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The Most Dangerous Game

Written by: Felicia Tabby

Copyright 1998 Felicia Tabby

"Blast those repugnant rodents!" Limburger cursed as he slammed his
fist on his new desk. "This will surely be the last time I rebuild this
tower. I will see those mice's heads roll this time. I swear it."
"But Mr. Limboiger," Greasepit oozed on the new carpet. "dat's what
you said the last time dem mieces trashed the place. And da time before
that, and da time before that, and da time....."
"All right! I get the point you Stupidious Scalawag!" Limburger yelled
at him. "I realize all my threats have been reiterated in the past but all
that is about to change. Carbuncle!"
Carbuncle instantly popped up from under the surprised Plutarkian's
"Yes your Overbearing Oderishness?" the Doctor queried.
"How did you--oh never mind. I request the aide of your services once
more my dear demented doctor. I need you to bring me another super villain.
This time one who has had experience dealing with our sorts of--troubles."
"Ah yes my Supreme Sebaceousness." Carbuncle nodded. "I think I know
of a villain such as this. Come with me."
Carbuncle led Limburger and Greasepit to his lab and then over to the
transporter in the far corner.
"I'm sure you'll find this one quite suitable for our needs."
Carbuncle said as he pressed a button on a small remote control.
The transporter vibrated and hummed and was consumed by a flash of
yellow light and was still. The door slowly lifted and smoke billowed out
onto the floor. The light from inside the machine silhouetted the dark,
bulky figure inside. Limburger shrank cowardly behind Carbuncle as the
large opposing figure stepped out of the transporter and its features were
He stood 6'5" and was covered from nose to tail in grey fur with
darker greyish brown spots resembling that of a hyena's. His face looked
like a cross between a wolf and a wild cat and his eyes were like a wild
animal; glowing a haunting shade of yellow with only black slits as pupils.
Raven black hair sprouted wildly from his head between his sharp pointed
ears and ran like a dark river down his back.
His well muscled body was covered with a thick, tight combat suit
which was dark green, almost black in color under a midnight blue trench
coat that hug just above his knees and still showed quite clearly the
rippling muscles beneath it. His feet were clad in black heavy boots that
stopped below the knee and pieces of various weapons could be seen strapped
to parts of his body beneath the large coat.
The creature turned and looked at the trio of evil doers. Limburger
continued to cower behind a trembling Carbuncle while Greasepit merely
looked on, too stupid to be scared. The new villain's face was
expressionless as he watched them. But those yellow animal eyes continued
to burn frighteningly in their direction.
"I hear you have a rodent problem." the villain spoke with a low voice
that rumbled from deep within his throat and sounded more like a growl.
Realizing his life wasn't in immediate danger, Limburger stiffened
behind Carbuncle and straightened his tie.
"Yes indeed my malicious mammal." Limburger grinned. "Indeed I do. By
what name may I ask are you called?"
"I am called Talon. I come here from the Onyx System, Beta Quadrant
Seven."He spoke like a soldier addressing his superior officer.
"Duh, Ornrey Betty Nine?" Greasepit rambled. "Is that in Wisconsin?
Sounds more like dis dame I's dated back in high school."
"You stupid simpleton." Carbuncle muttered.
Talon just looked at him like one would look upon a lower life form
and Greasepit shrank under the cold glare.
"Wait a minute, I've heard of you." Limburger stated. "You're that
intergalactic game hunter who travels about the solar systems in search of
the largest and most dangerous creatures to hunt."
"That I am." Talon nodded.
"So then what would a big game hunter such as yourself want in
"These." Talon tossed Limburger a piece of paper.
Limburger caught it and looked at it. It was a picture of Throttle,
Vinnie, and Modo taken some years ago during a Martian battle.
"The Biker Mice?" Limburger asked. "You wish to hunt the Biker Mice?"
"Yes." Talon confirmed. "For a price of course."
"Of course." Limburger said sounding less than thrilled. "But I would
pay almost any price if someone could rid me of those bombastic bikers."
"I want ten thousand dollars--in advance." Talon said.
"I will pay your price. But only after the mice have been disposed of.
I have payed too many villains in advance who have not delivered."
"And I have dealt with too many slime balls who have never payed up."
Talon growled.
"Well then, I suggest a compromise." Limburger offered. "Half your
payment in advance and the other half when the mice are eradicated."
