Written by: Kethry, Redspot, and Blaze


Copyright 1998 by Kethry, Redspot, and Blaze

Disclaimer: This is a Biker Mice From Mars fic. The Biker Mice characters do not belong to Kethry, Redspot, Or Blaze and is being used without permission. Kethry, Min, Bellona, Khepera belong to Kethry and is being used with her permission. Redspot belongs to Redspot and is being used with her permission. Blaze belongs to Blaze and is being used with her permission.

Kethry went and sat beneath a great oak tree, humming tunelessly. The raven haired Lioness was patiently awaiting the return of her friend Blaze. She looked up into the branches of the tree, and what she saw shocked her into silence. Sitting among the topmost branches of this great oak tree was a huge purple dragon. It was just sitting there as if waiting for something. Kethry, having all the curiosity of a cat began to climb the tree to get a better look. Meanwhile, Blaze had come up and upon seeing Kethry disappear in the branches, started up after her.

"Keth! Wait up, I want to see to! Shouted Blaze.

"Hmmm? Ok, Look! Isn't she beautiful?" replied Kethry.

The great She-Dragon was looking down on them threateningly, but they continued to climb higher into the branches. Suddenly, the She-Dragon swooped down and caught them up. She took off, flying higher and higher into the sky. She flew on until she reached a rocky outcropping on the tallest peak. There, she set them down and stood there staring down at them measuringly. Finally she flew off, only to return seconds later with a brilliant emerald green He-Dragon.

"What are we doing here?" asked Blaze to Kethry.

"I don't know" replied Kethry.

Just then, another dragon came up, this one a bright yellow, and was carrying with it a very confused looking Redspot.

"Red! What are you doing here?" asked Blaze.

"I'm not sure. I was riding along when this dragon came and grabbed me up! I can ask you the same question?" replied Redspot confused.

"Oh a purple dragon came and took us here" replied Kethry.

"Oh okay. But why are we here?" asked Redspot.

"I don't know" I replied. "But I got a feeling that we're going to find out."

The purple dragon was definitely a female, and the green was most definitely a male, but the yellow was something else altogether. It was neuter, having such perfectly balanced female and male sides to it was both woman and man, yet neither male nor female. As the three girls spoke, these there encircled them. Finally the purple She-Dragon spoke. Her voice was melodious, but had a strange other worldly echo to it.

"My name is Bellona" replied the purple dragon. "This is Min." As she points to the green dragon. "And this is Khepera." As she points to the yellow dragon. "We have brought the three of you here for a reason. We are in desperate need of your help."

"Each of you has special powers that will be tested to the limits during this mission. The white mouse has the gift of telepathy, empathetic, and pyrokentic skills" replied Min.

"Uh, my name is Blaze" said Blaze.

"Yes. Well, the cream mouse with the red mark on her leg controls electricity. She can absorb electricity and channel it as lighting bolts, not to mention that she is an valuable fighter…" said Min.

"Her name is Redspot, and that's Kethry" replied Blaze.

"Very well, Kethry has the ability to shapeshift and low level psychic reception" said Min.

"All right already! We already know what we can do! What do you need us for?" replied an anxious Redspot.

"A group of Plutarkins has stolen our eggs. They crept upon in the middle of the night and threw a wire net over us. Before we could get untangled they had made off with the eggs. We believe they are planning to do something with the hatchlings" said Khepera sadly.

"So why don't y'all just go and get them back? Those fish faces won't likely stand up to one dragon much less three!" replied Kethry.

"Because they have the eggs underground. Even if we were small enough to fit into the caves, which we aren't, Dragons cannot survive for long periods of time beneath the earth. Plus, if those eggs hatch while underground, then the younglings will die. Dragons MUST be greeted by the sun upon birth, or we perish, slowly and painfully. The eggs are due to hatch in two weeks, you must be back by then" said Min.

"Hold up there! What are you going to give us for doing this? I don't know about them, but I don't work for free. What do we get in return for this service?" asked Kethry.

