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ok? Oh and another thing the lullaby is mine but Hush little baby isn't.

Baby Blues

By Day dreamer

Copyright. Day dreamer 2000, all rights reserved.

It is 3 and a half months since Heidi had her triplets she has moved into a flat as near as
possible to the last chance, and quite frankly she is beginning to think her babies are more
like devils than angels. Right at this moment Heidi is in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee
dark bags underline her eyes, she glances at the clock. 7:30am the guys'll be here soon then
I might ask them to take the babies for a while so I can get some sleep
. Crying interrupts
her thoughts soon all 3 of them are wailing. She gets up and sings them a soft lullaby that her
mother used to sing to her.

You are my Angel, so sweet and dear.
You are my Angel, you have nothing to fear.
I will watch you sleeping softly through the night.
I will comfort when you waken from a bad fright.
Sleep on now little Angel my little dear.
Sleep on now little Angel Mommy is here.

Heidi leaned against the door frame for a moment content to listen to the soft breathing of her
babies. She turns around and heads back into the kitchen as soon as she steps in Angelo is
wailing, Heidi can tell the differences between each scream. Right now Heidi's head feels as
though it is about to explode I am only 20!! I can't take this one screams and wakes the
others up. I get them to sleep and one decides it's thirsty. My head is about to explode.

Instead of exploding Heidi faints from exhaustion right there on the kitchen floor. A knock is
heard at the door a few minutes later.
Vinnie: Hello?
Throttle: Listen to that. One of them is crying she is probably busy with them.
Modo: Let's use the key.
They do and head for the nursery they don't find Heidi there Throttle heads to kitchen.
Throttle: Guys come quick. Heidi's out cold on the floor.
The others rush to the kitchen.
Modo: Poor gal so tired she just passed out on the floor.
Modo gently picks her up and places he on the bed in the nursery. Throttle finds the baby
bottles and proceeds to feed Angelo after burping him and settling him to sleep he heads back to
the kitchen where Vinnie is placing the last of the groceries they had brought for Heidi.
Vinnie: Well that's the last of the groceries.
Modo: Good thing we got here when we did, Heidi could've been passed out for hours and no one
would be here for Angelo and the others.
A groan from the other room catches their attention, a very tired very rough looking figure
comes out of the bedroom.
Throttle: Alright?
Heidi just growls at him.
Throttle: Just asking!
Heidi (shouting): Well don't I am totally and utterly shattered I haven't had a decent nights
sleep in Heaven knows how long! (baby cries echo through the flat) There they go again.
She starts to head for the bedroom but the Mice stop her.
Modo: We'll take of this you go to bed and sleep. We'll take the munchkins for a day.
Heidi: You will oh thank you. I'll see you later.
Throttle, Vinnie and Modo each take a baby and going something like 2 mile per hour they go to
the Last Chance Garage.
Charley was working on a rush job she called a greeting to them then sweared as her hand slipped
and cut it quite badly.
Charley: Ow damn that's what I get for shouting hi to you. Hey what are the triplets doing here?
Vinnie (setting Angela in a cot): Heidi needed a break.
Throttle (getting Angelo a bottle): Yeah she was a wreck.
Modo (cradling Angel in his arms): She was more than a wreck she was passed out on the floor
when we arrived.
Charley (washing her wound): Really? what is she doing now?......OW water was not a good idea.
Vinnie (opening the first aid kit): Most likely sleeping, here let me see that (Charley holds
out her hand) Charley you're gonna have one impressive scab (cleaning it with iodine. He checks
no one is looking and kisses it)
Charley (jerking her hand back): What are you doing?!
Vinnie (shrugs): Just making it better Sweetheart.
Charley bandages her hand the best she could. She tried to get back to work but her hand hurt
her too much.
Charley: No use can't do any work for now my hand won't let me. Damn this has to be finished by
Modo: No problem Charley ma'am. I'll be happy to help you just take Angel for a while.
Modo starts working on the van while Charley cooed to the cute little girl in here arms.
Charley: Oh you are a pretty little thing aren't you? Yes you are.
The baby lay giggling in Charley's arms. Throttle came up behind her.
Throttle: You are great with kids you know that Charley?
Charley: You muscle heads are pretty good too, for mice I mean. (longing sigh)
Throttle (concerned): You Ok Charley girl?
Charley (sounding slightly down): Yeah just wondering when I am gonna meet the right guy and
have a baby of my own.
Vinnie (shouting from across the room): You already have Sweetheart!
Charley: Oh yes? And who might that be?
Vinnie: Me of course.
Charley: Pipe down you hot head. You're gonna wake 'em up (baby cries) Too late.
Vinnie grabs a bottle and heads for Angela and sings to her while she drinks.