"Deal." Talon said, stretching out his paw.
Limburger reached out and shook it. Talon's claws easily fit around
the Plutarkian's large fin and his grip was so strong Limburger had to pull
it out immediately before it was crushed.
"So, please tell me my dear hunter." Limburger asked while holding his
bruised fin. "Just out of curiosity, why do you insist on hunting Martians?
These are not the wild beasts you've hunted on other planets. They may not
be big, but I assure you they are more fast and cunning than any wild
animal you've ever hunted."
"True." Talon admitted. "But it's the risk in the hunt that make it
all worth while. That very fact of yours makes this kind of game the most
dangerous to hunt." His mouth parted into a sinister sneer, revealing his
long sharp fangs. "That's just the way I like them."

Over at the Last Chance Garage, Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie sat at the
kitchen table and stared hungrily at the shapely figure before them. She
was a thin and leggy brunette with brilliant jade eyes, full red lips---and
a plate filled with hot dogs.
Charley jumped back as the mice attacked the plate with all the
viciousness of a wild animal the second she set it down. She watched in awe
as the whole pile was scarfed down in seconds until there was only one hot
dog left. Charley backed away from the table, she knew all to well what
would happen next.
"Dibs on the last dog." Vinnie called as he reached for it.
"Not this time bro." Modo said, slapping his hand away.
"No, no, no bros." Throttle tisked. "You're both wrong. It's mine."
And pretty soon the trio was tumbling around on the floor in a playful
brawl. Each one scrambling for the remaining hot dog only to be pulled back
into the fray by one of the others.
Their rumble was soon abruptly cut off as the sound of an unfamiliar
bike engine pulled into the garage. The mice quickly ended their fight and
scampered out of the room while Charley went up to meet the owner of the
bike. He looked kind of familiar to Charley but his helmet hid his face.
"Hey Charley." Doubletake greeted as he took off his helmet. "Nice
place you got here. Where's the guys?"
Charley smiled.
"They're hiding in the back. I'll go get them."
"Thanks." Doubletake grinned as he got off his bike.
As Charley walked off, she couldn't help but grin herself. That mouse
had one amazing smile--for a Martian of course.
"It's all clear guys." Charley opened the door and called to them.
The trio stepped out in relief.
"Just remember bros, that last dog is still--Hey!" When he saw
Doubletake leaning idly against the table and pop the remainder of the last
hot dog into his mouth.
"Hey Vinnie, how ya doing?" he greeted.
"A lot better than you'll be in a minute." Vinnie threatened.
Modo didn't say anything but easily held the smaller mouse from
advancing with his bionic arm. Doubletake didn't seem to notice and
instead, helped himself to a bottle of root beer.
"So. Where's Chasis today?" Throttle asked.
"Who knows." Doubletake shrugged. "She was in one of her funks this
morning and took off. So I thought I'd come over and see what's going on
"Bad timing bro." Modo told him. "Things are about as slow around here
as ever."
No sooner had he said the last word than two missiles crashed through
the window and exploded, filling the garage with thick smoke. The mice
coughed through the choking smoke while Charley ran to open a window. Soon,
most of the smoke was gone and the mice were able to see and breathe again.
"What was that all about?" Modo asked.
"Who knows." Vinnie shrugged.
"Any ideas Charley-girl?" Throttle asked. "Charley?"
"Charley!" Vinnie panicked.
"Help!" came a familiar cry form outside.
The four Martians raced out the garage door. They found Charley held
tightly in Talon's claws with a large gun pointed at her head. The mice
instantly pulled out their own weapons at seeing their friend's
"One move vermin, and she's history." Talon growled.
"Yeah, well incase you didn't notice, you're out numbered." Doubletake
pointed out.
"So we suggest you let the lady go." Throttle said.
"Before we make you." Modo added.
"Complete with lots of pain." finished Vinnie.
Talon just smirked at the threats and held Charley tighter.
"Follow me mice, if you dare."
Talon slipped into a streamlined, four-wheeled vehicle which was grey
and dark blue in color, pulling a struggling Charley roughly in with him.
The intergalactic hunter gave the mice one more challenging grin before the
top of the vehicle slid into place and it took off down the street.
"After them bros!" Throttle ordered.
The Biker Mice whistled for their bikes while Doubletake ran for his.
