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Pit boss strikes again.

By Day dreamer

Copyright, Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved

Tammy wakes up screaming from a nightmare her body drenched in cold sweat, the door to her room
is opened almost immedateity with such force that her dad stumbled into the room. Vinnie rushes
to his 10-year-old daughter, who is trembling with fear.
“Hey, hey Sweetheart, no need for tears it was only a dream” Vinnie says with his daughters face
pressed into his chest while he was stroking her white blonde hair that had brown streaks.
“B…but it w…was so bad I dreamt something bad happened to Mom” Tammy stuttered. Vinnie carried
on stroking Tammy’s hair until she was reasonably calm and said.
“I am sure nothing has happened to you mother” Vinnie said. She was referring to Charley, his
wife and dear friend. After Vinnie had got Tammy back to sleep. He couldn’t get to sleep
straight away instead he thought of Charley and how difficult it was to explain to the guys that
they were going out and that she was pregnant with his baby, at first they were worried about
mixing genetics but when Tammy was born she turned out perfectly. Vinnie soon drifted off,
Charley was standing there looking very unhappy she had silent tears running down her face.
“Charley-girl what’s up?” Vinnie asked his voice echoing around. Charley just stared at him and
held up her arm as if protecting herself from some unknown person. Vinnie woke up with a start,
cold sweat allover his body how he wished his wife was here instead of at a female biker
convention back on Earth.

The next day Vinnie found out that Throttle and Modo had had similar nightmares.
“That is just too much of a coincidence to ignore” Throttle said shaking his head.
“Well I doubt it could be Limburger he is still in galactic prison” states Modo.
“We have got more enemies than Limburger there is all the super villains we beat up then the pit
boss,” Vinnie says counting the possibilities out on his fingers.
“Well I guess we should check on Charley to put our minds…” Throttle starts to say but is
“I can’t leave I gotta look after Tammy while she is away” Vinnie says.
“We could always leave her with Carbine I’m sure she wouldn’t mind” Throttle says.
“And if she does?” Modo asks inquisitively
“Then I’ll talk her round,” Throttle says with a smile.

“No Dad it’s not fair I want to come and make sure that Mom’s alright” This had been Tammy’s
protest all the way to the transporter but by now Tammy was getting upset.
“Don’t worry I’m sure nothings wrong” Modo says, putting a soft hand on Tammy’s cheek and is
surprised when she pulls away.
“No you’re not if you were you wouldn’t be going you think…(sniff) you think something bad has
happened” Tammy stops as she starts to cry. Vinnie stands in front of his daughter and tilts her
chin up to face him.
“Now stop that” Vinnie say firmly but not unkindly “We just think it is freaky that all of us
had the same dream at once” Vinnie removes his bandanna and uses it to dry her tears. When Tammy
has stopped sniffling Vinnie hugs her but accidentally lets the bandanna drop from his hand.
When his bros are finished packing they wave goodbye just as Tammy notices her fathers bandanna
she grabs it and rushes to him yelling.
“Dad wait!” but there is a bright flash and as it clears neither the mice or Tammy were to be

