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Daylight And Darkness

Part II: Hasty Alliance

By Tek

1997 copyrighted to Tek and TEK Productions all rights reserved

Mars, Camp 27

Camp 27 sat on the top of Olympia Mons, hidden from scanners by a sophisticated cloaking field, on the other hand the guard were not so sophisticated and sometimes seem to never be paying attention to the POWs. In architecture it was frighteningly reminiscent of Berlin office blocks and apartment buildings, big gray featureless masses, with the only difference that these were armored to the teeth with lasers and guns. In the mining complex a skirmish was under way between the leader of the freedom fighters: Stoker, Centerline the resistance hero, and a bunch of Riche's officers. Centerline slammed into the ground onto of his captor, dust flew out to the sides of them in clouds. When he had woken up he was already inside the camp, his neck was hurting from he had been bashed, and frankly he wanted to rip whoever's neck out that had hit him, and he was doing a good job.
Centerline looked up as some one shouted his name, this resulted in a punch in the jaw from the aggravating rat. When he recovered he saw a large black and white mouse pushing her way though the POWs, she was followed by a kid younger than his son. He fought harder as he and the rat went down on the ground in a mess of blood and fur. The black mouse suddenly shot across his field of sight catching the rat in a bear hug as she went. Centerline sat up shook his head, and grabbed the rat that was on top Stoker, who had not been having much luck taking out his captor. Centerline quickly evened out the odds as he threw the rat across the compound. Then suddenly everything went dark for the three fighters and their aggressors. Riche holstered a stun blaster as he walked down the stairs from the compound building.
"Looks like we have an escape attempt" he looked down on Centerline "soon you'll learn that no one ever escapes from Camp 27" he turned away motioning for his officers to take the three mice away and revive the rats that had been trying to hold them.
Chase watched as they carted Streak, Centerline, and Stoker off. And Stoker. And His Dad! Suddenly the young mouse launched himself on the nearest rat. Only to be hit by a stun blaster. Not smart.


Ravine Mons

Carbine glared at Kickstart, who only shrugged. This was turning into a very bad day for her.
"Your saying that you can't find them?" She turned towards the wall hiding a grimace. Kickstart leaned on the wall, he looked serious for once.
"Look Carbine I'm just as worried as you are" Kickstart held his hands up in the air exasperatedly."Something is covering their trackers" Kickstart then threw a report to Carbine.
"Well then....." she started only to be interrupted by the sound of alarms.
"Carbine!! We need you in the garage!" Rimfire shouted as he rushed in. "We've got one big bogey on scanners!" The young mouse came in panic stricken, he pulled Carbine out by the arm.
"Wait. Rimfire Wait!" Carbine pulled away from the panicked youth. "What exactly is on the scanner?" She grabbed Rimfire and shook him to put empathies on her point. "Does Knight know about this" she asked.
"Some thing big, and it's coming nearer" Rimfire calmed down a little bit. He stopped. "Yeah, Knight already knows" he said ruefully.
"Ok, now we're getting some where." Kickstart grinned.
"Shut up, find Tracer, and then contact Throttle on Terra."
With that Carbine stalked out to go find more intelligent conversation in General Knight.


