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Double date

By Day dreamer

Copyright, Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved.

Charley looked at herself in the mirror and gave a sigh, she was wearing her ever present
blue blouse and jeans ‘not the most alluring outfit I must say’ she thought to herself and gave
another sigh. As she walked down the stairs she noticed that Throttle wasn’t with the guys as he
usually was.
Charley (putting on a happy face): Hi! Where’s Throttle?
Vinnie (giving Charley a kiss on the cheek): He stayed late at Heidi’s trying to get the
triplets to sleep. We let him sleep in.
Even though Charley was forcing happiness it was clear to Modo that something was bothering her.
Modo: What’s up Charley ma’am.
Charley: Nothing. I’ll get breakfast ready.
Vinnie: Come on Charley, I can tell something’s up.
Charley (sternly): Nothings up now if you don’t shut up you wont get any breakfast.
The mice shut up after Charley had left the room Modo leaned over to Vinnie and said.
Modo: I don’t know what’s up with Charley maybe Throttle will have better luck.
He said as Throttle pulled in.

Heidi turned over and moaned she reluctantly got up and started to get dressed she too looked
in the mirror and was not intirely impressed with what she saw. ‘still a bit fat from having the
kids but with triplets who can blame ya’ Heidi thought to herself trying to cheer herself up and
not succeeding her attention shifted to her ten-month-old children who have been awake for quite
a while. When she had them dressed she put them into the stroller and walked the short distance
to the Last Chance. She saw Modo and Vinnie sitting at the table and a very sleepy Throttle
slumped back on the couch. Heidi smiled and handed Angel and Angela to Modo and Vinnie and put
Angelo into Throttle’s lap he awoke with a start Heidi kissed he on the forehead.
Heidi: Sorry they kept you awake last night but if SOMEBODY (glance at Vinnie) hadn’t of fed
them chocolate so late they would have fallen asleep quicker.
Throttle (yawning): That’s all right babe.
A crash from the kitchen was heard and a few cusses. They opened the kitchen door to see Charley
running her hand under the cold tap and the kettle on the floor, which was soaked. Heidi rushed
up guessing what had happened.
Heidi: Lemme see.
Charley raised her hand, which had already started to blister. Heidi shoved it back under the
Heidi: Where do you guys keep the first aid box around here?
Vinnie fetched it and watched as Heidi put some sort of antiseptic and then bandaged her hand
with a non-fluffy cloth. Charley winced everytime the blister was touched.
Heidi: You don’t usually drop things Charley what’s up?
Charley: Same thing that’s up with you I suppose (recognising the expression on her friends
face) Talk about it (eyeing the Mice) ALONE.
Throttle (holding up his hands): Hey Charley-girl if it will cheer you two up.
The girls walked to Charley’s room Heidi sat on the bed and Charley took a chair beside it.
Charley: What’s up?
Heidi: Well I looked into the mirror this morning and all I saw was a fat blob.
Charley: I know what you mean I looked in my mirror this morning and all I saw was this ugly
Heidi: You know what we need don’t you?
Charley: No what?
Heidi: A girl’s night out!
Charley: Excellent idea now we just have to convince those muscle heads to let us.

The Mice were still down stairs Modo had found a mop and was beginning to clean up the
water while Vinnie and Throttle talked quietly.
Throttle: Heidi has been a bit off lately… you know not as sure of herself .. of her looks.
Vinnie: I know what you mean Charley-girl keeps asking me if she looks ok.
Throttle (mischievous grin): You know what we need to do don’t you?
Vinnie (returning the grin): You mean….? (Throttle nods) AAAOOOOOOOWWWWW night on the town.
(goes silent) But what about the kids and Modo?
Throttle (turns to Modo): Modo? Would you mind babysitting for the triplets tonight me and
Vinnie have decided to take the girls out tonight and spoil them.
Modo: I don’t mind but have you got the money?
Throttle: Don’t worry I cashed in a lot of golden gills we found at Limburger’s tower one time
we have plenty of money.
Heidi and Charley come down the stairs and are about to speak when Vinnie interrupts them.
Vinnie: Say nothing ladies because what do you think of a fine restaurant…
Throttle: dancing, a romantic movie…
Vinnie: Topped of with a walk by Lake Michigan?
Heidi: Sounds exactly like what we were going to suggest…
Charley: Except we were going to do it alone…
Heidi: But with you loveable furballs it sounds even better.
