Friend or Foe?

Leanne Mac Leod Oct 20, 1997

I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone, I won't be making a profit.

"No fair, that's too much!" Reve complained. Her Dad had just handed out photocopies of the maneuvers the Biker Mice created. The whole stack was about an inch thick.
"Yeah, we don't have to know all these do we?" Vinnie jr. asked as he flipped through all the pages.
"That's only half of them, and of course you have to know them all! If I tell you to do one I need everyone to understand what I mean." Throttle replied.
"So when do we have to know em' all for?" Tank asked.
Throttle sighed, "I keep telling all of you that these training sessions aren't like school, there isn't a specific date that you have to know them for, you'll have to be ready for when the Plutarkians strike next and that could be anytime." Throttle took a big breath, he wasn't used to saying that much all at once.
"That could be like,tomorrow!" Tank exclaimed. Throttle rolled his eyes behind his shades, Tank was a brick short of a load. Very enthusiastic about all the things that Biker Mice did, but kind of a space case.Throttle was a tad worried that his daughter liked him so much.
"I don't think I can study all these by tomorrow."Spark said,thinking aloud.
"No way will I remember any of em'!" Lazer exclaimed.
"I gotta Jam over Rage's garage later, the show at school is tomorrow." Rider said.
Everyone was talking at once, voicing their complaints at Throttle.This always seems to happen when it's my turn to train them! I wonder what the problem is?
"Woah, woah, I didn't say you had to know em all for tomorrow!" Throttle said over everyone.
"So why'd ya give em all to us?" Vinnie jr. asked.
"So I wouldn't have to photocopy them every time we had a training session, just study the first maneuver in each section tonight, ok? That'll give you some basics if a situation does occur." Throttle said.
Everyone sighed with relief.
"Wait a sec, you mean to tell us we gotta lug this thing around every time we have a meeting, c'mon man! This thing is huge!" Vinnie jr. complained. Everyone else kept their mouth shut. Reve and Rider knew they were lucky their dad wasn't making them know em all for the next day. Their Dad usually wanted things done right away and he never changed his mind once he'd made it up, ever!Unless,however, he was properly annoyed.
"Look, I'm very busy being an ambassador and I can't be photocopying all the time, lugging that around won't be too much trouble, besides no one said being a Biker Mouse would be fun!"Throttle said calmly.
"Vinnie and Modo always tell us how much fun it is." Tank said.
"Oh really?" Throttle asked curiously.
"Yeah, they told us all kinds of cool stuff ya did!" Vinnie jr. replied.
So that's what those two do when it's their turn to train, have story time! I'll have to have a talk with them, I can't do all the training by myself!
"Did they tell ya about all the times we were almost killed, or the times that we were hurt! It's not a game, the whole galaxy depends on your capability to recognize and react to dangerous situations. Do you all understand, we can't underestimate the Plutarkians, they're very dangerous despite their stupidity!" Throttle said, Stupid is what those fish faces are, wrecking their own planet and having the gaul to think they could take other people's.Throttle became enraged just thinking about it. All the innocent people they hurt. He hated them so much! They hurt so many people he loved, he was so happy when he thought they were finally rid of them for good. Then they came back, hurting people again. He knew he was pushing the kids hard, but he didn't want them hurt, now or in the future. The better trained they were the sooner they'd get rid of the Plutarkians.This time for good!
"Mars to Dad!" Reve said loudly.
"Huh?" Throttle asked, breaking from his train of thought, he sometimes spaced out when he thought real hard about something. I wonder how long it was this time.. five minutes.. ten minutes?
"It's five o'clock, can we leave now?" She asked.
"Oh yeah, go ahead." Throttle said, he hadn't noticed how the time flew.Everyone started to leave."Don't forget one o'clock Saturday, Stoke's gonna be here."Everyone mumbled in response, then quickly walked through the door. Throttle couldn't help but feel a bit hurt, Ever since I became the leader of the Biker Mice again no one want's to be in my company for long periods of time. Maybe I should lighten up.He sighed and shrugged his shoulders and walked into the hallway and stepped in the elevator.He really didn't feel like doing paper work and taking phone calls, he'd much rather go to Hot Dog Shack with the kids. He would have done just that, if Cora, his personal secretary, didn't warn him not to before hand. And I can't risk getting Cora mad at me, she might quit.Then I wouldn't have time to go to the bathroom let alone lead the Biker Mice. I never pictured myself doing this for a living, I'd always thought I'd be a racer like Dad. What a stretch.
He stepped out of the elevator and into his office. Cora was typing furiously at her computer and talking on the phone at the same time.
She's busy, that means I'm busy! I was hoping to get some of the smaller problems on the planet settled tonight.Maybe she won't notice me go to my private offi...
Cora saw Throttle, she waved him over to the desk as she was talking on the phone, Throttle walked over to her, he knew what would happen if he didn't. The coffee would be really bad the next day!
"Ok, I'll tell him and he'll get back to you, Ambassador Randolph.Thank you sir, you have a nice day too." Cora hung up the phone and sighed.
"Thank goodness you're back, The Saturn Ambassador called you five times in the past hour, my Saturn is a little rusty but I think he said it's urgent. You have to get that report out to the other Martian Ambassadors, it was supposed to go out yesterday.I told them our computers were down, so I hope you appreciate my lying! It'll be the last time by the way, I'm not covering your butt for something as trivial as going golfing with Emperor Phinel!Not that you don't deserve a break, but you know how Ambassador Ravage gets! He's so rude and mean, typical of a rat. The next time he calls I'm forwarding him right to you because I can't stand him! I don't know how you do it! I'd kill him!" Cora stopped talking and took a deep breath, her yellowish face red from anger.Throttle decided to get himself talking before Cora started again, once she started it was hard to get her to shut up.
"Well, I'm gonna take care of that stuff you told me about now, so I'm not here till all hours! If Ravage calls let me talk to him." Throttle said and opened the door to his private office.
"Oh right, sorry." Cora smiled sheepishly. Throttle smiled back, then retired to his personal boardroom.

