Authors Note: Hi! Just here to state that I don't own the BMFM and that I do own my own characters and the plot of this story and it is NOT fair game! Sorry, don't know where that last little outburst came from. Oh well. I'll admit, my last story was stupid, (I was stuck in a giant plot hole.) and hopefully this one will be a lot better. Well, why don't ya find out! Read on! ?

The Biker Mice from Mars


"In The Line of Fire."

Written by Skylark.

Copyright Skylark Apr. 19, '98

Castano woke the next morning to the bright sunlight glinting off her pillow and into her eyes. She stretched and yawned then crawled out of bed. After she dressed, she went to check up on Gyro. She smiled, walking into his room and finding him in the appearance of peaceful slumber. Her smile faded as she knelt by his side and felt his forehead.
"He's burning up!" She thought in panic. "Gyro." She whispered to him, shaking his shoulder. He didn't respond. "Oh no." She whispered as fear began to knot her stomach. She walked out the door and bumped into Stoker. "Hey, Cassie. How are you this morning?" He asked.
"Not good. I just checked up on Gyro. He's not doing too good!" She said, starting to get frantic. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Calm down. The last thing Gyro needs is a frantic girlfriend. What's the problem?" Asked Stoke. "I was checking up on Gy, and he was burning up. When I tried to wake him up, he wouldn't respond!" Replied Cassie.
"That DOES sound bad. Let's get the others." Said Stoker. So they gathered up the others and met in Gyro's room. "What's the matter?" Asked Charley. Cassie knelt beside Gyro and tried to wake him. He still didn't respond. "Ya see? He's not responding!" She cried, her voice tight with worry.
"I have an idea," Said Flor, and ran out of the room. She returned a couple seconds later with a small, handheld computer. "What's that?" Asked Charley. "This is my mini data computer, MDW-715. I use it for medical emergencies, but he does have other uses. Usually called just MIKE." Answered Flor, and flipped the computer open.
"MIKE, be a pal, and run a full scale diagnostic on Gyro over there." She said. "SURE THING." Replied a computerized male voice. MIKE buzzed for a moment, then said, "THE MOUSE IN QUESTION IS BEING EFFECTED WITH AN UNKNOWN DISEASE. ORIGIN OF DISEASE: UNKNOWN. CURE: ALSO UNKNOWN. SUGGESTED COURSE OF ACTION: HOW WOULD I KNOW!" Flor shook her head and snapped MIKE shut. "It had to have an attitude problem." She muttered.
"What do we do now!?" Cried Castano, her worry and frustration getting the best of her. "This whole thing stinks." Muttered Throttle. "Ya, and when something stinks..." Started Charley. "You can bet Limburger's at the bottom of it!" Finished everyone but Clutch, Mackenzie and Rosemary. "Let's go check it out." Said Throttle.
Cassie was torn. She wanted to go, but she also wanted to stay with Gyro. "Cassie, you go. I'll stay with Charley, Rose and Clutch to help take care of Gy. Phobos' knows it would be better for me to stay and help." Said Flor. "Thanks sis." Castano said, unsure, and hopped on her bike. Then the group proceeded to Limburger Tower, leaving Gyro, Flor, Charley, Sky, Wulf, Clutch and Rosemary behind.
"Do you think Limburger is really behind this?" Asked Rose. "When wasn't he?" Asked Flor with malice. "Umm, never?" Guessed Clutch. "Such a cute kid," Said Charley, ruffling Clutch's hair, "Flor, would you possibly fill me in on how you got that computer?" "It's an interesting story. I'll tell ya after we see just how bad Gyro is, Kay?" Replied Flor. "Alrighty, then." Replied Charley, and she walked into Gyro's room with Flor. She knelt beside him and shook his shoulder.
"Gyro, wake up." She called. Gyro mumbled and shuffled a bit, but didn't wake up. "Well, it's better than no response at all." Sighed Charley. She shook his shoulder again and again, and finally, he woke up. "Hun...wha?" He mumbled, then coughed. "It's okay, Gy. You're gonna be okay," Said Charley, "Just lie still."
