The following "Biker Mice From Mars" story is an on going project.
My friends and I do not own the Biker Mice but we do have copy-right
to all extra characters.
We ask only that you be over 18 years old to read this and that you
have a good sense of humor. This story DOES contain SEX, VIOLENCE
and some BAD LANGUAGE.

The completely unoffical and unhinged Biker Mice From Mars
lavatory novella.

Name: Falcon
Name at Birth: Priscilla MacTavish
Date of Birth: 20 Feb 72
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Green
Ride: Thunder, a Black and Red 52 HD Sportster
Character: Falcon was not born mute but lost her voice back in
1990. They say when you lose the use of one of your senses the
others make up for it. Well to everyones surprise the Biker Mice
seem to be able to hear what she is thinking. This is not always a
good thing.
Falcon is a forrest ranger now but she was a singer once, a very
long time ago. She has known Red for more then half her life and
has never had a better friend.
If there's a fight you can bet you'll find Falcon somewhere in the
middle of it. A fast temper and a faster fist. She loves life. All
life. And willingly lays her life down for her friends.

Name: Red
Name at Birth: Rebecca St.Cloud
Date of Birth: 13 Oct 71
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair color: Long Black with a streak of red under left ear.
Eye color: Silver
Ride: Bitch, a Flat Black Humm Vee
Chief Joseph, a Black 41 Indian
Character: Red was 17 when she signed with the Marines, she lied
about her age. She was 18 when she was assigned to the Recon
Rangers. After five and half years in the Marines she was wounded
in the left leg. After relearning how to walk she was given an
Honorable Discharge.
Red comes to visit her friend Falcon and keep her company, she
brings Falcon her supplies.
This is one tough lady, if you ever need someone to watch your back
she's the one to call.
You can count on one thing if Falcon is in the middle of a fight,
Red will be at her back, she says "Falcon needs looking after". If
your one she calls friend, count yourself richer for it.

Name: Charlie
Name at Birth: Charleen Davidson
Date of Birth: 29 Nov 72
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Ride: Streets, a Blue and White (former) police bike
Character: If it has a motor in or on it Charlie can fix it.
Charlie owns the Last Chance Garage, but don't let that tomboy
exterior fool you she's all woman under that grease. She can ride
like a pro and has even empressed the Biker Mice once or twice.

Name: Throttle
Name at Birth: Cody
Date of Birth: 22 Dec. 71
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Fur Color: Tan
Hair Color: Tan
Eye Color: Red
Ride: Lady, a Black and Sliver Martian sportster
Character: Throttle is the leader of the Biker Mice. When there is
a problem the others look to him to call the shots.

Name: Modo
Name at Birth:
Date of Birth: 19 Nov. 72
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 350 lbs.
Fur Color: Grey
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Red
Ride: Little Darlin' a Blue and chrome Martian chopper
Character: Modo is the lover of the group. But don't let that fool
you into think he won't fight. He can and does hold his own in any
fight. Weather for Mars or for the last hotdog. God help anyone who
gets between him and his motorcycle. The muscle to back up the

Name: Vinnie
Name at Birth: Vincent
Date of Birth: 20 June 74
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Fur Color: White
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Ride: Sweetheart, a fire engine Red cafe style motorcycle
Character: Vinnie is the hotshot, if you dare him to, he'll try
anything, once. Twice if he lives through it. But don't think he
can't be serious, he just likes to have fun.

*****FOREVER BROS.*****

By: Falcon and Red

Started December 1994 (Still going)

Falcon sat at her radio listening to the latest weather
report. "Sounds like we're in for some nasty weather kiddies,
there's at least four snow storms coming this way in the next few
days. If we're lucky we'll get a break between them." She signed to
her pet ferrets, Scooch and Misfit.
Falcon had been mute ever since the night of her first
concert, when someone handed her a glass of soda laced with
Dieffenbachia. When she awoke in the hospital the doctors had told
her the bad news. Dieffenbachia causes the vocal cords to
constrict. They told her there was a chance it would wear off. Four
years later and still no voice.
They never did find out who had put the extract in her soda,
but they had effectively canceled her chances of ever being famous.
She had cut one album, and that was the last time she would ever
sing. They may have stopped her from singing out loud but no one
could stop her from singing in her head.
"Well guess we had better start battening down the hatches."
Falcon signed again, picking the ferrets up she placed them in the
hood of her jacket and headed off to find her tool box.

Meanwhile down in Chicago.

"Hey Bro it's not like I'm running out on you. I just need sometime
alone to get my head straight." Throttle sat on his bike, the
message from Carbine folded in his pocket. It read "I thought I
should be the one to tell you, I'm getting married. I couldn't wait
for you forever. Love Carbine." His bike was packed with his bed
roll and saddle bags. "Limburger is back on Plutark right now. He
shouldn't give us any trouble for awhile. I'll be back in a couple
of days."
Vinnie grabbed a rag and cleaned his hands "Hey bro it's cool,
we just want to make sure your coming back." Modo came in with a
double arm load of hot dogs and root beer, "Well I don't mind you
leaving bro but you better come back in one piece." with that said
Modo slapped Throttle on the back, hard.
Throttle lit off his motor and waving to his bros
"Rock'n'Ride" He headed out to the highway, "Which way" he thought,
north, towards the mountains.

Falcon was working on a loose board on the front porch when
she thought she heard a motorcycle coming up the road, "What fool
would be out riding in this weather" she thought to herself. And
went back to fixing the porch.

Throttle wanted to kick himself in the backside, what had he
been thinking, coming all the way out here and now he was about to
get caught in a storm. From the looks of it this was going to be a
big one, "Probably drop a foot of snow right on top of me."
He tried to think of something, somewhere to hide till the
storm blew it's self out. If he was lucky he might find a cave or
an old cabin. He tried using the radar on his bike to locate

The storm built slowly at first, wind snow and freezing rain
came. Throttle had found a small cave, just big enough for him to
back his bike into, as long as he didn't stand up straight they'd
be fine. "Well Lady, it looks like it's going to be a long night."
He pulled the collar up on his leather jacket, stuffing his hands
in his pockets he kicked his feet up on to the handle bars and
tried to get some sleep.

Falcon had done all she could to prepare for the storm. She
looked around her cabin, "Hope who ever was on that bike is safe"
she signed to Scooch and Misfit, who were still on her shoulders,
inside the hood of her jacket, safe and warm.

Throttle found himself awake and wondering where he was, "Oh,
yeah okay, no problem." He went to look out the front of the cave,
he couldn't see anything but snow, blowing falling snow. "We need
to get out of here before we can't." He got back on his bike,
lighting it off he rode out of the cave. Using the scope on his
helmet he tried to find a better place to wait out the storm.

Falcon thought she must be going crazy, there was that
motorcycle again. She shook her head, nobody would be out here.
"Well kids I guess I had better check in with the boys down the
mountain," She started for the radio, "There it is again," she
thought to herself "I am not crazy, I hear a motorcycle."
She went to the big windows to try and see where the noise
could be coming from. Then there was a terrible noise, like the
sound of thunder cracking over head. Falcon knew in an instant what
it was, TREE FALL! A big one from the sound of it.

Throttle thought he would see if the folks who lived in the
cabin he had seen earlier would mind a little company.
Then there was a crack and faster then even he could react
there was a tree coming down on top of him, he had just enough time
to throw his arms over his head, guarding it. Lady's only thought
was to buck hard and catapult her rider out of danger. Lady wasn't
fast enough to get herself out of the way, and she was trapped
under a branch of the tree.

Throttle could barely walk he was so cold, and his head wasn't
real clear, his right arm ached where a tree branch had caught him.
Then there was a cabin, a light, someone was coming out, maybe
they would let him get out of this storm. Throttle's last thought
before he passed out was "Help".

Falcon caught the biker before he could hit the ground, she
managed to get a good hold around his waist before she tried to
move him, "I have to get you inside before we freeze to death" she
thought to herself. Half dragging the unconscious biker over to the
couch, she couldn't pull out the hide-a-bed so she tried to lower
him down slowly but he turned out to be heavier then he looked, and
she ended up letting him drop the two or so feet to the cushions.
"Well, we had better get these wet clothes off you." Falcon
signed to no one in particular. She reached around his helmet,
trying to figure out how it came off. "There, that should do it"
with a hiss of pressurized air the helmet came off in her hands.
That's when she got her first look at his face, "What are you?" she
asked knowing that he wouldn't answer her, but she couldn't help
"First things first," she thought to herself, "off with the
sunglasses." She took a minute to look at his face. She thought he
was kinda cute, for a six foot guy who looked like a mouse. Next
she gently took off his leather jacket, and found out the fur on
his face ran all the way down to his waist. "I wonder if your furry
all over?" she thought, grinning to herself. She lifted his head
and untied his bandanna. Next came the glove from his right hand.
Sitting back on her knees and thought about weather or not she
should take off the biker pants, "Well maybe we'll just leave the
pants on for now, but the boots have to go." She left him to get a
thick blanket from off her bed, she came back to find the biker
making a fuss about something.
"Well what are you fussing about?" she signed at the biker
"Lady, my bike, Lady, got to get my bike out, Lady" The biker just
kept repeating it over and over.
"Oh my gosh, I forgot all about it, of course where is your
bike?" Falcon asked knowing he couldn't answer her. Falcon got up
and walked over to the big picture window, the storm was starting
to pick up speed, "Yeah, just what I always wanted to do, go find
some guy's bike in the middle of one of the biggest storms we've
had all year." Falcon turned back and took a good look at the guy
laying on her couch, oh well. She went to put on her snow suit, and

Falcon headed out the side door through the garage past her
bike, Thunder, and out into the storm. "Now where the heck is his
bike?" she thought, then she saw the tree that must have fallen
earlier, and under that tree she could just make out the back tire
of what must be his bike. "Oh great how am I going to get it out."
Falcon thought to herself.
Falcon climbed up the small snow drift that had built up next
to the fallen tree. She started digging the bike out, maybe if she
could dig the snow out from under the bike she could pull it out.
She really hoped this bike was worth it and that biker had better
appreciate this, her hands and feet were freezing.

"Finally!" Falcon was just about froze solid by the time she
could see all of his bike. "Boy this is some bike" Falcon couldn't
wait to see it standing up right. "Maybe he'll give me a ride?" she
thought to herself. Falcon pulled with all she had, one more time
and it should be free. She pulled and out the bike popped. Now that
Lady was free she could do the rest herself. Falcon sat back when
she realized that the bike was starting it's self. "Where was this
guy from? and where could she get a bike like this one?"
Every time Falcon tried to get close to the bike it rolled
away from her. "Well we aren't getting anywhere this way." Falcon
signed at the bike, that's when Falcon got another surprise, the
bike blinked it's headlight at her. Like it understood what Falcon
was trying to say. Lady rolled closer to Falcon. Blinking her
headlight, Lady tried to ask where her rider was. "I'm sorry dear
but I don't understand. Are you asking where the biker is?" Falcon
signed again. This time Lady rolled closer, Falcon jumped. "Okay
I'll take you to him, come on."
Falcon lead the way back to the cabin, when she opened the big
outside door to the garage Lady rolled inside. Falcon quickly
closed the big doors and went to open the door to the cabin. From
where they stood they could see the top of the bikers head, laying
on the arm of the couch. "See girl he's okay" Falcon signed to the
bike and then wondered how she knew that his bike was a girl. Then
she remembered what he had said, he had called his bike by a name.
"Is your name Lady?" Falcon signed and Lady blinked twice. "Great
at least I know your name, now if I just knew his." Falcon walked
around the bike and into the cabin, she left the door open so Lady
could keep an eye on her rider.
Lady blinked her headlight again to get Falcon's attention.
"What? what is it girl?" Falcon signed walking back to his bike,
she started pulling off wet clothes while she waited for Lady to
make herself understood. Lady flipped open one of the saddlebags
strapped to her seat. Pulling on a stuck boot Falcon hopped over to
see what was in it. "Well I'll be, you are handy to have around."
Falcon reached in and found a wallet that could only be her
mysterious stranger's.
With her boots finally off Falcon took the snow suit off hung
it on a hook and went around the corner to the kitchen to find
something warm to drink. While the water was heating she opened the
wallet and found two photos, one of two guys sitting on some wicked
looking motorcycles. Guys might not be a good analogy, they looked
more like some kind of really big mice. "I can't wait to find out
where your from." Falcon signed at the biker still a sleep on the
couch. She flipped the first photo over and read the back, "To
Throttle from your bros Vinnie & Modo, well since it's in your
wallet I guess you must be Throttle."
Falcon took a look at the other photo it was of the same two
bikers but there was a girl standing next to the red bike. "Well at
least I'm not the only one who knows about you guys." She thought
to herself. She returned the photos to the wallet and then whistled
for Scooch, she handed the little ferret the wallet and pointed at
Lady. "Go put it back," she signed and off he went. Scooch ran
right up to Lady, up onto the seat dropped the wallet in the open
saddlebag and was back to Falcon in a flash.

After changing into warm clothes Falcon went to check her
storm victim. Throttle was still out cold, she gently brushed the
hair out his eyes, she could swear he hadn't moved. Falcon couldn't
help wishing she could talk to him, she was dying to know where he
and his friends were from. "Well he'll wake up soon enough," she
thought to herself while she laid his arm back down on his chest
and covered him with the blanket.
With her ceramic mug filled with hot chocolate in one hand and
her report book under her arm, Falcon went to her big over stuffed
chair. Setting her mug on the table next to her she tucked her legs
under her butt, Scooch and Misfit curled up at the back of her
neck. Falcon opened her report book taking out a clean page she
started writing.
Date, 18 Dec. 94. Time, 2005. The first storm has not yet
reached full intensity, winds are currently at 45 miles per hour
and rising. The snow content will reach blinding by midnight, the
storm also includes ice and hail. I do not believe this station is
in any danger at this time, however I am concerned about the
animals I have not checked on recently.
Falcon looked up from her book, glancing over at the biker
asleep on her couch, she decided not to mention him in her report.
Not yet.

Sometime around 0200 Throttle woke, it took him a few minutes
to figure out where he was. Then it started making sense. There had
been a storm, that tree had fallen, Lady had thrown him clear at
the last minute. Lady, oh no his bike was still out there, wait
where am I. Oh yeah, the light, there had been someone standing in
a light, this must be their place. But where was Lady? and who did
he owe his life to?
Throttle sat up, trying to piece everything together. He felt
all over himself to check and see if anything was broke, "Expect
for a bruise on my right forearm I'm okay but where is Lady?" He
looked around the room, he heard something. Behind him, over his
right shoulder, was a door and parked in that door was his bike.
"Lady! am I glad to see you." She blinked her headlight at him to
let him know she was fine.
Throttle settled back on the couch, that's when he saw her.
She was sitting curled up in a big chair over by the fireplace. He
decided not to wake her just yet, it was late and she was probably
tired. He pulled the blanket up and went back to sleep.

The next morning Falcon awoke finding that she was stiff from
sleeping in the chair. She went over and checked her patient, he
was sleeping soundly. So she went to her radio. "Well kids we had
better check in with the guys down the mountain" she signed in the
air. Sitting down she flipped some switches and fired up the key
board. "Hey anybody home down there?" she typed and waited for a
response. "You survived the storm I see." It was Tommy down at the
main station. "Yeah I guess so, I had a little scare though, had a
big tree fall not far from my back door," Falcon didn't want to say
anything about her visitor just yet.
"Do you need any help? did it do any damage?" Tommy was
worried about Falcon, they had been friends since before she had
lost her voice. "No I'll be fine, how's the weather look? anything
more coming?" Falcon knew that these storms sometimes came in twos
and threes. "Hold on I'll check... Good guess, yes we have more
storms coming in. Looks like they may give you a day between, if
you're lucky." Tommy was trying to sound funny, it wasn't working.
"Hey Falcon, your friend Red left you a message down here, says
she'll be up in a day or so. Keep your powder dry." Tommy signed
"Great, just great, I really need more bad weather up here."
Falcon signed to herself. Getting up from her chair she turned the
radio over to 'receive only' and went to check her patient again.
Throttle was still sleeping quietly, she pulled the blanket
back up and brushed his hair out of his eyes. "You really are
cute," Falcon signed at him, even though she knew he wasn't

Falcon was busy cleaning her kitchen when Throttle woke the
second time, he sat up and listened for a while. Throttle rumaaged
through his clothes and found his shades. He wished he knew his
rescuer's name. Her brownish red hair was flipped over one
shoulder, she was cleaning the refrigerator. Throttle could almost
swear he heard singing but he couldn't see where it was coming
Falcon was busy cleaning and singing and didn't notice his
wakefulness or his interest. He noted that if she stood up, she'd
be about the same height as Charlie, maybe a little taller, a
little thinner. He thought about calling out to her, but decided to
just sit and watch instead, curious and quite happy to enjoy the
scenery for a little bit. Whatever that little animal was, it
seemed to be helping her.
Throttle wasn't sure, but he thought he had seen her somewhere
before. Guessing it was about time to announce his presence, he
said "Hi," shifting his weight on the couch.
Falcon and her pets jumped a good two feet, straight up,
Falcon hitting her head on the door of the freezer. She just stared
at him, she had the greenest eys he had ever seen, waiting. It had
been a long time since she had heard a man's voice. "I'm sorry, I
didn't mean to startle you like that," he sounded chagrined. He
also sounded like velvet felt to her. Oh, God, she thought, his
voice is so deep, I want him to keep talking. She tried to remember
her sign language, signing "Hello," at him, but he didn't seem to
get it. Scooch ran up on the couch to check him out.
"Who are you? Come here," Throttle patted the cushion next to
him, and Falcon got up and walked over, trying to get Scooch to
leave him alone. She was still getting over his voice when he asked
her, "What's your name?"
Falcon shook her head and pointed to her throat trying to let
him know that she could not speak. "You can't speak? but you can
hear okay, right?" Throttle asked, wondering what had happened to
cost her her voice.
She stared intently at him, her thoughts whirling , "Oh God,
what am I gonna do now," over and over.
Throttle's antenna went crazy. "Hey how'd you do that? I heard
every word in my head." Throttle started to get up and then wished
he hadn't. He'd put weight on his sore arm, "Damn that hurt!"
Falcon moved to help him. "I wish I could talk to you, tell you not
to do that." She thought and Throttle heard her. "Okay I won't do
that again. I promise. How come I can hear what your saying but
your mouth isn't moving?" He looked her in the eyes to try and get
a clue but all he saw was, green, deep green.
Falcon finely got Throttle comfortable so she sat down on the
end of the couch with Scooch and Misfit. "Can we start over, Hi, my
name is Throttle and that's Lady" he pointed at his bike. Falcon
looked over at the bike and back at him. "Your bike kinda all ready
told me that." She sent to him.
She pointed at herself "Hi my name is Falcon and these are
Scooch and Misfit, and no I haven't any clue how you can hear what
I think." Throttle pointed over to the fridge. "You were cleaning"
Falcon jumped up and walked over to close the fridge door. "I was
cleaning" he thought he heard her laugh. It was a soft laugh, it
made him feel good. "Hungry?" she asked.
"Hey, sounds good. You wouldn't have any hotdogs, would you?
Maybe some root beer to wash it down?" he looked up at her with
pleading eyes. She almost laughed; here was this big bad biker dude
asking for hot dogs and root beer.
"Yeah, I think I have some," Falcon went to her small kitchen,
leaving her ferrets on the couch.
Falcon was busy fixing their food when she realized that
Throttle was standing right behind her, Scooch on his shoulder,
Misfit in his hands. She felt her breath catch in her throat. He's
taller then I thought, and what a pair of shoulders, she thought to
herself. She wasn't sure if she was blushing, she hoped she wasn't.
"Can I help?" He put the ferrets down on the floor and moved
closer, she could feel the heat coming off his body. Oh boy.
"No, why don't you go sit down by the fireplace and I'll bring
it right over." She wanted to take a minute to compose herself
before she had to sit face to face with him.

