I do not own the Bikermice from Mars. I will make no profit from writing this story. It's a "what if " tale that may be some had thought about but I have taken the liberty of constructing into a scenario which may or may not evolve into a whole story. My utmost appreciation to any whom may read and hopefully enjoy this small offering.


By Morning 2000

"How did I let this get so complicated? I just came here to do a job" Charley scolded herself as she sat alone in the back of the Last Change Garage staring at the Chicago night sky.

Her resistance unit hadn't done much in stopping Limburger until the mice showed up.
The were good allies, useful in stopping the Plutarkian menace from destroying another planet.

But how could she let herself get involved, they had become real friends despite her secret. But now he'd done the unthinkable fallen in love with her, kissed her, and told her she was the most important thing in his life. Why didn't she see it coming? Stopped it before it had gone this far?

Charley sighed weary as she reached up and pulled the mask from her face. Her long white hair falling free. The wind feeling wonderful as it hit her aqua skin. She smiled as she thought about how her father, The Lord High Chairman, would react to her being in the resistance and having Vincent Van Wham for a son-in law.

But this wasn't a laughing matter. As a child her life was carefree filled with the all the indulgences her father's high position could afford her. Not necessarily out of any type of love but more so because it was excepted she be treated so. She was spoiled, self-centered, and selfish just as every Plutarkian is trained to be. Money was all-important, get as much as you can, steal or swindle those were the values she was raised on.

It might have worked if not for the chance meeting that changed her life. Suddenly a face filled her mind, a sweet alien face. Unlike the fat cruel males she had been surrounded by but a soft gentle being with a heart of pure gold and courage to match.

"Charley! Hey Charley girl!" Vinnie's voice bellowed.

Charley wiped her eyes and immediately put the mask back in place again concealing her true appearance.

"Back here Vinnie," she called trying to remove the sadness from her voice.

"Hey Babe what cha doing out here all by your lonesome? A night like this should be shared," He said as he walked up behind her putting his arms around her nuzzling her neck playfully.

Vinnie immediately felt her go tense. " Hey Sweetheart what's the matter I do somethin'?" He turned her to face him.

"No no it's nothing you've done? I guess I'm just a little tired that's all. I'll see you tomorrow I think I want to turn in early, okay?" She said as she smiled touching his cheek.

Before she could go he gently took her face in his hands and kissed her good night.
Charley knew she should stop him, not let this go any further but as tangled as the whole situation was she had fallen in love with him as well, the second such love of her life.
She couldn't stop the tears from escaping her eyes. Pulling away leaving Vinnie confused and concerned she went into the garage begging him not to follow her.

In the privacy of her bedroom Charley again removed not only the mask but the life like coverings of her arms and hands as well. She walked over to the wall pressing a small well-hidden control panel. The wall moved away to reveal a large clear tub filled with water and intricate communication system.

After removing her clothing she slips contently in to the cool clear water letting her mind drift and her body replenish itself. The injections she'd been given when leaving Plutark were still doing their job of keeping the rancid smell common to her people from emitting from her skin. Even as a child she'd hated it. What else it had done to her body she was still unsure of but it was worth the sacrifice.

Her head leaned back as she remembers his face again, The prisoner that opened her eyes to see the truth. That fateful night she had heard the sound out side her bedroom.


The guards ran past in frantic search of a prisoner that had just escaped. Her curiosity getting the best of her she slipped out into the darkness to see what the commotion was all about. Seeing nothing she turned to walk back into the house when a soft moaning stopped her. She looked closer to see a figure lying hidden close to the house. It was a male figure injured and bleeding from a blast wound to his shoulder. She moved closer to him kneeling down to get a clear look at him.

She jerked back in shock to see it was one of those Martians her father was always complaining about. Those useless foul creature that had tried to stop them from getting
what, after all, was Plutark's right to take. But she wasn't repelled as he father said she would be. He was different but not at all the ugly creatures she was taught to believe they'd be. She gently moved the long wild ebony hair from his face and stared as his eyes opened for a moment. When hearing the guards returning she pushed him closer to the building and stepped out into the open.