Flor touched his forehead, then snapped MIKE open. "MIKE, is there anything else wrong with Gy?" She snarled. "GYRO ALSO HAS A FEVER." Replied MIKE. "Then WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO BEFORE!?" Yelled Flor, and it took all of her self-control not to fling the computer across the room. "YOU NEVER ASKED." Replied MIKE.
"He has a fever, too," Sighed Charley, "This just keeps getting better and better. By the way, if that computer ticks you off so bad, why do ya keep it?" "My boyfriend gave it to me, about 9 years ago..."
* * *
It was Flor, Castano and Estrella's birthday. It had been about a year since they had been adopted into Liz's core, and they had made many friends, and in all different areas, since Estrella and Castano were with one of the ground teams, and Flor had become a medic.
Flor's boyfriend, Wheeler, gave each of the triplets a small box. Castano opened hers. It was a crimson colour bandanna. "Thanks!" Said Castano, and tied it around her neck.
Estrella opened hers and pulled out a blue-green colour bandanna. "What? Is this bandanna week?" Joked Estrella. She put it on. "Don't worry, Wheeler. I love it. Thank you." She said, noticing he didn't pick up on her joke.
Flor was about to open hers when Wheeler said, "Guess what it is." "A bandanna?" Asked Flor, and opened it. She was a little shocked when she pulled out a small black computer. It had a flower painted on it and her initials, F.C., stenciled under it. "Oh, Wheeler! I love it! Thank you so much!" She cried, giving him a big hug.
"I made it just for you. Its main use is for medicine, but it can do some other things. Its name is MIKE, short for MIKE DELTA WHISKEY-715. Sorry about the attitude problem, but I just couldn't work out that bug." Said Wheeler. "Don't worry about it, Wheeler. I love it!" Said Flor.
* * *
"And I've had it ever since." Finished Flor. "Ah. 'I see' said the blind man to his deaf wife as his crippled dog walked up the stairs," Joked Charley, "But I noticed you sidestepped any information about Gyro. Why?" "Well, he doesn't like to talk about his past. All I can tell you is that what happened was, strange, for lack of a better word," Replied Flor, "If Gyro want's ya to know, ask him once he's better, and maybe he'll tell ya."
"Okay. Why don't you tell me about Wheeler." Said Charley. "Well, he's a whiz with computers. And he's the sweetest guy I know," Said Flor, and frowned suddenly, "But I haven't seen him in about a year. I'm afraid he might have forgotten me." "I doubt that," Said Charley, "Not if he's as sweet as you say. He's probably waiting for you." "You sure?" Asked Flor. "Almost positive. Especially if he's like those three jokers, Throttle, Vinnie and Modo," Said Charley, "You got a picture of this guy?"
Flor smiled and pulled out a small, brown wallet with a purple Jolly Jump Up on it. "Do you like flowers a lot, or something?" Asked Charley. "Actually, Flor means flower in Spanish." Replied Flor, flipping thought the wallet. "Oh. I'm guessing that Castano means chestnut, then, right?" Asked Charley. "Yup, and Estrella means star. And our last name is Crepusculo. It means twilight. That's why everyone calls us the Twilight Triplets." Replied Flor, and smiled. She passed her wallet to Charley, and she studied the photo of Flor and Wheeler.
He was slightly taller than she was, and his fur colour was a brown that was a few shades lighter that Stoker's. His hair was a little lighter than his fur and had a large strip of blonde down the middle. He wore a pair of brown pants that gave him a coyboyish look, but that was demolished by his black leather biker jacket and black biker boots. He also wore a pair of bronze colour sunglasses with silver lenses.
"So that's Wheeler?" Asked Charley. "Yup," Answered Flor, then glanced at Gyro, who was staring deliriously at the ceiling, "I hope the others get back with a cure."
