Deadly past

By: Danielle Hindy

Copyright 2000 Danielle hindy, all rights reserved

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It's been three months since the biker mice left the Enchanted Forest. Throttle missed True Heart w/ all his heart. Throttle was going to go back & see her in another month. Throttle had thought about it & had made a decision. He was going to contact Carbine & tell her that she wasn't the one for him .

He loved True Heart more than he could ever love her. He did owe Carbine a great debt. She gave him the love of his life. His daughter Jasie. For that he'd forever to be grateful for that. He loved his little girl more than anything. She brought a ray of sunlight in his life & the feeling of a father's pride.

Jasie was about 2ft 11inches she was about average weight for a little kid her size. Her hair was black w/ meatball pigtails. She wore cute little clips in her hair. Golden crescent moon w/ baby pearls on eachside. Her skin was the same as her dad's a Napple yellow. Her shirt was white w/ long sleeves, her pants were hot pink & she had tiny little black boots like her dad wore. She had big bright red eyes. She was one of the cutest thing he had ever seen.

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It's eight o' clock at night the garage was closed & everyone was relaxing unaware of the tragedy that was about to come. Throttle was leaning on a wall watching his oldest sister Dusty & his youngest sister Star Fire or "Star" as she's known most of the time; playing w/ his daughter.

Dusty was about 6 ft & 165lbs. She was the same color as Throttle. She had white hair that was down to her waist. She had a red ribbon like bandanna around her head. She had a black sports bra like top & short, short denim shorts. Knee high black boots, black gloves & arm bands on her upper arms. She had a brown gun holster on her right thigh & she had both of her ears pierced. Her left ear had two silver studs & one small gold hoop in the middle. Her right ear only had one big gold hoop. Dusty & Modo had been going out since they teenagers on mars.

Dusty had come to Earth when Limburger bought her from the slave dealers on Mars. She was going to under go Karbuncal's experiments. They mice had raided the building & found her there.

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Star Fire's about 5 ft 10 inches tall. She suffered from bolimia very badly. Her weight fluctuates from 130-158lbs. She has blond waist length. She was the same color as her sister & brother. She wore whit tank top that showed most of her stomach & tiny denim jeans. She had earrings in both ears. A small silver hoop in her left ear & a silver stud in her right. She had on black ankle boots.

Star Fire & Vinnie had been going out for several years as well. Star Fire had very feminine eyes & a knock out figure to die for when she's her full weight. When they first met Vinnie couldn't stop drooling. Throttle had to slug him to get him out of the trance. Vinnie & Star had been going out for years before he met Harley. Star came to Earth when she heard Vinnie was there so she followed him. Vinnie often calls her his North Star his guide to get through life. The one thing that is definite about them is they never stop fighting or bagging on eachother. They look like they never get along but actually the complement eachother very well.

Throttle, Dusty, Star Fire had another brother named Tracker but he was missing in action from the war. None ever believed that he was dead.

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Throttle smiled seeing his daughter getting along w/ her aunts. Throttle started to pick up foots steps from outside but tried to look like he hadn't noticed.

He walked over by the door & putting his hand behind his back he alerted Modo & Vinnie. As soon as he heard the footsteps again he grabbed the figure & slammed him against the wall. Throttle was in shock when he saw who it was. "Hey boy! It's me how are you?", said an old mouse. Star Fire got up & screamed hiding behind Vinnie. Dusty got up just in complete shock. Tears filled her eyes, Throttle's grip on the old mouse tightened. The only words he could get out was, "YOU!" Throttle remembered a belt hitting him. Dusty who was very composed & level headed like her Big brother lashed out screaming. Modo grabbed her by the waist. She lashed out clawing, kicking & screaming. She wanted to rip him to shreds.

Vinnie looked puzzled "Who?..who is he?", he asked. Throttle was the only one w/ enough composure to say it "He's our father!", he asked in an ashamed voice. Vinnie's eyes got wide from shock then went into anger. Vinnie lashed out & started to slam him against the wall several times "YouJERK!", he said in an angry voice. Charlie, Jasie & Modo didn't know what to say or do. Except Modo who had to hold on to Dusty w/ all his might.

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The old mouse was 6ft 1in he was a copper color, he had white hair down to his shoulders, he had pieces of hair over his ears. He had a few wrinkles under his eyes. His clothes were old & worn down.