Throttle: That’s great Modo has offered to baby-sit so all you need to do is go make yourselves
even more beautiful if that is possible……
Vinnie: Me and Throttle will go and get are suits saved for (wink) special occasions.
The girls rush upstairs and Charley tears apart her closet looking for a sutiable dress while
Heidi searched as well seeing if she could borrow something. Charley finally chooses a strapless
black sparkling dress she had the matching white gloves that reached up past her elbows and
black heels, she put her hair up into a French roll. Heidi found a dress she loved it had a
tight bodice that was purple down to her stomach which it then was cream and purple the skirts
puffed out slightly giving her a ballroom dance effect she put on white heels, she put her hair
into a French braid which reached right down her back. Charley picked through her jewellery box
and pulled out a sapphire and diamond necklace and help Heidi put it on. She then picked out a
ruby and emerald necklace similar to Heidi’s and Heidi returned the favour. When they had put on
their make-up they head downstairs they coughed to get noticed as the boys turned round the
girl’s mouths dropped open. Throttle was wear!
ing a black suit which had a blue handkerchief poking out the pocket the suit showed his muscles
to perfection. Vinnie was wearing a very dark blue suit his handkerchief was a blood red his fit
as perfectly as Throttle’s. The girls snapped out of it to realise the guy’s were drooling. Modo
entered the room holding Angel and hit Throttle and Vinnie on the back of their heads.
Modo: Behave ‘night Heidi ma’am Charley ma’am have a good time.
Heidi kissed her kids goodnight and left with the guys. Their bikes drove them to a very classy
restaurant and found them a table near the back Vinnie finding his voice spoke.
Vinnie: Damn Charley I knew you were beautiful but now you look as beautiful as a…. as a .. as
a very beautiful thing.
Vinnie blushed realising he had talked himself into a corner. Charley laughed at his
embarrassment just then Throttle snapped out of his trance.
Throttle: You know Heidi, Kate Moss could walk in here and not turn as many heads as you did.
Heidi (big blush): Uh.. thanks…Oh here are our menus.
After they all had ordered Vinnie stood up and offered his hand to Charley she took it and they
walked towards the dance floor.
Throttle (dipping his shades): May I have this dance?
Heidi: You may.
They headed to the floor aswell just as the tango came on Vinnie had been teaching Throttle to
dance and they lead the girls on the dance of their lives pretty soon the floor had been cleared
and everyone was watching them dance with such skill. As Vinnie dipped Charley at the end of the
song. Charley looked up at him and said.
Charley: Damn your good.
Vinnie (grinning): You taught me didn’t you.
They sat back down to enjoy their meal talking and laughing then Heidi had a sense of panic
about her children.
Throttle: You all right babe?
Heidi: Just having motherly worries I am entitled to them.
Vinnie: Don’t worry Modo’s with them he wouldn’t let anything happen to them. After the meal
they went to the movie theatre where they watched Ghost which had been re-released because of
popular demand. Vinnie and Throttle had their arms over them the entire film but when the
gruesome parts came on Charley and Heidi hid their faces in the boys’ chests. After the movie
they drove to Lake Michigan to walk hand in hand by the side of the lake.
Heidi: Isn’t it beautiful the way the moonlight reflects of the lake and the stillness of it.
Throttle: Sure it may be beautiful but not half as beautiful as you so I don’t want you to doubt
your looks again ok?
Heidi: Yes Dad.
Charley had her head resting Vinnie’s shoulder as they walked a few steps behind Throttle and
Vinnie: You know Charley if you were feeling bad you could have come to talk to me.
Charley: I didn’t think you’d understand.
Vinnie: I might not but I would try to understand and do my damn best to help you.
Charley: Thanks Vinnie.
The drive home was a slow but silent one the girls were tired out and the boys were
concentrating on driving, as the passangers had to sit sideways because of their dresses. As
they approached the Last chance all was quiet they assumed Modo was asleep so they walked in
inapprehensive. They were greeted with a scene of chaos Modo was lying on the floor bleeding
amongst a bunch of broken furniture. Heidi gasped and dashed to the back she screamed and
emerged from the back room anger covering over her face.

Heidi: That toad and his demented doctor have taken my babies they’re gone and probably scared
An upset look flashed across her face but she turned to Modo as he started waking up.