Lunch was fun; Throttle told Falcon about his bros and some of
their adventures.
"Is there any more root beer? All this talking has made me
thirsty," he started to get up and fetch his own, but she beat him
to it, grabbing his cup. When his hand brushed hers it made her
feel funny; a warm, nice kind of funny. She walked to the kitchen
only to find he had followed her.
"I think Scooch likes me," he said, then "So, how come you
can't talk?"
Falcon was bent over reaching for the root beer when he asked.
She stopped cold and looked up at him with a tear running down her
"Hey, I didn't mean to say anything wrong," Throttle took
Falcon in his arms and held her close for a little bit, then pulled
back and wiped her tears with a gentle finger.
"I lost my voice four years ago," she whispered into his mind,
she turned her back to him. He took hold of her shoulders and
turned her to face him. "How? Tell me," he rasped, somehow sensing
her need to tell her story.
She told him how she had been a singer with a promising
future, and how it had been stolen from her. She had lost all hope
of ever singing again, so she had packed all her things on her bike
and moved up to the mountains, finally getting a job with the
forest service as a fire lookout with a variety of non verbal ways
to sound the alert.
Throttle walked over to look out the window. "Boy you sure
have a great view up here" Falcon walked over to where Scooch and
Misfit were curled up together, petting them. She thought how long
it had been since she had anyone other then Red to talk to. She
wondered what it must be like where he was from, no snow, not much
of anything . He turned and looked at her, there was a smile on his
face. Like the cat that ate the canary. Or was that the mouse that
ate the cheese. "I hate cheese" He whispered. He had heard every
word she had been thinking. "Next time I'll think more softly so
you can't hear me." She stuck her tongue out at him.
Throttle went over and taking Falcon by the hand lead the way
back to the fireplace and sat down. "I just wish I could introduce
you to my bros. They'd love it up here." Falcon just sat looking
out the windows, the second storm was building and this one was
bringing lightning. And lightning meant thunder and she really
hated loud noises. It's funny she thought, after all her bike was
named 'Thunder'...
Throttle leaned over and asked, "If you hate thunder why did
you name your bike after it?" She just stared at him for a minute.
"I didn't name it after the noise, I named it that because it
rumbles down the road." She stared at him for a minute. Then Scooch
and Misfit, knowing something was wrong, came over and crawled up
on to Falcon's lap. "Hey kids it's okay" She signed at them then
set them down.
Falcon started picking up the dishes from their meal. Throttle
helped carry them to the kitchen, "I get the feeling that there is
more to this storm then your telling me?" Laying a hand on her
shoulder, waiting. Falcon staring at the ceiling for a minute, took
a deep breath and stated it as simply as she could. "I hate loud
noises like cars that back fire, thunder. I really hate thunder, it
scares the hell out of me." She looked him in the eyes, hoping he
wouldn't laugh at her.
"So if you don't like loud noises why live up here, were they
get bad storms?" Throttle was drying the dishes while Falcon
washed. "I got an idea, we could stay up all night, sit next to the
fire and not think about the storm, what do you think?" He nudged
her on the arm. Falcon smiled at him, he really was cute. "I'm
kinda tired I think I'll go lay down." Falcon walked over to where
her bed was, taking her stuffed cat she curled up into a ball.

Throttle was sitting next to the fire when the first flash of
lightning arrived, lucky thing he had retrieved his sunglasses. He
knew any minute now there would be a crash of thunder. He had to
admit that the sound was loud enough to make him jump. Then he
heard Falcon from the other side of the room. She was laying there,
After three more loud crashes Throttle decided to go check on
Falcon. "Hey you okay?" he gently laid his hand on her shoulder.
She rolled over and sat up a little on her pillows, "I told you I
don't like loud noises," she offered lamely. He leaned over and
brushed her reddish brown hair out of her eyes. "I got an idea, why
don't you come down to the fireplace."
Throttle led the way down to the fire sitting down on the
floor in front of the hide-a-bed, pulling Falcon down next to him.
After she got settled Throttle put his arm along the couch behind
her. Falcon leaned over just enough to lay her head on his
shoulder. They sat quietly for some time.
Falcon was starting to fall asleep when a really bright flash
was followed by a very loud BOOM. She curled up so tight to
Throttle he thought she was trying to climb into his pocket. "Would
you like me to hold that open for you?" He teased. She looked up at
him and he heard her laugh in his head. "Hey, you can smile, you
know what you have a really nice smile." He pulled her up enough to
kiss her softly on the lips.
Falcon warmed to the his kiss, curling up next to him. When
they broke she discovered that he had pulled her legs over his so
she was sitting sideways to him. Sitting this way she could easily
lay her head on his shoulder, her arm behind his back. "Throttle,
I just have one little question?" She lowerd his shades so she
could look him in the eyes and he made a motion for her to ask.
"How humanoid are you?" She stared right at him waiting for her
answer. "Well from what I know from school the only difference is
our tails and antennas. Other wise we're pretty much the same.
Why?" He asked, grinning.

They were still kissing when Throttle gently pushed Falcon
back. They spent the next few hours exploring the differences.
During a quieter moment, while she played with his furry chest,
"Tell me something, did your mother actually name you Throttle?"
Throttle brushed the hair out of his eyes, taking a minute to
decide, "No, she didn't. But nobody ever calls me by my real name."
He should have known better, he just should have said yes, then she
would have dropped it. "Will you tell me what it is?" She asked
"It's Cody." He made it sound like some disease. She stared at
him, what was so bad about that. "Cody, I don't see anything wrong
with that, it's kinda cute." She played it over and over in her
head for a while.
"Sure it's cute to you but it's not real cool, and cool is the
important part, you have to be cool." He could hear her playing his
name over and over, inwardly he cringed. "Oh Cody." This time when
she said it she said it real soft and real seductively. "Say it
like that again." He asked as he rolled over onto his back, taking
her with him.
Throttle sat Falcon on him, easing his manhood into her warmth
at the same time, "Say it all you want." They picked up the pace,
she said it over and over in his head, till it was all he heard.
"Cody, Cody, oh Cody." He could feel her muscles starting to
contract. At the height of her orgasm she was screaming his name,
"Oh Cody." He came, hard to the sound of her crying his name. "Oh
babe" he couldn't move, he just wanted to lay there, the tip of his
tail still twitching.
Scooch thought it was a new toy, he caught it, in his teeth,
"Hey!!" Throttle let out a yelp, pulling his tail back. "That
little friend of yours thinks I'm his new chew toy." He looked at
her accusingly. Falcon giggled softly.
She had laid her head on his chest, he could feel her
breathing, soft against his fur. Feeling very sated Throttle purred
into Falcon's ear. "Babe, you can call me Cody all you want, as
long as nobody else hears you." He ran his hands down her sides,
she moved forward just enough to disengage from him then slid her
legs down next to him. "As long as you keep doing that, I'll keep
calling you Cody." She grinned up at him.
Throttle was just starting to dose off when a thought occurred
to him, "Babe, can I ask you a question?" Falcon propped herself up
on one elbow. "And what would that be?" She raised an eyebrow,
wondering what it could be. Throttle turned to face her, "Did your
mom really name you 'Falcon'?" Inwardly she froze, no one had ever
asked her that before.
Throttle waited, watching her face. He decided she was taking
too long, so he started tickling her. "Oh no!!" Falcon cried. "Tell
me your real name or I keep tickling till you do," He moved so he'd
be sitting on top of her. "No, help, help no. I'll never tell."
Falcon grinned back at him with fire in her eyes, he liked it.
"Oh you'll tell me sooner or later, it's just a matter of
time." Now he was using his tail to tickle other parts, softer
parts. "Okay, I'll tell, I'll tell, it's Priscilla. Happy? mine is
worse then yours." Falcon dropped her eyes for a minute, pleading
with him to stop tickling her.
Throttle leaned down and started kissing everywhere he had
been tickling, and there were a lot of places to kiss. "Ohhh, this
could be a long night," she threw her head back and enjoyed.
Sometime later that night Throttle woke to find the fire had
died down and it was getting cold. He gently pulled his arm out
from under Falcon's head, and went to find some more firewood.
After banking the fire so it would stay lit the rest of the night,
he reached down and picked Falcon up, carrying her over to her bed.
Laying down next to her he pulled the big over stuffed quilt over
them and curled up around his new lady.
Falcon woke the next morning to discover that she was wrapped
in a warm furry blanket, Throttle. She tried not to wake him but he
was already awake he was just laying there enjoying holding her.
"Oh your awake. How'd you sleep?" he ask as she rolled over in his
arms to face him. "How did we get up here?" she asked getting
friendly with her hands. "Hey what do you think your doing?"
Throttle asked, capturing her fingers in his and kissing her palms.
She looked dreamily into his face, noting how much cuter he looked
with his shades, when, with no warning, a very loud, very insistent
beeping made them both jump. After a moment, Throttle laughed,
"It's Lady. My radio. 'S probably my bros trying to get a hold of
me," he explained, getting out of bed and stretching. Falcon simply
laid there, enjoying the view. He winked back at her and went to
answer the hail. When he returned, he poked his head under the
quilt and asked, "How do you feel about company?"
She cocked her head to the side and gave a tiny smile, "Do
they all look like you?" she purred in his head, and made grabby
motions with her hands. He laughed and went to finish his

Back down at the Last Chance Garage, Vinnie was admiring
himself in the side mirror of his bike while Charlie finished
strapping down her bedroll on top of his. "So, what did he say?"
she demanded, glancing over at Modo, who was whistling a merry but
off key tune while polishing the already blinding chrome on his
bike for the fifth time since Throttle had answered his radio. Modo
replied, "He wasn't real specific. Just said that we needed a
vacation, and we'd be surprised," he went right back to his
polishing, having a soft and jolly talk with his ride.
"He really needs to get out more," Charlie whispered to
Vinnie, who whispered back, "Or he needs a mouse to bike marriage
Charlie locked the garage and was swept up onto the back of
Vinnie's bike by his tail before she had her helmet half on.
At the ranger station turnoff, the three of them stopped and
stared with awe at the sweep of the snow shrouded mountains rising
above their heads. On the second crag away, halfway up the face, a
chimney smoked faintly, giving mute evidence that their bro was not
too far away...

Throttle could taste the salt sweet flavor of their mingled
sweat as his tongue followed the path of Falcon's pulse up her
throat to her earlobe. As he gently captured the tender flesh
between his teeth, he chuckled at her momentarily sated but still
very randy thoughts. Her legs were still wrapped around his hips
with a firm, warm grip, and her arms were still twined loosely
around his neck, and neither showed any signs of letting go. He
released her ear with a teasing flick of his tongue, and shifted
his weight off her a bit, putting more on his good arm. He smiled
down at her, "I heard that thought. I don't think we'll be able to
pull that off without something to eat first. And a lot of
vitamins. And an oxygen tank next to the bed...yup, sounds good..."
Fresh snow made a sluggish riding surface, so the three
visitors parked a few hundred yards from the cabin and slogged the
rest of the way on foot. The front door apparently on the other
side of the building they walked the perimeter to see if a light
was on. They passed a huge window and glanced in before pushing on,
then sprang back staring in with avid disbelief, their noses
pressed right up to the glass.
"Ahh, you say the sweetest things, Mr. Mouse," Falcon sent,
fluttering her eyelashes and licking her lips. She brought her
hands down under the covers, her nimble fingers sliding down his
body in a particularly friendly manner. He shuddered and sighed,
"Yeah...yeah..." but then a very odd feeling crept down his
backbone, and he went still and quiet; she caught the change in him
and froze as well. His gaze raked the interior of the cabin,
finally landing on the big bay window, against which were pressed
two mouse faces and one human face, blank with shock. He groaned
and dropped his weight on her for a moment, his face buried in her
hair on the pillow. He shoved himself back up and asked, "Are you
familiar with Murphy and his law?"
She peeked around his shoulders, immediately dropping back and
shielding her eyes with her arms. Throttle goaned "My life is
over...I will never live this down... the razzing will never
end..." he moaned, and Falcon felt sorry for him. She glared at the
window and thought hard, "Go to the door you perverts!"
Two pair of antennae snapped backward, and the faces
disappeared. "You better get dressed quick, lover. Not much time,"
she laughed at him and launched herself from the bed to their
clothes, grabbing them up and dumping the ferrets out. She flung
his clothes at him and dashed for the bathroom, slamming the door
shut behind her just as pounding came from the front door.
"C'mon in," Throttle called holding his clothes in front of
him. However, instead of his bros and Charlie, in walked a big
screen t.v. sized box above combat boots. The box dropped and a
young woman with long black hair and a feral grin stared at him.
"MMM, nice, but you're not Falcon." Throttle clutched his clothes
tightly, "Uh, no... " Falcon came out of the bathroom and staked
her claim in sign language "He's mine, Red. Get your own," She
laughed in Throttle's mind, "This's Red, my best friend."
The other guests walked in, and Red, who had just climbed up
on a wobbly chair to put something on a shelf laughed, "Eek, more
mice," at which point her perch broke and she fell back, right into
Modo's arms, which closed reflexively around her. "Whoa! Oh, but
you're kinda cute though," she purred, stroking his cheek. He
looked like he'd been whacked in the head with something heavy.
Falcon doubled over in a giggling fit that only the mice could
hear, and Throttle made a strategic withdrawal to dress. Falcon
walked to Modo and told him, "You can put her down now,"
"Uh, yes, ma'am." He obligingly let her down, and she mock pouted,
then gave him the most exacting scrutiny he had ever undergone.
Apparently she liked what she saw, because she dimpled up at him,
"You can catch me anytime, baby,"
"Hey! What am I, invisible? " Vinnie demanded, hands on his
hips, "I'm the good looking one..." he yelped when Charlie yanked
on his tail, hard, "Quiet pretty boy," she hissed in his ear as he
swung around to glare at her.
"Hey, knock it off Ch... what did you call me?" his eyes got
huge as he stared at her.
"Did I stutter?" she returned, nudging him in the ribs.
"Hey, why don't we all go in by the fire and warm up?" Falcon
suggested in thought and sign language, and Red seconded, "Yeah,
good idea," she grabbed Modo's hand and dragged him off. Throttle
returned from the bathroom carrying the ferrets, handing one to
Falcon and locating the other to his shoulder. He threw a few logs
on the low blaze and took a seat beside Falcon, his arm around her.
The six new comrades spent the next few hours getting acquainted.
Eventually the three mice got into a heavy discussion and the girls
decided food was in order. As they made themselves busy in the
kitchen, Vinnie cleared his throat, "So what's up, Throttle? What's
the story? I mean what about Carbine?"
Throttle shook his head, "Hey, Carbine made her decision and
that's that. She's her own mouse. Besides, bro, given that as a
vision upon waking up, what would you have done?" he slapped Vinnie
hard on the back. "Oh, my yes. And who told me so many times I
can't begin to count them all 'Not Charlie, bro, she's human, no
matter how you feel?" Vinnie punched him back harder. That seemed
to be the cue for a wrestling match. Modo reached out grabbing a
handful of Throttle's vest, pulling him over backwards.
The girls were in the kitchen putting the food together when
they heard laughter coming from over by the fire place. "Well
sounds like they're having fun." Charlie stated, setting a bottle
of root beer down on the cabinet. "I sure hope so." Falcon signed
and Red translated it for Charlie.
"I hope Throttle's not mad about before." Red said from the
other side of the fridge door. "I mean I hope I didn't embarrass
him to bad." Red popped up real quick. "Besides, he's cute. All 6
foot plus of him." She dropped back down to get the bread out. "But
personally I think the big guy is the best looking of the bunch."
Red said as she closed the fridge door and walked over to where the
others were.
"Yeah, but you don't have to live with them. Vinnie can be a
real pain." Charlie said, shaking her head. "I think they're all
cute, with those ears." Falcon signed. She made a fluttering motion
inside her shirt with her hand over her heart and made a pantomime
of swooning. Charlie laughed, both hands over her mouth to cover
her shrieks of laughter. Red giggled while smearing gobs of mustard
across slices of bread. Laughing fit to bust, she wiggled hot dogs
in each hand under Falcon's nose and demanded, "What's the skinny?
C'mon, give the gory details," and both she and Charlie leaned in
close for some juicy girl gossip.
"A lady never... uh... kisses and tell: but there ain't
nothin' skinny about it." Falcon blushed, signing to Red, who
continued translating for Charlie. "Besides," she continued looking
directly at Charlie, "there's two others, and you live with'em. How
come you haven't found out for yourself." Then she pointed a
stabbing finger at Red before commanding, "You said you like the
tall one: NO POACHING on Falcon's turf!"
Red made a face, hands up in front of her palms out, "No prob,
boss, grey's my favorite color." She grabbed up a tray filled with
food and drinks, as did the others, and began trotting it into the
other room, listening to the rough housing and quffaws coming from
the boys. When they rounded the corner, all three were tussling on
the floor, Modo holding the other two down, his rump up in the air.
"Ooh, nice ass," Red cooed, setting her tray down and reaching
over to pat one cheek. Modo squeaked and rolled ass over teacups,
ending up upside down on his shoulders against the couch, staring
at her with a huge eye and red all the way from his cheeks to the
tips of his ears. "Oh, mama!" he groaned. He looked up at Red, she
was grinning from ear to ear.
Suddenly there was an urgent beeping coming from Falcon's
radio station, she ran over to see what was up. Sitting down in the
chair she typed, "Hi what's up??" Dave the head ranger typed back,
"The second storm is coming in and it's bigger then the first.
Winds up to 65 MPH, with hail chunks the size of golf balls."
Falcon shook her head not liking what she was reading. "Okay,
thanks for the warning but I'll have to stay here, I have company
now so I'll be fine." Falcon logged off. Pushing away from the desk
she went to tell the others.
"Well whats up?" Red came up to Falcon, "What did the boys
down the mountain have to say?" Red didn't like the look in her
friends eyes. Falcon shook it off and signed to her about the
storm. When Red heard she called everyone to attention, "Okay
everyone we have a problem, we have another storm coming and this
one is a beauty. So lets get to it." Red and Falcon started dealing
out jobs to the others.
While the guys went out to get the bikes, the girls went to
the garage to clean it up and make room for two more bikes. Falcon
was busy with some boxes when she noticed that the guys had come
back. "If you guys would help move these boxes we could get this
done a lot faster," she sent.
Modo went over and started do just that, but when he went to
put a real big box up on something he thought was a pile of more
boxes. Falcon spotted where he was going with the box and whistled
to Red, a long loud warning. Red looked up suddenly, trying to find
the source of Falcon's distress. When she saw Modo she ran over and
planting herself in front of him stated, "Just where the hell do
you think your putting that???" Crossing her chest with her arms.
Modo stood dumb founded he had never had someone so little get
so upset with him. "What did I do, I was just going to put this
with the others." He put the box back down and stood there,
waiting. Red looked him right in the eye and stated, "I don't think
so, your not putting any boxes on top of my ride.!!"
Falcon walked over and pulled the cover off of Red's bike, a
41 Indian. The three bikers stood stock still, staring at the most
beautiful bike they had ever seen, next to their own. "Why didn't
you tell us you could ride??" Throttle was the only one capable of
speech. "I mean I knew Falcon had a bike but..."
By the time the bros had picked up their jaws Red was handing
Modo the key and telling him to lite it off. Acting like it was the
holiest thing he'd ever touched, he turned the key and putting his
foot on the kick starter he let fly. The sound that came from that
bike was like music to their ears. "God, what a bike." The other
two agreed, then Modo asked, "Why don't you ride it any more?" They
all waited for answer, Red walked over turned the bike off and
pulled the key. "Old war injury," she stated, walking back inside
the cabin and plopping down on the couch.