He had an olive green vest, his shirt was a sandy brown, and his pants were dark brown. Then his belt was black & to Dusty, Star & Throttle it looked all too familiar.

Star was shaking very badly; Vinnie let go of the old mouse having him sliding down the wall. Vinnie saw her shaking & then she fell to the floor. Vinnie ran over & caught her just in time. Dusty started to calm down & Modo started to let her go. Throttle kept his eye on him making sure he didn't do anything.

He got up rubbing his neck "I don't get it I thought you kids would be happy to see me.", he said to them. He then saw a tiny little mouse holding onto Throttle's leg while sucking on her thumb.
Throttle put his hand on her head trying to have her stay behind him. He bent down & smiled at her. He tried to touch her but Throttle grabbed him by the front of his shirt & slammed him against the wall.

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" DON'T YOU EVER & I MEAN EVER TOUCH HER! DO YOU UNDERSTAND OLD MAN? SHE'S NOT YOUR CONCIREN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? ", he demanded "I don't want you anywhere near her. I won't let you hurt her they way you hurt us.", he told him in a low tone growl. He then threw him across the room having him land on a table breaking it in half.

Dusty walked up to him. "How can you think that we'd be happy to see you! After all that you did to us!", she demanded.
Throttle picked up his daughter. "Jasie if he ever touches you in anyway I want you to tell one of us you understand?", he asked. She knotted thinking she was in trouble. Star Fire came to holding onto Vinnie. They all had a reason to be mad & in pain. For Throttle, Dusty, & Star Fire he caused them nothing but abuse & pain in their childhood.

Charlie had never seen Throttle so angry or in that much pain before. Star Fire got down from Vinnie's arms & walked over to her father. He smiled "Finally someone is coming over to greet me.", he said Proudly. Memories flooded her memories of being beaten w/ his belt. She smacked him she looked at him not moving. He looked at her & made it look like he was going to hit her. Vinnie stood behind her & he lowered his hand. Charlie walked over to him "What's your name?", she asked "Stlaker", he answered keeping his cool.
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A moment later he was tied up in a chair. "I don't know why you kids are being such worthless brats. You should show me more respect.", he told them. "How can we show someone respect that never showed it to us?", asked Throttle. Dusty was crying outside of the garage she didn't want to give him the satisfaction.

Modo walked outside seeing her. He hand never seen her like this. Dusty was always very happy, lighthearted & brave w/ the spirit of an angel. Modo didn't understand what was going on. He hugged her "What happened?", he asked. Dusty looked at him "Modo that mouse in there took our physical &spiritual innocents when we were little. He beat us & he did things to me Star Fire that no words could ever describe.", she told him looking at the ground. "Do you remember when we met that I told you that I wasn't a Physically Innocent?"; she asked looking at him.

Modo knotted "He's the one who took it from me!", she said tearfully. Modo held onto her as she cried. His eye glew red w/ anger. Modo had never knew anyone that would be that sick to do that to their own children. Now he understood why Throttle was the way he was.

All the horrible memories came back to all of them of their childhood.
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All the memories that they fought to suppress came back & rushed over them ten fold. Throttle remembered fighting him off from him beating their mother. He would beat her for any reason w/his belt. Throttle remembered punching him to the floor after seeing him beat her for over a half an hour. "Leave her alone!", he told him. Throttle stood straight up showing that he was serious. Stlaker got up w/ the belt in hand.

"Don't you ever tell me what to do boy!" he then hit him across the face w/ the belt cutting his cheek really bad. Throttle was the oldest so he was in his teens. He had a younger brother Tracker who had grey fur & black hair. He was around 11-12 yrs old. Dusty was about 10 yrs old & Star was about 5yrs old. They were in a corner too scared to move. He saw them there "I thought I told you all to do your chores?" He started to walk over to them. Throttle got up & ran to where they were protecting them. Throttle wasn't going to let him hurt them. Tracker stood in front of his sisters.

Throttle didn't budge he wasn't afraid of his old man. "Move now!", he ordered Throttle stood fast "Drop dead!", he told him. Throttle was beaten for his insolence. His back bore the scars of the beatings. That's why he never took off his vest. He then threw Throttle aside Tracker may have been around 11-12yrs old but he was already 5ft 7in. Dusty & Star Fire held onto eachother as they hid behind him.

