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Doing a Doubletake

By: Felicia Tabby

Copywrite 1998

Charlene Davidson smiled to herself as she pulled up to the Last Chance Garage. She had just given the garage a good cleaning before going out to do some much needed shopping. With her chores now done, all Charley could think about was taking a nice hot bath and lounging around for the rest of the afternoon with a big bowl of popcorn and a few good movies.
As she stepped in with a full bag of groceries under each arm, she was so wrapped up in her plans for the evening she didn't notice the three Martian bikes parked rather sloppily a few yards away, dripping evidence of the setting of their last adventure all over the once clean floor. But Charley suddenly stopped when she heard unexpected voices coming suspiciously from the kitchen.
"Hey bro, quite hogging all the chow. I only got a little bit."
"I don't think that huge plate of chili dogs you ate counts as a little bit, Vincent."
"Yeah, well what about Modo? Did you catch that mountain of munchies he just scarfed down?"
"Hey, you took my root beer."
"I did not."
"Did too, this one's flat."
"Hey, is it my fault you left the cap off?"
"Why you. . ."
"Modo! Throttle! Vinnie!"
The three mice stood when they saw a very surprised Charley standing in the door way. Charley just stood where she was, staring at them with wide eyes, mouth hanging open.
"What? Why? How?" she managed to ask.
"Hear that bros?" Vinnie asked with his usual arrogance. "She's so glad to see me she's speechless."
Modo looked at Vinnie then over at Throttle and finally down at himself.
"I don't think that's the case Vinnie." he said.
All three mice were covered with thick, slimy, dripping mud. So much were they covered that the original color of the Martians' clothes and fur could only be guessed at beneath the concealing layer of drenched earth.
All except for their heads, of course. The mice were smart enough to use their helmets to protect their furry noggins from bike wrecks, laser fire, and the occasional flying mud. And they had strategically placed the muddied biker helmets in different locations of the room for everyone to see and admire.
"Uh, sorry about the mess Sweetheart." Vinnie said sheepishly.
"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO CLEAN THIS PLACE?!" Charley cried, clutching the groceries tighter than she should have.
"Chill out Charley girl, we just. . ." Throttle started to say.
"You just ruined a day's worth of work!" Charley screeched as she slammed her bags on the counter. "I want you guys out of here!"
"But Charley Ma'am." Modo pleaded.
Charley picked up Modo's dirty helmet and thrust it into the large mouse's stomach.
The three muddy mice hastily snatched up their helmets and scampered out of the garage, tracking more mud as they went. A fuming Charley was at their heels, becoming more enraged at the new tracks on her floor.
Charley didn't follow as the mice ran outside like a trio of naughty children just caught stealing from the cookie jar. Instead, she stopped and turned to the muddy bikes still parked askew in her garage.
"You guys, too! Out!" she told the bikes while pointing to the exit.
The bikes hastened to comply.
The three soiled biker mice stood bewildered outside the garage as their bikes rolled up to them.
"I've never seen Charley so angry." Modo marveled.
"No kidding." Throttle agreed. "I think we might have over done it this time."
"Don't sweat it bros." Vinnie announced confidently. "You know Charley can't stay mad at yours truly for too long. I'll just talk to her and straighten this mess out."
Vinnie strolled over to the door and peeked inside.
"Hey Charley girl." he called.
"Don't you even think about coming in." Charley's voice threatened from inside.
"But Sweetheart." Vinnie whined as he stepped inside.
He hadn't gotten far when he was thrust back out by a strong blast of water. Vinnie fell over on his backside, stunned and dripping muddy water.
Modo and Throttle looked down at the soaking wet Vinnie and then up at the door where a still quite miffed Charley stood, a dripping hose in her hands.
"Now Charley, don't do anything rash." Throttle said as he backed away.
"Yeah Charley ma'am, remember your blood pressure." Modo warned.
They were answered by a wet blast of the hose, soaking them from nose to tail. Charley didn't stop there and went on to spray down the bikes, rinsing off all the mud and letting it flow in brownish rivers down the sidewalk.
"Now get out of here." Charley ordered. "I don't want to see you again for at least 24 hours." She turned her back and added: "That's just about how long it's going to take me to clean up this mess."