With their labors completed, they all returned to the fire
place to warm up. "Well kiddies what shall we do now??" Red said as
she swiveled around to prop her feet up on the cushions. Taking in
what was sitting next to her, she picked up Modo's left arm and
laid her head back. Using his thigh as a pillow, pulling his arm
back down across her chest.
Modo was now looking down on Red's forehead, he looked over at
Throttle and mouthed a plea for help. Throttle just wrapped his
arms tighter around Falcon and grinned back at his bro. Falcon
looked over at her friend and smiled, "I think my friend has staked
her claim" she tried to think what she was saying only to Throttle.
Charlie walked over and asked Falcon, "Is there a blanket I
can barrow, Vinnie doesn't do well with cold." Falcon got up and
went to the closet, pulling out three King size blankets. Handing
one to Charlie, throwing one at Red. Taking back her seat next to
Throttle she flipped the blanket over his shoulders, sitting down
on his lap.
Just as everyone was starting to feel better the lights went
out. "Shit Falcon does anything stay working in this place." Red
stated, matter of factly. Remembering the last time she was here,
if it could break it had. "Let me guess I get to go fire up the
generator?" Red got up dragging Modo with her, she headed for the
trap door that led to the basement. "Come with me cool breeze."
Throttle and Falcon went to find some candles. Leaving Charlie
and Vinnie sitting by the fire.
"Are you feeling any better?" Charlie sat behind him rubbing
his arms, trying to help.
"I think I have some candles in the kitchen," Falcon was
pulling drawers open when two very friendly hands came up inside
her shirt. "Can I help you find something, Sir?" Falcon leaned back
against Throttle. "Why no my lady, I think I found what I was
looking for." He started at her throat, kissing his way down her

Pulling Modo along behind her, Red went straight to the
basement. Finding the generator in the dark, Red handed Modo a can
of gas "Here you fill while I prime the pump." Modo had never been
around someone so strong willed. He was starting to think maybe,
just maybe she would be the one to heal his wounded pride.
"Stand back," Red stated as she pulled the cord, firing the
generator. "There that should do the trick, now all we have to do
is flip all the breakers." Red went to find the fuse box. "Go feel
along that other wall, the fuse box is around here somewhere." Red
was patting the walls when a thought came to her, pushing herself
back against the wall. Waiting for Modo to find her.

"Well what do we do now?" Falcon asked. "I have some board
games in the closet." She thought, but then remembered that only
the mice could hear her. Before she said another word Throttle said
"NO! no board games!" Falcon took two steps back and looked at him.
"Okay, okay no board games. May I ask why not?" She thought.
Throttle's response was fast coming, "Well it's like this, every
time we try to play a nice quiet board game we destroy half the
place." He gave her a sheepish look.
"Well we could sit around telling ghost stories." She started
to go sit by the fire place but was stopped short by a hand on her
arm. Throttle pointed over her shoulder at the fire place. She
could just make out Vinnie. Charlie sitting in front of Vinnie with
her back to him and his arms were around her. He had his head
resting on her shoulder. "See I told you." Falcon tried to think
her words only to Throttle. "I knew she liked him, but you kept
telling him no." She snuggled into the crook of his arm, "I never
figured it would work." Throttle tried to explain.
"Okay, okay I hear ya." Throttle chuckled, letting her lean
into him, "I think Modo still can't quite believe your friend's
game of 'cat and mouse' is legit. I think he's scared to death."
"Speaking of the mighty huntress, where is she?" Falcon darted
a glance at the trap door told her that Red and Modo must still be
down in the basement. They looked at each other and shrugged, then
simultaneously said, "Fusebox."

Patting the wall high and low in the dark Modo stepped to his
left, hand skimming the wall. When suddenly the wall acquired a
prominent shape and texture that in no way resembled plaster. His
fingers fell away from the sweet curves of her torso and he began
to mumble an apology. It occurred to him that he had been pursued
all afternoon. Instead of backing away and stammering, he stepped
up very close, picked her up off the floor and pressed her to the
wall. His arms and tail supporting her weight, mouth crushed almost
desperately to hers. Her hands grabbed a hold of his ears, her
ankles locked together behind his back, and she ground herself
against him. The ferocity of her response pushed all other thoughts
of apologies out of his mind.
Throttle held the little candle a bit higher so they could
both see the open trap door to the cellar. They could hear the
muted voices from below, which suddenly stopped. Falcon stepped
closer to him, then followed him down the steep steps. Bumping into
him when he stopped unexpectedly: she ducked down slightly, saw
what he was staring at. She gently closed his mouth for him with
one finger under his chin. Grabbing his ear and dragging him back
up when he showed no sign of moving. She grinned at him and
thought, "Hey, we're bad influences. Wanna go find some new things
to demonstrate?"
Throttle smiled in return, but before he could close the
distance between them, Charlie, with both Vinnie's blanket and
Vinnie wrapped around her shuffled up and asked, "Hey, where do we
all sleep?"
Falcon thought a moment about her sudden housing problem, then
brightened into a gleeful grin, "I know, there's a hide-a-bed in
the big couch in front of the fireplace, and above the garage
there's a loft. The loft's just mostly storage, but all my old
furniture from the fall is up there, including that mammoth old
bed." Falcon signed to Charlie, who did know a little sign
"Dibs on the fireplace!" shouted Vinnie, ends of the blanket
in a death grip, both fists under Charlie's chin. She grinned at
Throttle, "My mother always told me to stay away from guys like
him, but then she told me not to waste my time playing around with
being a mechanic, too"
Throttle laughed back at her, "It's about time. He needs a
keeper." Vinnie made a rude noise in return, his tongue stuck out.
Throttle leaned down over the trap door and loudly cleared his
throat. From below came a muffled giggle, and a low, grumpy noise
from Modo, then Red shouted, "What??"
"You guys want to crash in the loft over the garage?" Vinnie
called down hopefully, squeezing Charlie tighter and holding up two
crossed fingers. Falcon laughed silently at him, and Throttle
added, "Yo, Modo, what happened to the lights?"
More indistinct grumbling ensured from Modo, an octave lower
than his first indecipherable mutter, then he said, loud enough to
be heard (barely), "S' dark down here, man. I got lost," Red
laughed, then was cut off abruptly, then could be heard again,
"Loft's fine, yup-yup, whatever..." A minute or two later Modo came
up the stairs with Red in tow. "So where's this loft?" He asked.

Falcon managed to find enough blankets and pillows for
everybody. "It's a good thing we've paired up or I'd never have
enough for everyone." She thought to Throttle who was helping her
pass things out. "Yeah" He agreed with a grin on his face. "You
sure you girls didn't plan all this?" Vinnie asked leering at
Charlie. She reached up and slapped him playfully. He caught her
hand and kissed it. Winking at her, Charlie laughed.
Falcon lead the way up to the loft. Falcon heard Red giggle,
"Will you stop that." she said as she slapped at Modo's tail, he
had it wrapped around her waist and every so offend he would tickle
her with the tip. Falcon thought to Modo, "What are you doing to
her?" But his only answer was "Who me?"
Falcon just shook her head laughing. "Well this is it. It's
not much but hey it's warm up here and it's private," she signed
"Have fun". She took Red off to the side and signed to her, trying
not to think what she was saying. "Don't do anything I wouldn't
do." Red laughed wickedly and whispered "I won't."

Throttle had helped Vinnie pull the bed out while Charlie put
some more wood on the fire. Vinnie whispered to Throttle, "Uh...
bro is this okay? I mean I'd never do anything to hurt Charlie."
Throttle stopped for a moment, remembering all the times he had
told Vinnie NO when it came to Charlie, then answered him. "Hey
man, don't worry, just go slow. You know." As Throttle left them he
gave Vinnie a thumbs up, and a wink at Charlie. She blushed.
Throttle walked around the fireplace and found Falcon waiting
for him. "I think they're going to be alright." She pointed up at
the loft. "Yeah, I think they will too." He pointing back over his
He looked down at her, brushed the hair out of her eyes, "Now
then where were we?" he said. They stared into each others eyes for
a moment, then Throttle broke into a grin, bent at the waist and
lifted her up over his shoulder. Running for the bed, Falcon let
loose with a loud mental shriek that had all the mice laughing.
Charlie glared over at Vinnie, "Don't you dare even think it."
Vinnie walked up to her, scooped her up in his arms and
walking around the side of the bed gently laid her down. He slowly
joined her.

Meanwhile up in the loft, Red was busy checking out Modo, from
the tip of his antenna to the tip of his tail. "So exactly how
humanoid are you Martian Mice?" she asked, running her hands over
his chest and down his sides. His chest armor had been the first
thing she had removed. Slowly she worked her way down his body till
she reached his belt, then she started back up again, using her
fingers to trace circular patterns in his grey fur. It tickled but
he wasn't going to ask her to stop. "Well" he started, but laughed,
losing his train of thought. He tried to continue, but she was
driving him nuts, her soft hands running through his fur. He tried
again, "Throttle told Falcon the only difference was our antenna
and tails." He finely managed to get the whole sentence out before
he started laughing again. "Well in that case!" Red said with a
cheerful glee. "Lets just see." With a good strong pull she had his
bike pants off. "Oh Momma!!" Modo exclaimed, pulling a pillow over
his face, trying to hide. When Red saw what she had discovered she
looked skyward. "There is a Goddess."
Red started by slowly stroking the insides of Modo's thighs,
working her way up to her prize. As she took his manhood, or should
that be mousehood, in her hands, she thought she heard an "Oh
Momma" come from under the pillow, but she wasn't sure. When she
gently licked it from base to tip she felt his whole body quiver
under her touch. "OH MOMMA!!" Modo lay there moaning, afraid to
move, afraid Red would stop. He tried to relax, but she was making
him crazy, it had been nearly five years since his last girl
friend. "Oh Momma, I think I'm in love," he whimpered from under
his pillow.
Red had gotten into a pattern of going from tip to base and
back again, this was driving him closer and closer to the edge,
every so often you could hear small noises coming from under the
pillow. "Oh Momma!" it was getting to be to much for him. Modo
threw the pillow off his face, wrapped his tail around her waist
and, lifting her up, he sat her on top of him. "Oh momma!" it was
Red's turn to come unglued; when he entered her it felt even bigger
than it looked.
Modo's hands were finding lots of things to do, like running
up Red's sides, around to her butt and up to her tits. They stood
up proudly. He felt her tense, knew she was close to climaxing. He
was rubbing her nipples when she suddenly arched her back and let
go, digging her fingers into his fur, letting out a long "OHHHHH."
When her muscles contracted it was all he could take, there was no
holding it back, he came too, with one long moan. It took a moment
for them to regain their sanity, "Where have you been all my life?"
Red asked, still sitting on Modo, slowly rocking back and forth,
not quite ready to get off. "You know, if you keep doing that, I
can't be held responsible..." he told her when he could breathe
again. "I don't have a problem with that." She replied, with a
gleam in her eyes.
Modo decided that fair was fair and revenge is sweet, pulling
Red down to him he rolled her over, now that he had released some
of his pent up frustrations, he could concentrate on her. He
started by running his tongue down the side of her throat, down to
her chest, going from one breast to the other, licking, kissing,
nibbling. "Oh shit, that's not fair!" Red grabbed the same pillow
Modo had been chewing on, taking a big bite, she moaned into it.
Now that Modo had Red's undivided attention he sat back on his
heels, running his hands down her hips, up the insides of her
thighs, gently playing with her. He moved lower, kissing his way
down to her mound, he nudged her legs apart, licking his way to her
inner folds. "Oh shit," it came from somewhere under the pillow,
Modo grinned, going back to his dessert, Red.
"Oh please, please oohh, don't stop," Red begged, pulling at
anything she could reach, the blankets, the pillows, Modo's fur, at
some point his tail found it's way in to all this. Modo used the
tip of his tail to tickle Red's nipples, destroying any bit of self
control she had. "Please," her voice came in short gasps.
Modo was having troubles of his own, he didn't think he could
bear to tease much longer, "What do you want?" he asked her, a
wicked gleam in his eye, "You!," she cried as she threw the pillow
off her face and grabbing handfuls of furry face, pulled him up and
kissed him, hard, tasting herself on his lips.

Meanwhile things were warming up in front of the fireplace.
Vinnie had been slowly taking off pieces of Charlie's clothing. He
had started with her boots and had worked his way up to her top,
which now lay unbutton, her soft flesh warmed by the fire. "I've
been waiting for this night for almost a year, I hope you don't
mind if I take my time." He said as he leaned down to kiss each
breast, slowly making bigger and bigger circles around the nipples.
Charlie made soft noises, Vinnie took that as a sign to continue
what he was doing. He reached out and ran his hand down her side,
lightly brushing the outsides of her legs. Vinnie sat back pulling
Charlie up with him, he removed her top and tossed it to the floor,
where it landed on the other pieces. "You know I have always liked
you, but sometimes you make me crazy." Charlie said as she played
with his ear, she reached over and kissed it. "Babe I haven't even
begun to drive you crazy." He replied pushing her back down on the
bed. He was sitting on his knees in front of her, checking her out.
Yeah this was going to be good, he thought. Ever so gently he
pushed her legs apart, gazing at her naked body.
He started slowly licking the insides of her legs, her calves,
her thighs. When he moved to her warm, wet places she let out a low
moan; he worked his way along her outer sweetness. He tasted her,
sweet, like warm honey, he could feel her moving her hips begging
for more, "Oh Vinnie, please," she pleaded. He sighed, using his
fingers to part her moist folds, licking her gently with the tip of
his tongue. Charlie was shaking her head back and forth, moaning,
"Ohhh Vinnie" as her hands were grabbing at the sheets she caught
his tail, now she could extract some revenge, she started stroking
the tip of his tail.
Vinnie was trying to concentrate on what he was doing, but
with Charlie playing with his tail it was becoming rapidly more
difficult. "You asked for it." He brought his face away from her,
letting hips fall back to the bed he crawled up her, kissing him
she smelled herself on his face, she could taste her own juices on
his lips.
Vinnie removed his tail from her grasp with a snap, as he
entered her he felt her warmth surround him like a blanket. "Oh
babe I've wanted you forever," Vinnie nuzzled her on the cheek the
way Throttle had showed Falcon; he had been chasing her for so
He wasn't sure he could hold back much longer. He felt her
tense under him, he felt her fingers running through his fur,
pulling at it. That cut it, he let fly with the hardest orgasm he'd
ever had. Charlie moaned, he looked down at her saying softly, "I
love you Charlie girl," she brushed his cheek with her hand and
said, "I love you too." Vinnie pulled out and lay next to her on
the bed, and she curled up to him with her head on his shoulder. He
used his tail to snag the corner of their blanket, covering them.