Hush little baby don't say a word,
Vinnies gonna by you a mocking bird.
And if that mocking bird won't sing,
Vinnies gonna buy you a diamond ring.
And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Vinnies gonna buy you a looking glass.
And if that looking glass gets broke,
Vinnies gonna buy you a billy goat.
And if that billy goat runs away,
Vinnies gonna buy you another one today.

Vinnie looked up to see Throttle looking shocked with an almost hysterical Charley by his side.
Vinnie (confused): What?!
Throttle: You just sang to a baby bro one thing I thought I'd never see.
Vinnie (turning to Charley): What about you?
Charley: It's just the way you were kinda dancing around the room gently singing, just so
un-Vinnie like.
Vinnie (holding his head up proudly): Being around kids just makes me happy that's all.
Angela suddenly was sick all over Vinnie's chest and bandoleers.
Vinnie: Yuck baby sick.
Throttle took Angela and cleaned her up while Vinnie went and cleaned himself up after handing
Angel back to Modo Charley looked over Throttle's shoulder.
Charley: Doesn't she seem a little red to you?
Throttle: A little but what does that mean?
Charley: As much as I hate to say it but I think little Angela might be sick.
Vinnie (appearing from no where): Sick? Oh no is it serious?
Charley: Don't know gonna have to wake Heidi and go to the doctors. (sly grin) Who's feeling
Throttle: No time for joking Charley-girl. I'll go.
Throttle gets onto his bike and rides to Heidi's flat. He knocks on the door and as he expected
no answer he uses his key and goes to the nursery where he can here some one sleeping.
Throttle (gently shaking her shoulder): Heidi.... Wake up.
Heidi (in a slightly slurred voice): First you tell me to go to sleep then 30 minutes later you
come back to wake me up..... How sick are you?
Throttle: Not as much as Angela.
Heidi (snaps awake): What my baby is sick? (Throttle nods) What are we waiting for? Come on.
Heidi flies out of bed and throws on anything she could find not aware that her tee shirt is
inside out and she is still wearing her slippers when she finally leaves. She arrives to a state
of panic Vinnie is trying to calm down the baby who is looking very sorry for herself. Charley
is trying to help but her right hand is very bad. Modo is trying to look after the other two by
himself. Heidi flies to Vinnie and holds her baby.
Heidi: Have you called a doctor?
Charley: Yeah she said to bring her in as soon as possible.
Heidi (turning to Vinnie): Did you drop her or something?
Vinnie (shocked): No why?
Heidi: She has some strange bruises on her arms.
Throttle: Come on lets get her to the hospital.
Heidi: Wait what about Angel and Angelo?
Vinnie: I'll stay here Sweetheart.
Charley: If your staying I'll stay too to make sure you don't destroy the place. Go now call us
when you get any news.
Throttle, Heidi and Modo leave Vinnie and Charley alone. Charley winces and looks down at an
already blood soaked bandage.
Charley: Ouch didn't think I'd lost that much blood.
Vinnie (sounding concerned and putting a hand up to her forehead): You Ok Sweetheart? You're
very warm and very pale.
Charley (weak laugh): I could say the same thing about you. But seriously it is probabley the
excitement with Angela.
Charley leaves the room and Vinnie watches her still concerned but turns his attention to the 2
remaining children seeming to sense the absence of their sister they had started to cry.

