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Heidi's angels

By Day dreamer

Copyright.Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved.

Charley was working on the boy's bikes when a knock came at the door. The guys who were in the
kitchen heard her greet someone with surprise and pleasure.
Charley: Hi long time no see.
Visitor: Yeah you didn't think I'd come to Chi-town without looking up my best mate in a
million. So whose are those rides the red racers pretty cool. (Smug grin from Vinnie). But the
blue bike is excellent. (Grin fades).
Charley: Oh those are my friends bikes now don't freak they are a little...different.
Visitor: Hey as long as they speak English and don't attack on sight I'm good.
The guys wait as Charley enters the room first.
Charley: Guys I'd like you to meet Heidi, Heidi these are my friends Throttle, Modo and Vinnie
the biker mice from Mars.
A tall female enters the room she is wearing a grey suit with a high cut skirt and is carrying a
briefcase she has shoulder length thick dark brown hair and she is wearing dark glasses but they
look like prescription glasses. The female stares for a few minutes when the guys start to get
uncomfortable she gives a nervous grin and says.
Heidi: Mars huh? That throws the whole 'Mars attacks' movie idea straight out the window and
into next doors yard. (Smiles from the mice) So what are Martians doing on Earth?
Throttle: Limburger is trying to strip mine Chicago.
Heidi: Really maybe 'Mars attacks' didn't go as far as next doors garden.
Heidi takes a step back.
Modo: No Limburger isn't a Martian he is a Plutarkian...Modo starts to explain and pretty soon
Heidi knows all she wanted to know. She smiles knowing she can trust the guys.
Charley: So Heidi what are doing back in Chicago?
Heidi: Oh I have been transferred here I am staying in a hotel until I can find a place to live.
Vinnie: So what do you work as Sweetheart?
Heidi: Can't you tell I am a lawyer?
Just the ringing is heard one ringing comes from Charley's phone the other ringing comes from
Heidi's briefcase. Charley exits to answer the phone and Heidi pulls out a cellphone.
Heidi: Yes this is she......what?!.....You can't be serious?.....What am I supposed to do?.....Thanks for
Heidi angrily makes a face at the cell phone as Charley comes back in.
Modo: Who was on your cellphone Heidi ma'am.
Heidi (very steamed): The hotel just booted me out some celebrity just turned up and they gave
him my room I don't have any where to stay.
Charley: That's perfect (glare from Heidi) no what I mean is that was my friend who lives in
Detroit she has just had a baby and she needs me to come and help her for a while but I can't
just leave the guys here so you can stay here and look after the garage until I get back.
Heidi: Oh can I? Do you guys mind?
Vinnie: Of course not Sweetheart that way you can see more of my studly looks.
Heidi: Well that's one disadvantage but still it is a start (devilish grin at Vinnie).
Pretty soon Charley is all packed and ready to set off to Detroit, she hugs Heidi and turns to
the guys.
Modo: Be careful Charley ma'am.
Charley: I will Modo.
Throttle: I wish we could come but Limburger and all.
Charley: I know Throttle.
Vinnie: See ya Sweetheart try not to miss me too much.
Charley (frustrated sigh): I wont Vinnie.
When Charley had left Heidi turned to the guys she takes of her glasses and rubs her eyes the
guys gasp Heidi's eyes were very dark green practically turquoise.
Vinnie: Hey Heidi how come your eyes are such a weird colour?
Heidi tenses and then suddenly punches Vinnie full on in the face sending him back he puts his
hand up to his nose the other mice watch somewhat shocked as Heidi rushes to Vinnie and says.
Heidi: I am so sorry Vinnie but ever since I was a kid people were making fun of my eyes soon my
only way to deal with it was to hit them (she gives a soft chuckle) I wasn't half told off every
time I did it though.
Vinnie: It is all right (takes his hand away from his bleeding nose) I'll tell something though
you've got one hell of a right hook.
Modo hands Vinnie some ice while Throttle directs Heidi to Charley's room to change because she
had Vinnie's blood on her.
Throttle: What do we think bros?
Modo: She seems to be a nice lady.
Vinnie: I like her. (the others look shocked)
Throttle: She just gave you a belt to the nose and you like her.
Vinnie: She strong and dangerous I like her.
Heidi: Nice to know someone thinks those are good points.
All the guys jump at her voice she moved so silently now she didn't have her suit on she seemed
