Disclaimer: This is my first BMFM fan fic so I would like to say that I'm the creator of Jenny Lejon, Mr. & Mrs. Hellkite, Azazel, and Miss. Pamela Parmesan. I would like to thank Rogue for letting me use ( Alex, Jo'than & Rogue ) her characters. I would like to thank Centerline's creator ( I like the idea of Centerline's back ground ). Thanks to Tom Tataranowicz for the BMFM. And to Mat Bluestone's ( from Gargoyles ) creators at Disney studios. The sequel to this story (if I ever get it finished) will be posted on a Gargoyles fan fic web sight. An additional thanks to Rogue for double editing my story and improving it. Now on with the story!



By Bright Moon

copyright January 1, 1999

One morning at The Last Chance Garage Charley has just finished working on a car when the phone rings. She looked around expecting one of her friends to get it when she realizes that they are out joy riding.
"Hello, Last Chance Garage. Charley talking."
"Charlene, It's me. Are the guys their?" asked a woman's voice at the other end.
"Mom! No the guys are not in" she replies noticing her mom's worried voice "What is wrong?"
"Family emergence. We have to go see your cousin. I already called your older brother in Maine and he is on his way to the ranch with his kids. I will pick you up in one hour. Your cousin is in the hospital in critical condition. And.......(shih), my (pause)... Your aunt and uncle are dead"
"No!! How did it happen?"
"I'll tell you when I pick you up. Please do not tell the guys they will want to tell your brother on Mars and he is needed their more "
"OK. I'll be waiting for you." she starts to cry as she head up to her room to pack. Forty five minutes later she is packed, a note on the garage door reads CLOSED DUE TO FAMILY EMERGENCY . In side she puts down the pen she used to write a note to the guys as she heirs a car pull up and honk the horn. She grabs her bag and head out locking the door behind her.
"OK mom lets go. Tell me what happened" she askes as she sees her mom had been crying over the death of her only sister and brother-in-law as they drive away.

Later that day three motorcycles could be seen heading down the street approaching the garage. Vinnie was in the lead when he noticed that the garage door was not going up. He slams on his brakes. His bros. who where driving a little slower than Vinnie stop more slowly with plenty of room to spare.
"That is strange Charley usually opens it when she hears us coming" said Modo
"That is why bros." said Throttle pointing to the sing.
"Family emergency! Good thing Charley gave us the keys."
"Well it can not be Centerline or she would have tolled us. Hope she left us a note" replied a worried Vinnie as he rolled his bike in then closed the garage door since he was the last in and they did not want any UN-suspecting human to walk in on them.
"She did bros." said Modo holding the note in his hand.
"What does it say" asked Throttle
"When will she be back?" asked Vinnie
"It does not say. All it says is that she want us to make sure the garage is still here and in one piece when she gets back. And not to tell any one." replied Modo
"That is not like her."
"Maybe her mom will know what is going on" said Throttle picking up the phone and dialing Mrs. Davidsons number. The phone rang twice and then "Hello you have reached The Davidson residence I'm currently away due to a family emergency please leave a message and I will return it as soon as we get back."
"She is not their ether and her message also says family emergency" replied Throttle after he hung up "But in the message she said we"
"Do you think Charley is with her mom?" stated Modo
"I hope nothing serious has happened. Listen I will try and call Alex and see if any one is home. Modo you see if you can not find Centerline on the radio. One of them may know what is going on." said Throttle looking through Charlie's personal phone book.
Ten minutes later they still have no idea where or why Charley and her mom have gone. Vinnie is looking at a photo on Charley. Throttle is going over her phone book trying to figure out if he should call some of the other numbers in their. Modo has raised Stoker on the radio.
"Stoker we need to talk to Centerline is he their?"
"No. What's up?"
"We are worried about Charley she took off with her mom and we can not get in touch with them or their other brother and his kids."
"He is out on patrol with Rimefier. I'll send some one to get them if I can't reach him by radio. He will contact you as soon as he gets in"
"Thanks Stoker" replied Modo as he got up from the radio and walked to the next room where his bros. where.
"Centerline is out on patrol. Stoke will have him call as soon as he gets him back to base" stated Modo

Later that night Charley was driving her mom's car while her mom sleeps. Her older brother Alex and her niece and nephew where meeting them at the airport in Des Moines, Iowa. After that they are continuing on to Emmett, Nebraska where her cousin lives. Charley cheeks her watch. The plane should be landing right about now. half hour to get their luggage and twenty minutes for us to park the car. It will probley take us five minutes to find them, and a nother ten to get the van we need to rent. That puts it at about an hour and five minutes lay over. Then Alex can take his turn at driving while me and mom sleep. Airik said that she would meet us at the ranch.

