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*********Forever Bros*********

Part 2

By Falcon & Red

As you recall our heros had met their matches, and had survived the haunted lodge. The hotel is another matter entirely....

"Oh, almost forgot these," Red doubled back to get her new, clean, clothes.

Taking their cues from Red, Falcon and Charlie grabbed their new clothes and ran off for the bathrooms.

Modo was on his third shampooing when he heard Red come into their bathroom, closing the door behind her. He finished rinsing and stepped out of the shower to make room for Red.

"Hey, baby you smell great," Red sniffed at Modo, grinning she started to put her arms around his waist when he took two steps back from her.

"What is it? You're clean," Red pouted.

"Yes, my dear I am, you however are not." Modo pointed out, grinning at her.

"Fine," Red pulled her t-shirt off over her head and got a nose full of her own scent, "Oh my God, Out, Out, I smell worse then I thought, I need a shower, NOW." She pushed Modo out of the bathroom.

"Ah, babe, what am I supposed to wear, this towel?" Modo stood his ground for half a second, waiting for an answer.

"Oh, your new clothes are out in the other room, with the others." Red stated as she drowned herself in shampoo.

"I'm almost afraid to see what they bought us to wear," Modo said to himself.

Throttle was drying off when Falcon came in the room, admiring the view.

"Babe, you sure do clean up nice," Falcon walked over to him and patted his behind.

"Yeah, well lets see how well you clean up," Throttle said as he turned around, bent at the waist and picking her up walked back into the bathroom, setting her down in front of the shower he started undressing her. He threw her dirty clothes in the corner, to be burned later. Turning the water back on he pushed her into the shower.

"I take this as a hint," Falcon sent into Throttle's head.

"Yes," he said, as he poured shampoo into her hand and closed the shower door.

"I love you too," Falcon stated, "By the way, your clothes are out in the other room, I hope you like them."

Vinnie was busy admiring himself in the mirror when Charlie walked in on him, he blushed when he realized she was standing there.

"Hey sweetheart, I left you some hot water." He leaned over kissed her on the nose and pushed her in the direction of the shower.

"Boy, you'd think we all stink or something," Charlie called from under the water. "It's not like we've been stuck on a mountain or something." She leaned out and looking at the face Vinnie gave her, she went back to cleaning herself.

"Where are my clothes?" Vinnie asked.

"Oh, out there." Charlie pointed out to the other room.

The guys had found their clothes. It wasn't real hard to figure out who's was who's.

"Hey look, they remembered to put holes in the pants for our tails." Vinnie held up his new pants, one finger through a well placed tail hole, wiggling.

"Well duh Vin, it's not like the girls don't know that we have them." Throttle snapped a wet towel in Vinnie's direction.

Modo was checking himself out in a floor length mirror. The new dark forest green poet shirt fit perfect, and the big bell sleeves covered his bionic arm. The black levis were just the right size, tight but not too tight. He was sure Red had planed it that way, she liked to pat his butt. He sat down in a chair and finished pulling on his new engineer boots, all bright and shiny. He had to admit Red had good taste in what would look good on him. He looked over at Vinnie who was just pulling on his new white high tops.

"Hey Vin, nice shoes, Nike Airs right?" Modo asked, sitting back and waiting for the girls to make their entrances.

"Yeah, but it's weird, how did the girls know I wanted a pair of these." Vinnie stood up and walked around in his new tenny-runners. The red muscle shirt outlined every line of his tight body. And the white peg-leg jeans fit just right. He was very full of himself right then. He strutted around like he was cock of the walk.

"You are too much Vincent," Throttle called from the other side of the table he and Modo sat at.

Throttle couldn't decide if he should wear the black bib front western shirt with the bib open or closed. Oh well Falcon would let him know which she liked better. He was sure it was her fault he was sitting there in tight black jeans and black cowboy boots. He got up to move Vinnie from in front of the mirror so he could see how he looked. Well, if Falcon liked this look he supposed he could get used to it. He'd never tell his bros but he thought he looked pretty good in western wear; at least it was black.

"Any ideas on how long the girls will be? I'm getting hungry." Vinnie pouted from the couch.

"Your guess is as good as mine, Vin." Throttle said as he sat back down, looking through the catalogs the girls had left out.

Modo was going through the Victoria Secrets catalog when he came across some little number that caught his eye, he pushed the book over at Throttle for him to see.

"Hubba, hubba, nice legs." Throttle made a motion with his hand. "Wonder if it comes in Falcon's size?"

Modo took back his book and continued perusing the pages for sexy things the girls could wear, when there was a noise from behind him.

"Ahem," Red cleared her throat to get their attention. She was leaning against the door jam. Modo thought his eye was going to fall out, he was sure he was drooling. He walked over to her, looking her up and down as he did.

"Babe, you could make a dead man walk." Modo stated as he turned her around to see the whole picture she presented.

Red had on a bondage collar, from it's middle loop ran the straps that held up her dress, the bodice of the dress was open in a keyhole design, exposing half of each breast. The skin tight dress reached to mid thigh but was slit up the side all the way to her hip. Under this she wore a black garter belt, with shear black stockings, seams up the back. Her knee high black lace up patent leather stiletto platform 6" heels finished the picture of seduction in black. Red was dressed to kill and Modo was very willing to die for a piece of what she offered.

"Figures!" Falcon sent to the mice while she signed to Red, "You always manage to up stage me."

Throttle had turned at the sound of Falcon's thought and had about fallen out of the chair when he did. He just sat there trying to find his voice, and taking in those legs that went all the way up to the heavens.

Falcon's black dress also skin tight but instead of being open in the bodice it had cut outs on the top of both shoulders. The mock turtle neck dress ran down to just below her hips. There was a few inches of skin showing, then the thigh high boots took over from there and ran down to 5" heels, making her look very tall and sexy.

"Well what do you think?" Falcon sent into Throttle's over heating brain.

"I think I'm not hungry for food any more. I think like it very much." Throttle got up and walked over to her, taking her around the waist.

"Okay, where's Charlie?" Vinnie asked, if these two looked this good what did his lady look like. And would he be able to stop himself from drooling in front of his bros.

"Charlie, are you ready yet?" Red called.

"I am not coming out, Vinnie will tease me." Charlie called from the other side of the door, pouting.

"He will not or we'll kill him," Modo called back, giving Vinnie a look that could freeze molten metal.

"What, I promise I won't tease." Vinnie defended.

"Charlie, come on we're all hungry. Vinnie will love it, he promises." Red moved to open the door with Falcon right behind her to help motivate Charlie.

The girls disappeared for a minute, when the door reopened Charlie stood there.

Three jaws hit the floor, Charlie was beautiful. She was decked out like a china doll, in a Mandarin style red and black dress that came down to her ankles but was slit all the way up to her thigh. Little red 3" heels and her hair in a French twist.

Vinnie did a double take and then walked over to Charlie to check her out more closely.

"You are not going out looking like that." Vinnie stated flatly.

"See I told you he'd hate it." Charlie started to cry.

"No babe that ain't it at all, I don't want to lose you to someone else. I think you're beautiful." Vinnie wiped the tears away from her green eyes.

Modo and Throttle both nodded their consent.

"Are we going to stand here all night, or are we getting something to eat? I'm staving." Red stated as she opened the door to their suite. Modo ran after her.

"Shall we," Throttle presented Falcon his arm to hold. She took it and they waited for Vinnie and Charlie.

In the elevator the girls checked out their mice.

"I think you look great," Red stated patting Modo's behind and running her hand down the back of his leg.

"I agree, you do look good in black, babe" Falcon seconded, sending naughty little thoughts into Throttle's mind.

"Yeah you look real nice Vinnie, it's nice to see all of you in something other then the clothes you crash landed in." Charlie add, grinning at the three mice. She was feeling very pretty right then, and just a little feisty.

Down in the restaurant they where the only customers. Their maitre'd seated them at one big table and asked.

"Would you like to see our wine list?"

Red took it from him and ordered a bottle of wine for all of them, a very expensive bottle of wine. The maitre'd nodded his approval and left them to peruse their menus.

"Hey, whats with this stuff, no hot dogs, no root beer," Vinnie mused from his place.

"No Vincent, this is a very nice restaurant. Tell you what maybe I should order for all of us." Red stated taking Modo's menu from him and stacking them all together. She winked at Falcon, who grinned.

"Okay Babe, but no funny food like frogs legs or something." Modo added.

When the waiter came over he looked to Red for her order first. "Yes and what will the lady be having?" he asked.

"The gentlemen will be having the big cut of prime rib, with baked potatoes. The ladies will have the smaller cut of prime rib, also with baked potatoes. We will also need a large salad and bread sticks."

"Yes ma'am and will there be anything else." the waiter asked, pleased with the tip he saw coming from this order.

"No, but don't go to far, we might think of something else," Red waved her hand at him to leave.

