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Emotional exchange part 1

An addition and a Star.

By Day dreamer

Copyright, Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved

Charley got out of bed and kissed a sleeping Vinnie on the cheek. He grunted slightly and rolled
over. Charley went into the bathroom and turned on the shower she slipped out of her robe and
turned on her waterproof radio. ‘Janice this goes out to you from Richard’ A loud steady beat
filled the air. Charley, recognising it started to sing to it as loud as she dared bearing in
mind Vinnie was still asleep.

Does he love me, I wanna know, how can I tell if he loves me so?
Is it in his eyes?
Oh no you’ll be deceived.
Is it in his eyes?
Oh no he’ll make believe.
If you wanna know if he loves you so it’s in his kiss. (that’s where it is)
Oh yeah. Is it in his face?
Oh no that’s just for show.
In his strong embrace?
Oh no that’s just his arms.
If you wanna know if he loves you so it’s in his kiss (that’s where it is)
woah oh it’s in his kiss (that’s where it is)
Woah woah woah, Hold him (hum) and squeeze him tight
Find out want you wanna know oh o.
If it’s love if it really is. It’s there in his kiss.
How ‘bout the way he acts?
Oh no that’s not the way. You’re not listening to all I say.
If you wanna know if he loves you so it’s in his kiss. (that’s where it is) it’s in his kiss

Vinnie’s eyes flicker open he is vaguely aware that Charley isn’t in the bed next to him and
then he hears the radio and Charley singing along to it.

Woah woah woah. Hold him (um) and squeeze him tight
Find out what you wanna know oh oh o.
If it’s love if it really is. It’s there in his kiss.
How ‘bout the way he acts?
Oh no that’s not the way you’re not listening to all I say.
If you wanna know if he loves you so it’s in his kiss (that’s where it is)
It’s in his kiss (that’s where it is) It’s in his kiss (that’s where it is)
It’s in his kiss.

As Charley hummed along to the last few chords she was startled as someone started clapping
behind her she whipped round to come face to face with Vinnie, a wide grin on his face.
Charley: Don’t do that to me. I nearly jumped out of my skin.
Vinnie: Sorry Sweetheart, I just thought your singing was excellent this morning.
Charley (climbing out of the shower and into her towel robe): And it isn’t any other morning?
Vinnie (grin): Of course!
Charley (throwing her flannel at him): Oh be quiet you’re giving me a headache.
Vinnie left her to get dressed and went down stairs to wait for everyone to arrive.

Heidi opened her cupboard door her hand reaching for her suit. She stopped and gave a big
sigh. She missed going to work but her friends were right she didn’t belong as a lawyer. She had
sent a couple of her book samples to famous publishers and was waiting to hear from them. Angel
toddled into the room her brown hair hanging in her face she looked up at her mum with big green
Angel: Mommy, we see Unca Moda today?
Angelo who had been following her piped up.
Angelo: Yea! Unca Trottle too.
Heidi half expected to hear Angela’s voice asking to see Vinnie as she nodded her head but
Angela wasn’t there. As Heidi walked into the kitchen she spotted Angela’s legs poking out from
a cupboard.
Heidi (reaching and scooping her up): What you doing you little monkey?
Angela: I wanna make ‘fast today.
Heidi: I’ll make it today you can go get you sister and brother and tell ‘em when it’s ready.
Angela (nodding her little black haired head): ‘Kay Mommy.
Pretty soon Heidi had the breakfast ready cereal for the triplets with a glass of orange juice
each she then got them dressed Angel wanted to wear her favourite dress which was pink and had
frills on the arms (authors note: Ugh!), Angelo dug out his favourite tee shirt and his blue
shorts, Heidi didn’t even have to ask what Angela wanted to wear Angela already had her green
tee-shirt and dungarees on the bed and waiting patiently to get dressed. Heidi bundled them into
her car making sure they were secure and drove the few blocks to Charley’s house. When she
arrived the triplets were bouncing up and down with anticipation at seeing their uncles. Angela
being on the left side was un-buckled first and she went streaming into the Last chance. Vinnie
who had heard the car was walking out to greet them when some thing ran into his legs he looked
down to see his little niece on the floor wondering what had happened she looked up and a giant
smile came over her face.
Angela: Unca Vinnie!!!!!
Vinnie (picking her up in his arms): Hey how you doing you little munchkin been keeping out of
Angela: Yes Unca Vinnie (small pause) Can I ride on the back of your bike today? Can I? Please.
Vinnie: I’m sorry squirt (his name for her) not until you can reach around my waist until then
you ride in front of me.
Angela looked disappointed then she spotted Charley in the doorway. Vinnie put her down and
Angela ran up to Charley.
Angela: Aunt Charley!
Charley: How are you this morning?
Angela: Fine Aunt Charley.
Charley: Where is your mother?
Heidi: She’s right here.
Angel and Angelo looked around hopefully. Vinnie noticing their faces spoke.
Vinnie: They haven’t arrived quite yet they should be here in a few minutes or so.
As if on cue, 2 motorcycle motors are heard pulling up. Angel and Angelo run to their uncles.
Throttle who pulled in first scooped up Angelo and hugged him.
Throttle: You’re getting bigger every day you know that don’t you?
Angelo: Yes Unca Trottle.
Modo (who had picked up Angel): Who’s looking pretty this morning?
Angel just giggled at him. Charley turned to Heidi.
Charley: You had breakfast yet?
Heidi: I haven’t but the kids have (looking at them) 1…2…. Where’s Angela gone?
Bangs from the kitchen announce she was in there. They walked into the kitchen but they couldn’t
see her. Heidi knowing her trademark hiding places starts opening cupboards Vinnie and the
others follow her example.
Modo: Aha (darts into a cupboard) There you are you little scamp. (emerges holding Angela) Look
what I found opening cookie jar.
Heidi: Angela you’d get a cookie if you asked for one.
Angela (sulking): Weren’t any.
Vinnie bursts out laughing and soon everyone is including little Angela somewhere in the middle
Charley covers her mouth and rushes up stairs. No one noticed she was gone until Angelo tugged
on Throttle’s trouser leg.
Angelo: Aunt Charley ran up stairs.
Throttle: Really? I’ll go check if she’s all right.
Throttle walked up the stairs and knocks on the bathroom door.
Throttle: Charley? Charley are you all right?
Charley doesn’t answer but he can hear the sounds of her throwing up. When she is finished she
unlocks the door and Throttle walks in. Charley’s cleaning her teeth and rinsing her mouth with
Throttle: You know Charley-girl this has been the fourth morning in a row you’ve been sick.
Charley (spitting): Fifth.
Throttle: Well have you thought you could be pregnant?
Charley: Yes but I don’t know how to tell Vinnie.
Throttle: Listen (they listen and they can hear Angela’s hysterical giggling as Vinnie tickled
her) Vinnie loves kids trust me you should tell him.
Charley: Well I don’t know for sure if I am yet but I’ll get a pregnancy test today and if it
checks yes I’ll tell him.
Charley walked downstairs and called to everyone.
Charley: I’m going to the chemist see ya in a bit.
Vinnie looked confused and when Throttle came down he spoke to him.
Vinnie: Why is Charley going to the chemist?
Throttle: She hasn’t been feeling too well so she is going to get something for it.
Vinnie just shrugged and carried on tickling Angela who was desperately trying to escape.
Angela: Unca Moda, Unca Trottle help me.
Modo and Throttle got up and stared to tickle Vinnie unmercifully Angel and Angelo joined in.
Vinnie was laughing so hard he was crying.
Angela: We’ll stop if you don’t tickle me.
Vinnie who was still pinned down looked at the nearly 2 year old girl her little hands on her
hips looking at him with irresistible blue eyes.
Vinnie: Ok squirt you win today.
Angela: Yea!
And with that Angela went streaming around the room telling everyone she had beat Vinnie about
twenty times. As Angela ran past her she picked her up and put her on her lap.
Heidi: Now calm down you’ll fall over in a minute.
Angel (turning to her mother): She’ll get an owwey won’t she?
Angelo (showing his elbow that had a small scab on it): Like this one.
Heidi: Probably not in the house but out side almost certainly.
Charley came back and she quickly zipped upstairs with a small chemist’s bag.
Vinnie: Charley?
Charley: Down in a minute.
Charley quickly went into the bathroom and took out the pregnancy test. She read the
instructions and took it. A few minutes later she was waiting for the results she kept her eyes
closed for a few moments then she opened her eyes, it was blue, she was pregnant. She then
started thinking about how to break it to Vinnie she wasn’t worried as such but she still wasn’t
certain if he wanted a child of his own. She came down the stairs.
Vinnie: Feeling better?
Charley: Feeling excellent Vinnie can I talk to you alone please?
Throttle gave Charley a secret beaming smile as they walked into the kitchen.
Charley: I have something to tell you.
Vinnie: I gathered that much but what is it Sweetheart?
Charley: Vinnie I’m……….pregnant.
Vinnie: You’re pregnant? (big grin) Is that all? I thought you were dumping me.
Charley returned the grin and they walked back into the living room arm and arm.
Vinnie (coughing): I have an announcement to make (everyone’s silent) I am going to be a daddy.
Heidi: Charley! You’re pregnant! (getting up and hugging her) That’s excellent news.
Modo: Charley ma’am that’s great when you expecting it?
Charley: Should be here in 7 months time.
Throttle: I told ya you didn’t have anything to worry about.
Charley: I know.
Angel (tugging on Modo’s trouser leg): Unca Moda what does ‘Pregnant’ mean?
Modo: Well Angel it means that Charley has got a baby in her stomach.
Angelo: It does? How’d it get there?
Modo went red and looked over at Heidi for help.
Heidi: It means that Charley and Vinnie love each other very much so they put it there.
The kids were satisfied with that and everyone gave a big sigh.
Heidi (grinning at Charley): You know we need to go shopping for baby stuff now don’t you?
Charley: Tomorrow I want to stay in today. I need time to let it sink in I don’t think it has
quite yet.
Heidi: Fair enough. I’m taking the kids to the park anyone care to join me?
Modo: I’ll come nothing better to do.
Heidi buckled the kids back and Modo got into the car and drove to the park. Modo helped Angel
into a swing and pushed her gently. Heidi was with Angelo on the slide. No one was watching
Angela until she called out. Heidi turned around, some how she had gotten to the top of the
climbing frame and was waving to her mother.
Angela: Mommy look I can fly.
With that she jumped off and quickly realising she couldn’t fly fell to the ground. When Heidi
reached the crying heap she picked her up and cradled her telling her she was ok now. Modo who
had come over too realised that Angela was covered with blood.
Modo: Heidi ma’am we have some stuff to treat her cuts with at our place.
Heidi just nodded and made sure Angel and Angelo hadn’t wandered off. Angela was still howling
when they got back. Vinnie, Throttle and Charley all wondering what the racket was had come out.
Heidi holding Angela still told them.
Heidi: Angela thought she could fly and jumped off the top of climbing frame.
Charley: Crazy kid come on I’ll get the first aid kit.
Angelo pulled on Modo’s arm.
Angelo: Is Angela gonna be all right?
Modo: I’m sure she is just a few cuts and bruises.
Vinnie had followed the girls inside and was talking to Angela as they cleaned her cuts.
Vinnie: Why did you think you could fly squirt?
Angela: I saw you fly on Sweetheart I thought I could fly.
Vinnie (chuckling softly): That’s coz I have rockets on my bike.
Angela: Oh.
Charley: Well that’s all of them.
Throttle: Anything serious?
Charley: Nothing a little TLC couldn’t take care of.
Vinnie: TLC?
Charley: Tender, loving care.
Angela was showing her plasters to her siblings and they were looking at them with awe.
Angel: Mommy if I jump off climbin’ frame I get plasters too?
Angela (shouting): Don’t it hurts.
Vinnie (scooping her up carefully): Aw does it hurt? (Angela nods) well let Uncle Vinnie kiss it
As Vinnie started to kiss the cuts. Throttle didn’t even bother to hide his shocked face ever
since the triplets were born Vinnie seemed to surprise him even more. Angela giggled.
Vinnie: Feel better?
Angela: Yea!
Charley: How about breakfast?
Everyone nodded and Charley got out her pots and pans as she cooked she hummed the song she had
heard on the radio that morning and swayed her hips slightly to the beat, pretty soon she
couldn’t help singing and started to dance wildly and she used her spatula as a microphone.
Heidi and the others came into the room, Heidi grinned and turned on the radio.
Heidi: Call that a song (turning her attention to the radio) now let’s sees anything good on?
(Heidi continued to search but stopped at a station) This station usually has decent songs on
A beat started to fill the air Heidi grabbed the nearest ‘microphone’, which actually was a
whisk and started to sing.

