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By Day dreamer

Copyright, Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved.

Stealth packed a few sandwiches into a picnic basket she had managed to save from Earth, she had
only lived on Mars for a couple of weeks but was surprised at how quickly it had become her
home. The triplets were in the day care centre and her, Charley, Vinnie, Modo, Throttle and
Rimfire were planning a picnic. Stealth had discovered a hidden oasis and she was going to show
it to them today. A knock came on her door and a familiar voice called through it.
Rimfire: You ready yet Stealth?
Stealth: Yeah just a couple more sandwiches.
Stealth pulled the large and heavy basket off the bed and proceeds to practically drag it to the
door, she opened it. Rimfire saw what trouble she was having with it offered to help.
Rimfire: Here let me carry that.
Stealth: If I can't carry it you can't carry it but I could use a hand grab the other side
They soon got to the exit where the others were waiting patiently, Stealth's new bike Midnight
rolled up to her, Midnight was midnight blue with sliver speckles all over it Stealth as soon as
she saw that bike knew it was for her, it had taken her barely seconds to learn how to ride it
and Stealth was doing stunts as good as Vinnie's after a week of riding.
Stealth (placing the basket on the back): Thanks.
Rimfire: No problem.
Stealth (smiles): I was talking to the bike but thanks to you too Rimfire.
Stealth got on Midnight and led the procession out following the mental map she had made of the
way 'past the rock that looks like a chair take a right at twin peaks'.
Stealth: Should be right around the next rock.
Stealth turned round the next rock and smiled triumphantly. She dragged the heavy basket off of
the bike as the others unpacked what they had brought. Charley threw a few pairs of trunks at
the boys and a bikini at Stealth.
Charley: Girls changing rooms behind this rock.
Stealth quickly got changed into her bikini and started towards the water, that is when she
spotted it, a large rock just like a diving board.
Stealth: Hey Charley doesn't that rock look like a diving board to you?
Charley: Yeah, are you gonna jump off of it?
Stealth: You bet I will!
Stealth ran up to the rock and started to climb it, it wasn't too hard when Stealth got to the
top she looked over the edge and whistled.
Stealth (saying to herself): There is no way I'm jumping from this high.
Rimfire: Yes you are!
Rimfire grabbed Stealth and held her over his head and threw her into the water Stealth made a
big splash, she was preparing her revenge on Rimfire when she realised she wasn't surfacing, she
was stuck, her tail was wrapped around something and she couldn't get free.

Meanwhile.... Everyone was still laughing, when they stopped laughing, Modo noticed it first and
called to Rimfire.
Modo: Hey Rimfire has Stealth come up yet?
Rimfire: Not that I know of but I can't see properly from up here!
Throttle: Something's not right no one can hold their breath that long.
Rimfire suddenly realising something was wrong took a few steps back and jumped off the rock.