more happy she was wearing one of Charley's blouse's with the top few buttons undone and she was
wearing blue jean like pedal pushers.
Modo: Wow Heidi ma'am you would make a great spy.
Heidi: Thank you Modo so what is there to eat around here.
All three: Hotdogs!!.
Heidi: I'm sorry I asked. She followed them to the kitchen. On the table there was a massive
mountain of hotdogs and beside it several bottles of Root beer. Heidi sat down at the table and
started to eat. Vinnie stopped eating his hotdog at mid bite as did the others because Heidi was
putting JAM on her hotdog not aware anyone was watching she stood up and took a long swig of
VINEGAR to wash it down. The guys gave each other confused looks then Throttle spoke.
Throttle: Uh Heidi? Why did you just put jam on your hotdog and drink vinegar?
Heidi (looks very uncomfortable) I uh just have strange tastes.
The guys decide not to pursue it, as Heidi looked so uncomfortable she looked faint. A knock
came from the door Vinnie stood up to answer it.
Vinnie: Heidi it is for you.
Heidi peered round the door a tall man with raven black hair and blue eyes was standing there.
Heidi: I told you to leave me alone Mick. Go away.
The man starts to say something when his nose was pressed against Vinnie blaster.
Vinnie: I believe the lady said for you to go.
Modo (raising his arm cannon): And a gentleman always does what a lady asks.
Heidi (whispered): He ain't no gentleman. Throttle placed a hand on Heidi's shoulder.
Throttle: I think you'd better go.
The man seeing no option turns to leave but says over his shoulder.
Mick: I'll be back Heidi mark my words.
When the door closes Heidi collapses into Throttle's arms he puts her in a chair, she looks up
at them not meeting anyone's eyes.
Heidi: I suppose I should tell you but I am scared.
Modo: We won't let him get you but it would help us to know why we just threatened to kill that
Heidi (deep breath): That was Mick we were going out for 3 months before I became pregnant
(muffled shocked gasps) I thought he'd be pleased but he wasn't he started ranting on about how
I should have been protected then he dumped me.
Throttle (angry): He dumped you while you were pregnant?
Heidi (nods wipes a tear): It gets worse about a month later he comes back saying that we can
talk about it but he wants me back I took him back thinking he might accept the baby but he (she
sniffs and looks away) he told me to have an abortion when I refused he told me I could either
choose him without the baby or I could leave. That is the reason why I moved to Chicago to get
away from him. I don't know why he followed me but you can bet it is something bad.
Heidi's tears escape in to floods. The Mice look at each other similar thoughts on their minds.
Modo's eye starts to glow red at the thought of the man abandoning Heidi and her child.
Vinnie (enraged): How can he call himself a man.
Throttle wanted to catch up to that guy and pound him but he channelled his anger in to a more
productive source calming down Heidi.
Throttle: How many months pregnant are you?.
Heidi (tearfully): 5 months I stayed with my Mom for a while then I made my boss transfer me
here so here I am.
Heidi goes to the bathroom and splashes her face with cold water she goes down stairs and turns
on the T.V, the guys have been talking about what Heidi just told them.
Modo: We have decided to stay here with you tonight Ok Heidi ma'am?
Heidi: 'Kay (Yawns).
Throttle: Maybe you should go to bed, we'll clean up the kitchen.
Heidi gets up to go to bed but she is very sleepy and has trouble staying upright she feels some
arms pick her up.
Heidi: Hey what are you doing?
Vinnie: Giving you a hand Sweetheart.
Modo and Throttle start to clean up the left over hotdogs they didn't have much of an appetite
Modo: Poor girl she seems so scared.
Throttle: Wouldn't you be having to have and raise a child at such a young age what is she 22?
Vinnie: Probably younger she has had to grow up before her time. What gets me is that Mick, why
would he tell her to leave then follow her to Chicago?
The guys puzzle over that for a while then Heidi appears at the top of the stairs she is wearing
one of Charley's robes she chucks a few blankets and pillows down.
Heidi: There you go wouldn't want you to freeze to death would we?
Throttle: You gonna be warm enough?
Heidi: Yeah sure 'night.
Modo: Goodnight Heidi ma'am.
Modo puts his pillow on the couch and pulls the blanket over him as he lies down. Throttle
starts to get comfortable on the floor using the extra blanket as a ground sheet. Vinnie settles
himself in a chair and falls asleep in the most uncomfortable position imaginable.