After the waiter had left them alone again Throttle leaned over and whispered in Falcon's ear, "What does she do for a living anyway?" Falcon thought for a minute how to describe what Red did without making a fight break out.

"She's a problem solver, sorta." Falcon sent back. hoping no one would ask more. How else could she describe what her friend did. Mercenary isn't something one puts on their resume.

The waiter brought their salad and bread sticks. The girls took their's and started eating when Charlie noticed that the guys weren't touching their's.

"What's wrong fellows? Don't you like salad?" She asked.

"Don't know Charlie girl, never had it before." Throttle poked at his, checking for something.

"You mean to tell me they don't grow lettuce on Mars?" Red piped up, elbowing Modo for an answer.

"Well sure we did, but we feed it to the farm animals. We didn't really eat it." Modo pushed his around on his plate.

"Well if you never tried it how do you know you don't like it." Charlie countered, biting into a tomato.

The other two stared at Throttle, who, stabbing a piece of this lettuce stuff, checked it from top to bottom, then put it in his mouth and chewed. Smiling.

"Hey this ain't bad bros, try it." Throttle stated taking another fork full.

Modo looked at Vinnie, Vinnie looked at Modo. They tried it. They nodded at each other.

"Not bad," Vinnie said, his mouth full.

The girls just giggled at their mice. Teaching them new things was going to be fun.

After the waiter had takin their salad plates away, they were all feeling a little better, having put some food in their stomachs. Red decided it was time to have a little fun while they waited for their prime rib.

Red took a bread stick out of the basket and starting at the bottom licked it all the way up. Modo who had been talking to Throttle about what they would do when they got back to Chicago noticed Vinnie's face. He turned to see what Red was doing and about fell over. Cringing he took the bread stick away from her and using it as a pointer he stated.

"Now they'll be none of that young lady."

Red looked at him, then bit the end off the bread stick and sat there chewing quietly while the others tried not to bust a gut.

Throttle looked over at Falcon, who was licking her lips at him. "Don't you even start, you." he lowered his shades at her.

"Who me?" She sent back, ever so innocently. And licked her lips again, making him wince. "I'll get you later." He stated.

"Promise." She batted her eyes at him.

Vinnie was busy staring at Charlie, and not paying anymore attention to his friends. He was hit in the head with a piece of bread stick.

Modo sat quietly across from him, smiling.

"Oh no you three don't. No food fights." Charlie put her hand on Vinnie's to stop the retaliation.

The waiter arrived with their food.

The guys took one look at their food and approved. It was a meal fit for mice. Before them sat a big juicy slab of prime rib, medium rare, a fat baked potato steaming, covered in sour cream and chives, and some vegetable they didn't recognize.

"Way cool choice Red, this looks great." Vinnie said as he dug right in, not waiting on anyone.

"Yeah this is terrific." Throttle stated, cutting into his prime rib.

"You can order for me anytime, babe," Modo leaned over and kissed Red's cheek.

"Why thank you boys, I thought you would like it." Red loved it.

They ate in relative silence, till Vinnie burped and everyone laughed.

"It's okay Vinnie, that just means you're happy." Falcon sent.

The waiter came back to retrieve their plates and ask if they wanted any dessert.

"No, maybe we'll order some later." Red informed him.

Then the sounds of music made there way to her ears,

"Excuse me, what is that?" Red asked the waiter.

"Oh that's coming from the lounge, we have a band." he answered her.

"Oh, Red could we?" Falcon signed at her, her eyes pleading her case for her.

"Why not." Red said as she pushed her chair back. "Come on kids, we're going dancing."

Modo held back a little, not sure how to tell Red he couldn't dance.

Everyone headed for the lounge, Falcon leading the way. She was happy to have music around her again. Throttle laughed at her, she was like a kid in a candy store.

Charlie held on to Vinnie's arm, making him walk slower than normal. She was not letting him go to crazy tonight, they wanted this place to stay standing after all.

Modo hung back waiting for the others to leave.

"Ah, Red honey, I got something to tell you...I ah..I. can't dance." He hung his head waiting.

"You can't dance? But babe...." Red thought a minute then an idea came to her.

"Modo, you know that stuff we do laying down?" he nodded his head, "Well dancing is a lot like that, only you do it standing up." She smiled at him reassuringly.

"Babe, you got to be kidding me. You want us to... out there." Modo looked at like she was crazy.

"No, silly I mean all the stuff that we do up to that point." She took him by the hand, "I'll show you." She lead the way out to the dance floor.

Falcon was over at the band stand writing down requests while Throttle waited out in the middle of the floor.

Falcon walked up to Throttle just as the band started a nice slow song. He ran his hand around her waist, taking her in his arms they danced very close for the rest of the song.

Vinnie walked out to the dance floor with Charlie in tow. He spun Charlie around and taking her in his arms slow danced, holding her close. Charlie was amazed, he could be so charming when he wanted to.

Red led Modo out on to the floor, moving up close to him, she wrapped his arms around her and started rubbing up and down his body. At some point she leaned out away from him and he drew her back in to him. This wasn't as hard as it looked. Modo started to let the music move him.

They spent the rest of the night dancing with each other, nice and slow.

Around 12:00 am the Manager of the ski resort came into the lounge looking for Red. He didn't want to upset any of his few guests but the band wanted to go to bed. How was he going to politely ask them if they wouldn't mind letting them close up. He watched as his guests danced, he wasn't real sure about the... gentlemen in the group, he was sure he didn't want to meet them in a dark alley any time soon. He walked up to Red and gently tapped on her shoulder.

"Ah, excuse me Miss, but..."

Red turned on him, "Yes!?"

The Manager cleared his throat, "Ah, Miss, the band would like to close up for the night." He stood his ground, shaking.

"Yes, well I guess it is late. We will get our friends and retire to our rooms. Thank you." Red took Modo by the hand and led the way to Throttle and Falcon.

"Hey guys," Red tapped her friend. "They want us to clear out, so they can close up,"

Falcon nodded and put her arm through Throttle's and headed toward the doors.

Red walked over to Vinnie and Charlie next, "Hey kiddies time to scoot," Red took Modo's hand and headed for the elevator.

At the elevator they all waited.

Up in their suite they paired off, heading to their rooms.

In Vinnie and Charlie's room, Charlie ducked into the bathroom to change.

"Hey sweetheart, what'ya doing in there?" Vinnie asked as he turned down the sheets on their big king sized bed.

"You'll see, just give me five minutes," Charlie called back, trying to figure out how this thing went on. She wasn't use to sexy little silky things. She was a t-shirt to bed type person.

Vinnie looked around for something to do until Charlie came out. That's when he noticed the candles and champagne sitting on the little table.

"Well, well, what have we here?" Vinnie poured the champagne into the glasses and lit the candles, taking them over to the nightstands. He placed one candle on each nightstand, setting the classes down, he sat on the edge of the bed pulling his Nike's off. He was just tossing the shoes into the corner when he heard the bathroom door open.

Charlie stood there, looking like she just stepped out of a romantic novel. She wore a lite blue baby doll nighty with little lace flowers splashed all over it.

"Well what do you think?" She asked, a timid smile on her face. Looking through her long eyelashes, she gave him her best demure look.

"Wow," Vinnie had to find where his voice had gone. He swallowed hard and holding his hand out, motioned for her to come to him.

She stepped up to him, waiting. He just stared at her for awhile.

"You look more beautiful then I thought possible," Vinnie reached up to cup her face in his hands. "Gods above are you really mine?"

"I love you Vinnie," Charlie bent down and kissed him softly.

Vinnie patted the bed next to him, "Sit down, please."

He handed her a glass of champagne, taking the other he purposed a toast.

"To us," tapping glasses they drank.

Vinnie took Charlie's glass and placed them both back on the nightstand. Turning back to Charlie he ran his hand through her hair, pulling her close he kissed her, laying back on the bed.

Red left Modo to pour their champagne, and lite their candles.

Red was busy lacing up her black and red leather merry widow corset, when she heard Metallica's Black Album start playing in the stereo. Grinning like a mad woman at his choice in music, Red put on the finishing touches to her outfit, a bondage bracelet on each wrist, and a dab of Opium perfume between her breasts. Looking at herself in the mirror, she thought, "Hope he approves,"

When Red stepped out of their bathroom she expected to find the candles burning on the night stands and Champagne being poured by her mouse lover.

What she didn't expect was pitch blackness and heavy metal music, well yeah heavy metal put not at the volume it was at. Not as loud as a concert but not soft enough to sleep by either. More like loud enough to cover voices raised in the heat of passion.

"What is he doing?" she thought to herself as she tried to find Modo in the dark.

"Don't move" came a commanding voice behind her. She froze, not sure what he was up to, but more than willing to play the game he his way.

Slowly she felt his hands reaching up to her face, then she felt the blindfold going around her eyes; as he tied it he told her, "You are mine tonight my lady. You will do what ever I tell you to and you will not speak unless I say. Nod if you understand."

Red nodded, and grinned like a cat in heat.

