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Lovers tiff

By Day dreamer

Copyright, Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved.

It was a warm day in Chicago. Throttle woke up slowly aware of a warm presence to his left. He
grabbed his field specs and turned to see Heidi sleeping beside him his thoughts went to last
night and how they had decided they had waited long enough. Throttle chuckled inwardly
remembering how he had asked Heidi if she was sure so many times she had threatened to beat him
around the head. He put his arm around her protectively Heidi woke slightly she rubbed her eyes.
Heidi: Wha…?
Throttle: Nothing go back to sleep if you want.
Heidi: No I’m too (yawn) awake now.
Throttle (laughs): Sure sounds like it to.
Heidi begins to get up she slowly pulls on her tee shirt and heads to the bathroom. As she
walked into the doorframe Throttle burst out laughing. Heidi rubbed her head and stuck her
tongue out playfully. As Heidi started to shower Throttle decided to get up and get dressed
putting on his usual stuff he went and checked on the triplets they were still sleeping and
Throttle thought back to 14 months ago when they had been born and chuckled again at the memory
of Vinnie turning red and Modo turning away as Heidi had begun to breast feed them.
Heidi: Throttle? You with us Honey?
Throttle: Just thinking of when they were born.
Heidi: Yeah seems like almost yesterday.
Throttle drove his motorbike to the Last Chance while Heidi drove her new purple convertible.
Throttle got there first and was surprised to notice that Charley wasn’t up yet. Modo and Vinnie
were already there. Modo had a triumphant grin on his face and Throttle didn’t know why until
Vinnie turned round. Vinnie obviously making to much noise had had duct tape put on his mouth
taping it shut and he was standing there trying to pull it off. Throttle laughed out loud.
Modo: Shush make one more sound and I’ll duct you too. We’re letting Charley ma’am sleep in
because she got drunk last night for some reason. Even lover boy doesn’t know why.
Heidi (entering from the garage): I might know why what date was it yesterday?
Throttle: The 15th .
Heidi: Oh now I see.
Vinnie (managing to get the tape off): What? See what?
Heidi: I shouldn’t tell you she’d kill me if I told you without asking her first.
Charley: Go on you tell them.
Modo: Charley ma’am! How you feeling?
Charley: Pretty darn lousy actually but back to the point go on Heidi tell ‘em why I got drunk
last night.
Heidi: Well ok. Guys sit down (The guys sat down with their god children in there laps) Well it
all started when Charley was 15 I was 13 then but that isn’t relevant Charley starts to see this
guy called Butch and he is like 18 years old they hadn’t been going out long when suddenly he
starts asking Charley to sleep with him she says no and Butch seemed to accept it but then out
of the blue he says ‘if you loved me like I love you you’d sleep with me’ Charley thinking he
loved her slept with him. then he dumped her she was pretty depressed then she found out she was
pregnant. She told Butch but he said it wasn’t his and she had been sleeping around with other
people. Well if she was depressed before she was even more depressed now she decided to tell her
mother about it. She was pretty steamed for a while but then Charley and her mum had a long talk
and on July the 15th Charley had an abortion.
All was silent and Heidi and Charley waited for the guys to make some reaction. Soon there was
one but not quiet what they had expected Vinnie stood up and walked over to Charley and put his
arms right around her pulling her into a reassuring hug. Modo then got up and fixed some coffee
for Charley. Throttle stood up and gently led her to her seat.
Heidi: Wow you guys didn’t scream or shout or nothing.
Vinnie: Yeah well there is no point doing that if it is all over and done with.
Charley: I keep thinking it’d be about 7 now and I’d be in the schoolyard with all the other
mothers. (puts her head in her hands and groans very loudly) I feel like some one is trying to
split my head open with a sledgehammer.
Heidi: Take some aspirin then.
Charley: I’ve already done the aspirin thing and the cold shower thing and the puke your guts
out thing.
Modo: Now you’re onto coffee.
Charley: Trying to stop the spinning thing.
Heidi: Remember our prom night I got so drunk you had to fireman’s lift me back to my house and
sneak me in without my parents waking up.
Charley: Oh yeah you woke up the next day and the first thing you said to me was, and I quote
‘Did anyone get the number of that eighteen wheeler?’
Heidi: And you said to me and I quote aswell ‘6 pints of lager and 3 barcardis’
Charley: And you vowed never to get drunk again because you hated the morning after feeling.
Heidi: And the next night I got drunk again.
Throttle: Do you drink a lot now?
Heidi: No, only a little if I’m celebrating.
Charley still drinking her coffee got up to collect the mail. As she sifted through them she
threw them over her shoulder as she spoke.
Charley: Bill……Junk……Bill……Bill…..Junk……Free sample….Bill.
Modo: Feeling any better Charley ma’am?
Charley: Instead of feeling like someone’s trying to smash my head open with a sledgehammer I
feel as though someone is trying to split my head open with 4 sledgehammers.
Vinnie: Take that as a no Sweetheart?
Before Charley could answer the CB started up a voice coming over it.
Carbine: Throttle?…. Throttle?…. Come in Throttle.
Throttle: I’m here babe what’s up?
Carbine: Nothing I just thought I’d come down for a visit.
Throttle: When should you be here?
Throttle was answered by a loud sound behind the garage.
Carbine: Right now.
Carbine strolled into the garage head held high and an air of importance. Charley groaned and
Charley: Drop the general act you’re among friends.
Heidi: I don’t believe we have been properly introduced. My name is Heidi (holds out her hand)
Pleased to meet you.
Carbine (accepting the handshake): Carbine, likewise I’m sure. So Throttle who’s the kid you got
on your knee.
Throttle: Oh this is Heidi’s son and my godson Angelo. Angel and Angela are in the living room
watching Sesame Street.
Carbine (turning to Heidi): Bit young to be having kids aren’t you?
Heidi: Long story tell you it later.
Vinnie: So Carbine Sweetheart what brings you to our neck of the woods?
Carbine: I came to talk to Throttle if that is at all possible.
Throttle: Sure babe. What about?
Carbine: I would prefer to talk in private how about the scoreboard?
Throttle: Fine let’s go.
After they left Heidi was left wondering where her goodbye kiss had gone, something nagged at
the back of her mind about the name Carbine then she thought she got it.
Heidi: Carbine isn’t she Throttle’s ex-girlfriend?
A terse silence answered her as everyone got uncomfortable looks.