5:00am 29th January

Heidi stretches out and yawns she heads into the bathroom and starts to take a shower she
catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror not bad starting to show a little good thing I've
told them already she thinks to herself. She heads down stairs knowing that no man on Earth
would be up at this time or should that be no mouse on Mars. Heidi giggled to herself. Throttle
moved a little but not much. Heidi made it to the kitchen and pull on an apron.

Modo's eye flicked open and he started to smell the most delicious aroma he sat to see his bros
just waking up too. They all headed to the kitchen and stop at the sight they saw. On the table
were five giant plates each piled high with different foods.
Heidi (giggle): 'Bout time you guys got up I've made breakfast.
Vinnie (breathless): I'll say!
Heidi (giggle): We've got a plate of pancakes, a plate of fried egg sandwiches, one plate of
scrambled eggs another of toast and last but not least waffles. The food is not gonna do any
good with you guys staring at it dig in.
The next few minutes are silent except for the sounds of four hungry people tucking in to a home
cooked breakfast, Heidi soon showed the boys she could eat with the best of them wolfing down
more than enough for her and her child. Throttle sat back and gave a contented sigh.
Vinnie: You looked like you enjoyed that Bro.
Throttle: I did Heidi you're an excellent cook.
Heidi: Thank you Throttle I do try.
Modo: So what are we going to do today then?
Heidi (standing up and brushing off the crumbs): I don't know about you but I have got work I am
the prosecution of a law suite against a Laurence Limburger for wrongful dismissal. Then I have
an appointment for a scan.
Vinnie: Limburger? That's the Plutarkian we told you about.
Heidi: Oh why don't you guys come along you can keep an eye on Limburger and then you can give
me a lift for my scan.
Heidi heads up stairs and soon appears in her suit which had been washed and dried earlier that
morning she is just about to come downstairs when she turns around sharply and runs to the
bathroom. Modo comes up stairs to see what is taking so long and hears Heidi throwing up the
entire breakfast. He walks in as Heidi is cleaning her face up and rinsing her mouth with water.
Modo: Are you all right Heidi ma'am?
Heidi: Yeah just a bit of morning sickness I'll be fine let's go.

Laurence Limburger was sitting next to his lawyer, he was leaning back having every
confidence at winning this case he almost fell over backwards when he spotted the Mice
accompanying the lady lawyer. He righted himself and started to watch her she seemed very
nervous through out the hearing and her eyes darted about then they locked on to something.
Limburger traced her gaze and saw a tall youngish fellow about 21 with dark black hair and blue
eyes. He paged Greasepit to go talk to the man and focused his attention back to the case it was
going pretty well his lawyer was pretty good but it was 50/50 chance of winning.

Heidi met up with the guys after the case. She was very chuffed because she had managed to
pull the case off.
Vinnie: Congratulations Sweetheart you wanna ride with me?
Heidi: Sure Vinnie.
They headed to the hospital going considerably slower than usual as they had a pregnant
passenger. At the hospital the nurse spread some gel over Heidi's stomach and scanned.
Nurse: Well these three look well enough.
Everyone else: Three?!?!?
Heidi: I can't have 3 kids I am only 19.
Mice: 19?!?!?
Heidi: Yeah I am really smart so I was skipped ahead a couple of years so I was fourteen when I
got out of school and went to college to get a law degree and this is my first year as a proper
lawyer. (Sniff) Now I am another teenage pregnancy statistic.

Throttle places a comforting and sympathetic hand on her shoulder.
Throttle: There there Heidi it is going to be fine and you'll be a great mother not matter what
age you are.
Heidi looks up and smiles gratefully.

Meanwhile...... Mick has paid a visit to Limburger Tower. He is sitting on a cushion chair in
Limburger's office.
Mick: So what do you want me for?
Limburger: My dear Mr. Mick I want to know about that lawyer female that you were watching.
Mick: What is it to you?
Limburger: She is aquatinted with some enemies of mine.
Mick: That's Heidi she is my ex-girlfriend she would still be my girlfriend if she hadn't of got
pregnant (sneers) I followed her to Chicago to get my revenge on her for leaving me I never
thought she actually would.
Limburger: Excellent, we can kidnap her and when the mice come to rescue her we can get rid of
them and the baby and her as well if you like.
Mick (evil grin): No it would be much more satisfying to see her lose the baby and live.

Back at the Last Chance.

The guys have decided to give Heidi a break and gone to get the hotdogs.
Heidi (says to herself): I can't believe it triplets! I am so excited I have to call Charley.
Charley: No need to call me I am back. So what are you so excited about.
Heidi: Well Charley I am five months pregnant with triplets.
Charley (rushes to hug her): That is wonderful who is the dad?
Mick steps out from the shadows.
Mick: I am. I was hoping she would be alone but it seems I will have to take you too.
He laughs evilly and snaps his fingers Greasepit and his goons surround Charley and Heidi and
start to drag them off.
Heidi: You won't get away with this Throttle, Vinnie and Modo will come and save us.
Mick: Oh I do sincerely hope so. (evil laugh)

