Do I Have To Say The Words

By Hayden

Feb. 10, 1998

Copyright by Shaina Edmondson

Vinnie started, open mouthed at Charley. Not only from the fact she was wearing the tightest, shortest black dress he'd every since her wear, but from what had just come from her mouth a moment before.

"Your what?!" he asked.

Charley sighed and threw and exasperated look at Vinnie.

"I--am--going--on--a--date. Jeeze I didn't think it was that hard of a concept to understand." Charley said.

"But -- but --" was all Vinnie could say.

Charley turned to Throttle and Modo, giving up on Vinnie. That mouse was impossible!! The other guys didn't see anything odd about her going on a date, so why was Vinnie acting like it was a foreign word.

"You guys are going to hafta to fend for yourselves on dinner tonight," as she spoke a car pulled up and honked. "That'll be him. Bye guys, don't burn the place down."

"Bye Charley-girl, have fun," Throttle said before going back to watching a baseball game.

"Enjoy yourself Charley-ma'am," Modo, ever the gentleman said.

Vinnie still wasn't succeeding in forming complete sentences, much to Throttle and Modo's amusement. Vinnie looked as if someone had hit him with a two by four.

"I'll be back about eleven, so don't wait up!" She called as she walked out the door.

Charley was more than ready for her date. It was going to be great to be with a guy who was interested in more than motorcycles, food, rock `n' roll, and sports. Not to mention having a man call her Charlene instead of Charley all the time.

Vinnie started at the door several minutes before moving to watch the game with his bros. But his heart just wasn't in it. All he could think about was the fact that Charley was on a date and the date wasn't HIM.

2:45 a.m.
Vinnie sat on the couch glaring at the VCR clock. Worry and anger gnawed at his gut. Throttle and Modo at gone to bed long before, but Vinnie just couldn't sleep without knowing Charley was home safe. Where was she?

He rose to his feet and began to pace back and forth across the darkened living room. He didn't like it, not one bit. It wasn't like Charley to be so late. When she said she'd be back at eleven she was back by eleven. He looked at the clock again. 2:53.

He sat down again, telling himself not to worry. She was probably having a good time with that guy. He probably took her to some fancy restaurant, where they park your car for you. Probably took her dancing, that ball room stuff. Vinnie made a face. Who would want to do stuff like that. Get all dressed up and eat fancy over priced food; then dance to music with absolutely no beat. Who in their right mind would want to do those kind of things?

That thought stopped him. Charley apparently wanted to do those things. This guy was taking her to do stuff she wanted and liked doing. Vinnie tried to remember the last time he took her somewhere she want to go, to do something she really want to do. He found he couldn't come up with anything. He'd never taken her anywhere special before, or dome anything special with her. Jeeze, no wonder she was going out with this guy.

Why hadn't he done those kind of thing for her? She deserved it. Heck, Charley only deserved the best; so why did he give her the best? Why did he treat her like on of the guys and expect her to fall all over him? He couldn't think of an answer.

Vinnie looked at the clock again. The glowing digital numbers read 3:15 a.m. The knot of worry tightened in his gut. Where is she? Is she okay? If anything had happened to her I'll ....

He headed towards the door to go find her himself when he heard a car approached. It was the same one that had picked Charley up earlier. Vinnie moved to a window and looked out.

The man got out of the car and opened the door for Charley. He offered her his hand to help her out. Vinnie gritted his teeth as she accepted his hand. The man held her hand as he escorted her to the door. When Vinnie saw them kiss good night he wanted to break something. How dare he put his hands on Charley? How dare he kiss her?!

Vinnie moved away from the window and stood by the door. The worry had diminished and the anger was taking over. Anger that she had let them --okay-- him worry like that. She could have at least called.

The front door opened and Charley entered. Alone. She closed the door quietly.
Man, I hope the guys don't find out I was out this late! I'll never hear the end of it.

She didn't see Vinnie standing there, silent and angry. She didn't even notice someone was in the room, until as she walked to the stairs a low voice called out.

"Late night, Charley-girl?"

Damn!! Caught!! And by Vinnie -- this isn't good. She thought.

She turned and saw Vinnie standing behind her, arm crossed. He looked angrier than she'd ever really seen him.

"Vinnie --?"

"Do you know what time it is, Charley?" he asked, his voice low and dangerous.

"Uhmm-- midnight?" she squeaked out.

Vinnie griped her by he arm. "It's 3:20, Charley."


"You said you'd be home by eleven Charley! I've been worried sick!!: He let her go, reigning down his anger.

"I'm sorry, Vinnie! I didn't think anyone would wait up for me!" Charley protested, shocked at Vinnie sudden protectiveness.

"What were you doing out so late? Huh? I thought something had happened to you!! You could have called!!" he told her. "Anyway I don't want you going out with this late again!"

Now Charley was angry. How dare Vinnie tell he what she could and could not do!!

"Wait just a minute, Vinnie! You aren't my father! You aren't even my brother!! So don't pull this shit with me!! I'm a grown woman!! I can stay out as late as want with whoever I want!!" She hissed at him, trying not to yell.

Vinnie realized his words hadn't come out right and tried for damage control.

"Charley -- babe--I didn't mean --"

"How dare you tell me how to run my life, Vinnie!! What makes you think you have the right!!"

She turned and walked quickly up to her room. Vinnie was close behind her.
"Sweetheart -- I'm sorry --it came out wrong-- I was worried --"

Charley yanked her door open and turned to glare at Vinnie.

"Well, Vincent, you're just going to hafta worry again tomorrow night!! Cause I'm seeing Mike again, whether you like it or not!! Good Night!" And with that she shut the door in his face.


Real smooth Vinnie! You had to go an open your big mouth!! You had to go and run it, didn't ya?

