Written by Blaze

Copy right 1998

Disclaimer: Biker Mice from Mars belong to Brentwood Funnies and are being used without permission. Damn! That's not fair! If they did then they would still be on the air. You know the deal Blaze belongs to me and Danya belongs to Danya. Other characters mentioned belong to their owners. This just came out of my sick mind. Then again they always do. I would like to Thank Danya for the title. Thanks sis. (*Danya blushes madly* Aaawwww!! Twas nothin' =-])

Throttle was in the bathroom. No one was home. Vinnie and Modo were at the Last Chance helping Charley get ready Throttle's party. It was his twenty third birthday. He should be happy celebrating the day he was born. But he was not. Throttle looked in the mirror and sighed. Who was he? What is his purpose in life? It was like he was hitting the ever so famous mid life crisis. He ran his hand through his hair. Why is he like this? Why are the depressing thoughts? He didn't know. All he knew is he wanted it to stop. He's been like this for a month. He never let anyone else know what he was feeling. Especially Blaze. He turned to the cabinet. He opened it and found three bottles of pills. Not knowing what they were he thought they were perfect. To make everything perfect he took out a bottle of whisky to make everything go down.

Throttle shuddered as the feeling of coldness went down his spine. The feeling of emptiness became stronger. He opened the medicine and took a few pills and then drank whisky. He did this until the bottles were empty. He was dizzy. He leaned on the basin to steady himself. He had the note next to him. He looked at what he wrote.

To my dearest friends,

I hope you find it in your hearts to forgive me. Especially you Blaze. What I'm going to do I hope you can forgive me in time? I don't mean to hurt you. Any of you. But I can't stand living anymore. MY life has no meaning. Sounds like trying to find the answer to life. But it's not. I can't explain it but I can't take life anymore. Why? Beats the hell out of me.

Vinnie, you're the best egotistical friend I could ever had. You showed me the wild side of myself. And I thank you for that. Your not all air and no brains. You do have intelligence if you knew how to use it wisely. But listen to Modo, Charley, Danya, Stoker, and Blaze. You'll become a better mouse. Also tone done the I'm better than anyone else attitude. But other than that don't change.

Modo, you cared about us through the thick and thin don't ever change that. Vinnie don't want to admit it but he needs you. You have meaning in life that I don't have. So take care of him. But you care about everything and take care of Vinnie. Also take care of Blaze for me. You also shown me the softer side of myself. Thank you for being my bro.

Danya, how can I explain you. Well you and Vinnie definitely belong to each other. Same attitudes, cockiness, and stuck on myself. Plus, you have a dangerous side. Which can be useful when it don't get you into trouble. But Vinnie listens to you. Keep him in check okay. You always stand by your friends when they need you. Take care.

Stoker, you're one of a kind. I can't say much. But you brought me into this when I was wrong. Thank you for teaching me what I needed to know and who to become. I can't live like this much longer. You were a father to me and I want to say thank you.

Charley, You're the first human friend I met. You cared about us when you didn't have to. You worked on our bikes 24-7 and that wasn't right. I wish I had more skills as a mechanic. I know you were trying to teach me and you said I had what it takes and I was doing a good job. But I'm tired. If it wasn't for you we would have either been fish food or some science experiment. Thank you for being there for us and putting up with our attitude. One more thing Charley, hook up with Modo. He's in love with you and you with in. Yes I know. Tell him. Before it's too late.

Blaze, Oh god what do I say to you. You brought me out of the darkness when Carbine dumped me like the dog I was. You helped me through the darkest time of my life. You were there when I needed someone. You loved me with all your heart and soul. And I love you with all my heart and soul. We had good times didn't we babe. And you'll have good times to come to come. I love you so sosososososososososososo much. I'm sorry that I'm going to hurt you but please babes forgive me. Oh I wish we could spend the rest of our lives together but I can't stand to live life anymore. I'm sorry.



Throttle looked at the letter when the words started to blur. HE looked at the bottle and saw it was still half full. OH well why not drink it all. Throttle continued to drink the bottle until the bottle was empty. Then his world began to spin faster and faster. He let go of the sides. He felt sick. He wanted to throw up. He swayed a little bit and then collapsed to the ground.

A figure unlocked the door to the bathroom. He knew the mouse would be like this and he knew why. He smiled. It's been a long time since he worked with the mouse. But the mouse had escaped him years ago. Now he will take the mouse back where he belongs. He knew he won't be able to pick the mouse up by himself but with help he'll managed to take the mouse back with him.

"GREASEPIT!!!" hissed the raspy doctor.

"Uhcoming doctor" replied Greasepit as he slipped on his own grease. "Yes."

"Pick up the mouse" ordered the doctor.

"But why?" asked Greasepit. "The mouse is good as kaput."

"Just do it" replied the doctor.

"But da boss is gonna be angry when he finds out that you let the mouse live" said Greasepit as he picked up the mouse.