"How can you SAY that!? These are BABIES we're talking about! Min, I will help you get them back." Blaze replied anxiously.

"I will to. Kethry?" responded Redspot.

They both turned to stare at Kethry. She returns their stares with equally powerful gaze.

"Hove to put food on the table somehow, Ashke. Did I forget to mention that I'm a mercenary? If I worked for free I would surely be starving! Now, how much are these younglings worth to you?" asked Kethry.

"You and your friends will be rewarded in standard gold coins of course" relied Khepera.

"Done. There now that's settled. See guys? It's not that hard to accept pay now is it?" smiled Kethry.

Blaze looks at Kethry then shrugs. "To each her own."

"You must hurry, you only have two weeks" replied Bellona. "Ok, then where exactly are the eggs being kept?" asked Redspot. Bellona pulled out a map and points to it. "Right there."

Redspot goes to look at the map. "I recognize this! It's Earth, but it's a very ancient map. Is anyone here good at earth history?"

"I am. This looks like…yes, it is. The eggs are about fifty miles outside of Chicago" said Kethry.

"I don't even wanna know how you knew that since you came from a planet three billion light years fr0m our farthest mapped stars!" replied Blaze.

Kethry simply grins at her and gives the map to Redspot to hang on to. As soon as the dragons were certain that the women knew where they were going they took off, calling back for us to meet them here in two weeks.

"Hmmm, how are we gonna get down from here?" asked Redspot.

Blaze goes and stares down the ravine, her face losing much color the longer she looked.

"You two worry too much! Or did you forget that I'm a shapeshifter." Smiled Kethry.

Kethry shifts into a golden brown dragon, and Blaze and Redspot get on her back. They take off and fly for earth, in the general direction of Chicago.

"Do you think we should stop off at the Last Chance and get the Biker Mice?" asked Redspot.

"No. As much as I would love to have Throttle with us, they have their own battles to fight. We can handle this by ourselves." Replied Blaze.

Presently, they landed outside if a deserted looking cave, and Kethry shifted back into a Lioness. For once, nothing greeted them as they made their way into the dark cave.

"I hear something up ahead!" exclaimed Blaze.

"Red, can you light our way?" asked Kethry.

Just as soon as the cave lit up, we were surrounded by goons, and a huge wire mesh net tossed over us. Kethry became enraged and shifted into a dragon not much help in small space. She began slashing at the netting anyway. Blaze became just as angry, if not more than so Kethry and as soon as the net fell to pieces around them she attacked the goons head on. Redspot was laying all about her with lightening bolts or something, and Blaze and Kethry were taking care of the rest. In no time at all they had the goons on the run, but Kethry caught one of them before he could leave.

"Where are the eggs?" asked Kethry angrily.

"I don't know! Honest!" replied the goon scared.

"LIAR! Don't make me lose my temper!" shouted Kethry.

Blaze grabbed him and probed his mind. Then she let him go and he ran away. "Sorry, he's telling the truth. He didn't know where they are."

Kethry picked up some of the blasters that had been dropped by the retreating guards and tossed them to Redspot and Blaze. Then she pulled out her sword and dagger and followed them deeper into the tunnel. They walked on in silence for nearly a quarter of a mile before they hit a place where the tunnel divided into three separate paths.

"Uh Oh. Do y'all wanna split up or stay together? If we split up it will go faster, but there will be a greater chance of one of us getting into trouble" replied Kethry.

"Let's split up. You can give a yell if you get in trouble" said Redspot.

"I agree. We should take separate paths to save time. Keth, you go right, Red, go left, and I'll take care of the middle. Agreed?" asked Blaze.

"Sure. I don't suppose you could use that psychic stuff of your to scout ahead for trouble. No? Oh well, we'll have to do this the old fashioned way then. Give a holler, if you need me" said Kethry.