Modo led her over to the bed where he laid her not on her back like she thought he would, but rather, he had arranged the pillows so laying on her stomach her nice round ass would be up in the air, as if she were on all fours but this way she was in even less control of what happened.

Modo made sure she was comfortable and could breath okay, then he went to the end of the bed.

Red wasn't sure what to make of this. This was a totally different side of her big strong quiet mouse. She was getting hot just thinking about what he might do to her.

Red felt Modo take her right foot in his hands, he was doing something to her ankle; by the time she realized that he was tying her to the end of the bed it was to late.

Earlier he had taken some rope he'd brought along and made loops around the legs of the bed. To this he would tie the bandannas from Red's ankles.

He repeated this with her other ankle, then moved to her wrists. Finding her bondage bracelets he secured them to the loops at the head of the bed.

Now that she was secured to the bed Modo knelt down next to the bed to lite the candles he had there.

"I want you to know the rules of this game my lady." he moved her hair from her face but did not remove the blindfold.

"First; I am in charge tonight. What ever I tell you to do you will do without question. Second; I do not want to hurt you. I will give you a word, if you say this word at anytime I will stop. Agreed, you may answer now." Modo waited while Red decided if she was up to this. He didn't have long to wait.

"Yes," she said, then thought a minute "Master," she grinned at him, or at least in his direction. She was getting hotter by the minute.

Modo took a deep breath when he heard her call him, 'master,' then he regained himself.

"All right then, the one and only word that will bring this to a stop will be...." he paused, he had thought about this for a long time. The one word that would stop him dead in his tracks was: "The word is 'Blade'. If you say that I will stop, do you understand?" If his bros ever found out that he had told her his last name they would kill him. The Freedom Fighter's code strictly forbid anyone from ever telling another your last name.

Red played the word over in her head a minute then answered, "I understand, Master."

Red could feel Modo run his hand over her body, down her leg and up the other side. Then he was gone. She tried to look around, but the blindfold wouldn't allow it.

Modo made a noise to her left and she turned trying to figure out what he was up to. When he saw her turn he laughed. This was going to be great.

While she waited Modo talked to her.

"I know what you need, My Lady, you need to be screwed. You need long slow screwing till you cry out, and then you need more, till you can't cry out anymore." Modo felt this was weird but if he just let himself go he could really enjoy this.

Red was getting hotter and wetter with each word he spoke, in that wonderful deep baritone of his. Then she felt something brush up her leg. It started at her toes and slowly moved up the outside of her body. It didn't tickle, it sent shivers up her spine.

Modo moved the feather up one side of her body and across her shoulders, down the other side. Then he removed it and left her lay there, waiting.

Without warning Red felt something snap on her bared bottom. The shock made her jump, as much as her bonds would let her. When she tested them, she found she couldn't move much. She could move her hips side to side but that was about it.

The snap came again but this time she felt it draw a line down her leg and she realized it was his tail he was using like a whip.

"Nice," he purred in her ear "We're getting warmer, a little more and you should be nice and hot."

When the snap didn't come again like she thought it should she whimpered.

"What's the matter? Do you want more?" Modo asked snapping his tail across both buns at once. Three more quick snaps and he ran his hand over her bare bottom to see how she was doing.

"Oh, you do like this. You're so hot." He moved away again and Red wondered what could be next.

Modo ran his real hand up to her bottom making little circles while he did. Then he reached down and ran a finger under to her bush. Moving it just inside he ran it up and down a few times checking for wetness.

"Oh sweet honey, you are such a wanton bitch, a few cracks across the ass and look how wet you get." Modo moved slowly at first working his fingers into her folds, pulling back and going in again.

He climbed up on the bed from behind her, spreading her cheeks he blew on her pussy and watched as it bloomed to a nice hot pink, her wetness dripping out of her warmth.

"Well now we can't have you wasting all that warm honey, can we?" and he moved to lick it up.

Red went mad when his tongue touched her clit, "Oh Gods, Please?" she cried out, not meaning to.

"Oh, did we speak without permission? We just don't know our place, do we?" Modo got up from the bed and walked away from her. He could hear her whimpering for his return.

When he did she felt him move her lower lips with his real fingers. Suddenly she felt cold.

Modo moved the ice cubes up inside of her. Then holding them there with his metal hand he slapped her bare bottom with his real one, till it was a bright shade of red and the ice cubes were almost melted.

"Now are we going to speak without permission again?" Modo asked, Red shook her head 'no'.

"Good girl, but now that your pussy is cold from that ice, now I have to wait till you're warm again, I hate waiting. In fact, I think a penalty is in order."

Red was going crazy, she had to be, because she had never ever dreamed that her sweet mouse could ever do these things to her. Worse, she really liked not being in control. She felt him move up on to the bed again and waited to see what was next. Gods but she wanted him to warm her pussy, it was wet, cold, and throbbing.

When he touched her again, it was to untie her, flip her onto her back, and retie her firmly. She felt his metal fingers smearing something foamy on her pubic area, and she smelled soap. She almost spoke when she heard him say, "Do you really trust me?"

Red lay stock still in her restraints, and finally replied, "Yes...." waiting for him to give some indication of his approval or disapproval.

"Don't move a muscle," he commanded, and she felt the cold of metal that was nothing like his hand. It felt like a knife, or...she made the connection. It was her straight razor from the bathroom. She held absolutely rigid a moment, not even breathing, then gave up, trusting him beyond the bounds of anything she had dreamed possible.

Ever so carefully Modo applied the razor to her flesh, mindful of every curve. He wiped the blade off on the towel. Slowly making his way to bare flesh.

After he was all done he fetched a warm wet washrag from the bathroom and gently clean her. "Now then..." and with that he blew across her exposed parts. Red whimpered in exquisite torture, trying to writhe under his attentions. She squirmed, crying out his name.

"It seems my bitch can't learn her place," he sounded more pleased than not, but she waited expectantly, and was rewarded, or rather, chastised by a sharp pinch on her left nipple. She panted, but kept silent, small whimpers her only sound.

Modo, a small grin on his face, decided to deliver... just a little.

He climbed up onto the bed between her long legs. The instant his manhood came in contact with her opening Red tried to push her hips at him, but the restraints wouldn't allow it. Modo waited for half a second then slammed home, filling her to the hilt in one swift move.

Red's mind exploded with an overload of pleasure.

Modo went into high gear, pounding into her and withdrawing like a freight train running down hill.

Then just before her release he stopped....eliciting a cry of dismay from her.

Modo climbed off the bed and went to retrieve his drink.

Red was insane, she wanted him back inside her, she just needed more, her mind screamed, 'MORE'.

Modo was drinking when he realized Red was trying to rub herself on the pillows. He went over to her and asked.

"Is there something you need my dear?" he purred.

"Please, please, more, please," she was in tears now, begging for him.

"Have you been a good girl?" he asked as he ran his hand over her breasts and down to her wetness.

"Yes, please master" she pleaded with him to finish what he had started.

"Well I suppose," he moved up behind her again.

The second his hot solid flesh kissed her outer lips, she lost her mind. She spasmed over and over again. rocked by the longest, hardest orgasm of her life, and he wasn't done yet.

Modo moved in her again and again till he felt he could take no more. One long stroke and she heard him moaning her name.

"Oh my sweet Red, I love you"

They collapsed in a heap till Modo reached around with his tail and untied her. Removing the blindfold he tucked her up under his arm.

They slept for a while, when they woke red had a question for Modo.

"Modo where the hell did that come from?" she asked.

Modo looked sheepishly at her and said.

"I read it in a magazine I found in the bathroom." He kissed her softly, then Red pushed away a bit.

"Do me a favor?" she started "Take that magazine with us when we leave." She curled up to him and they went back to sleep.

"Red, I love you."

"I know."

Throttle was waiting, more or less patiently, for Falcon to pry herself out of the bathroom, listening to the assorted thumps and giggles. He was mildly startled when the music came pulsing fairly loud from Modo and Red's room, but grinned and blew it off with a shake of his head.

Falcon cracked open the bathroom door and peeked out, her eyes dazzled by the light from dozens of candles all over every flat surface. Throttle was nowhere to be seen, as he was hiding behind the door, watching her.

She wore a teal and black satin corset with matching thong, garter belt, and black sheer stockings. On her feet were black satin mules, and her hair was done up in a loose French twist. She felt her hair self consciously, and looked uncertain.

A long, low whistle came from behind the door, and she jumped, her hands going over her heart.

"Oh, don't cover those up, beautiful." he purred, coming out from behind the door to take her hands in his. He held them out at her sides and stared at her a long moment.

"Lovely." he murmured, and she had the good grace to blush. Throttle twirled her briefly, taking in the total package, then led her to the bed, gallantly seating her on the edge.

"Champagne, my lady?" he asked, giving her a bow. She nodded, refusing for the moment to speak into his head.

"As you wish." he responded fetching two crystal flutes of amber bubbles from the nightstand and handing one to her.