She stormed back inside with the hose, all the way grumbling and cursing men, mice, mud, and everything in between. Soon the mice could hear sounds of Charley squirting down the cement floor of the garage.
"So what do we do now?" Vinnie asked, picking himself up out of the large puddle he was sitting in.
"Considering what just happened, I think we should do what the lady said." Throttle suggested.
Modo nodded in agreement, frowning as he poured muddy water from his helmet. The three soaking wet mice mounted their dripping motorcycles and hesitantly drove away from the Last Chance Garage.
Not knowing where else to go, Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie found themselves parking in front of a familiar old warehouse-like building at the edge of town. The trio got off their bikes and went up to the door. There didn't seem to be any activity inside but Modo knocked anyway.
"It's open." Doubletake's muffled voice came from inside.
The mice stepped in to see the usual thread bare couch and chair in the middle of the room in front of an old tv and other odds and ends scattered about. But the inhabitants were no where to be seen.
"Back again, eh?" Doubletake asked as he stepped in from the other room.
But he stopped short when he noticed the trio's condition. The mice's unexpected bath hadn't washed away all the mud, plus, they were still quite damp and left wet tracks on the floor.
"Oh thanks a lot guys." Doubletake said sternly.
Having gone through this before, the mice flinched under the accusing glare and waited for the traditional yelling and eviction.
"You had a water fight and didn't invite me?" he asked to their surprise. "I'm hurt."
But despite his complaint, the dark brown mouse continued to smile good naturedly and offered them a seat on the couch. Doubletake took the chair.
"So what brings you out here?" he asked.
"Charley screamed at us for tracking mud on the floor." Vinnie scowled. "And them she kicked us out. Go fig."
"Maybe it's because she spent all day cleaning Vincent." Throttle told him.
"Naw." Doubletake countered. "Humans are just so touchy."
Vinnie nodded in agreement while Modo rolled his good eye.
"Hey Doubletake, could you--" Chasis said as she entered the room but stopped in mid sentence when she saw the biker mice. "Oh, just the mice I wanted to see."
"What's up Chass?" Vinnie asked as he stood and approached her.
"Well I just-- Eww, what smells like wet fur?"
"I'm afraid that's us Chasis ma'am." Modo admitted.
"Well you guys sure picked a heck of a time for a water fight. Come see what I've picked up."
Chasis motioned for them to come with her and the mice followed into a much different room than the rest of the `house'. The room was surprisingly filled with wall to wall complex and high-tech equipment. Some of which whose purpose could only be guessed at. But Throttle noticed the large transport chamber stationed in the far corner.
`So that's how they got here.' He thought to himself.
Chasis took a seat in front of a large computer with a huge screen.
"You guys should see what our satellite just picked up."
"Satellite?" Throttle asked.
"Our surveillance satellite." Doubletake explained. "We use it to keep tabs on all Plutarkians in this area."
"You mean you can see what the stink fish are doing anywhere from here?" Modo asked.
"Yep." Chasis confirmed. "Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland. You name it, we can see it."
"Not only that, it gets cable, too!" Doubletake added brightly.
"And look what we're getting now." Chasis said as she flipped on the view screen.
Greasepit and about 10 other goons were shown on the monitor. They all appeared to be working around a large plot of soil while Greasepit was over seeing the activities.
"Looks like our friendly neighborhood Plutarkian is up to his old tricks." Throttle stated.
"Oh yeah." Vinnie squealed with excitement. "I've been itching for some action."
"It looks like they're preparing the land for transportation." Chasis observed.
"What is that guy's name anyway?" Doubletake asked. "I can never remember those goofy Plutarkian names except that they're always named after some kind of funky cheese."
"His name is Limburger." Throttle told him. "And I think it's time we payed another visit to old barracuda breath."
"So how about it Chass?" Vinnie grinned. "Where is old grease gullet so we can trash his little ground breaking?"
"A little plot of land outside the city, not far from here." Chasis said as she looked up the coordinates.
Vinnie and Throttle eagerly headed to their bikes.
"You guys want to join in some bad guy bashing?" Modo asked the two remaining mice.
"Hot dog! You bet!" Doubletake declared as he enthusiastically ran for his bike.
"Might as well." Chasis shrugged. "Got nothing else better to do."
