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WARNING: This is a serious story. Oh no! I actually wrote a serious story! Run! Ahhh! *takes a moment to compose herself* Don't worry folks, we'll return you to your usual silliness after this. Enjoy!

The Demolitionist

By: Felicia Tabby

Copyright 1998 (That is the right year, isn't it?)

"Limburger!" Lord Camembert yelled over the video screen at Limburger Tower.
"Yes, oh most Esteemed Eel." Limburger groveled at the screen. "You bellowed?"
"I did." the Plutarkian High Chairman said. "I have become accustomed to your incompetence but you seem to have been screwing up more than usual lately."
"But I assure you it's not entirely my fault." Limburger whined. "I have...."
"I know, I know. You've complained about the trio of Martian bikers before."
"But you don't understand." Limburger insisted. "I've been having to deal with five mice now."
"Yes High Chairman. These two other Martians arrived on earth about two months ago and are helping the Biker Mice."
Limburger showed him a picture of Doubletake and Chasis taken by one of his security cameras. Lord Camembert gasped in horror when he saw them.
"What is it?" Limburger wanted to know.
"That female Martian! What is she doing on Earth?!" Camembert demanded. "I thought we were rid of that one for good."
"The female? How do you know her?"
"Never mind that Limburger. I want you to do something for me."
"Anything, oh Great One."
The Plutarkian Chairman gave an evil grin as a plan formed in his mind.

*One week later*

"Is the first batch ready yet?" Limburger asked Carbuncle.
They were in Carbuncle's lab in Limburger Tower. A large steaming vat of chemicals was being mixed near by.
"Almost ready your most Astudious Sturgeon." Carbuncle nodded.
"Then it's time to start the party!" Doubletake, who seemed to appear out of no where, announced.
"Oh, no. Not you again." Limburger groaned.
"Yes me again." Doubletake grinned proudly. "What cha up to Barracuda But?"
"It's none of your business you Troublesome Troglodyte!" Limburger retorted.
"It does when you're stealing large amounts of chemicals from all over the city." Chasis said as she stepped into view from behind the vat.
"Get away from there you..." Carbuncle started to scream at her.
His threats were drowned out as three Martian motorcycles crashed through the window, as they had a fond habit of doing, and landed with the traditional whoops and cheers from their riders.
"Well, at least we know when they arrive." Limburger mumbled.
"Don't move a scale Scum Sucker." Modo threatened as he aimed his arm cannon at Limburger and Carbuncle.
"Hey guys!" Doubletake greeted. "What brings you over here bros?"
"We were out joy riding when we spotted you two heading for the tower so we followed." Throttle answered.
"Hey Throttle, how ya feeling anyway?" Doubletake clapped a hand on his shoulder.
"I'm doing good." Throttle replied. "Almost fully recovered from our last little adventure."
"Yeah, that tranquilizer packs a wallop, doesn't it? Looks like you lost some weight, too bro. But it's good to see you riding around again."
"So what's this stinkfish been up to anyway?" Modo called to them, still keeping the two baddies in his sights.
Chasis was over at a lab table examining the half used chemical bottles and beakers.
"From the looks of these chemicals, I'd say he's making some kind of mind control serum." the female mouse concluded.
"Limburger, Limburger." Vinnie tisked. "Again? Can't you come up with anything new?"
"Sorry to disappoint you." Limburger said sarcastically.
"You're forgiven. But you better try harder next time." Vinnie beamed at the glaring Plutarkian.
"So, what say Chass?" Doubletake asked. "Should we blow up that mind control slop or what?"
Chasis picked up two beakers of chemicals and handed them to him.
"Put these into the vat to cancel out the mind control effects and then you can do whatever you want with the stuff. Meanwhile, I'm going to check out Mr. Limburger's computer system and see what else he's got up his slimy sleeve."
Doubletake went to pour the mixture into the vat while Chasis seated herself at the lab computer. She began clicking repeatedly on the mouse and bringing up several files on the screen. She scrolled through them at a moderate speed, not finding anything particularly interesting. But she opened one file and her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped upon reading what she found.
Doubletake poured the chemicals into the tall vat and then when over to get his friend.
"Hey Chass, let's go." he called
Chasis quickly shut the file as he approached and switched off the computer.
"Find anything?"
"No." Chasis tried to sound casual. "Nothing of interest. He must not keep his plans on the computer."
"Kay." Doubletake shrugged.
"Come on Chass, let's get rolling." Vinnie called.
Chasis got on the bike behind Vinnie, Doubletake rode behind Throttle, Modo threw a few grenades into the vat, and the mice took off out of the tower.
"Oh, no!!" Limburger and Carbuncle cried in unison.
They raced each other out of the lab as the grenades exploded, sending pinkish chemicals flying everywhere and taking a large chunk out of the middle of the tower.
The mice chuckled at the sight of the explosion and the sounds of Limburger cursing them and their grandma's in every language he knew. After they all had a good laugh, the mice drove off and later went their separate ways.