She received it graciously, her long legs crossed primly, and looked up sweetly into his eyes, which were unprotected by shades.

"A toast, my lord," she finally projected into his mind, "to friends, and lovers, may they ever be entwined,"

"Indeed." he tossed back his drink and set down the empty glass.

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" he asked gently, going to one knee in front of her.

She shook her head and asked, "Tell me again."

"More than hot dogs and root beer." he tried to hold it, but the guffaw escaped anyway. Falcon grinned and slapped him, and he caught her hand bringing it to his mouth. Ever so gently, he teased the inside of her wrist with teeth and tongue, his eyes never leaving hers.

Falcon caught her breath in a gasp, biting her lip.

"You don't play fair," she sent, and he stopped long enough to reply, "Nope. I play to win." He winked, and resumed his close inspection of her inner arm. By the time he reached her shoulder, she was leaning into his advances, her other hand curled around the back of his neck.

With no warning, he broke off and moved away from her. Voicing a small noise of discontent in his mind, she watched with curious eyes as he produced from somewhere a buck knife, apparently procured by Red to go with his cowboy duds.

He snapped the blade open one handed and held it in front of her, then, without taking his gaze from hers, he slit the left shoulder strap, then the right.

"Trust me?" he asked her in a voice like black velvet.

"Always," she responded, standing in front of him with her hands laced behind her head. A slow, nasty grin spread across his face as he wrapped his tail around her hips and took the corset lacings in his teeth. Briefly, the knife blade rested against the warm flesh of her breast; she jumped and quivered. He moved the blade to the knotted silk cord lacing her corset, the sharp steel slipping as easily thru it as it would have thru water.

"Beautiful," he sighed as the corset fell from her body to a heap on the floor, leaving her only in the thong, garters, and stockings.

He left her sight as he moved behind her, and she felt the cold of the steel as he pressed the flat of it against her belly, reaching around. He closed the knife and tossed it on the floor, then she heard the sound of cloth rustling and knew he was removing his clothes. She shivered again, her skin brushed with goose bumps.

Naked, he pressed against her from behind, his hands cupping her breasts, his mouth hot against her shoulder, then, like quicksilver, he was gone. Before she knew what was going on, he was in front of her, mouth on hers, his tongue twined with hers, his body fitting perfectly with hers.

All she could do was hold onto him, her insides and knees turned to water as he bent his head to delicately tease her nipples. He knelt before her again, his admiration for her never more evident. His hands slid down her body to rest on her hips, and she tried to help him by removing her G-string, but he stopped her with a word, "No,"

His arms went around her hips, his face pressed to her belly, then, catching her unawares, he bent a bit lower and teased, licking her thru the silk of the panties. She groaned at the new, hot sensations coursing thru her as he shifted her legs a bit more apart and continued to tongue her thru the material, his fingers holding her hips in a grip of iron to prevent her from moving and alleviating the intense pressure building in her body.

"Oh, sweet mother...Cody..." she gasped into his thoughts, and he doubled his efforts, finally just pulling the crotch panel aside to reach her. Her hands were in his hair, moving spasmodically, then pulling on his ears, his antennae, anything to get him to stand, which he finally did. She was gasping for breath, vibrating, and drenched with sweat, she had never responded like that in her life. It almost frightened her.

His mouth claimed hers again, and she flung herself at him, trying to devour him with her kiss.

Leading her, he sat on a padded ottoman, turned her away from him and pulled her down, his teeth nipped at her neck and shoulders. His arms went around her, one hand caressing her breasts, the other dropped to her slit, sliding slowly up and down in the warm wetness there.

Falcon's head fell back to his shoulder, and his teeth grazed her flesh along the strong neck pulse.

"Please..." she begged silently, her hands going up to his face as she turned hers toward him. She felt his erection against her rump and back, and squirmed back into it.

"Slow down, beautiful. We have all night," he husked, then went back to what he had been doing. She writhed against his hands, panting, until he bit the back of her neck. She went berserk, twisting and rocking on his hand, surpassing him.

Throttle freed his hands and lifted her back and up, impaling her on his organ. She cried out, flung her legs to the outsides of his and rocked, incidentally rocking his world in the process. He tried to slow the pace, but Falcon would not be denied, and took him along with her, shredding every ounce of his control.

A howl came from some where, and Throttle didn't even recognize his own voice. His hands clenched on her breasts and she added her mental scream to his as she came off, moments before he did, his teeth inadvertently closing on her shoulder. She arched back into him, all her muscles bunching.

Both of them staying locked in position for a few moments, then Throttle swung Falcon up, and around, disengaging and settled her across his lap. Her head rested on his shoulder as she loosely flung her arms around his neck.

"Sorry about the bite, Pris." he apologized, kissing her softly, his arms tight around her body.

"Baby, if a little chomp is the price to pay for that kind of ride, I'll gladly ante up," she gasped in her musical mental voice, too wrung out to take umbrage at his use of her despised real name or the fact that her g-string was still yanked to one side and chafing.

After a few moments of gentle murmuring and kissing, they got up and, giggling like teenagers, headed to the bathroom to clean up.

As the metal music from Modo and Red's room finally shut down, everyone noticed a high, annoying siren-like tone emanating from the main room. Vinnie poked his head out of their room, saw no-one, and disappeared again, just scant seconds before Modo blinked an eye totally unadjusted to light thru the crack he opened their door. As Modo shut the door, Throttle opened his and Falcon's, then shut it again to grab up a towel and dry off. Had there been anyone else in the main room, a Martin and Lewis movie may have come to mind. As it was, eventually everyone converged at the big, overstuffed couches wearing whatever came to hand. Falcon raised an eyebrow at Red wrapped in Modo's ridiculously huge poet shirt, which looked like a dress on her.

"Nice fashion statement, Girlfriend," she mocked, a grin taking the sting from the words she signed.

The phone on the T.V. table began demanding attention, and Throttle picked it up. It was a recorded message; "Please proceed to the lobby at once. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but this hotel is now under an emergency advisory. Please proceed to..."

Throttle hung up, shrugged, and said, "I guess we proceed to the lobby immediately. I suggest we grab some clothes, tho'."

Within three minutes, all six individuals were at least mostly clothed and out the door to the suites, heading for the elevators. Once there, another recorded message tinned out of a speaker, "Patrons: please be advised the elevator is not in service due to the current emergency. Please use the stairs located at the end of the hallway to the left of this elevator. Patr..."

Dutifully, if a bit dully at this point, our heroes clomped down the corridor to the stairway door. By the time they reached the lobby, the night manager saw the looks on their faces and cringed, then hustled over and began a hurried but heartfelt apology.

"I am so sorry for this, but the storm's knocked out main power, we're running on generators, and the alarm's hardwired to the main. There's no cause for concern, but we have to follow procedure, which states any alarm must be thoroughly investigated. If you'll have a seat in the lounge, we will be happy to serve complimentary drinks until we can clear your wing and allow you to return to your rooms," he looked hopefully at Red, slightly out of breath from his spiel, and gestured in a sweeping motion toward the lounge door.

With a more than slightly annoyed glare, Red demanded with some asperity, "Exactly how long are we talking about?"

"Please, ma'am, as soon as possible. I don't have an exact time frame..."

Red cut him off at the knees, "One hour. Any longer and this night had better be comp. " she wheeled around and walked in a stilted manner for the lounge.

Once in the lounge they secured the couches over by the fireplace. Everyone else taking seats while Red paced back and forth, trying to find some place to lean, and finally settling on leaning forward over the arm of the couch nearest Modo.

Falcon, noticing friend's strange behavior, signed, "What's up, you okay?"

Red took a minute to shake her head and reply in sign, "Don't ask, and I won't have to kill you," she grimaced to add meaning.

Falcon shook her head, replying, "Okay, I won't," and went back to massaging Throttle's shoulders.

A waitress appeared to take their orders. "Can I get you something from the bar?" she asked, flirtatiously.

Red ordered for everyone, "Coffee, double strong, double sweet," and waved a hand at her to leave.

They were on their third round when the manager came discreetly up to them. "Your rooms have been cleared, and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you." and he started to walk away when Red demanded, "Excuse me but what did they find?"

"Oh, it was nothing," he replied.

They all proceeded to the elevators and back up to their suites. Back inside they said good night to each other, again.

Throttle held the door open for Falcon as they reentered their suite. After he closed it, he reached out and pulled her to him, nuzzling.

"You know, lovely lady, our earlier encounter didn't play out exactly as I planned." he murmured in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

"I figured. It went the way I planned it," she dimpled up at him.

"Minx. Tired?" he responded, his warm hands gentling up and down her arms.

"Not at all."

"Good," he scooped her up into his arms and carried her to the bed, setting her down and helping her out her hastily thrown on clothes. She looked up at him quizzically as he handed her another glass of bubbly.