As the flash of the transporter starts to disappear all the mice are knocked over by something.
Modo looks up and sees he is in Charley’s garage he rubs his sore head.
“Ow what hit us?” He asks the pile of mice and bikes.
“Me!” a muffled voice from under the pile. The biker mice quickly get up and remove their bikes
from on top of Tammy.
“Hey Tammy are you Ok Hun?” Throttle asks, Tammy shakes her head.
“Everything hurts. Your bikes are heavy,” Tammy says trying to laugh about it and hands the
bandanna back to her dad. Modo picks her up and puts her on the table and holds her hand while
Vinnie and Throttle search through the cupboards.
“Aha the first aid kit and medical book” a muffled voice from inside a cupboard Vinnie’s head
imerges “I knew it had to be around here someplace” He hands the book to Throttle, while he
sifted through the first aid kit.
“Ok now Sweetheart lets get a look at those cuts” Vinnie says holding a bottle of iodine in his
hand and cotton wool buds in the other “Brace yourself Tammy this will sting a little” Vinnie
gentle cleans Tammy’s cuts which are mainly on her legs. Tammy is silent but Vinnie sees a cut
on her elbow and grabs her wrist.
“OW Ow Ow Oww My wrist hurts a lot” Tammy screams. Throttle quickly skims the medical book.
“Here it is now Tammy can you move your fingers?” Throttle asks
“A little but it hurts” She replies
“Ok Baby show us your other wrist” Tammy holds up her other wrist. Modo lets loose a low
“Woo that’s some swelling Vinnie give us some ice” Modo says Vinnie hands him some.
“Nothing mistaking it Bros Tammy got herself a broken wrist,” Throttle says closing the book.
Tammy looks scared but Vinnie pats her on the shoulder.
“I had a broken arm once it’s not that bad but we need a sling” Modo hands him one from the fist
aid box. Vinnie puts it on.
“There not bad for a first time” Vinnie says proudly.
“Yeah but she really needs a cast” Throttle says.
“No problem, we’ll get her to the hospital once we found Charley” Modo says confidently.
“That’s a point where is Mom she isn’t here” Tammy jumps off the table and looks around. She
goes into her Mom’s bedroom and gasps. The biker mice are there in a second they too gasp
because Charley’s bed has been turned over and her wardrobe knocked down obviously there has
been a struggle.
“I have a distinct feeling the pit boss is behind this” Throttle says thoughtfully. Modo moves
around looking for clues but doesn’t turn up anything.
“Well we had best get Charley’s tow trunk and check this hunch out” Vinnie sighs “Tammy your
gonna have to stop here sweetheart” Tammy is about to protest “and no arguing as well Ok?”
Vinnie asks. Tammy looks down at her wrist.
“Ok” Tammy says admitting defeat.
“Now hold a second there Vincent I don’t think it is a good idea to leave her here especially
with a broken wrist,” Throttle says. Vinnie sighs.
“That’s exactly the reason I wanted her to stay so she doesn’t get hurt anymore but you’re right
we don’t know if the Pit boss, or whoever took Charley is gonna come back or not.” Vinnie says
opening the door to the tow truck so his daughter can get in. “Bike you follow the truck” Vinnie
continues as he gets in the truck himself.

The bikes have been hooked onto the rope Tammy gets on her fathers bike and waits to be
lowered down Vinnie pulls a remote out of his pocket and lowers everyone down. When they reach
the bottom everything seems normal but the mice know better than that they start to head for
their old friend Fourby’s house. When they arrive Fourby is outside working on his monster
“Hey bros I thought you’d never get here the Pitboss has Charley and has forced her into slavery
to get you guys back for all the times you beat him but she wouldn’t co-operate so she was
punished she is in a bad way” Fourby says looking up he then notices Tammy by Vinnie’s side.
“Who’s the kid?” He asks. Vinnie quickly explains “ Huh Hey kid I got some stuff that takes away
pain” Fourby said handing Tammy some pills.
“You know where they’re keeping Charley?” Modo asks. Fourby nods and starts to lead the way
Tammy starts to follow but Throttle pushes her towards Fourby’s shack
“You stay here Tammy we will be back soon,” Throttle says but as soon as they start walking
Tammy trails behind them at a safe distance. The biker mice and Fourby soon arrive at the arena
where they see the Pitboss sitting on his throne with Charley chained to his wrist. All the mice
spot the blood dripping from Charley’s face from a recent kick Fourby says. All the biker mice
are seething with rage for their friend. Fourby leaves confindate the bros can handle it.
Throttle whistles for the bikes and he and the others ride into the arena.
“Alright Pit breath we are giving you 3 seconds to let the lady go before we rearrange your
face” Throttle says coldly.
“I’m sorry but I can’t do that for you at the moment” Pitboss says looking down on them.
“And why is that?” Modo says.
“Oh just that you will be joining her soon enough” The Pitboss laughs as Vinnie, Throttle and
Modo are surrounded by his men and knocked out.