Falcon hung over Throttle's shoulder, squirming wildly, her
thoughts squealing, "You beast! Put me down!" she laughed, and he
did, dropping her on the bed without bending over, so that she
bounced, ending sprawled on the quilt. Throttle stood smiling at
her from the end of the bed, "Beast, huh?" he growled in a smoky
voice, "Could be.." he flung off his clothes and crawled across the
bed, stalking her, growling, his tail lashing back and forth. She
scooted backwards away from him, giggling, until she had run into
the headboard, and he caught her, grabbing her ankles he pulled her
to him. Falcon lay writhing, only half trying to escape. Rumbling
and growling, biting playfully at her and caressing her with a
gentle kind of intensity. His muscles tensed under her nails as she
dragged them sharply across his chest, and he hissed in ecstatic
pain when her sharp teeth sunk into his shoulder. Hungry hands
feverishly stripped away her clothes, tossing them haphazardly into
the dark, his tail stroking her most sensitive flesh until his
fingers could join it in pleasuring her, her private moans and
cries into his mind spurring him to bring her to completion.
Falcon reached up and pulled Throttle down on to her, then
rolling him on to his back she trapped him between her legs, caging
him in a prison of wet silken heat, her hips pistoning with a
rhythm older then time.
Throttle's hands reached out to hold her heaving breasts,
pinching the nipples lightly, his eyes squeezed shut with the
effort of holding himself back from the explosion building in his
loins; he managed it, just, until she leaned her body back, reached
down enough to touch the insides of his thighs, and trailed her
nails softly along his skin and over his balls to the base of his
erection. Throttle promptly lost it, burning into overdrive-surging
into her, his hands locked onto her hips to hold her in place-his
voice as loud in his own ears as her sweet one was in his head,
screaming his name over and over as she came and came, "Cody! Oh,
Oh, Oh, my God, Cody!!"' one very small part of his brain, the one
still capable of coherent thought, cringed. He groaned her name as
he went off, crushing her to his chest, fingers fisted in her hair.
She lay atop him, their bodies still connected, barely able to draw
breath, let alone disengage. It took them a moment to register the
noises around them, "What's that?" she asked quietly in his head.
"I think it's Vinnie and Modo trying not to bust a gut." He
stated as they disengaged. With sudden insight Falcon put her hand
over her mouth, "Oh Throttle I'm sorry, I never even thought about
them being able to hear me. Forgive me?" she raised up on one elbow
and looked at him. "Babe, I grew up with them," he stated matter of
factly. Brushing the hair out of her eyes and kissing the end of
her little nose.

"Screamin' about what?" asked a sleepy Red. Awakened by Modo
laughing, his arm holding her tight to him in spoon fashion, his
tail wound up over her hip and around her leg. He gave a small,
very deep chuckle, his left arm tightening around her, his hand
cupping her breast teasingly. Red shuddered, pressing her body back
against him as his hot breath fluttered over her neck and against
her ear; "Are you sure you wanna know?" he whispered, tongue
flicking feather light over the skin of her shoulder, his teeth
grazing her flesh.
"Ooohh, samples and everything," she purred, shifting her
weight and wiggling her rump against him, gaining the complete
attention of a certain part of his anatomy; it stirred against her,
a solid warmth steadily gaining firmness until it pressed against
her lower back. His hand stroked down from her breast along her
waist and hip before dipping down across her belly to lower
regions, his fingers dancing ardently in and out of the short, dark
curls there. She rolled her head back, her legs falling open in
wanton abandon, allowing his hand full access and baring her throat
to his warm, sure mouth. Not quite sure how, Red found herself up
on her knees, slightly bent over, her hands clasped on the
headboard, her mouse lover bent over her back, his hands clamped
onto her breast, his tail busy in those curls his fingers had
occupied a moment before, and his singularly impressive organ
gliding extremely slowly and pleasantly exactly where she wanted it
most. She groaned softly, trying to buck back into him and speed
his stroke, but he would not be hurried; in slowly, pause, out even
more slowly, pause, and back in-it was maddening to her. She cried
out when his tongue traced along her shoulder to her ear, thrashing
in his grip, but he murmured softly into her hair, never missing a
stroke "You said you wanted a demonstration." "Oh pleaseeee" Red
begged "pretty please," he had to laugh.
Modo started speeding up, not too fast, taking his time, using
the tip of his tail to play with her warm wetness at the same time.
"Oh that's cheating" she protested, trying to make him go faster,
she thought for a moment, then reached up and back and grabbed one
of his antenna, Modo let out a yelp. Red was arching her back
trying to make him hit just the right spot, there, just one more,
"oohhh" she bucked letting lose with a fury. Modo followed close
with his own release. They dropped back on the bed with a thud,
they stayed like that for a time, then she asked again "What was so
funny?" Modo had almost forgotten "Oh that, you know how we can
hear Falcon, I don't think she realized when she screamed his name
we'd all hear her." He snuggled up to her rubbing his face in her
hair. She still didn't get it, "So what's so funny about that, it
is a small cabin, I'm sure we could be heard too." She rolled over
in his arms, he looked at her in the soft light, "Yeah but she
wasn't crying out, 'Throttle', she was calling him by his real
name, that's whats so funny, no body calls him that. And lives." He
brushed her face with the back of his real hand, she couldn't help
it she had to know "So whats his real name?" He wasn't sure if he
should tell her, but oh hell, why not? "It's Cody, but please don't
tell him I told you, okay? He'd like, rip my arms off and feed it
to me" he pleaded with her. "Mum's the word, lover. Just for you,"
she growled, and wrapped her arms and legs around him, seeing if
she could charm his snake back into rising again.

Vinnie was laughing so hard it hurt, he didn't dare let it out
but oh boy was that good, he started laughing all over again.
"WHAT!!" Charlie tried not to yell to loud, she grabbed the pillow
he was holding over his face, pulled it up and yelled in his face,
"tell me!" no, he couldn't, he just couldn't, it was to good. With
his legs kicking and his face buried in the pillow Vinnie tried so
hard not to laugh but he couldn't help it. Charlie had had enough,
she wanted to know what had him so messed up, what in the world
could be so funny that it would wake them from their euphoric
sleep. Now she wanted to know, NOW, "Vinnie if you don't tell me
what is so funny I will tie your tail in a knot." She demanded.
"Okay, okay, but you have to promise not to tell, promise?" his
voice came out muffled, she pulled the pillow from his face, and
gave him a look that could melt butter, he held up his hands in
defense. "Okay, here's the deal, see you know how we can hear
Falcon, well see she called him by his real name," he had to stop
he was starting to laugh to hard, he couldn't talk, without busting
up. Charlie reached over and grabbed his tail, "Hey, okay, okay
look no body calls Throttle by his real name, NO body, he'd
Vinnie started laughing again but Charlie wouldn't let him
have the pillow back, "So what is it?" she sat back on her neels
and waited, holding the pillow, she just didn't see what was so
funny. Vinnie sat up, trying to breath, "Okay his real name is
Cody." He looked at her like he was waiting for her to get the
joke, she didn't get it. "I don't see whats so funny, I like it."
She tried to picture his face, "Cody" she said it so softly that
Vinnie hoped no one else had heard it. "Jeez Charlie are you trying
to get me killed? What if he heard you?" he put his hand over her
mouth, "Please don't do that again" he begged her.
"But I don't see whats so funny. It's just a name, and I think
it's cute." Charlie just couldn't see what all the fuss was about.
"Cute!, CUTE!?, Charlie girl you know how he is, you have to be
cool, and his real name just isn't cool." Vinnie was fighting her
for the pillow, trying to get back under the covers where it was
"C'mon, baby, I'm freezin'," he begged, looking so pitiful
that she finally relented and let go of the blanket, holding out
her arms to him and embracing him as he slid into the bed next to
her. He was actually cold to the touch, and she rubbed her palms
against his arms and sides, then lower, over his hips and legs. His
tail snaked out and pulled her close against him, letting her know
that her rubbing had stimulated more than his blood flow.
"Again?" she gasped, and he winked, his hands full of her firm
rear end. He nuzzled against her cheek and said softly in her ear,
"I been savin' it all for you for almost a year, sweetheart. Twice
in one night? Just the appetizer," he pulled the blanket up over
both of them.

Red woke up with a jolt, not remembering where she was, but
held down by a great furry, warm weight. She panicked for a second,
struggling, and woke Modo. He immediately let her up, raising his
arm so she could rise. "S' matter, darlin'?" he asked sleepily,
brushing long tangled hair out of her eyes with a gentle hand. She
collapsed back against him in total relief, squeezing him tight.
"Damn. I had a weird dream. When I woke up, I didn't know
where I was," she said, burrowing against his chest. His arms
closed reflexively around her in a massive comforting shelter. He
brushed her cheek with his, nuzzling her softly.
"Well, since we're up anyway, why don't we sneak down and raid
the fridge? Everybody else is sleepin', I can't hear'em." he
suggested a few moments later, wiggling his eyebrows up and down
lewdly, "After all, a mouse expending energy needs to refill his
tank once in a while," he grinned, and she shook her head, then
began pounding it against his chest. "You're mixing metaphors,
Fuzzy, and I know what that extra energy's for," she grinned
suddenly, like sun coming thru clouds, "So let's go get a lot of
it," she giggled, hopping out of the bed and dragging him with her.
Red and Modo climbed down the ladder, trying to be quiet, then
snuck between their friends sleeping and into the kitchen, where
they discovered a candle and matches on the counter, lit it and
began rummaging for food.
Modo came up behind Red, who was bent over, going thru the
fridge, her unbuttoned shirt hitched up on her back, leaving her
perfectly heart-shaped bare ass for him to enjoy. He trailed his
cool metal fingers across her warm flesh, and she jumped, then
wiggled her rear provocatively at him, glancing back over her
"Damn, darlin', you're enough to make a mouse forget all about
his food," he leered, using both hands to stroke her.
"We can't have that, lover. You'll need all your strength."
She turned and handed him a hastily foraged, though enormous
Dagwood-type sandwich and a 2-liter bottle of rootbeer. They sat at
the table, Red in her shirt, Modo wrapped in a sheet; he ate
quickly, Red sharing his soda. When the food had disappeared, they
began talking, not touching, a real, serious conversation. By the
end of it, they were friends as well as lovers, and Red told him
her name.
"Rebecca? Whats wrong with that?" he asked holding her hands
on the table top. She shrugged, "It brings back bad memories.
Besides, I like the way you say "Red", real deep, just before you
come." Her eyes sparkled silvery in the candle light and she licked
her lips provocatively at him, winking. His tail slid out from
under the sheet he had draped around him and sinuously traced up
her leg, then, with no warning, he started tickling her with it
under the table. They got carried away, just playing, when they
noticed four other sleepy, groggy people staring at them.
"Ooops," Modo said sheepishly, gathering Red's mostly
uncovered body into his sheet with him. "Sorry,"
"It's all right. It's almost morning anyway," Falcon signed,
heading for the bathroom with many towels and Throttle in tow.
Throttle stopped a moment, regarding Modo, slapped him
casually on the back and said, "Y'know, bro, you're gonna
misrepresent us. We're mice, not rabbits. Oh, and I heard what you
told the girls." He gave his buddy a direct stare and a sharp slap
on the back, then glared at Vinnie, "Both of you." then he followed
Falcon into the bathroom.
"Whew. He must be mellowing." Modo sagged with relief.
"Or in love," Vinnie snickered, then turned to Modo,
"Rabbits...hee heee... just how many times can you do it in one
Red peered out of the sheet at him, eyebrow cocked, "Eight,
before passing out. Oh, and Vinnie? both you and Throttle need to
work on your singing voices" she leaned on Modo.
"Eight?" Charlie squeaked to Vinnie, "No wonder she's not
standing on her own." They all laughed, sitting around the table,
Red on Modo's lap because she had broken one of the four chairs the
previous day.
Sounds of running water and giggling came from the bathroom,
then Vinnie's and Modo's antenna twitched, and singing popped into
their heads, projections from Falcon mental humming, overlaid with
waves of intense emotion and actual words, "Oh, yeah, oh my...oh,
oh, Cody..."
"They're at it again..." snickered Modo, a silly grin across
his face, "...and he called us rabbits..." he hugged Red tighter,
and she rubbed her cheek against his.
Throttle and Falcon finally emerged from the bathroom, both of
them wrapped in huge fluffy towels, slightly embarrassed grins, and
each other's arms.
"Yeah, either he's getting older or he's in love." Modo
pronounced, just standing up without letting Red get off him; he
simply picked her up as he rose. Vinnie made a smooching noises and
Charlie tweaked his antenna.
"Watch it, Vincent, or you're sleeping out with the bikes
tonight," she said, winking conspiratorially at him.
Throttle laughed, his arm around Falcon's shoulder. Modo
reappeared silently from the bathroom, a handful of snow behind his
back. He cleared his throat, and Throttle turned toward him,
getting a small, fluffy ball of cold right in the face. "Rah!" He
yelped, brushing it off.
"Now who's acting like a rabbit?" Red teased, dragging Modo
back into the bathroom and securing the door.
"Why am I nervous?" Vinnie demanded of the ceiling, but it was
Charlie who answered, "Because, sexy, you remember every annoying
thing you've done to everyone else, and you're waiting for their
revenge" she stood in front of him, pried the edges of the blanket
out of his hands, and breathed in his ear, "I'm cold...warm me up."
With no hesitation whatever, he sat back in the chair and
opened his blanket; Charlie didn't turn around with her back to
him, she straddled him instead, her arms twining around his neck,
face close to his. Throttle and Falcon went to get dressed, Charlie
took the opportunity to scoot closer up Vinnie's thighs, her body
fitting perfectly against his. His hands stole up under the big T-shirt
she wore, sliding smoothly over her skin, his fingers grazing her nipples.
"Why, madam, are you making an invitation?" he breathed,
teasing her ear, she replied by hunching her hips slightly, rubbing
flesh to fur, "Why, sir, after last night, do you need one?" They
laughed, ignoring the noises in the bathroom, snuggling.
Modo and Red emerged, clean and damp, a cloud of steam
billowing out behind them, Charlie gave an anticipatory sigh. "I am
dying for a shower." She stood up off him, using the blanket as
cover to pull down her shirt, then made a bee line. "C'mon,
Vinnie!" she called, but he hung back, "Huh, uh. No way. If I get
wet, I'll freeze." he grumped stubbornly, grousing until Modo put
his hand on Vinnie's head and forcefully turned it toward the
bathroom door.
Charlie had one bare leg thrust out thru the door, posed
seductively, then her hand stuck out, one finger crooked for him to
join her. "Come wash my back..." her voice pouted, he was off the
chair and thru the door in a flash, albeit still wearing the
Modo laughed, leaned down, and kissed the top of Red's head.
"Why Red? Your hair's black," he asked as they walked back toward
the ladder to the loft. She pulled back the thick curtain of ebony
hair that fell past her waist, revealing a wide streak of blood red
hair just behind her left ear. "Genetic. Weird, huh? Some way to
get a nickname," she laughed, preceding him up the ladder. He
casually swatted her butt with his left hand, letting it trail down
over her hips and leg.
"At this rate, we'll never get dressed, much less get the snow
shoveled away from the cabin." Red sighed, "But what a fan-freaking-tastic
way to get nothing done!" She giggled, scrambling the rest of the way up,
Modo right behind her.
Half an hour later, just as Vinnie and Charlie crept out of
the shower and headed for their clothing, the wind outside changed
it's mournful wail into a ragging scream, followed by a bone
jarring crack, and a BOOM! That shook the entire cabin.
"That wasn't me!" Bellowed Modo from the loft, everyone
gathered near the fireplace in various states of undress, pulling
their clothes on frantically.
"What the hell was that?" Demanded Charlie, hand over her
"Look up. We're screwed." Red answered, pointing to the
daylight, tree branch, and snow coming in thru the sundered roof.
"OH Hell!" stated Vinnie in a monotone, shivering.
Falcon took charge, issuing orders, she tapped Red on the
shoulder, "Red, get on the radio. Get the base ranger station to
send us some help, 'Cuz we'll never make it down this mountain pass
without an assist, not in this storm, and we can't stay here."
Falcon signed, then to Throttle and the others she sent, "The rest
of us need to pack up everything we can, sleeping bags, food, extra
clothes, pillows, whatever. We can load it all in the back of Red's
Humm V. Lets get movin'." She finished buttoning her shirt.
Throttle brushed her cheek once with his, translated to
Charlie, and motioned to Modo and Vinnie, "You heard the lady,
bros. Lets move."
By the time they had nearly everything loaded, Red looked up
from the radio, pulling off the head-phones. "Bad news, boys and
girls. No help will be coming from the Papa Bears. Seems the states
in a condition of emergency and civilians get help first. Baby Bear
here gets to watch her own tail till the emergency's over. I
told'em they suck, they agreed and suggested we seek shelter
elsewhere till the storm's over." A look of real anger passed over
her face, Modo put his arm protectively around her. She looked up
into his face and shook off her fury, plastering a smile on for his
benefit. "So we make do, and I know how."
Everyone stared at her expectantly, she gave a smug little
grin. "State troopers say there is NO going down the mountain. They
said nothing about up." Red let the sentence hang, then continued.
"That big wide Hummer 'Bitch' out there is an ice breaker, that's
what she's for! Six miles north west is the old MacTavish lodge and
mine!..Hello! It's refurbished for summer tours, Falcon. Think a
minute. you're a ranger. On that big ranger key ring of yours,
there's a key for the locks. It's perfect." Red hugged Modo,
evidently pleased with herself.
Falcon wasn't sure, she signed to Red, "What about
know?" she made a sign the guys didn't understand. "Hey that's just
an old story they tell around camp fires." Red signed back at
Falcon so the Bros were left wondering.
"Hey just what kind of place is this?" Vinnie demanded,
pulling Charlie close. "Yeah, what is it between you two?" Modo
pulled Red up. Waiting for an answer. Throttle pulled Falcon around
in front of him, "Well what's up?" with his free hand he pulled his
sunglasses down, looking her in the eyes.
"It's just an old story they made up to explain the weird
noises you sometime hear at night." Falcon sent, trying to sound
like it was no big deal. "Besides Red's right we can't stay here
and we can't go down so it's our only choice." she finished.
Looking him in the eyes.
"Okay bros you heard the ladies lets go." Throttle smiled at
"Okay, but how do we get the bikes there?" Vinnie asked,
pulling on his gloves.
"Y'ride'em. The big cow-catcher looking thing on the front of
the Humm V is for shoveling ice'n'snow. I'll make the way, you
follow." Red looked over at her friend, "I know your worried about
Thunder, but he'll be safe in the garage with my ride." Red but her
hands on Falcon's shoulders and gave a little squeeze. Falcon shook
her head okay, and gave a numbs up sign.
Red went to supervise the last of the packing so Throttle
could have a minute alone with Falcon.
"Hey, remember me, the guy who rocked your world. It's going
to be alright, you'll see, after the storm breaks we'll come back
here and get both you girls' rides, okay?" Throttle caressed her
cheek, and kissed her on the nose.
Arms around each other they walked out through the garage. The
three martian Harleys were warmed up and waiting to go. "Let's get
this show on the road," Throttle checked to see everyone was set,
patted Falcon's thigh and kicked his bike into gear.