Tracker wasn't going to move Stlaker looked at him "Why do you & your brother always give me a hard time?", he asked Tracker didn't say a word he just stood there & looked directly in his eyes. Dusty saw that Tracker was going to get hit w/ the belt & she panicked. She pushed Tracker out of the way & clawed her father in the face. She grew her nails out just to claw him; Stlaker smacked her off of him. Star Fire ran to her mother's body trying to wake her up. Throttle got up & tackled him "I won't let you hurt my sister!", he cried out.

Stlaker grabbed Dusty by the hair as he fought his sons' off w/ the belt. He locked the door so they couldn't get in Throttle & Tracker tried knocking to door down w/ a table but the door was, way to strong. Dusty began to scream in terror; Throttle beat on the door while yelling at his dad to stop.

Star Fire began to cry because her mom wasn't getting up. Tracker ran to her & his mother to look her over. Tracker looked at his brother who was beating the door. "Throttle", he called out but he didn't turn around "THROTTLE!", he cried out Throttle turned around "Something's wrong w/ mom!", he told them. Throttle walked over & looked her over "She's dead." Throttle told them Star began to cry. Throttle started to pick her up "Come on, we got to hide her before dad comes out." He threw his mom onto his back & started to walk out the door.

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Tracker opened the door for his brother; Throttle walked to the shed & placed her down. He covered her body w/ a blanket. He knew she'd be safe there till nightfall. He then ran back to the house. When he got there his dad had just left his room. Throttle ran in seeing his chance. He ran over to Dusty who was unconscious. She was tied to the bed & starting to bleed. Throttle cut her arms from the posts & put her arms over his shoulders. Dusty started to moan as he moved her & held onto her. Throttle & Dusty were always very close & still were.

Throttle had a plan but he had to wait till night came. Tracker was trying to calm down Star Fire. When night came Throttle got up & shook Dusty awake. She looked over to him "What?", she whispered. Throttle made a gesture for her to get out of bed. She then woke up Tracker & Star. "Throttle what are we doing?", asked Dusty. Throttle opened a window & looked at them. "We are leaving come on!", he told them. Dusty didn't know if that was such a good idea.

Tracker quickly his stuff together & went out the window. Star went over to her brother "Can I bring my dolly?", she asked. Throttle looked at her "Sure go get her.", he told her.

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Star ran over to her bed & grabbed her little stuffed mouse doll & Throttle helped her out the window. Throttle then looked at Dusty "Come on Dusty any place is better then this.", he told her. Dusty knotted & went out the window. Throttle went out last & closed the window.

Throttle & the others ran to the shed & Tracker & him carried their mother to a secret location. They dug a grave & laid her in it. Then they put flowers on her grave. Throttle carved her name out on a tree so they would know where she was. They knew that their father would never find her, which is what they wanted.

They stood over her grave & then left to find their way on the streets. They were found by the police w/ in three weeks. They all pleaded to them to not take them back to their father fearing what the would do. They refused to listen & Throttle along w/ his siblings were brought back. Their father was furious he was going to punish them severally.

When they got home Stlaker slammed Throttle against the wall "Where did you put my wife?", he demanded. Throttle refused to say. He looked at the others "Where is she? I know you roaches know!", he cried out in a rage. He looked at Throttle "Boy, I am going to punish you severally for what you have done!", he yelled.
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He then looked at the rest "Believe me you kids are going to get it too."! He forced Throttle into the bedroom "Take off your vest boy!", he ordered taking off his belt. Throttle didn't move he just looked at him. Stlaker ripped his vest off his back, forcing him to turn around. Throttle made up his mind that he wouldn't cry out. He wouldn't give him the satisfaction. The others huddled all together as they heard the belt. It sounded like the crack of a whip.

Throttle was beaten for over an hour as his father yelled at him telling him how worthless he was. Throttle then was thrown out of the room having him land on his bloody back. Stlaker then grabbed Tracker & threw him in the room he was next. Star ran over to him as Throttle tried to catch his breath & moaned in pain. Dusty looked at him in his teary eyes. Throttle had never cried after a beating so she knew he had to be in a lot of pain.

Later that night Dusty was woken up hearing Throttle groan in pain. He had the light on in his side of the room. He put a bowl of water on the chest next to his bed. Dusty crawled out of bed & went over to him. Throttle looked behind him thinking it was his old man. He was glad to see Dusty; she could help him. He looked at her giving her a cloth. "Can you help me w/ my back?", he asked She knotted. Throttle slowly took off his vest scrunching his face in pain as he did. This revealed a gruesome site.

