what they were busy with. Tyra stopped and hid in an indent in the wall.
"It will If we work together." she said. She peered around the corner and scanned the hallway. "Wait here for exactly ten minutes, then follow through with your part of the plan." Throttle nodded slowly, not quite sure of the plan but seeing no other choice.
"Oh, and whatever you do...." tyra started.
"What?" Throttle asked enthusiastically, he didn't want to do something to endanger the plan.
"Don't get caught." Tyra smiled and disappeared.
"Good advice" Throttle mumbled, he hunkered down to wait out the ten minutes.

"This is the lamest plan Limburger has ever come up with," A Plutarkian soldier said to another. The other nodded
"Yeah, but it's better than serving Camembert." he replied.
"True," The Plutarkian sighed "I wish they'd hurry up and kill those mice, then we can get busy double crossing that rat."
"Do you think Ravage will get the rest of the rats to follow him in time?" The other Plutarkian asked.
"Nah, all he's got is the Sand Raiders and Limburger's bribed them all ready, this'll be a piece of cake." The two Plutarkians started to laugh hysterically. A Plutarkian captain walked towards them.The Plutarkians jumped to attention and saluted.
"At ease Soldiers, we have orders from Limburger to go ahead with the attack. He said to attack the Sand Raiders too, he suspects they'll double cross us." The two Plutarkians smiled wide.
"Yes sir!"
"And tell the rest of the troops too."
"Yes sir!" The two Plutarkians ran off to collect their comrades. The Plutarkian Captain walked off toward the Sand Raider part of the cave.

Slobber The Mutt was slurping a beverage of some sort as he watched some of his men wrestle.One of his men walked up to him.
"Slobber, I've heard a bloody rumor! Those land fish are talkin bout double crossin' us."
"They are are they? Well, we'll just have to get the jump on em'. Sand Raiders, attack the stink fish!" All of the men got up and ran to find the Plutarkians. All except the informant, he threw his arms open, glowed purple, then changed into Tyra, the mouse. She smiled, quite pleased with her performance. Now to find Louricia and get away from Bloodlust for good!

Loud explosions sounded from the depths of the mountain.
"What's going on?" Reve asked.
"I don't know, but it can't be good. We have to get out of here fast!" Modo said, he tried to open his arm cannon, but it was chained shut. "Darn it!"
Vinnie slid over to where Modo sat on the cave floor and tried to get it lose. "I can't see what I'm doing. Hey, kids! Come over here and help!" Vinnie said. Everyone made their way over and all tried to give directions to Vinnie at once. They all started shouting at each other, frustrated. Vinnie sighed Those guards are gonna break this up any minute! Man, I wish Throttle was here!

Throttle ran down the corridors of the cave and hoped no one caught him. He counted the cave openings mentally and stopped when he got to the tenth, he took a breath nervously. He walked slowly into the cave, there was a table ,a couple of chairs, and a crate inside. It didn't look too promising.
"Chance?" Throttle called nervously.
"Daddy? " Chance said from beneath the crate. Throttle smiled ecstatically, it was the most wonderful sound he'd ever heard.
"Chance! Are you ok?" Throttle asked as he ran to the crate
"Not for long he wont!"
Throttle turned to face the voice but was knocked down before he saw anyone. He jumped back to his feet and faced the attacker. He was a rat, he had a saber in his hand, poised and ready to tear flesh.
"Bloodlust, I presume?" Throttle said in a cold voice.
"The one and only." Bloodlust replied and bowed.
"Daddy? What's going on?" Chance hollered from inside the crate.
"Don't worry, Chance. I'll be there to get you in a minute." Throttle said and stared at Bloodlust with an expression of pure rage.
"No, no, no, no ,no! I'll be there to get you in a minute!" Bloodlust laughed.
"Never, you scum! You're going to pay for what you did to him!"
"How did you know I did something to him?" Bloodlust asked curiously. Throttle charged at him, furious. Bloodlust swung at him and missed by not very much. Throttle backhanded him, and Bloodlust fell to the floor. Bloodlust threw the saber at Throttle, it kicked his shoulder, but didn't wound him badly. Bloodlust saw this, got up and charged. Throttle stepped to the side and tripped him. Bloodlust fell flat on his face, he tried to get up, but Throttle pinned him to the floor with his foot. Bloodlust howled with rage.
"Now, what is suitable punishment for an exiled murderer that's come back to do more damage?" Throttle asked casually. I don't know if I should send him directly to galactic prison or maim him first, decisions, decisions.
"You'll have to figure that out some other time, because I'm not sticking around to find out!" Bloodlust pulled something from the cuff of his sleeve and threw it to the ground. Thick red smoke oozed out of it. Throttle got distracted by it, he started coughing and Bloodlust got out from his hold on him. When the smoke cleared Bloodlust was gone. Darn it! Oh, well. He won't get far. But I wanted to punish him myself!
He walked to the crate and tipped it over, Chance sat there, bound and with tears in his eyes. He smiled a joyful smile when he saw his dad.
"I knew you'd come! I knew he couldn't get you!"Chance said happily.
"Are you ok? He didn't hurt you did he?" Throttle asked as he untied him, he noticed he lost some weight. It made him even angrier that the rat had neglected his little boy.
Chance shook his head, smiling the whole time. As soon as he was untied he jumped into his father's arms. Throttle smiled with him, he was relieved he was ok.
"Let's get out of here Dad." Chance said.
"Sounds like a plan!" Throttle said and smiled.