Modo followed directly behind Red, Vinnie and Charlie next,
with Throttle and Falcon last. Red kept up a monologue of tour
guide patter over the CB, pointing out land marks covered in snow,
interesting features covered in snow, and more snow. It kept them
amused, as Falcon kept up a similar travel guide in Throttle's
head, however, hers had little or nothing to do with the scenery,
and everything to do with exactly, in graphic detail, what she
planned to do with him in each of the spots Red named, once the
spring came. Her X-rated travelogue was meant for him alone, but
some of it leaked over to the others antenna, making them giggle.
What they didn't get, that he did, were the images to go along with
the descriptions, and they were making sitting on his bike
difficult. Worse yet, her hands kept straying from around his waist
down to his crotch, occasionally stroking and squeezing.
"Ok, ok, keep it up, Priscilla," he groaned, forgetting for an
instant that the comm pick ups were 'on' in all the helmets and
hooked up to Red's CB.
"Priscilla?!" echoed Charlie, Vinnie and Modo, incredulous.
"Ooops." Throttle dead panned, wincing as Falcon hit him
several times in the shoulders.
The others dissolved into hysterical laughter. Red keyed on
the CB again, dire warning in her voice, "Modo Mouse, don't you
even think about opening your big yap!!"
"Yes, dear," he replied meekly, snickering, and then came the
chorus of "What?? What's her name??" from the others.
Falcon, laughing fit to bust, sent into Throttle's mind alone,
"It's Rebecca." Throttle nodded. "Figures," he whispered to her.
Red was happily going along with her monologue when Throttle
gave Falcon a shock, he sent to her, "I love you." A simple message
but it had the desired effect. That one little sentence made Falcon
so wet. "Oh my god, Cody how did you do that?? I mean." Falcon sent
back after a minute. Throttle sat grinning, he hadn't meant to
drive her that crazy, but why look a gift horse in the mouth.
Falcon spent a few minutes working up the strength to do
something she hadn't done in years. She opened her face mask and
leaned around to open Throttle's face mask. She stood on her foot
pegs so her mouth was right near his ear, and spoke, in a rough,
racked and ruined resp that was almost inaudible and clearly
hideously painful to manage, "I love you."
Throttle wiped at the suspiciously un-macho moisture at the
corners of his eyes before closing his visor back up, then reached
down and squeezed her leg with one hand, his tail pulling her tight
against him in the closest he could come to a backwards hug.
Red had kept up her monologue, entertaining the others, and so
they kept their privacy.

For the past five miles they had been almost constantly under
the cover of trees, so when they burst suddenly into the clearing
that held the lodge and the side of the mountain they were
surprised, to say the least. Red was loving it. The lodge reared
up. A two story black monster burrowed into the mountainside. From
both Vinnie and Throttle, in unison came the words, "Say it Modo,"
to which he replied, "Oh, Mamma!"
Red keyed the CB, "I love it when he says that," she cooed,
and Charlie laughed. Falcon crawled off the back of Throttle's
bike, and fished her keys out of a pocket, searching for the ones
to open their safe haven. She found them, opening up the dark
cabin, and shivered.
The bikes were parked and covered on the capacious front
porch, and a bucket line (baggage line) was made: from the Hummer
to Modo, to Throttle, to Vinnie, to Charlie and in to Red in the
house, who passed them to Falcon for deployment.
"Okay. There's six bedrooms downstairs, a bathroom, four more
bedrooms up stars, bathroom and the kitchen is over there. There's
no running water, but there is a pump. This place is totally safe-it
was rebuilt in-side two years ago." Red looked over at Falcon
for confirmation. Falcon nodded at her but winced when there was a
creek behind her. Red continued, "Falcon and I have both been here
before," Red paused, and under her breath, "But never at night."
Modo shouldered the last bags, took them to the door, grabbed
Red and muttered, "This place feels like it's fuuny, like it's
haunted. I ain't goin' in."
Red looked up at him with huge, soulful, beautiful silver
eyes, "I don't want to sleep in the snow," she said, and it nearly
broke his heart, but not his superstition.
They wrangled, the guys joining in, the girls pulling and
pushing. Finally, Red said, "Fine. It's your call, Modo. If you
want both of us to stay out here and die of exposure, I love you
enough, and I'm stupid enough to go along with your decision.
There, is that a public enough declaration?" she plopped down on
the porch at his feet looking up into his face. Falcon gasped.
She'd known Red for more then half life, and knew that once she
said something that outrageous in front of witnesses, it was final.
All bets were off and all eyes turned to Modo, who looked like he'd
been hit in the head with a tree.
"D-die?" he stammered, shook his head, "You Love Me?!?" he
bent down, picked her up bodily and tossed her in the air, catching
her, and yelling "Wah-hoo!" before running inside with her under
one arm. He poked his head back out the door. "But, we all sleep
down stairs 'cuz it's close to the door."
Everybody sighed with relief, most of all Falcon, who sent to
Throttle, "That was close," as she helped him gather their pile of
bedding and belongings.
"She just said that to motivate him, didn't she?" he demanded
back, suddenly unnerved.
"No. She meant exactly what she said. She put her life in his
hands. If he had decided not to go in, she wouldn't either. With
the snow still coming down and the temp. The wind chill factor
still so damn low, they'd have dead by morning." Falcon thought to
him very quietly, very grimly, "Red doesn't often give of herself
or make public declarations, but when she does, they're sure and
"Whew," he sighed and she agreed.
Throttle walked with Falcon to their room, closing the door
behind them, locking it. "So," he said walking up behind her, and
putting his arms around her waist, laying chin on her shoulder,
"What was that back there? I thought you couldn't talk?" She
shrugged her shoulders, laying a hand on his, "I can only manage a
word here, a word there." She sent to him, she turned in his arms,
he saw the tears she was holding back. He gently raised her face to
his, leaning down he kissed her, "It's okay 'cuz I've gotten used
to you being in my head. It's nice." He kissed her again, he sat
her down on the bed, kneeling in front of her he took her hands in
his, "Falcon, will you consider, I mean when we do catch Limburger,
and go back to Mars will you come with me? Please?" Throttle
couldn't believe he was doing this, but then again he had gotten
real use to having her around.
Falcon just stared at him for a minute, trying to get her
voice to work, "Yes." It came out soft and low but he heard it
clear enough. She grabbed his vest and pulled him to her, falling
back on to the bed, she sent to him all the images she had conjured
up earlier.
"Oh, I'd almost forgot," Throttle rolled over taking Falcon's
shirt with him, up and off, the jeans followed, then his own
clothes. "I'm gonna make you suffer for all the teasing you did" he
said with an evil gleam in his eyes. He pushed her down on the bed,
started with little kisses all over her naked body, then down her
arm till the waves of orgasm had passed.
"I love you, Cody," Falcon sent, Throttle lifted up, rolling
off her, pulling her over with him, they laid there for a while,
till it started getting cold. "Maybe we should make up the bed
now." He got up and went over to the sleeping bags, Falcon

Modo set Red down long enough to shut and lock the door and
light the Coleman lantern they had brought, then he turned back to
Red and lifted her at arms length over his head, staring into her
face as if searching for a joke. She stared back in total honesty,
not hiding anything.
"Did you mean it? Truth or Trick?" he asked, very low very
Her hands braced on his forearms, she stared straight into his
one eye and just as quietly, "I swear on my soul I meant every
His eye closed tight, he swallowed hard, and pulled her to him
in a painful bear hug. She endured it and clung back. "I think
we've both been lonely too long," she said, just holding him, and
he whispered into her hair, "Nobody ever said.. I mean, I think...
uh, Y'know... I love you, too"
"For a big strong guy, yer pretty smart," Red laughed, pulling
back a little, "Pretty cute, too" she softly ran her finger up and
down his antenna, then used them to pull his head down to kiss him.
"Help me make up the bed, Cool breeze," she winked.

"Modo looked like his brain fried!" Charlie mentioned as she
helped Vinnie zip two sleeping bags together and throw the doubled
bag onto their bed, "Has he ever had a girl friend before?"
"Only one I can think of, long time ago, back on Mars. Real
cold one, y'know she used him, hurt him bad, he started takin'
suicide missions when she got done with him..." Vinnie's voice got
hard, then he shrugged. "Falcon vouches for her, and Throttle's
been in Falcon's head... Throttle wouldn't let him get hurt like
that again. Not our bro." He shivered, then grabbed Charlie, "Oooh-hoho!
gave me the creeps! C'mere and take my mind off that!" he asked,
she did.

Throttle had just finished telling Falcon about Modo's painful
past love life when the distant banging started from down the hall,
and both of them jumped, startled by the noise. Then they heard the
voices, definitely not fighting. "Headboard," Throttle snickered,
followed by "Wall." He grabbed Falcon and pulled her down onto his
lap. "Sounds like 'ol Modo's finally got rhythm. He could never
stay on the beat-couldn't dance either," he stroked her hair,
smiling as she reached up to take off his shades. She started
laughing her tingling, silent laugh in his head when ecstatic cries
from Red were heard, Modo's name and several very inventive
phrases, in rapid counterpoint to the suddenly faster, harder
pounding, which stopped very nearly at the same time Modo's voice
bellowed, "Oh, Mamma!"
Throttle and Falcon broke apart laughing, rolling on the bed.
When he could control his mouth, Throttle gleefully snickered, "If
last night was any indication, we're gonna have to get'em to move
the bed away from the wall. Otherwise nobody's gonna be able to
sleep-or concentrate on anything else."

Charlie released Vinnie's solid flesh from her mouth and
looked up at Modo's bellow, then giggled, "Damn, I guess they
worked it all out," before resuming her demonstration of the fine
art of fellatio. Vinnie wisely said nothing, keeping the pillow he
had been biting firmly between his teeth to prevent his own voice
from adding to the noise down the hall.

Modo pushed himself up on both arms, looking down into Red's
enraptured face. "Whoa. I guess we got carried away, huh?" he
whispered as she unlocked her ankles from behind his back.
"Yeah, but I don't think whispering now is gonna help," she
gasped, wiping sweat off her face and chest. "We gotta move the
bed, lover, or we'll bring the house down." She sighed, running
trembling fingers thru his fur. He snorted a laugh, disengaging.
"You know we're gonna hear about this," he grinned, reaching
for a towel to clean up. "An if we're not real careful, we're not
gonna have to worry about who's gonna sleep in the wet spot; we
won't have a dry spot to fight over."
Red laughed, slapping him lightly. "That must be why we forgot
to put that great big double sleeping bag on the bed," she
reminded, pointing to the two rolled bags in the corner. She went
to get them and yelped when he came up behind her, his hands gentle
on her waist.
"Tell me something; darlin," he rumbled, very softly, "Tell me
you'll be with me forever."
Her hands went still and she turned to face him. "You know I
can't. I'd be lying and I won't lie to you," she looked into his
face, then held his head between her hands. "Nothing is forever,
Modo-I don't make promises not even the gods could keep. But I'm
not the bitch that hurt you. I'd die before I'd let that happen.
I'm with you now. I'll be with you as long as you'll have me, and
I vow I don't want anything from you but yourself, your respect,
and your love. Can you live with that?"
He was silent for a moment, and so totally still she couldn't
even see him breath, then he took a huge, deep breath, let it out,
and gave a weak, silly grin. "You know, that's basically Martian
marriage vows."
She gasped as he swung her up in the air and around in huge
circle, "Modo! Put me down!" she squeaked, and he did, on the bed.
"My sweet old grey furred Mamma always said I'd meet a girl
like you," he informed her, staring down at her.
"And? what else did she say?" Red demanded as he grabbed the
foot board of the huge four poster bed and hauled it away from the
wall with one hand.
"She never told me specifically, she'd just wink at me. My
mama is a lady." He dove at her and rolled so she was sitting
astride his waist.
"Well, Mr. Mouse, I'll tell you then," she leaned over and
began whispering in his ear, her hands becoming very rude.
"Promises, promises," he growled.

By nightfall the storm had slowed a little but not much,
everyone was sleeping when the noises started, a chair fell over,
a door closing. Modo was the first one to hear, he wasn't sure he
wanted to know what was making the noises, BOOM. Red awoke with a
start, "What the hell was that?" she asked , Modo shook his head,
"I don't want to know." He grabbed the blanket, pulling it up over
his head. Crash, bang, "Okay this is getting real old real quick."
Red got up and walked to the door, opening it just a little she
pecked out, nothing. "Well maybe the others know whats up," she
walked back to the bed, sitting down on the edge she pulled the
sleeping bag out of Modo's big hands. "You can send to Falcon,
right? Well?" She sat drumming her fingers, staring at him.
"Yeah, I think so, I mean Throttle did it right.. Why?" he
asked, he didn't want to go calling for Falcon if her and Throttle
were busy. Well, how about you ask her if they heard that, and if
they did what they think it might have been." Red sat back against
the post of the foot board, wiggling her toes at him.
"Hey, ah, Falcon, you awake? It's me Modo," He hoped he wasn't
waking them. The noises continued. "Modo? whats up, besides us?"
Falcon sounded sleepy, even in his head. "Do you guys know anything
about all those noises?" Modo sent back to her, to Red he said, "I
woke her up." She struck her tongue out at him. "Well if I have to
be awake it's only fare she be awake," Red set back and waited,
"Falcon?" He tried again, "Yeah Modo I'm here, I think you guys had
better meet us at the fireplace, I'll explain when we get there."
Falcon broke off, Modo didn't like the sound of this, "She says we
should meet them at the fireplace," Modo got out of bed, pulling
on his bike pants, he threw Red her shirt. "I don't get it, Whats
up?" she said as she pulled on her shirt.
"Throttle, wake up, please," Falcon shook him gently, she kept
one eye on the image that had appeared in the corner of the room.
"Throttle, please wake up," she tried louder, when he finally
awoke, what ever it was it was gone, "What's goin' on, you okay?"
Throttle looked around trying to see what was wrong, but he didn't
see anything out of place. He reached over to take Falcon into his
arms, trying to go back to sleep, she wasn't there, she was pulling
on her shirt, "Where you going?" He asked sitting up. "We have a
problem, I told Modo and Red to meet us at the fireplace, so shake
a leg babe." She sent to him as she threw his pants at him, he
caught them, pulling them on he followed her out the door.
"Vinnie, Charlie, wake up," Throttle pounded on the door to
their room till Vinnie opened it, "What's up bro? Not another
tree?" Vinnie sighed, Charlie came up behind him, pulling on her
big T-shirt, "What's up?" They both looked like they hadn't gotten
much sleep. "I'm not sure but Modo woke Falcon, we're suppose to
meet them by the fireplace," Throttle put his arm around Falcon as
they headed for the other room, that's when they saw him, or it, or
something that wasn't quit there.
"What is that?" Charlie asked from just behind Vinnie, "I
don't know, and I'm not sure I want to." Vinnie whispered back at
her, what ever it was suddenly disappeared. "Okay, well at least we
know what woke Modo and Red," Throttle said as they headed down the
They all arrived at the fireplace about the same time, the
fireplace was huge, it had a big semicircle in front of it, this
was padded on the bottom and up the sides, a shelf ran out both
sides of it, it looked like a foxhole to the guys, "Did someone
turn off the heat, or what." Vinnie gripped, trying to hold Charlie
closer, to warm himself. "That's why I called you all out here,"
Falcon sent and signed, "It would seem that the only heat in the
house is this fireplace, so I suggest we bring all the sleeping
bags and stuff out here, we can have a giant slumber party." She
continued, then to just Throttle she sent, "It will be easier to
watch each others backs if we're all in one place." She slid up
under his shoulder, feeling a little safer.
"I don't want to be a party pooper, but what is going on
around here? I mean whats with all the noises and shit." Vinnie
piped in from behind Charlie. "Oh did we forget to mention that
sometimes people who come here say they see things." Red tried to
make it sound funny, it wasn't working, Modo looked down at her,
"What do you mean sometimes people see things? What things?" He
"Well there's this story about why they closed the mines, but
nobody ever believed it. Besides the Rangers have been here a
hundred times and never saw anything." Red defended herself.
"Okay, people lets not start pointing fingers, we're stuck
here and that's that. I say Falcon's right, we'll be a lot safer
sleeping out here in this pit." Throttle looked from Modo to Red
waiting, they both nodded agreement. "Good, now lets get the bags
out here, Vinnie, why don't you go with the girls, help them carry,
while Modo and I go start a fire." Throttle brushed Falcon's cheek,
grabbed the big guy and headed out for the wood.
"Okay ladies lets get to it," Vinnie wrapped his arms around
Falcon and Red, grabbing Charlie with his tail they headed for the
rooms, only to be brought up short by the sight of a, ghost, for
want of a better term. "What is that?" Vinnie asked softly, they
all stared at it unable to move, then it was gone. "Lets get our
stuff, and get back to the guys." He said and they agreed.