Kethry set off down the right path. It got darker and darker as Redspot got farther and farther away. Finally, she couldn't see he paw in front of her face. She decided to shift into an owl because they have good night vision. Meanwhile, Blaze was making her way down the middle trail. It was very dark. All of a sudden she was attacked and knocked out before she could make a sound. Limburger and Karbunkle came up to her motionless body.

"I trust you find this subject acceptable Mr. Karbunkle?" asked Limburger.

"Yes your cream cheesiness. We will soon find out exactly what this blood is good for!" laughed Karbunkle.

The goons picked her up and took her away. In the right tunnel, Kethry is still flying along. She hear noises and sees a light up ahead, so she puts on speed and flies to the end of the corridor, right smack into Redspot.

"AAAARRRRGGGHHH!" cried Redspot alarmed.

"RED! Calm down it's just me!" replied Kethry. She shifts into a lioness to prove her point.

"Kethry!? Where's Blaze?" asked Redspot.

"I don't know, she should be here. It looks like all the tunnels came out here" said Kethry.

"That's odd. Why would they divert like that just to come back together?" asked Redspot.


Karbunkle had brought Blaze to one of his labs and stretched her out on table. As she woke up he said, "Don't even try to use your puny powers to get help. I've put a mental block on you, nothing you do will help!"

He came over to her with a needle full of blood. She was terrified, nervous, and very, very angry. "Now to see exactly what this stuff is good for!" laughed Karbunkle.


At the thought of Blaze, Kethry got a nagging terror filled feeling. What? Blaze? Oh no! "BLAZE!!!"

"What? What's wrong?" asked a very worried Redspot.

"Blaze is in trouble! Come on!" replied Kethry.

They rush back down the middle tunnel, searching for their friend. They find nothing. It is empty. "They couldn't have gotten past us!" cried Kethry. She continues back up and down the tunnel when Redspot calls out.

"Kethry! I found her blaster! But there's no sign of where she went!" cried Redspot.

Suddenly Redspot gave a great squawk of surprise, but when Kethry runs to see what is the matter she isn't there. -That's strange.-Thought Kethry. -I can still smell her. What's going on here?- Kethry leaned up against the wall trying to puzzle out the disappearance of her friends, but the wall gave way and she fell through, landing on something fuzzy.

"Oouufff!! Keth get OFF me!" replied Red.

"Sorry. What's this?" asked Kethry.

"I'm not sure, but there's someone back there" said Redspot.

They ran down the secret corridor at full speed, only to run into a steel door and bounce off. Kethry shifts into a dragon. The door is Plutarkin glass steel, but fortunately, the designers hadn't known about her race when they made it. The door shattered like glass on her first blow. Redspot ran into the room and went to Blaze's side, but they were too late. Karbunkle had already injected her with the baby dragon's blood. Kethry shifted back into her natural state in order to fit through the door. She grabbed Karbunkle and slammed him into the wall.

"What have you DONE to her!?" roared Kethry.

"She now has Dragon's blood in her veins, soon we'll see just exactly what it does to Mice!" laughed Karbunkle.

Redspot helped Blaze off the table.

"Blaze? Are you all right?" asked Redspot.

"Yeah, just a little dizzy is all" replied Blaze.

Kethry was angry. Very angry. She stood there holding Karbunkle, seriously contemplating snapping his puny little neck. She brought her claws up to his neck, staring hard into his eyes. What she saw there only served to enraged her further. She began to imagine the pretty designs she'll make on the wall in his blood. The fact that he wet himself only made her animal instincts flare up until she was in a killing rage. Blaze saw what was going on and called out to her.

"Keth! Forget the scum, he's not worth it! We have to find the eggs, we don't have that much time left" replied Blaze.

Kethry turned to look at Blaze. Her vision was all red. She didn't want to ignore her friend, but she couldn't bear to leave him alive either. So she compromised. When Blaze and Redspot turned to leave, she quickly and quietly snapped his neck, making it look like she had simply knocked him out. Then she followed them out the ruined door.