We live in a free world, I whistle down the wind.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
Life is a flower, so precious in your hand.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
When every race is run and the day is closing in.
I don’t care ‘bout the world I’m living for the light.
Don’t cry for me today ah ah ahhh.
We live in a free world I whistle down the wind.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
Life is a flower so precious in your hand.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
I cannot be your judge Mr. Jailer is your host.
He’s keeping you inside and hides you from the world
No capture in their eye can help you from the day.
We live in a free world. I whistle down the wide.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
Life is a flower so precious in your hand.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
Please Mr. Agony release them for a while uh oh o.
Love them the consequence of living without life.
We live in a free world I whistle down the wind.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
Life is a flower so precious in you hand.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
We live in a free world (free world)
Life is a flower (it’s a flower) Oh oh o.
Oh oh o I whistle down the wind.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
Oh oh o so precious in your hand.
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
We live in a free world (free world)
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.
Life is a flower (it’s a flower)
Carry on smiling and the world will smile with you.

Heidi bowed as the whole room erupted into claps, cheers and even a few whistles.
Heidi: Aww stop I wasn’t that good.
Throttle: But you were Heidi.
Vinnie: Yeah have you ever thought of going pro?
Heidi: Sure I have but I didn’t think I was good enough.
Charley: Are you kidding you belong on the stage.
Heidi: Aww come on whose gonna hire me?
Modo (picking up a paper): Maybe this guy he needs and opening act for next Monday.
Throttle (before Heidi can answer): Perfect! What’s the number?
Before Heidi could even breathe Throttle was on the phone and calling for an audition.
Throttle:…Thanks a lot see ya there… Bye. (putting the phone down) Well Heidi you have got an
audition at 2:00.
Heidi: Oh my God I don’t think I can do this.
Charley knowing how shy her friend can be puts a comforting arm around her.
Charley: You do fine we’ll get a babysitter for the kids and we’ll come with you for moral
Heidi: Oh all right then (muttering under her breath) you guys are controlling my life.
Heidi went off to practice the song she had chosen for the audition.
Vinnie: You think we are doing the right thing?
Modo: Of course we all know she can do it she just lacks confidence.
2:00 comes by Heidi is standing on an elegant stage a piano is in the middle. The owner nods for
her to begin.
Heidi: The song I am singing is ‘ace of base. Life is flower’.
Heidi then started to sing Charley and the Mice all watch the owner for reactions. Heidi seemed
to have loosened up and was dancing around the stage in time to the music and when the song had
finished she was out of breath and had worked up a sweat. A clapping came from the owner he
stood up and in a grand voice said.
Owner: I love it you’re hired.
Heidi’s face lit up but she maintains her excitement until she reached her friends.
Heidi: Yahoo!!!!!!!
Heidi started jumping about she caught hold of Throttle and started swinging him about they soon
got dizzy and ended up in a hysterical heap on the floor.
Modo (hauling Heidi and Throttle): Well-done Heidi ma’am I knew you could do it.
Vinnie: So Sweetheart what are planning to sing opening night?
Heidi: Well my new boss said to chose something blues to open the show and he said if I do well
I could even become main act.
Throttle (still dizzy): If you do I’d better keep out the way (falling over)
Heidi (giggling): Oops sorry (turning to Charley) Can I borrow your blue sparkling dress?
Charley: Sure, I don’t think I’ll be wearing it for sometime now (patting her stomach).
Heidi gave a big yawn and rubbed her eyes sleepily.
Modo: Tired?
Heidi (yawn): Yeah, singing takes up a lot of energy probably more than your muscle mice use
battling Limburger.
Vinnie (getting his bike): I doubt it Sweetheart (waits for an answer) Sweetheart?
But no one answered because Heidi had fallen asleep on Throttle’s bike.
Throttle: Always said you could bore a woman to sleep Vincent.
Vinnie (sarcastically): Very funny bro.
Heidi had woken up by the time they had got back to the Last chance. She sat down in a chair and
almost dropped off again when Charley handed her the dress.
Heidi: Thanks I’ll go pick up the triplets now and I’ll see ya all some time soon.
All: Bye.
After Heidi had left all was relatively calm until Throttle and Vinnie got into a play fight
over which football team was best. Modo and Charley were talking quietly.
Modo: So have you thought of any names yet?
Charley: A couple Alicia, Charlotte and Tina for girls names Brad, Tony and Jamie for boys names
of course I’ll have to run them by Vinnie.
The phone rang Modo went to pick it up.
Modo: Hello?……She is on her way…..she left (glancing at the clock) over an hour ago……she should
be there by now……all right we’ll come and pick them up.
Vinnie (after Modo put down the receiver): Who was that bro?
Modo: The babysitter, apparently Heidi hasn’t come to pick them up yet and could we come and get
Throttle: That’s strange I wonder where Heidi is?
Charley: She probably went home and took a nap and is still sleeping.
Throttle, Modo and Vinnie get on their bikes and head towards the babysitters flat they are
cruising the street when they come to a car which looked as though the driver drove it straight
into a lamppost. They pull up to it they see the driver face down on the steering wheel
obviously unconscious but when Vinnie gently tips her head back he reels back.
Vinnie: Holy cow it’s Heidi!