Modo (looking upset and ashamed): I…. I tried to stop…..stop ‘em but there was too many of ‘em.
Heidi (tears rimming her eyes): I know Modo we’ll get them back and I will personally take that
doctor out if he so much as touches my babies.
Modo’s head was cut but it didn’t bother him much Heidi and Charley raced upstairs to change
while the guys changed into their regular clothes. Charley was down first wearing her normal
clothes. Heidi came down next wearing camouflage and she had a bandanna around her head she
looked like Mrs Rambo. She climbs onto Throttles bike and started the battle cry.
Heidi: Lets rock..
All: and RIDE!!

The ride to Limburger Plaza was a very quick one they raced down the corridors taking out a
lot of goons on the way. Heidi’s ears pricked up at a familiar sound she stood up on the back of
the bike.
Throttle: Heidi what are you doing?
Heidi didn’t answer as she did a practised back flip off the back of the bike landing neatly on
her own two feet and ran down a corridor. Throttle was about to stop and go get her when he
realised she had a blaster and could probably take care of herself.
Heidi ran down the corridor her babies cries getting louder. Her anger boiled even more as she
reached the door being very careful slipped in. She saw Karbunkle preparing his equipment her
babies in a cage crying. Heidi heard a noise behind her and quickly climbed up to the ceiling
holding on to the pipes above Karbunkle’s head just as Limburger came in.
Limburger: My dear doctor Karbunkle those wretched mice will be here any second so pass me that
blaster. (Karbunkle did so just as the Mice blasted through a wall Limburger pointed the gun at
the triplets Heidi used every self-restraint she had to stop herself from jumping down and
wringing his slimy neck) My dear rodents as you see I have got myself three hostages and make
one move and I am afraid they die.
The Mice drop their weapons and allow themselves to be tied up. Limburger was elated that he was
winning for a change. He turned the gun on to the Mice.
Limburger: Oh I am going to so enjoy killing you one by one.
He is about to pull the trigger when a battle cry is heard from above him. Heidi drops down from
the ceiling right on top of Limburger she had intended to kick the gun from his hand but she was
out of practise and her kick made him press the trigger making it shoot the ropes but only
slightly making them frayed Throttle desperately tried to struggle out of the ropes as Heidi
continued to fight Limburger just as Throttle and the guys are free a laser blast is heard.
Limburger and Heidi lay on the ground not moving an inch. Modo, Vinnie and Throttle snap to
action. Modo frees the triplets. Vinnie moves towards Karbunkle while Throttle rushes over to
Heidi when he spots the blood flowly heavily from her side. Throttle picks her up carefully.
Throttle: Wake up Heidi please.
Heidi: Are you ok? Are they ok?
Throttle: Yes we all are except you.
Heidi: Ha not much it only hurts when I move.
Throttle: Where did you learn to do flips like that?
Heidi: I was a gymnast but you don’t get to show that off much with 10-month-old triplets (She
laughs weakly and says) I wanna go home now ok?
Throttle is about to answer when she passes out.
Throttle: Modo, Vincent take the triplets home. Charley come with me to the hospital.

It is about an hour later Throttle and Charley are waiting in the Reception area when
Doctor Gold approaches them.
Dr Gold: Throttle, Charley Heidi is seriously hurt her liver was hit and the skin on her side is
Charley: What can you do about it?
Dr Gold: Well the side could be fixed with skin grafts and we are going to have to remove part
of her liver but she should be fine with what she has left we are taking her to theatre tonight
so if you want to see the best time would be now.
She leads them to a ward where Throttle and Charley see Heidi sleeping peacefully her hair
looking even more dark brown against the white pillow as if sensing they were there she opened
her eyes.
Heidi: I just got one thing to say to you both.
Throttle: Oh and what would that be?
Heidi: You all owe me big time.
Charley: You got that right you saved our butts back there.
Heidi: No not that I had to jump on that stinky Plutarkian’s back and fight with him that was
Laughter erupted from Throttle and Charley. Orderlies came to take Heidi to theatre.
Throttle (kissing her forehead): Take care of yourself see ya.
Heidi: Yeah now get out of here your distracting the nurses.