She followed Doubletake out the door with Modo in tow. Minutes later the five Martians were rocking and riding down one of the city's back roads towards a place where they knew a bunch of goons were waiting to get a good thrashing. Chasis rode behind Doubletake and pointed out the directions they should go.
"So does this Mozzarella do this kind of thing often?" Doubletake asked.
"His name is Limburger." Throttle informed him. "And he does this sort of thing all the time."
"Twice every week if we're lucky." Vinnie added enthusiastically.
"And there's old fish face's goons right now." Modo pointed ahead of them.
The mice could see Greasepit standing with his back towards them, watching the other goons work as the mice neared their destination.
Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie were getting ready to launch themselves in the midst of their enemies in their usual loud and riotous glory.
"Wait." Doubletake ordered as he motioned for the others to cut their engines.
Puzzled, the others complied. The bikes rolled to a stop quietly behind Greasepit who was still unaware of their presence. The mice watched curiously as Doubletake dismounted his bike with a large grin and sauntered over to the greasy goon.
"Hey pal, what `cha doing?" the Martian addressed Greasepit from behind.
"We's gettin' dis land ready for transport." Greasepit casually replied.
The dunce was too busy to take his eyes off his work and the way Doubletake had spoken made him sound like just another one of Limburger's men.
"Is that so?" Doubletake asked again. "Where's it going?"
"Da Boss says it be going right to Plutark."
"Really?" Doubletake pretended to sound interested. "But what if someone were to find out about this and try to stop it?"
"Ah, no one knows what we's doing. Even them meces don't know we's here."
"If you say so."
A shrill whistle interrupted their conversation. Greasepit spun around to see four Martians sitting lazily on their bikes.
"Guess again Petrol Puss." Vinnie announced. "Vincent Van Wham sees all, heres all, knows all. There's not a plot of land you cant pillage where the baddest biker in the universe won't be. I am. ."
"Vincent." Throttle interrupted.
Vinnie slowed his ego train of thought long enough to glance at his bro.
"Shut up!" Modo and Throttle both yelled.
By now, Greasepit was, as usual, panicking at the sight of the mice. And the fact that he saw four Martians instead of three didn't help the situation any. He turned to his `comrade' for help. But instead of seeing one of the usual goons, there stood a dark brown Martian mouse with orange hair and a wide grin.
"Nice talking with you." Doubletake sneered before planting his fist in the goon's chin and sending him sprawling to the ground.
On that mark, Modo and Throttle took off towards the rest of the goons shooting and hollering while Doubletake laughed childishly at Greasepit on the ground. Vinnie remained where he was, arms crossed over his chest, sulking over his hurt pride.
"Don't feel bad, Vin." Chasis said to him. "They're just jealous."
"Yeah, sure. They must be." Vinnie grinned with all his confidence regained and took of to join his bros in the fight.
Chasis shook her head, She got off the bike and walked up to Doubletake.
"Why don't you go join the boys while I take care of the transporter?"
"Why sointenly." Doubletake gave her a toothy grin, indicating that he was having the time of his life.
He jumped on his bake and joined the others in the fray, guns blazing.
"Men." Chasis muttered as she watched them play with their high explosive toys and pummel the goons into the ground.
Chasis turned and approached the transporter. It stood about three feet high and was bolted into the ground. Steel tendrils snaked out from it under the surface and were fixed to teleport a certain sized piece of earth.
Chasis bent down to inspect the controls in order to figure out how to deactivate the machine. But suddenly a large greasy arm wrapped around her neck and yanked her to her feet. A gun was pressed to her head as she was whirled around to face the mice, still bashing baddies.
"Freeze meces, or she's history." Greasepit threatened, pressing the gun's barrel harder into Chasis' temple.
The mice dropped their victims and looked at him.
"Awe man." Vinnie complained. "Just when it was getting fun."
"What do we do?" Modo asked Throttle, not taking his eye off Greasepit.
"We have no choice bro." Throttle said softly. "Looks like we do what he says and--"
He was cut off and Chasis launched her elbow back and nailed Greasepit in the gut. The goon let her go and grabbed his stomach. She gave him a spinning kick to the head and landed her fists on the back of his neck. Greasepit was out like a light before he hit the ground.