‘….Heidi?…..Heidi?….’ a constant voice is repeating into Heidi’s mind. She groans and tries
to turn her head away from the noise but a pain stabs her neck she gasps and feels a hand
support her neck.
Voice: No don’t move just stay still now.
Heidi (groaning): Go away!
Another voice chuckles.
2nd voice: At least she’s talking to you.
Heidi tries to remember what happened to her. All she could remember was driving and feeling
extremely tired. She can hear the sound of jogging footsteps and another voice.
3rd voice: Ambulance should be here soon.
All these voices sounded familiar, very familiar she gasped as the hands holding her head still
moved their thumbs to soothe her.
1st voice: It’s all right you’ll be ok now.
3rd voice: You know I don’t think she recognises us bro.
At the word bro something clicks Heidi instantly knows who everyone was, the one holding her
head was Throttle, the one that had called the ambulance was Vinnie and the one standing nearby
was Modo. She started to open her eyes very slowly all she could see was shadows at the moment
but the black blur above her soon took Throttle’s shape.
Throttle: You decided to join us?
Heidi: What happened?
Modo: What we gather is you feel asleep at the wheel and drove into the lamppost.
Heidi (fear in her eyes): Is it bad?
Vinnie: We know there is no broken bones a few cuts but they will heal quite quickly maybe a
Heidi (moving her eyes towards Throttle): Then why are you holding my neck?
Throttle: We think you’ve got whiplash too.
Heidi chewed this over for a few seconds them she remembered why she was in the car.
Heidi (sitting up quickly): Oh my God the kids!
Throttle tried to lay Heidi back down but she fought back up, as she stood up Vinnie and Modo
tried to get her to sit down but as they didn’t want to hurt her they couldn’t be much help.
Heidi got up and staggered in the direction of the babysitters flat suddenly an ambulance roars
round the corner the sudden noise pierced Heidi’s eardrums. She stood there holding her ears
when her knees buckled and she collapsed not noticing her head hitting the pavement.

Heidi’s eyes start to open once again this time no bright light blinded her instead everything
was dark. Heidi would have thought she was blind if not for the very faint light at the end of
the corridor. She looked around she was in a hospital bed and she assumed it was night-time.
Heidi: Nurse, Nurse.
A nurse walked over to Heidi’s bed.
Nurse: Yes Miss Keep?
Heidi: What time is it? How bad am I hurt and how’d I get here?
Nurse: It’s 3:00am. You have a minor concussion and the ambulance brought you here your biker
friends stayed with you a long while but finally left.
Heidi satisfied with that tried to get to sleep but it would not come she tried counting sheep
she tried thinking of things to get her relaxed but nothing about a couple of hours later Heidi
glanced out of the window the sun was beginning to rise, birds began to sing and more doctors
and nurses started to appear. She knew she had a good few hours before the mice got here so she
asked for some paper and began to write a poem.
A fire growing over the horizon starts each new day.
Birds sing and children laugh and skip and play
Early morning dew on each blade of grass.
As the wind blows each droplet doubles in mass.
Higher higher in the sky,
The Sun merrily does fly.
Heidi placed the poem on her bedside table and starts to eat the breakfast the hospital cook
made for her, Cornflakes. A glass of orange juice and a small bowl of ice cream. She was on the
ice cream when she heard a familiar voice.
Vinnie: You were having ice cream and didn’t even leave us any.
Heidi: Morning guys had a nice night?
Throttle: Not really the triplets were really worried and wouldn’t go to sleep especially
Modo: So how are you feeling?
Heidi: Perfect I want to go home now though.
Vinnie: Did you get any sleep last night?
Heidi: None whatsoever I’ve been awake since 3:00 this morning.
Throttle: What’s this? (picking up the piece of paper) This is pretty good. Heidi do you know
who wrote this?
Heidi: Actually I did.
Modo (reading over Throttle’s shoulder): Wow you are just so talented aren’t you?
Heidi (blush): Nah I just did it to pass the time.
Doctor Gold came over to the Biker mice and smiled at Heidi.
Dr Gold: Well Miss Keep sleep well?
Heidi: No I’ve been up since 3.
Dr Gold: Oh really? Well I’d suggest getting more sleep from now on.
Vinnie: Yeah don’t want you crashing into a lamppost every time you sing.
Heidi (sticks her tongue out): Shut up! (turning to Dr Gold) So Doc am I going to live?
Dr Gold: Well you have a concussion caused by the crash and hitting the pavement trying to get
away (stern look).
Heidi (innocent look): Can I help it that I’m stubborn. When can I go home?
Dr Gold: Now (leads the Mice away as Heidi starts to dress) Right Heidi shouldn’t do any
straining activity if she gets a headache give her some aspirin if it still hurts make an
appointment with her GP.
The Mice nod as Heidi gets up and walks over to the Mice.
Heidi (mischievous grin): Was she telling you to wrap me up in cotton wool and bubble wrap?
Vinnie (equally mischievous grin): Yes!
and with that Vinnie picks Heidi up and starts walking with Throttle and Modo opening doors for
him. Heidi was giggling and squealing but she soon got fed up.
Heidi: Vinnie if you don’t put me down this minute I’ll stop you having any more children.
Vinnie almost bust a gut laughing but what he did do was drop Heidi luckily Throttle caught her.
Heidi looked Throttle in the eye then looked away as she whispered her thanks. As Heidi walked
away determined that Throttle wont see her red face she left three very confused Mice standing
Modo: Did we just miss something here?
Vinnie: Maybe she’s upset I dropped her?
Throttle: Let’s ask her.
When they reach the car park Heidi already has her helmet on which was given to her on her
birthday it is jet black with a streak of sliver lighting from the top down to the back.
Throttle: Heidi why…?
Heidi (interrupts): I hate hospitals let’s go home.
There was a sense of urgency in her voice that made them all shut up, they thought it was
because of the hospital but it was really that Heidi didn’t want to talk to them just yet
especially Throttle ‘Come on girl, you’ve broke up over 8 months now you should be over him by
now’ Heidi thought to herself but remembering the pain she had felt brought tears to her eyes.
When they reached the Last chance Heidi darted upstairs a stray sob entering Charley’s ears she
quickly quizzed the guys on what had happened but found nothing that would upset Heidi normally.
Charley: Heidi? (putting her head through the door seeing her friend crying her heart out
rushing up to her and putting her arm around her) Heidi? Heidi? Come on tell me what’s wrong?
Heidi: I….it st….still…..hurts.
Charley: What still hurts?
Heidi: Seeing Throttle.
Charley: What do you mean?
Heidi: Charley I still love him with all my heart.
Charley: I know you do and it hurts like hell doesn’t it.
Heidi (nodding tears still streaming down her face): I want to die.
Charley: Stay up here for a while I’ll tell ‘em your writing a song for your gig.
With that Charley left Heidi to compose herself Throttle and Vinnie were watching the T.V and
Modo was getting something to eat.
Vinnie: Hey Sweetheart what was up with Heidi?
Charley: Nothing she just wants to write a song for her opening night.
Throttle wasn’t entirely satisfied with that answer but didn’t say anything, about an hour later
Heidi came down stairs with a piece of paper. Heidi’s face was slightly red but no one said
anything Heidi got the feeling that they thought she was a time bomb about to explode.
Heidi: I think I’ll go home now, oh yeah how bad was the car?
Modo: Not too bad the front was totalled but don’t worry the dress is fine.
Heidi: Thank God I wouldn’t want to pay for it at least not until I get to Broadway.
Throttle (chuckling): The way you sing that wont be very long. So is that the song you’re
Heidi: Yeah if you want a sneak preview tough luck coz I haven’t finished it yet. (Heidi calls
the triplets) See ya all soon.
All: Bye Heidi see ya you munchkins.
Vinnie: I know it’s none of my business but it looked as though Heidi had been crying.
Modo: Yeah, but as you said Vinnie it is none of our business it will be as soon as Heidi tells
us about it though.
Throttle (fixing her with a penetrating eye): Do you know what’s up with Heidi Charley-girl?
Charley: Nope I don’t but if there is something wrong she’ll probably get over it. You guys
leaving anytime soon I’m shattered.
Throttle and Modo: Good night.
Vinnie: If you don’t mind Sweetheart I thought we could talk.
Charley: Fine just let me get a shower.
Charley left Vinnie with the others, Throttle gave Vinnie a reassuring look.
Throttle: She’ll say yes I know she will.
Vinnie: But what if she doesn’t want to move to Mars?
Modo: Don’t worry she loves you where ever you are she’ll be happy.
Vinnie: I sure hope your right I’ll see you tomorrow.
They left and Vinnie went upstairs Charley was out of the shower and was wearing her robe and
was brushing her hair.
Charley: You know I’ve been wondering
Vinnie: ‘Bout what?
Charley: You can project images with your antenna if you press them to peoples foreheads I was
wondering if you press them against my stomach the baby would be able to make a connection with
Vinnie: Dunno worth a try.
With that Vinnie kneeled down in front of Charley and touch his antenna gently against her
stomach. He stayed like that for a few moments when he stood up again he had a wide grin on his
Vinnie: It worked I got a connection with the baby!
Charley: Really does it know whether it’s a boy or girl?
Vinnie (shaking his head): Too early to tell at the moment.
Charley (happy sigh): Things couldn’t be more perfect.
Vinnie: Oh really? You think so?
With that Vinnie got down on one knee and pulled a ring out of his back pocket.
Vinnie: Charlene would you do me the greatest honour of becoming my wife and moving to Mars with
Charley was too choked to speak the ring was beautiful it had a sapphire and small diamonds
round it.
Vinnie (slightly uneasy): Well?
Charley: Oh Vinnie yes! Yes! Yes!
Vinnie placed the ring on her finger and hugged her.
Charley: But you’re not just asking me coz I’m pregnant?
Vinnie: No way Sweetheart I’ve had this ring for months.
A little later Charley is tossing and turning in the bed unable to find a comfortable position.
Vinnie: Hey Charley-girl why all the tossing?
Charley: Oh it’s Heidi I do know what’s wrong with her but I can’t tell anyone.
Vinnie: You can tell me Heidi is practically my sister.
Charley: Ok but you gotta promise not to tell Throttle or Modo.
Vinnie: All right.
Charley: Well Heidi doesn’t want to admit it but she still has pretty strong feelings for
Vinnie: Oh! That is gonna cause some problems tell you what though she’s hid it pretty well for
the past few months.
Charley: Yeah I know what you mean when he first dumped her we couldn’t get her to stay in the
same room with him for more than a few minutes.
Vinnie: But then Throttle got tired of that and cornered her to talk to her but then she started
screaming for no reason but we found out later even though she knew Throttle just wanted to talk
to her she kept thinking of that guy in the West Side.
Charley: But they finally got to talk and they became friends again.
Charley started to doze of to sleep when she remembers something.
Charley: Oh yeah I wonder how she’s gonna do tomorrow.
Vinnie (murmuring sleepily): She’ll do fine you just wait and see now go to sleep.