At the same time on Mars two figures are sitting around a camp fire when the radio on one of the bikes crackles to life.
"Stoker to patrol #48. Centerline please answer"
A large white mouse with a black streak of hair gets up and walks over "Centerline here. What's up Stoker you sound upset."
"It's your family on Earth. Something is going on and they are not telling Modo and the other what it is. They need to talk to you right away."
Centerline looks at Rimfier who herd what Stoke said and walked over to his bike and packs away his things "We will be right in" replied Centerline. He puts down the radio and goes to collect his things. While Rimfier's bike puts out the fire as they turn around "What do you think is going on with Aunt Charley and Grandma?"
"I don't know son." replied Centerline as they rode off. Why are you leaving me out if it? If something happened. Is Alex and the kids OK. Are you OK mom? Sis? Sensing its riders mood the bike gives all the speed it can. "Rimfier did I tell you about your uncle Alex and his two kids?" asked Centerline realizing something "Or about your grandma's sister and her family?"
"No. It's a long ride back tell me."
"Well your Uncle Alex is a widower and..........." as they ride off toward the base.

The next day back on Earth. Rogue is taking her turn at driving the rented van while the others are ether napping, reading or talking.
"Have you heard how it happened?"
"No" said her brother.
"Yes, but it does not make any senesce" said Charley and she tells her niece and nephew what her mom tolled her.

At the same time back at the Last Chance Garage Vinnie is fast asleep at the radio when it crackles to life scaring him awake.
"Hey bros. the radio!" shouts Vinnie calling Throttle and Modo in while he adjusts the clarity.
"----are you their?" came Centerline's voice as it cleared up.
"We read you bro." replied Vinnie
"What's going on down their?"
"We where hoping you knew. Charley took off with your mom. No one is home at your older brothers house. And the note on the garage and on the message machine at your mom's house state a family emergency."
"Well it has nothing to do with me. What about mom's sister Aunt Alzena and her family?"
"Charley never talked much about her. We don't know if she even told her anything about us."
"Yea, Well I'll tell you all about the falling out Charley had with her and Uncle Darcy when I arrive."
"When will that be?"
"In about six hours."
"We will see you then" said Vinnie as he got up and looked at his bros.
"I say lets eat and then trash Limburgers tower so he will be to busy rebuilding to bother with the garage while we are gone." stated Throttle hopping to easy Vinnie's concern.
"That sound like a plan" said Modo herding Vinnie to where the bikes are parked.

Jo'htan is at the wheel of the van now as they are getting closer to their destination.
"Did you tell Airik about what happened" he asked
"Yes she will meet us at the ranch" replied Mrs. Davidson sipping on her coffee.

Meanwhile at Limburger Tower the Biker Mice are reaking havoc on Limburger's goons and his tower was being trashed big time.
"What are those miserable mice up to now?" askes an irritated Limburger
"It look like they are about to bring down the tower again. Your Cheseness." said Carbuncle from behind.
"They are really starting to get me stemmed in more ways than one. Is their not one among my goons or the countless villains who can rid me...... of ....... those .......... Mice!!!!! " he exlames as he goes tumbling as the tower starts to come down. The Biker Mice ride away felling a little better as a cloud of dust tries to over take them but does not quite make it.
"Hey bros. Why did I not think about it earlier." asked Throttle
"We where to bummed." said Modo
"Yea. Trashing the tower felt great!!" stated Vinnie popping a wheelie
"No not that bros. Calling Airik." stated Throttle. The others look at him then eachother and groaned.
"Your right. She may know something." replied Modo
"What are you guys waiting for? I'm gone meet you at the garage." said Vinnie speeding up. Modo and Throttle just shake their heads and pour on the speed. By the time they reach the garage Vinnie has the door open and is half way to the phone. As Vinnie picks up Charlie's phone book looking for Airik's number they heir the whine of the stalkers ship's engine. Centerline and Rimefier walk in as Vinnie start to diel.
"Hey Vinnie this is no time to be ordering takeout food" stated Centerline
"Hi Uncle Modo" said Rimefier
"Hi. Vinnie is not ordering we just realized we did not try calling Airik"
"Airik?" both Centerline and Rimefier asked
"Yes, you niece (pointing to Centerline) and your cousin (pointing to Rimefier). Charlie did not tell you about her?" said Throttle noticing their puzzlement.
"No" they say in unison
"She left the school due to a family emergency" said Vinnie hanging up the phone.
"About a year after your dad died she found Airik crying in an ally. She saw the kid was starving so she brought her home. Your mom decided to be Airik's foster mom but Charley raised her. Then when she turned 18 she legally adopted Airik as her own."
"Well if Airik left school on her own then that only leaves one possibility. Something happened at the ranch" said Centerline after he took all this in.
"The RANCH!?!?!?" exlamed Vinnie, Throttle, and Modo
"Yes, the one that our aunt and uncle run. Its called Natures Ranch."
"She never tolled us" stated Modo
"It will be faster if we take the ship. Rimefier show them where to store their bikes on bored while I try to call the ranch."