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His vest was sticky from all of the puss on his back. He's whole back was black & blue some bruises. A lot of the cuts from the belt buckle had cut into his back. A lot of the cuts were still bleeding though others had stopped & turned pussy. His back had no skin left on it. It was all raw w/ new flesh. He had gotten the worst of it. Dusty rubbed her shoulder looking at all the bruises on her back. Throttle leaned over "Come on Dusty clean my back.", he whispered.

She crawled over on his bed dipping the cloth in water. She then ringed it out & gently wiped off his back. "AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!", he growled. She was very gentle the whole time. Tracker & Star woke up from Throttle groans, they looked at eachother. Tracker sat straight up in bed "What's going on?", he asked quietly. Dusty looked at them "Nothing, just go back to sleep.", she told them. They got out of bed & walked over to them. When they saw the awful sight they knew their dad was mad. He had never beaten Throttle so badly before.

Eventually Throttle's wounds healed leaving horrible scars. A few months later the Marshian Police stepped in & took them all from their father & to their grandparents to live till they all grew up.

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They all started to come out of their memories. Tears slowly went down their faces. Throttle looked at his father "Your going back to Mars & your going to pay for you crimes. We are going to make you pay for killing Mom.", he told him. Stlaker just looked at him he was never sorry for what he had done.

Vinnie walked over to the old mouse "I can't believe you are still alive. Throttle is my bro. If I had my choice I would hunt you like the Plutarkin hemeroidal butt you are. You are the reason Star is the way she is. None of them will ever be the same because of you.", he told him. Vinnie then slugged him in the face & walked away.

Dusty held onto Modo as tight as she could. Modo loved her w/ all his heart & he hated seeing her in pain. Throttle walked out of the garage & seeing her cry "Are you okay?", he asked Dusty knotted w/ wiping the tears from her eyes. Modo looked at Throttle "Why didn't you tell us about him & what happened. I mean Vinnie & I knew something happened when you were kids but we didn't think it was this bad." Throttle looked at him then the ground "I didn't think I needed to share that part of my life. It didn't matter as much as the freedom of Mars & Earth from Plutark. Why share something that was already said & done.", he told him.

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Throttle then went back in the garage. Charlie held Jasie in her arms while they looked at her grandfather. Throttle his dad looking at Jasie he smacked him in the head "Don't look at her!", he ordered. Star Fire spit in his face Stlaker looked at her "You need to eat girl. Your too thin, self respecting mouse will want you.", he told her. Vinnie got up not looking happy Star ran to him & calmed him down. She touched his shoulders & he sat back down. Dusty came back in "I will take the first watch.", she told them. Throttle & Dusty looked at eachother "Don't look at me like that! I am a big girl I can take care of myself."

Later that night everyone had left & gone to the hide out. Throttle left the ratio on in the garage & the hide out so she could summon back up if she needed it. Dusty sat across the room from her father leaning back in a chair w/ her feet crossed on a table. "I don't think you need to have the ropes so tight.", her father told her. She folded her arms "Shut up!", she said in an unhappy tone.

As the night went on Throttle would check in w/ Dusty to make sure she was okay. Dusty would hum once in a while as she would do stuff or to just pass the time. Stlaker looked at her; he saw how beautiful she was "You look just like your mother.", he told her. Dusty looked at him w/ angry eyes "You even have her eyes. I remember those eyes when she refused to let me near you kids.
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How angry & the conviction in them." Dusty looked at him not happily. "Those eyes could pierce the darkest soul & look right through you." Dusty said nothing she looked at him w/ her mother's eyes.

When morning came Dusty had fallen asleep but she kept her ears perked up for the slightest noise. Her ears picked up a noise she lifted her head & turned to see Jasie standing by the door. She smiled "What are you doing here?", she asked Jasie walked up to her. "I wanted to see Charlie.", she told her. Dusty leaned forward & walked over to her "Charlie left early to pick up some stuff for the garage." Jasie held up her arms for her aunt to pick her up.
" How did you get here sweet heart?" Jasie held on to her & smiled "I walked here, am I in trouble?" Dusty smiled back "No but I will call your daddy so he knows where you are.", she told her.