"Where not going back to the Tower. Where going to go somewhere else?" replied the doctor.

"ButBut" replied a confused Greasepit.

"SHUT UP!!!" replied the doctor. "Leave the note. Let the mice think he tried to kill himself."

Greasepit and the doctor took the mouse and left the scoreboard and headed for an unknown part of Chicago. There in an old abandon house Greasepit dumped the mouse on a table and then strapped him down.

"Leave" ordered the doctor.

"But Mr. Limburger ain't going to like this Mr. Karbuncle" replied Greasepit.

"I don't give a rat's ass what he thinks" hissed the doctor as he came with a ray gun. "And to make sure he won't find me I'm going to erase what you have seen here."

Greasepit shook in fear as the doctor pulled the trigger and the beam hit the goon in the head and Greasepit shook his head a little and then had a very confused look on his face. Karbuncle told Greasepit to tell Limburger that he went to a science convention. Greasepit smiled and then let. Karbuncle turned to the mouse at hand.

"My.my.my. Mixing pills and alcohol are a no-no. It's time to have your stomach pumped and that in itself is a nasty experience" replied the doctor as he started the process of removing the pills from Throttle's stomach.


The group finished decorating the Last Chance Garage for Throttle's party.

"What time did you say Throttle get here?" asked Charley as she finished putting the balloon at end of the banner.

"In an hour" replied Blaze as she placed her present on the table.

"Awe Man!!" whined Vinnie. "Do we have to wait for Throttle?"

"OF course" replied Stoker. "After all he is the guest of honor."

"Should we go after him?" asked Modo.

"No" answered Danya. "After all Throttle is his own mouse."

"Plus, he can take care of himself" said Charley. "And we go after him then it's not like we're trusting him."

"We can wait" said Blaze.


Throttle moaned in pain. Grogginess and Confusion entered his mind. Why wasn't he dead? He opened his eyes and all he saw was a big blur. "Oh man! My aching head, stomach and body. Why did someone have to save him? Why damn it why!?

"Welcome back to the land of the living" smiled a blurry face who appeared in front of him.

Throttle still couldn't see. He knew his glasses were still on.

"If you're wondering it's the affect of the mixture of alcohol and pills" replied the raspy voice.

Throttle managed to get his mind out of the fog and started to focus. He recognized the voice. "Karbuncle!"

"Ah yes it's me Throttle" smiled Karbuncle. "You know you were a bad boy."

"Why do you care?" responded Throttle coldly.

"If you only knew the truth" replied Karbuncle as he walked away from Throttle.

"And what truth is that!!" hissed Throttle.

"That I've created you" taunted Karbuncle as he came back with a small metal object and a silver helmet.


Karbuncle smiled. "You may think you know who your mother and father are."
Karbuncle placed the helmet on the mouse's head and he brought the metal object in view. It was a long rod with a strangely shaped brand on the top.

Throttle looked at the object with fear. He had a brand on his left inner wrist that he never shown anyone and that it was hidden by his fur and covered by the dog collar. His eyes went wide with surprise and horror.-What the hell?- Just then the helmet turned on and Throttle was taken back to the past.


Everyone was sitting around waiting for Throttle to arrive. He was suppose to be at the Last Chance at 2:00 p.m. Now it was 3:00 p.m. He was an hour late and they were extremely worried.

"You know this isn't like Throttle to be late" said Vinnie pacing back and forth.

"Maybe he got caught up in traffic" suggest Modo.

"No there's not to much traffic" replied Charley.

"I don't like it" whispered Blaze. "Throttle's always on time. It's not like him to be this late. You don't suppose Limburger has him."

"Gees Thanks Blaze for just putting a higher notch in our worry belt" replied Danya.

"Smart Ass." Blaze grimmaced. "But you know stink face."

"True but then again he could be lagging behind. Besides it's his birthday. He has a right to be late" shrugged Stoker.

"That's true. But still Stoke. I'm still worried. He's our bro. I'm going to see if he's okay" replied Vinnie as he got up and headed out the door. "Don't worry Blaze he'll be okay."

"Thanks Vinnie. You know what I'm thinking" smiled Blaze.

Vinnie got on his bike and headed for the scoreboard.


Vinnie drove up the scoreboard. He went in. "Bro?"

There was no answer. Maybe Throttle was stuck in traffic or maybe Limburger did have his bro. A sinking feeling formed in his gut. His concern became great. He walked through the scoreboard and saw the door to the restroom was slightly opened.

Vinnie walked up to the door and pushed it open. He felt something slick on the door. He pulled his hand away from the door and brought it to his view. There he saw grease dripping from his hand. Concerned filled his face. He had his suspicion. "Bro, I hope this is a hair grease and not Greasepit."

Vinnie walked in and surveyed the scene. He bent down when he saw empty pill bottles and an empty bottle he picked the bottle and took a whiff. He could have gagged at the strong smell, whisky potent stuff. He then saw the note picked it up and began reading it. When he was through Vinnie was pale.