Meanwhile...... at the hospital Angela had been taken for tests even though Throttle suspected they
already knew what was wrong. A doctor introduced herself to Heidi and the others.
Doctor: I am Doctor Gold. I'm Angela's doctor I am afraid she has been diagnosed with meningitis
(Heidi gasps and Throttle drops a comforting arm around her shoulder) Do you have any more
Modo: Yes Angela is part of triplets.
Dr. Gold: Ok I think it would be best to have your other two checked and then immunised.
Heidi: Throttle, Modo go home and get Angel and Angelo I'll stay here for now.
Heidi follows the doctor and Throttle and Modo head in the other direction. They come to the
intensive care and Heidi spots her baby in an incubator. She approaches it and puts her hand
inside and touches her baby's cheek.
Heidi (whispering): Come on Angela you don't deserve to be here come on get better quickly.
Dr Gold: Miss Keep? Your daughter is a very strong girl if she pulls through the next couple of
days she will survive and your friends have arrived with the other two and they are clear and
are being immunised now.
Heidi nods acknowledgement and looks around the room there is just one nurse on duty she is
check files and drugs and hand is placed on Heidi's shoulder she jumps.
Vinnie: Sorry about that. I got bored of waiting for Throttle and Modo and Charley.
Heidi: Charley?
Vinnie: Yeah, I convinced her to have her hand seen to and the doctor said it needed cleaning
and stitching so I thought I'd come and keep you company.
After a long silence Vinnie coughs.
Vinnie: I know Angela isn't my daughter but when you placed her in my arms when she was born I
felt that was exactly what she was to me I was so proud when I learnt how to look after her and
when she first smiled at me. I want to be the hero and blast away what is making her suffer but
I can't she is just lying there and I feel so helpless and I don't like it.
Heidi: You are her father you are much more of a father to her than Mick would've been I knew
the moment I saw you rocking her when I woke up I wanted you to be her godfather someone she can
lean on if I can't be there. As for feeling helpless how do you think I feel I'm her mother I am
just sitting here waiting for her to wake up?
Another long uncomfortable silence Vinnie sighs and leans back in the chair and pretty soon he
is snoring. Throttle walks into the room he spots his bro slumped back in a chair obviously
sleeping and Heidi staring silently at the incubator as she turned to him he could see the deep
immense pain in her eyes.
Throttle: Hey how's she doing?
Heidi: She's stable but still critical. Where are the others?
Throttle: After the babies were immunised we waited for Charley (chuckle) I left them when Modo
started molly coddling her about her hand.
Vinnie waking up slightly moved to the right and fell off his chair. Throttle and Heidi burst
out laughing which sounded weird in the intensive care ward.
Vinnie: I'm going home ok? See ya later.
Throttle (still laughing): Later Bro.
After Vinnie had gone Throttle took the chair Vinnie had been sitting on.
Heidi: Vinnie doesn't show his emotions very often does he?
Throttle: No he was brought up to think it is soft to show your feelings.
Heidi: He really loves Angela though he just told me he thinks of her as his daughter.
Throttle: Yeah Angelo is as close to me as a son. After Carbine dumped me I never thought I'd
have that feeling of paternal instinct. Vinnie, he really loves Charley too but he is afraid.
Heidi: Afraid? Mr. 'I laugh at death' is afraid?
Throttle (nods): Afraid of rejection I doubt he would make a move if Charley walked into the
room naked and declared her undying love for him. He is that unsure and he doesn't think humans
and Martians can go out together.
Heidi: I'm not sure but I think Charley likes Vinnie too but that 'I love me' thing is a real
turn off for her.
Throttle: What gives you the idea that she likes him?
Heidi: Females can always tell when other females fancy a guy. You see Charley always gives
Vinnie his plate first you see? And she always sits next to him on the couch. Subtle hints. I
don't think she wants to approach him though because she doesn't want to cause any friction in
case Modo fancies her as well.
Throttle: Modo fancying her? I don't think so he loves her like a brother would love a sister
and I love her as a best friend so the field's clear for Vinnie if he wants it.
Angela stirred a little and moved over to face her mother and sort of uncle.
Throttle (dropping his arm around her shoulder again): She is gonna be fine Heidi if she is
truly like Vinnie she'll be fine.
Heidi looks over at Throttle their eyes locked they angled in to kiss but a screaming Angela
interrupted them. The nurse came back into the room with a syringe and injected Angela.
Heidi: Excuse me but what did you just inject my daughter with?
Nurse: Medicine with part sedative.
Throttle: Sedative? Why?
Nurse: Don't worry it keeps her relaxed so she doesn't get stressed.
Heidi (weak smile): Got any for me?
Nurse (understanding smile): There is a bed in the next room you could go take a nap on that or
you could sleep on this cot in here.
Heidi: I'll take the cot thank you. (turning to Throttle) Well you had best go home I'll see you
later. (She stands on her tiptoes to kiss Throttle's forehead) 'bye.