Out at the ranch Airik is standing on the porch arguing with a plump woman. Behind the woman is a sleek white limo with a nasty looking chofer.
"I'm sorry Miss. Parmesan. But if my aunt and uncle where not selling to you why would I give you permission to survey the land now." said Airik trying to stay up wind of the foul odder coming from the woman direction. She smell as bad as Limburger. I just bet she is a Plutarkian. Just what we need at this point in time. She ignores the phone as it rings.
"But it will be mine soon as they put it up for sale now that the owners are dead from that most unfortunate accident" said Miss. Parmesan. The one that my trusty number one goon arranged. They will reward me when I send this land back to Plutark. The phone stops ringing finally.
"I'm sorry to say but only my aunt and uncle died in that ACCIDENT" she hissed out the last word looking for a reaction, and noticed a slight one from bout "But my cousin survived it. Right now she is recovering. If you do come back before she is better I will release her big cats on you. They have never eaten such a large kettle of FISH." smiling as she said the last word. Miss. Parmesan started to look nervous as she herd the cats growl and roar in the back at the mention of food.
"You will regret this when the same thing happens to you" said Miss. Parmesan turning to her limo as a van puled up behind the limo. Charley and the others get out and walk up to Airik. They all notice the smell but only Charley and her mom along with Airik know what that smell is.
"Hi mom, Grandma. Hi uncle Alex, cousin Rouge, Jo'than"
"Hi, who is our UNWANTED GUEST?" asked Charley
"No Alex she is right" responded Mrs. Davidson to her son giving him and his kids a strange look.
"Whewwheee what is that horrid smell" said Rouge in her thick southern ascent.
"That my dear Rouge is the stench of a Plutarkian."
"Mom, every one I would like to introduce Miss. Parmesan. She says that she will have this land. Probably to ship back to Plutark" Introduced Airik
"How?!?!?" stuttered Miss. Parmesan
"My family has had dealings with your people in Chi-town" replied Charley
"Well she was just leaving when you puled up because I was just about to feed Jenny's cats." stated Airik
"I hope it was fish" said Mrs. Davidson. At this remark Miss. Parmesan puffed up like a puffer fish and stormed to her limo and the chofer puled away at the sound of giggles and then all out laughter from three of the six standing on the porch.
"I think some one has some explaining to do to us" said Jo'than
"I'll do it while mom calls the hospital and Airik feeds the cats. Come on lets unload the van while I tell you." said Charley as all six moved off.