They mounted their machines and started the engines, the rumble of the
bikes mixing into a biker's song.
"All right bros, let's rock....." Throttle started.
"And smack that stupid grin right off that wacko's face!" Vinnie
suddenly shouted. "Then I'll pull out his fur and roast the sucker
"Uh, Vinnie." Throttle interrupted. "He's getting away."
"Huh? Oh yeah, right."
"Sheesh Vin, chill out." Doubletake said as he took off down the
The trio were instantly at his tail and soon all four were in hot
pursuit of the alien vehicle.
"What do you think this guy's up to?" Modo asked as they rode.
"Don't know but he sure is high tailing it out of the city." Throttle
"And he's fast, too." Doubletake added. "I don't think we'll be able
to catch up."
"Awe man." Vinnie moaned. "You mean all we can do is follow?"
"Afraid so Vincent." Throttle said. "At least until he leads us to
what ever trap he's got waiting for us."
"Man!" Vinnie pouted. "This isn't turning out to be the hottest day of
my life."
The mice continued to follow at top speed without being able to gain
any ground on the speeding vehicle ahead of them. As the chase went on, the
city disappeared to be replaced by open farm land which faded into the
trees and dirt roads of the forest.
"Where the heck is this guy going, Canada?!" Vinnie said impatiently.
"All this chasing stuff is really getting old."
But then the vehicle in front of them came to a sudden halt and
rotated to face them. The mice were too stunned at the sudden turn of
events to stop or even realize that the trap was set. All too fast, four
robotic arms rose up from the trail behind them and latched onto the bike's
back tires. The Martians were thrown off their bikes at the sudden stop and
crashed to the ground. Before they could react, a large metal cage fell
from the trees on top of them.
Throttle gave a soft moan as he picked himself up. He sat on his knees
and brushed the dirt off his jacket before eyeing his surroundings. He was
not surprised to see many of Limburger's goons armed to the teeth and
aiming at the cage, from a safe distance of course.
"How we doing bros? Everyone okay?"
"Fine." Vinnie grumbled as he dusted himself off. "How about you
"I will be," Doubletake wheezed. "As soon as Modo gets off me!"
"Oops. Sorry bro." Modo said sheepishly as he lifted himself off the
smaller mouse so he could crawl away.
"Well, if it isn't my old friends the Biker Mice." A familiar yet
unpleasant voice was heard. "Fancy meeting you out here among the beautiful
serenity of nature."
"Cut the crap Limburger." Vinnie instantly jumped to his feet. "What
did you do with Charley?"
"She's right here." a deep voice said.
The mice watched helplessly as Talon pulled their human friend out of
the vehicle, still at gun point.
"Let her go Fido, or you'll have me to deal with." Vinnie growled.
But Talon decided to pay the mice no more heed as he addressed
"The mice, as promised." he announced.
"Commendable job my dear hunter." Limburger grinned. "Now to take
these miscreant marmots to Lord Cammonbert himself."
"No." Talon insisted. "The deal was for me to hunt them Limburger."
"But, I...I.." Limburger stuttered.
Talon growled fiercely and looked at him in such a way that the
Plutarkian shrank in fright under the glare.
"Why, uh, I mean, certainly." Limburger cringed. "After all, a deal's
a deal."
"Good." Talon sneered as he pushed Charley at Limburger and handed him
the gun.
"What do you want me to do?" Limburger demanded as he held Charley at
gun point awkwardly.
"If the mice misbehave, pull the trigger." Talon answered frankly and
then turned and approached the cage.
On the other side of the bars, Vinnie looked ready to blow his top.
"Easy Vincent." Throttle whispered. "You exploding on that guy won't
do any good for Charley or us."
Vinnie settled only sightly but his fists were clenched as tight as
"Well, well, this is a surprise." Talon said as he looked over the
caged mice. "I had only expected three of you. But four Martians will only
make the hunt more interesting."
"Hunt?" Doubletake asked. "All this just so you can chase us around in
the forest? That's creepy man."
"Except that it's kind of hard to chase something that doesn't run."
Modo said as he aimed his arm cannon at Talon.
"I don't think so Martian." Talon boasted. "One false move and your
little human friend over there won't be around any more if you catch my
Modo's eye glowed a bright red with anger. He stood the way he was;
gritting his teeth, his arm cannon still primed at Talon. Then with a
defeated sigh he lowered it.