"Man. can you believe this!" Vinnie jr. held up the photocopies at Hot Dog Shack. "This is ridiculous we probably won't use half of these!"
"Quit your gripin! You're lucky Dad didn't get mad and made us study them all!" Reve said. "If that happened you'd be as dead as the thing in the Hot Dog you're about to shove in that big mouth of yours!"
"I wish someone would shove something in your mouth, ta get ya ta shut up!" He retorted.
"I wish you'd both shut up, you're drivin the rest of us nuts!" Rider said, then resumed eating.
"Hmmpphh!" Reve said then started to eat her food. She saw Tank eying it.
"So ,who's goin to the show tomorrow?" Lazer asked trying to change the conversation.
"Everyone." Vinnie jr said.
"What show?" Tank asked.Everyone rolled their eyes.
"The one at school tomorrow, there was posters posted everywhere and they've made announcements all week! How did you manage to miss all that?" Spark asked, she was often annoyed by Tank. She believed that everyone was entitled to be stupid sometimes, but he was abusing the privilege.
"I was just busy I guess." Tank said.
Yeah, busy stuffing your face! Spark thought.
"So are ya goin?" Reve asked as casually as she could. Maybe he'll ask me to go with him,I've given him, enough hints!
"I don't know, Friday is usually movie night at our house." Tank said.
"You can watch movies anytime, the Battle of the Bands only happens once a year!" Spark said.Normally she wouldn't have cared if Tank did something stupid like that but Reve really liked him,and as her best friend, it was Spark's duty to get them together.
"Well, maybe I'll go." Tank said, and stuffed his face full of fries, indicating he wasn't going to talk about anything anymore.
"You better hope the Plutarkians don't try something when you're in the middle of playing." Lazer said to Rider.
"I doubt it, they haven't pulled anything in months. And that little problem on Mercury wasn't very hard to deal with. I don't think they're ready to try anything yet." Rider said.
"Rider, stealing a planet's water supply is a very serious problem, they wouldn't be dumb enough to make only one of those water collection devices!" Reve said. That's what happened on Mercury, it took them a lot of brainstorming and time to figure out just what the fish faces were doing, then they had to stop them. Not an easy task, but not particularly hard either. There weren't a lot of Plutarkians to deal with, which made for a really boring mission. But if the Plutarkians had the means to create devices like the water collector, the Biker Mice would have their work cut out for them in the future.
"Yeah, but it wasn't like anyone was in danger once we found them, their defense sucked!" Rider said. Everyone agreed.
"Face it guys, those stink fish got nuthin on us!"Vinnie jr exclaimed. Everyone agreed again.