"Killed him, eh?" asked Blaze.

"How did you know?" replied Kethry startled.

"Mind powers remember? I felt him go. It's just as well, he deserved to die" smiled Blaze.

Blaze was feeling very faint and dizzy, but she kept going. She could feel something wrong inside of her. The three of them went on down the secret corridor and out into the middle tunnel, back to the place where Kethry had originally ran into Redspot.

"This time I'm going to scout ahead. You two stay together. I won't be all that far ahead of you" said Kethry.

With that she changed into an owl and flew off down the tunnel. Blaze was to the pint where she was about to fall over. She felt feverish, and more faint with every passing moment. Just then Kethry called out from up ahead. "come quick! I've found something!" Blaze and Redspot hurried to where she was standing by the wall. She was holding something small and shiny.

"What is it?" asked Red.

"well, it looks like an ordinary enough stone, except that these don't ever grow in caves. It's a pearl, it HAD to have been brought in from the outside" replied Kethry.

Blaze rushed over and snatched up the pearl, holding it close. Then she stumbled, growing ever more sickly looking. Kethry picked her up gently.

"Wha…" asked Blaze confused.

"We don't have any idea what that blood'll do to you, and damn it, we're not going to find out the hard way!" replied Kethry sternly.

"Blaze? Do you know what it means?" asked Redspot.

"Check through that door over there!" replied Blaze.

We all ran into the little room. Inside there was a small mountain of pearls. Blaze fell out of Kethry's arms in her eagerness to reach the pearls.

"Umm, ooo-kay. Maybe the dragon's blood gave her an addiction to the pearls?" replied Redspot.

"They're the eggs! We've found them!" exclaimed Blaze happily.

"WHAT! All those? No wonder they agreed to my price so readily! I should have charged them DOUBLE! Just how are we going to move all these? They won't exactly fit in our pockets!" replied Kethry.

"Well, you could shift into a giant sack" giggled Red.

"Funny" replied Kethry sarcastically.

Just then Blaze did the worst thing possible at the moment. She fainted.

"Oh no. All right, I have an idea. Red, do you think you can handle getting Blaze out of here? I'll take care of the eggs" said Kethry.

"She's light! Sure, but what are you going to do?" asked Redspot.

"You'll see. ON your way out could you stop by that lab and see if there are any medicines?" replied Kethry.

"Ok. Do you want me to stay and help you?" asked Redspot.

"You two should vamoose. I'm going to get very large, and I'll probably smother you in this tiny room! Just wait for me outside." Said Kethry.

As Redspot carried Blaze from the room, Kethry shifted into a huge kangaroo. She gathered up all the pearl/eggs and put them in her pocket. Then she hopped out of the room to catch up with Red. When she got out the door, she saw that the goons had Redspot, who couldn't fight cause she was still carrying Blaze. Kethry leaned back and used her hind legs to kick them hard, and pulled her sword from her back at the same time, forcing the goons to let go of Redspot. Redspot began shooting lighting bolts at the goons. Blaze woke up enough to shoot some of her own electric currents at them, dispersing the beaten thugs. As the goons ran off, the tree women ran to the cave entrance. When they broke out into the light, the bright noonday sun temporarily blinded them. When the spots cleared from their eyes they looked around. Nothing.

"Well there's a bit of luck. Question?" asked Kethry.

"What is it?" replied Red.

"How are we going to get to the meeting place? I can't shift into a flying thing without losing the eggs. I mean, we could start walking, but it might take a couple of years" said Kethry.

" I don't know. Is there some way we can get to Chicago? Maybe we can get Charlie to call us down a spaceship or something?" replied Redspot.

"No need. I've communicated with the Dragons. They'll meet us here" smiled Blaze.

"How'd you do that? I thought your powers weren't all that strong yet?" asked Kethry.

"Apparently all the Dragon's blood did to me was bind me to their race. Now that I have the blood in my veins, I have to be near the Dragons for a few months out of every year, or I get sick and eventually die" shrugged Blaze.