Heidi woke up at 6am she was nervous about her show, realising she wasn’t going to go back
sleep she started to work on the song she was planning to sing. She chewed on the end of her
pencil and starts to write about an hour later it is finished. She glances at the wardrobe and
gets up and pulls the dress out of it, so many good memories were attached to this dress
although she wasn’t wearing it, it still reminded her of the date her and Throttle had gone out
on where he had reassured her how beautiful she really was remembering the happier times makes
Heidi cry again, she gently puts the dress back into wardrobe and slips back into her bed.
Pretty soon her pillow is wet with tears and Heidi was in a fitful slumber, the door of the
bedroom was pushed open slowly the black haired head of Angelo looked in he didn’t like to hear
his mother crying but for the past few days she had been and his little mind was made up he
would tell his Uncle Throttle about it and he’d do someth!
ing about it with that Angelo slowly closed the door and went back to bed. At about 7:30 Heidi
woke up and dragged her self out of bed and into the bathroom she looked at the mirror her face
was red and tear streaked, she sighed and started to rub her eyes furiously the end result was
puffy eyes that looked as though she’d had a serious hay fever attack. Heidi couldn’t remember
how many times she had pulled that one this month but it was the only way to avoid a difficult
situation. She pulled on a loose tee-shirt and then stopped a mischievous smile crossed her face
and she pulled out her boob tube and (very) mini skirt she had never wore this over to the Last
chance and she wanted to see what kind of a reaction she’d get plus she wanted to cheer herself
up. She got the triplets dressed and walked to the garage, the dress and a bag of make up in her

Charley sighed, the boys were here already and guess who was stuck making breakfast the guys had
been told the good news and Throttle and Modo argued over who was going to be best man, Charley
had ended that argument by stating they could both be best man and Heidi would be maid of honour
Angel and Angela could be bridesmaids and Angelo could be a page boy. Charley place the usual
meal of hotdogs and rootbeer on the table and the boys began to wolf it down.
Heidi (walking in): Left any for us besides what’s on the floor?
Throttle (started turning to Heidi): Good Morn….
The word just dies in his throat as he saw what Heidi was wearing, the scraps of material left
nothing to the imagination. The other three having spotted it as well were in similar trances
because Heidi was renowned for not wearing skirts often and NEVER wearing anything skimpy
claiming she didn’t have the figure for it but there she was continuing she normal routine as if
nothing was wrong. Modo cleared his throat, bright red all the way up to his ears.
Modo: Heidi ma’am I think you forgot something.
Vinnie: Yeah your clothes!
Heidi (gesturing to the outfit): Oh this I felt like a change.
Charley: Pretty big change.
Throttle still sat with his mouth wide open, Heidi slightly amused with this walked over to him
and shut his mouth.
Heidi: Take it easy you’ve seen it all before remember?
Throttle looked up and noticed her red puffy eyes.
Throttle (raising an eyebrow): Another hay fever flare up eh Heidi?
Heidi (nervous cough): Yeah.
Heidi went to help Charley make some more to eat Angelo walked up to Throttle and tugged on his
Throttle: What’s up little man?
Angelo: Mommy been crying.
Throttle: Has she?
Angelo (nodding): Yea I hear her at night and some times the morning.
Throttle thought this over and decided he was seriously worried about Heidi she didn’t usually
keep secrets to herself if she couldn’t tell Charley she’d tell Vinnie, a little voice nagged at
the back of his head saying how’d you know she hasn’t already and there not telling you. Vinnie
could never keep secrets from Throttle all he had to do was ask.
Throttle: Vinnie why has Heidi been crying?
Vinnie (looking up from Angela): How should I know bro? Why don’t you ask her?
Throttle (standing up): Don’t think I wont!
Throttle walked into the kitchen and went up to Heidi and got straight to the point.
Throttle: Heidi you’ve been crying again and I wanna know why.
Heidi (trying to look angry): Why should I tell you?
Throttle: You should tell me because I wanna help you.
Heidi (now definitely looking angry): Did you even consider I don’t want help?
Throttle (shouting): Why wouldn’t you want help if you’ve been crying then obviously something’s
wrong and needs to be put right.
Heidi (fixing Throttle with ‘The Eye’ and saying in a quiet but somehow chilling voice): Maybe I
don’t want help from you.
Heidi walked out of the room and Throttle was left with a very distinctive chill down his spine,
she had never given him ‘The Eye’ before she had given it to Dr. Gold once because she hates
being told what to do, he remember Dr. Gold had shut up the moment Heidi’s eyes started thin
out. Heidi walked back into the kitchen totally ignoring Throttle spoke to Charley.
Heidi: Can I borrow your room to practice and to get changed?
Charley: Sure knock yourself out.
Heidi: You guys are coming to the show aren’t you?
Throttle: Wouldn’t miss it for the world.
Heidi just gave Throttle a disdainful look and walked past him as if he wasn’t there Vinnie who
had been standing in the doorway shivered and said.
Vinnie: Brrr the cold-shoulder if I ever saw it bro.
Throttle (thoroughly confused): But why what did I do?
Charley: Well I suppose I’d better tell you but you gotta promise not to tell Heidi I told ya
tell her you guessed and not until after the show.
Throttle: What tell me?
Vinnie: Well Heidi.. how should I put this…. Heidi’s still got the hots for you bad she is
really hurt still, it’s killing her.
Charley: I don’t think she’s really had her spark back properly since it happened.
Throttle (disbelievingly): But we sorted this out before. I gotta go talk to her.
Charley: What did I say? I said after her show.