“Wake up you Rat” A harsh voice screams at Vinnie. He slowly wakes up he is chained to a
wall and sees the Pitboss standing in front of him to his left is Charley, to his right is
Throttle and Modo who give the impression they have been awake longer than him.
“Aha I finally get to extract my revenge on you 3 rats starting with you” The Pitboss points at
Vinnie. He unchains Vinnie but punches him in the face before he can attack Vinnie stumbles
backwards hitting the wall. He sees the Pitboss attempting to punch him again but he ducks and
runs into the middle of the arena. The Pitboss turns around enraged he low kicks Vinnie and
sends him to the floor Vinnie looks up and receives a kick in the face then another and another.
Vinnie is at the end of his strength he looks up to see the Pitboss about to give the deathblow
with his whip when a shrill voice screams out.
“NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!” Tammy races across the arena and dives at the Pitboss’s legs knocking
him to the ground. Tammy had landed on her wrist she was in pain and trying to get the sling
back on when the Pitboss said
“Why you little..” He raises his whip and hits Tammy with it she staggers back and hits a wall.
Tammy collapses unconscious.
“No one hurts kids while I’m around” Modo shouts his eye glowing red. He rips the chains from
the wall and blasts Throttle and Charley free. Throttle frees the bikes while Modo is trying to
throttle the Pitboss. Vinnie’s bike rolls up to him. Vinnie is awake but badly hurt.
“Go and protect Tammy” Vinnie says very worried about his daughter. Vinnie bike obeys him. After
the Pitboss lose consciousness Throttle says
“We gotta bail before his men come” Throttle grabs Tammy and gives her to Charley while Modo
grabs Vinnie and puts him on his bike and instructs it to follow him. The mice get to the where
the tow truck was wait and with the remote winch them selves up, Vinnie passes out. Vinnie
starts to wake up and sees two anxious faces looking down on him.
“He is starting to wake up” comes the unmistakable voice of Throttle. Vinnie then remembered
Tammy and starts to sit up “No bro you took a bad beating you need to rest”.
“But Tammy is she alright?” Vinnie asks his voice a little slurred.
“She hasn’t woken up yet Charleys with her” Throttle stops and chuckles slightly “We didn’t get
half some ear bashing for bringing her along didn’t we Modo” Modo laughs slightly. Vinnie faces
pales even for a white mouse.
“If I hadn’t of dropped my lucky bandanna I’d be dead” Vinnie whispers.
“Don’t think like that Vinnie you didn’t die so there is no point thinking that way,” Modo says
sternly. Vinnie tries to sit up again this time no one stops him. He can see Charley sitting by
her bed holding Tammy’s hand. Tammy doesn’t show any sign of moving.
“Uh…Vinnie? You wanna root beer?” Throttle asks
“Yea and a hotdog” Vinnie answers Throttle and Modo go into the kitchen to get the snacks Vinnie
gets up and walks over to Charley’s room and puts his hand on her shoulder.
“How’s she doing?” Vinnie asks quietly kneeling down beside Charley.
“Oh she’s alright I guess I wont know until she wakes up” Charley whispers.
“Hey Charley”
“I’m sorry”
“Don’t be it wasn’t…”
“I am kicking myself here I shoulda just sent her back straight away after she accidentally got
transported with us but I didn’t I don’t know why I didn’t” Vinnie says in a rush. When he stops
he lays his head on the bed all that talking made his head hurt. He soon falls asleep Charley
gets up from where she is sitting and places a blanket over Vinnie and walks over to the doorway
where Throttle and Modo have been standing all of them look at each other and simultaneously say
“Poor guy”

Vinnie is standing in the garage when he suddenly hears a crash he rushes to Charley’s
bedroom and sees the Pitboss trying to pull Tammy out of the window he grabs Tammy’s hand but
slowly she starts slipping away from him when her hand slips out completely he can hear her
calling “Dad, dad”.
“Dad, dad wake up dad” Tammy is calling while shaking her dad. Vinnie stirs himself and wakes up
to see Tammy’s wide grin. He grins back and hugs her.
“Ow careful my wrist is still broken you know” Tammy says giggling. The giggling attracts the
rest of them and soon Tammy is being hugged and passed around like some sort of doll. Tammy is
still giggling when she is finally put back down. She looks around for her dad but a bump from
the roof soon tells Tammy where he is. She slips out unnoticed by her mother and uncles when she
gets on the roof she sees her father looking at the sunrise the blanket still around his
“Dad what’s wrong?” Tammy calls uncertainly.
“Didn’t hear you there Sweetheart. Come over here.” Vinnie says to her. Tammy walks over and
sits on Vinnie’s lap Vinnie wraps the blanket around her too.
“What’s wrong with me is that…well when you were born I made a promise to myself that I would
keep you safe from getting hurt for 10 years I kept that promise you nearly got killed because
of me yesterday.” Vinnie says resting his head on Tammy’s shoulder..
“You would have been killed if I hadn’t of jumped that guy but you can’t keep me safe forever
Dad. I have to work out how to do that by myself and from what Uncle Throttle and Uncle Modo
have told me you have taken risks as well so as Mom says ‘Practice what you preach’” Tammy says.
Tammy and Vinnie sit there just staring at the sunrise unaware that they are being watched from
“Vinnie’s a great dad isn’t he Throttle” Charley says turning to Throttle.
“Yeah I think he finally found something his loves more than himself,” Throttle says not taking
his eyes of them. Modo chuckles behind him saying.
“Look whose talking Mr. 2 hours in front of the mirror in the morning” which starts a wrestling
match. Charley shakes her head.