"We're starting over." he said smoothly, and slipped off his shirt, leaving on the black jeans. "And this time, we'll dance to a different tune."

Falcon stared up at him, smiling, and drank her champagne, allowing him to set the pace.

Throttle took her empty glass and set it aside, then nudged her over on her belly, beginning a soft, slow body massage that started at her neck and went to her toes, then back, over and over. She surrendered so completely to his caresses that time ceased to exist, her world narrowed to encompass only his powerful, gentle hands and the sensations they gave her.

Eventually, his stroking of her flesh became more vigorous, his fingers pressing into her firm flesh in a provocative manner, nearer and nearer the juncture between her thighs, and the sides of her breasts.

Somehow, without her noticing, he insinuated both his tail and his mouth into the equations. When she did notice, she squirmed, making little purring noises of contentment. Gently, he turned her over, beginning again on the front of her body, worshiping her with first just his hands, then everything else at his disposal.

When at last he stopped his ministrations, she was a molten puddle on the bed, her skin so alive and sensitive she swore she could feel dust motes hit her.

He leaned down with a sly smile and blew across her nips, enjoying the way she jumped and wiggled, then ever so softly trailed his tail up and down her legs, which she couldn't hold still, alternately displaying and hiding her charms from his amused gaze.

When he reached over to the ice bucket that held the champagne bottle, she expected a reprieve, a drink at least, but he merely selected a fairly large ice cube and popped it in his mouth. Holding it in his front teeth, he slid it sensuously over her over-stimulated skin, drawing an inarticulate sound from both her mind and her throat. Her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow but she made no move to hinder him. By the time the cube was gone, no part of her had escaped his notice, and he deemed her thus ready. Slowly he gathered her up, and facing her this time, straddled her over his legs, teasing her with hard flesh, exquisitely slow. She tried again, to push him into over drive, but he held her, with arms and tail, to the sweet, slow torture.

Her arms twined around his neck, her face buried in the crook of his neck and shoulder, and she sobbed out curses, her mental touch on his mind a throbbing counter point to their physical union.

Throttle shifted slightly, one hand relocating from around her hips to her breast and his head fell forward, nearer to hers. Unaware, his antennae brushed her head, and they both were shocked to stillness for an instant. Everything she felt, he felt, and vice versa. It was as if they both inhabited each other's bodies, as well as their own. The sensations they each felt were transferred, then doubled and re-doubled.

Shock and delight coursed thru them, and motion returned, both knowing exactly what to do and when to make the pleasure almost unbearable. They came almost simultaneously, collapsing back onto the bed in a quivering, sodden heap, breaking the connection.

"Great Good Gods. I never knew that could happen," he gasped when he could speak again, pulling Falcon's face to his for a long, drowsy kiss.

When she broke away from him, he was startled, and more so when she nudged him over onto his belly. She seated herself just above the base of his tail, her knees on either side of his hips, and set her hands to the back of his neck, under his longish hair. Gently but firmly kneading and stroking, she began soothing his always tense muscles.

He groaned in relief and pleasure then guiltily said, "Oh, you don't have to do that, babe," just before he groaned again, Falcon having found a particularly sore knot.

"I want to," she said leaning down and kissing his shoulder. She then proceeded to massage him into a state of drowsy euphoria, taking a body composed of hard, tense and corded muscle and returning it to flesh and blood. He was so relaxed, when she bodily rolled him to his back, he barely blinked, let alone tried to get frisky.

Falcon perched over his hips, working her way down from his chest to his feet, and when she didn't catch his little groans of pleasure, she had to look to make sure his eyes weren't rolled up in his head.

Her hands and wrists were seriously cramped when she desisted, but she counted the ends as justifying the means.

A wicked spark gleamed in her eyes as she moved with the same slow, deliberate pace up between his splayed thighs, and took his quiescent member between her lips, swallowing the whole of it into her mouth, as she could not were it erect. At first Throttle just lay there in a seeming semi-coma, an idiot grin plastered across his face, then what she was doing penetrated his cloud of contentment, and his hips began moving in time with her rhythmic sucking.

"Oh, damn, Falcon, that is so good..." he moaned, his hands trying to weave themselves into her hair, but she captured them in her own and continued to lave her attention on his engorging member, valiantly trying to keep taking as much as she could into her talented mouth and throat, even as he out grew her ability.

She kept the beat slow, teasing, swirling her tongue biting ever so softly with her teeth, nibbling the crown and, every so often, releasing him to tease his balls with her tongue, even sucking them gently into her mouth.

Throttle, his teeth clamped tight to keep from screaming and/or begging and losing his cool forever, thought he just might go mad with the feelings she was pulling out of him. When he couldn't stand it any more, he choked out, "Pris, I can't take it...I'm gonna..."

She stopped just long enough to mentally reply, "Let it go, love," and resumed her single minded purpose, to bring him off, hard, whether he planned it or not!

Falcon concentrated on relaxing her throat, and managed to pull most of him in. His hips spasmed, jerking, then went still as he blew, salt-sweet heat pouring down her throat.

She swallowed, feeling him diminish in her mouth, then licked him clean as he twitched, before crawling up his body to kiss him eagerly, which he reciprocated.

"Gods, I can barely move." he rasped, feeling like a bowl of jello, totally and completely spent and relaxed.

"Therapy, Cody. You were just way too tense." she thought to him, and he pulled himself together enough to wrap arms around her and kiss again.

"You're a hell of a doctor, lady," he purred.

After they said their good nights Modo led Red back into their room. Closing and locking the door behind him, Modo grabbed Red around the waist and nuzzled her neck.

"Hey babe, want to play another game?" he asked raising an eyebrow, luridly.

"Sure handsome, what did you have in that furry little mind of yours." She answered, a wicked gleam in her eyes.

"Well how about," he paused to scoop her up, "Pirate and the Wench?" he said, walking over to the bed.

"I'm game, but where will we get a dress big enough for you," she asked, dimpling up at him as he tossed her onto the bed.

Modo stopped dead for a minute while what she said sank in, then the tickling began.

Red had finally managed to get Modo to stop tickling her, she was sitting on him.

Getting a firm grip on his hands, she pinned them back over his head. This put her neck at the right level for him to lick. Red jumped when Modo's tongue came in contact with her skin, sending shivers down her spine.

"Hey! That's not fair," she squealed at him, trying to move her body so he couldn't do more.

"Hey darlin all's fair in fun and games," Modo countered, rolling his hips to get out from under her.

"Oh no you don't," she stated, trying to hold him down.

Another wrestling match ensued, this time a battle of strength and will. They fell off the bed, landing on the floor they continued their struggle, until Modo managed to get Red's arms down at her sides.

"I got you now my pretty, and your little dog too," He quipped. Red just stared at him, then started laughing. "Where did you learn that line from?" she asked, trying to get her arms out.

"Hey we get Earth TV on Mars, We're not that back water you know." He answered releasing her, but not letting her up. "Now where were we," He asked leaning down to kiss her.

Red threw herself at him and took him over backwards, landing on top. "Right here. Why?" she asked with a self satisfied look on her face.

"Hey guess what?" Modo reached up and pulled her down to him, rolling over as he did. They laid there side by side kissing. "Truce?" he asked, and she nodded her consent.

Vinnie, after making sure that no one else was still about, gathered Charlie up in his arms and told her, "Sweetheart, we need to talk,".

Charlie's blood about froze in her veins, and she stared hard at him, terrified he was going to tell her that, no matter what happened between them on Earth, when he went back to Mars, his heart would still belong to Harley, no matter how long it took to find her.

Vinnie lifted her and carried her to their own room, set her on the edge of the bed, and sank down beside her, holding both her hands in his. Her heart dropped into her stomach when he said, "I don't know how to tell you something, and it's been on my mind a lot lately,"

"I guess you should just get to it, Vin." she choked back, her throat closing off with agony, sure she was in for some serious pain.

"Charlene Davidson, you know I have to go back to Mars eventually," he began, and she winced, ready for the blow.

"I know,"

"When I go, I want you to go with me as my wife." he waited, watching her expectantly.

When the death blow did NOT strike her, Charley was numb, unable for a moment to absorb his words, and her silence and empty look gave Vinnie a real scare, but then, just as he was about to back off, her arms encircled his neck, nearly killing him, and she bowled him off the bed and onto the floor, screaming "Yes!."

Modo's head jerked up at the sound of the thud and the scream, and a beatific kind of older brother grin fleeted across his face. Red tensed until she saw the smile, then relaxed with a sigh. "The 64 thousand dollar question has been asked and answered, I take it?" she murmured into his ear, sprawled halfway across his chest, her hands still delicately poised from a merciless attack on his ribs. The urge to tickle was passing.

"Yeah, darlin', all is well, apart from the nagging worry that you might be th' holdout from our safari, decide not to go to Mars, tear my heart out, and generally...uh, " he looked away, clearing his throat, mortally embarrassed that he had been so transparent.