Heidi stood in the wings nervous as hell despite constant reassurance that she was gonna do
fine she was always nervous, the bar was darkened so no one saw her slowly walk out to the
middle of the stage. She was introduced over a P.A system and the spotlight turned on her, she
started to still in a slow sad way capturing everyone in her mood as she carried on singing.

I see you standing there, I smile remembering before.
when I held you tight and you said you loved me and more,
said you’d stand by me for the rest of your life
And you one day would make me your wife.
But all that changed right before my eyes
Caught me off guard took me by surprise
You found love and said to my face
That I was officially out of the race.

Heartbreak hell is where I go whenever I see you
I keep my pain in check just to be near you
I hope someday just by chance
You and me will find our romance

Sometimes I get so angry,
I want to scream and yell and cry
I want to hurt you bad, as bad as you hurt me.
I think my heart will never be free from,

Heartbreak hell that’s where I go whenever I see you
I keep my pain in check just to be near you
I hope someday just by chance
You and me will find our romance

All that changed right before my eyes
Caught me off guard took me by surprise
You found love and said to my face
That I was officially out of the race.

Will I never escape my heartbreak hell?
Why’d you have to do that when things were so well?
I had you and I had my friends
I’ll just hope that my heart will mend.

Throttle sat listening to her his eyes trying desperately to hold back the tears, he wasn’t
stupid he knew this song was about her and him. He had absolutely no idea that she felt this way
but it hurt him more to think she felt she couldn’t talk to him about it. When she finished the
crowd cheered and clapped a few threw roses onto the stage Heidi picked one up and put it behind
her ear and walked off the stage. Throttle looked over at the others they were smiling and
talking about how good Heidi sang.
Vinnie: Oh my God it’s almost like she felt every word she sung.
Throttle: Don’t be too sure she didn’t.
Modo: What do you mean bro?
Throttle: Heidi wrote that song herself and it was about her feelings towards me she is hurtin’
real bad but she won’t tell anyone about it. I’m gonna have to talk to her about it.
Charley: How? she’s still giving you the silent treatment.
Throttle: I’ll just have to make her listen.

Heidi arrived home paid her babysitter and started to undress she left the rose till last
putting it into a vase she had ready for it she is about to go to sleep when a knock comes at
the door. Heidi answers it and is so surprised to see Throttle there that she forgot she was mad
at him.
Heidi: Throttle? What the hell are you doing here it’s after midnight?
Throttle: Heidi I’m not dumb you are still hurt by us breaking up aren’t you?
Heidi (quiet and looking down at her feet): Yeah.
Throttle (tilting her chin back up she tried not to look in his eyes but he made her): Why
didn’t you tell me?
Heidi: Not something that comes up in regular conversation anyway you didn’t seem too cut up
about you had Carbine.
Throttle (shaking his head): Heidi when Vinnie brought you home drunk that night I felt so bad I
lay in bed debating whether I wanted to be with Carbine or you, you only came second because
your human and I didn’t want to drag you into our war.
Heidi: But I want to help.
Throttle: I know you do and so does Charley but she is gonna be moving up to Mars with Vinnie
when they get married so it is gonna be her fight.
Heidi: Throttle I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that I still liked you I thought I didn’t matter to
you that I was someone you wanted while you were on the rebound from Carbine.
Throttle (shocked): No! how on Mars could you think like that?
Heidi: Easy you dumped me so I had to think up a reason so there it was.
Throttle (putting an arm around her shoulder): Don’t tell Carbine this but if you had been a
Martian mouse I would have probably chose you your not as bossy as her any way.
Heidi: Throttle could I ask a favour could you stay here for the night I don’t wanna be alone.
Throttle nodded as he started to make a bed on the sofa little did he know someone was watching
him and Heidi and plotting an evil plot.
Continued in part 2. A star transformation.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the BMFM and I am not making any money off this. Heidi, her triplets and
Mitch all belong to me. Enjoy.

Emotional exchange part 2

A star transformation


Day dreamer

Copyright, Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved.

Limburger: Karbunkle!!! Come here at once!
Karbunkle: Yes your creamy chedderiness.
Limburger: How is that new client of yours doing?
Karbunkle: Oh quite fine he just reported back, The young female and the tan mouse are in her
flat, the white one and the mechanic are at the Garage and the grey one is nowhere to be found.
Limburger: Very satisfactory call him and tell him to proceed with phase 2 of Operation spirit
break the grey one will turn up in time.
Karbunkle shuffled to his radio,
Karbunkle: Mitch, Mitch come in Mitch.
Mitch (crackling over the radio): Yeah?
Karbunkle: Proceed to the next stage.
Mitch smiled an evil grin as he put his radio down he moved from his dark corner in the alley
across from the Last Chance and started to move slowly and stealthily forward, he slipped in the
back door and up the stairs he took out his handkerchief and poured a solution onto it he then
held the cloth at Charley’s nose and as she breathed she slowly went into a deep trance. Mitch
re-topped the cloth and held it at Vinnie’s nose a repeat performance of before. He pocketed the
cloth and pulled Charley over his shoulder and carried her out to his waiting van returning only
to take Vinnie to the van aswell, the black van, looking so much like a piece of the night sky,
slowly drove away.

Heidi stretched out her tired muscles she smiles warmly to herself remembering the applause she
had received and even more pleasing her boss wanted her to do the same act tonight. The one
drawback was Heidi had to go in for rehearsals all day and she didn’t like to ask Charley to
baby-sit again so after Heidi had got dressed she picked up her little black book and started to
ring for babysitters when all that was arranged, Heidi started to cook breakfast the pattering
of tiny feet told her that the triplets were coming.
Angel: ‘Morning Mommy!
Heidi: ‘Morning Angel go get your Uncle Throttle up.
Angel shuffled into the living room where the large figure of Throttle was lying on the sofa.
Angel smiled and pulled the bed covers off of Throttle and climbed on his chest she then kissed
him on the forehead.
Angel: Wake up Unca Trottle.
Throttle (rubbing his eyes): What is it baby?
Angel: Breakfast is ready.
Throttle walked in to the kitchen a sat down still rubbing sleep out of his eyes.
Heidi: Thanks for staying over last night.
Throttle: No problem you feeling any better no more crying and so on?
Heidi: Yeah now I know I wasn’t some rebound fling.
Throttle: I still don’t know how you could of thought that.
Heidi: Drop it. I’ve got rehearsals all day I have arranged a babysitter to watch the kids and
we can drop them off on the way to the Last Chance of course you’d better put some clothes on.
Throttle remembered he was only wearing his black boxers funnily enough he wasn’t too
embarrassed considering she’d seen it before he finished his breakfast and began to get dressed.

Modo woke up and looked around ‘wonder where Throttle got to’ Modo wondered to himself as he
pulled on his clothes and drove to the Garage on his Li’l darling. He pulled into the garage and
looked for Charley and Vinnie ‘Hmm that’s funny they should be up by now’ he didn’t hear the
footsteps behind him and didn’t anticipate the blow to the head as he collapsed on to the floor.
Mitch had just managed to drag Modo out when Throttle and Heidi arrived he threw a knock out gas
grenade in through the window.
Throttle: Knock out gas Heidi don’t breathe it in.
But saying that was useless because Heidi was already slumped over Throttle’s back, he just
sighed as the gas got him too.

Limburger surveyed his new employee he didn’t seem any different from a normal human but he was
faster than lighting and had the skills of an assassin. He had red hair that he had grow long
and it reached half way down his back, right now it was tied into a ponytail.
Limburger: Well Mr. Mitch which one shall be the ‘lucky’ one.
Mitch (pointing to an unconscious Heidi): Her all of the others have a soft spot for her.
Limburger signalled his goons to strap her to the table while his other goons tied the Mice and
Charley to a pole. Karbunkle made the last finishing touches to some machine and gave Limburger
a thumbs up.

Vinnie woke up suddenly some one had just splashed him with cold water, he looked around his
surroundings he knew he was in Karbunkle’s lab, Vinnie tried to move towards Charley, Throttle
and Modo but found his feet firmly shackled to the floor and his hands tied behind his back
around a pole. He wondered why Heidi was on a table and not tied up with the rest of them, but
he had a feeling it wasn’t for any good reason.
Limburger: Well my dear Mice and of course the charming females I would like to introduce you to
Mitch my newest employee who has successfully captured you all in one try and I know you’re all
wondering why Miss Keep is strapped to this table well Karbunkle if you would do the honours
(Karbunkle lifted a large sheet uncovering a machine) as you can see she is a perfect subject
for this little experiment and before you ask yes you are going to be made to watch.