Late the next morning Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie were lounging around in their place at the Quigly Field score board when Doubletake ran in to their surprise slightly out of breath.
"Hey bro, what's up?" Vinnie greeted.
"You guys, Chasis is gone!" he cried.
"So? You said yourself she takes off by herself all the time." Modo said.
"I know. But this time I think it's serious." Doubletake insisted. "She had been acting weirder than usual ever since we got back from the tower yesterday. Then she snuck out and took off real early this morning. I think it has something to do with what she saw on that computer."
"If you think it's so serious, why didn't you come sooner?" Throttle asked.
"I had to walk here because she stole my bike." Doubletake mumbled.
Vinnie snickered.
"Shut up Vin, this is really serious." Doubletake barked. "And I think that stink fish knows what's going on."
"Then let's go pay ol Blubber Boy a visit." Throttle said.
The others agreed whole heartedly with battle cries and they raced off, with Doubletake behind Vinnie, to Limburger Tower.

Limburger was fretting over the money needed to repair his damaged tower when the Biker Mice sailed in through the already broken window.
"Back already?" Limburger pondered. "Don't you mice have anything better to do with your time?"
"Nope." Vinnie cheerfully replied. "You're the first on our list Chubby Cheese."
"Lucky me." Limburger moaned.
"All right Cheese Head, where's Chasis?" Doubletake got off Vinnie's bike and confronted the Plutarkian.
"What's the matter mouse? Your little female friend no where to be found?" Limburger asked arrogantly.
"You know where she is you bottom feeder, now tell me!"
Doubletake pulled out his blaster and pointed at the fish's head.
"I don't know! I don't have her!" Limburger quivered behind the blaster.
"You lie!" Doubletake accused. "She saw something on your computer yesterday that really freaked her out. Now tell me what it was or scales are going to fly."
"I don't know! I can't...."
Limburger's blubbering was abruptly interrupted as Doubletake blew away the desk in front of him with a vengeance.
"Okay, okay!" the Plutarkian trembled. "She went to Detroit!"
"Detroit?" the other mice wondered.
"What are you talking about?" Doubletake demanded. He shoved his blaster closer to Limburger's face for emphasis.
"On the computer, it said we were sending someone from Mars to Brie, the Plutarkian in Detroit. It said he would be arriving today."
Limburger suddenly regained confidence behind the business end of the blaster and his fat, fishy lips curled up into a sinister smile.
"Why, an old acquaintance if I recall. Someone your friend has been dying to meet."
"Who?" a puzzled Vinnie asked.
Doubletake didn't answer. But his face went pale and he swore under his breath.
"We've got to get to Detroit, now!" Doubletake ordered as he jumped back on Vinnie's bike.
"Why?" the white mouse asked again.
"Just go! Chasis is in serious trouble if we don't get to her fast!"
The Biker Mice roared out of the tower and raced away down the highway that led to the city of Detroit. Limburger watched them ride off and chuckled evilly to himself.