"You win fuzz face." he muttered bitterly.
"Now," Talon continued. "your weapons, please."
With one last look at Charley, the mice surrendered their weapons to
the hunter. Two of Limburger's goons were carefully let into the cage and
chained Modo's arm cannon shut without much resistance.
"Now let them go." Talon ordered.
"Let them go?!" a goon asked incredulously. "But.."
"Do it!" Talon snapped.
The cage door was hesitantly opened and the mice warily stepped out;
eyeing Talon all the way, waiting for his next move.
"You have a five minute head start." Talon told them. "Make it count."
"Come on guys, let's go." Doubletake said as he took off for the
"I'm not going anywhere!" Vinnie yelled. "This mouse isn't going to
run away and be hunted down like some stupid animal. I say we settle it
here and now."
Talon remained the way he was, unfazed by Vinnie's announcement and
giving the mouse a threatening yet tolerating look.
"Come on bro. We can't save Charley later if they kill her now." Modo
"Yeah Vincent." Throttle added. "It's best to just play along until we
can come up with a plan."
Vinnie knew they were right. He took one more reluctant look at
Charley before following his bros through the forest and out of sight.
"You had better know what you're doing." Limburger said to the hunter
through clenched teeth. "You just set loose the three most wanted fugitives
in the Plutarkian Empire."
"Don't worry." Talon replied confidently. "They won't get far."
"And what about her?" Limburger motioned to the human woman in his
"Her? She's harmless and worthless. No sport hunting at all. After the
mice's capture, let her go. Humans serve as nothing to me but bait."
"Bait?!" Charley cried in protest. "I'll show you bait!!"
She fought unsuccessfully against Limburger's hold on her.
"Really." Talon said ruefully. "Humans are such odd creatures. It's a
wonder they've survived so long."
Charley barked some more insults at him before the intergalactic
hunter raced off and seemed to almost melt into the maze of trees around

Further down the forest, the mice were running as fast and as far away
from that place as possible. And not being to familiar with the concept,
weren't doing the best job of it.
"I never realized how slow we run until I actually had to do it."
Vinnie commented.
"Yeah, who does he think we are, pedestrians?" Doubletake agreed.
"I don't know bros, but I've got a feeling---" Modo didn't get a
chance to finish.
He had leapt over a dead log that was lying in his way and landed on a
pile of leaves. The second his feet hit the ground he was flung up into the
air and was held high off the ground in a strong net.
"Modo!" Throttle called when he saw what had become off his bro.
"Keep going." Modo called back to them. "We're no good to Charley if
we all get caught. I'll try and catch up to you later."
The mice nodded in understanding and took off again.
"We'll be back bro." Vinnie vowed.
"I know." Modo smiled. "Now get out of here."
Vinnie threw him a parting grin before taking off after the others.
Modo, with a lack of a better alternative, continued to dangle from
the tree tops. He studied the net holding him and tried to snap it with his
bare hands. His attempt soon proved futile. The net seemed to be made of
some kind of woven metal and proved too strong for him to break.
It wasn't too long after that Talon silently emerged from the forest.
He said nothing but looked up at Modo with a triumphant grin and then ran
in the direction the others had gone.
"Oh mama." Modo said sadly. "If he keeps moving at that pace he'll
catch up to the bros in no time." Modo tired fruitlessly to break the ropes
again. "And there's nothing I can do about it."
The large grey mouse finally accepted his fate and hung helplessly in
the net.
"Modo?" a familiar voice from below asked.
Modo looked down, never expecting who he saw.
"What are you doing up there?" the female Martian asked.
"Oh, just hanging around. Do you think you could give me a hand?"
"Sure thing."
Chasis climbed up the tree and scooted out to the limb the net was
tied to.
"You'll have a heck of a time cutting me loose." Modo informed her.
"The rope is made of some kind of woven metal."
"We'll see." Chasis replied.
She pulled up her right jacket sleeve to reveal a large metal band
that started at her wrist and went up almost to her elbow. She pushed one
of its many buttons and a small buzz saw popped out. Chasis was able to cut
through the rope in no time and mouse and net fell to the ground. Modo got
up and rubbed his bruised rear end while Chasis climbed back down the tree.