"I want the Biker Mice From Mars dead." Lawrence Limburger said calmly, he took a sip of the drink that sat on the table in front of him. His company watched him over the rim of his own glass. The dark brown rat licked foam from the fur around his mouth and asked.
"What's in it for me?"The rat asked ever so casually, rat's only did favors if there was something in it for them.
"Why, total ruling over Mars, provided you get me the help I need."
"What manner of help?" The rat asked, his black eyebrows knitted in curiosity.
"Hit men, to get rid of the Biker Mice." Limburger said.
"They would have to be extremely skilled hit men to kill the Biker Mice, very expensive." the rat said.
"I understand the price of such a venture, but it would be very worthwhile to be rid of the Biker Mice, would it not?" Limburger asked.
"It would." The rat said and smiled. Especially to be rid of Throttle!
"Also, in order to take control of Mars you'd need fighters from your own people, the Sand Raiders and my followers."
"Why would your followers help me after I do what you ask, is there some sort of catch, Limburger?" The rat asked suspiciously. Plutarkians are tricky creatures, I don't know if I should trust him. Then again, I'd rule Mars!
"Of course not, It was just a gesture to show my trustworthiness.You may know that Plutark is uninhabitable, I was hoping that our alliance would become permanent if you would permit us to live on Mars after you gain control."
"That depends....." The rat said thoughtfully "If the hit men are successful and if our combined forces are."
"Then we have a deal then?" Limburger asked.
"Deal. I have the perfect hit men for the job!" The rat said and stood up, he extended his arm.
"Excellent, you won't be disappointed Ambassador Ravage." Limburger said.
"I know." Ravage said.
That's what he thinks, because after he gains Mars I will take it from him.