"Ouch!" Vinnie quipped. "Old grease guzzler will be feeling that tomorrow."
"Now that this is taken care off, let's go give ol' chubby cheeks a little house warming party." Throttle suggested as he twirled his blaster on his finger.
"Right after I figure out how to deactivate the transporter." Chasis said, turning back to the machine.
"For crying out loud Chass, just waist the stupid thing so we can go." Doubletake admonished impatiently.
"Oh fine."
Chasis pulled out her blaster as she walked over to the mice. When she reached them she adjusted the setting on her weapon and fired it at the transporter. A red beam came out of her gun and blew up the transporter the second they collided.
"Happy now?" she asked Doubletake as she got back on his bike behind him.
"Yes, very." he turned to the trio. "Now, let's go pay this Parmesan a visit."
"Limburger." Vinnie corrected. "And it will be my pleasure."
The mice revved their engines and raced off for Limburger Tower.

Meanwhile, at the target of their destination, Lawrence Lactavious Limburger looked out his office window, unaware of the fast approaching Martians.
"Carbuncle." he called to the doctor pleasantly. "Do check on Greasepit for me. That plot of land should be ready for transport by now.
"Yes my fluvial flounderness." Carbuncle wheezed as he attempted to contact Greasepit.
"Well?" Limburger demanded after a few moments had passed.
"No one's responding." Carbuncle cried. "Something must have happened to them."
"Like what?"
The sound of motorcycles answered the question perfectly as Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie crashed through the window. The three were so excited about getting there they failed to notice their group was short two mice.
"Hey chubby chins, long time no see." Vinnie greeted.
"Not long enough." Limburger muttered. He back towards the doctor. "Oh Carbuncle, did you ever finish that thing I told you to do?"
"Why yes my, uh urm, what thing?"
"That thing I told you to make for when the mice show up again." Limburger said through clenched teeth.
"Oh yes." Carbuncle remembered. He pulled a small remote from his coat. "Here is it."
"Hey fish face, no keeping secrets now." Vinnie called to them. "Tell us what's going on."
"Oh I'll do better than that." Limburger grinned. "I'll show you."
He pushed a button on the remote device and two large ray guns came out of the floor.
"Uh, oh." Modo and Throttle said in unison.
"Me and my big mouth." Vinnie grumbled.
"Good night my meddlesome mice." Limburger scoffed. "Pleasant dreams."
He pushed another button and both Martians and motorcycles were shot with a green ray. The mice screamed in pain and them slumped over on their bikes, unconscious and smoke drifting from their singed fur. The bikes beneath them were also disabled.
"Ah, victory." Limburger grinned. "This time the rodents are mine. Carbuncle, get some of my men here. You know what to do with them."
"Yes of course my fragrant fishiness." Carbuncle rubbed his hands together and cackled at the mice's motionless forms.
"Good. I will see if I can get the transporter working from here. I will return in time to see our Martian's short and gruesome demise."
Carbuncle nodded before returning to the task at hand. Limburger left the room and journeyed down the hall into a different doorway. This room contained more technical equipment.
Limburger stood in front of a screen larger than himself and attempted to work the controls of the transporter. He was cut short when he felt the end of a blaster being pressed to the back of his head.
"Hold it right there Gorgonzola." Doubletake ordered.
"I beg your pardon." Limburger said, a bit annoyed.
"You heard me Roquefort. Now turn around, nice and easy."
"The name is Limburger you- -" he stopped and did, well, a doubletake when he saw who was holding the weapon. "Martian?!"
"That's right."
Limburger looked in the direction of the new voice. Chasis stood over by the far wall.
"You can forget about activating the transporter." she told him. "We slagged your little toy before we came here."
"Yeah." Doubletake added. "Now show us where the others are Muenster or we'll do the same to you."
"The name is Lim--"
"I don't care if your name is Madonna. Now take us to our friends."
"Oh, very well." Limburger sighed as he was marched at gun point out the door followed closely by Doubletake and then Chasis.
"I'll see if there's anyone up ahead." Chasis volunteered.
She jogged ahead to take a look down the next hall.
"Stop right there mousie."