"What about Throttle?" asked Red.

Blaze sighed and some tears fell from her eyes. "I don't want to leave him. I'm sorry to leave him that will be the hardest part of all. Fortunately I only need to be gone from spring until July. I think I can handle that. Look, here they come now."

We looked up and saw three brilliant dragons coming towards us. They landed softly on the grass near us, causing such a wind that it knocked over Blaze and Redspot off their feet. I would have fallen over as well had I not been a twelve-foot kangaroo loaded down with about three hundred pounds of pearls.

"Why didn't you tell us they had all the eggs of your people?" asked Kethry.

"You didn't ask" replied Bellona.

Khepera lay down a large bag of gold at their feet. "Your payment, my ladies. Blaze has explained to us what that doctor did to her, and she will be returning with us. As will the two of you."

Bellona and Min grabbed Kethry and Redspot, holding them tight. Khepera took out a dagger and sliced it along his palm. Then he took Kethry's hand and did the same thing to her and then to Redspot. He presses his palm against theirs, transferring the blood into their systems.

"I am sorry, but we need Guardians for our eggs. The gold is still yours of course, and we only have eggs from May until July, so you will not be unduly inconvenienced" replied Khepera.


Blaze looked angry. "I had no choice in this, but you should have asked them first. What if they don't want this!?"


At the Last Chance Garage Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie were watching the football game while Charley was working on the bikes.

"Last Chance Garage, come in please!" A voice came over the radio, sounding frantic. "Last Chance Garage, please come in!"

Throttle went over and answered, "This is the Last Chance Garage, Throttle speaking. What do you need?"

"Throttle?" The voice said, "This is Lighting. You haven't seen Redspot have you?"

"No, she has not been here. Why?" replied Throttle.

"Something's happened to her" said Lighting frantic. Modo and Vinnie came over to the radio to listen. "You may think I'm crazy but a yellow dragon came and took her away!"

Vinnie and Modo began to snicker.

"My oathsister is missing also" a voice said behind them.

All of them whirled around quickly, pulling out their weapons.

"Chill guys" Charley said. "This is Tarma, Kethry's sister." Charley came over to stand next to her.

"Throttle?" asked Lighting over the radio.

"What…?" Throttle started, then asked Lighting, "How soon can you be here?"

"I'll be there in twenty minutes. Lighting out."

Throttle turned to them and said with fear creeping in his voice, "Blaze was going to meet Kethry."

"I know," Tarma said. "I was going to meet the both of them also."

"Where were you supposed to meet at?" Charley asked her.

"We were to meet at a park in the middle of the city." Tarma said.

"Blaze told me Humphries Park," Throttle said.

"We'll get them back," replied Modo.

Twenty minutes later Lighting arrives at the garage on his motorcycle. He raced inside to find everyone, except Tarma, sitting around the kitchen table. "What's happening?"

"Blaze and Kethry are missing also," replied Charley.

"Oh no" said Lighting. "Do you think they're connected?"

"They could be, but we don't know" said Charley.

"I know," said Tarma quietly. She had come out of one of the bedrooms. "They are together."

"Do you know where?" asked Throttle anxiously.

"No, but I suggest we start at the park" replied Tarma.

Throttle stood up and said, "Well then, Let's ROCK…"

"And Ride!" the others finished


They arrived at the park and split up. Tarma found Kethry's scent at the tree she was waiting at. She called to the others. "I've found something!"

The others converged at the tree while Tarma climbed up into it. "There's another scent up here. It's fairly fresh, maybe forty-five minutes old. I think it's a dragon."

"Dragon?" asked Lighting.

"I thought they were just myths and stories," asked Charley.

"Obviously not," replied Throttle.

Just then, on the breeze that was blowing, they heard the sound of huge wings flapping. They looked up and saw a brown dragon flying overhead then away from Chicago.

"NO!" Tarma cried. She climbed down and started running after it.