The guys arrive back loaded down with hotdogs they see that no one is in and the spot Charley's
suitcase then they spot puddles of grease.
Modo: Greasepits been here.
Throttle: He has taken Heidi.
Vinnie: and Charley.
Throttle: Only one thing for that Bros. Lets Rock
All: And RIDE!!
The guys are racing along at break neck speed each having different thoughts on their minds.
Vinnie was thinking if they so much as touch Charley-girl. Modo was thinking I hope Heidi and
her kids are all right. Throttle was thinking I wonder if Mick has anything to do with this. As
Limburger Tower came into sight they are surprise that no goons came out to 'meet' them. They
took their usual entrance through the window and come face to face with a whole hoard of goons
protecting something. As they start to fight they reveal a cage with someone in it they can't
make out who it is until the goons are disposed with. Vinnie rides up to the cage and spots
Charley he begins to unlock the cage when Charley pulls his tail.
Charley (crying): Go find Heidi. Mick is with them in the Lab they are going to try and kill the
That is all they need to hear while Vinnie continues to free Charley. Throttle and Modo speed
down the corridor blasting through the door and spot Heidi standing with Limburger holding a gun
to her head Mick and Karbuncle are preparing the operation equipment.
Limburger: Hold it right there rodents drop you're weapons and surrender or your female friend
gets blow apart. (the Mice (including Vinnie who has just arrived) drop their weapons) good Now
Karbuncle after the termination start experimenting on why this female has such a weird eye
Heidi (sweetly): Mr Limburger (Limburger turns to her) (Now fiercely) My eyes are not weird.
Heidi gave her famous punch Limburger was sprawled out on the floor out for the count. The guys
quickly retrieved their weapons and proceed to beat the hell out of Mick and Karbuncle. Modo is
about to punch Mick through the roof when he is tapped on the shoulder.
Heidi: May I?
Modo: Be my guest.
Heidi punched Mick harder then she had ever punched before sending him not only backwards but
through the wall as well. She turns around to claps she gets on behind Modo because Charley was
behind Vinnie.


It is 4 mouths later Heidi is heavily pregnant ready to give birth any day now. She was resting
in a chair and turns on her radio. Her favourite song was on it always made her think of her
friends the biker mice.

I sit awake
There's an angel contemplates my fate.
And do they know.
The places where we go when we're grey and old.
'Cause I have been told that salvation lets their wings unfold.
So when I'm lying in my bed thoughts running through my head
And I feel that love is dead I'm loving angels instead.

And through it all she offers me protection.
A lot of love and affection.
Whether I'm right or wrong
And down the waterfall wherever it may take me.
I know that life won't break me when I come to call.
She wont forsake me I'm loving angels instead.

When I'm feeling weak and my fame walks down a one way street.
I look above and I know I'll always be blessed with love.
And as the feeling grows she breaths flesh to my bones.
And when love is dead I'm loving angels instead

Chorus (x2 repeat 'till fade)

Charley walks in to the room and leans against the doorframe happy because her friend looks so
relaxed the guys were in the kitchen wolfing down anything they could find because Heidi and her
babies ate even more than they did. On the dying chords off the song Heidi lets up a tremendous
yell. Charley and the guys rush to her side. She grabbed Charley's hand and squeezed.
Heidi (in great pain): Their coming Charley their coming.
Charley (also in pain): It is all right Heidi. Guys help me get her to the truck.
The Mice help Heidi to the truck. Heidi yelps in pain every few minutes and by the time they get
her to the truck her water has broke. Charley speeds to the hospital as fast as she dares with
the Biker Mice in tow, they are told to stay in the lobby while Heidi and Charley go into the
delivery room. Vinnie starts to pace the floor franticly. Modo tries to busy himself looking at
the different notices. Throttle plays with his bandanna on his wrist but looks up at every cry
of pain from Heidi. They all jump as a baby cry is heard but soon settle down as Heidi carries
on crying and screaming pretty soon another baby cry is heard but Heidi doesn't scream after
this one. It is silent until a nurse pops her head out of the delivery room.
Nurse: Come in quick.
The guys rush in and see Heidi on the table looking very exhausted she seems to be repeating 'I
can't' over and over again.
Midwife: You must push Heidi.
Heidi (crying): I can't I'm too tired.
Throttle: You can do it Heidi.
Vinnie: Yeah come on.
Modo: You're doing great Heidi ma'am.
Spurred on by their shouts Heidi gives a few last pushes and the last baby comes out Heidi
collapses totally exhausted on to the table.
Nurse: A girl first a boy then another girl.
Everyone: Congratulations.
Heidi holds the 3 babies as best she can in her arms.
Heidi: You are going to be called Angel, you are going to be called Angelo and you are going to
be called Angela. Throttle, Modo, Vinnie come over here.
Heidi closes her eyes before they reach her she puts her hand out and slowly passes it in front
of her. She stops as if a magnet stopped her in front of Modo she hands Angel to him.
Heidi: Angel is going to be just like you kind, well mannered and sweet.
She passes her hand out in front of her and stops in front of Throttle this time she hands
Angelo to him.
Heidi: Angelo is going to be smart and a terrific leader just like you.
She hands Angela to Vinnie.
Heidi: Angela is going to be a free spirit with a lust for living life to the full.
With that said Heidi falls asleep saying.
Heidi: Goodnight my six Angels.

The End