Red sat up, rolled off him, and stood. "So, you guys think I'm gonna be a problem, huh?" she said quietly, slipping his poet shirt off and tossing it at the bed, then standing there naked, hands on hips, a stern look on her face.

"Aww, Becka..." he tried to interject, but she was having none of it.

"Why is it you gentlemen...mice...whatever, can't just ask simple questions? Why do you have to make everything into a damn spy thriller? Contingency plans, sneaking suspicions, anything but ask a damn question..." she threw her hands up in the air and turned away to enter the bathroom, leaning down to pick up his silk shirt and put it on the bed. The moment her rump was in full light, Modo gave a horrified gasp, and may as well have levitated, he was at her side so quickly.

"Oh, Becka. " he moaned, "Oh, I am so sorry, baby.." he dropped to his knees and surveyed the impressions his little spanking had left on her. Across her butt were six perfectly defined welts, bright red and angry looking, and several left hand prints.

"What the hell are you apologizing for?" she demanded, craning around to glare impartially at him and her own rear. "Are you gonna try to feel bad for a little rough stuff?" she stared at him with amazement, "You are! Great Holy Horned Mother! What is possessing you? Do you think for a second I didn't enjoy what we were doing?"

Modo just continued staring at her with a dazed kind of look on his face, one hand tentatively reaching out to touch her, the other covering his mouth.

"Are you still with us?" she hissed, turning to look him straight in the eye, which suddenly glowed an angry crimson, and he lurched to his feet, grabbing her by the shoulders and picking her up as he did, holding her at least a foot off the floor.

"Goddamn it, Rebecca!!!" he roared, his full volume nearly deafening her at close range. The rest of the suites were suddenly silent, not even a peep resonating. "I care," he rasped, his eye still glowing, his hands giving her little shakes to emphasize his words, as if she needed the emphasis, a foot off the floor.

Red hung silently in his hands a moment, the anger building in her just flowing away, then she spoke, very softly, "I know you care, lover. And I appreciate it, but I gotta get used to it, huh? I gotta get used to the idea that somebody besides Falcon gives a good goddamn about me."

Modo turned and setting her down on the bed he knelt in front of her, holding her hand in his.

"Miss Rebecca St.Cloud would you do me the honor of being my wife, and returning with me to my home on Mars?" Modo managed to get it all out in one breath, then he just stared at her, waiting. Hoping she wouldn't crack him up side the head, or worse walk out on him.

Red squared her shoulders, took a deep breath, held it for a minute and answered.

"Sir, I love you very much, but my answer has to be no." She sat back.

"What??? Why???" Modo sat there a moment, trying to figure her out.

"Because I don't believe in the ritual of Marriage...." that was all she could get out of her mouth before he flew into a rage that would have made Stoker look twice at him.

"What do you mean you don't believe? How can you not believe???" Modo ranted and raved till he couldn't just stand there any more, he had to keep moving or he was going to kill something. He tore the door to their room open and still ranting took it out into the common room. "How could I be so stupid, how could I think that it would be different this time?" He just kept repeating things, getting louder and louder with each sentence.

Throttle poked his head out of his room to see what the hell was going on outside. It sounded like world war three. And Modo was standing in the middle of it.

"Modo, What the hell is wrong with you???" Throttle demanded of his big grey friend, moving out of his room to stand in front of Modo to try to stop him from throwing the chair he was currently holding over his head.

Taking hold of the chair with his tail, Throttle pulled it out of Modo's hands, setting it down he pointed at it, "Sit!! before I put you on your ass."

Squaring his shoulders Modo looked down at Throttle and dared, "Anytime, Throttle! Bring it on!"

Throttle pulled his shades down to the end of his nose and looking over the brims stated flatly, "I dropped you in school I can still drop you now. Now sit."

Vinnie and Charley came out to see what was going on, they had watched the exchange between Modo and Throttle and held their breath till Modo pulled the chair back, turned it around and sat with his back to everyone else.

Throttle turned to Red who was standing at parade rest in their door way, Falcon leaned against their doorway, waiting.

"Red, what happened to make the big guy so upset?" Throttle asked as he moved over to her.

"It's simple, I told him that I wouldn't marry him, then he....." Red was cut off by Throttle's hand in her face.

"Excuse me, you told him 'no'???" Throttle looked over at Modo, and shook his head, 'not again' he thought.

" I don't believe in it," Red stood her ground.

Throttle shook his head some more to clear it then taking a chair for himself he turned it around, facing the back he sat down.

"Ah, Throttle.....before..YOU blow a gasket, I don't either," Falcon's quiet voice came into his head. He looked up at her, a questioning look on his face. " said you'd go back with us?" he stammered, staring at her.

"Yes, babe I did, but I didn't say I would marry you." Falcon stated.

"See it's a conspiracy, they're all in on it." Modo piped up from where he sat.

Throttle turned on him, "I said sit, no talking, and before you put your two cents in, you shut up too." he turned and pointed at Vinnie.

"What?!?!" Vinnie just stared at them, his hand on his chest. Charley leaned over and patted him on the head, like a child who just didn't get it.

"Now then," Throttle started. "Can you explain yourselves?" He sat, leaning on the chair for support.

Red looked at Falcon, Falcon nodded her consent, and Red explained for both of them, "It's very easy, we're pagan, we don't believe in the Christian marriage vows. That is to say we don't believe in the crap that they teach you in Catholic School...." Red was interrupted by an enraged Modo.

"WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MARRYING ME????" Modo spun in his chair, unable to keep quiet any longer. Throttle turned on him.

"Modo, I was with MY lady when you threw this fit, can we please get to the bottom of this, so I can go back to what I was doing?" Throttle caught the smile on Falcon's face, out of the corner of his eye.

He turned back to Red, exasperated, "Now then, where were we, oh yeah, Catholic school, what does that have to do with this? What if anything do Pagan's do there??" he asked, at that moment he wished he'd never gone on that damn ride.

Falcon walked over to him, pulling his shades down she stared in his eyes, "I heard that!!" and she walked back over to Red's side.

Throttle just shook his head, waiting for Red's answer.

"It's called 'Handfasting'. The short version goes, the two people take an oath to each other to forswear all others for a year and a day before an elder and at the end of that time they may swear again or not as they choose. The oaths are given either before an elder or there is an elaborate rite with the whole coven in attendance." Red finished.

"But that's a wedding." Charley piped up.

"Not in our book." Red stated.

"Okay, you love our bro, right?" Throttle asked and Red nodded, "Okay, then what is the big deal? If as you say it's just like a promise to each other for what did you say, a year and a day...." He turned back around to Modo and standing, walked over, tapped his friend on the head and asked, "Were you listening, she didn't exactly say 'no' did she?"

Modo sat thinking, he wasn't sure about this, it didn't sound all that much different than a marriage on Mars, well.... "I guess, but what about..." he never got to finish, Red had had enough of this. "What do you mean 'I guess'. You take it or leave it, that's it." She said from her place in the doorway.

Throttle was about to stuff something in Red's mouth when Modo cut loose with a yell that would have woke the dead.

"WHY DO YOU DO THAT??? ALL I SAID WAS I GUESS! I THINK YOU LIKE TO FIGHT!!" He started to get up when Vinnie and Throttle both landed on him.

"Now you just chill big guy, hey Charley says that a marriage here on Earth is way different than back on Mars, so why not come to a compromise, a little of ours a little of theirs?" Vinnie just couldn't stay out of it forever. He didn't want to spend the rest of the night fighting.

Throttle and Modo looked at Vinnie like he had just smacked them both, with something heavy. "What do you know about Earth ceremonies, Vincent?" they asked in unison.

"Well I kinda asked Charley to marry me tonight," he replied twisting his tail in his hands.

"Oh great, we're all fools." Modo said, looking very tired.

"Hey, I am not a fool, I happen to love this lady very much, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her." Vinnie defended himself, looking back at Charley, who was still wearing her babydoll nighty under her open robe.

"You guys remember what happened before, I am not going to let that happen again..." Modo just sat, till Red cleared her throat, and called out to him, "Modo, remember what you said earlier tonight..?" she paused, "Blade." She had only hoped to make this whole business stop so they could work something out between them, she had no idea the can of worms she had just opened.

Throttle's and Vinnie's jaws hit the floor. "Where did you hear that?" they asked Red.

"It's between me and Modo. Why?" Red said, wondering what the big deal was.

"Modo do you have any brain cells left, do you know what Stoker would do to you, to all of us if he knew you told her that?" Throttle tried very hard not to come unglued but with this last part he was ready to throw his hands up and run screaming into the night.

Vinnie stared at his best friends, wondering when hell was going to open and they would all be screwed. "Modo how could you? How could you give away something that important?"

Modo hung his head and waited for the blow that he knew was coming. "I just thought...." he couldn't finish.

The males were all over Modo, while the girls tried to figure out what the big deal was, "I mean it's just a word, right?" Red thought, then Falcon tapped her on the shoulder asking, "What was that?" her eyes never leaving the guys.