Throttle chuckles as they leave the hospital and make the drive home as they pull into the Last
chance the sight that greets is a lot more pleasant than the one before the room had been clear
up and Vinnie was sleeping on the couch he had a cloth in his hand. Modo was sprawled out on the
floor cradling Angel a mop and bucket beside him. Charley grabbed a blanket and covered Vinnie
with it kissing his forehead. Throttle gently removed Angel from Modo and placed a blanket over
him and put Angel to bed.

It was morning and Throttle had told them of Heidi’s condition.
Vinnie: Wow Limburger did that and we didn’t even knock down his tower.
Throttle: Vincent I want you to go blow it up after breakfast keep him busy while we look after
Heidi. Charley would you mind looking after the triplets this morning we’ll come and get you in
the afternoon so you can come and visit Heidi.
Charley nodded Vinnie left happy because he was being allowed to blow something up. Throttle and
Modo revved their engines and went to the hospital. They could hear laughing as they approached
the ward where Heidi was they spotted Heidi sitting up in bed with 3 or 4 nurses around her
laughing hysterically.
Heidi: Throttle, Modo hi I was just telling the nurses of the time we tied your feet together
and chucked water all over you three. (turning back to the nurses) It was hilarious all three of
them in a heap sopping wet in their boxers it was priceless they still don’t know I got a
picture of them like that.
Modo and Throttle: What?!?!
Heidi: Yeah I had to just in case I need to bribe you or something. (the nurses filter away) So
how are my babies?
Modo: They are doing fine how are you feeling?
Heidi (frowning): Well now you mention it kinda sick (to emphasise the point she threw up in a
small bowl to her left) Your not supposed to eat anything for twelve hours before surgery but I
didn’t know when I was eating in that restaurant that I would need part of my liver removed.
She didn’t say this angrily or sadly just saying it as if she was talking about a television
Throttle: You don’t seem to cut up about it.
Heidi (mysteriously): Thing’s ain’t always what they seem.
Throttle motioned for Modo to give them a little privacy when he had gone Throttle moved closer
to Heidi’s side.
Throttle: Why don’t you ever tell me how you really feel?
Heidi (shocked): Your smart.
Throttle: Don’t change the subject.
Heidi (sighs): Well I just have a hard time opening up to anyone the only person not in my
family that I ever did tell my worries and problems to was my best mate Jonathan and that was
when I was 12.
Throttle: You have 8 years of feeling bottled up inside you?
Heidi: Yeah it could have been more if Jonathan hadn’t threatened to tell the guy I fancied I
had a crush on him if I didn’t tell him what was bothering me.
Throttle: What could be bothering you at 12?
Heidi (makes an angry face): My little sister. Always picking on me always putting down what I
liked and what I was inside. Trying to beat me at everything but she couldn’t succeed in that
because what I was good at I was really good at. Sure she tried to make it up to me in later
years but the damage had already been done I had low self-esteem and I hated her oh how I hated
her I had gladly told her a hundred times that I would kill her but that she wasn’t worth going
to jail for.
Throttle: Wow all that hate ain’t good.
Heidi: It isn’t as if I was hating her all the time I had my friends I had Jonathan. I had my
Throttle: What were your dreams?
Heidi: To be a singer or an actress but I was too shy then I picked up a habit of writing
stories and pretty soon I had decided to become a writer but I need a profession in case this
didn’t take off so I chose to be a lawyer and write in my free time but I left all my ideas and
stuff back in my old house where Mick and I lived together.
Throttle: What about Mick? What do you think about him?
Heidi: I dunno I can’t hate because he gave me the gift of children but then again her was
gonna kill ‘em so I guess I do hate him.
Throttle: What about your injury?
Heidi (thinking): Strangely enough this doesn’t bother my much it will give me time to start
writing again and spend more time with the kids but having half a living seems a bit weird but
not scary.
Throttle: Now doesn’t venting all that feeling make you feel better.
Heidi: A little better but maybe I’ll feel better later. Right now I feel really tired you know
you could be a therapist but I wouldn’t want you to be.
Throttle: Why?
Heidi: Having other people’s problems on you shoulders that are none of your business.
Heidi fell asleep Throttle pulls the covers up and kisses her on the forehead and walks to where
Modo has been waiting patiently.
Modo: So bro, what’s up with Heidi?
Throttle: She has all these deep feelings on hatred and anger down inside of her and she doesn’t
seem to release them very often.
Modo: Wow she must feel pretty messed up.