* * *
Castano crashed into Limburgers office and, clenching her fist, hollered, "COME OUT, STINKFISH! I'VE GOT A PRESENT FOR YA!" The rest of the mice followed her in. Throttle took a look around. "He's not here," He said, "I wonder what he's up to?" "Who cares," Growled Castano, "Let's find the lab and see if we can find a cure!" Vinnie took a look around. "No goons? No Greasepit? No fun!" He whined. "I don't like this bros." Said Throttle, but followed as Cassie blasted her way to the lab.
"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Screamed Karbunkle, and ducked behind some of his equipment. Castano blew it up, drove over and hauled Karbunkle up by his lab coat. "What did you do to Gyro?" She growled, her voice low and threatening. "N...nothing.." Stammered Karbunkle. "DON'T give me that! I KNOW you did something and I want the cure! NOW!" Snapped Cassie, and she started to choke Karbunkle.
Fred the mutant ran up. "Oh, that looks like fun! Do me too!" He cried. "Shut up, you little twerp!!" Snapped Cassie and kicked him away. He rammed into some equipment and got electrocuted. "Ooh, toasty." He said happily.
Cassie continued to choke Karbunkle. "!" She growled, tightening her death grip on his neck. Unable to speak, Karbunkle pointed to a vile filled with a clear, green liquid.
Castano dropped Karbunkle, who landed in a gasping heap on the floor, and grabbed the vile. "We've got the cure, now let's go!" She said, hopping back on her bike. The mice left Limburger Tower and headed home.
* * *
Limburger and Wildfire were having a meeting in an abandoned warehouse. "Everything is going according to plan, Mr. Limburger," Said Wildfire, "That mouse should be too sick to be any help to the other mice. And in about another 24 hours, he should be dead." "Good," Replied Limburger, "I'll meet you back at my tower later to discuss payment."
Wildfire nodded and left, but not before she was sure Limburger was gone. She scowled. "Ya, like h*** you will, you fat chuff," She thought, getting on her bike, "Oh, well. I can still get my revenge on Gyro anyway. Last Chance Garage, here I come!" She gunned her engine and sped away.
* * *
Gyro moaned in pain. "Don't worry, Gy," Said Charley, "You're gonna be okay." But she wasn't so sure. Gyro had gotten a lot worse in a span of just a few hours. At the sound of an engine, everyone looked up. "Are they back already?" Asked Rose, moving to investigate. Charley stopped her, saying, "No. It can't be them. There's only one, and it's not one of theirs. Stay here while I check it out."
She walked out of the room and to the front door. Looking out the window, Charley was shocked to see a grey-furred female Martian with red hair, walking to her door, taking no precautions not to be seen. "Guys," Charley called, "It's another Martian!" Everyone but Rose and Clutch went to investigate. Charley let her in before she had a chance to knock. "Who are you and what do you want?" Asked Charley.
"My name is Tamara. I'm searching for an old friend by the name of Gyro Buzz. Carbine told me I could find him here." Replied the Martian. "Yup," Replied Sky, "But he's kinda sick at the moment." "Perfect," Thought Tamara, but said aloud, "Oh really? That's too bad, 'cause he's comin' with me!" She threw on her helmet as she chucked a gas grenade on the floor. Everyone else succumbed to the gas as she ran into the side room......
And stopped dead in her tracks.
In front of her stood Rosemary, brandishing Charley's tranquilizer rifle. Flor and Clutch had hidden themselves. "Stay right there." Growled Rose. "Do you really think that can stop me?" Asked Tamara and with one fluid movement, she had Rose disarmed and out cold. Then she took Gyro and left.
When Clutch was sure Tamara was gone, he ran to Rose. "Mom! Wake up!" He pleaded, shaking her shoulder. Rose groaned and slowly came around. "Oh, man...Gyro! Where's Gyro!?" She exclaimed, seeing the empty cot. "That lady took him." Said Clutch. "Oh, great." Sighed Rose, then when into the other room. The others were just coming 'round, the gas not lasting long. It was also at that moment that the others returned.