"Nifty little gadget you got there." He commented.
"Thanks." Chasis started cutting the chain on Modo's arm. "Got it for
my birthday."
"How did you get here anyway?" Modo asked.
"I've been following these jokers around all day trying to figure out
what they were up to. I just barely saw that werewolf or whatever he is
take off after you guys so I followed."
She finished just as the chain fell off and she pulled her jacket
sleeve back in place.
"So what's the plan." Modo asked again.
"You go back for Charley and your bikes. I'll follow this hunter and
the guys."
The mice split up and ran their separate ways.

Further down the trail still, the three remaining mice were about out
of gas without their bikes.
"No more bros." Doubletake panted. "I need a rest."
"Only if you really have to." Vinnie wheezed.
"I can't understand why any one would want to do this for fun."
Throttle gasped.
The mice took a few minutes rest before starting off again; this time
at a brisk walk. They hadn't gotten far when Throttle felt something sharp
prick him in the shoulder.
"What?" he wondered as he and the other mice spun around.
Talon stood only twenty feet from them, a small dart gun in his claws.
"Man that guy can move." Doubletake said. "And he's not even tired!"
"Let's take him bros." Throttle ordered. "Divide and Conquer number
"Divide and what? 48 wha?" asked a confused Doubletake.
"I don't think this is going to work bro." Vinnie said to Throttle.
"No kidding." the tan mouse replied. "You can't give a play to someone
who hasn't read the book. I guess we'll be winging this one."
"Yes! Just the way I like it!" Doubletake whooped.
The orange haired mouse broke into a dead run at the hunter. Talon
retaliated with a barrage of darts that all missed their mark. Doubletake,
in turn, launched himself into an array of flips and twists until he
rebounded and landed squarely on Talon's shoulders.
The wolf creature growled in outrage at his unwanted passenger. He
ripped and tore at the mouse on top of him while Doubletake continued to
whoop and cheer excitedly. Talon finally managed to grab the Martian and
throw him off into the nearest tree. But no sooner had he been rid of one
attacker than Throttle and Vinnie wrestled him to the ground.
Doubletake got up shakily from the tree trunk he was tossed into. He
shook his head to clear his vision-- just in time to see Vinnie flying
straight at him. The two collided and fell to the ground.
"Hey! You can't do that to me." Vinnie screamed as he jumped to his
feet and charged.
"Hold it Vin." Doubletake grabbed the white mouse's tail. "I've got a
better plan."
He whispered his idea into Vinnie's ear who, cackled at the plan.
"I like it. Let's do it!"
Throttle and Talon were still wrestling on the ground. But soon Talon
got the upper hand and threw Throttle to the side.
"Hey Dog Breath!"
Talon looked around to see who would dare address him that way.
"Yeah you Bowser Boy. Your mama was a flea factory. Ha ha!" Doubletake
Talon fumed in his place. Vinnie crept around behind him and crouched
on his hands and knees undetected.
"You're too bold for your own good mouse." the hunter growled.
"Think so?"
Talon snarled and swung his fists. Doubletake ducked the swings and
pushed hard on the hunter's chest. Talon lost his balance and fell over
Vinnie. He landed on a pile of leave which immediately flipped him into the
air---caught in his own net.
"Hey, nice job bros." Throttle said as he came up to them.
The three exchanged a round of high-fives. But their triumph was short
lived as Talon started cutting the ropes with a sharp blade.
"Uh, oh." Doubletake groaned. "Time to get moving again."
"Right behind ya." Vinnie replied.
The mice took off once again into the forest. But only a few minutes
of running and Throttle began to feel dizzy and light headed. He tried to
ignore it but soon he had to stop and lean against a tree to keep his
"You okay bro?" Vinnie called when he noticed Throttle wasn't keeping
Throttle looked up at him. The white mouse looked only like a white
blob to him.
"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine." It took all his power just to make his voice
sound stable.
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah. I-I'll cut him off from behind. Now go before he catches up."
The two remaining mice gave him a hesitant glance before running off.
Throttle fought to steady himself and he attempted to run. But only a
few steps and his world began to spin and he felt nauseous. He fell to his
knees, head down, and tried to get the sickening feeling to pass.
"Your comrades desert you mouse?" a sinister voice echoed in his ear.