Meanwhile Throttle and Carbine had arrived at the scoreboard. Throttle entered first and
turned to Carbine.
Throttle: Alright we are alone now what’s up?
Carbine: I wanted to talk to you about ……. Us.
Throttle (shocked): Carbine there is no us, you dumped me remember the distance was too great
you were tired of waiting for me and I got Heidi now.
Carbine: She is just a kid. Now Throttle you can’t look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love
me anymore.
Throttle didn’t answer her while she had been on Mars he had told himself that he was over her
and didn’t want her back but seeing her in the flesh made him realise he still had feelings for
her. Carbine had come closer and Throttle felt her lips soft and tender against his despite
himself he responded. He didn’t her the sound of footsteps approaching the door.
Heidi (calling from outside the door): Throttle I thought I’d better bring (entering the room
and seeing the end of the kiss) Oh my God Throttle how could you? after all the things we said
last night.
Heidi turns and runs out of the scoreboard with Throttle calling after her.
Throttle: Damn why did she have to walk in.
Carbine: Yeah we had a good thing going there.
Throttle (in disbelief): I can’t believe you just said that Heidi hasn’t done anything wrong.
Throttle jumped on his bike and raced to the Last Chance.
Throttle: Has Heidi come back here?
Modo: No she went after you because you had left your glove at her house why?
Throttle (embarrassed): We’ll she kinda walked in while me and Carbine were in the middle of
Vinnie: You didn’t? Throttle you idiot!
Charley: How could you do that to Heidi?
Throttle: I don’t know it just happened I couldn’t control myself.
Vinnie: Smart move bro. (turning to Charley and Modo) I’m going to look for her.
Modo and the others didn’t object because ever since Mick had died Vinnie and Heidi had been
close best friends even. Vinnie jumped on his bike and started to cruise Chicago going
everywhere he thought she’d be and everywhere he thought she wouldn’t. He searched everywhere
and it was beginning to get dark when he called Charley.
Vinnie: I can’t find her anywhere.
Charley: Have you tried the pubs?
Vinnie: No why?
Charley: Think about it you’ve just caught you boyfriend kissing someone else you’d be feeling
pretty depressed trust me check the pubs.
Vinnie put the phone down and started to scan the pubs he checked a few before he came to ‘The
Drunk Monkey’ He spotted Heidi sitting in the back a bottle of wine in her hands that she was
taking frequent swigs from. Her face was very tear streaked. Vinnie approached her slowly as he
sat down beside her he said.
Vinnie: I’ve been searching for you everywhere.
Heidi (very slurred): Wouldn’t have taken me this long if your girlfriend had cheated on you
this is the first hic place I’d look.
Vinnie (eyeing the empty bottles and glasses): Don’t you think you’ve had enough to drink.
Heidi: I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough and this is not nearly enough coz I can still feel the
Vinnie: Well I gotta tell you. You can’t drink this pain away.
Heidi: Maybe not (taking another long swig) but I’m sure as heck gonna try.
Vinnie: Don’t you think you should be coming home.
Heidi (fresh tears running down her face): Throttle’s gonna be there with Carbine flaunting it
in my face mocking me for being so naïve AGAIN.
Vinnie: The triplets will be wondering where you are.
Heidi: All right then just let me finish thi….
Vinnie (pulling her up): Now!
The sudden movement makes Heidi’s head spin and she passes out.