Castano burst thought the door. "How's Gyro?" Was the first thing she asked. "He's been kidnapped." Said Rose. "WHAT?!" Exclaimed Cassie. "A Martian with grey fur and red hair called Tamara took him." Said Rose.
"Hmm, that description sounds familiar, but that Martian doesn't go by the name Tamara." Said Estrella. "Wildfire!" Exclaimed Flor and Castano. "I knew she looked familiar!" Said Flor. "Who's Wildfire?" Asked Throttle.
"She was a girl we knew at Liz's base. Her dad was....," Castano trailed off, unsure of what to say, "In the Air Force, and she stayed with him at the base." "Well, it seems she's become a mercenary." Said Flor. "She's got Gyro," Said Cassie, "But why?" Flor grew wide-eyed. "You don't think...?" She asked. "Oh, no." Moaned Cassie. Everyone but Estrella looked at the two quizzically. "What's the matter?" Asked Vinnie. "No time to explain," Said Ella, "We've got to find Gyro and Wildfire. Fast."
The others exchanged questioning looks, but followed the Twilight Triplets as they took off in search for Gy and Wildfire, but Rose remained behind with Clutch, Charley, Sky and Wulf.
* * *
After a half-hour of frantic searching, Throttle finally talked Castano into taking things a little slower and follow any clues Wildfire may have left behind. They returned to the garage, and Throttle searched for any tire tracks to follow with "That Little Doohickey." (Ya know, that thing he used in "The Motor City Maniac.") He found some, but there were too many to be able to tell whom they belonged to.
Flor took out MIKE and opened the little computer. "MIKE, can you trace any signals from Martian bikes?" She asked. "I TRACE 8 RIGHT HERE." Replied MIKE. "Ha ha, very funny. Do you trace any other Martian signals?" Asked Flor. MIKE buzzed for a moment, then replied, "A MARTIAN SIGNAL IS EMANATING FROM LIMBURGER TOWER."
"How can that be," Wondered Throttle, "We already checked there, and Wildfire wasn't there." "Well, she's there now." Said Cassie and gunned her engine and drove off. Everyone else exchanged glances then followed.
* * *
"Hello, Wildfire," Said Limburger, "Looking for payment? Where's the mouse first?" Wildfire held Gyro up by the collar of his shirt. "He's right here," She said, "Now give me the money and you can have him." "Oh, you'll get your payment," Said Limburger, "But I doubt it will be with money. GREASEPIT! GRAB HER!"
Wildfire sighed inwardly. She knew she was going to be double-crossed. She kicked Greasepit's legs out from under him, grabbed Gyro and made a break for her bike. "GOONS! STOP THAT MOUSE!" Limburger bellowed.
Wildfire hopped on her bike and held Gyro behind her with her tail, then sped out of the tower. Before she could be followed, she pulled out a little remote and pressed the button on it. The base of Limburger Tower exploded, and the rest of the tower collapsed, having nothing left to support it. Wildfire laughed and sped away.
* * *
"WHAT THA!?" Exclaimed Mackenzie, screeching to halt. "Well, either some building just got imploded OR Limburger Tower just bit the dust again," Said Throttle, "Let's go!"
They drove over to Limburger Tower only to find that it was now Limburger Rubble. Limburger hauled himself out of the rubble. "Oh, this is getting SO old," He muttered, then noticed the mice, "Ahhh!"
"Where's Gyro, shark bait?" Snapped Cassie. "I don't know! Wildfire took him!" Stuttered Limburger. "Which way did she go?" Demanded Throttle. Limburger pointed down the road and the mice took off.
* * *
Wildfire hauled Gyro into the condemned building she was using as a hideout. Tying him to a chair, she looked him in the eye and said, "Remember me? Wildfire Nieman?"
Gyro stared at her with fear in his delirious eyes. "You're...still for that?" He asked weakly. "Well, it is your fault." Wildfire replied matter-of-factly.