"Okay Doubletake, I think it's time you told us what's been going on." Throttle said once they left the city limits.
"Yeah bro." Vinnie added. "I thought we were the most wanted mice around. Why would the Plutarkians go through all this trouble to get Chasis?"
Doubletake sighed.
"You guys may be the most wanted on Earth and Mars, but Chasis is the most wanted on Plutark."
"What? Come again bro?" Modo asked, confused.
"It all started about a year ago." Doubletake relayed to them. "We were part of a fighting team back on Mars, much like the Freedom Fighters I'm sure you guys were a part of."
The mice nodded.
"Well, we were sent on a mission to raid a Plutarkian defense station. Me, Chasis, and two others--one of them being her older brother. The mission was well planned, everything should have gone perfect. But something went wrong and Chass' brother and our other companion were captured and taken to Plutark for trial.
"When we found out what had happened, Chasis when ballistic. She somehow believed it was her fault and she ran off to Plutark to go rescue them. Evidently, our two comrades were executed before she could reach them. That's when Chasis really went crazy and she stayed up there for almost six months."
"Six months?!" Vinnie cried. "How could she stand it up there?"
"Who knows." Doubletake shrugged. "But she stayed there. And, being an explosives expert, spent all her time blowing up Plutarkian cities. They started calling her `The Demolitionist' for that fact and she knows every nook and cranny on that stink planet. That's why they never caught her. Or even saw her that much. So now they want her pretty bad."
"Then what are you and her doing on Earth?" Throttle asked the million dollar question.
"Well, the Plutarkians could never find her so I was sent up to go get her. I got lost, she found me, I dragged her back to Mars. But she was still so steamed up our leader sent us down to Earth to keep a surveillance on the Plutarkians here until she cools down."
"But what about this guy she's going after in Detroit?" Modo asked. "Who is he and why is Chasis after him?"
"Now that's the killer question." Doubletake replied sadly. "None of this ever would have happened if we didn't have a certain traitor in our ranks. He set us up and warned the Plutarkians about us coming. He was a dirty little Martian poser who turned out to actually be a rat. His name was Mace."
"Mace?" the other mice exclaimed.
"Heard of him?"
"Oh yeah." Modo confirmed.
"We've had our share of run-ins with that filthy liar turncoat." Vinnie growled with hatred of his own.
"I hate him, too." Doubletake admitted. "I mean, he betrayed our team. But Chasis hates him more than the whole Plutarkian nation combined. I know something more has happened between those two than Chasis has told me. She's been itching to kill him the second her feet touched Martian ground.
"Mace is the main reason she was sent here. Just the scent of that vermin and she's ready to kill. And now that she knows where he is, I'm afraid she'll go crazy and do something stupid to get herself hurt or worse."
"Don't worry bro, we're getting there as fast as we can." Throttle assured him.
"I just hope we get there in time." Doubletake said sadly.

In his office in Detroit, Napoleon Brie was tossed roughly into his well cushioned chair.
"Wo cwazy Martian female!!" he screamed at his attacker.
Chasis grabbed him aggressively by the collar.
"Just tell me where he is you Half Pint Puffer!" she yelled.
"I swear I don't know who you are talkwing about!" Brie cried in a scared voice.
"You know who!" Chasis shook him roughly. "Mace is here! I know he is, now tell me where he's hiding!"
She dropped the short Plutarkian in his chair and kicked it. The chair rolled on its wheels across the room until it ran into the wall.
"Alwight, alwight!" Brie surrendered.
He pulled a small remote out of his jacket, pointed it at the wall behind her and pushed the button.
"He's wight here." Brie grinned.
Chasis spun around as the wall behind her and five heavily armed Plutarkians came out, all weapons primed at her.
"Raise `em mouse, you're under arrest." the head Plutarkian ordered.
Brie cackled his usual high and manic laugh. Chasis grudgingly raised her arms in surrender.