Throttle: As far as I can gather she used to feel messed up but now she has her kids she doesn’t
feel so alone.
Modo: Why doesn’t she tell anyone about them?
Throttle: She said something about burdening people with her problems and stuff like that she
was pretty vague.
Modo: Well don’t push her for what she doesn’t what to tell you.
Throttle: I’ll be careful bro now lets get home and pick up Charley and see if Vinnie managed to
only blow up the Tower and not take half of Chicago with it.

Back at the Last Chance they spot Charley bringing a hot dog over to Vinnie who has his arm in a
Vinnie: Hey bros.
Throttle: What happened Vinnie?
Vinnie: Laser burns nothing much.
Charley: Nothing much you were screaming and howling worse than the triplets when you came back.
(turning to the other two) His shoulder is totally fried the only way he could have got that
kinda injury is taking a laser on purpose.
Modo: On purpose? Vinnie you haven’t got that big a death wish have you?
Vinnie (shouting): Ok I saw a citizen about to take a shot so I pushed him outta the way and
took the shot all right?
Throttle: Woah calm down bro! You did good so why’d you keep it a secret?
Vinnie (mumbling): M a ndgshhdhfh hdhf.
Charley: Speak up dim wit.
Vinnie: I saved Mick.
All: What?
Vinnie: I know I know I shoulda let him fry but I couldn’t not even he deserved to be fried for
no reason. (Vinnie got up and started pacing) Now I have to explain to Heidi why I saved that
jerk and I don’t even no why.
Suddenly there was knock at the door Vinnie opened it but there was no one there just a package
addressed to him. He took it inside and started to open it inside was a beautifully handcrafted
wooden feather each detail precise he almost didn’t notice the letter underneath.

Dear Mr Van wham,
I cannot begin to thank you enough for saving my life you
could have just left me to take those three shots and left me to die, goodness knows that is
what I would have done to you but instead you took them and for that I will be forever grateful.

Throttle (raises an eyebrow): Three?
Vinnie (grinning sheepishly): Didn’t I say three?
Modo: Looks like this guy does have a conscience after all he is just incredible messed up.
Throttle: That’s probably why Heidi got together with him in the first place they were both
messed up.
Charley: Heidi? Messed up how?
Throttle: She used to be really depressed when she was a kid something about her little sister…
Charley (interrupting): Oh yeah she was a right piece of work didn’t really mean to hurt Heidi
but her words cut through her heart and spirit like a hot knife through butter and only me and
Jonathan could see it. That was such a shame she wouldn’t let anyone know just how depressed she
was getting until (clicking her fingers) snap she just decided she wasn’t gonna take it no more
she would have slanging matches with her sister and never bury her anger I don’t know what did
it, it was about when she was twelve.
Throttle: Heidi told me that is when she told Jonathan everything.
Charley: She did no wonder Jonathan got so protective of her if her sister some much as looked
at her wrong Jonathan would be there sticking up for her until he was so worried about Heidi his
grades started dropping. Heidi got even more depressed seeing what her worries did to her friend
so she just acted happy all the time but you could see the sadness in her eyes a mile away. I
think all see ever wanted is to feel truly loved by her family.
Charley turned to see Modo wiping a tear, Vinnie coughing a lump out of his throat and Throttle
deep in thought.
Heidi (bitterly and sarcastically): Nice to see my life story is the main gossip in this house.
Throttle: Heidi when did you get out?
Heidi: A few minutes after you left they said there was no point me sticking around and I’d get
better quicker if I was around my kids. (noticing Vinnie’s arm) Vinnie what happened?
Vinnie: I…uh…um..
Heidi: Spill it.
Vinnie (in a rush): I took three lasers blasts for Mick.
Heidi: Mick huh? Well I can understand that.
Vinnie: You can? Then explain it to me.
Heidi sat down on the couch.
Heidi: Well you see life is to precious to be deciding whether to save someone or not or
deciding whether to hide your true feelings or not take it one day at a time and things will be
fine take me for instant I was so messed up as a teenager I was paranoid and I thought everyone
was out to get me I thought I was a burden to Jonathan and so on. But the day I started writing
I genuinely got happier because all me feeling went into my work and there is no difference
between writing and saving civilians Mick was a civilian and you did what you did best with all
your feelings behind it and that is all you need to do.
Throttle: Sorry for thinking you were messed up still and sorry for talking about you behind
your back.