Stealth felt as though her lungs were bursting she knew she couldn't take a breath but she
couldn't help it she opened her mouth and water came flooding in just as someone splashed in
besides her she felt soft hands around her tail pulling it free. She just let herself float
upwards when she surfaced a hand grabbed her bikini strap and a tail around her waist pulled her
to the shore. When she felt the sand underneath her, she started spluttering coughing up the
water from her lungs and taking deep breaths of air.
Stealth: I never knew air tasted this good!
Charley: What happened?
Stealth: My tail got caught on something and I couldn't get free.
Modo: Why didn't you wave your hands or something?
Stealth: You of all people should know that you should never panic in a dangerous situation if I
had waved my arms about I would have been deader than a doornail.
Throttle: So are you all right now?
Stealth: Yeah my chest is a little sore but not to bad. Rimfire what was my tail stuck on?
Rimfire: It was tangled around some reeds or something.
After Stealth had had something to eat she got up and made her way back to the diving board rock
she climbed it and took and running jump and did a swan dive into the water, when she surfaced
she did a forward roll and then a handstand in the water.
Stealth: My mom always said being a schcronised swimming champion would be useful to impress
people. Come on in the waters fine.
Taking the invitation all the others came in as soon as Rimfire was near, Stealth dunked him and
swam away quickly.
Stealth: Now we are even.
Stealth got a mischievous grin and ducked under the water she was practically invisible in the
water and everyone was looking around them expected Stealth to pop up and scare them.
Throttle: Woah!!! Stealth carefully where you grab.
Stealth (popping up in front of Throttle): Sorry about that I slipped and I had to grab
Throttle: Just be more careful next time you nearly had my trunks down.
Stealth: Doesn't matter you've got nothing I ain't seen before.
Rimfire's mouth dropped open.
Rimfire: You and Throttle used to date?!
Throttle: Yeah I dated Heidi for about 10 months back on Earth.
Charley: Stealth I still don't understand why you changed your name, why?
Stealth (talking while floating on her back): Well only a few people know I used to human and
that's the way I want it at the moment I mean sure when people see my kids they'll put 2 and 2
together but they might not nesscarilly make 4 so until I feel comfortable with the change only
6 people know. Not even Carbine knows I'm Heidi for all she knows Heidi is still on Earth.
Vinnie: Hey Throttle race you to the base of the diving board rock and back.
Modo watched the race Vinnie and Throttle are pretty even when it comes to swimming but Vinnie
just makes it in front today.
Vinnie: Did you see that Charley? (Charley nods) Did you see that Stealth? (Stealth looks up
from the sandwich she's been eating) Stealth weren't you watching?
Stealth: Not really Vin sorry I got a serious case of the munchies.
Charley: Uh oh what's wrong?
Stealth: Nothings wrong why do you think that?
Charley (coming out of the water and sitting beside her friend): Come on you only get the
munchies when you're worried about something so what's up?
Stealth: Well it's my first mission tomorrow and I'm scared I'm gonna foul it up.
Charley: You'll do fine it's only a bit of spy work get in, capture their battle plans, get out
Stealth: But what if I have to kill someone again I don't think I could cope with that.
Charley: You'll know necessity when you see it.