"Tarma!" Throttle called after her. "Wait, you won't be able to follow them!"

The rest of them mounted their bikes and followed. Throttle reached Tarma and she leaped to sit behind him. Before they reached the city limits, they were attacked by a bunch of Limburger's goons.


Kethry and Redspot staggered as the dragon's blood began to take effect. Blaze heard the sounds of motorcycles coming towards them. She turned to look and saw Throttle and the others. Lighting and Tarma were with them and she dreaded what she had to tell Throttle.

"Kethry, Redspot, you two had better sit down before you fall down," said Blaze. They sat down, with Kethry still glaring at the dragons.

"Blaze, what's happening?" Redspot asked her, holding her stomach.

"It's going to be all right" replied Blaze.

The others had stopped a few yards and were walking towards them. Kethry and Redspot fainted just then, collapsing onto their sides.

"KETHRY!" Tarma cried. She ran to Kethry and knelt next to her.

"REDSPOT!" Lighting cried also, and ran to Redspot.

Throttle ran to Blaze, picked her up and swung her around. "I was so worried, Blue-eyes," he said, kissing her neck.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THEM?" Tarma shouted at the dragons. She had her sword out and was standing in between them and the dragons.

"Hold,Warrior of the Goddess," Khepera said. "You and I are alike."

"How is that?" asked Tarma.

"I was born this way while you have chose this path," Khepera told her. "Your reason are your won, but do you not agree that the children are the most important aspect of life?"

"Yes" she replied. "I would do anything to protect them."

"And so would I," Khepera said. "That is why we chose these three. We were not able to protect the children so we need Guardians to help us."

"But why me?" asked Redspot. She and Kethry had waken during the conversation. "I can understand why you would want Kethry and Blaze because they're magic users, but me?"

"Your abilities are just beginning to grow," Bellona said. "You were chosen because you are the product of science. We, unfortunately, don't have any defense from this type of science."

"We have always been able to hide from the humans," Min said. "But when the Plutarkians found us that opened the door for other races, including humans, to find us."

Tarma helped me up and I lean on her for support.

"If Keth goes, I go. Make me one of your guardians too" replied Tarma.

She gives them a look that she won't stand to be argued with.

"Tarma, are you sure you want to do this? Think it over, this is a lifelong thing, don't do it just cause you think you owe me…" said Kethry.

"I'm not. I do this because we are oathsisters, that is all the reason I need." Replied Tarma.

"Hold on there! What's going on? You're not taking them anywhere!" Throttle said angrily.

Bellona, just shrugged and said, "We will leave that to your friends to explain. We'll return in half an hour. Right now we will take the eggs back to the nesting area so that Kethry doesn't have to spend many more time as a kangaroo!" Kethry glares as the Dragon tries to contain her snickering.

"Aren't you afraid that we'll take off and you'll never see us again?" Lighting asked threateningly.

"No. We do not care what you and your friends do, but our three Chosen must return to us or they die. That's life. Make it easier on yourselves and be here in half an hour!" Min replied nonchalantly. The three dragons gathered the eggs from Kethry's pouch and took of. Immediately Kethry shifted back to her natural state.

"I am never going to look at a kangaroo the same again! Don't ask me to shift into anything yet, I miss my pretty kitty self!" she grinned egotistically. Tarma just sighed at her partner's usual display of confidence.

"Why don't you tell us what's going on Ashke? I don't like the way they were talking? Why do you have to leave?" Tarma asked worriedly.

"She'en'edra, do not worry. I'm not leaving you. I will die first. They're just gong to have to deal with an extra babysitter" Kethry answered her.

"Kethry, be reasonable. It's only for three months" Blaze responded, although she herself wasn't feeling ready to leave Throttle behind for three days, much less three months.

"Will somebody please tell me what is going on?" Lighting said irritated. "From the beginning."