Vinnie walked to his room, cursing himself as an idiot. He only hoped he could fix things with her in the morning. Until then he'd better try and get some sleep.

Do I Have To Say The Words

Part 2

By Hayden

© Shaina Edmondson

Author's Note: Sorry it's kinda short, and long past due...please don't kill me....also sorry it's kinda jumbled! Feedback is appreciated!! Biker Mice From Mars doesn't belong to me!! Wish it did!! Enjoy!!! BTW--I did call the guy Mike in the last part..didn't I?????

Vinnie and Charley didn't speak much the morning after. In, fact they got a way with saying the minimal amount of words possible to each other. Throttle and Modo noticed this but had a feeling neither of them would appreciate them getting involved.

Vinnie knew he had screwed up bad with Charley, but had no idea how to fix things. So he didn't say anything to her. Charley on the other hand, felt guilty about hell at Vinnie, she knew he only did what he did because he cared about her. But she didn't know how to tell him. So she too said nothing.

Now, this would have added up to a hill of beans, if it had only lasted a few days. Unfortunately, the days grew into weeks. And still neither Charley nor Vinnie had gotten back the friendship that they shared.

Charley went about with Mike again two nights after their first day. Only because she knew it would get to Vinnie. Charley to her surprise found she really DID like this guy. He was good to her, treated her like a lady--took her nice places. So she went out with him again and again. And she still wasn't talking to Vinnie.

Vinnie had had about all he could take of this silent treatment bit. Final, he swallowed his pride and asked Throttle for some advice.

"Hey, bro.?" Vinnie asked, Throttle.

Throttle looked a Vinnie, surprised at the unusually serious expression on Vinnie's face. Uh-oh--this probably has something to do with him and Charley-girl's fight--about time he let on to what was going on---
"Whats up, Vin?"

Vinnie looked at his feet. "I was wondering if you could--well---give me some advice on women.." his voice was almost a mumble as he said the last part.

Throttle resisted the urge to laugh and look at his younger bro. "Take you want to know how to patch things up with Charley?"

Vinnie nodded, he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "Yeah.."

"Have you tried apologizing?" Throttle asked.

"Huh?" Vinnie's look was blank.

Throttle sighed. "You know saying your sorry for whatever you did or said to get her mad to begin with," Seeing Vinnie's look Throttle sighed. "Haven't tried that yet huh?"

"uhm--nope--haven't tried that--thanks bro.." A very embarrassed Vinnie walked off to find Charley.

He found her in the living room talking on the phone to Mike. Making plans for another date. Vinnie almost made a face, but stop...he had messed up once he wasn't gonna do that again.
As soon as she got off the phone he walked into the room.

"Hey Charley?"

Charley turned an glared at him. "What do you want, Vincent?! Gonna tell me I can't see Mike again..or lecture me about curfews!!"

Vinnie held his hands up. "Whoa!! Calm down, Charlene!" Just him calling her that cut short her tirade. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry for how I acted that night! Okay! I was wrong and I'm sorry. I had no right to tell you what you could or couldn't do! If you want to date Mike it's none of my business!! Just don't be mad at me any more...I can't stand not talking to me.." by the time he was done apologizing he was looking at his feet.

Dam, girl, he was just trying to say sorry and YOU bit his head off...real nice Charley! Charley smiled at Vinnie. She gave him a hug.

"Thanks Vinnie, you don't know how much that means to me....and I'm sorry about yelling at you." Charley said.

"Friends?" Vinnie asked.

"Friends." Charley said.

Charley continued to see Mike, steadily for a while. But bit by bit, she noticed a change in him. He became anger quicker, was prone to violent gestures. He stated to blow up over the smallest things. Charley thought it had something to do with Mike's job. Knowing it was very stressful work that he did. So she excused his behavior, he hadn't hurt her or anything and she still had a good time with him.

One night Mike canceled out on a date, because of a meeting, and Charley was stuck at home. Modo and Throttle had gone to see a game, but Vinnie had stayed behind proclaim deep disgust at the abilities of both teams. Vinnie glanced at Charley. Her expression was sad almost miserable. After her 20th loud sigh, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Quickly checking the movie guide, a plan was born. After a quick phone call, he went back to the living room. Charley sat flipping through the channels.

"Hey, Charley-girl wanna see a movie?" Vinnie asked. Man I hope this works, she's getting down right depressing.....why didn't I try this before she meet that as--cool it Vincent--'member no bad talk about her main squeeze?

Charley glanced up and shrugged. "Sure why not?" She grabbed her coat. Anything to get out of the house. And to stop thinking about Mike and that blonde...

Vinnie thought it was strange she didn't ask what they were going to see but let it slide. When they got to the theater, Vinnie made Charley wait where she couldn't hear what movie tickets he was getting. Charley shrugged but did, so used to now doing what Mike said to avoid a scene. When they got inside Vinnie insisted on buying her favorite movie snacks for her. Then he made her close her eyes so she couldn't see what movie they were going into.

"Really Vinnie, is this movie really that bad?" She asked, giggling.

"You can open them now," Vinnie said, sticking his tongue out at her.

"Hey I saw that!"

"Saw what!?" Vinnie asked innocently.

"You stuck your tongue out at me!!" Charley said.

"Did not!!"

"Did to!!"



After several minutes of this back and forth the move final stared. When Charley saw the title she gasped in happiness.

"Zorro!!! Oh thank you Vinnie!!!" She threw her arm around his neck and kissed his check. "Your the best Vinnie---Mike would have never taken me to see this!"

She settled down in her sit happily watching her favorite star in tight black leather. She hadn't been this happy in a long time.

And neither had Vinnie. Well Mikeie, got one up on you now don't I buddy boy!!!

To be Continued