Throttle (returning the kiss): Take care.
Throttle rode back in the still early morning of the sky he passed Limburger Tower and sighed
blubber butt was on a month's vacation because of stress. He pulled into the last chance and
glanced at the clock it was 11 o'clock am. Modo guessed what he was thinking.
Modo: When a whole lot happens it feels as though it should be bedtime.
Throttle: How's Charley-girl?
Modo: She's alright when the numbing injection wore off she had to take a lot of aspirins at
first until I hid the bottle she woulda hit me but her right hand is the one she cut. She is
with Vinnie in the back with the babies. Vinnie is half asleep because we got him up at six this
morning. I don't think he has forgiven us yet.
Throttle left Modo watching the T.V and went to the back Vinnie was asleep with his arm
protectively around Angel and Charley was trying to do up a bottle with her left hand.
Throttle: Need a hand?
Charley: No need an aspirin if SOMEBODY hadn't of hidden the bottle I wouldn't be in this much
Modo (calls from the couch): You were taking too many can't be good for you.
Throttle: Why don't you go rest your hand if I need help I'll wake Vinnie up.
Charley: 'Kay Thanks oh yeah how is Angela?
Throttle: Stable but she is getting better. I left Heidi taking a nap. (Charley leaves the room)
Vinnie, hey, Vinnie wake up.
Vinnie: What's up?
Throttle: I've been talking to Heidi and she got a hunch that Charley fancies you.
Vinnie (suspiciously): Is this some kinda sick joke?
Throttle: No kidding. Heidi thinks Charley has a crush on you but she thinks it will cause
friction with you and us.
Vinnie: I.... I don't know.... er.... Heidi says she THINKS.
Throttle: Come on don't be gutless. Tell her how you feel.
Vinnie: I might.
Vinnie places Angel into her cot and goes into the living room. He plants himself on the couch
next to Charley who was watching a movie.
Vinnie: What are you watching Sweetheart?
Charley: 'Strictly ballroom'
Vinnie: What is it about?
Charley: Well this guy is really good at dancing but he is tired of dancing other peoples steps
and makes up his own but he gets into trouble for it until he meets this lady called Fran short
for Francesca she likes to make up her own steps too and she doesn't care about winning she only
lives to dance.
Vinnie: Pretty cool.
Vinnie and Charley stay on the couch watching the film. Modo gets up to talk to Throttle.
Throttle: Hey big guy what is going on in there?
Modo: Charley is watching some movie and Vinnie seems actually interested.
They are interrupted by loud laughter. They go back to the living room and see Charley trying to
teach Vinnie to ballroom dance. Vinnie is doing ok until he spins Charley too hard and she
becomes dizzy and falls over and hits her hand. Charley bursts out laughing and crying. Vinnie
helps her up.
Vinnie: Sorry Charley-girl I didn't mean that.
Charley: It's ok I just landed on my hand. You're pretty good for a beginner.
Vinnie: Like Francesca (wide grin).
Charley: Wait here I've got a great idea. (Charley darts out and brings out some old record)
This is the best record to dance to because no step is really wrong you just follow your heart.
Vinnie: What one is it?
Charley: The rumba the dance of love.
Throttle pushes Modo back into the room to give them some privacy. Vinnie takes Charley's hand
and puts his other on her hip. Charley and Vinnie's face lock their dance all most identical to
the one in the movie. When the record ends Vinnie and Charley are silent for a few moments.
Charley (fake snob voice): Why Vinnie you dance divinely.
Vinnie (laughs): You know why it is called the dance of love?
Charley: No why?
Vinnie: 'Cause when two people fall in love this is the first thing they dance too. Charlene I
love you.
Charley: I love you too Vinnie.
Their lips met soft and sweet but then more passionately exploring each other's lips and backs.
Charley's hands in Vinnie's fur on his neck. Vinnie's hands on her back just holding her his
tail wrapped around her left knee. When the kiss finally ends they are both on fire. They sit on
the couch almost as if nothing had happened except Charley's head was on Vinnie's shoulder and
Vinnie's arm is around her shoulder. Throttle peeks around the door the biggest grin on his
face, he turns back to Modo who has both Angel and Angelo in his arms.
Modo (he spots Throttle's face): He did it? (Throttle nods) Finally only one more person to set
Throttle: Who?
Modo: You and Heidi.
Throttle (shakes his head): Too late bro already happened.
Modo just grins and rocks the babies in his arms. The phone rings Vinnie picks it up.
Vinnie:...... Yeah sure bye. (he puts down the phone) That was Heidi she is coming home with Angela
we caught the meningitis pretty early on so she is fine a little sleepy but fine.
The next few minutes are filled with cries of joy and high fives. Then Charley settles on the
couch with her head on Vinnie's lap his fingers playing with her hair. A few minutes after that
a grinning Heidi walks in holding Angela her grin widens at Vinnie and Charley. She gives
Throttle a kiss on the cheek and puts Angela down with her siblings. Then Heidi sat next to
Throttle he put his arm around her shoulders and they all settled to watch the end of the movie.
The end