The rest of the Mice were having chicken fights, Vinnie on Modo's shoulders and Rimfire on
Throttle's. Rimfire looked over at Stealth and Charley and looked down at Throttle.
Rimfire: What was Stealth like when she was on Earth?
Throttle: Pretty much the same caring, kind, sweet but she was a lot less brave then she has the
courage to do more now I guess.
Modo: I wonder what she meant when she said people would put 2 and 2 together and not get 4?
Vinnie: Well they might think she was a spy like Mace.
Rimfire: Yo Stealth wanna a motorcycle race?
Stealth: Sure Midnight could whip your butt any day.
They moved to a smallish open space behind the oasis and Throttle drew out a make shift start
line and Midnight and Rimfire's bright red bike Magma revved eagerly.
Throttle: Go!
Stealth took off pulling ahead a good few metres in front of Rimfire but Magma was gaining
speed, Stealth looked back at Rimfire as he started to pull closer when she turned back she
gasped because she had nearly driven head first into a large boulder. She rode up the side did a
back somersault and landed beside Rimfire they came to the home stretch.
Stealth: Eat my dust!
Stealth gunned her engine and finished the race several meters in front of Rimfire instead of
slowing down she braked hard and flew over the handlebars and landed face first in the chocolate
cake some one had brought along.
Rimfire: Still haven't got the hang of stopping eh?
Stealth: Nope! Hey Vin wanna do stunts?
Vinnie: Any time Sweetheart!
Vinnie started off riding up a rock and doing a triple somersault off of it and landing
delicately on his back tire. Stealth laughed scornfully and rode up and over the top off the
rock she blasted off the top and flipped off the back of the bike whistling just in time to get
a grappling hook to stop herself going splat. Vinnie did his favourite stunt he rode up the side
of a taller rock balanced right on the tip, the bike started to ride down without Vinnie he was
holding on to a grappling hook and riding down the rock, sort of water skiing except that it was
on rock as the front tire touched the ground Vinnie front flipped on to it. Stealth looked a
little stumped but then she gunned her engine a slightly nervous look came over her face and
Modo noticed it.
Modo: I hope Stealth won't do any thing stupid just coz she doesn't want to be beaten.
If Modo had knew exactly what Stealth was about to do he probably would of jumped in front of
her bike. Stealth rode towards the diving board rock rode up it and over the end did about two
somersaults popped out the skis and did a dolphin dive of the back end little knowing it was too
shallow to dive. Rimfire heard a sickening crunch as he and the others rode back to the oasis.
Instead of seeing Stealth head split open she was rubbing her hands cursing silently.
Vinnie: Stealth you're alive!
Stealth (snapping): Of course I'm alive! (seeing Vinnie's hurt face) Sorry my hands are really
killing me.
Rimfire: How did you stop yourself from cracking your head open?
Stealth: Easy when I felt my hands touch the ground I did a forward roll.
Charley: What was the crunch we heard?
Stealth: Ah! (moving her hand to her back) that was my back landing on an extremely sharp patch
of rocks.
Modo: I knew you were going to do something stupid.
Stealth: I know it was stupid but unless the Velocity Atrocity can come up with something better
it was worth it.
Vinnie: I don't even wanna try and top that.
Stealth stood up and turned around to her bike, Charley gasped at the sight of multicoloured
bruising and a few cuts on her back.
Throttle: Man oh man Stealth what won't you do so you won't lose?
Stealth: Kiss a Plutarkian, sleep with a girl, do the hokey pokey with a pineapple on my head
that sort of thing.
After she had got her bike on the shore, Stealth grabbed a rootbeer she lay down on her towel
and balanced the cold rootbeer bottle on her back. Stealth sighed to herself and when Rimfire
went to offer her a sandwich he found her fast asleep.
Charley (seeing Rimfire come back with the sandwich): Didn't Stealth want anything to eat?
Rimfire: She's sleeping at the moment.
Modo: It's not that late is it?
Vinnie: No, but if you had nearly drowned and then nearly killed yourself doing stunts you might
be tired and plus Mars' days are longer than Earth days she is still getting used to it.
Throttle: And she has her mission tomorrow raiding that Plutarkian out post for battle plans.
Everyone heard a scream they all looked to Stealth expecting her to have some Plutarkian holding
a gun to her head but instead Stealth is still sleeping but thrashing about screaming wildly.
Vinnie (running to her side): Oh no I thought she stopped having nightmares (shaking her
shoulder gently) Stealth wake up! (dodging a swing from her) Come on girl wake up!
Modo tried putting his arms around her like usual but she rolled on to her back, cried out and
woke up.
Rimfire: Stealth are you all right?
Stealth just nodded her black fur soaked with sweat she grabbed the rootbeer bottle she had had
on her back and took a swig from it.
Stealth: Oh Man that was a bad nightmare!
Throttle: Mitch again?
Stealth (nodding): Yeah but this time it was when we were in Karbunkle's lab and I was all
connected up to that machine I felt the pain all over again I thought in dreams you couldn't
feel pain.
Charley: It was probably your back.
Rimfire: No coz she woke up when she rolled over on it.
Stealth: I'm alright now just a little shaken do you think we could go back now my back is
killing me I feel as though a obese Plutarkian is sitting on it.
Modo: Fine go get changed.
Stealth disappeared behind a rock when she came back she had her shorts on but was still wearing
her bikini top carrying her tee shirt over her shoulder.
Charley: Why are you still wearing your bikini?
Stealth: Couldn't put my shirt on it hurt too much worse than road rash.