"Beats me, it was just a word we used, while we were playing," Red answered in sign, not wanting the guys to hear her.

Charley wandered over to the other girls, "Okay I'll bite, what is that all about?" she asked, and they shook their heads.

Throttle and Vinnie were both ranting at Modo about the oath they had all sworn, the threat of death, and anything else they could remember, when Modo threw his hands up and yelled for silence. "Look, it's not that big a deal anymore, we're not at war, we're not even home, so lay off will ya."

Throttle flung his shades off and got in Modo's face, "What do you mean it's no big deal? It's a very big deal when you swear a 'BLOOD OATH' to your bros."

Now the girls were really wondering what was up. What was all this about oaths, and death.

Red cleared her throat, nothing happened, she did it again, this time louder. "Excuse us! But what are you guys talking about?" she crossed her arms over her chest and waited, foot tapping.

Falcon and Charley waited, arms crossed, feet tapping.

Throttle couldn't tell them, he was way over the edge, Vinnie couldn't make a coherent sentence, that left Modo to explain.

"Ah, see, I kinda told Red something I shouldn't have." he started, trying to find the right words.

"Okay, so...?" Red prodded, hoping he'd continue.

"Well see that word I gave you earlier, well it's kinda my last name." He flinched as Throttle turned on him, fire in his eyes.

"Wait I don't get it, you guys told me that you didn't have last names." Charley said, not really understanding why the three best friends were out to kill each other. She looked to Vinnie for an answer.

"We are not supposed to ever tell anybody our last names." Modo tried to finish, "See on Mars during the wars all the 'Freedom Fighters' swore an oath that we would never reveal our last names, that way the Plutarkians couldn't use it against us. You know like hold our families hostage." Modo stopped to take a breath and Red jumped on him,

"Wait a minute you all have last names but are never allowed to tell anyone what they are?" She wondered what other secrets they had.

"Yes, and No. See on the night of our weddings we're allowed to tell our brides, and our brides, who are usually FF's tell us their's. That way we have something special of each others." Modo tried to make them understand.

"Okay," Charley started, "So what is the big deal? I mean you're not at war anymore, you're not on Mars, and we essentially are your wives, so I ask again, what is the big deal?" Charley crossed the room to Vinnie, who still wasn't making any sense.

"Yes but," Throttle piped up, "That is something that is only shared by two people, not SIX, and not out in the open like that. I mean jeez, Red just yelled it out like it was nothing." He went off on just a little tirade, till Falcon walked over to him, and putting his shades back on his face, quietly asked, "Are you ever going to tell me yours?"

Throttle just glared at her, softly. Taking her face in his hands, he looked in her eyes, "It's not bad enough you know the Cody part, now you want to know that too? Later." He said patting her cheek.

Modo turned to Red, who still stood her ground. Getting up from his chair he walked over to her. He hung his head, "Can we start this over?" he asked taking her hands in his.

"Well let's see, I love you and you say you love me, but I want to know if there are any more secrets I should know about. Like, oh I don't know, another wife, five kids, you actually married your bike. I don't know, anything." Red tilted her head up at him, waiting.

Modo thought for a minute then, "Well there was that time on..." he never got to finish, Red pulled him into their room and locked the door behind them.

Falcon caught the movement out of the corner of her eye, taking Throttle by the arm she led him back to their room. She stopped long enough to get Charley's attention, nodded good night and closed the door behind them.

Charley took the incoherent Vinnie by the hand and pulled him through their door. He was still babbling about the fearful things Stoker would or could do to them when she grabbed his face between both her hands, stared him in the eye, and told him, "Shut up a minute and think about what I won't do to you if you don't calm down."

He immediately shut his mouth and questioned, "Can I have a list to pick from if I calm down?"

Throttle sagged back against the door, flopping like a puppet with it's strings cut. He shoved the heavy lock of hair out of his eyes, pulled off his shades and rubbed his eyelids, blowing out a sharp breath. With a seemingly painful effort, he pushed away from the wall and staggered to the bed, where he fell face-first, muttering sulphurously about insubordination and not following the code until Falcon swatted him sharply across the ass, eliciting a very undignified squeak of outrage. Throttle reared back, rolled over, and was about to take a piece out of her 'till he met her amused green eyes.

"What? What's so damn funny?" he demanded, glaring up at her.

"I love you, Cody." she said out loud, or tried to, her voice a strangled mockery of her mind voice, and she knelt beside him, gathering him into her arms, rocking gently. He had no choice. Her actions would have melted sterner hearts than his, and he held her in return, his face hidden in her hair.

Modo stared over his shoulder at Red as she stood at almost parade rest on the other side of the room, studiously not looking at him. She cleared her throat, and he ignored her, pulling off his boots. She waited. And waited. Just as she was about to blow up and start round two, he asked over his shoulder, "Why'n hell did you yell Blade?"

"You said to say it if you did anything to hurt me and I wanted you to stop," she replied quietly.

"Hurt you??!! Are you insane?" he barked, twisting around to face her.

"I love you, but I will not be compared to an oathbreaker. Not like you were comparing earlier. It hurt." her voice was very small, and Modo felt like a worm, but he pushed her anyway.

"Couldn't you have just said yes?" he scooted a bit nearer to where she stood.

"You still don't get it do you?" she showed a bit of spark, now, her eyes glinting, "I will be Handfast to you, I will stay with you, whatever you want, but I will not make false oaths!"

He stared a bit longer, then an impish grin warmed his whole face, "That was a yes, wasn't it?"

"I feel the need to beat you with a very large stick, Modo." she unbent a little, and walked up to him, him seated on the bed and her standing bringing his head on a level with her breasts, which he used as a cushion. "You know, when you screamed and went off earlier, I must confess, I didn't know whether to shit or go blind. You almost scared me." She told him in a very strange voice, and he stiffened, feeling bad all over again. Her next words altered his perceptions.

"You also made me hotter than I care to admit. You really are very impressive when you're pissed."

"A list?" Charley squawked, pouncing on Vinnie, her hands slapping playfully at any exposed portions of his anatomy, her knees somehow ending up astride his hips on the plush carpeting. She leaned down over him and he captured her earlobe in his teeth, then whispered, "How does Mrs. Charlene Stormer sound to you?"

She wriggled her torso against his a moment, pondering, then returned, "I must admit it sounds better than Charley van Wham." she giggled, looking at the expression on his face, then relenting, "Yeah, I used to daydream when you guys weren't around."

"Really? So did I..." he rolled, pinning her under him.

Red cradled Modo's head between her breasts, her arms around his shoulders, his around her hips. She pulled back away from him a moment, but he refused to let her go, pulling her tight. His voice sounded strained to her ears as he said, "I am sorry, Becka. I have a rotten temper sometimes, and I should have let you finish what you were saying before I exploded. I never wanted to hurt you."

To her credit, Red didn't just take the apology as her due, as was her first impulse. She thought a moment, then said, "I probably ought to take at least half the blame, M. After all, I have an equally rotten temper, an obnoxious streak the size of Saturn's rings, and I uh... enjoy a good fight. No male in his right mind can stand me too long."

"Good thing I'm nuts, huh?" he grinned up at her, and she pulled on his antennae delicately, just to tease. He moved his huge hands up to her face, cupping it lovingly, and gazed intently into her eyes. Taking a deep breath, he said sheepishly, "Third time's a charm...Rebecca, will you have me, however your Handfasting works?"

Red remained silent for just long enough to see the panic start to creep into Modo's eye, then inclined her head to him, "So I will, Blessed be."

Modo realized he had been holding his breath, and let it out as he crushed her to him in a possessive embrace, unable to speak for a moment. When he released her, he murmured "You are such a pisser sometimes...."

"Oh, baby, you got that right." she responded, before covering his mouth with hers, her tongue teasing his.

Modo wrapped his arms around Red's waist as he stood. He pulled back from the kiss long enough to set her on her feet, looking deep in her eyes he tried to find the words to say he was sorry for ever doubting her love.

Red had only to look at to know how bad he felt about comparing her to the 'Bitch' that had torn his heart out. She gently laid her hand over his mouth to quiet him. Then walking over to the wall she turned the lights off, leaving the candles as the only light in the room. She walked over to the stereo and found a soft rock station, then returned to his arms.

Pulling her close Modo started slowly dancing with her, the way she had taught him.

Before long pieces of clothing started being removed, some of her's some of his, till they were both dancing naked, close and slow.

Greatly daring, Modo attempted to dip her, as he had seen in Fred Astaire movies, and surprising both of them, succeeded.

"Hey I thought you said you couldn't dance? what was that?" Red asked, trying to catch her breath.

"Oh I picked up a few things, like this," he said as he swept her up off her feet, crossing the room to the bed he gently laid her down climbing in with her.

"Make love with me," Red whispered in his ear.

"It would be an honor, My Lady," Modo said as he took her into his arms and kissed her long and deep.