Heidi’s eyes begin to flicker open. She closes them again at the bright light and the extreme
headache she had. She gets up slowly shuffling across the floor until she reached the bathroom
she then turned on the shower and stepped into it not really aware she was still wearing her tee
shirt. The shower only woke her up enough to realise she was feeling sick and she ran to the
toilet and threw up constantly for what seemed like forever. She rinsed out her mouth and
reached for the aspirin she swallowed two tablets and started to shuffle downstairs. As she
entered the kitchen 3 pairs off eyes watched her come to the table sit down heavily and say.
Heidi: Coffee!
A cup was placed into her hand and she downed it in one go she put it down.
Heidi: More please. (sip) What happened to me last night all I can remember is running away and
downing all that alcohol?
Vinnie: I found you pretty late last night and I had to carry you home because you passed out I
put you to bed upstairs.
Heidi (rather quietly): Where’s Throttle?
Modo: Well he saw the state you were in last night and felt really guilty and he thought it best
if he stayed away until your hangover went away.
Heidi: Judging the way I feel right now I don’t think that is gonna happen anytime soon.
(turning to Vinnie) Do you have any idea exactly how much I drank last night?
Vinnie: It looked like 14 pints of lager and 2 bottles of vodka and a bottle of red wine.
Heidi (groaning loudly): By rights I should be dead. (pause) Is she still here?
Charley: Yeah she is but I don’t think Throttle is talking to her at this moment in time.
Heidi went off to throw up some more and when she came back Throttle was sitting at the table
with the others.
Throttle (quietly): Hi.
Heidi (coldly): Hello.
Throttle (taking a deep breath): Heidi I think we need to talk.
Heidi: Come one then.
Throttle and Heidi entered the bedroom Heidi turned around sharply and said.
Heidi: Ok talk!
Throttle: Heidi I’m so sorry I can’t begin to say how sorry I am I never wanted to hurt you that
kiss as just something that happened I didn’t plan it at all.
Heidi: Didn’t seem to be resisting a lot.
Throttle: I know that’s what I wanna talk about….. well Heidi I want to go out with Carbine I
still love her. I don’t wanna get tied down with 3 kids already.
Heidi (fighting back tears): So that’s it? All we had gone?
Throttle: Of course not. We can still be friends.
Heidi (shouting through her tears): Friends? How can I trust you even the slightest now? You
have ripped my heart out and stepped on it you could have had everything I had to give but no
instead you want to run away and take the carefree no responsibility route.
Heidi ran out crying she runs past Vinnie, Charley and Modo that have been trying to ignore the
loud voices. Heidi ignored them and ran to her car and climbed out she starts to drive away as
Vinnie calls.
Vinnie: Heidi you can’t drive you’ve got a hangover.
Heidi doesn’t listen and drives away serving very dangerously and the Mice start after her.
Heidi has her foot down on the pedal she is driving at break neck speed even faster than the
Mice’s bikes. She turns and swerves a lot and she finally manages to lose them. She stops the
car and begins to walk she walks for a long time her head feeling worse and worse until she
feels like she is about to die she settles herself against a wall and tries to ignore the pain
that is knawing inside her head and heart.