Bloodlust ran through the corridors, enraged and furious. He stopped took some deep breaths and pulled out his remote . He pressed the button and Louricia fell from the shadows screaming. He walked over to her and hauled her up by the hair.
"Did you think I'd let you get away with messing up the plan?" He pulled her down the corridor.She cried in despair. ?He threw her in the way of an opening in the corridor.He threw a blaster at her and smiled evilly.
"Now, get in there and take your punishment like a good little terrorist!"

"Crap! It's no use!" Vinnie said.
"Do you hear that?" Lazer asked.
"What?" Rider asked, "I don't hear anything."
"Exactly, there was blaster noise before."
"Hmm, maybe we're rescued." Tank said.
"Or maybe whoever was fighting resolved their dispute and are coming back to finish us off!" Vinnie said. He started to pull the chains harder. "Does anyone have anything sharp?"
"I do," Said Bloodlust from the doorway, he turned to Louricia "Well, what are you waiting for? They're not getting any deader with you just staring at them like that!" Louricia held up the gun, steadied it and prepared to fire. Tears streamed down her face, she threw the gun down in anger.
"NO!I WON'T!" She screamed.
Bloodlust yawned, and stretched. "That's fine," he pressed the button on the remote.Louricia fell and screamed. He held the button in, not giving any mercy. "It doesn't matter who is dead as long as someone suffers!" He howled with evil laughter.
"Leave her alone!" Reve screamed at him.
"Forgiving her? After what she did? Tricked you, lied to you?" Bloodlust asked. Reve focused on the word lie, she used to do that alot. She now knew how it felt to be lied to.
"She didn't do anything, it was you forcing her!"Modo said, his eye glowing. His Mamma always said the only way someone could make you do something was if they held a gun to your head. If they didn't then you were responsible for your actions, but this pain Bloodlust inflicted was the same thing as a gun.
"HAH! I just found the cure for delinquent children!" Bloodlust laughed,"I should be an inventor, not a hit man! I could make a fortune!" That made him think of the money he'd lose on this project.No way he could stick around and get paid, if Throttle got a hold of him......
"Well, it's been fun mice, but I gotta run! Consider yourselves lucky that you survived this little fiasco. Then again, it's not over for you, so there could be still hope." He released the button on the remote. Louricia laid still on the floor. It was impossible to tell if she was still breathing.
Bloodlust bent down and said to the lifeless Louricia. "If you can hear me my dear, give this message to your sister. Have a nice life, you're free now." He laughed and ran out of the cave.
"She's not moving!" Spark said in a shaky voice.Modo lowered his eyes and Vinnie growled in rage, there was nothing they could do for her, not tied up like this.
Tyra ran into the cave.
"Thank goodness you're all sti....LOURICIA!" She fell to her knees beside her sister and began to sob.
"Tyra untie Modo and Vinnie they can help!" Rider said.
"It's too late, she's gone." Tyra said in despair. The figure in her arms shifted shapes, with no energy to keep her in Martian form, Louricia changed back into her real shape. Everyone looked in shock.
"Maybe not." Throttle said as he entered the cave. He put down Chance and took Louricia from Tyra. He started CPR. Everyone looked on in fear. It seemed like Throttle was doing CPR forever, when Louricia gasped. Throttle smiled and passed her back over to Tyra. "I think she'll be ok, once we get her proper medical treatment."Throttle picked up the remote that Bloodlust left, he powered up his nuke nuks and crushed it.Everyone shouted their happiness, Tyra smiled happily.
"Thank you so much!" Tears streamed down her cheeks.
"Hey, could someone please untie us?" Asked Vinnie jr.
"Yeah, and tell us what's going on!" Reve said astonished, she still couldn't believe what she saw.
"More to the point, let's get out of here before the Plutarkians and Sand Raiders get here." Vinnie said.
"Oh, don't worry. They've been taken care of." Throttle said he and Tyra smiled at each other.