Earth, Chicago, Last Chance Garage

To put it simply Throttle was really, really tired. He was way to tired to do more than crash when they got back to the Last Chance and before he had fully wiped his mind of the days events he had managed to pull his shades off. Sometimes he valued the darkness, the lack of sight, but just sometimes. That's the last time I crash into a wall without my helmet on! He lay on the couch his head slung back thinking about nothing in particular and trying to cut out the noise of the football game on the tube. New York vs Boston, goody. Grudge match, oh joy. Wonder how many gray hairs this is giving Parcells? Vinnie and Modo were absorbed in it, Charlie was crashing around on one of their bikes.
"Hey Vinnie, turn the damn thing down" he managed to get his head up enough to tell Vinnie. All his energy spent his head landed back on the couch.
Vinnie cranked up the volume, just to make Throttle uncomfortable. Now that brotherly love for you.
"Aww slag, turn it down!!" Throttle moaned and fumbled for his shades.
He had almost put them on his face when the COMs went off at a shattering screech. The surprise knocked his shades off his nose, but still out of instinct he dove for the sound of the COM. Only to land head first on the floor. Modo answered it, and Charlie handed Throttle his shades from where they had fallen.
"Modo" he answered.
"Modo? I need to talk to Charlie, it's about her brother" Carbine's voice crackled over, Throttle noted that there was more interference than usual. Charlie assumed a very worried expression and took the COM from Modo's hands, her hands shook slightly.
"Yeah?" She answered.
"It's your brother: he's been captured along with Stoker" Carbine's voice said bluntly.
"Oh, no" Charlie sank to the ground, dropping the COM, Throttle scooped it up.
"Carbine?" He asked.
"No time, a ship will come soon to pick you up" she replied hurriedly. The COM fizzed off. Throttle looked forlornly at it.


Mars, Camp 27

Centerline's head hurt, that was the first thing that crossed his mind when he opened his eyes. Once his vision cleared he saw he was in a small gray cell, Stoker was still unconscious leaning on the wall. He scanned the featureless cell, to his surprise the black mouse who had taken the rat down sat in a relaxed lean on the wall, and the kid that had been with her lay unconscious next to her.
"Centerline, good to see you" she grinned humorlessly.
"Streak, I thought you were dead?" Centerline got up and rubbed his aching head. This is my day for pain, knocked out twice in one day, that has to be a record.
"I nearly thought I was" Streak got to her feet. She was thinner than the last time Centerline had seen her.
"Is Stoker ok?" Centerline walked over to the old mouse. He checked his pulse. Fine, but he's bleeding on the neck. Centerline decided that he could try to wake Stoker up.
"Ow, describes the feeling I'm having very well" Stoker groaned and shook his head. "I'm in a lot of pain right now" Stoker leaned his head back on the wall.
"He'll pull though" Streak laughed and started to pace back and forth in front of the door.
"Hell, you kidding, he always does" Centerline helped Stoker up. Stoker glared at Centerline.
"Ow" The kid started to pull himself up off the floor.
"CHASE!" Stoker gasped, "kid, it's been so long!" Stoker rushed over to the kid.
"Dad" Chase hugged Stoker with all his strength. "Dad, I missed you."
"What is this, is it now cool to hug your old man?" Stoker looked at his son with love. Chase started to cry.
"Yeah." Chase answered grinning through his tears.
"Streak, you stayed with him the entire time?" Stoker looked up at the black mouse, he blinked back a tear.
Streak nodded "I'm a soldier, I had to you ordered me , and he ain't that bad a kid" she smiled, a rare smile.
All Stoker could say was: "thank you." He gave up trying to keep tears back.
"Tearful reunions" Streak nodded at Centerline. "Long time no see brother" she held out her hand to shake, Centerline took it.
"Long time no see" he agreed.


In orbit of Earth

Carbine was really tense, really tense. She could barely sit still, she looked over at her comrade in the ship. The oaf, he had fallen asleep. Honest to say, that mouse could sleep on his sword.
"Knight, do you mind waking up?" Carbine turned to the small dusty colored mouse. Knight opened an eye and glared at her.
"I'm not asleep sweet heart, just restin' my eyes" Knight sat up. He was at least a full head shorter than Carbine, he looked like a bureaucrat not a fighter. Was that a huge mistake, Carbine had seen him take out Sand Raiders singlehanded. He was an of brown gray dust color and a long saber hung from his right hip.
"Your starting to annoy me right" Carbine glowered at Knight, the short mouse grinned and went back to his position with his boots on the console.
Carbine opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of it when Knight let out a small snore.
COMING IN FOR FINAL LANDING SEQUENCE. Scrolled across a nearby screen, carbine shoved Knight in the shoulder and pointed to the screen.
"Stay awake now!"

Continued in part III