The Deported: The Repairings.

After the Waterrats has left the garage, the Mice first looks at the remains of their bikes and then at each other.

All: Yeah, let´s find them!
The Mice spilt up and looks everywhere, both up- and downstairs, even inside Funings´ private rooms. But they don´t find any bugs at all. After the search they meet at the remains of their bikes.
Lave: Did you find anything?
Snow: I couldn´t find anything.
Angel: Nothing here too.
Speed: It´s clear, they´re simply too stupid to bug a place.
Lava: Or too wise.
The others: What?

Lava points at the remains of their bikes.
Angel: You got a point there. Okay I´ll stay, but why can´t Snow do it instead?
Snow: Who? Me?
Angel: Yes you. At least you know how to keep a low profile.
Speed: Are you saying, that I can´t keep a low profile?
Angel: Well, since I´ve never seen you keep a low profile, so..

Snow: But it´s as light as a summer day.
Speed: Come with me, and show me where the sun is, ´cause I can´t find it.
They all go outside the garage, and they see, that Speed told the truth.

The Mice runs inside and starts working. After about 1 and a half hour later.
Snow: Okay, the guns are ready. What now?

Snow: Okay.
Snow goes over and helps the others. After about 2 and a half hour later, Angel throws the monkey wrench, which she´s been working with, across the garage.
Angel: Well, our bikes may not look, like they use to, but they can run now.
Lava raises her right arm.
Lava: Okay, let´s get out of here!
They run to their bikes, reeves them, and rides outside, at full speed. Soon they get to the place, where the gates to the outside are. The gate to the cave is open, but the gate to the lake is closed.
Lava: Looks like it´s gonna get hard to get outside.
Lava points her laser towards the Rats, who works at the gates. The other Mice follows her example.
Lava: Open that gate at once! Or we´ll kill you!
A light grey, almost white Waterrat steps forward.

Lava: Do I look like I´m kidding?
The grey Waterrat: No, but the gate stays closed, no matter what!
Lava: Looks like these Rats wants to die. Well, let´s help them!
Lava fires the first shoot towards the Rats, and the laser almost flies out of her hand, because of the recoil. But she keeps on firing. The other Mice starts firing too. The Rats runs for cover, but they don´t draw their laser. As the Rats are away, the Mice rides into the cave, and starts firing at the gate. As the gate gets the first hole, and the water starts flouting in, the Mice realises the big mistake, they´ve made, by not believing, what the grey Waterrat said. Taway comes, like out of nowhere.
Taway: Out! Out! Out! You stupid, crazy Mice!
The Mice rides out of the cave.
Taway: Alven! Close that darn gate now!
The workers closes the gate, right after the Mice has left the cave. Taway is still inside. The other Waterrat riders are just outside the cave.
Lave: Trulors! Command the opening of the gate! Taway´s still inside!

The grey Waterrat points his laser at Snow.

Sumain places herself between Snow and the grey Waterrat.
Sumain: Alven! If you´re going to kill someone, then kill me first!
Alven: Move away, wife, it´s between him and me!
Sumain: Oh no I won´t, husband!
Trulors points his laser towards Alven

Alven puts his laser away, turns and walks towards the gate
Alven: I´m looking forward to be ruled by your son.
Trulors hangs his head down.

Lava: We´ll help you, won´t we?
The other Mice nodes.

The other Mice looks at Lava.
Lava: I can´t.
Trulors: That doesn´t matter, ´cause I can´t remember it too.
Several loud knock comes from the gate.
Funings: Sounds like Taway´s done repairing the gate.
Angel: It isen´t possible to fixed that hole so fast.

The workers opens the gate, and Taway comes out, sopping wet from head to toe.

Alven: I´m with you on that one.
Taway: Thanks.

Taway & Alven: What?

Trulors: I see, that you´ve got the idea.

Sumain: Yes! Another adventure has just begun!
Alven: Not for you this time, ´cause you´re staying home.
Taway: Hey Alven. Nothing´s going to happen to her, as long I´m around.

Taway: If one single hair is touched on her, then it´s after I´m history.
Trulors: Are everybody ready to take off?
Taway: Just a second, I´ve got to have my bike with me right?
Trulors: Right.
Taway whistles, and his bike comes towards him. As it´s in front of him, he jumps up on it, rides strait into the cave, and stops in the middle of it.
Taway: What are you waiting for? The dead to rise again?
Trulors and Lava looks at each other, then they nod.
Trulors & Lava: Let´s ride!
Trulors and Lava looks at each other, with surprise in their eye.
Trulors & Lava: Are your.? That´s..
Trulors & Lava starts laughing, then they reeve their bikes, and rides into the cave. The others follows them.

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