Everyone else except Heidi: Yeah.
Heidi (hugs Throttle): I understand, I think this is the part were you tell me it was for my own
good and you did it because you cared about me.
Modo: We don’t have to now you did it for us.
Heidi (turning to Vinnie): So he gave you a wooden feather huh? Let me show you something (she
dashes off and returns with a package wrapped up in silk) Mick gave me this the night he came
back to make me forgive him.
Heidi unwraps a finely and delicately carved wooden rose even thorns had been carved on it a lot
of time and effort went into this.
Heidi: See this is Mick's work all his feeling went into this and likewise with your feather.
Charley: I am beginning to understand if you were mad you would go write something about being
mad (Heidi nods) and if you were sad…
Heidi: No I don’t write about being sad that is an easy emotion to get rid of I just cry and
tell someone about it. (small pause) and right now I’m sad.
All: Why?
Heidi: Well (she lifts up the side of her tee shirt) take a look at the size this scar is gonna
Heidi’s operation scar still had the stitches in it and looked bloody and was oozing puss.
Vinnie just laughed.
Vinnie: What that little thing take a look at this.
Vinnie removed his sling and bandage everyone could see three deep slashes criss crossing his
shoulder. They were shaped in a z shape.
Heidi (laughing): It looks like Zorro has got you.
Modo: Who is Zorro?
Charley: It is just this guy that goes around fighting people and when they lose he carves a Z
in them.
Throttle: So Vinnie did you actually manage to blow up the tower?
Vinnie (looking uncomfortable): Well no. You see I spotted Mick pretty early on about to get hit
with the stray lasers and when I took them I guess I passed out pretty soon after that because
my bike was driving me back here.
Throttle: Well we had better get there and finish the job.
Heidi: I’m coming I need to pay him back.
Modo (shocked): Heidi ma’am you just came out of hospital from a major operation you can’t
Heidi: Oh yeah you wanna bet?
Heidi takes a few steps towards Modo but gasps when her side starts to hurt.
Vinnie: You stay her Sweetheart I’ll keep you company I don’t feel like going anywhere with this
arm any way.
Throttle, Modo and Charley all pull out of the Last Chance and head towards Limburger Plaza.
Charley’s pickup trunk loaded with explosives. They quickly blast through the goons and start to
place the TNT at the bottom of the tower when Charley notices something strange.
Charley: He isn’t that Mick looking at us from Limburger’s office.
And it was.
Throttle: Why that lying scumbag pretending to be in the line of fire to get Vinnie to jump out
at him.
They quickly blow up the tower and head back to the Last Chance where they see Vinnie attempting
to clean Heidi’s scar without hurting her.
Heidi: Oww… careful..ouch.
Vinnie: Just getting you back for hurting my shoulder when you were cleaning it.
Heidi: That was an accident Hi guys (spotting their expressions) What’s up?
Charley: Well we..
Throttle (interrupts): Let’s tell him well we spotted Mick in Limburger’s window seems you
getting shot was a pre-planned set-up.
Vinnie (furious): What?! I got shot for nothing?
Heidi (sternly): No you didn’t get shot for nothing you got the feather didn’t you?
Modo: Yeah he did why did he get the feather if it was a set up?
Vinnie: Maybe he sent it to us to trick us trusting him.
Heidi: Maybe but he wouldn’t give you one of his best pieces just to trick you. Maybe Limburger
has a grudge against him because of last time not telling him I could punch like that. We just
don’t know until we check it out.
Modo: We? You and Vinnie aren’t going anywhere?
Heidi and Vinnie stand up to protest but the sudden movement makes both of their injuries hurt
they wince and sit back down.
Vinnie: Looks like it is just you and me again. See ya later bros.
Throttle and Modo drive out to Limburger tower or what was left of it they spot Mick and
Limburger and listen in on their conversation. Mick clearly wasn’t happy.
Mick: What you want me to nearly get killed again? What if they don’t have as much a soft spot
for civilians as the white one has?
Limburger: They do trust me and you owe it to us because you helped him escape putting him on
his bike after he passed out.
Mick: I thought you just wanted to hurt the Biker Mice.
Limburger: Oh no my dear boy I want to kill them.
Throttle and Modo had heard enough and turned back they told the others what they had found.
Charley: Well what are you going to do if he appears in a fight again?