In the limo Miss. Parmesan is still fuming at the impertinence of those humans and that one person survived the accident.
"Exuse me, Miss. Parmesan. But how did they know?" asked the chofer
"I'm not sure but they said that they delt with us in Chi-town. Where is that?"
"Chi-town is the nick name for Chicago"
"That is Limburgers territory. Azazel, as soon as we get back to the office I want to put in a call to Limburger. Oh and remind me to take back your pay for a botched job. You did not get all of them" stated a fuming Miss Parmesan
"Yes Mam." replied Azazel quietly as she drove swearing under her berth.
In the Stalker's ship several miles above the Earth. Centerline is telling every one about the ranch and his mom's side of the family that runs it. "it will be nice to see how they are doing after all this time. Cousin JL was only 7 when I was taken."
"That would put him at 27. Older than Rouge and Jo'thon" said Modo
"and older than Carley-girl" added Vinnie
"Ah guys. JL is short for Jenny Lejon ( LEH-yohn )"said Centerline "it is her middle name. It means lion."
"Lion like the cccccatttt" stammers Vinnie
"Yes. My aunt and uncle are Mr. and Mrs. Hellkite. Me and Jenny agree that her middle name is better than her last, she always said that when she was old ehuph she would officially drop her last name."
"You have a point their" said Rimfier while piloting the ship.
"What does Hellkite mean? Not cat." asked Vinnie
"No. It has two meanings. One a friece bird of prey. Or a wantonly crule person."
"We will be their in five minutes" interrupted Throttle
"GREAT!!!" stated every one.

By this time Miss. Parmesan has returned to her office. She like Limburger has a huge fishtank for one wall. She was staring out the window plotting how to take the ranch and ship it to Plutark when the intercom buzzed.
"Miss. Parmesan, I finally got Mr. Limburger on the phone for you"
"Thank you Miss. June. Hold the rest of my call till I'm done"
"Very well"
"Lawrence Limburger! What is going on. I have a family showing up in my territory who know about us and Plutark. Spoling one of my best deals!" stated Miss. Parmesan swiveling in her lugurius chair.
"Pamela Parmesan! how good to hear you voice after all these years. I did not know you where on Earth my dear I really must review who they send to Earth more often." he said trying to soothe her.
"Cut the sweet talk Limburger and answer my question or so help me I will go to the Lord High Chairman of the Earth offense my self" her voice getting agitated the more she talked.
"I'm incharge of all that goes on Earth every where at the moment. As for the Humans I will need a description of them."
"I will send you the photos I got."
"I'm sorry my dear but you will have to verbally describe them the fax is not working and we are doing some major renovation to the tower at this moment."
"Two mail humanoid one named Alex, he was called uncle by one. Four female humans, names unknown but one was referred to as both mother and sister. One other was referred to as mother and grandmother. The one referred to as mother and sister has shoulder length brown/red hair and green eyes. The----"
"Did you say green eyes with brown/red hair shoulder length?"
"Yes" replied Miss Parmesan a bit taken back
"So that is why those DAME mice." mumbled Limburger "That is Miss. Charlene Davidson and her mother and kid. As fore the other three humans I never saw them before. Bewarned though they are sometimes followed by a trio of Martian Mice that have been a thorn in my side for a long time now."
"Thank you Limburger" she said as she slammed down the phone on him. Martian Mice here on Earth that is all we need right now but he said in his side so they may not come heir. Aprently this Davidson clan did not tell the mice. All the better fore me, and if I can get ride of them I'm sure I would be put in overall command of Earth.

Back at the ranch it has been agreed that they split up so someone is at the ranch at all times. Charley, Mrs. Davidson, and Jo'than went to visit Jenny at the hospital. Alex was calling funeral homes to make arrangements for his Aunt and Uncle while Airik and Rouge took Jenny's two cats for a walk. Airik was holding the leash to one of the cats and Rouge had the others leash in her hand.
"I wonder if Milady and Milord would have enjoyed their fish dinner." stated Rouge
"You said it. To bad it got away" giggled Airik
"What is that?" asked Rouge pointing to the darkening sky and the wearied looking airplane she saw.
"OH NO! (sigh) That is the only ship on Mars capable of traveling to Earth. Mom said she did not tell them. How did they find us?" said a frustrated Airik
"What more mice from Mars are coming?"
"Mom tolled you?!?!"
"She brought them to our house for Christmas one year"
"Oh that must have been fun." she replied holding tighter on the leash as the ship landed and four mice she recognized and one she did not walked out. followed by four bikes.
"Throttle, Modo big BIG cats!!" stammered Vinnie when he saw them and started to sneeze.
"Aw Vinnie you not afraid of a couple of mountain lions are you" teased Rouge
"Yea Milady would not hurt you" said Airik bending down to huge and stroke the lion on her leash.
"Where is sis and mom?" asked Centerline
"Exuse me but who?" asked both girls at the same time
"Airik, and ???" asked Rimefier
"Airik and Rouge I would like you to meet my father Centerline aka Jayce Davidson."
"WHAT!!!!" said both in shock
"You mean Charley-girl never said anything to you" asked Modo
"I think we should go to the house and put the cats back in their enclosure. It seams we have a lot to talk about" said Airik heading towards the house followed by every one.
"Uncle Alex !" yelled Airik as they reached the house
"Dad!" yelled Rouge
"What is---" he started as he walked out then seeing the mice "Oh"
"We are going to put the cats in their enclosure. Please call Mom at the hospital and tell her she has some extra company." said Airik a little angry
"Whats wrong"
"It seams Aunt Charley and Grandma forgot to tell us something" said Rouge "don't start till we get back"
"Another surprise today?!?!?" said Alex as he walked in to the house the mice just looked at eachother and then followed him in.