Back at the base, Stealth had been called to see Stoker so she was walking to his office a big
bandage covering her cuts she was still wearing her bikini top after Rimfire's several attempts
at helping her put a shirt on.
Stoker: Heidi come sit down I heard about your accident you're becoming worse than the punk.
Stealth: No I'm not, at least I know I'm gonna get hurt he thinks he'll get off scott free, and
how many times have I told you to call me Stealth someone might hear you.
Stoker: What's wrong with being a human turned Mouse?
Stealth: I know about Mace I don't want people getting the wrong ideas. So what did you want me
Stoker: Well I just want you to know they'll be a lot of Plutarkians around I know you can
handle them but I just want you to know there is a risk you might have to kill someone.
Stealth: Stoke for me to have to shoot someone they have to see me first and they're not going
to see me.
Stealth looked over Stoker's shoulder, Stoker looked but there was nothing there when he turned
back Stealth was gone he started scanning the ceiling but couldn't find her.
Stoker: Alright I can't find you.
Stealth (appearing from behind Stoker's chair): Didn't think I'd go on the ceiling with this
bandage I wouldn't be more obvious if I had a big neon sign around my neck.
Stoker smiled and dismissed Stealth, she went along to the bay where the bikes were kept she
spotted Rimfire and Vinnie cleaning their bikes, Stealth walked slowly up to them and ever so
swiftly grabbed a sponge she manage to get a bucket of soapy water she dunked her sponge into it
and gave a war cry and threw her sponge it hit Vinnie in the mouth. Rimfire grabbed his sponge
and threw it at Stealth she back flipped away she grabbed the sponge threw it at Rimfire while
dodging a sponge from Vinnie.
Stealth (in a great narrators voice): The water war continued this being the...uh... Rimfire are we
on the 13th battle or the 14th?
Rimfire: The 15th!
Stealth: Oh ok the water war continued this being the 15th battle and both armies being in a
stalemate so far.
Stealth grabbed her sponge in her tail did a cartwheel and four front flips and rammed her
sponge into Rimfire's open mouth. Rimfire spat it out he opened his mouth to speak but a big
bubble came out making Stealth and Vinnie roll about on the floor with laughter. An 'ahem' made
them look up they saw Throttle, Modo and Charley all heavily armed with sponges and water.
Stealth: Uh oh!
The 15th water war battle continued for about an hour Stealth stood up and stretches.
Stealth: Well I had better be getting some sleep Charley could you come and change this bandage
first please?
Stealth walked over to the wall where there was a large bar she put her hands around it and
squeezed as Charley as gently as possible pulled the old bandage off and cleaned her wound.
Stealth (through clenched teeth): Good thing you know first aid I don't know what a doctor would
say if they saw my blood was red not green.
Charley: Well I had to really the guys did get hurt every once in a while. Done should last you
until tomorrow.
Stealth: Thanks 'Night everyone.
All: 'Night.

Next morning, Stealth was standing at the exit astride Midnight, Stoker had already given her a
contact time and wished her luck. Stealth had avoided talking to any of her friends she was just
about to leave the base when she heard someone shout from behind her. She turned around to see
Rimfire jogging up to her.
Rimfire: Stealth I just wanted to wish you good luck.
Stealth: Thanks I'll see you later.
Rimfire (uncertainly): Stealth I wanted to....to give you this (Rimfire handed her his red
bandanna which was usually around his neck) For good luck.
Stealth took it without a word and tied it around her own neck gunned her engine and drove away.
She had to stop her bike about 100 meters away from the out post so as not to attract attention
to herself. She sneaked along in the shadows of rocks her black fur aswell as her black polo and
shorts made her seem a part of her surroundings. She approached the gate two Plutarkian guards
were standing to attention she grabbed a stone and flung it into a bush opposite her, when the
guards went to investigate she slipped in climbing to the ceiling almost immediately. She
climbed from rafter to rafter until she found the main control room luckily it wasn't guarded.
Stealth jumped down and cracked into the main computer system she found the battle plans and
downloaded them on to a disk she had brought along she placed the disk in the safety of her
pocket and deleted the files.
Voice: Hey what do you think you're doing?
A gruff voice calls from behind her she spins round to see a Plutarkian guard she throws one of
her smoke bombs down and climbs to the ceiling staying stock-still. When the smoke cleared the
Plutarkian looked around, this Plutarkian had very sharp eyesight and spotted the tiny white
star on Stealth's ankle he used his tracer sight and shot her, Stealth gasped at the pain
whipped her own blaster out of it's hostler and shot the guard killing him instantly. Stealth
climbed back out side she limped as far away from the base as possible before collapsing in the
shadow of a rock. She grabbed her radio.
Stealth: Base this is Claws, do you read me?...... Base this is Claws, do you read me?
Stoker: Claws this is base we read you what's up?
Stealth: I got the plans but I got shot and can't get to my bike I'm about 25 meters south of
the out-post. Requesting assistance.
Stoker: On way stay calm Claws over and out.
Stealth lay back on the rock she looked at her ankle and sighed she had lost a lot of blood she
pulled the bandanna off and tied it around her wound, she thought about the Plutarkian she had
killed, she didn't feel bad about killing him....her thoughts were interrupted be a motorcycle
rumbling she looked up to see Magma and Midnight with a worried looking Rimfire.
Rimfire: Stealth are you all right?
Stealth: No, I can't walk my ankle was shot by a tracer-sighted laser.
Stealth stood up slowly Rimfire put his shoulder in her armpit, Stealth made a few faltering
steps towards her bike she sat on it and sighed.
Stealth: Well that went better than expected.
Rimfire: Lets get you back so Charley can look at that ankle it's bleeding quite heavily.