Throttle: Try and find some other way of saving him like pushing something in front of him.
The week went past Throttle and Modo went out alone each day and Mick only appeared a couple of
times they avoided jumping in front of him. Throttle managed to pull him out of the way and Modo
pushed a dumpster in front of him. By the end of the week Vinnie and Heidi were feeling better
so they decided to join them as usual the goons tried to shoot them. Then out of the blue Mick
walked out he appeared to want to cross the street all the goons turned to him and started to
shoot. Vinnie stopped and watched him he saw 3 or 4 shots whizz towards him ‘He’ll never get
away in time I gotta do something’ Vinnie revved his bike and speed towards Mick he gets there
before the shots and stops dead he prepares himself for impact but he felt someone push him and
he fell to the ground. Vinnie looked up and saw Mick bleeding heaveily from the chest, he looks
around there is no one else close enough to push him so it must have been Mick. Vinnie scrambles
over to Mick and tries to stop the bl!
ood flow.
Mick (weakly): I told you I’d be eternally grateful.
Vinnie: But you were working for Limburger.
Mick: He forced me to said he’d tell the police how I had kidnapped Heidi and tried to kill the
triplets I didn’t know he wanted to use me as bait but I realised after you had passed out I put
you on your bike and it drove away then I confronted Limburger he told me he just wanted to hurt
you. I went away and gave you the feather and went to talk to Limburger again (cough) He told me
he wanted me to be bait again then the tower got knocked down. I could see your friends so I
guess you know the rest.
Vinnie seeing that Mick was getting weaker looked around he saw Charley trying to stop Heidi
from running over Throttle with Modo calling a ambulance. Mick groaned and Vinnie turned his
attention back to him.
Vinnie: Don’t you think about dying on me ok? Don’t even think about it.
Mick: I didn’t mean to be so evil (cough cough) just one minute I was in control and the next
this force was (cough cough) making me evil. Tell Heidi that I always loved her.
With that Mick went limp and died. Heidi managed to escape from Charley and rushed over.
Heidi: Mick (seeing he was dead dropped on her knees) Oh no! Mick why did you have to change
like that? why did you do a Jekel and Hyde on me? We coulda been happy if you had justa excepted
the baby. Now your dead and I will never get to help you.
Heidi turned away crying Vinnie was silent watching Mick not aware that Mick’s blood had covered
most of his fur not aware that the blood was slowly seeping though his clothes not even aware of
the coming sound of a siren. Throttle saw his bro sitting there watching Mick’s still body not
moving not making a sound. Modo walked over and gently pulled Vinnie off the ground and lead him
away as the paramedics put Mick on a stretcher and covered his body. Vinnie just followed Modo
like an obedient child. Charley began to get worried about him he just wasn’t aware what was
going on Modo had to put him on his own bike and tell Vinnie’s to follow him because Vinnie
would’ve fallen off it. Heidi wasn’t doing much better she was crying so much Throttle doubted
she could see. Throttle was slightly hurt that Heidi was crying over her ex-lover but then
quickly thought how he’d feel if Carbine died. Charley was overwhelmed at what had just happened
she was watching from the pick up trunk an!
d had saw everything Vinnie rush over and stop dead in the path of the lasers, Mick push him.
Charley had spotted Heidi about to rush over and help but Charley had stopped her knowing all to
well what 4 lasers to the chest can do. Vinnie still was in a daze all he could see was Mick
lying there covered with blood telling him that he was crazy and still loved Heidi. Modo stopped
the motor bike and lead Vinnie upstairs to the shower and shoved him in it fully clothed. The
sudden coldness didn’t even stir Vinnie out of his trance he just thought the coldness was the
coldness of death. Heidi stopped crying only because she couldn’t cry any more. Throttle tried
to help her inside but Heidi shook him away. Throttle reminding her too much of Mick. She ran
upstairs and threw herself on to the bed and started crying all over again. Modo was please to
see Vinnie slowly coming around. He was muttering to himself then he snapped out of it and
turned to Modo.
Vinnie: I don’t know why I am so upset. I hardly knew the guy. Maybe it was because he saved my
life. Maybe it was because I had heard how nice he could be from Heidi. Maybe it is because he
was crazy and couldn’t help it.
Modo just stood there listening Vinnie start talking total and utter nonsense and lead him to
Charley’s room he put Vinnie in there and shut the door. He walked down stair to see Charley
holding a cup of coffee in her shaking hands.