It was a few hours later when the Biker Mice crashed into Brie's office, interrupting his plans on how he was going to celebrate his new found victory.
"You wetched wodents! How dare you..."
"Shut your worm hole Fish Face!" Doubletake snapped. "Where's Chasis?"
"More importantly, where's Mace?" Vinnie put in. "I have an unfinished score to settle with that rat myself."
"Mace?" Brie chided. "Funny, you are the second ones to come wooking for him. Stwange, he never said anything about coming."
"This whole set up was just a trap." Throttle concluded.
"And it worked all too well!" Brie smirked. "Your wittle fwiend has been taken to Pwutark for her twial and execution."
"Bros, we gotta save her." Vinnie exclaimed.
"But how are we going to get to Plutark?" Modo asked.
"We'll use the transporter back at my place." Doubletake announced. "Come on."
The mice rocketed out back the way they had come and headed back to Chicago without another word to the small Plutarkian who grinned in triumph, convinced the plan would still work, no matter what the mice did to stop it.

"Awe man, poor Chass." Vinnie lamented. "If only we had gotten there sooner. Who knows what those fish heads will do to her."
"I'm more concerned about what she'll do to them." Doubletake replied.
"How's that bro?" Throttle questioned.
"I know Chass a lot better than you do. Trust me, a whole army of Plutarkians couldn't drag her to the nearest 7-11 if she didn't want them to."
"So you're saying she let them capture her?" Vinnie asked. "But why?"
Doubletake shrugged.
"I guess we'll find out when we get there."

It had been a few hours since Chasis' capture. She had been marched aboard a heavily armed Plutarkian cruiser and sent at warp speed to Plutark. Upon landing on the smelly, fish inhabited planet she was locked in a cell with electrified bars and armed guards posted on either side of her prison.
That was more than three hours ago. If anyone were to come down that hall now, they would find the two guards asleep on the floor and the prison cell empty of any prisoners.
Down the long, long, dark prison hallway the door could be heard as it was opened to let in the prisoner's escort to the trial. The footfalls got closer and closer with each step as the air vent on the ceiling of the empty cell was quietly opened. Chasis dropped in lightly from the ceiling and picked up the disregarded wrist shackles on the floor, slipping them over her wrists just as her escort arrived at her cell.
"Hey you idiots, get up!" one of the Plutarkian escorts yelled at the sleeping guards.
The guards instantly jumped to their feet and stood sheepishly at attention.
"What do you morons think you're doing? While you're off catching up on your beauty sleep, the prisoner could have gotten away and the High Chairman would have had your heads."
"She's just a female mouse." one of the guards defended. "See, she didn't go anywhere."
The head of the Plutarkian escort glared as he punched a series of code on the panel on the wall. The electric bars disappeared and two Plutarkians went in, each taking Chasis by the arm and escorting her out.
"What harm could she do anyway?" the same guard asked again as they left down the long hall.
As she was marched out of the prison, Chasis hung her head so no one could see the small smirk that played upon her lips.

About a mile out of Plutark's capitol city, four Martian mice on motorcycles seemed to appear out of thin air.
"Did we make it? Did I sent us to the right spot?" Doubletake asked as he looked around at their new surroundings. He was sitting on Charley's bike who had loaned it to him before they left.
Modo sniffed the air and made a face as the familiar foul stench of the planet Plutark filled his nostrils.
"Oh yeah, we're here." he said as he closed the visor on his helmet to block out the stench.
The others quickly did the same.
"So where do we go from here bros?" Vinnie asked.
"To the capitol." Doubletake replied. "That's where they'll have their so called trial before executing her."
Then we have no time to loose." Throttle announced. "Let's rock...."
"And ride!" they all chorused together as they raced to the city.
When they rode into the city limits, not a single Plutarkian was to be found.
"Where is everyone?" Vinnie demanded. "You'd think someone told them Sir Vinnie the Great was coming to kick their tails or something."
"They're probably all at the trial." Doubletake concluded.
They rode further into the empty city. Soon the Red Tower began to show up on the horizon. The Red Tower was a famous Martian icon, with as much significance to the Martians as the Statue of Liberty to the Americans. The Plutarkians had taken it years ago and set it up in their own capitol city as some deranged trophy won by their plundering efforts, set up for all the universe to see.
The tower was only across the street when the mice reached their destination. The Plutarkian `court' looked more like a Roman Colosseum. Trials here were a spectator sport and everyone showed up for the more than likely execution of the one being tried. The building itself was large and round adn was able to seat the city's population within its walls. Inside the arena, there was a large, high stage set up in the front so everyone had a perfect view of who was on trial.
"Where to now?" Modo asked.
"Through this way." Doubletake said.
He got off his bike and picked the lock on a door in the back that said `No Trespassing'. He quietly pushed his bike inside. The others got off their motorcycles and followed in suit. They silently pushed their bikes up a tall flight of stairs to the top of the inside of the colosseum.
"Here we can watch the trial without anyone seeing us." Doubletake explained as he crawled out onto a small catwalk which gave him a perfect view of all the Plutarkians sitting below and the stand on which the trial would take place.