Over at the hospital in one of the rooms Charlene and Jo'than are sitting with their cousin while Mrs. Davidson is out in the hall talking to the doctor when the phone next to the bed rings startling Charley and Jo'than.
"Hello" said Charley answering the phone.
"Charlene? Airik is mad at you and we have some extra company!" said Alex
"As in?"
"Vinnie, Modo, Throttle, and two others"
"Is one as tall as Modo. White with a black streak" at the mention of Modo's name Jo'than looks up at Charley.
"Yes. Who is he?" asked Alex
"Just feed them. We'll talk when we get their." she stated then hung up on him before he could say anything more.
"What's wrong?" asked Jo'than noticing the look she had.
"We have to go" she replied as her mom walked in and saw Charlie's face.
"What's up?" asked Mrs. Davidson
"Tell you on the way back to the ranch. What did the doctors say?" asked Charley changing the subject as they walk out the door.
Fifteen minutes later at the ranch the van pulls up to the house. Mrs. Davidson angrily slams the door shut and stormes toward the house.
"Mom! Calm down, he had a right to know about Jenny. You know how close they where." Stated Charley chasing her mom up the porch steps and in the house "Besides we just might need help with Miss. Parmesan."
"She has a point their!" stated Jo'than following them down the hall towards the kitchen.
"Sound like some one is rather upset." said Vinne hearing all the commotion out side the kitchen as he grabs a glass of rootbear. Every one at the table looked up as Mrs. Davidson came storming in. Recognizing that look in their mom's eyes Alex and Centerline look for an escape rout.
"What in the world are you doing here! We specifically tolled you not to tell any one! I especially did not whant Jace involved!" yelled Mrs. Davidson at the mice "Don't you dare try to sneak off mister. Why did you bring Rimfier? Jenny's cats could have gone after him! Let alone you. I do not even whant to think what could have happened to my grand soon if they had not been in their enclosure and off a leash" she continued as she pointed to centerline then out the window forgetting to call him by his Martian name "I---I---" she tries to continue but she just brakes down and cries. Jo'than guides her to a chair as the mice look elsewhere in shame. Alex, Rouge, and Airik just look at Centerline and Rimfier confused and amazed. Centerline gets up and walks around the table to his mom and places his hand on her shoulder "I loved them also" was all he said as he knelled down beside her.
"Why? Why did it have to be them?!?!" she sobs in to his arms, his fur muffling her sobbing voice some what.
"Charley-girl, we were only worried about you." said Vinne with a guilty look on his face.
"They only called dad after they tried every one ells they dared to try." added Rimfier.
"I know." replied Charley
"Can you please tell us what is going on!? Who are these two mice?" asked Rouge
"Whant me to tell them?" asked Centerline. Charley nodes yes with tears in her eyes. "Well it all started when I had that big argument with dad and -------" started Centerline. He tolled them about his change in to a Martian mouse, Stoker and Harley, The sand Raiders working for the FF, and the rest. Centerline did not leave anything out. During his tale someone had handed Mrs. Davidson a cup of tea to help calm her down. Charley sat next to Vinne and ate something. Some time during the tale Rimfier had left to hide the ship they had arrived in. When he got back Centerline had finished and the dishes where begin washed. Mrs. Davidson had gone to bed. Alex, Modo, Throttle, and Vinnie where telling Centerline about the first Christmas the guys had met Alex and his kids. When Jo'than finished telling them about his favorite part they all started to laugh.
"Hey sis. How was Jenny when you saw her?" asked Centerline