Throttle jumped to his feet at the sound of the voice; the sudden jerk
doing a number on his already aching head. But he forced himself to stand
tall and confront the hunter. Before him stood three Talons, all smiling
maliciously at him. Throttle shook his head to clear his vision. He looked
up to see only one hunter this time but the form soon dissolved back into
three again.
"Not even four of you could stop me." Talon sheered as he circled the
disoriented Martian. "No one can. In the end, they all fall victim to me."
Talon back handed Throttle and sent him sprawling to the ground.
Throttle grabbed his head as his world spun in all directions. His brain
felt like it would burst out of his skull. He curled up in a tight ball in
attempt to block out the anguish.
Talon stood over the shaking form and grinned broad and evil at the
mouse's torture.
"Everyone falls to me."
"Wanna bet?"
The new voice was accompanied by a swift kick to the back of Talons'
head whose force sent him flying off his feet. After a second to recover,
the hunter picked himself up and turned to face his attacker. A female
Martian with metallic grey fur and brown hair stood opposingly before him.
Talon gave Chasis a wary eye as he crouched in a defensive stance.
Chasis tensed as well, the tip of her thin tail twitched agitatedly. Talon
slowly, carefully reached for the dart gun strapped to his hip.
"Don't even try it." Chasis threatened as she whipped out her own
blaster at lighting speed.
Talon eased his paw away from the gun as he thought the situation
over. No creature had ever caught him by surprise before. And though
hunting this mouse would surely prove to be a worthy and exciting hunt, he
had only planned on hunting unarmed mice and on his own terms. This female
was not part of the game and his only weapon of defense was a dart gun.
Chasis held steady where she was. She could tell the hunter was
ciphering out his next move and that made her uneasy. A small moan from
Throttle caught her attention only for a moment. Talon took that
opportunity to dash off into the forest after the two remaining mice.
Chasis remained in her aggressive stance, blaster drawn even after the
hunter left. But when no sign of a counter attack surfaced she put away her
gun and approached the tan mouse, still curled up tightly and clutching his
head with shaking hands.
"What did he do to you?" Chasis asked as she knelt down beside him.
She saw a small dart embedded in Throttle's left shoulder and pulled
it out to examine it.
"Looks like you've been sedated."
She sniffed the dart and made a face at the familiar stench of the
chemical it contained.
"And with some pretty evil stuff, too."
With a lot of gentle coaxing, she got Throttle to relax and she eased
him onto his back. She pressed her ear to his chest to hear the unusual
rapid heart beats and felt the very unsteady breathing.
"You're not doing to well." she told him as she felt his burning hot
forehead. Throttle was in no state to respond as he was now slipping in and
out of consciousness. "I just hope I can take care of you until help
Chasis took off her jacket and placed it over Throttle. Then she stood
up and scowled at how little it actually covered him. But deciding there
was nothing she could do about it, Chasis walked off into the bushes and
started rummaging around in the local plant life.
"Why didn't I pay more attention when Mom was teaching us about cures
in Earth plants?" Chasis berated herself as she searched.
She came upon a fern which looked a lot like what the humans called
poison ivy; but it had four leaves instead of three. Next she dug up the
roots of another plant and then carried her haul back to the sickly
Martian. She knelt down next to Throttle and rubbed the plants together in
her hands. Then she opened his mouth and squeezed a few drops of the
mixture into it.
"I hope this works." she whispered.
In a few minutes Throttle stopped shaking and his heart beat and
breathing went back to normal. He gave a weak moan and opened his eyes to
see Chasis looking down worriedly at him.
"I must be dead." he managed to croak.
"What makes you say that?" Chasis asked, puzzled.
"Because I think I see and angel."
He slowly reached up his hand to the surprised mouse. Chasis caught it
in hers and brought it back down to rest on his chest while she felt his
forehead with her free hand.
"You must be delirious." was all she could think of to say about
Throttle's accusation. "And your fever is still really high."
"Chass?" Throttle asked, finally getting a better hold on reality.
Chasis smiled down at him and then jerked her head back up and glanced
towards the trees as her ears caught the faint sound of machines heading
their way.
"Chass, I..." Throttle started to say.
"Sh-h-h" Chasis quickly silenced him.
She stood up and drew her blaster, aiming it in the direction she
could hear the noises coming from. The roaring of engines came closer.