Karbunkle started to hook the machine up to Heidi, she made no sound as the machine was being
connected up and she planned to be silent all throughout the experiment but when Karbunkle turn
the machine on a searing pain shot through her entire body. She let out a great gushing gasp she
didn’t have time to refill her lungs when she felt another jolt go through her body, the
electrical jolts were getting faster and faster and even more painful. Heidi was doing her best
to stay quiet but every now and again a small cry would come from her lips. Karbunkle didn’t
seem very satisfied with the lack of noise coming from his ‘patient’ and turned the knob higher,
this time a full blown blood-curdling scream echoed through the lab and then silence as Heidi
fell into unconsciousness. Greasepit approached the seething Mice each of their tails thrashing
around, every single one of them were eager to rip Karbunkle’s head off.
Greasepit: You’se makes one wrongs move and the Doc’ll electrocute the dame.
The Mice and Charley allowed themselves to be lead down the hall into a waiting holding cell
they weren’t in there long when Heidi was tossed in limp and pale.

Meanwhile……Limburger was congratulating Mitch.
Limburger: Well done Mr. Mitch how many more days until the complete transformation is done.
Mitch: Couple more days probably.
Limburger: And by then those wretched mice will have given up hope of helping their friend and
they will be putty in my hands.

Heidi felt through her semiconscious state someone’s strong arms lift her up and place her on a
hard surface. She tried to open her eyes but decided against that, as she was too weak she tried
speaking instead.
Heidi (weakly): Is everyone there?
Charley: Yeah we’re all here we’re all ok as well.
Heidi: Where are we?
Vinnie: Plutarkian holding cell.
Modo: How are you feeling?
Heidi: Like someone ran me over with a steamroller.
Heidi hears a stifled snicker and frowns.
Heidi: It’s not funny I felt like my spine was gonna break.
Throttle (smoothing her hair from her forehead): Well you were really brave I doubt I could’ve
stood so much pain without screaming.
Heidi: What was the point in electrocuting me anyway?
Charley: Probably to get us depressed or something.
Heidi: Oh, am I badly hurt?
Modo: You don’t look too bad you have pretty bad burns where your shackles were but not much.
Heidi: I wanna sit up.
Vinnie: Heidi you can’t even open your eyes yet how do you expect to sit up?
Heidi frowned again and opened her eyes it was pretty dark only just enough light to see by
Throttle and Charley were kneeling by the bed Vinnie and Modo were standing behind them.
Heidi (pleading with her eyes): Can I sit up now?
Throttle: All right but slowly now.
Throttle gently pulls Heidi up right while Modo glides her legs off the bed and Heidi is
Vinnie: You know if I didn’t know better I would have thought you’d been electrocuted over a
week ago instead of half an hour a go.
Heidi: Well I’m trying hard not to be beaten by this.
Throttle: The more I think about it the more right it seems that Limburger is trying to break
out spirit, I mean Heidi is the youngest and she’s close to us all and this Mitch guy somehow
knows it.
Modo: Well they’re both gonna be very disappointed because we’re not gonna break.
Vinnie: Unless you mean break out of here.
Charley: But how?
Heidi: Maybe I could squeeze through those bars and then let you out.
Modo: Do you think you could? (Heidi nods) come on then.
Heidi gets up quickly and walks over to the bars much to the surprise of Throttle who was
preparing to have to carry her. Loud voices come down the corridor and before Heidi can move
away large greasy hand grabs her collar.
Greasepit: Hold it right there Mouses one step out of line and your pretty female friend gos
Again Charley and the guys allow themselves to be led back to the lab and tied up then Heidi is
re-shackled to the table, she winces as the metal touches her burns.
Limburger: Hello again my dear Mice, I must say how surprised I am at Miss Keep’s swift
recovering of last time, seems I didn’t anticipate the strength of this young female. Karbunkle
complete the experiment now.
Heidi was connected up again, Charley saw she looked physically sick at the thought of what was
going happen. Karbunkle didn’t give any mercy and let her have it full blast and then some,
Heidi screamed and screamed and screamed Vinnie would have been sure he’d gone deaf if he
couldn’t still hear her screaming. Throttle started to notice small changes on Heidi, her skin
seemed to be going darker he looked at it even more it suddenly hit him.
Throttle: Oh my God it’s FUR. Limburger what are you doing to her?
Limburger (having to shout over Heidi’s constant screams): I think you’ve already figured that
out. But for the others I’m transforming her into a Martian mouse she’ll get so depressed she’ll
take orders from anyone.
Modo (eye glowing): Heidi will never take orders from you you’ve hurt her too many times.
Karbunkle: The transformation is complete she is now a Martian mouse.
A goon released Throttle to a gunpoint and told him to carry Heidi who while still conscious
couldn’t move. Modo held a whispered conversation with Throttle as he passed.
Modo: Should we take down this goon on the way to the cell and then book?
Throttle (shaking his head): Let’s wait until Heidi can walk and fight.
Back at the cell everyone got their first good look at her, Heidi now had black fur almost all
over except from a tiny white patch shaped like a star on her ankle. She still had her brown
hair and when she did open her eyes they noticed her eyes were still blue/green.
Heidi: I feel as though all my bones are broken, and my skin has been run through a mangle.
Throttle: What’s a mangle?
Heidi (sighs): I forgot Martian Mice don’t know much about Earth history, a mangle is what
peoples use to use to dry clothes they’d run the wet clothes through it and it would squeeze all
the water out.
Vinnie: Oh, do you think you could sit up again? and maybe we can try our plan again.
Heidi sat up on her own, she was just about to stand up when she caught a glimpse of her leg.
Heidi: What? What happened what’d he do to me?
Charley: They turned you into a Martian mouse in the hopes you’d break and seeing you break
would make us break.
Heidi didn’t say anything she walked up to Vinnie and observed her face in his facemask.
Heidi: Not too bad I guess it could be worse he coulda turned me into a Plutarkian but what
about the triplets how are they gonna react?
Modo: We gotta get out first so Heidi do you think you could squeeze through those bars?
Heidi (nods): If I couldn’t before I’ll defiantly be able now.
With that Heidi got up walked slightly wobbly over to the bars and she neatly and quickly
squeezed through them.
Heidi: I could get used to this.
Throttle: Right you have to find the key and enough weapons for all of us.
Heidi’s head whipped around as she heard the voices of a couple of guards.
Vinnie: Get back in here.
Heidi (whispering): No time.
She climbed up the cell door and hung from an air vent just seconds before the goons came around
the corner, she prayed she wouldn’t sweat and then the drops would land on the goons heads as
they were pushing food through the bars when they left Heidi jumped down.
Heidi: Let me have some of that.
Charley handed her some of the dried crackers and water they had been given she drank it and ate
the crackers and walked down the corridor her now highly sensitive ears alert for even the
smallest sound. She looked for Greasepit guessing he probably had the key her nose picked up the
his rancid smell and she followed it to see Greasepit walking down the hall away from her. She
looked around saw no one was around and took a running jump and kicked Greasepit firmly in the
back of the head knocking him out. She grabbed his key and his blaster and looked around for the
weapons room, she was fairly confident now. She saw a couple of goons blasted them, stole their
lasers ‘right I’ve got 3 lasers at the moment need 2 more at least’. An alarm sounded and Heidi
knew her escape had been found out she heard what sounded like a whole horde of goons she waited
for them from the pipes above. She quickly disarmed most of the goons before they knew she was
there, she flipped down and used th!
e martial arts she had learned after she had been attacked to defeat the goons. She stuffed as
many blasters as she could get into her pockets as well as having one in each hand. She ran back
the way she came to the holding cell but it was empty.
Heidi (saying to herself): Oh bugger! Where are they now? (thinks) The lab!
Heidi runs as fast as she can to the lab and walks through the door. Limburger looks up thinking
it’s Greasepit coming to report the prisoners capture. He is momentarily too stunned to do
anything but watch as she begins to cut through the ropes that hold her friends, but he quickly
regains his composure.
Limburger: Mitch get her!
Mitch stepped out of the shadows behind her and pushed her down she turned as she fell to shoot
him but he kicked the gun out of her hands, she stood up and flipped backwards to put some
distance between them. He lunged for her with a flying kick but she dropped and rolled away, she
took a deep breath and hit him with everything she had but he blocked everything. Heidi stood
shocked (Authors note: Big mistake)
He punched her hard and she went flying to the ground she pulled out one of her spare guns and
shot at him quickly. Mitch stopped dead in his tracks as the blast hit him square in the chest,
Limburger ran when he saw this Heidi dropped the gun in fright and rushed to the Mice she untied
them. Vinnie went over to Mitch and felt for a pulse he looked at Heidi sadly a shook his head.
Heidi: No! I can’t believe it I killed him! I killed him!
Heidi started to go into hysterics screaming and crying Throttle slapped her and shook her
Throttle: Heidi stop it you did it coz you had to he would have killed you.
Heidi: I still killed him I’m a monster.
Vinnie came over and tried to hug her but she struggled away.
Heidi: Don’t come near me I don’t deserve to be loved.
Heidi ran away sobbing they all ran after her they turned a corner and …..nothing she wasn’t
Charley: What the….?
Throttle (hearing sniffing above his head looks up): There she is she’s hanging by her tail from
the ceiling.
Vinnie: Come down Heidi don’t you think we’ve killed before in the wars on Mars.
Heidi: Well yeah but I didn’t want to kill him I thought the gun was on stun.
Charley: We know that, we don’t think any less of you because you did.
Heidi: But I think less of myself.
Throttle: Come on Heidi what do you think would have happened if you hadn’t of shot him?
(silence from Heidi) He’d of caught you and then Karbunkle would have broken you. Now if you
don’t come down right now I’ll make you eat tomatoes.
Heidi: Alright you want me to come down I’ll come down.
Modo recognising what Heidi was gonna do caught her as she released her tail. Everyone was
silent as Heidi walked down the hall a few paces in front of them. She didn’t stop walking until
she got the Last chance.
Heidi: I doubt my boss would like a mouse for a opening act so lets go pick up the kids.
Heidi pulled on her helmet and straddled Throttle’s bike, Vinnie pulled a few stunts on the way
to the babysitters house but the trip remained uneventful.
Angela: Mommy you’re back!
Angelo: Can we go to the park?
Angel: Yea!
Heidi (still has her helmet on): Yes.
At the park Heidi calls the kids to her.
Heidi: Angel, Angelo, and Angela some bad people did something to me and…. Well see for
Heidi slips the helmet over her head the children gasp at her new face and Angel takes a step
Heidi: I’m still your mother but I was changed into a Martian mouse like your uncles.
No one made a move until Angela started forward slowly she reaches her little hand to play with
her dark brown hair as she squinted at her eyes. She reached her other hand up and stroked the
fur on her mother’s face.
Angela: Fur’s soft just like Unca Vinnie’s.
The other two approached their mother and stroked her fur as well, Angelo spotted the tail
behind her.
Angelo: Look Mommy’s got a tail!
To demonstrate it Heidi snaked her tail forward to tickle Angelo under the chin.
Angel: Who did this to you?
Heidi (angry look): Some very nasty people but we escaped from them and soon we will pay them
Heidi gathered her children into a long hug, Charley patted her stomach.
Charley: I wish you’d hurry up and get here I’m getting broody.
Vinnie: The time will fly by because while be preparing for the wedding (bending down to Angela)
and you’ll be the prettiest little flower girl wont you? (Angela shook her head) No? No what?
Angela: Don’t wanna be a flower girl.
Vinnie: Why squirt?
Angela: Don’t wanna wear a dress.
Heidi: Uh oh I think we all know whose gonna be the tomboy here. Angie honey you’ll love the
dress and any way you only have to wear it for a few hours.
Angela: Ok then.
The kids spread out to play Heidi snatched Throttle as he walked by.
Heidi: Look Throttle I don’t feel good about killing Mitch but I wanna help you in your war and
I’m not likely to last long on Earth like this.
Throttle: What you’re saying is you want to move to Mars, right?
Heidi: Yeah me and the kids of course.
Throttle: I think you’ll be welcomed with open arms you’ve got good spy qualities Stoke’ll like
them but of course we have to put Limburger out of commission first.
Heidi nods and quickly stops Angela from going to the climbing frame.
Heidi: Didn’t you learn any thing from the other day?
Angela: Yea I did but I want to see if I can climb up again.
Heidi laughed and led her to the slide and went down with her. They had a joyful afternoon which
the highlights were when Vinnie had decided to take a nap Angela had decided to eat her ice
cream near him and she dropped it by accident right on Vinnie’s chest, Vinnie had shot up like a
giant rocket scream blue murder Charley had wiped it off but even she couldn’t stop laughing.