Charley: Well I'm afraid I can't sort this one out it might need stitching you'll have to go
to one of the field doctors.
Stealth didn't say anything she just bit her lip, she glanced at Rimfire who smiled reassuringly
at her. She smiled back and thought to herself 'Damn he's cute when he smiles'. Rimfire shook
himself realising he had been staring at Stealth again he had been looking at her a lot lately
but he didn't have the courage to tell her how he felt. Juliet Sliver, a dark brown mouse with
sliver hair and a sliver tail walked into the room carrying a first aid kit. Stealth still had
the bandanna over her ankle.
Stealth: Before I let you look at my wound I just want you to know that you can't tell anyone
about this.
Juliet (gasps as Stealth uncovers her ankle): Oh by Mars, your blood is red not green what are
Stealth starts to tell her story but she chokes when she comes to the part about her actual
transformation, Charley puts her arm around her shoulders and finishes the story.
Juliet: Wow you've been through a lot well lets have a look at you're ankle (gives the ankle the
once over) Well you could get away without stitches but you've lost a lot of blood, a dangerous
amount if you don't eat something soon.
Rimfire: I'll get something right now.
Stealth (after Rimfire and Juliet had left): He is so damn cute.
Charley: I think you two would make a cute couple.

Rimfire is struggling down the hall with and armload of food for Stealth when he almost bangs
into his Uncle Modo.
Modo: Hungry nephew?
Rimfire: Nah this is for Stealth she got shot on her mission I got a radio message while I was
on patrol to give her some assistance but Juliet said she'd be fine if she got some food (sighs)
I hope she's right.
Modo (recognising the classic signs): Awww you've got a crush on her haven't you?
Rimfire (blushing): Can't hide a damn thing from you can I?
Modo: Tell her, it will probably do her the world of good.
Rimfire just blushed again and hurried on. He stumbled into the room and placed the food in
front of Stealth.
Rimfire: Hope you're feeling hungry.
Stealth: I am (motions for Rimfire to come closer) Come here (kisses Rimfire on the cheek) Thank
Rimfire (smiling wildly): Any time.
Rimfire left the room as soon as he was out the room he jumped in the air.
Rimfire: She kissed me! she kissed me!
A voice: Who kissed you?
Rimfire turned round to see Angel standing looking up at him with brown eyes.
Rimfire: Oh hi Tyke what are you doing here?
Angel: I wanted to see Mommy and the sitter asked me who Mommy was I told him Stealth coz I
heard Unca Modo call her Stealth he looked at me for a minute but let me go Unca Rimmie was I
Rimfire (picking her up): No honey you didn't do anything wrong.
Rimfire walked into Stealth's room and put Angel on the floor.
Stealth: Hey Angel what are you doing here?
Angel: I told the sitter I wanted to see you.
Rimfire: She told the sitter that you were her mother.
Charley: Oh no! Juliet promised not to tell about me but we don't know who the sitter is at this
time of day.