Throttle and Modo had a good fire going by the time the others
returned, "Nice fire," Falcon sent, coming over to Throttle she
laid their stuff down, "I guess all that field training does come
in handy sometimes." They all pitched in, soon the floor in front
of the fireplace looked like an explosion of sleeping bags and
They were all just getting settled when the noises started
again, this time they all heard them. The three mice and three
girls snuggled down into their burrow of blankets, "Oh mama," Modo
said from somewhere under it all. "I don't want to know," Vinnie
stated flatly, "Big, bad, biker mice,, Ha," Falcon sent and signed,
Red and Charlie saying it at the same time.
BOOM, they all sat straight up, Modo's tail looked like a
bottle brush, Vinnie's tail twitched, Throttle's antenna going
nuts, "Okay, I will not be beat by no stupid house!" Throttle had
had enough, he grabbed the nearest coleman, lit it and grabbing his
blaster went to find out what was making all the noise. "Please, be
careful," Falcon sent running his tail through her hand as he went
by. "Always."
Modo looked at Vinnie, Vinnie looked at Modo, they got up and
went after their bro. Leaving the girls alone, "Oh, please don't
let them find anything," Red looked up at the ceiling, Charlie
agreed, Falcon nodded furiously.
"Move!!" the word came in triplicate, loud and long. Next
thing the girls knew the guys were diving under the blankets,
"What?!" Red hauled up on the only part of Modo that she could see,
his tail, "OOOHHH!!, hey don't do that," he poked his head out from
under a pillow, "Is it still back there?" Vinnie asked from
somewhere near the fireplace, Charlie went looking for him.
"Throttle, what did you find?" Falcon asked, just sitting there
till he pulled himself out of the blankets.
"Tell you what," Throttle started to say, "You don't ask, and
I won't tell you what we saw, okay?" he pulled her down under the
blankets with him.
"Well, I guess we won't be getting much sleep tonight," Red
said, looking down at Modo laying next to her, "I could think of
better ways to spend the time, if we were alone," she sighed. "Me
too," Modo agreed lifting up to kiss her cheek.
Vinnie had a death grip on Charlie's waist, "I don't think I
could even do that right now," he looked up at her, just the
slightest hint of humor in his eyes, she smacked his antenna
playfully, "Oh well," she kissed the top of his head.
Throttle was sitting up against the fireplace with Falcon
sitting across his lap, her body tucked up to him sideways, her
legs crossed over his. "I just hope nothing else happens tonight,"
he received several pillows in the face for his comment.

Somewhere around midnight the guys awoke to the sounds of
crying, "Do you guys hear that?" Throttle asked softly, trying not
to wake the girls. "Yeah, but what do you want to do about it?"
Vinnie said from where he had curled up around Charlie, "I don't
think we can ignore it," Modo had fallen sleep sitting up, Red
laying her head on his lap, his arm draped over her.
Down the hall, in the direction of the stairs the sound of
crying could still be heard, "I guess we should check it out,"
Throttle whispered as he got up, laying Falcon down on the pillow
he'd been using, she stirred a little, but continued sleeping
quietly, he brushed her hair out of her face. Looking over he
watched Modo try to get up without waking Red, Vinnie had already
cleared Charlie so he reached over and gave Modo a hand. "Come on,"
Throttle motioned with his blaster, his bros followed.

"Priscilla, Priscilla, come to me Priscilla." Falcon could
hear the voice in her head, still half asleep she got up and
followed the voice to the trapped door. Opening it she climbed down
the latter to the tunnels below. Like a sleep walker in the
darkness she followed the voice.

The crying continued to get louder the farther they got from
the girls, they couldn't find anything, then it stopped, it just
stopped, "Okay what's going on? lets get back to the girls." Vinnie
was getting really tired of the games being played around him and
his bros. Modo followed him back, "Throttle, you comin'?" he asked
over his shoulder. "Yeah, right behind ya," they crept back to
their places.
Vinnie pulled the sleeping bag up, climbing in next to
Charlie. Modo hadn't gotten as far, Throttle was still standing
when they all heard the scream, "What the hell was that!" Throttle
demanded, "Wait where is Falcon??" he was throwing blankets and
pillows, no Falcon, nothing. The inhuman scream was heard again, a
loud shrieking scream.
Throttle hit the floor runnin', he hoped he could find her
before anything else happened, "Falcon! Where are you??" he tried
sending to her, over and over again, nothing, not a sound, he ran
into the kitchen, there was a trap door in the floor, it was open.
It stood wide open, waiting, "AAAHHH!!!" it was Falcon, she'd
gone down through that door into to who knew what. Well standing
here wasn't doing anyone any good, Throttle thought to Falcon, "I'm
coming babe, hold on," not knowing if she had heard him or not, he
jumped down through the trap door. The others arrived a minute
later, his bros having woke the girls, "Throttle, wait." Vinnie
tried to stop him but it was to late.
"Follow?" Modo asked looking at them, "Hell yes we follow!"
Red stated as she turned on the flashlight she carried, shining it
down the hole, seeing the latter she started down following
Throttle's laid. Charlie took one look at the bros and followed
Red. Modo shrugged, "Oh, mama" shaking his head he grabbed Vinnie
and followed the girls.

Throttle was running full out, when he came up short, the
tunnel branched out into three, he took less then a heartbeat to
decide, off he went, down the middle.
"Throttle, where are you?" Modo had come forward, walking next
to Red, they found the split, "Now what?" Vinnie asked, not liking
the answer he got, "I guess we have to split up, Vinnie you and
Charlie take the left, we'll take the right, since I'm sure
Throttle went down the middle." Red indicated the foot prints in
the dirt with the beam of her flashlight. The guys nodded to each
other, off they went. "Good luck, if you find anything just yell,"
Modo said as he and Red went down their tunnel.

Throttle thought he saw something up ahead, something laying
on the ground, but he also thought he saw something kneeling down
next to it. He slid to a stop a few feet back from, "Falcon?"
Throttle started to move, he leveled his blaster at, at what? what
was the thing kneeling next to his lady. "Okay, you back away from
her, now!" Throttle tried to keep his voice even, low. The thing
looked up at him, raising a hand to ward him off, it didn't speak
but it did back away from Falcon.
The man, somehow Throttle knew it had been a man at one time,
"Falcon?" Throttle tried to wake her. Falcon was curled into a
fetal position, so he holstered his gun and picked her up, calling
down the tunnel, "I found her!" he yelled at the top of his lungs.
When he turned back around the man was still standing there, sort
of, the guy didn't seem to have any feet.
When the others arrived the ghost man faded, but not out of
sight, "Throttle, is she okay?" Red asked about her friend, Vinnie
came up to Falcon, lifting one eye lid he said, "Lights are on,
nobodies home." Charlie smacked Vinnie on the back, she walked over
to where Throttle had found Falcon, "I don't see any blood, what
scared her, why did she come down here?" Charlie looked up, into
the ghost man's face and fell backward. "Shit!" she got up, running
behind Vinnie for cover, Vinnie stood his ground, what ever had
scared Falcon wasn't getting a chance at his girl.
The ghost man motioned with his hand, a hand you could see
right through, he pointed back the way they had come, "Is that the
way out," Throttle asked, he wanted to get Falcon out of here. The
ghost nodded and disappeared.
Throttle led the way carrying Falcon, in the dark the mice
seemed to be able to see better then the girls. Charlie followed
with Vinnie right on her heels, Red next, Modo brought up the rear,
"When we get back up stairs I want a bath," Vinnie whispered in
Charlie's ear, "I know what you mean, this place is filthy," she
said brushing at the dirt on herself.
The ghost man appeared in front of them, again, this time he
pointed down another tunnel, one that none of them had been down,
it was more like an alcove. As they got closer they could hear,
water, "Oh yeah!" Vinnie cried, grabbed Charlie and headed toward
the sound.
They couldn't believe their eyes, they had found an
underground hot springs, it was like a giant jacuzzi. Vinnie was
already undressing by the time the rest of them arrived, "Come on
bros," he dove into the pool, coming back up, he sprayed Charlie
with the warm water. "This is great, warm and clean all at once,"
Vinnie was loving it.
Modo and Red walked around the shelf that ran from one edge of
the mouth of the cave, around to the other edge, "This place is
huge," Red said as she sat down, she noticed another shelf that ran
around the inside of the pool about four feet under water, dangling
her feet into the warm water. Modo wasn't waiting, he jumped in
right next to Red, coming up he grabbed her, pulling her in.
Throttle was just sitting Falcon down, trying to figure out
how he was going to get her into the water, without drowning them
both. Modo, seeing Throttle's problem, waded over to him, "Here
bro, hand her down," Modo reached up to take Falcon from him.
After Throttle had his pants off he slid in to the water,
wading over to Modo he took Falcon back from him, slowly lowering
her into the water, she felt so cold in his arms, he still couldn't
get her to answer him, "You gotta wake up, babe."
Charlie climbed out, sitting down on the shelf she dangled her
legs in the water, while Vinnie swam over to her, "Hey sweetheart,
you okay?" he stood eye level with her chest, he laid his hands on
her legs. "Yeah, I was just wondering what made Falcon come down
here?" she said looking over to where Throttle was, still holding
Falcon, trying to wake her up. Charlie leaned out, kissing Vinnie
on the forehead, he turned his back to her, pulling her arms around
his chest.
Modo and Red were having fun splashing each other, he reached
out and dunked her under, she came up from behind him, climbing up
on his shoulders, trying to dunk him, "You know babe, your just to
good," Modo pulled her around into his arms, holding her next to
him, wishing they were alone, but not minding the company.
"Throttle shouldn't worry, Falcon has been through worse, she'll be
fine. I hope." Red whispered into his ear, they both look over at
their two friends.
Throttle carried Falcon close, wishing for a away to get
through the wall she had put up around her, "Come on babe, you
gotta wake up," he tried brushing her cheek with his. "NO! DON'T!!"
the words came into his head, loud and clear, all three mice had
heard her, "Babe, what?" he closed his eyes, touching his antenna
to her forehead, he tried to see what she was seeing in her head.
" Cody..." the words came slowly, his
bros decided not to laugh, Throttle would put up with a lot but
better not push their luck. "Hi.." Falcon looked up into his face,
"Hi yourself, welcome back babe," Throttle gently laid her up on
the shelf, "How you doin', you gonna be okay?" Throttle wished he
could make the images in her head go away.
When Falcon had awoke she'd sent, everything she had seen,
every last sick and twisted thing, now the bros knew why she had
screamed, they would have too. "I think so, you go get cleaned up,
I'll just sit here," she tousled his tan hair, running her hand
down his cheek, he pushed up on the edges of the pool, kissing her
on the nose.
Throttle dove back into the water, coming up somewhere over by
the water falling down the back wall. Charlie scooted over to where
Falcon was sitting, she leaned over bumping Falcon with her
shoulder, "Hey you, you okay, you had us all scared," Charlie laid
her hand on Falcon's arm. Falcon looked over at her, there was a
distant shadow in her eyes, "Sorry," Falcon signed to Charlie,
laying her hand on her new friends shoulder.
The water was just the right temp, they were all starting to
feel better, when Vinnie asked, "Hey ah bros? how do we get back up
stairs?" He was leaning back, his head nestled between Charlie's
tits, if he turned around he could drive her crazy.
"Yeah, how do we get back up?" Modo was standing in the water,
his hands busy giving Red a massage, she was laying on the shelf,
face to face with Falcon. "I think I can get us out of here,"
Falcon sent and signed.
Every one had stripped and washed, washing their clothes while
they played, the air in the little alcove had been warm enough to
dry the clothes farelly quickly. Now clean and dry they were all
ready to go back up stairs.

They followed Falcon back up the tunnel, right back to the
latter. The bros secured the door, Modo moved the big butcher
block, setting it on top, nobody was coming through that door.
Satisfied with themself's the guys followed the ladies back to the
pit in front of the fireplace, their bedding still piled around.
They all crawled into their sleeping bags, the bros curling up
around their ladies, God help anyone who came with in fifty feet of
them, the guys weren't taking any chances, they slept with one eye
"Throttle? are you mad at me?" Falcon tried to send quietly,
she rolled over in his arms facing him. "Why would I be mad at you?
it wasn't exactly your fault, was it?" his answer sounded sleepy.
He pulled her closer throwing one leg over her's, Falcon felt like
a treasured stuffed animal, suddenly returned after being lost. Oh
well, she did feel safer.

Modo was trying to sleep, but parts of him wanted to do other
things, things that involved being noisy, "Modo, don't you ever get
enough?" Red whispered, trying to fend off his roaming hands. "No,
not when it comes to you," he whispered back, gently nibbling on
her ear. "I promise to be quiet as a mouse," he snickered, raising
an eyebrow. "Yeah, I've seen how quiet you mice can be," Red
playfully tweaked his antenna, as she helped him enter her from

The next morning Charlie was the first one awake, she was
freezing, Vinnie had stolen the blankets, she tried to pull some
back to her, but it was no good, he had them wrapped around him,
"Oh well I might as well get up, see if I can find anything to
eat," she pulled her pants on as she got up.
"Did I hear the word food?" Red poked her head out of the
blankets, preying Modo's arm off of her she got up, grabbing her
pants and pulling them on, Modo tried to pull her back into bed but
she moved faster then him, dodging left she took Charlie's hand,
Charlie helped Red climb up out of the pit.
"Let's get Falcon and go find what we did with the food," Red
said as she walked over to Throttle and Falcon's side of the pile,
she reached down pulling up a corner of their blanket, what she
found was Throttle wrapped tight around her best friend, still, she
could just make out the top of Falcon's head, Red reached down and
messed Falcon's hair, "Hey sleepy head, wake up."
Falcon tried to get up without waking Throttle, no such luck,
"Where you goin?" Throttle was suddenly wide awake, holding on to
Falcon's hand, "We're going to go find the food," she sent and
signed, trying to pull her hand free, he released her getting up,
he pulled his pants on, "I'll come lend a hand."
Red dragged Falcon around behind her protectively, "SIT! STAY!
jeez, he's worse then a homeless puppy!" Red laced her arms through
Falcon and Charlie's, off they went, skipping through the house.

"Hey ah bro, you okay?" Modo sat watching his friend, Throttle
was still staring after the girls, "Yeah, I'm fine, I'm just, I
don't know, it's weird," Throttle turned to face his bros, "Well if
you ask me I think he's getting old," Vinnie's voice came from
under the blankets, "OLD? I'll give you old," Throttle dove in the
direction of Vinnie, pulling handfuls of blanket until he found the
tip of Vinnie's tail. Throttle hauled on Vinnie's tail, "Hey!! no
fare!" Vinnie squeaked.
By the time the girls returned all three bros were rolling
around in the pit, the girls could hear them laughing. "Sounds like
their feeling better," Falcon signed, Red and Charlie giggled.
The girls set down their trays of food they'd brought, along
with the strange looking jar of clear liquid, sitting down around
the edges of the pit they watched the boys playing.
The three bros were so involved that it took a moment for them
to realize that their ladies were watching, suddenly embarrassed,
they all sat up, trying to look macho, not doing a very good job of
it, "Hi, a how long have you been there," Throttle asked, Vinnie
threw a pillow, hitting Modo in the back of the head, "Oh, hi
girls," Vinnie jumped up out of the blankets, landed next to
Charlie, standing up he kissed her.
"You guys are silly, the way you try to make everybody think
your sooo tough, when your just a bunch of over grown kids." Red
stated, her hands planted on her hips, she reminded Modo of when
his mamma would correct him, just then Red through a pillow at him,
Modo got it in the face.
Then all hell broke loose. Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags,
food, and clothing (some of it still occupied) began flying around
the room at high velocity. the recent spectral disturbance
temporarily forgotten, the six friends happily engaged in what, to
an outside observer, would appear to be a cross between rugby, a
food fight and a panty raid. Scooch and Misfit, who'd been dozing
behind the kitchen stove, heard the commotion and came to
investigate. Seeing Falcon and her pals occupied with each other,
they figured they wouldn't even notice if they horked a bite or ten
of what food was still on the tray and not being used for ammo.
Dodging the furrly of people and objects, Scooch and Misfit
headed for the tray. Noticing the glass jar full of clear liquid
like the ones they had found last fall, while snooping around in
Red's pantry, waiting for Falcon and Red to decide if the "herb Red
had scored" was any good or not. To do this they needed a bottle
(like his water bottle only with a couple of holes in it) Also, a
lighter, chocolate milk, a box of malmars, and some chips. It
usually took about 2 hours and involved quiet a bit of smoke,
coughing, laughter, checking the door locks and windows repeatedly,
and finally, spraying something that smelled like pine needles
around the room. Scooch never saw what Red cooked with this herb
after they "tested" it but he didn't mind so long as he got to go
creeping around Red's place for a couple hours.
It was on one of these excursions he'd found the glass jars
was almost empty and the lid was loose. He'd tipped it over and had
his first taste of honest to God hooch! moonshine! fire water!
whooh-ah! Never again! Well, the jar was not what they came for so
they hopped onto the table and began to munch out. They're food
fest was cut short thanks to a chain reaction starting with a Modo
tail whip, intended for Vinnie, tripping Charlie and sending her
smashing into Falcon.
Falcon, who'd been crouched behind a chair for cover and
throwing handfuls of ranch flavored corn nuts at Throttle, then
reached an arm back to steady herself on the edge of the table.
Instead of table, she caught the try's rim with full force
which of course up-ended it, sending it's contents (mason jar
included) flying at high speed all over the place. Charlie had
recovered her balance, grabbed a can of rootbeer, shaken it, and
was gleefully showering Vinnie and Modo with the sticky liquid. Red
and Throttle saw the jar sail thru the air and shatter just short
of the fireplace, splashing the flames with alcohol and causing a
brilliant fire ball.
Suddenly the games halted, the group staring silently at the
hearth, before busting into side-splitting laughter. Red ducked
into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later, still giggling,
carrying another jar.
"Now we get serious folks!" she announced with a gleam in her
eye. The bros' looked at each other as if trying to mentally draw
straws for who would have to say "No thanks," trying to sound cool
and casual at the same time.
Falcon put a stop to their resistance by issuing an ultimatum,
"Either you BOYS get sloshed with us and help us clean up this
crap, or we get sloshed and heckle the three of you while you
clean," she mentally seethed. Six antenna visibly twitched as five
eyes surveyed the war zone. Modo was already digging out a couple
of generous-sized tin mugs from his pack.
"Hey doll, better make mine a double," he sighed, "Dibbs on
vacuuming!" Modo stated as he leaned in for a fill up.
Throttle and Vinnie rummaged around, found their packs, and
fished out two more cups each. They mumbled in agreement and began
playing rock, paper, scissors to determine who would have the honor
of cleaning off all the food chunks and rootbeer stains from the
walls and furniture.
At least only the mayo, onion dip and relish had been used
during the silliness. No ketchup, mustard, or hot fudge had been
thrown, smeared, or even opened. The only other foods scattered
around were the chips, nuts, hot dogs and buns.
Scooch and Misfit were hard at work eating their way along the
floor, having come out from under the coffee table where they'd
landed when the tray flipped.
Red tapped the top of the jar on the door jam and twisted the
lid off with little effort. She poured them each about 4 ounces
then raised the jar in salute.
"Die with your boots on, y'all," she smirked and downed the
remaining eight ounces in a hot second. Charlie and the bros all
stared in wonder. Falcon rolled her eyes and Throttle felt the
tingling of her laughter touching his mind.
"It's her daddy's recipe," Falcon explained signing to Red, "I
sure do miss the old coot." Red's smirk was replaced by a
thoughtful smile and she broke into a long story about her family,
no one interrupted her. "Dad and Uncle Bud used to spend days
tinkering around with that damn still before every batch. Checking
the pipes, the filtration... Everything had to be just right or
they'd be intolerable until they fixed it. When I turned twelve I
became their in-house taster. I don't remember much about my
twelfth birthday, but I sure knew how to hold my hooch by my
thirteenth. Two days after my twenty-first, Dad and Uncle Bud left
on a tri-state run. They'd acquired a lot of loyal customers over
the years, and runs were becoming harder every day. More spikes to
avoid. They rolled the truck down a mountainside running from state
troopers. Since the truck was full of hooch, inside and in the
tank, it had no trouble burning. They didn't either, They took
their recipe to the grave. But they left me their notebooks, the
still and a huge stock, some cases as old as me. This stuff we're
drinking was one of two unbroken jar in a case I found about 300
yards up the mountain from the truck. I drank the other one there
on the mountain and I've kept this around till the time was right,"
She looked at each of them in turn, her gaze settling finally on
Modo, "And oh momma! the time is right!" she whooped.
Falcon and Charlie downed their drinks then hugged Red so hard
she squeaked. The bros, wiping their eyes and coughing the lumps
out of their throats, were not be out done. They each took a deep
breath and chugged. Then their eyes really watering they wrapped
their arms around the girls and the six embraced in silence for a
time. Then the hooch began to take hold, and the giggling!
The next hour was a flurry of cleaning and tidying. Scooch and
Misfit, now totally stuffed, scampered back behind the kitchen
stove and basked in the warmth nearing food coma.
Modo and Charlie rigged Modo's bike up with a hose and he
cruised around the room sucking up corn nuts and other debris.
Throttle and Vinnie washed and dried the walls and the girls
cleaned the rugs and furniture. This was all accomplished with much
staggering, slurring and laughing.
The moonshine had hit the bros like a ton of bricks. Modo fell
off his bike twice and almost sucked Vinnie's tail up the vacuum
hose, sending them all into fits of laughter. Red, who had a mild
buzz on, offered to epoxy Modo to his seat.
Falcon, feeling pretty tipsy herself, recommended training
wheels and a seat belt. and Charlie who was totally plastered
suggested he try staples! Vinnie and Throttle mouthed, "Arc-welder."
Modo revved his motor, rode past and sucked up Throttle's
shades and Vinnie's bandanna. He was so pleased with himself, he
failed to notice the arm chair the girls had moved to clean the
rug. He hit the back and tumbled over the handle-bars landing in
the chair like a sack of dirty laundry. Only Red saw this because
Throttle was desperately searching his pack for the spare shades,
Vinnie was hard at work clumsily attempting to fold his spare
bandanna into just the right shape, and Charlie and Falcon stood
giggling at them.
Throttle sighed with relief and slid on his shades, "Because
when you're this cool the sun shines on you 24 hours a day!" he
stated striking a pose of complete arrogance. Charlie composed
herself and helped Vinnie tie on the fresh bandanna. He had been
too sloshed to tie a knot and stand at the same time.