Stlaker held a piece of small glass from Charlie's workbench from a broken windshield. He started to cut the ropes slowly so she didn't see his hands moving. He did this for an hour when the ropes broke off he held on to them so she didn't see them fall. "Can I have a glass of water please? My throat is as dry as cotton.", he requested. Dusty sat Jasie on the chair & went into the next room. When she was gone he pulled out his knife from his back strap.

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When Dusty came back in the room she dropped the glass on the floor. There was Stlaker holding Jasie by the waist w/ a knife held up to her throat. "NNNOOO!", she shrieked. Dusty didn't make any sudden moves; she didn't want to jeopardize Jasie's life in any way. Jasie started to cry "It's okay Jasie don't worry I won't let him hurt you.", she told her niece. Stlaker said chuckled "How are you going to do that Dusty?", he questioned.

Dusty lifted up her right eyebrow "Like this" she had wrapped his right leg w/ her tail & pulled it out from under him. She then ran up to him & slugged him in the back of the head. "Jasie RUN NOW!", she shouted to her. Stlaker got up & punched her & it escalated into a slugfest. Dusty saw the knife on the floor & she knew she had to get to it. Stlaker was backing up to get to it but Dusty swirled around & kicked him in the chest. He slammed against the wall. Jasie ran under the workbench seeing what happened. Dusty then ran for the knife but Stlaker saw this & ran after it too. They tackled eachother to the floor struggling to reach the knife.

Both hands got a hold of the knife & the battle of strength began. Dusty then clawed his face like when she was little. He then smacked her in the face but that didn't phase her. All of a sudden the knife went for someone.

Page 18

Throttle, Vinnie & Modo ran into the garage. Throttle had been trying to contact Dusty for over a half an hour but w/ no luck. He had a bad feeling so he came over. Throttle walked around seeing that the garage was a mess. His dad was all tied up again w/ his face messed up pretty bad. "Dusty!", he cried Throttle heard someone crying he looked right seeing Jasie under the workbench shivering.

He ran over to her & bent down. Vinnie &Modo walked over Jasie hugged her daddy tightly. Throttle had never seen his daughter so scared before. Vinnie bent down "Is she okay?", he asked. Throttle picked her up in his arms "Yeah I think so." Jasie couldn't take her eyes of her grandpa. Modo patted her on the head "You okay squirt?", he asked. Tears poured down her tiny face. " What happened?", he asked her Jasie couldn't talk just stutter. Vinnie looked at Stlaker "What did you do to her?", he demanded.

Throttle had a bad feeling "DUSTY!", he cried. "
Throttle ", whispered a voice. Throttle turned his head there was Dusty leaning on the doorframe. She was covering the rightside of her body w/ her hand. Throttle knew there was something wrong. She stepped away from the frame her hand was covered in blood & her shorts were soaked w/ her blood also. Throttle almost dropped Jasie but he caught her on the way down.

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Modo & Vinnie ran over to her helping her. Dusty leaned on Modo before collapsing. Throttle put Jasie down &ran to his little sister. Throttle took off his vest & put it under her head. Modo was next to Throttle on Dusty's right & Vinnie was on her left. Modo was shocked to see all the scars on his upper back especially his shoulder blades.

Dusty looked at Modo & Throttle sweetly. "You'll be okay Dusty just stay still.", Throttle told her while taking off his neck scarf. He pressed the bandana up against her wound it was deep & fatal. Tears streamed down her face she knew the end was coming. "What happened?", asked Modo "
Dad.Dad tried to get away. He tried to escape w/ Jasie as a hostage. " Throttle looked at his father w/anger in his eyes. " I managed to get her away from him & told her to run. " Throttle smiled at her "Thank you!", he told her. Dusty smiled at him. Modo broke down & cried " Modo don't cry! I am okay alittle cool maybe but okay ", she whispered.

Dusty's lips started to turn blue; she struggled for breath, which was painful. They could all see it on her face. Dusty struggled for breath "
Modo " he looked at her " I guess we have to postpone are plan to have kids for alittle while. " Modo didn't care about that he just wanted

Page 20

Dusty to be okay. Deep in the back of his mind he believed she would be. Throttle couldn't stop the blood but it was slowing down. Modo picked her hand up, which was, cold to the touch up & kissed it. "
Thhh.Throttle " He listened to her " Don't let dad hurt anyone else. Prrommissee mme. ", she begged He knotted slightly Dusty started to cough up blood having it stream down her lips. She then settled down from coughing. She then looked into the sky & she was gone. Modo scooped her up into his arms & cried.