"She has not regained consunes scince the accident so it is hard to tell according to the Doctors"
"So far they have treated her for broken leg, arm and ribs. As well as a concussion and a punctured lung." added Jo'than
"Plus some minor cuts and bruises." concluded Charley
"Do you have a photo of her Aunt Charley" asked Rimfier. Charley goes in to the living room and takes one of the several photos off the mantel. Walking back into the kitchen she hands it to Rimfier. Centerline and the other mice walk over and crowds around Rimfier to take a look.
"It was taken last year" stated Charley sitting down. As the mice look at the photo they see a young lady with short brown/red hair and dark eyes on the back on a rearing horse with one of the cats roaring at it. "I had that taken at the show she did for the local orphanage. She has quite a talent for training her animal pet/friends"
"I see that you courage runs in the family" stated Vinnie.
"She has turned out to be a beautiful young lady" said Centerline
"I hate to interrupt you'll but it is getting rather late." stated Rouge
"She's right." said Charley "The sofa pulls out to a bed, one or two of you guys can sleep their. I'll sleep on the extra bed in mom's room. Rogue and Airik can double up in one room. The rest of you can double up in the other two bedrooms."
Much later that night a couple of hours before dawn when the ranch house was all dark and every one had been asleep four a while. In Milady and Milords enclosure, the big cats woke up and strted to pace at the sent that came to them on the wind. As it got stronger they started to pace faster and growl. Several dark shadows were barley seen pushing four wheeled vehicles in to a rather large and loose circle around the house. the first vehicle in position had one person standing up on it telling the others where to go and swearing to her self. , I knew I should have taken every one through a car wash. Those FRICKING cats are going to ruin this. In the house Airik wakes up as the cats start to roar at something out side. She looks at Rouge asleep on the airmatrres on the floor and decides to check the house. Walking down the hall she sees that every one is asleep, then it hits her.
"Hey guys wake up!!" she bangs on all the doors as she rushed down the hall "We have Plutarkian goons out side!" That got the Mice's attention better than anything else. The five mice rush out side a minute later whistling up their bikes as the humans closed all the shutters against any stray shots.
" LETS ROCK AND RIDE!!! " the mice yell.
That does not sound good. Thought the head goon. "Pulverize all you encounter!!" she said as she ordered all her goons forward.
"I guess Limburger's goons missed their daily pounding." stated Modo
"No way! They missed my stunning moves." responded Vinnie passing Modo, while vaulting him and his bike over the goons.
"Where does he get his delutions from?" asked Rimfier standing on his bikes seat as two goons drove toward him. As he whent in between them he jumped and the goons wound up shooting eachother in stead. Rimfier shot out two more as he landed on his bike.
"He's you kid" said Throttle to Centerline as he accelerated toward several goons leaving Centerline behind.
"Some times I wonder." replied Centerline as he whent after a nother group on goons.
"Hey bros.! These are not Limburger's goons. Their women!" stated Modo after grabbing one by a shoulder strap of her harness.
"Your right" replied Rimfier
"But they still have the Plutarkian stink about them" said Vinne
"Destroy their vehicles and hand weapons. Maybe that will discourage them" stated Throttle. Twenty minutes later the mice watched as the female goons retreated.
"I think someone forgot to tell us something" said Throttle as they turned back to the ranch house just as the sky started to brighten with the dawn.