The chair Modo had landed in tipped, sending him sprawling
into the just cleaned and resettled sleeping gear. Pillows and
blankets scattered and piled over sleeping bags whumped as he
landed. Falcon and Charlie, none to clear-thinking or steady, each
reached down a hand to help pull him up. Bad idea. Modo grasped
their hands and pulled, dragging them neatly down on top of him.
Vinnie, Red and Throttle finally noticed and decided to join on the
free-for-all, throwing any vestiges of sense or inhibition to the
wind. Their pillow fighting soon dissolved into a tickling war, in
which, somehow, articles of clothing were shed.
In the mass of writhing, giggling, half naked bodies, Vinnie
and Falcon suddenly found themselves nose to nose. The booze making
him even more arrogant and silly then usual, he mimed an
exaggerated kiss in her direction. Feeling rather frisky she leaned
over, and, taking him by the bandanna, she kissed him square on the
mouth. Letting go of his neck she sat back and grinned at him, the
world looking pleasantly hazy.
Throttle noticed. For a few seconds he considered getting
very, very pissed, but then, rethinking, he decided that fun was
fun, nobody meant harm, and revenge was sweet. He plucked Charlie
from the pile with his tail, winked at Modo and Red, who were
looking vaguely confused, and laid one on her that curled her toes
and her hair. Red giggled, shoving Modo toward Throttle and
Charlie, and rolled over to help Falcon double team on Vinnie,
sliding her body up over his from behind. Falcon caught on,
grabbing Vinnie by his ears and kissing him fervently. He tried to
turn and discover who's feminine attributes were being pressed
firmly into his back, but Falcon held his attention by removing her
talented lips to his ear.
Red's nimble fingers found the bandanna knot and slipped it,
rolling the cloth into a blindfold, which she put on him.
"No peeking, Vin-man. We're gonna play a game," Red breathed
into the ear Falcon neglected, drawing her tongue along the outside
ridge. "You need to work on your singing voice. We're your
instructors," she purred, signing at the same time to Falcon, "I
bet we can make him howl. See if our boys are game for games."
Falcon grinned like a shark, thinking very hard to Throttle,
the heavy buzz in her head making it hard to connect.
Throttle got it, finally, and fell over laughing. Then the
light bulb went off over his head and turning he winked at Modo.
Charlie, who discovered she was sitting between them, looked first
at one then the other. "Oh no" Charlie back peddled to a wall of
the pit and tried to climb out. When she felt two tails wrap around
her waist and drag her backwards. Modo leaned over and whispered in
her ear, "You always complain about getting left out, come here!"
The room spun around for Charlie, and she just couldn't summon
the will to resist, so, laughing, she gave in, throwing herself at
Modo, bowling him over.
"Oh no, you wouldn't tie poor little me up would?" she laid
her hand on her chest, fluttering her eye lashes.
Modo looked up at Throttle and smiled, slow and nasty.
Throttle immediately loosed the bandanna from his wrist. "Three
more and we got a full hand, bro," he said wickedly, dangling it in
front of Charlie's eyes.
Modo snaked a pillow with his tail, ripping it's case into
three long strips. He looked around and spied two lamps and one
table at vaguely correct position. "Remember how to the knots,
"Hey this ain't fair, two against one!" Vinnie was thrashing
around so much Falcon was having trouble holding him down. She
thought to Throttle, "Dear, could I possibly borrow your other
bandanna?" Falcon looked over at the others and grinned. "With
pleasure my dear, but my hands are a bit full right now." Falcon
got Red's attention, looking down at Vinnie she motioned for Red to
hold him down long enough for her to get the bandanna off of
Taking the hint Red crawled up Vinnie and kneeling down over
his chest she took his hands from Falcon. "Come right back." Red
laughed. Vinnie realized that there was only one girl holding him
down so he tried flipping over. He discovered that Red was far
stronger then she looked.
Throttle was holding Charlie's legs when Falcon crawled over
to get the bandanna from around his neck. "As long as your here,
how about a kiss, babe?"
Falcon planted herself right in front of Throttle, as she
untied the knot she took a moment to purr in his ear. "I love you"
After a nice long kiss Falcon went back over to help Red tie
Vinnie's hands together. Red pulled up the blindfold he wore and
looked him in the eyes. "Your gonna howl tonight, Sweetheart." With
that said she laid the deepest kiss yet on him.
Charlie was still giggling when Modo decided that just tieing
her wrist together would work real good. While Throttle moved her
legs so they could tie them to her wrist. "Hey bro, flip ya for
position" Throttle grinned at Modo, "No that's okay I like it right
where I am." With that Throttle bent down and licked the inside of
Charlie's thigh.
Modo lay on his right side behind Charlie, propping her up
against him, the fingers of his left hand brushing delicately
against the skin of her throat and breasts, slowly and deliberately
teasing as Throttle played an equally slow tune below her waist.
Charlie gasped as Throttle's tail stroke up and down her legs and
Modo's mouth made gentle contact with the back of her neck. She
knew she was in way over her head, and loved every minute of it.
Red and Falcon struggled with Vinnie a moment longer, then
flipped him onto his belly, his hands still tied, still
blindfolded. Falcon, near his head, stroked his antenna, first with
a feather light fingertip caress, then, with exquisite slow
torture, she used her lips and tongue. He went immediately still,
every muscle and nerve stung taunt as a piano wire.
Red, seeing her cue, began at his calves stroking the insides
of his legs with her fingers the wrong way, against the grain of
the hair, Vinnie shivered, a muffled squeak coming from his mouth,
buried in a pillow. Red moved up to his inner thighs, adding tiny
nibbling bites to her ministrations. When she reached his ass, she
hooked her fingers into claws and scratched at his flanks-not hard-but
firmly, nipping at the ridiculously sensitive base of his tail,
which Falcon had the tip of in her hands, mouth still busy with his
Vinnie was practically vibrating at that point, writhing and
panting. Red, now sitting at the small of his back, leaned forward
and brushed her nipples across his shoulders, her hands reaching
down his body; she nudged him over, Falcon helping.
Still straddling his waist, she grinned devilishly over at
Falcon, gesturing. Each of them moved away from his body a moment,
getting a whimper out of him, then they each lay down on either
side, each one rooming her hands over his body, except his groin,
which was swollen to epic proportions. The ladies lowered their
heads, taking his nipples into their mouths, nibbling and sucking.
Vinnie squeaked again, louder, getting Modo's attention. Modo
nudged Throttle with his foot. "That boy sounds like a squeaky
toy." Modo said, taking his mouth away from Charlie's throat for a
moment, and causing Throttle to take his mouth from her nether lips
to answer, eliciting a whimper of protest from Charlie.
"Deserves every minute of his payback." Throttle stated as he
wiped his face on a blanket. Modo leaned forward to tease Charlie's
nipples with his tongue, wetting them then blowing across them.
Charlie's head slipped down from Modo's chest to somewhere near his
hips. Her hands were still tied, but her mouth was free. She
wriggled around and up onto one hip, then onto her front, catching
Modo by surprise when her mouth encountered his member. She began
to fight back sweetly.
Throttle raised an eyebrow, "Oh, my." he murmured, caressing
her ass with one hand as Modo gave up the ghost and lay back.
Throttle, his hands busy in her nest of red curls prepared to mount
her from behind. He lay along her back, his arms now wrapped around
her waist, stroking her folds with rigid flesh. Her mouth and
throat occupied fully, she could only grunt and work her ass. He
could and did use his tail, his hands, his mouth and finally his.
Very, very slowly. Then they got the rhythm. And they got real
Falcon and Red were being heartless. They had licked, sucked,
stroked and petted every bit of Vinnie, bringing him right to the
brink twice, but not allowing him to come. He was swearing a blue
streak, straining to get loose, and bucking madly. "Please, please,
please, please, PLEASE...." he gasped, as Falcon pressed her tits
together around his twitching erection and supplied friction, Red
positioned her knees on either side of his head. Vinnie's nose
clued him in, and he changed his chant to, "yes, yes, yes, yes..."
until Red gave him something else to do with his over active mouth.
She threw her head back and rode. Falcon got the spirit and moved
up, relenting and taking him inside. The three of them didn't
notice the noise from their friends across the pit.

Later, sated and mildly buzzed still, they all lay in a
disorganized tumble, body parts used as pillows, blankets
haphazardly strewn about.
Vinnie, untied and unblindfolded, was half curled around
Charlie his arm around her shoulders, his fingertips absently
brushing her breast. He sighed in contentment, his head resting on
Falcon's belly, as she in turn reclined against Throttle.
"Y'know, bros, this is what women are made for," Vinnie began,
"soft, sweet, quiet.." he broke off when he was dumped off Falcon's
person and Charlie brushed his arm away from her. Falcon, Charlie
and Red asked in unison, "Excuse US!?" the girls were slowly
advancing on Vinnie. "Are we to understand that you think women are
only capable of pleasing men?" Falcon's hands were flying, Red was
translating for Charlie, but the guys heard every word clear as
"Well I mean you girls are great and everything but you know,
its not like you're big buff bikers like us." Vinnie had his hands
out in front of him, trying to fend off the advancing women.
Throttle and Modo were busy trying to decide if they should defend
their bro or let him stew on his own. Red was pulling on a tee
shirt when she turned on Modo, "Do you feel that way too?!" The
others looked at Modo, waiting for an answer.
"Oh Momma...Red I think what Vinnie meant was that it's not
like you girls belong in combat or anything." Modo just sat there
looking innocent.
"!" Red snarled, fits bunched and
a dangerous light in her eyes. "How dare you? How dare you even
think of deciding for me where I do or do not belong." her voice
was low and quiet and quite deadly, "I was Marine for five years,
son. I saw plenty of combat. I got a chunk of ordnance thru my
thigh and got pulled out on a medical or I'd still be there. IN
COMBAT. Even with a shattered femur and a hole you could see thru
in my leg I finished the mission. Don't go there, baby-doll, or I
will put you on your sweet ass!!"
Modo got up, flustered, and held out his hands "C'mon, baby,
don't get like that..." he never finished the sentence. Red grabbed
both his wrists, stepped in to his body, hooked her leg around his
and shifted. Down he went in a heap, her elbow driving the air out
of him.

Throttle just looked away from Falcon, and put his hand on her
shoulder; he started to say something to Vinnie, but it never came
out because Falcon, dropping to one knee, took that hand and
flipped him. He went flying. He landed upside down against the side
of the pit, starring at her with wide eyes. "What? I didn't say a
thing! I'm innocent!" he yelped not moving.
"You thought it!" she hissed, like acid in his mind. She spun
away from him, glaring instead at Vinnie and Modo. "And you..." she
projected, really getting angry now.
Red, nearly shaking with righteous fury, stood over Modo, her
feet planted on either side of his hips, bent forward at the waist,
one hand on her hip, the other shaking a pointed finger in his
face. She was ranting, punctuating her tirade with sharp slashing
hand gestures that had Modo wincing. She paused for breath, and he
tried to interject, "But, but, but..."
Red chopped viciously at the air, "This conversation is over!"
she snapped her fingers and Falcon and Charlie cut off their own
verbal assaults to join her outside the pit.
Gesturing to her own body and to the others' Red grated, "Take
a good look, boys. This is the last glimpse for you till you'all
get an attitude adjustment." They stalked into the nearest room and
the door SLAMMED.

"Oh, great," Modo sighed, then glared at Vinnie, his one eye
glowing red. Throttle picked himself up and dusted himself off. He
then joined Modo in advancing on the retreating Vinnie, who
stammered in his defense, "I didn't know! Who knew they were gonna
get so touchy? Guys? Bros?..." he went down under the dogpile,
flailing arms legs and tails every where.

Red paced. As she paced, every so often she slammed a fist
into the wall nearest her. The other two sat in stony silence on
the bed, now and then breaking into violent sign language
conversation. These behaviors only stopped long enough for them to
finish dressing. They could hear the boys slamming and crashing
about, shouting and grunting, then those sounds stopped.
There was a feeble scratching at the door. It was repeated,
then, "Girls?" a timid voice came, "Uh, girls?"
Lips compressed into a thin line of angry displeasure, Red
yanked the door open. Vinnie stood there, head ducked a little to
one side, twisting his tail in his hands. He looked up sheepishly,
displaying a swollen shut left eye that was already purpling.
"Uh, I'm sorry? Really..." he looked back over his shoulder at
his cronies, who glowered, arms crossed over their chests.
"It ain't that damn easy, gentlemen. I don't think you get it.
A quick, insincere apology don't change a damn thing. You boys need
to rethink some basic concepts, and maybe sleeping cold tonight
will clear your heads." Red slammed the door.
"Aww Hell." Modo rubbed the back of his neck with his left
hand and blew out the breath he had been holding in Throttle kicked
at a pillow half-heartedly.
"Damn! Damn it!" Vinnie exploded, "It ain't fair!" he flung
himself into a chair, his tail lashing the floor. "I said I was
"Guess we got some serious ass-kissing to attend to, bros."
Throttle said quietly, rubbing his forehead and pacing.
"Man, I don't think all the butt-smooching' in the world is
gonna pull our tails outta this fire, bro." Modo groaned, pulling
his boots on and fastening them. "We are so deep in it now it's
gonna take a back-hoe to dig us out." he hung his head glumly, but
then his eye lit up with glee, "But did you see her? She took me
down! ME! Damn!"
Throttle shook his head in bemusement, inwardly just a little
awed that his own light-o'-love had tossed him effortlessly through
the air. He recalled quite clearly everytime Charlie had complained
bitterly about their "macho bullshit"
A thought crept quietly into his mind: maybe the girls were right..
"Well, shit" he breathed. Maybe they were right-a little bit. Just
maybe, just a little. He looked over to his bros, then away,
"Maybe they got a point, bros," Modo said quietly, looking
thoughtful. "After all, back home we didn't blink an eye when the
women fought beside us."
"That was different, man. We were at war. We didn't have a
choice, it was fight or die," Vinnie protested, shaking his head.
"Yeah, but it was a choice. We never tried to make choices for
Carbine, or Harley. We were smarter than that then. So when did our
I.Q. points slip away?" Throttle looked at the closed door behind
which his lady fumed.
"But, I mean, we can't just let..." Vinnie sputtered to a stop
at the glares from Modo and Throttle, "Oh, yea, Vincent, we can. We
will." Modo nodded agreement, and stood up to try and talk to the
ladies again.
The first thundering boom knocked him off his feet, as well as
his bros. The second sent all three scrambling to the girls' room.
The door was flung open and Falcon, Red and Charlie marched out,
accusatory glares in place.
"What are you guys doing out here?" Charlie demanded, arms
crossed and foot tapping.
"Wasn't us, sweetheart," Vinnie muttered, ears and antennae
pinned back.
"Well, then what was it?" Red attempted a civil tone, not even
looking at Modo, who hung his head miserably.
"Dunno. Not sure I wanna know," Throttle breathed. Another
crash originated in the kitchen.
"I do. I'm tried of this shit." Red scathed. She marched
purposefully past them, brushing away Modo's tentatively
outstretched hand in passing. He could almost feel ice forming in
her wake. The others followed, all three mice trailing dejectedly
after their women.
Charlie, Red and Falcon plowed into the enormous butcher block
table Modo had used to seal down the trap door, pushing it off.
Five red eyes widened in respect.
The trap door was bolted, but it rattled alarmingly, bowing
out with the enormous pressure being put on it from below. Then all
was quiet. No movement. Charlie knelt down to undo the bolt, and
was knocked back on her ass as the trap-door exploded with a sound
like the world cracking.
Unprepared, no one was fast enough to grab her away from the
corpse-grey, maul sized hand that emerged from the debris and
grabbed her by the hair, jerking her head first into the blackness.
Her scream cut off abruptly.
Shaking her head to clear it, Red shornted, "SHIT!" and leaped
after, Falcon hard on her heels.
"SHIT...shitshitshit..." Vinnie was first in after them,
followed by Modo and Throttle.