It was on the opposite side of the large, round building where Chasis was being led up the stairs by two armed guards. Her wrists were still shackled in front of her as they went. When they reached the top they were met by the haughty, smiling face of Lord Camembert himself.
"Welcome my dear Demolitionist." the head Plutarkian scoffed. "You've been captured at last, only adding to the triumph of the glorious Plutarkian Empire."
"Dream on Stink Fish." Chasis growled through clenched teeth. "There's nothing glorious about pillaging resources from other planets because you weren't bright enough to take care of your own."
The High Chairman's face turned a deeper shade of blue as he roughly grabbed the female Martian by the arm.
"I'd watch my mouth if I were you mouse." the Plutarkian's foul breath wafted to her like a thick cloud. "You're in no position to make suck bold accusations."
His grip on her arm went even tighter as he jerked her out into the open and pushed her onto the stand. The crowd roared and booed at the sight of the Martian prisoner. Above them, four other Martians readied for battle.
Chasis looked down at the swarm of angered fish below her, unfazed by the flurry of insults they shot at her. Instead, her attention was diverted to the tall tower in the background. The Red Tower stood right in the middle of her field of vision. It loomed over her like a foreboding shadow. For the six months she had stayed there, the tower was the first thing she saw when she got up and the last thing she saw when she fell asleep. The image even haunted her dreams at night.
The Red Tower was the Martian symbol of freedom and power and they had been robbed from it. And to add insult to injury, the Plutarkians had put it up in their city as their own symbol of triumph and power. Even if the Martians were to someday get it back, the sickening stench of Plutark could never be removed from it's walls.
"You have been found guilty of attacking and trying to demolish Plutark's cities." Lord Camembert's voice interrupted her thoughts. "That is the most serious of crimes, mouse, and demands immediate execution."
The crowd cheered at the High Chairman's speech.
"You fish can give it but you sure can't take it." Chasis retorted.
Lord Camembert growled and struck her in the back of the head. Chasis fell to the ground and slid across the 15 foot high rectangular plat form on her face. The crowd cheered again. Chasis shakily and painfully got up to her knees and wiped the small stream of blood from her lip.
"Your demise in immanent Martian." Camembert said to her. "But admit your trespasses and acknowledge the glory and power of Plutark and I promise you your demise will be quick and painless."
Chasis glared at him, eyes filled with hate. Her mind and vision were still swimming from the blow to her head. She tired to stand on weak, shaky legs but fell back down to her knees.
"Oh come now." the head Plutarkian chided. "You really don't think you could still beat us. In the end Mars will fall just like the rest."
Chasis' face was now filled with determination. She mustered all the power in her to get to her feet. The crowd was silent as she stood. If looks could kill, Lord Camembert would have died where he stood.
"NEVER!" she screamed at him and the whole Plutarkian nation. "NOT WHILE I LIVE!"
The entire planet of Plutark seemed to shudder at those words, as if it knew what destruction awaited it. Explosions sounded from all around and the Plutarkian spectators screamed in terror as the buildings of their city began to crumble and fall.
"No! You miserable Martian!" Camembert screamed at Chasis. "I will see you dead! I swear it!!"
Chasis smirked at him as she easily slipped her wrists out of the shackles and pulled out the blaster she had concealed in her jacket. She pointed it at Camembert who was holding onto the shaking plat form for dear life.
"You will not win, I promise you that." Chasis vowed. "My only hope is that you will live to see your people retreat in disgrace from our planet."
Explosions continued to rock through the city as Chasis took one last look at the staggering and fuming Plutarkian leader. Then she turned and ran off the platform. She launched herself off it like it was a diving board. Chasis did a front flip in the air before sailing to the ground, shooting only the armed Plutarkians all the way. She landed neatly on the ground, blasting only the guards while the unarmed fishy spectators ran in panic out of the arena.