Later back at Miss. Parmesan's office Azazel comes limping in covered in dirt that cover some cuts and bruises.
"By all that is sacred, what happened? Don't tell me those mere humans defeated you!" exlamed Miss. Parmesan
"No some how they inlested the aid of the FF from Mars. Five of them destroyed all our equipment." replied Azazel
" WHAT?!?! Limburger did say that Miss. Davidson had Biker Mice friends. That imbecile can not even contain some mice in his district!"
"I just need more fire power and then I can take them all out."
"No! We will just change tactics and target. Go get cleaned up while I make plans!" finished Miss. Parmesan waving her hand in dismissal.

At the same time back at the ranch breakfast is being cooked and the mice listen to Airik as she tells them of Miss. Parmesan's visit the day before.
"Mrs. Davidson? You beleve that this plutarkan is responsible for what happened to your sister and her family?" asked Throttle once Airik had finished her tale.
"Yes. Now that I look at all the evidence. I'm sure she is responsible"
"Well they messed with the wrong family. No way am I letting those stinking Plutarkians get away with this!" stated Centerline as Alex and Rouge walked in and sat down at the table as Airik, Charlene and Rimfier put the food on the table.
"Throttle how about you and Modo find Miss. Parmesan's headquarters while me and Rimfier ride shotgun for Airik, Alex and Rouge on the trip to the hospital." said Centerline halfway though eating.
"Hey what about me! You can't leave me out of the action!" cried Vinne with his mouth full of food.
"You are our back-up if one of us needs help and you can keep an eye on things here." said Modo
"Vinne to the rescue when we need you" added Rimfier as he and Airik left the room.
An hour later a van and two motorcycles pull in to the hospital parking lot. A couple of people notice that the two bikers acted as guards to the people from the van on their bikes. Once the people enter the hospital the two bikers leave. A nurse who saw the whole thing walks in and catches up to the people, and stops one of the girls. She askes her if that relay was a tail that she saw on the bikers. The girl she asked leans to the nurse and whispers something in the nurses ear. Then the girl leaves the nurse standing their with a funny look on her face.
"What did you tell her?" asked Rouge when Airik joined them in the elevator. As the doors close Airik just gave Rouge a miscivus grin. As the elevator goes up a newspaper goes down as Azazel looks at the elevator the Davidsons just took.
At the same elsewhere Throttle and Modo where racing down a small two lane highway.
"Hey Bro.! See anything yet?" asked Throttle
"No, just hills and a big warehouse type structure. How can you hide a tall office out here?"
"That's it! you hide it by building it like that warehouse complex over their."
"Looks big enough. Plutarkians like big things, right? Lets take a look" finished Modo heading his bike in that direction followed by Throttle. The two mice stopped short once the fence perimeter was in sight.
"Scout or charge in?" asked Modo
"Scout for now." replied Throttle
By this time Centerline and Rimfier had just retuned. Vinnie was cleaning his bike while Charlene was coming out of the barn. Vinnie looked up at the duo when the radio on all three bikes crackled to life.
"We found the place and are heading back to the ranch" said Throttle
"Great" replied Vinnie as Mrs.Davidson walked out of the house.
"That was Alex. No change." she said
"Mom. Can you tell us about----" started Centerline when the phone rang. Mrs.Davidson ran back in "Hello"
"Hello, Alzena. is JL their please?" inquired a mans voice.
"I'm sorry you have me confused with my sister. Who is calling?"
"My name is Matthew Bluestone. JL was to call me and finalize her planes with me about her trip to visit me in New York."
"Mat, I'm sorry to tell you this but JL is in the hospital in critical condition."
"How are Mr. and Mrs. Hellkite taking it?" he asked after a long pause.
"They died in the accident that put JL in the hospital. ( long pause ) Let me call you as soon as her condition improves"
"Thank you Mrs. Davidson. You can reach me at any time though the ## Police Pricint in New York city at (###)###-####. In the mean time I will try to get out their in a few days."
"Thank you Mat." replied Mrs. Davidson then hung up.
"Mom, who was that?" asked Charlene as every one followed her in for lunch.
"Matthew Bluestone from NYC. He will be arriving to see Jenny in a few days."
Once lunch was finished Rimfier stood up and said " Vinnie and I will go meet Alex and the others"
"Then as soon as you get back we will all head over and have a little heart to heart with Miss. Parmesan" stated Centerline.
Two hours later all five mice where approaching the fenced perimeter of Miss. Parmesan's complex when their radios came to life.
"Hey Guys! Are you their?" said Charlene
"What's wrong Charlie-girl?" replied Vinnie noticing her voice was agitated.
"They have Jenny! If we do not let them have the ranch we loose her for good!"
"No way are we going to let them do that!" replied Centerline
"So what's the plan?" asked Rimfier