Chasis tensed for an attack but then lowered her weapon in surprise as two
riderless motorcycles drove into the clearing.
"What the?" Chasis wondered.
Then two more motorcycles, this time with riders drove out.
"Modo, Charley. Am I glad to see you guys. Is anyone following you?"
"I don't think so." Charley said as she got off Doubletake's bike.
"Modo scared old Fish Face and his goons so bad they're probably half way
to Limburger Tower by now."
Charley giggled at recalling the look on their face when Modo dropped
in and scared the scales off Limburger. But then she gasped when she saw
the limp body laying behind Chasis.
"What happened to Throttle?" she asked as she crouched down by him.
"He was hit with this." Chasis showed Charley the dart. "It contained
a tranquilizer that most intergalactic hunters use for big game.
Unfortunately, this kind of sedative reacts dangerously to Martian blood."
"Is he going to be okay?" Modo asked worriedly.
"I tried to neutralize the toxin. The only thing we can do now is wait
and hope for the best. But he would have a better chance if we got him into
a bed inside somewhere."
"Then let's take him back to the Last Chance right away." Charley
"What about Vinnie and Doubletake?" Modo asked. "That hunter is still
after them. We should try and get their bikes to them."
"Do what you have to. I'm going back with Throttle so I can take care
of him in case his condition worsens." Chasis stated.
"Charley, you better go with her." Modo insisted. "This guy is
"Wait a minute." Chasis interjected. "Throttle's in no condition to
ride alone and there is no way we can fit three of us on one bike."
"If I took Charley back how would Doubletake get his bike?" Modo
argued. "It can't drive itself like ours can."
"That's it, we'll let the bikes find them." Chasis announced. "They're
AI, they could find Vinnie and Doubletake on their own. I could take
Doubletake's bike home and Throttle's bike could go with Vinnie's to find
the guys."
"Except I don't think Throttle's bike is going anywhere without him."
Modo pointed to the black Martian bike as it parked protectively over its
unconscious rider.
Chasis turned from him and approached the machine. She crouched down
next to it and rested her hand on the handle bars.
"He's pretty sick." she said to the machine as if she were talking to
a real person. "But we really need your help."
The bike growled in protest at what Chasis wanted it to do.
"Hey, I know you're worried about Throttle. But I'm also worried about
Doubletake and Vinnie. They really need your help. If you go find them I
promise I will take care of Throttle the best I can."
The bike didn't move; didn't make a sound. Charley could almost sense
it pondering over its options. But then the motorcycle roared to life and
pointed itself towards the forest.
"All right!" Chasis cheered.
She whistled for Vinnie's bike and the red motorcycle rolled up next
to Throttle's.
"Okay guys, Vinnie and Doubletake are out there. Go get em."
The two bikes revved their engines and reared up on their back tires
before charging through the forest to find the lost Martians.
"Modo, help me out here." Chasis requested as she eased Throttle into
a sitting position and gently draped his right arm over her shoulders.
Modo pulled his left arm around his neck and heaved the sedated mouse
to his feet. They set Throttle down on Doubletake's bike and Chasis sat in
front on him.
"Are you sure you can hold him?" Modo asked.
"I got him." Chasis assured the grey mouse.
She wrapped her tail around Throttle's waist and her own to hold him
in place. She could feel him stay in consciousness long enough to weekly
put his arms around her waist.
"Do you think Doubletake and Vinnie will be okay?" Charley asked as
she got on the bike behind Modo.
"I'm sure they'll be fine. The bikes will find them soon enough." Modo
"Even though those two think this whole thing is just one big game."
Charley added.
"The most dangerous game one could ever play." Chasis muttered to
herself as she started the bike's engine.
Modo started his bike and the two motorcycles with their riders raced
back towards Chicago.

Talon ran faster and faster through the underbrush; the excitement of
the chase awakening his primal instincts as the adrenaline flowed freely in
his veins. The hunt was still on and Talon was determined to make this last
stand with the two remaining Martians the most exciting and worth while.
He burst into a clearing and stopped dead in surprise. The trail ended
cold and the mice were no where to be seen. Talon was dumbfounded. Never
had he lost his prey before.
"Cowabunga!" Doubletake hollered as he dropped on Talon from the tree
tops in the same fashion he was now used to.
"The Biker Mice run from no one." Vinnie announced as he pounced on
Talon's legs from behind a boulder.