"Yawn! I hate late lunch days, my stomach is makin wayyy to much noise!" Vinnie jr. said.
"Well put somethin in it." Rider replied.
"Can't forgot my lunch." Vinnie jr. said sadly. A hopeful smile passed on his face. "You got a little somethin for me?" He asked. Vinnie usually forgot his lunch everyday, he was too busy trying to get to school on time.
"Don't I always?"Rider asked, he threw a sandwich across the table at him, it hit him square on the nose then fell in front of him.
"Thanks bro!" Vinnie ripped the sandwich out of it's wrapping and started scarfin it. "Hey whares everyone else?" He asked with his mouth full. Everyone was usually there by that time.
"Dunno," Rider scanned the cafeteria "wait there's Tank and Lazer in the lunch line." He said.
"That's weird, Tank usually brings his lunch." Vinnie said finishing the sandwich.
"I guess his parents didn't get the groceries last night." Rider said "Or they did and Tank just got a munch on." Vinnie and Rider both started to laugh.
"What are you two wrenchheads laughin at?" Reve asked smiling. She took off her backpack and sat down. Spark and another girl sat down too.
"Just Tank's eating habits," Vinnie said "Who's your friend?" He asked Reve and Spark.
"This is Louricia, today's her first day here." Spark said. "Louricia, this is Rider and Vinnie."
"Hello." Louricia said and beamed. She was was beige, with blonde hair and big green eyes.She was wearing a red t-shirt, black jeans and a biker jacket.She had a very young face.
"Hey, how's yor first day?" Rider asked.
"It's okay, I guess. It'll take some getting used to."Louricia said.
"Nope, you'll never get used to this place, none of us hav..." Vinnie was cut short by Reve elbowing him in the stomach. She's nervous enough, she doesn't need Nobrain the Magnificent to make things worse.
"You'll get used to it soon enough, Vinnie is a special child." Reve glared at him. He took the hint and turned to Spark to see if he could bum any food off her. Tank and Lazer sat down.
"They should have two cafeterias in this place. I nearly starved to death waiting in line." Tank complained and started eating right away, making enough noise for ten cows while he was doing it too.Spark crossed her arms and sighed in disgust. He didn't even notice Louricia.
"Who's this new face?" Lazer said and smiled.
"This is Louricia, she's new to this school." Spark replied. "Louricia, this is Lazer," She said his name cheerfully "and Tank." She said his name angrily. He looked up and grunted a greeting, then continued eating. Spark glared at him angrily. Then she looked at Reve, her expression was one of minimal annoyance.
"Pleased to meet you." Louricia said and smiled. She noticed someone coming in the cafeteria, she waved them over. A beige furred female, with long red hair, fitted blue jeans and a denim vest, walked over to the table smiling. She sat down beside Louricia.
"Hello." She said a bit shyly.
"This is my sister, Tyra. Is it ok if she sits with us?" Louricia asked nervously.
"Sure it is, what a question!" Reve said smiling. Louricia blushed.
"Hey you're in my motorcycle mechanics class." Rider said.
"Yeah, I like that class." Tyra smiled.
"Me too." Rider said smiling, he was fascinated by her emerald green eyes.
"Where did you two go to school before?" Vinnie asked.
"East Mars High, our dad got transferred here, he's a motorcycle computer programmer." Louricia said.
"Cool! Maybe he could help me, I'm trying to program our bikes to be more independent, like the Biker Mice's bikes. Well, the original Biker Mice's bikes." Spark said.
"Well... Maybe, he's really busy lately, getting settled in and all. But I'm sure he'll help you when he gets more time." Tyra said. Spark nodded and smiled.
"What did you guys do for fun at your old home?" Lazer asked.
"Well, we used to go to the movies, and watched T.V. , and went to school functions with our friends." Tyra said.
"There's a school function tonight, it's a show, my band is performing. Wanna come with us.It'll be a great opportunity to meet everyone, and maybe we could go to Hotdog Shack afterwards." Rider said to Tyra, everyone stared at him, he was talking really loud and fast, not at all like his usual self.
"Maybe. We'll have to ask our father." Tyra said. Then she pulled out her lunch and started eating.
"Cool, OK." Rider smiled. Reve looked at him funny, Rider hardly ever talked around the usual group, now he was being mister confident with a girl he met two minutes ago. Reve smiled a bit.My big bro is in love! How can I exploit this? Then she thought of her own love life. Forget Rider, how am I gonna get that nut bar to clue in and ask me to the show as a date?
Louricia's eyes lit up in excitement "I'm gonna go ask now ok?" She got up from the table and fumbled in her pockets for a quarter.
"No Louricia, he's very busy right now, we'll ask him after school." Tyra replied.
"Nah! I can't wait that long I'm too excited!" She ran out of the cafeteria.
"Louricia NO!" Tyra hollered after her. Louricia disappeared. Tyra got up and ran after her.
"What was that all about?" Tank asked.
"I'm surprised you noticed." Spark grumbled under her breath.

Tyra grabbed the phone from Louricia's hand and slammed it down. She glared at her with her emerald eyes, Louricia very slowly pushed the change return button, and looked at her with the eyes of a small child that knew they'd done wrong and were in for it.
"What do you think you're doing? Have you forgotten our mission?" Tyra asked.
"No, I just thought......"
"You didn't think Lou, you always just want to have fun!Now they'll be suspicious!"
"Is that so bad? Why can't we have fun Tyra?Every other Teenager in the galaxy does!"
"You don't know that.There has to be some teenagers out there as miserable as us."
"I don't care, I want to have fun!" Louricia started to cry, she sank to the floor. Tyra went down with her.
"Calm down Lou," She tried to comfort her sister. "Why did you try and call him?"
"I...I don't know really, It was just an impulsive action. As if he was really our father.And I thought I could lie, pretend we were going on our mission, but have fun instead."
"You know that's impossible Lou, he has the power over us." Tyra said grimly. Louricia shuddered at the word, she didn't like the power, it hurt.
"I hate him Tyra, I hate that rat!"Louricia said in anger.
"So do I hun, but he's all we have, and he has the power."Tyra said grimly and stared at the floor.