"Charlie-girl tell your mom not to worry. I have a plan." said Throttle
"Just bring her back." stated Charlene as the phone rang in the background.
"Centerline and I will sneak in. You three distract them." said Throttle
"Lets Rock and Ride!"
Seconds later Throttle and Centerline are zipping up and down corridors and stares on their bikes running on solent mode, in different parts of the complex.
"Find her yet?" asked Centerline over the radio.
"No" was all Throttle answered
"Hurry. You are missing all the fun" came Vinnies voice from the radio.
"I think I found something. Two guards at a door down the hall." said Throttle
"That could be JL or Miss. Parmesan. I'll be right their." replied Centerline as he rounded a corner.
"If we are lucky it will be bouth" came Modo's voice over the radio.
Moments later Bouth Throttle and Centerline peak around the corner. Nodding to eachother they hop back on their bikes and charge. Busting down the door after knocking out the two guards, they see a hospital bed and equipment. Seeing that Miss Parmesan is starting to rase a blaster toward his cousin Centerline shotots it out of her hand.
"Don't even think of hurting her any further you Plutarkian Witch " stated Centerline as he and Throttle got of their bikes.
"I don't think so" replied Azazel from the side pointing a nother blaster at them. Bouth Mice drop their guns at their feet and raise their hand in the air.
"Kick them over" said Azazel. When the guys move their foot to kick the guns they loose their balance and fall to the sides as there bikes deploy all weapons and start shooting and Azazel and Miss Parmesan. Centerline's planed tumble takes him past his gun, which he reclaims, to the bed. Throttle has reclaimed his gun and deploys his bikes side car. JL stirs a little as Centerline gently picks her up.
" M--M----Mat??? J---Jace? " stammers a very weak and groggy JL barley opening her eyes as Centerline puts her in the side car.
"Yes" is his gentle reply but she is unconsus again before hearing the reply. Whistling his bike, who is really thrashing the area, over to him "If you ever mess with my cousin again or go after Natures Ranch again I'll come down on you so hard fish face, that you will know is that it was me! Got it?!!"
Miss Parmesan and Azazel gulped and nodded yes, while Throttle left. Just then the radios on the Mices bikes crackle to life.
"Centerline? Any one? Please answer." came Rouge's southern voice.
"Yes. What is it?" replied Rimfier
"Yo'all better hurry and get Jenny back to the hospital. Her friend, Mat, managed to get a flight from NY to the hospital directly. He will be arriving at the hospital in a few hours. Dad, Grandma, and Aunt Charlene whent to the hospital to meet him."
"We have her and are heading out right now." stated Throttle
"Any one care to do the honors in detonating the packages I left Miss parmesan?" asked Centerline
"Allow me" replied Vinnie
Later in the hospital the Mice, Alex, Charlene, and Mrs.. Davidson are looking on as the Doctors and Nurses situate JL back in her bed.
"-----and she came to for a few seconds while I was putting her in the side car." finished Centerline in a low voice so the doctors and Nurses could not heir the conversation they where having.
"Did she say anything?" asked Mrs.. Davidson in a low voice.
"Yes. Matt and Jace." replied Throttle in a low voice when the phone next to JL's bed rang. Charlene picked it up and said a few words after listening, then hung up and turned back to the others.
"That was the front desk asking if a Matthew Bluestone was permitted to see JL. I tooled them yes. He is on his way up right now you guys better get out of here." stated Charlene
"See you back at the ranch Charley-girl" said Vinnie as all five Mice left the room. At the elevators as the Mice where getting on an elevator the one next to it opened and out walked Matt Bluestone. Mrs. Davidson herd him aske where JL's room was and walked out to greet him.
"Mr. Bluestone?" she asked the gentleman wearing a trench coat. He had orangy/redish/light brown hair and blue eyes.
"Yes. And you are?"
"Mrs. Davidson. Jenny's Aunt. We spoke on the phone"
"Yes. How is she?" he asked walking over to her side when they walked in the room.
"The same. I would like to introduce to you my son, Alex, and My daughter, Charlene."
"Hello call me Matt"
"We have to run some errands. We will see you later tonight at the ranch?" asked Charlene
"Yes once I find a room in town."
"No. You can stay at the ranch" replied Alex
"Thank you" replied Matt as they turned to leave.
When they arrived at the ranch Every one walked out of the house to great them with some good news.
"Matt just called from the hospital Jenny is awake." said Ariki
"That is great." replied Mrs. Davidson
"Do you whant us to stay or should we leave if Matt is coming?" asked Modo
"Matt is staying heir." said Charlene
"Then we had better get back. We will see you at the Garage when you return." stated Centerline. They all walked to where the Stalker ship was hidden and loaded the bikes. The Humans watched as the ship rose and headed back toward Chicago. The Stalker ship flew over Miss Parmesan's demolished complex.

The End?????