Vinnie, Throttle, Modo, Carbine and Charley all stagger into the house exhausted because
they have been searching for Heidi all morning.
Throttle: After we have had something to eat we’ll go out again and search the West Side of
Carbine (breathless): Can’t we wait an hour? I need a rest.
Throttle: We need to find her I feel bad enough as it is I’m the reason she ran away.
Charley: Yes but we can’t look for her tired we’d make mistakes and miss her altogether.
Throttle: Alright but only an hour.

Heidi woke up with a jolt someone was touching her shoulder she whipped around to see a man
dressed in ragged clothing he held his hands up as if to say ‘calm down I’m not going to hurt
you’ she felt her heart rate begin to go back to normal.
Man: Now then I’m not gonna hurt you I just wanted to know what a pretty face like you was doing
on the West Side?
Heidi: I just need to blow off some steam.
Man: You don’t look so good you look a little green.
Heidi: Hangover. (Heidi looked at her watch) I suppose I’d better get back and sort this thing
out with Throttle I’ve been gone for over 5 hours now.
Heidi went to get up but the man grabbed her skirt pulling her back down to the ground when he
spoke his voice no longer had that ‘big brother’ tone to it instead there was a nasty sinister
Man: You know you should be careful there is a lot of people that would take advantage of a
pretty young thing walking about the West Side so very alone.
Heidi’s eyes widened with fright as the man pulled so hard on her skirt that it ripped she
opened her mouth and screamed louder than she ever had before.

Throttle’s ears perked up at the scream.
Throttle: Bros someone’s in trouble come on Let’s rock…
All: and RIDE!!!!!
They started to ride down the streets towards the scene they spot some people fighting at the
end of the alley and what they see sickens them. Heidi is trying to push the man away but her
keeps pulling at her skirt until it rips in half completely. Throttle rides towards the man and
screams at him.
Throttle: Leave her alone you sick pervert.
He punches him and sends him flying meanwhile Vinnie has gone to comfort Heidi she wraps her
arms around him crying hysterically.
Vinnie: Shhh… It’s all right now you’re safe now he can’t hurt you.
Heidi: I was so scared I thought I was gonna be…. gonna be…
Vinnie: But you weren’t your fine now but Heidi could you do one favour for me.
Heidi (looking up at him): What?
Vinnie (smoothing a bit of hair out of her face): Stop squeezing me so hard.
Heidi (small giggle): Sorry.
Heidi avoided looking at either Carbine or Throttle which was quite hard because she was asked
if she was ok every 5 seconds. When they got back to the Last Chance Heidi went to check on the
triplets, which had been set down for their nap ages ago and were sleeping peacefully. She then
went up stairs and took a long shower.
Modo: Do you think Heidi ma’am’ ok Charley ma’am?
Charley: She’ll be ok soon all the ‘what ifs’ should be setting in soon. Like what if we hadn’t
have got there in time?
Modo: Oh.
Vinnie: I tell you one thing I think she broke one of my ribs she squeezed me that hard. But I
wouldn’t mind having them squished again if would make her feel better.
Heidi came back down stairs her hair freshly washed and dried and a bag of hair ties in her
Vinnie: Let me guess you want me to braid you hair again?
Heidi: If you would please.
Vinnie: Sure come and sit down here.
Heidi sat down and Vinnie began to braid her hair.
Heidi: Throttle I need to talk to you and I don’t need to do it in private because everyone
already knows what’s going on.
Throttle: Ok then talk to me.
Heidi: I’m very upset and I probably will be for a long time (sighs) but life goes on and there
is no point holding a grudge for something that can’t be helped.
Throttle (big grin): I’m so glad we got that sorted out.
Modo: Me too! The tension was getting unbearable.
Vinnie: All done Heidi what do you think?
Heidi (looking in the mirror): I don’t know what do you think Carbine?
Carbine (surprised a being asked): I think it looks really nice your hair suits being braided.
Everyone was relieved as they all started talking happily about trivial things and Vinnie
started teaching Throttle how to braid his model was Charley and Throttle’s ‘volunteer’ was
Carbine: Generals don’t have braided hair.
Heidi: What harm could it do you go to shoot a Plutarkian and he says to you ‘is there a Mr.
General you need to go home to?’
Everyone erupted into laughter.
The End