Throttle jumped to his feet & ran to where his dad was & started slugging him. "YOU BASTARD! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW SHE'S DEAD! YOU KILLED YOUR OWN DAUGHTER. YOU KILLED HER!", he shrieked shaking him by the collar of his shirt. Vinnie had to fight Throttle off of him "ThrottleThrottle!", he cried. Throttle looked at him w/tears coming down his cheeks "We'll take him back to Mars & have him stand trail for Dusty's death. We won't let this go unpunished.", he told his friend. Throttle dropped his father then kicked him in the face splattering blood.

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Modo held onto Dusty's body tightly; he looked at her. She looked so peaceful; she looked like she wasn't in pain anymore. He picked her up; her head fell back w/ her arms dangling down her sides. Modo looked at Stlaker w/ his eye was glowing the brightest red that it had ever been.

When Charlie came back Throttle had just finished cleaning up the blood. Charlie was surprised to see Modo & Vinnie cleaning up the garage & Throttle placing a mop in the bucket. She walked all the way in & saw something on the cot covered up by the sheet. Modo looked at her w/ tears in his eye & Throttle couldn't look at her. She knew something was wrong, she walked up to Vinnie. "What happened here?", she asked Vinnie looked at her sadly "Stlaker killed Dusty", he told her. Charlie lost her breath she put her right hand over her mouth.

She realized that the body on the cot was Dusty's. She looked at him "Does Star Fire know?", she asked. Throttle dropped the bucket & mop. She looked at him "I guess not.", she said She walked up to Throttle "I am so sorry", she told him tenderly. Throttle knotted his head "Thanks"; he told her cleaning up the mess. Charlie stood in front of him "Throttle I will clean this up. You go back to the hide out & tell Star Fire.", she said to him tenderly. Throttle picked up Jasie who fell asleep & rode off on his bike.

Page 22

Charlie walked over to Modo who sat next to the cot w/ Dusty on it. "Modo are you okay?", she asked. Modo held onto Dusty's small & delicate hand. "I want my heart back.", he said quietly. "She was the reason I fought & did the things I did. Besides Mama she saw threw all the muscles & my mind smarts. She was the light of my life & now she's gone." Charlie felt bad for him she never saw him so broken. Tears dripped from his eye, for the first time in his life Modo was broken down & beaten down.

Later that day Modo & Throttle made Dusty's coffin. When it was made Throttle carefully laid her down in it. She looked like a sleeping angel. Throttle brushed the hair out of her eyes. He then took off Dusty's bandanna as a keepsake of her. Star Fire held onto Vinnie as the lid was placed on the coffin as everyone got their last look at Dusty. Modo put in the nails so no one could open the coffin & disturb her. When her coffin was placed on the ground Modo held up a tombstone that he had made for Dusty. He held it up over his head & slammed it into the ground.

On her stone read "Dusty" Under it read "One of the purest hearts & a sleeping Angel." Throttle grabbed a shovel & started to bury her. Star Fire threw in a single red rose & left.

Page 23

Later that night Throttle was sitting in a backwards chair. He had a beer in his hand. Throttle occasionally had a beer now & then. He was closest to Dusty more than anyone. He told her everything he kept nothing from her & she kept all his secerts safe. Around midnight the climate got cold, a bright light appeared in front of him. It started to take a form of a woman w/ huge pure white wings. Eventually the form got finer & more detailed.

Throttle dropped his beer the woman that appeared was Dusty. She smiled & giggled, "You could never hold your liquor" Throttle took off his shades not believing what he was seeing "Dusty is that you?", he questioned. Dusty knotted "Throttle I love you so much you meant a lot to me. I don't want you to mourn over me too long. You need to live your life & raise your daughter.", she told him

She looked at Modo "Take care of Modo for me. I know when I died he was broken. I want him to be happy in life.", she told him. Throttle knotted "If he finds another that makes him happy have him pursue it. I want him to be happy." Dusty leaned over & kissed his cheek. She turned around & kissed Throttle's fore head. "I will always watch over you all.", she told him. She stepped back She started to disappear "Be happy! Remember I am always w/ you." She said w/ her voice echoing

Page 24

"Don't forget me!", she whispered & then she was gone. Throttle looked to where she disappeared "How could I", he said

The End!

For now!