It was more than dark. In fact, Falcon couldn't help herself.
She reached for Red's hand and spelled into her palm, "Blacker than
a mouse hole at midnight," she echoed it in her mind, but Throttle
didn't dare comment, for fear of adding to her already pissed
"Huh." Red grunted, and moved unerringly to Vinnie. Without a
word, not so much as a "May I," she grabbed a flare off his
bandoleer and lit it, striking it off his pant leg.
"This way. Follow the smell." Red said, taking off. Past the
hot pools, deeper into the ancient mountain than they thought
possible, until at last they heard the sounds; grunting,
slobbering, ragged breathing, and Charlie, crying.
Red was trying to peer around the corner, attempting to see
what they were up against, when three studdly, macho, brainless
mice stampeded past her, rushing the cave. A flash of light, a
scuffle, and zing, three mice stampeded out past her.
"Where's Charlie?" Falcon demanded, her thoughts seconded by
Red, "Where's Charlie??"
"Ugly. Big ugly!!" Vinnie panted, leaning against a wall, his
hand over his heart.
"Oh mamma! Oh, my dear ol'grey furred mamma!" Modo was shaking
his head. Throttle didn't say anything at all. He was gagging.
Exasperated, Red and Falcon crept around the corner, flare
held high. They both gasped, wishing they never had to see the
horror show in front of them. The thing that had grabbed Charlie
was supposed to be human. At one time it's ancestors may have been;
it was easily 7 feet tall, but hideously deformed. It's skin was
greyish where it wasn't riddled with cancerous, open sores, it's
feet were clubbed, and its arms were long and thin, ending in
malformed claws. These were nothing compared to its head. Or heads.
It had been a twin that never split completely, its eyes on the
sides of its head, almost two noses, a hugely cleft palate, and a
mouth wide enough to swallow a melon whole, filled with broken,
rotting, fang-like teeth. It turned toward the light with claws
covering its face.
Red swallowed hard, then told Falcon, "Distraction is the
better part of valor. I'll get it to come after me, you get her
out." Red pointed up at the walls. There was a ledge that ran
around this part of the cave, about eight feet off the floor.
Falcon nodded her understanding and backed into shadows, waiting.
Red took the flare and scaled to the ledge, taunting the
freak. She flung fist sized jagged chunks of rock down on the
nightmare, ripping into its thin skin. It took very little notice,
but it obviously wanted to get at her. It jumped up at her,
receiving a watermelon sized boulder in the face.
Falcon, praying for its back to stay turned, dove for Charlie,
barely missing the pile of gnawed human bones. Her gorge rose, but
she choked it back, hauling the hysterical Charlie up in a
fireman's carry and dashing out of the cave. Fifty feet beyond, she
met the males.
Vinnie collected Charlie from her, soothing and petting, her
face buried in his fur. Modo looked behind Falcon, "Where's my
woman?" he rumbled, fear for her raising his hackles.
Falcon was bent double, hands on her knees, gasping for air,
wishing her nausea away, "Distracting." she panted, "Go cut her an
exit," she tossed Throttle his blaster and waved in the direction
of the cave.
Modo charged in, Throttle following, and Vinnie bringing up
the rear after giving Charlie over to Falcon's care.
Red was now firing rocks at the creature in deadly earnest,
desperate to keep the cannibal cave dweller from reaching her. The
skin of its head and shoulders hung in ribbons, the rags hanging
off its body drenched in its own blood. It screamed in frustration,
lunging again and again, and Red's arms were beginning to tire.
Vinnie struck two flares, drawing its attention. Red let her
arms drop with a sigh of relief, "Its about time." she said,
looking directly at Modo, who nodded. She sprang off her perch,
over the creature's head, and landed in his arms, "Good catch,
babe," then she was gone, off to one side, yelling and waving her
Modo felt hope stirring that perhaps he would be forgiven...
if they got out alive.
"Fire, Vincent! It's afraid of fire!" Throttle yelled, firing
his blaster at it feet. It jumped back, then lurched toward Vinnie,
who waved the flares in its face. It squalled, turning away, but as
it turned, those filthy, rotting clothes it wore swing out,
catching fire. In milliseconds it was ablaze, shrieking. Vinnie
stood aghast, nearly setting himself afire from his own flares.
"Oh, no... I never thought...I didn't mean.." he shook, blank
faced, as Red raced over and tackled him, putting him out of the
stumbling fireball's path.
"Shoot!" she ordered Throttle, who still hesitated. He took
aim, but lowered his arm, looking down, "It's murd.." he began, but
Falcon stood now beside him, taking his weapon from numb fingers.
Steeled, she aimed and fired, vaporizing the fiery, shambling
monster. "Its mercy," she projected, and holstered the blaster for
Throttle stared at her blankly till she shook him, hard. "Snap
out of it, mouse. You need to move on," she told him coolly,
pushing him out of the cave.
Red, her arms folded and hands tucked against her sides nudged
Modo with her leg against his. "Burn it to dust, leave nothing."
She stalked off a few paces, and watched as he incinerated
everything with the laser in his steel forearm.
"I feel foul. I need a bath. You?" Red asked, deigning to look
at him. He nodded back. Everyone agreed that a nice hot bath would
help get things back to normal. Red led the way back through the
maze of tunnels. Modo tried to walk next to her but she kept
getting a step ahead.
Throttle motioned for Vinnie and Charlie to go next, then
slowly moved to take Falcon's hand. She allowed him to hold her
hand, but didn't really try to hold his back.
At the hot springs cave they paired off. Modo tried to get a
look at Red's hands that she still had tight to her sides. "Becka
please, your bleeding. Can I please see your hands? Becka?" Red
considered getting mad at him for calling her "Becka" but conceded
that he meant well. "Here," she gave her hands over to him for
examination. They were cut up pretty bad, resembling hamburger.
Vinnie and Charlie were off in a corner. He was trying to clam
her, brushing her hair with his hand. "It's okay Sweetheart, that
thing will never hurt you again." That was one promise he knew he
could keep. He tried not to think about what had happened. He
hadn't meant to set the thing on fire, he just wanted to scare it
back away from the girls.
Over by the edge of the pool were two very shaken beings.
Rocking back and forth like teenagers in a swing, right after a
fight. Throttle leaned over just enough to speak into Falcon's ear,
"You okay?"
Falcon nodded, "Yeah, how about you?" He looked at his blaster
for the fourth time in ten minutes, "Yeah, I guess so. I just never
saw anything like that before."
Falcon shook her head "Me either," she bumped him in the arm.
He looked over at her, "We okay? I mean you still mad at me?"
mentally crossing his fingers.
Falcon looked at him through her hair. "I guess not. I wasn't
really that mad at you, mostly Vinnie." she scooted closer.
Throttle put an arm around her, "I hope there aren't any more
of them around," shaking just a little with the thought.
Modo had finely convinced Red to come over to the pool where
he could clean her hands and get a good look. "I was worried you'd
get killed," he pulled her face up to look into her eyes.
"Partners? equal partners?" Red nodded her head yes and getting up
on tip toes she kissed him on the nose. "That was all I wanted in
the first place," she murmured.
Charlie started coming around, she pulled up closer to Vinnie.
"I was so scared, I couldn't move," she whispered in his ear. They
were sitting against the far wall of the little cave. Vinnie moved
her legs over his, tucking her head down on his shoulder. They sat
curled around each other for support. "Charlie girl, I love you,
and I'm sorry I opened my big mouth earlier." That said he leaned
down and kissed her softly.
Falcon decided the best thing to do right then was go for a
swim. "You coming in?" she thought to Throttle, "The warm water
will do us good." Taking off her shirt and jeans she slid into the
pool. She turned to see if he was coming. Throttle just sat there
staring at his blaster, till Falcon reached up and took it away.
"Staring at it won't help none." she put it back into the holster
and tugged at him to make him move. He slid into the water.
Modo was feeling really bad about underestimating the girls.
They had more then proved they were capable of taking care of
themselves. Secretly he was proud of his lady, but he had also been
scared to death for her safety. He reached over and laid his hand
on Red's shoulder to get her attention. "I love you Darlin, but
please don't scare me like that again. Okay?" Red just smiled at
him, stood up and jumped into the pool.
"I say we all go back up stairs and get some much needed
sleep." Throttle suggested from where he was soaking. Everyone
They started for the mouth of the cave when the ghost miner
from before reappeared in front of them. Everyone stopped dead in
their tracks. He raised a hand and pointed at Falcon. "You have
lifted the curse that has been on our family for four generations,
great-great-grand-daughter. Thank you." He stopped, moved back out
of the cave he waved a hand behind him. All the spirits of all the
people who had died down in the mines appeared.
Falcon with Throttle and the others in tow walked out of the
cave wide eyed and stunned by what they saw. The miner floated
backwards till he was with the rest of the ghosts. "We all are free
to go now, again thanks to you and your friends," with that they
all disappeared.
"Falcon what did he mean by our family and great-great-grand-daughter?
who is he?" Throttle asked since he seemed to be the only
one who's mouth still worked. The others stood staring, all except
Red who knew the answer to his question. "It's because Falcon's
last name is McTavish and this whole mountain was once owned by
them." Red stated for Falcon. Pushing her friend forward.
Shaking a little from all that had happened the six friends
went back upstairs to their rooms. Feeling a lot safer now than
before, they still placed the big butcher block on top of what was
left of the trap door.
Modo woke early and had managed to slip out of his and Red's
room quietly, Throttle and Vinnie met him in the hall. "How about
we go make the girls breakfast?" Modo suggested and the others
"Vinnie you make the toast; maybe you won't screw that up."
Throttle said as he tried to figure out how to make the waffles
stop coming out black.
"But I can do this! I'm telling you, I watched my mom lots of
times when I was little." Vinnie defended from across the kitchen.
"Vinnie you were what? seven then? give it up man let Throttle
make them." Modo was busy cooking the eggs. "Did you bros see the
way Red was throwing those rocks? Boy what an arm."
They had spent the better part of the morning praising their
ladies behavior and skills.
Their ladies woke and met out in the hallway. "What do you
think their doing in there?' Falcon asked, Red translated.
"I don't know but what ever it is it smells awful." Charlie
was feeling much more herself.
"Should we go see?" Red asked the others, they agreed and
quietly sneaked down the hall.
What met them at the entrance to the kitchen was a big mess,
smoke and three lost boys.
The guys were so busy with what they were doing they didn't
notice the girls standing there. "I'm telling you bros if they
fight half as good against an enemy as they did against us,
Limburger doesn't stand a chance!" Throttle was still burning more
waffles then not, but they were getting better.
The bacon Modo was frying suddenly caught fire. Grabbing a pot
lid Vinnie ran over and slammed it down on the frying pan.
Watching the show the girls tried very hard not to laugh.
After all, their guys were trying to do something nice. Falcon
leaned over signing something to Red she pointed to Charlie, Red
translated, "Haven't they ever cooked before?" Charlie shook her
head no and whispered to them both. "The one time they cooked
something for me I almost gagged." She made a funny face and the
other two giggled.
"I'm telling you what bros those girls better appreciate this
or I'll," Vinnie was cut off by Red, "Or you'll what?" Vinnie
turned to see all three ladies waiting for an answer. "Or I'll give
up, that's what. I said I was sorry, what more do you want?" Red,
Falcon and Charlie thought for a minute then decided to drop it.
"Whats for breakfast boys? We're hungary." Red was the first to sit
down at the table.
"Feast fit for a biker, darlin'," Modo told her setting a
plate full of almost recognizable food in front of her and a kiss
on top of her head.
The other ladies settled into their seats gingerly, praying
for their taste-buds to wither away for an hour or so.
"C'mon, babe, dig in," Throttle passed Falcon the syrup,
"this looks great, guys. Thanks." Red smiled, digging in. She
managed to eat it all. Fast. Charlie caught on, and so did Falcon.
the trick was small bites, no tasting, no chewing, swallow fast.
They survived breakfast, not only smiling, but without a single
gag. The boys beamed, plan successful, mates pacified, food
accepted. Then Charlie spoke.
"This is one hell of an improvement over Chi-town Combo," she
smiled, pulling on Vinnie's tail, which lay within reach.
"Hey! What was wrong with that?" Vinnie tried to look hurt.
"I heard it was considered an attempt at biological terrorism
in the tri-state area," Red offered, picking her teeth with a
sliver of wood.
Throttle and Modo laughed, covering their mouths with their
hands, and Falcon began coughing, unable to hold back her guffaws.
Red pounded her on the back.
"So let's get packed. The storm should be over soon, and we've
got a lot of work to do." Falcon finally managed, wiping her eyes.
As an aside to Red, she demanded in sign language, "Where did you
learn to eat like that?"
"Marine Corps Mess Hall. Survival of the fastest," Red

"Well maybe we ought to check in with the boys down the
mountain" Falcon signed to Red. "Good idea, maybe we can get down
off this rock before we're trapped forever!" Red went over to the
desk and fired up the radio, Modo followed. "Babe, what would be
wrong with being stuck?" he asked laying a hand on her shoulder.
red just stared at him for a few minutes, shocked. "Are you
kidding? I want a shower, with soap and shampoo!" she turned to the
Throttle and Vinnie were helping clean up the mess they'd
made, when Modo walked back. "Hey bros, can I ask you a question?"
He looked confused. "Sure big guy, what's up?" Throttle put down
the towel he'd been using. "I get the feeling we stink or
something, I mean, Red's wanting a shower, Charlie is fussing about
her hair, and Falcon has changed clothes three times."
"Well, we've just been too busy to think about bad smells,"
Vinnie piped up, clowning.
"Don't go there, Vincent," Throttle warned, and shifted his
attention when Falcon came over.
"We're clear for five, maybe six hours. We can make it down to
the Owl Creek resort if we get our asses in gear. The next storm is
gonna be as bad as the last, so we're outta-here." she slid her arm
around Throttle's waist, resisting the urge to crinkle her nose up.
In very short order, their belongings sat in lumpy piles by
the door, and the mice stood nearby looking rejected.
"Red said she wasn't havin' none o' me till I made soap,
shampoo and toothpaste my intimate pals," Modo moped, kicking a
sleeping bag.
"I think we all got the same message," Throttle confirmed,
Red called to the bros to come help load the hummer. when it
was packed to Red's satisfaction, Falcon stood, giving a silent
farewell to the lodge. She then turned her back, straightened her
parka, and got on behind Throttle. the heavy snowfall and ice
patches made it slow going, even behind the Hummer, but steadily
they made their way down the mountain.
The lights of the resort made a welcome sight near dusk, and
they gratefully pulled their vehicles into the nearly deserted
parking area. Traps and covers were tied in place over precious
bikes, a few items were dragged from the packs, and then Red
marched them all into the reception area.
One clerk waited behind the massive counter, and he seemed to
becomes more jittery as they approached. Their aroma preceded them,
and the young man grimaced.
"Can I help you?' he demanded with some asperity, backing off
to escape the smell.
"I want three of your best suites, access to some of the shops
in the promenade, and some modicum of respect," Red said quietly,
pulling her wallet out of the black hole she called a fanny pack.
"I'm sorry, but..." the clerk began, but Red slapped down her
platinum Master Card and a whole handful of ID on the counter.
"Enough chit chat. We need those suites, we'll need a LOT of
shampoo, conditioner: toothpaste, complimentary toothbrushes,
catalogues from a men's and women's apparel store, and we'll need
the services of a cleaner, and we'll need three pair of boots
cleaned and returned in one hour. Do I make myself clear?"
"One moment, ma'am, I'll have to call this in," he responded.
In moments he had returned from the phone with an absqueous grin in
"That's just fine, Ma'am. Anything else? Would you care for
room service menu?" he asked, running her card thru the computer.
"No. Keys." she held out her hand.
"This is our finest trio. They share a common sitting room,
but each has it's own bath with shower and jacuzzi."
"Fine, I'll be calling down orders to these shops in a few
minutes. I'll expect some one to bring the purchases up." Red said
shortly, collecting three keys and her friends and sashaying to the
In the elevator, she stashed her plastic and leaned back
against the wall, smiled at her pals, and passed out keys to the
"Aww, darlin', you didn't say this place was so fancy," Modo
whispered, leaning down to speak in her ear. She turned and gave
him a quick kiss, then replied, "Nothing, but the best for my
In the rooms, the women placed many little bottles, wrapped
toothbrushes, and a dab of toothpaste for each into the bros'
hands, shooed them off to the bathrooms and gave them instruction
not to return until they were sanitized. They then bent their heads
together over the catalogues, phone in hand, and began SHOPPING.
In half an hour, the phone was back in it's cradle, the
promenade shops were happy and Red put away a different credit
card, sighing with satisfaction. The boots sat outside the main
door to the suite of rooms, awaiting their pickup and the clothes,
all of them, were wrapped in a pile of towels, to contain the
Grinning like a school girl, Red flounced off to join Modo in
the shower, calling back over her shoulder, "Better get going while
the water's still hot!"

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