Chasis stopped and turned around to see a battered and bruised Greasepit pointing his own weapon at Doubletake's head. But before she could do anything, the remaining group of goons rounded the corner behind her and aimed their guns at her back.
"Now let go of da Boss." Greasepit ordered.
Doubletake reluctantly lowered his blaster. Limburger snatched the weapon from him and two goons ran up to grab each of the Martian's arms. Two more also restrained Chasis.
"Greasepit." Limburger said with relief. "Never have I been so happy to such a hideous face. For once, you came just in time."
"Duh, thanks boss." Greasepit nodded dumbly. "I think."
"So what are you going to do with us now Gouda?" Doubletake asked, only struggling slightly against the goons that restrained him.
"The name is Limburger you stupid mammal! Lim-Bur-Ger!"
"Whatever you say Romano."
Limburger clenched his fists and growled in rage.
"Just for that, I think I will let you join your friends." Limburger then addressed his thugs. "Bring the vermin this way."
"All right." Doubletake said. "Lead the was Asiago."
Limburger clenched his teeth again and turned to Greasepit.
"Remind me to personally make sure that mouse has a slow and painful death."

"Man, what hit me?" Vinnie moaned as he came to.
His head throbbed and his whole body ached. He looked around to see how his bros were faring.
"Oh mama, someone get the licence plate of that 747." Modo groaned as he slowly sat up.
"Tell me about it." Throttle agreed. "Those rays pack quite a punch."
"Where are we?" Modo asked again.
"Welcome to the Limburger Hotel." Vinnie said after examining the cage that held them.
Throttle stood up and experimentally tapped on one of the bars.
"Plutarkian glass steel." he announced. "We can't use our weapons to blast out of here." He looked down at his empty gun holster. "That is, if we had weapons."
"Typical." Vinnie pouted.
"Hey bros, is it just me or does it feel a bit more drafty in here than it should be?" Modo wondered.
"I don't know big fella, but I suggest we--Holy Mother of Mars!" Throttle exclaimed when he took his first look outside the cage.
"What is it?" Vinnie got up to join him.
"Don't look now Vincent, but that first step's a doosie."
Vinnie looked down through the bars and saw the sidewalks and street several hundred feet below him.
"Ah!" Vinnie cried and backed away from the edge of the cage.
He stumbled and fell over, causing the cage to bounce and swing in the air.
"I told you not to look." Throttle quipped as he held onto the bars for support.
"Oh mama, this is not good." Modo was on his hands and knees trying to steady the cage.
A familiar deep and evil laugh drifted to the mice's ears and they looked around for the source. Only a few feet away, Limburger stood chuckling on the tower roof. Carbuncle and Greasepit were at his sides. Doubletake and Chasis were held by four goons behind them.
"So glad to hear you've enjoyed your stay." Limburger gloated. "And as you can so plainly see, the best fish has won, as it was always meant to be."
"Come over here and say that scum sucker." Modo challenged, his eye glowing dangerously red.
"I think not. I finally have you horrific hamsters right where I want you."
"So this is it, huh Limburger?" Throttle asked. "You're just going to drop us, quick and painless?"
"Alas, yes." Limburger answered ruefully. "Though there are far more agonizing and gruesome ends I wish I could bestow on your retched hides, you always manage to slip out of my grasp before I can inflict them on you. So I'm afraid this is the way it must be. Quick, easy, and no chance of escape. And after you go splat, so will your comrades here."
"You won't get away with this Cheeseburger!" Doubletake retorted.
"But I think I will, I--" Limburger cut off and glared at the dark brown mouse. "You're doing this on purpose now, aren't you?"
"All right drop the vermin."
"With pleasure Mr. Limburger." Greasepit said as he went for the rope holding up the mice's cage.
"No!" Chasis cried.
She swept her foot under the goon on her right, causing him to fall on his backside. Chasis turned and punched the goon holding her left arm squarely in the jaw.
Doubletake in turn planted his elbows in the guts of the goons on either side of him and jumped to tackle Greasepit who was already cutting the rope with a knife. But the greased goon soon forgot the rope and turned to wrestled with the orange haired Martian.
"Greasepit, you moron! Cut the rope!" Limburger yelled at him.
He was immediately silenced when Chasis threw a goon in his direction. The two collided and toppled over onto a gasping Carbuncle who was crushed under the enormous weight.
