Disclaimer: I don't own the BMFM I am not making any money off of this. I own Visage (pronounced Viz-age (think the French pronunciation)) and Jamra (thanx to Zany for the name).

A sample of the past, a taste of the future
By Day dreamer
Copyright. Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved.

It is a peaceful morning in Chicago, in the Quigley field scoreboard the Biker Mice are sleeping soundly. None of them aware of the figure that was creeping amongst them, this figure walked around looking at each mouse's face as he slept stopping at Vinnie's. The figure's hand went towards his face and gently traced the edge of his mask. Vinnie stirred slightly and opened his eyes, seeing a figure standing over him he jumped up yelling, Throttle was up in a instant and levelled his gun at the stranger who's face was covered with a helmet. Modo raise his arm cannon and aimed it at the stranger's head.
"I'm sorry Sweetheart but we don't take kindly to being watched while we sleep" Vinnie snarled. His gun aimed steadily at the surprise visitor. A pair of black gloved hands, similar to Vinnie's reached up and slowly remove the bike helmet. A cascade of flame red hair fell down the visitor's, now clearly female, back. She opened her eyes and looked at them all with bright red eyes. She turned straight to Vinnie, who was standing stock-still his eyes wide open.
"Be careful Vincent your face will stick like that!" The female laughed at him. Throttle's and Modo's guns were still trained on her. Vinnie threw his gun away and ran to the mouse and gave her a hug.
"Visage! My God, I thought I'd never see you again," Vinnie yelled almost weeping. Modo dropped his cannon and looked at the two mice embracing.
"Err Vinnie? Who is she?" Modo asked puzzled. The white mouse with flame red hair pulled away from Vinnie.
"Ya mean you two don't recognise me?!" Visage yelled. The other two looked puzzled Throttle clicked it first.
"Viz!!!!!!" Throttle yelled hugging her as well. After hearing her nickname Modo came and hugged Vinnie's twin sister too. Suddenly there was a rustling at the back of the room and a little girl, about 6, with smoke grey fur and very short flame red hair. Visage held her hand out to the girl and she eagerly took it.
"Vinnie, guys I'd like you to meet my daughter Jamra" Visage introduced. Vinnie squatted down to the young girl's height and ruffled her hair.
"Jamra, huh… that means 'Lighted coal' in some language that I can't remember. Well Jamra I'm ya uncle Vinnie" Vinnie mused.
"So Viz who's her dad?" Throttle asked. Visage stood stock still and lowered her head down to the floor. They were all horrified to see a tear fall from her face.

End of part 1.