Chad Storm rushed down the hall to his own quarters, his wild orange hair waving in his
face. He couldn't believe what the little human girl had told him, he didn't know Stealth very
well, just that she had come with the Biker Mice back from Earth after defeating Limburger there
was a rumour going around that Stealth had put him away herself but Chad didn't believe it. 'If
this Stealth is the human girl's mother then that means she is a human I'll bet she's a spy'
Chad thought to himself 'I'll please Stoker by getting rid of the spy I'll do it by myself so
that I can get all the glory'. Chad got changed into his normal clothes, he couldn't wear his
ammunition straps when he was babysitting and then went down a few corridors towards Stealth's
quarters. He knocked heavily on the door he heard shuffling from the other side the door opened
to reveal Stealth leaning heavily on a crutch.
Stealth: Yes how can I help you?
Chad: You can help me by getting out of here!
Chad grabbed Stealth by the scruff of her neck she squealed in fright as the bright red mouse
dragged her down the hall and shoved her into the large bay, Stealth screamed for help but Chad
just laughed.
Chad: Ha! No one will help you once they find out you're a spy!
Chad drew his hand back to punch Stealth but five thick dark brown fingers closed themselves
around his wrist. He looked behind him to see Stoker holding his wrist with Throttle, Modo,
Vinnie and Rimfire standing there all looking extremely angry.
Chad: It's all right gents I've just found a spy and was about to give her what she deserved.
Throttle: She is not a spy and she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment.
Modo: And if you go near her again with that kind of manner.
Vinnie: We will just have to make sure you can't walk to see her.
Rimfire: Permanently!
Chad: B....but she has human kids!
Stoker: Yes she does and with Stealth's permission I'll tell you why.
Stealth (nods): Call a meeting tell them all it is about time they knew.
Stoker: Chad go and call everyone to the meeting hall as soon as possible.
Chad left Stealth attempted to stand but her ankle was still too weak and her crutch had been
lost along the journey. Rimfire rushed to her side Stealth gladly put her arm around his waist
making all the others smile.
Throttle: Something we don't know about?
Rimfire (shook his head): No (under her breath) Not yet at least.
Rimfire gently led Stealth to the meeting hall and helped her on the stage she sat in a seat
next to where Stoker would stand. Pretty soon the hall was full with Mice buzzing with wonder
Chad had told a few people his suspicions but only a few. Stoker walked out on to the stage and
held his hand up for silence.
Stoker: I've called this meeting because a few rumours have been started about Stealth, well I
am here to verify them. Yes Stealth was originally until a few weeks ago a human.
A great buzz went through the hall. Someone (probably Chad) shouted out Spy!
Stealth got up and motioned Stoker to sit down.
Stealth: My name is Heidi Keep I met Throttle, Vinnie, Modo and Charley when I was 5 months
pregnant with my three wonderful children Angel, Angelo and Angela.
Stealth proceeded to tell the story of her transformation and nearly broke down several times,
Vinnie had to fight to keep from running up to her and comforting her. She managed to get to the
end of story she wiped her eyes.
Stealth: Any questions?
Chad (shouting from the back of the room): How can we trust you?
Stealth: Well I would have thought having the Plutarkians do this to me in the first place was
enough proof but obviously not but if I was a spy why would I put my children, the most precious
things in my life, in danger by letting them stay here what if I was found out? And if this
isn't enough proof for you maybe this is.
With that Stealth bent down and pulled out her small dagger she kept in her boot she kept it
concealed from Stoker's view for as long as possible. She quickly made a deepish cut across her
Stealth: By my blood I swear that I am not a spy and all I have said while standing here is true
if I am lying you all have the right to kill me.
Stoker moved Stealth to sit down and addressed the silent and shocked hall.
Stoker: I hope this has erased any doubts Heidi may not have been born a Martian but she has
sworn to fight for Mars and freedom.
The people filtered out talking among themselves, Stoker turned to Stealth and fixed her with a
stern eye.
Stoker: I wish you hadn't have slashed yourself, but maybe that was the only way to convince
some of the airheads out there.
Stealth didn't say anything she felt emotionally drained. Rimfire and Throttle helped her off of
the stage to Juliet. As Juliet was stitching her hand she said.
Juliet: I thought you were really brave I admire your spirit.
Stealth: Thanks. (turning to Rimfire) a bit quiet aren't you?
Rimfire: Huh? Oh yeah Stealth can I talk to you alone for a second?
Stealth: Sure.
Stealth limped to a remote corner and Rimfire sat down beside her.
Rimfire: Well Stealth, I just wanted to say..... Well what I mean is....... I like you Stealth and I
was wondering if you would like to join me for dinner?
Stealth: Of course I've been hoping you'd ask me.
Rimfire stood up and offered his hand to Stealth, Stealth took it but didn't let go and they
walked up to the others hand in hand.
Throttle: Something you want to tell us now Rimfire?
Rimfire: I think you've already got an idea.
Charley: So what do you want to be called now it's all out in the open.
Stealth (thinking hard): Heidi, I can still be called Stealth but just as my nickname.
Charley: Alright so are you going out with Rimfire straight away or have you go time to do the
dress fittings?
Heidi: I've got time, see you later Rimfire (giving him a kiss on the cheek) Bye!
Vinnie: Phew go Rimfire!

The End