The brunette mouse looked up to see Greasepit and Doubletake still wrestling on the ground and the three mice thankfully hadn't dropped yet. But the damage had already been done to the rope and it was slowly ripping apart under the strain of the trio's weight.
Chasis looked around for help. She spied a long coiled up rope and ran to retrieve it.

"This stinks!" Vinnie complained. "There's a fight to the death out there and there's no way for us to join it."
"Too bad it's our death." Throttle added glumly.
"I can do something." Modo added calmly.
He stretched his bionic arm through the bars and aimed his arm cannon at the struggling goon and mouse.

Doubletake's face was full of surprise when Greasepit suddenly fell unconscious on top of him. He looked up at the smoking burn on Greasepit's back and then over at Modo. He stood and gave the dark grey mouse a thumbs up right before Chasis threw the end of a rope in his face.
"Hurry, tie this to something strong." she ordered.
"Like me?" he asked, flexing his muscles.
"Just do it!"
Doubletake knew better than to argue with that and quickly complied.
By now, the rope holding the cage was on its last threads and the trio knew it.
"It was an honor fighting beside you bros." Throttle said sadly.
"See you on the other side." Modo added.
"I'm going to miss me." Vinnie whined.
Chasis jumped from the roof and landed on top of the cage just as the rope snapped. The cage and all the mice with it began to plummet toward the ground. Chasis fought the urge to scream in panic as she felt gravity kick in harder than she had ever felt it before and she felt the power of the g-forces as she was pulled downward. Nevertheless, she managed to tie the rope to the top of the cage.
The cage snapped up violently as it hit the end of the rope. Chasis lost her grip and was bucked off and flung into the air. She flailed wildly as she fell and managed to grasp the bottom of the cage with one hand.
Her relief was short lived, however, as her fingers slipped off the smooth metal. But as she fell, this time something grabbed her.
"The ladies are always falling for me." Throttle joked as he pulled Chasis up so that she could stand on the bottom of the cage from outside.
"Thanks." she breathed, though inside it felt like her heart would never go back to its normal pace. "Oh by the way, I brought this back."
She pulled Throttle's red bandana out of her jacket pocket and handed it to him.
"Thanks for bringing it back." Throttle said as he tied it back around his neck.
"Thanks for letting me use it."
"You're welcome. So how's that arm anyway?"
"Fine. It's healing pretty good and--"
"Uh Chass, babe." Vinnie called sweetly. "I'd hate to interrupt the pleasantries but GET US THE HECK OUT OF HERE!"
"Oh, all right."
Chasis edged her way to the door lock. She pulled out a pocket knife and flipped out the blade. She proceeded to pick the lock and after a moment the door swung open.
"Thank you Vinnie for being so patient." Chasis said sarcastically.
"It took you long enough." Vinnie huffed.
Chasis plopped down inside the cage, grateful for the rest while Vinnie pulled himself to the top and started to climb the rope back up to the tower roof.
"Coming?" Throttle asked Chasis.
"Ugh." The thought of climbing back up the rope didn't exactly appeal to her. "I think I'll rest here a moment."
Throttle didn't like the thought of just leaving her there.
"Go on bro." Modo said. "I've got her."
Throttle smiled and started climbing.
"Come on." Modo held out his hand to Chasis.
"Oh, it's okay. I don't want--"
She was cut off as Modo grabbed her hand and whisked her into the air. Chasis marveled how he could pick her up like she was nothing as she was brought around so she could wrap her arms around his neck. She rode him piggie-back as he began to climb.
"Oh well." Chasis shrugged. "It sure beats doing it myself."
Modo only smiled and continued climbing.

Limburger pulled himself out from between the unconscious goon on top of him and the flattened smudge called Carbuncle beneath him. He stood and looked over to see Vinnie's hand reach up and grasp the edge of the roof.
"Drat." he cursed. "Time for the retreat."
He hastened toward the roof's exit when a strong hand grabbed his shoulder.
"Not so fast American Swiss."
Limburger was not one bit surprised to see Doubletake.
"That's Lim-- Oh, never mind."
"Good." There was a finality in the mouse's voice.