"I...didn't tell go out...and get shot down," Mumbled Gyro, "Your father...was a first...rate pilot, and...did things his...own way." "And you were there to make sure he didn't!" Snapped Wildfire. "You he felt...about be a 17-year-old." Whispered Gyro.
Wildfire snarled and backhanded him. He groaned and fell unconscious. "Drat. Don't want his death to be painless. Have to wait 'till he wakes up." Muttered Wildfire and cocked her lazer.
* * *
"That's her bike!" Yelled Estrella, spotting the red machine. The group pulled up outside the condemned building. Getting off their bikes, they snuck up to a boarded up window.
"They're both in there," Whispered Stoker, "And it doesn't look like Gyro's doing too good." Cassie whined. "Don't worry, Cassie," Stoke whispered, "We'll get him free." "I hope so." Cassie whispered back, not quite believing Stoker.
As Wildfire turned her back to the window, Stoker shouted, "Let's go!" They ran to the door and Modo kicked it open. Storming in, they quickly surrounded Wildfire. "I was wondering when you were gonna show up." She said and threw something on the floor. There was a bright flash, then the room filled with smoke. Wildfire used the commotion created by her actions to escape.
Once the smoke cleared, Cassie turned her attention to Gyro. He was leaning forward, he looked almost like a drunk who had passed out, and Cassie soon saw why. "Gyro's been shot!" She cried, and quickly untied him. He slumped to the floor, and Cassie got a good look at just how bad it was.
His stomach was covered in blood, and he was still bleeding. "Oh, Gy, hold on," Whimpered Cassie as she picked him up, "Please, hold on." "Let's get back to the garage!" Yelled Stoker.
* * *
Arriving back at the garage, Cassie brought Gyro back to his cot. Flor came with her and helped her to remove his shirt without irritating his wound too much, then did what she could to stop the bleeding and dress the wound. "Should we give him the cure now, or wait 'till later?" Asked Cassie. "I don't know," Answered Flor, then consulted MIKE, "What do you think?" "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT." Replied MIKE. Flor sighed, frustrated.
"If we give him the cure now, will it be more of a help or a hindrance?" She asked. "IF YOU GIVE HIM THE CURE NOW, IT WILL HELP MORE THAN HINDER." Replied MIKE. "Thank-you." Said Flor, then snapped MIKE shut. Cassie gave the cure to Gyro. "Well, that's all we can do now. Let's give him some time to rest." Said Flor, and she and Cassie walked back into the other room.
"Is he gonna be alright?" Asked Wulf. "Time will tell. We've done everything we can." Said Flor.
Stoker sighed. "I wonder when Carbine is gonna come get us." He wondered aloud. As if on cue, the engines of a Martian spacecraft filled the room. Everyone came out to watch as Carbine walked down to them. "You guys ready to go?" She asked hurriedly. "What's the matter?" Asked Stoker. "Johnny's free." Replied Carbine. "WHAT?! How'd THAT happen?!" Asked Stoker in surprise. "The guards said a grey Martian with red hair took 'em by surprise and freed him." Said Carbine.
"Wildfire," Exclaimed Castano, "But how's that possible?! She trashed his transporter!" Carbine shrugged. "I don't know, but if it is her, you probably want to come, Hun?" She asked. "You bet," Snarled Cassie, "I've got a score to settle with that b****." "Alright then," Said Carbine, "Who's coming and who's staying?"
Everyone but Wulf said they would come. "This works out alright," Said Sky, "You can keep track of Limburger and search for the star stone while we're away." Wulf nodded in agreement.
"What about Gyro?" Asked Cassie. "Bring him along," Said Stoker, "Phobos' knows he'd be better off on Mars with proper medical equipment." Everyone then went off to get ready and Cassie and Flor moved Gyro onto the ship. Then, with one last wave good-bye, they all left and Wulf started to search for the star stone.
The End.