Modo (softly): Hey
Charley: Yeah hey, You know Modo although that guy was a total jerk he didn’t deserve to die.
Throttle (entering the room): No one deserves to die. But I am wondering why Vinnie is so upset.
I can understand Heidi she knew the guy.
Modo: Vinnie knew him about as well as she did they talked about him while we were out and they
were stuck in.
Charley: Still it is a bit of a shock to see Vinnie react like that.
Throttle: Well Vinnie wouldn’t cry in front of us so he just goes in a daze and lets us do
everything usually a shower can bring him round.
Throttle went up to check on them and saw Vinnie had moved to the bed and was cradling Heidi
telling her it was ok and that everything was going to be all right. Throttle closed the door
softly behind him.
Heidi: Someone just left.
Vinnie: Don’t worry it was probably Throttle or Modo coming to check up on us.
Heidi: I don’t know why I’m so upset he tried to kill my babies.
Vinnie: He was crazy he couldn’t control what he was doing.
Heidi: Yeah I guess so (rising from Vinnie’s arms) Well I am feeling better but I need to get a
Vinnie watched her go then looked down and saw how covered with blood he was.
Vinnie: Hey Heidi how come you didn’t tell me I was covered with blood?
Heidi: Are you I just assumed that was Martian Mice did when someone died.
Vinnie: No we don’t have rituals or anything. So when are you coming out the shower I need to
wash some of this off?
Heidi: Looks like you already did.
Vinnie: Huh?
Heidi: The shower is covered in blood.
Vinnie: Oh some musta come off when Modo was trying to bring me round. (Heidi emerged in a robe)
Left me any hot water?
Heidi (grin): Only one way to find out.
Heidi left the bathroom and started to change in the bedroom she smiled at the yelp from Vinnie
as the hot water ran out. Vinnie came out just as Heidi was attempting to dry her hair with a
Vinnie: Here let me help I know where Charley keeps the hair drier.
Vinnie found the hair drier and proceed to dry Heidi’s hair brushing it as he went pretty soon
it was back to it’s normally bouncy way. Heidi then turned the hair drier on Vinnie and started
to slowly come his fur until it was dry.
Vinnie: Thanks a lot.
Heidi: What are friends for? Hey you know what I haven’t had done in years?
Vinnie: What?
Heidi: Had my hair braided.
Vinnie: Hey if you can find the hair ties I’ll gladly braid your hair Sweetheart.
Heidi dug out a bag of hair bobbles and made herself comfortable on the floor as Vinnie gently
started to braid her hair starting on her right making small braids as he went along. When he
was finished the whole of Heidi’s hair was braided and it looked pretty good Heidi admired
herself in the mirror.
Heidi: Wow where did you learn to braid like that?
Vinnie: Charley wanted her hair braided last year so she taught me how and I had plenty of
Heidi: I’m hungry let’s go down and get some food.
Vinnie: If they’ve left us any.
Vinnie and Heidi headed down stairs Modo and Throttle were in the back room looking after the
triplets while Charley was in the kitchen cooking.
Heidi (sniffing): Smells like my favourite chicken casserole.
Charley: Yeah I know how you like it and the guys think it is pretty decent as well.
Throttle (coming from the back and kissing Heidi on the cheek): How you feeling?
Heidi: Better now I’ve had a good long talk with Vinnie and a new hairstyle.
Charley: A new hairstyle can cure anything can’t it?
Heidi: You know it.
Modo: Heidi ma’am mind giving me a hand they are getting restless.
Heidi walked over to the back and gently soothed each child into a smooth slumber.
Vinnie: Hey sis the dinners ready.
Heidi (entering): Sis?
Modo: Yeah we not we’ve know you for over a year now and you’ve whipped tail with us a couple of
times so what do you think?
Heidi: I think I’d rather be called bro.
Vinnie: What turning tomboy on us?
Charley: What do you mean ‘turning’? She’s been a tomboy since she was 10 her nickname in school
was Harry.
Heidi: Yeah but it got too confusing explaining to everyone why you and Jonathan kept calling me
that but any way I’d prefer bro anyday sounds a lot better.
Throttle: Alright then (raising his rootbeer bottle) Here’s to are new bro and many more
adventures to come.
All (raising their bottle): Cheers.
The End