"When can you begin your mission Bloodlust?" Asked Ravage.
"It's already begun." The bright red furred rat said in a deep voice.
"You work fast." Ravage said, he looked at the Bloodlust who sharpened a knife while he talked. It appeared to be a saber of some sort. Extremely deadly, it almost sent shivers down Ravage's spine.
"Have to, with this prey." Bloodlust "You do know how difficult this is, I can't promise you trophy remains if that's what you want."
"I'll be happy if you'd brought me their remains in a peanut butter jar, as long as they were gone."
"Oh, they'll be gone all right. I've trained my apprentices well, they're such good little spies." Bloodlust laughed softly and continued sharpening his knife. Ravage smiled a little,Bloodlust was rumored to be a lunatic. He was a vagabond, feared and loathed by every race of alien, even the rats. He decided he liked this man.

"So are you two goin?" Vinnie asked Tyra and Louricia as they walked out of the school.Crowds of kids moved around the yard, waiting for buses or just talking. Fridays after school were always so much fun. The release of freedom was intoxicating, everyone was excited.
"We need to ask our father." Tyra said.
"Didn't Louricia get a hold of him at lunch?" Vinnie asked.
"He was in a meeting." Louricia said in an almost annoyed tone as she stared at the ground.
"He'll probably let us go." Tyra said.Louricia looked at her and beamed, Tyra didn't make an expression.
"Great, we'll keep an eye out for ya." Rider said
"Thanks." Tyra said and grinned.
Reve smiled at her new friends, she really liked those two ,they were really nice. She then looked over at Tank.
"How bout you Tank?" Reve asked.
"Dunno." Tank said.
No one said anything for about a minute.
"Why not?" Reve asked.
"I just don't know if I really want to, I could do something else that I might like more." Tank said.
Oooooh, I can't believe him! I've been flirting with him for months and he still isn't catching on. That's it! Reve grabbed the lapels of Tanks jacket and pulled him close to her roughly. They were snout to snout with each other, Reve said "Take me to that show as your date, or else!"
"O.k. I was wondering when you were going to ask me." Tank said. Reve pulled him even closer.
"What?! Why didn't you ask me?" She demanded.
Tank thought for a minute "Well, you're always telling us that you don't need anyone to defend you in a fight. And You're always talking about how girls are just as equal as guys in mind, and physical power. So I figured you might get offended if me, being the guy, asked you , being the girl, on a date because you being equal and everything might want to do it yourself, and have that control or something. I don't know, sorry I didn't mean to make you mad."
Reve let go of Tank in shock and he fell on the ground. She was shocked he thought in that depth, and she was shocked he was even listening when she said all that stuff.
He picked himself off the ground and smiled at her.
"Do you want me to pick you up at seven, or shall you get me?" he asked.
"You come get me, it's more traditional."Reve said.
"Whatever." Tank said and got on his bike. The group was all ready to leave except Louricia and Tyra.
"Where are your bikes?" Spark asked.
"Our .. bikes?" Louricia asked uneasily.
"They're at home, Dad was nervous to let us ride them in a strange town, he says we have to get used to the routes." Tyra said, Louricia sighed with relief.
"Maybe I.. er we could show you around sometime." Rider said. Reve smiled, Now that my love life is settled I can work on Rider's.
"I'd like that." Tyra smiled warmly at him. Everyone noticed it.
"Ummmm.. you need a ride home?" Rider asked, he was starting to get uneasy now that Tyra was noticing him noticing her.
"Nah, we're gonna walk, take some of this town's sites in, thanks." Tyra turned and started walk briskly.
"Bye everyone, see ya tonight!" Louricia shouted behind her as she caught up with her sister.The loud roar of Motorcycles could be heard fading into the distance as Tyra and Louricia rounded the corner of the school and into the alley. They walked silently down into it's depths, where even in the day it was unusually dark. Tyra looked around. A hand fell on her shoulder, she jumped in surprise.
"Did you get any information on the Biker Mice?" A deep voice asked.
"Yes Master." Tyra said.
"Who shall we be slaughtering tonight?" Asked the rat. Bloodlust laughed menacingly, Tyra and Louricia made no expression.

Continued in Part II