Enter Ylla

Copyright Ylla, Sept 2,1997 All Rights Reserved.

It was just a normal day for Biker Mice From Mars. They caught some criminals, sent them to jail, blew up a few things, all in all, a normal day. They were on their way back to the garage, when Vinnie looked back at Charley. She was sitting behind him, hands on his shoulders, trusting him with her life and that he won't do something stupid, not wearing a helmet. The wind was blowing in her face and blowing her hair back… she as so beautiful… she was looking around at the streets, the people… she turned back and looked at him…
"VINNIE, LOOK OUT!!!" she screamed suddenly. He turned around, his eyes back on the road; he saw something on the road, so he hit the breaks… The bike went out of control, Vinnie tried to go to the side to avoid falling or hitting what was on the road… they were getting closer to it and…
Something exploded behind them. That made Vinnie loose his last thoughts of what was going on…

"Vinnie, are you okay?" sounded somebody's voice. Vinnie struggled to open his eyes, but the bright sun made him close them again. Then, it became darker. Vinnie opened is eyes and found that somebody's body was blocking the sunlight.
"Huh?" he said.
"If he talks, he's okay," said a familiar male voice. Good, old Throttle, thought Vinnie. Suddenly he felt like he had forgotten about something. Naah, it's nothing probably, he thought, getting up. He looked around for his bike, but didn't see it.
"Um, where's my bike?" he asked, turning to Throttle. And where is Modo, he asked himself. And why is it so warm?
"Vinnie, are you okay?" sounded a female voice. He turned and saw a pretty strange creature. No fur, no tail, small ears, monkey-like face, strange clothes… female though, he thought.
"Yeah… I'm fine…"
"Good," she answered. "Only next time you spend an hour staring at me, do it while you are not driving you bike, okay. By the way, it's in the alley. Or at least been there for the past…" she looked at her watch. "… two hours." She pointed at the dark rectangle on the wall not far away.
"Pardon?" he asked looking at her. Staring at her? Why would I be staring at her? She is so ugly…
"Are you sure, you're okay?"
"Yes, I'm sorry, but who are you?"
"No, he's not okay," she said turning to Throttle. He sighed and looked at something behind Vinnie. Vinnie turned around and saw Modo and something lying in front of him. He walked up only to find out that it's another creature like the one who talked to him like he knew her for a long time. Oh well, some people are just like that. This girl was different; Vinnie liked her better. She was chestnut brown hair, a pretty face, and not too much jewelry (the first one had none at all and that was also bad).
She moved and opened her eyes. The moment she saw someone near her, she jumped up on her feet. She stared at them in fear and started cowering back.
"Are you okay, miss," asked Modo. Miss? What the heck does missing have to do with a weird girl that falls asleep on the road?