"Bros, I think it's time we joined this party." Vinnie suggested.
"Right you are Vincent." Throttle agreed as he mounted his bike.
The building beneath them shook and they heard and felt an explosion occur somewhere on the other side of the building.
"Oh mama. Where did that come from?" Modo asked.
Doubletake looked down from the catwalk. He saw a long shadow from somewhere behind him stretch further and further across the arena.
"Uh, guys." There was a hint of panic in his voice. "We gotta get out of here. Now!"

"Hold it right there Martian."
Chasis stopped her crazed shooting and spun around, ready for confrontation. A small army of about fifty Plutarkians rallied before her, all set on taking her down.
"Surrender now or we'll shoot."
Chasis eyed them warily, looking the situation over for possible strategies. But the deafening sound of explosions somewhere behind the building was all the help she needed. The Plutarkians gasped as a long shadow stretched further and further over them.
"Run!" one of them called and the whole group scattered.
Unafraid, Chasis held her ground as she looked up at the source of the shadow. The Red Tower creaked and groaned as its base was blasted out from beneath it. The once great Martian symbol crashed to the ground, taking a good portion of the Plutarkian Colosseum with it.
Camembert watched helplessly has his precious `court' was demolished and many of his men were killed or severely injured. When the dust and debris from the crash had settled, the High Chairman could only see one figure left standing. Chasis stood straight, proud, and unharmed, staring spitefully at him. Camembert could feel his blood boil beneath his scales.
"Get her! Get that Martian!" he fumed, pointed a shaking finger at her.
All armed and unwounded Plutarkians in the area began to shoot at her. Chasis dashed and flipped and dodged the laser fire the best she could, retaliating with fire of her own when she got the chance. It was tiring work for just one mouse but she didn't have to keep it up for long.
"Owe-howhwowhow!" Vinnie's bike seemed to fly out of nowhere.
It soared over the Plutarkian's heads, raining all kinds of lasers and exploding devices on them. The Plutarkians ceased their attack and ran for cover. Vinnie landed next to Chasis, smiling broad as ever.
"What are you doing here?" Chasis demanded, very surprised to see him there. "I don't need your help!"
"I can see that." Vinnie grinned as he looked over all the destruction Chasis had caused. "I just wanted to join the party. You can't have a totally awesome shin-dig without Vincent Van Wham!"
By this time most of the Plutarkian's had recovered from Vinnie's entrance and were shooting at the mice again.
"That's our cue to ride." Vinnie announced.
He wrapped his tail around her waist and lifted her onto his bike behind him. They drove off about the same time the others decided to make their presence known. Three more bikes sailed into the crossfire, their riders yelling out war whoops as they added some of their own fire power to the fight.
"You just had to bring everyone else along, didn't you Vinnie?" Chasis frowned at the sight of the other mice.
"I didn't bring them." Vinnie objected. "Doubletake brought us."
"Then I've got a feeling Doubletake won't be around much longer after this." Chasis replied.
The heat of the battle was turned up high. Martians and Plutarkians ran every which way shooting each other, ultimately causing more of the structure around them to crumble. Chasis sat quietly behind Vinnie as he did his usual stunts while fighting his enemies. But then she spotted the whole reason she let the fish drag her to Plutark in the first place. The one person she knew would never miss her execution for anything.
Mace leaned idly against one of the colosseum support beams; watching the chaos before him but not caring to join in the fray. He was disappointed that the execution of one of his most hated enemies was not able to be carried out, but watching all the craziness she caused was worth the trip to the stink fish planet.
Chasis' whole being was filled with hate at the sight of him. He didn't seem to notice her, now was the time to attack. In one smooth motion she stood up on the bike's seat and launched her self off it. She tucked into a ball and rolled when she hit the ground. She was up and running even before she had come to a stop.
"What the?! Hey!" Vinnie blurted.
The force of Chasis' take off caused him to momentarily loose control of his bike. He looked behind him to see Chasis racing away in the opposite direction. He would have gone after her but a small group of Plutarkians with bazookas were more demanding of his attention.