"Well, first we got take to this mountaintop by the Dragons. They explained that they needed us to rescue their eggs for them. We agreed and Kethry bargained for pay. So we came here, got the eggs, got out. While we were in there we split up for a bit, and Karbunkle captured Blaze. He injected her with some of the baby dragon's blood so he could see what it did to her. She got real sick and eventually passed out. She contacted the dragons through the bond that the blood had given to her to them. They came and forced Kethry and I into taking their blood as well. Now we are connected to their race, if we don't come into contact with them for at least three months out of the year we die. On the upside, we did get paid a lot of money. Oh yeah, and Kethry killed Karbunkle." Redspot explained shortly for everyone.

"But why didn't you come to me babes? We could have gotten the eggs out for you!" Throttle asked Blaze.

"Because sweets, you Biker Mice have other battles to fight, we were able to handle one little rescue operation by ourselves!" Blaze answered to him.

"Yeah, looks like you handled it REAL well!" Vinnie said sarcastically.

Immediately he found himself staring down the point of a sword.

"Care to repeat that motormouth?" Kethry said savagely. She was sick and being forced into something she did NOT want to do. Put together with her short temper and bloodthirsty nature, she was definitely not in the mood for Vinnie's comments.

"Temper Keth! He didn't mean anything!" Tarma said Sharply, immediately calming her partner into backing off and putting away the sword.

"Look, I'm not leaving Redspot, and I don't think Throttle wants to leave Blaze either. We're just going to have to think of a way that the three of us can come with." Lighting said, looking around at them all expectantly.

"I know how you can do that, but it will require some sacrifice." Tarma answered quietly.

"HOW?!" Everyone but Kethry asked together. Keth was still trying to calm her tepmer and was ignoring them all.

"We did not want this to be common knowledge, for, uh, other reasons. You must all swear what you hear now will stay here. In no way, shape, or form is Stoker, Carbine, or anyone else to know of this." Tarma said. Kethry looked up sharply as she heard what Tarma was saying.

"Tarma! I don't know about this…" Kethry began, but stopped as she realized there really wasn't any other way.

"I swear your secret will never pass my lips" Blaze, Redspot, Lighting, and Throttle said almost immediately. Modo and Vinnie looked at each other for a moment, then reluctantly gave their words as well.

Kethry took a deep breath and began. "Ok. It is pretty common knowledge that Tarma and I are real good friends. Some even know that we re oathsisters. What nobody knows is that the oath between us isn't just simple words. We are blood bound to each other as surly as the three of us are now bound to the Dragons. That means we feel what the other is feeling, and most of the time can accurately guess what the other is thinking. It also means that if one dies, the other dies soon after. AND, whatever binds one, binds the other. Therefore, Tarma is already bound to the Dragons through me. Her bond to them is not as strong, but it is there."

"Why is this such a big secret?" Modo asked confused.

"I think I know why" Throttle said grinning. "Kethry's been around so long that not many know that she never actually joined the Freedom Fighters. She does what she wants and only follows orders that suit her. Stoker and Carbine have been trying to catch her for ages, and find something that will make her play by the rules. If they knew that Tarma as an official FF, was bound to Kethry like that, they'd use it to keep Kethry in line. Is that right?"

"You're too smart for you own good mousie!" Kethry grumbled as she nodded.

"Keth, why don't you just follow orders?" Modo asked, still confused.

"Kethry allows nobody to control her. There's a long story behind that, we don't have time to go into it" Tarma said shortly, saving Kethry from a long and painful explanation. "The point of my telling y'all this is because I think if maybe you shared blood with your mates, you two would have the bond as well. The Dragons would have no choice but to accept us with them!" Tarma continued, grinning from ear to ear.


"That's a great idea! I'll do it! After all Red and I are mates!" replied Lighting excitedly.

"Me too! I can't bare to leave Blaze!" replied Throttle happily.

Tarma grinned. "The only way you two can have this bond if your mates are willing to agree to share her blood with you. Then I will sliced you wrist and place them together and the blood will join to become one. But if only you mates agree."