The battle raged on outside the mountain. Fish against Martian mutt. It was total chaos until...
"OK, EVERYONE DROP THEIR WEAPONS! YOU'RE SURROUNDED BY THE MOUSE ARMY! OBEY AND NO ONE GETS HURT!"Carbine said into the mike attached to the loudspeakers.
The truck surrounded by the army was parked on the biggest sand dune in the desert. The fighters all dropped their weapons and gumbooted her into the desert.They knew they were no match for them. She turned to her troops "Round up all you can." The troops all scattered into the desert. Carbine got on her motorcycle and headed for the caves with a couple of medics trailing behind, she hoped their services wouldn't be needed.

"This is all your fault!" Limburger screamed at Ravage.
"My fault?" Ravage hollered back angry.
"Yes! You were the one who hired those second rate hit men!"
"It would have worked if you didn't decide to double cross the Sand Raiders!"
"I did no such thing! The Sand Raiders were going to double cross us!"
"That's not what Slobber the Mutt said!"
"You believe Slobber the Mutt???" Limburger asked "You're dumber than I thought!"
"Not as dumb as you! You actually believed I'd let you stay on Mars you double crossing scum!"
Limburger was shocked at that statement, he thought he had control of things. "Well, I never! That's it, I'm gathering my troops.."
"What's left of them! You know why the rats refused to offer their services for battle? Because we decided to let you do all the work, then double cross you and the Sand Raiders, leaving the rats to rule Mars!Face it Limburger, I used you like a tissue, let you do the dirty work then tossed you away when I had no use for you anymore! You're such a loser!"
"So are you!" Limburger retorted then stalked off the the underground tunnel leading to the North desert.
Ravage stared back at him as he left, stricken by his last comment. Damn it all! He's right!!!

Two days after the big rescue mission Tyra and Louricia, now fully healed, stood outside their newly acquired Cycladrone Cruiser. It was a gift from the mice. They had all gathered to see them off. Bloodlust was out there somewhere and Tyra and Louricia were determined to find him!
"Are you sure you can't stay a bit longer?" Carbine asked.
Tyra shook her head, she was in Martian form now, her red hair flopped back and forth. across her pretty face."No, we're behind him two days, we have to get him before he hurts anyone else."
Louricia nodded solemnly, she was sad to be leaving.
"You'll come back though right?" Rider asked. He still really liked Tyra, even though she was a whole different species from him.
Tyra walked over and kissed him on the cheek. "Sure, " she said. "But, you realize it'll never work out between us?" Rider nodded sadly and blushed. Then he smiled.
"Oooooooh!" Vinnie jr. teased, Rider elbowed him.
Tyra smiled and Louricia giggled.
"We'll be back as soon as we take care of Bloodlust." Tyra assured.
"Let's get going! The sooner we get him the sooner we can get back and have fun!" Louricia exclaimed.
"Yeah!" Tyra said "Bye friends!"
"Ride Free!" everyone said in unison. Tyra and Louricia got on their ship and took off.
The mice all started back to their caves.
"Daddy?" Chance broke the silence.
"Yeah Chance?" Throttle asked.
"When will you teach me to speak all those languages?" He asked.
"When we get home if you want." Throttle said, he thought Chance had forgotten about it."It'll take a long time though, years."
"That's ok!" Chance smiled.
"Oh great!" Reve said. "He's going to be even weirder now!"
"I'm not weird, Reve!" Chance said loudly. His little face was scrunched up in an angry expression. He relaxed it and smiled "I'm gifted!"
With that everyone started laughing. Even Reve.

The end
Thanks for taking the time to read my fic. Fics are soo much fun!