Talon fell to the ground with the mice on top of him. They wrestled
with the hunter for a second time that day. Talon managed to get his feet
under Doubletake's chest and propelled him into the nearest tree trunk. And
no sooner had the brown mouse gotten to his feet then he was knocked down
by a flying projectile named Vinnie.
"Okay, this is getting old." Doubletake drummed his fingers on the
ground irritatedly.
"What's the deal?" Vinnie demanded. "We're the good guys. We're the
ones who's supposed to be winning here!"
The mice got up and faced off with Talon once again.
"Okay, this time we'll wipe the floor with him." Doubletake promised.
He took one step towards Talon and was flung up into the air as a rope
noose caught around his right foot and lifted him off the ground. Before he
knew it, Doubletake was hanging upside down in the air by his ankle.
"Now there's something new." Vinnie quipped.
But Doubletake wasn't listening.
"I could have stayed at home all happy and nice but no-o-o-o, I had to
go see what the guys were up to."
"And now for you." Talon said to Vinnie.
The white mouse gulped and backed against the tree when the hunter
pulled out his gun. His aim was steady as he centered the Martian in his
"Can't we talk this over?" Vinnie asked.
Talon just sneered. He pulled the trigger just a two riderless
motorcycles charged out of the forest at him. The shot went wild and missed
its target.
"Wahow-how!" Vinnie yelled as his bike flung a net over Talon. "The
party's back and we're biker mice once again!"
Throttle's bike shot a laser at the rope that held Doubletake and he
fell to the ground.
"Thanks for the rescue." he gave the black bike a thumbs up.
"Hey, that's Throttle's bike." Vinnie said. "And my bros are no where
around. This doesn't look good."
"Let's take this trash with us and go find them." Doubletake
He was surprised when Throttle's bike let him get on but was thankful
for the ride.
"You're one great piece of work." Doubletake patted the handle bars
affectionately and the bike revved in agreement.
"Let's go!" Vinnie said.
They took off back the way they had run. I felt good to have a bike
under him again. Vinnie missed the power and speed of it. He was also
enjoying the threats and insults he received from Talon as he dragged the
hunter behind him along the ground in the net.
When they reached the place Limburger and his goons had been they
found the place wrecked and empty.
"Looks like the guys have already been here." Doubletake observed.
"That must mean they got Charley back." Vinnie said with relief.
"Let's head back to Chicago then."
The two biker mice then hastened off towards home.

Up at the tower, Limburger waited calmly at his desk for Talon to
report the success of his hunt. For he must have al least caught one or two
mice by then.
"Your Great Odoriferousness." Carbuncle paced around the room
uneasily. "Shouldn't the hunter have returned with the captured mice by
"Be patient Carbuncle. I'm sure he'll return any--"
Limburger was cut off when two Martian motorcycles burst through the
window sending shattered glass flying every where.
"You're supposed to keep your pets leashed around here at all times
Fat Boy." Vinnie said as he tossed the netted Talon at the Plutarkian's
"Yeah." Doubletake added. "There's laws in this town you know."
The mice exchanged high fives and then high tailed it out of the
building. After they left, Limburger looked down dejectedly at the hunter
cutting himself free from the net.
"A lot of good you did." Limburger accused. "I suggest you go back to
where you came from."
"Fine by me."
Talon got up and brushed himself off. He did not aprecitate all the
new cuts and bruises he had recieved from the long trip into the city. The
ride straight up the tower wall was no joy trip either. He headed out the
door to the transporter room.
"At least I still have my money." he smiled to himself and he reached
into his coat pocket.
"Where is it?" Talon panicked as he looked into his empty pockets.
"It's gone! No!"

"Check this out Vin." Doubletake held out a piece of paper as they
drove back to the Last Chance Garage. "How many dogs do you think we could
buy with this?"
Vinnie took the check and looked at it.
"Whoa! Where'd you pick this up?"
"Oh, from a little doggie I know."
"Why sticky fingered stinker." Vinnie snickered. "I bet Charley could
really use this money for her garage. She'll love me for it."
"You?! I'm the one who stole it!"
"Yeah, well I'm the one whose going to give it to her."
"Oh no you're not! Give me that check!"
"Make me!"
And the two mice continued to argue and fight the whole way home.