Heidi turned the key in her lock and pushed her door open and she stumbles over a table which
as lying in the hallway,
Angel: Mommy?
Heidi: Stay out side at the moment.
Heidi had to walk over wrecked furniture and broken ornaments greasy footprints told her what
had happened, Greasepit had been sent to trash her house. Heidi picked up the phone and
re-connected it to the wall she dialled the Last Chance and prayed they would have arrived by
Modo: Hello Last Chance how can I help?
Heidi: Modo could you and the guys come over right now?
Modo: Heidi ma’am why? What’s up?
Heidi: Come over and you’ll find out.
Modo: Ok Heidi ma’am stay put.
Heidi: Hurry.
She placed the phone down and moved to her bedroom all her clothes had been thrown around and
her mirror had been smashed she sat on her bed which had big laser burns on it. She gathered the
remains of the covers around her and sat on the bed ‘God what have I done wrong? What did I do
to deserve this?’ Heidi thought. She looked up at the sound of someone tripping over the table
in the hallway and Heidi calls to him.
Heidi: I’m in here.
Vinnie appears at the doorway.
Vinnie: Hey are you all right you weren’t in here when it happened or anything?
Heidi: No but everything I own has been destroyed where are Throttle and Modo? I think I gave
Modo a heart attack.
Vinnie: Yeah he thought you had been shot or something, they’ve taken the triplets back to the
Garage come on lets go.
A smash of glass alerts Heidi she turns around just to see someone swing a fist at her she ducks
and punches Greasepit in the gut, Greasepit swings for Heidi again but punches Vinnie instead
knocking him against the wall, Vinnie tries to stand up but hits his head against the mantle
piece ‘Ouch that had to hurt’ Heidi thought as she hit Greasepit again. Greasepit scrambled out
of the window with Heidi close behind she whistled and Vinnie’s bike drove up Heidi pulled on
her helmet and rode towards Limburger’s tower ‘This is the last straw Limburger you’re going
down’. She rode up the wall straight into Limburgers office he stood up as he heard the sound of
a motorcycle but sat back down when he saw who was riding the bike.
Limburger: Oh it’s just you what do you want?
Heidi: Just me?!? I’ll show you ‘just me’.
Heidi jumped on to Limburgers desk, she reached for his collar and dragged him up and looked him
in the eye.
Heidi: Now listen to me Limburger I know you saw what I did to Mitch unless you want that to
happen to you I’d pack your stuff and go running back to Plutark or better yet Galactic prison.
Limburger: And why should I be scared of you?
Heidi: Don’t get cheeky You should be very scared of me because I’m a force to be reckoned with
just ask Greasepit.
There was something in her eyes that made Limburger scared, he started to sweat as she raised
her left eyebrow.
Heidi: Well?
Limburger: Well you drive a very hard bargain but I’ll just have to chose prison just let me
tell my scientist (presses on the intercom) Karbunkle pack your stuff were leaving Earth.
Heidi: The guys are never gonna believe me! I got an idea Limburger write a letter to the Mice
telling ‘em why you left and don’t forget to sign it.
Limburger sat down and started to write.
To the Biker Mice,
It seems I greatly underestimated the
powers of Miss Keep because she has managed to convince me to give myself up to galactic prison.
Yours sincerely,
Laurence L. Limburger.