Mace gasped when he finally saw the furious Martian running towards him. He pulled out his blaster and fired at her. Chasis dodged every blast he shot and in turn, blasted the gun out of Mace's hands.
"You're not getting away from me this time you traitor!" Chasis screamed at him.
There was a genuine fear behind the rat's eyes but he tried not to show it. He'd seen what Chasis was capable of, not only today but on other occasions as well. And deep down in his traitorous heart he feared provoking the wrath of this Martian would ultimately lead to his downfall.
"Get her you idiots!" Mace yelled in a panicky voice to a few Plutarkians near by.
Chasis ran for cover behind a pile of debris as the Plutarkians started shooting at her. She returned the fire at every chance she got, determined not to let Mace get away this time. The Plutarkians fired at Chasis every time she poked a whisker into view. They didn't even notice the three black, round balls hurled into the air until they rolled to a stop at their feet. The fish only got a second to notice them before they exploded.
Mace watched, wide eyed as the Plutarkians were blown away. The bodies were projected through the air and landed as unmoving piles of scorched scales. Chasis stalked out from the pile of rubble. Her burning eyes never stopped their heated stare at the rat as her blaster stayed aimed at his heart.
Doubletake looked up from pounding Plutarkians and their little stand off was the first thing that caught his eye. Chasis looked ready to gun down the panic-stricken Mace at any second. But then the orange haired mouse noticed another one of Chasis' explosions, causing another tall building to topple right towards the one who caused it to fall.
"Oh crap." he cursed to himself. "Chass, look out!"
Chasis heard the warning and looked around. See saw the building plummeting towards her. The only thing Chasis had time to do was curse her own idiocy and her bad timing. But before the building crashed to the ground a blur of black and tan raced by and whisked her out of the way. The building landed with a deafening crash sending dirt and pieces of its structure flying everywhere.
A large beam whirled out of the wreckage and hit the bike Chasis and her savior were riding. The bike spun out of control and its riders were sent flying to the ground at a high speed. Chasis felt strong arms wrap around her to protect her as they collided to the ground and rolled over each other until they came to a stop with Chasis on top.
Chasis finally opened her eyes to see who had risked his life to save her. She was nose to nose with Throttle who laid under her, arms still around her. Neither had time to comment on the awkward situation before Chasis remembered one important fact. Mace.
She slammed her fist on the ground in frustration near the face of a very startled Throttle. Then she got up off him and looked the scene over. The building was demolished along with everything it had come in contact with as it fell.
But what about Mace? Could he have gotten caught in the wreckage somewhere? Chasis doubted it. She wasn't that lucky. Besides, Mace seemed to have a knack for surviving everything she threw at him, even tall buildings.
"Hey mouse!"
Chasis whirled around at the sound of the voice. Mace stood on top of what remained of the building with a small hand held transporter device in his hands.
"Give my regards to your brother." Mace chided followed by and evil laugh.
"No!!!" Chasis screamed at him.
She pulled out her blaster and fired at the rat standing above her. But Mace had already disappeared by the time the laser fire would have reached him. Mace was gone, Chasis had failed once again.
The female Martian could feel the tears coming now. She tried to fight them off but they spilled down her cheeks as she dropped to her knees in despair.
"Chass?" Throttle asked quietly as he walked up to her.
Chasis didn't reply. Instead she hung her head lower, letting her hair fall over her face. She didn't want anyone to see her cry; to see how weak she really was. Throttle walked over and crouched down in front of her.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"Mace is gone." was her placid reply. "He got away. He got away because of you!" She suddenly aimed all her anger at the tan biker mouse in front of her. "You let him get away! You didn't have to go after me! He was right there! Why didn't you stop him?!?!"
Throttle calmly, gently put a finger under her chin and lifted her tear steamed face to meet his.
"Because you're more important." he said softly.
Chasis couldn't think of a reply. Instead she burst into tears, sobbing uncontrollably while Throttle held her shaking frame close to him. After a while, Chasis passed out from physical and emotional fatigue.