He started by kissing her lips then her nose cheeks, neck. He worked his way down her body slowly kissing every inch of her. When he got to her breasts he paid particular attention to the nipples, moving from one to the other. All the while Red was making little noises which spurred him on.

"Oh, Modo," Red gasped, slowly bunching up the bed sheets in her fists.

When Modo reached a spot on her neck, near where her neck met her shoulder, he heard a sharp intake of breath and realized it was Red. He pulled back and looked at her enraptured face. Red smiled up at him but did not speak, she reached up with her hand and brushed his cheek, running her fingers through his soft grey fur.

Modo closed his eye and enjoyed the sensation of her touch.

She moved her hand down his cheek to his shoulder and down his left arm, making little circles in his fur.

Leaning down Modo tried to find that spot again. Lightly biting and licking till he found it. Red's fingers clutching his arm tight, digging in when he located it.

Modo slowly moved his tail up and down the outside of Red's body.

Working with a patience beyond his years Modo caressed every inch of her body till she could handle no more.

Red pleaded with Modo to enter her, to fill her. Please, I want you." She tried to reach him, to encourage him to take her.

With great care Modo rolled over on to his back, taking Red with him. Setting her across his hips he allowed her to set the depth of his penetration.

Red released a sigh of contentment, she rocked back on her heels, pushing him in to her. Then ever so gently let him slid back out. They continued this way till Modo grabbed Red by the hips and held her in place, knowing that she was about ready to explode in orgasmic pleasure.

Pulling her down to his chest he carefully rolled over pinning her below him.

Without separating from her he sat back on his knees pulling her up with him. His arms around her back, his hands on her shoulders, they continued to make soft slow loving movements.

Red threw her head back, exposing her throat to Modo's waiting mouth.

Running his tongue down her neck to just above her breasts and then returning to her throat.

Nudging her head over to the side Modo tried to locate the place he'd found on her neck. Biting and licking at it till he felt her strong hands clinching and unclinching in his fur.

Completely by accident Modo's antennas brushed along Red's cheek, They both came instantly. Shocked beyond believe they sat stock still. Red sat on Modo's lap, her arms wrapped tight around his shoulders. Modo couldn't move he just sat there holding her close.

Without pulling back Red asked Modo, "Okay, I give, what was that?" she rubbed her cheek against his chest.

"I don't know, I swear I thought only Throttle and Falcon could do that." Modo confessed, brushing her hair with his real hand.

"Well," she said smiling, "I guess we could always test this, you know see if we can make it happen again." she pulled back and looked at him, raising one eye brow.

Everyone was sleeping quietly, for the first time all night. When the doorbell to their suite rang, and rang, until Throttle finally managed to pull his shorts back on and answer it.

"Hello, can I help you?" Throttle asked the smiling faced guy who stood in the doorway.

"Yes, Sir I have an order here for breakfast for six, Shall I set up in here, or would you prefer to sever yourselves?" He asked as he rolled a huge cart into the center of the room.

As the gentleman started setting the that they all shared.

Throttle went and knocked on the other doors, yelling for breakfast. Then he went to wake Falcon. He found her, awake and brushing her hair out.

"Is that the breakfast that we ordered last night?" she asked in his sleepy mind.

"Yeah, he's out there seating the table, hey by the way," he said as he came up behind her and ran his hands around her waist, "It's Hawks," And he kissed the back of her neck.

She turned in his arms and stared at him, silent for a full minute before he heard her laughter in his head, and she was rolling with it.

"How did you manage to stay quiet when I told you my name????"

"It took a lot.. But hey I just knew that sometime in the not to distant future that you would be the one that I would be telling that to." Throttle pulled her closer and kissed her long and deep, until Red poked her head in their room and asked.

"Are you coming to breakfast or what??" She was grinning like she had news they all wanted to hear.

Out in the common room they all sat down to a breakfast fit for three very hungry mice, and they're ladies.

"Okay I'll bite, What do you know Red? cause your grinning fit to bust."

Red swallowed what she was chewing and said matter-a-factly, "Well it would seem that the roads will be cleared in about three hours."

The guys almost choked on their food. "WHAT!!"

"Yeah, it would seem that the storm passed over sometime about the time we were all have a good yelling match." Red stated flatly, tearing into a piece of toast.

"Well then I say as soon as we're done with this we get our stuff backed and go home." Charlie remarked, getting nods from the guys.

Falcon looked over at Red, a question in her eyes. Her hand was slowly spelling out words. "Are we going back for `Thunder and Chief' ?" she asked.

"Hey guys I think we need to make one small detour, like for two missing rides." Red nodded to her best friend.

Throttle caught the look and reached for Falcon's hand.

"Of corse we'll go get your rides, what were you thinking?" He asked, smiling.

As soon as they were done eating they retired to their rooms to start packing.

The guys were surprised to find the girls had had they're other clothes cleaned, they chose to pack their new stuff and wear the clothes they always did. With the addition of a warm coat. After all it was still cold outside.

Down stairs the guys went to load the Hummer while the girls settled their accounts at the front desk.

"Yes ma'am, my I help you?" The bright and smiling desk clerk asked.

"Yes, we need to pay our bill and check out." Red stated, handing him her credit card.

"If you will sign here?" The guy was way to happy, Red was suspicious. She had the feeling that it was the guys the he wanted out of there, or all of them, she decided to have a little fun.

"You know girls, we had such a good time here maybe we should come back here for our honeymoons. What do you think?" she asked her fellow cohorts. They both nodded, and Charlie pipped in with, "Yeah and this time we should ask for a room with a Jacuzzi in it." she had a wicked grin on her face. Have two more females around was starting to seem like a lot more fun. Besides with these two around it made the odds were even.

The guys were waiting for the girls, when they came out they all had the strangest looks on their faces. Throttle pulled Falcon over to him with his tail.

"Okay you what happened, why the funny look?" He asked pulling his shades down to look at her. She placed an innocent hand on her chest and batted her eyes at him, think. "Who me?"

Getting everyone settled on in their places, the girls opted to ride in the Hummer, it had a heater.

Back down the mountain at Falcon's cabin they collected the trailer from the shed and after tieing the bikes on it they were off for Chicago.

********Later that day********

The bikes lead the way home to Charlie's garage, as they round a corner they got their first surprise, Limburger was back.

The bikes pulled up next to the Hummer, reaching up to their helmets the guys turned off their face shields.

"Vacations over kiddies, lets Rock-n-Ride." Throttle pumped his right arm and off they went.

"You girls hang back. This want take long." Modo called over the CB radio.

Vinnie just yelled, "Yessss!!"

"Who do they think they are telling us to hang back, I want to play." and with that Red handed the wheel over to Falcon as she maned the gun that some how everyone had missed the first time they looked at the `Bitch'.

Red stood up in the gun well, donned her head set and started calling orders.

Falcon was all busy when she drove. Charlie just sat there, she was so happy to be included in the fun for a change, she wasn't even asking for a gun.

Falcon reached down behind the seat and pulled out a 9mm handing it Charlie she pointed at the nearest goons tires and smiled.

Charlie pulled back on the gun and fired, taking out the back tire with ease.


The mice didn't notice the girls till one goon mobile exploded right in front of Modo, looking around he realized his bros were no where near, so who took out the goon buggie.

A big Black Hummer raced past him, with three very happy girls inside. Modo just shook his head, Throttle wasn't going to like this new development.

"Modo, Back shot 19." Throttle called a play and Red asked Charlie,

"What's that?"

"Oh those are plays the guys learned back on Mars. They do that all the time."

"Maybe we should learn some of these plays." Red thought out loud. Falcon nodded her agreement.

Suddenly Throttle was in front of the girls and Falcon had to turn the Hummer sideways to avoid running over him. After the dust had settled Falcon found she was mere inches away from Throttle's face as he leaned on his handle bars, not looking happy at all.

She grinned at his face shield.

"Just what the hell do you girls think your doing?" He asked, glad that his one way shielding made it impossible for her to know how he was sweating, she had come so close to his bike with that maneuver he had flinched.

"We, are helping. What's it look like we're doing?" Red answered from her place behind the gun mount.

"You were told to stay back, that we would handle this." He said pulling his blaster to shot a goon buggie behind them.

"Yeah but I though we agreed that we could fight, what was that just to make us happy till we got here?" Falcon sent, making sure that they all heard her.

"No but...." Vinnie called over the radio.

"Hey don't look at me.." Modo put in, "Throttle calls the shots."

"Oh is that so, well if it hadn't been for us just now your tail would have been fried."

Charlie was finally on even ground with the mice and she wasn't about to let them forget it.

"Charlie girl you know when we....." Vinnie started but Throttle's hand stopped him.

"The girls are right, we did agree to let them fight. But. First they have to learn some of our moves or we'll all pay for it." And with that Throttle headed in the direction of the garage.

All three girls high fived each other, one big, "YES!" and they followed their mice home.

Think that's the end....? (No way)