A few minutes later Heidi had set the co-ordinates on the transporter and it was ready.
Limburger: Well it seems that this is good bye.
Heidi: More like good riddance.
With that Heidi shoved Karbunkle and Limburger into the transporter, a second after they had
left Throttle, Charley and Modo with a very peeved looking Vinnie came through the window.
Modo: Heidi ma’am are you all right? you shouldn’t do that to us you had us worried sick.
Throttle: Where’s Limburger?
Heidi (smug grin): In Galactic prison.
Mice: What??
Heidi: Read this!
The Mice eagerly read the note, Modo sat back shocked.
Modo: ‘Convinced him to go’ what you just told him to go and he did?
Heidi: Not exactly I told him he could go or I’d turn him in to sushi. (turning to Vinnie) Sorry
about taking your bike but I really wanted to nail Limburger.
Vinnie: S’all right just ask next time.
Throttle: She won’t have to ask coz I’m sure we can get her a bike of her own on Mars.
Heidi: Oh really that’s excellent. (turning to Charley) So have you and Vinnie set a date yet?
Charley: We were thinking March the 14th.
Throttle: That’s 3 months away do you think you’ll get done in time?
Charley (putting her arm around Heidi): Sure we will with Hurricane Heidi on the job. Come on
you lets discuss the dress.
The guys left them, Vinnie turned to his soon-to-be best men.
Vinnie: Well shall we sort out the suits?
Modo (yawning): Not tonight Vinnie I’m tired out.
Throttle: Worrying wears you out big fella?
Modo: You know it.
Modo rode off Vinnie noticed Throttle looking curiously at Heidi.
Vinnie: What you thinking?
Throttle: Oh I’m just wondering what Stoke’s gonna think of her I mean she’s only 21 and doesn’t
have much experience in fighting.
Vinnie: Stoke’s gonna love her I’m wondering what Carbine will say her being a mouse now.
Throttle: I doubt it will bother her.
Vinnie: I still can’t believe she talked Limburger and Karbunkle into Galactic prison.
Throttle: She was trained as a lawyer she could talk an elephant into kissing a mouse.

Heidi was running down a dark corridor, desperate for a way out, twisting and turning trying to
get away from the danger she could feel behind her. Suddenly she ran into a dead end she
screamed, she felt a hand on her shoulder she screamed again and turned around to face Mitch
grinning evilly at her she screamed again as he raised a dagger poised at stabbing her chest she
hit his arm but to no avail. She tried to get away but arms explode from the wall behind her
holding her tight, Heidi closed he eyes tightly and braced herself then nothing, she opened her
eyes again and saw she was being held by Modo who was rocking her. Throttle, Vinnie and Charley
standing around looking worried. She sat gasping for air while Modo rocked her gently.
Modo: Heidi ma’am what happened?
Heidi: Nothing just a nightmare.
Vinnie: Some nightmare you were screaming like a banshee and you whacked Throttle when he tried
to wake you up.
Heidi: That was you? I’m sorry I was hitting Mitch in my dream he wanted to kill me.
Throttle: S’all right.
Charley: You feeling all right now?
Heidi: Yeah go back to sleep I’ll be Ok.
Vinnie: You’d better be that last scream made me fall out of bed.
Heidi snuggled back into her warm covers and smiled as she closed her eyes, Charley was the last
out turned off the light and shut the door. When the door was shut Heidi’s eyes snapped open she
kicked her covers off and walked over to her window she sighed as she looked at the moon for one
of the last times, she sat on the window sill and looked at the stars, she could pick out Urseus
major and Urseus minor. She thought she saw Leo and Capricorn but she couldn’t be sure she loved
watching stars she smiled to herself as she spotted her new home.

Vinnie: Awww come on Charley you know how much Heidi hates to be woken up it’s suicide, last
time I did I got the fur ripped out from behind my ears.
Modo: That’s coz you pulled the covers straight off of her.
Throttle: Well I got in a giant pillow fight with her because I tried to get her up early on a
Charley: Well we all know what Heidi thinks about Saturdays.
All: ’Saturdays are meant for sleeping in’
Vinnie: Lets all go up there’s safety in numbers.
The three of them walked up stairs and into the spare room, the light was still off but the
fresh morning sunshine made it easy to pick out the shape of Heidi sleeping on the window sill.
Modo: Star gazing again. (shaking Heidi’s shoulder) Heidi wake up breakfast is ready.
He didn’t notice Heidi’s jet-black tail sliding around his ankles until Heidi’s head snapped up
and pulled his ankles from under him.
Heidi: You know I like having a tail.
Modo: It’s very useful at times.
Throttle: Did you have any more nightmares?
Heidi: No but I had this dream that I was looking in the mirror and my reflection shifted to
become a panther and then it came back to me.
Vinnie: Well maybe it is because you’re as black as a panther, well almost except for your
Heidi: What’s for breakfast?
Throttle: Pancakes.
Heidi: Pancakes? What are we waiting for?
Heidi jumped of the window sill ran to the stairs and jumped over the banister and landed right
in front of the kitchen door.
Heidi (smiling): Yep I could definitely get used to this. (walking in to the kitchen) Hey there
are no pancakes. Throttle!
Throttle: That’s the only way you’d get up without beating us to death.
Heidi: How about I beat you to death now?
Heidi grabs the pillows from the couch and runs back upstairs Charley shakes her head as an
assortment of bumps and bangs filter to her ears. She calls to them that breakfast is ready but
she guessed they couldn’t hear her she goes upstairs just in time to see Heidi pinning down Modo
who had Throttle underneath him and Vinnie was sprawled out by a wall.
Heidi: Well what do you say?
All mice: Uncle!
Heidi: That’s better!
Charley: Wow! I pity any Plutarkian having to face you.
Heidi: I doubt any Plutarkian would tell me we were having pancakes when we weren’t.
Throttle: I’ll make you some pancakes (turning to Charley) How do you make pancakes?
Throttle and Charley walked out of the room, Heidi pulled Vinnie off of the floor, he tried to
spin her but she turned around and flipped Vinnie over her shoulder.
Heidi: So Modo when are we leaving for Mars?
Modo: This morning Charley has packed most of her stuff Throttle phoned Stoker last night so him
and my nephew Rimfire are coming down to pick us up.
Throttle (calling from down stairs): Heidi pancakes are ready!
Heidi (calling back): Better be.
Heidi jumped over the banister again while Modo helped Vinnie off the floor.
Vinnie: Oh yeah Stoke is gonna love her.
Modo: But that scream last night oh my God it was even worse than when she was being
Vinnie: She’ll bounce back don’t worry.
They both went downstairs and saw Heidi wolfing down the pancakes Throttle had made. Angel,
Angelo and Angela were watching T.V.
Charley: Heidi do you have any more packing to do?
Heidi: Not really all the triplets’ clothes have been packed all the ones of mine that Greasepit
didn’t destroy have been packed. Throttle these pancakes were really good I think I should whip
your tail more often if I get pancakes this good.
A loud noise came from behind the Garage they all rushed out to see, the Stalker ship land, the
hatch opened to reveal Stoker and Rimfire.
Stoker (punching Vinnie’s arm): Hey punk Charley’s finally making an honest man out of you then?
Charley: Hey Stoker I was kinda wondering if you would give me away?
Stoker: I would be honoured (turning to Heidi) and this little kitten must be Heidi.
Heidi: This little kitten has claws I talked Limburger into going to Galactic prison.
Rimfire: My Uncle Modo told us he was shocked beyond belief, so are you guys ready?
Heidi: Not quite Rimfire come in a second I have to get my kids dressed.
Stoker upon entering the kitchen sniffed and licked his lips.
Stoker (heading towards the pancakes): Mmmm pancakes yummy!
Throttle: Stoke you might want…..
But his warning came to late as Heidi spotting her pancakes about to go where no man has gone
before had grabbed Stoker’s hand mid-reach and flipped him on to his back. Heidi brushed off her
Heidi: Rule No 1 No one steals my pancakes.
Stoker (laughing): I can see you and me getting on great.
Heidi got her kids dressed and prepared to introduce her kids to Stoker and Rimfire.
Heidi: These are my kids Angel, Angelo and the one trying to pull your antenna off is Angela.
Rimfire: But Heidi their human!
Heidi looked away, Throttle coughed and spoke.
Throttle: We didn’t have time to tell you over the C.B but Heidi was until yesterday a human but
Karbunkle changed her into a Martian mouse they’re painful memories in more ways then one.
Rimfire: I’m sorry Heidi I didn’t know I shoulda guessed at the human name really.
Heidi: Apology accepted but you raise an interesting point I’ve been thinking about changing my
Charley: Why?
Heidi: Well you guys told me about Mace and I just don’t want people to think of me badly,
trouble is I can’t think of a decent name.
Vinnie: How about Star after your white patch on your ankle?
Heidi: No don’t like it.
Rimfire: How about Panther after your colour?
Heidi: Close but no cigar.
Modo: What about Stealth after your uncanny ability to sneak up on people?
Heidi: Yeah that’s perfect.
Stoker: Well Stealth you’re gonna need a code name to be a Freedom Fighter so what do you think
you’re code name should be?
Stealth (smiles): Claws defiantly.
Stoker: Perfect so are we all ready to leave?
All: Ready.
Stealth: Goodbye Earth.
The End