It was unusually quiet and still at the Last Chance Garage. Doubletake, Modo, and Vinnie were blankly watching an info-mercial on the tv; none of them really paying attention to what was being said on the screen.
Charley was no different. She had already been debriefed by the mice on what had happened and was now sitting in a chair and staring off into space. Finally she decided to get up. Her and Vinnie exchanged glances as she headed up the stairs.
She got to the top and opened the first door down the hall. She slid the door open just wide enough to quietly poke her head in. A small lamp by the bedside was the only source of light for the little room. Chasis was sleeping in the bed while Throttle sat on a chair near by keeping a silent watch over her. He looked up when Charley opened the door.
"Just checking." she whispered.
Throttle smiled half-heartedly at her before she retreated back out the door.
Alone again, Throttle looked down at the sleeping mouse beside him. Even in her sleep she looked so troubled. Like a little mouse caught in a deadly trap of no escape, yet determined to free herself without any help. He wished there was something he could do for her. After all, she had saved his life once, too.
Throttle thought back to the last battle they had fought. He had been injected with a deadly poison by a hunter's dart. Chasis had shown up just in time and not only saved him from the hunter but was able to neutralize the toxin as well. After that he vaguely remembered riding back to the garage with her. The last thing he remembered was waking up on Charley's couch with a headache.
He remembered his bros being in his face the second her opened his eyes, fusing over him and asking how he felt like a couple of over grown nurse maids. And then of course Charley had to push them aside and do some fussing of her own.
But behind them Throttle noticed Chasis leaning against the door way. Their gazes locked for a moment. Chasis gave him a small smile before heading out the door. The sound of a motorcycle driving away could be heard soon after.
Throttle pondered over the still form beside him. He wanted so bad to understand her, to help her. It was the hero in him to help damsels in distress. Sad, this damsel chose to keep her problems to herself and handle her distress on her own.
"Mmmm. Where am I?" Chasis moaned as she woke.
"Back on Earth at the Last Chance Garage." Throttle replied.
Chasis heaved a heavy sigh, not looking at the mouse beside her. Instead she chose to stare straight ahead.
"You should have left me there. Why did you bring me back?"
"What makes you think we'd want to leave you there?" Throttle replied.
Chasis sat up and dangled her legs over the edge of the bad, her back now to him.
"Because I'm no good to anyone this way." she said. "I could have gotten you all killed with you guys chasing me all over the galaxy."
"No good?" Throttle disagreed. "Look what you did to that Plutarkian city."
"Yeah, I blew some stuff up. Whoopee." Chasis twirled her finger in the air sarcastically. "That still doesn't help our situation on Mars any. That didn't help my brother either." She added in a small voice.
Before Throttle could reply, Chasis got up and walked out of the room. He quickly stood and followed her down the stairs.
"Hey Chass!" Vinnie called to her warmly when he saw her come down the stairs.
He and the others stood to greet her.
"That was an awesome party Babe! Did you see the look on those Plutarkian's faces?! You really-"
Vinnie cut himself off when he saw the sad, defeated look on Chasis' face. He had never seen such sorrow in those deep, dark eyes of hers.
"Chass?" Doubletake asked her.
The light grey female mouse walked up to him.
"I'd like to go home now, please." she said soft and sad.
"Sure thing sis, let's go."
Doubletake put an arm around her shoulders and led her to the door. He glanced back at the others, giving them a look of regret and apology before they disappeared outside. Soon, the sound of the two riding away was the only thing heard inside the Last Chance Garage.
"So, answer me this bros." Vinnie suddenly broke the silence. "Did we win or loose this battle?"
No one knew how to answer.