Doubletake's hold on the Plutarkian never loosened as he dragged him to where all four mice had now successfully climbed back up to the roof.
"So what do we do with him now?" he asked them.
"Should we turn him in to the police?" Chasis asked.
"My dear Martian, whatever for?" Limburger asked arrogantly. "According to Earth laws, I have done nothing wrong. You mice on the other hand are currently trespassing on my property. Now if you don't remove yourselves I will be the one to call upon the authorities."
"Why you slimy little. . ." Vinnie growled.
"Easy motor mouse." Throttle said. "There will be other times."
"Of course." Doubletake agreed brightly. "So let us release this fish back to the wild for us to hook another day."
Limburger was about to ask what that meant when he was picked up by the back of the collar and dangled over the edge of the tower.
"You wouldn't." he challenged, fearfully looking down at the street far below him.
"Swim free little fishie." Doubletake sang pleasantly and dropped him.
Limburger screamed as he plummeted downward and landed heavily on the still hanging cage below him. He shivered and whined pitifully and hung onto the rope for dear life.
Doubletake had seen it all and laughed loudly at the whimpering Plutarkian below him.
"You are so morbid." Chasis informed him.
"My kind of mouse." Vinnie grinned, enjoying the sight as much as Doubletake.
"What say we find our bikes and get out of here." Throttle suggested.
Vinnie and Modo agreed and the three started back inside the tower.
"What I wouldn't give for a camera." Doubletake ignored them and leaned out farther to get a better look.
"Come on you." Chasis grabbed the back of his jacket and yanked him through the roof's exit.

"I think our bikes are in there." Throttle whispered.
He peeked around a corner and saw two armed goons closely guarding a closed door.
"They've got the fire power we don't so we better be careful."
"Oh pish posh." Doubletake countered. "This will be a snap."
The mouse who lived to surprise everyone calmly strolled up to the goons like it was nothing out of the ordinary. The two thugs tensed at the sight of him and aimed their guns at his head. But Doubletake simply continued to eye them in a casual manner.
"Any closer and we'll shoot." one goon promised.
"Guys, what are you doing here?" Doubletake admonished. "You shouldn't be just standing around when your boss needs help."
"What are you talking about?" the other goon accused.
"GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!" Limburger's voice rand down the halls.
"So what's it going to be fellas? Your boss or the mouse?"
The thugs looked at each other, unsure of what to do.
"NOW!" Limburger bellowed again.
The two hastened to their boss' aid.
"Piece of cake." Doubletake smiled to himself.
He opened the door and stepped inside. The others hurried and followed him. The mice were met by their confiscated weapons waiting patiently on a table and their bikes growling in greeting.
"We left our bike parked outside." Chasis explained. "How about a ride out of here?"
"Anything for you pretty lady." Vinnie gloated.
Chasis rolled her eyes and shook her head. But she got on behind him and Doubletake sat behind Modo.
"Now, let's rock and ride out of here." Throttle declared.
The others made known their agreement with whoops and hollers. The five mice raced through the halls, down the stairs, and out the front door. There they stopped to let Doubletake mount his own bike. Chasis decided to stay where she was.
The mice drove further from the tower but then decided to stick around and watch as Greasepit and the other goons tried to rescue their boss.
"Oh no!" Vinnie cried. "We forgot to trash the tower! Better go back and fix it."
"Wait." Chasis said.
Vinnie looked back at her quizzically.
"Give it time." Chasis assured him and pointed to the tower.
Just then various spots along the tower's base exploded, followed by several other explosions up and down the building and it began to shake and sway. Limburger was still clinging to the cage when he felt it begin to tremble.
"The ending to a perfect day." he muttered gloomily as the tower tumbled down on top of him and his men.
"Ah, the ending to a perfect day." Vinnie reminisced.
"Who did that?" Modo quarried.
"It was me. Thank you, thank you." Chasis stood and bowed.
"Wow Chass, you've got to show me how you did that." Vinnie said.
"All in good time, Vin."
"So who's up for hotdogs and root beer?" Throttle asked.
"Right with you bro" Doubletake answered.
"Well then, let's rock. . ." Vinnie announced.
"And ride!" everyone cheered together as they rode off for home.

Da na na na na na na (ending theme -- you all know it.)