"Red, would you share your blood with me?" asked Lighting.

Redspot smiled. "Of course love. I'll share my blood with you. I share my life with you."

Kethry smiled. She wasn't so sure about this and looked at Throttle. Throttle looked at Blaze.

"Babes, can I share your blood with me?" asked Throttle.

Blaze looked at Throttle. She was confused. Lighting was no problem yes he was a freedom fighter but Throttle he was the leader of the Biker Mice. That was the problem. Her heart said yes but her mind said no. She didn't know what to do. Blaze had to make the right choice. She had to choose what was best. --If Throttle went with me I would be happy. We both would be together and happy. If Throttle stayed then he can fight against Limburger. He was the leader and he was needed. The guys need Throttle and I couldn't take that away from them. Earth was at stake here.-- She thought to herself. Her heart sank as it knew the right answer. --Throttle has to stay. For the sakes of all. That was the right choice. The right decision.-- She closed her eyes as she felt her heart break. --Telling Throttle is going to hurt.-- She opened my eyes.

"No" she whispered.

Throttle was shocked. "Blaze, please I want to be with you."

"I would love to have you with me love" Blaze sighed.

"Then what's stopping you?" asked Throttle.

"You" she replied softly.

"Me?" asked Throttle confused.

He came and pull her into a hug. --God I want him to come-- but she knew what was best. "Love, you can't come." she cried.

"Why? I don't understand! I don't want to be away from you! I love you so much blue eyes! Please don't do this to me!" sobbed Throttle.

"I have to! I don't want to but I have too!" she cried. "Please listen to me sweets."

Throttle nodded. IT was heartbreaking to tell him but she had to. "Throttle, you have responsibilities. Earth needs you. You're a Biker Mice and the leader. You have to stop Limburger before he turns Earth like Mars. It's only three months. You know I'm right. I don't want to admit it and neither do you but it's the truth." she whispered, in tears

Throttle held me tight. He knew what she said was true. He didn't like it but knew it was the truth. His heart ached. His soul ached. His whole being ached. He was losing his mate for three months. Tears flowed when he responded. "I know. I don't want to lose you."

"You won't lose me love. I'll be gone for three months and when I get back..." she cooed in his ear. "You'll have me for the next nine. What an interesting thought when I get back. The love I want to share with you will be interesting."

Throttle's brow raised and a sly grin filled his face. She hugged him and they kissed.

"You gonna be okay?" she asked.

"I'll miss you but in time" he whispered.

The others felt their pain. She looked at Kethry and nodded. She was in Throttle's arms. They were going to spend every minute we go in each other's embrace. Kethry took the dagger.

"Okay Lighting, Redspot join each other's hand. Do you swear to each other to be loyal mates from now till you die?" asked Kethry.

"Yes" both responded as they joined hands.

Kethry nodded and took each other's hand and sliced it in a crescent moon shape. "Press your palms together."

Redspot and Lighting joined palms. They felt blood mix with each other. They felt each other become one. They felt each other's thoughts, feelings, and memories. IT was a beautiful moment for the pair. Just then the Dragons came. Blaze felt Throttle's grip tighten around her waist. Their hearts were beating faster.

"It's time to go" replied Min.

"Tarma and Lighting are coming with, They are bonded with us now" said Kethry.

"As you wish" said Bellona.

"Come time to go" said Khepera.

The others hugged Red, Lighting, Kethry, and Tarma. They said their good-byes and mounted the Dragons.

"Come Blaze" replied Min.

Blaze turned to Throttle. Tears were streaming down their faces. He hugged her and she hugged back. They kissed each other for the last time until they were to meet again in three months.

"I love you babes" Whispered Throttle. "I'm going to miss you so much."

"I love you too sweets" she cried. "I miss you already."

They pulled away. She hugged the others and said goodbye. She mounted a Dragon and, as they took off, Blaze kept her eyes on Throttle and cried silently to herself.