"Oh good evening Miss Camembert, You shouldn't be out this late at night. We have one of those filthy Martian mice roaming around loose." The guard told her giving her a more than friendly eyeing up and down.

"Well he's not here. Unless you think I'm hiding him!" She scolded rolling her eyes at his obvious glare. "And Lieutenant I don't think my father would appreciate it if I told him that one of his soldiers was out leering at his daughter." Not that her father would really care, she was just another of his properties to be bargained off to the highest bidder. Nor was the leer because of any thoughts regarding her looks. More so from the big dollar sign he probably saw.

"Oh no ma'am! I mean yes ma'am" He stumbled over his words and his feet leaving the area immediately taking his men with him.

She turned her attention back to the injured escaped Martian. Why she had saved him she was still trying to figure out but she had, so now she had to figure out what she was going to do with him. There was a small storage house in the back she could hide him in there that is if she could drag him to it. As she tried and pulls him up she could feel him attempting to help her. She said nothing as they leaning on each other she was able to get him to safety.

Once inside she let him slide to the floor as she looked around for something to make him a place to lay down. Finding nothing she knew she would have to get something from her room. As she was leaving he grabbed her hand.

" I have to get something to make you a bed and take care of your injuries. I'll be back I promise." He released her and she continued on.

After a few moments she returned. She made him a small bed on the floor and helped him down onto it. She turned on a small light she'd also brought then cleaned and dressed his injuries. All the time she hadn't say anything neither had he. Just watched her as she work.

"Why are you doing this?" He questioned.

"I don't know?" She told him.

Her task completed she covered him and made ready to leave. Again his hand held her from leaving. "I was told that there were those of your people that would help me get away, that does not support what is being done to my world. Never did I realize I would fine such a beautiful ally. Thank you my sweet little mermaid." He slipped into a much-needed sleep still holding her hand.

She sat for another moment watching him before slowly removing her hand. In the soft light she could see the strange red flecks that floated in the sea of black that lay around his broad shoulders and fell past his back. She gently touched it and the feel was like the softest thing she had ever felt. How could such creatures be as her father had told her. Something was wrong and she was determined to find out what. Not that she wasn't use to her father's habit of lying but this time she would get the truth. Leaving she looked back and smiled remembering that he'd called her beautiful and trying to think of what a mermaid was. Touching her face thinking of the many times she was referred to as the ugly one by her family. Those words followed her back to her room and into her bed as she fell asleep with his face in her mind.

In the morning she quickly rose and readied herself so she could get out to see him again.
"Now to get rid of this smell I hate it so much," she thought as she applied the spray the scientist she'd hired had given her. Her parents thought she was crazy because any Plutarkian worth their scales knew it was an honor to be as offensive as possible.

She tried to find him something to eat knowing slim worms were not going to be something he could digest. The best she could do was some seaweed broth.
Careful not to draw any attention to herself she made her way out to the storage house and there he was still sleeping. In the daylight he was even more fascinating, no he was beautiful, yes that was the word beautiful. She knelt beside him and touched his shoulder trying not to frighten him but needing to wake him so she could tend to his wounds and get some food into him.

Slowly his eyes opened and he again smiled at her, "So I see I wasn't dreaming my little mermaid. You've come back."

"Umm, I think I should change that dressing and well you should eat something." She blushes a deeper blue.

She helped him sit up so she could remove the bandages shaking slightly as she touched the soft fur on his shoulder while helping him remove his shirt once more. She tried not to stare at his well developed physique but found it very difficult. Very few males on her world were built so well and those that were she hardly saw since they were the poor workers of a lower station.

The wound taken care of she sat back to offer him the broth still warm in its container.
Then sat back a distance to watch him.
"This is very good little mermaid again thank you" he smile as he gratefully consume it.

"What is that you call me?" She timidly asked

Mermaid? It's from an earth legend I'd heard about as a child. They are beautiful creatures that live in the sea. Half human half fish. It was said they helped sailors that had
been lost at sea. But does my little mermaid have a name?"

"Yes, its Kasseri Raclette and what are you called?"

"Ravenfire." He smiled as he studied her.

"So Miss Kasseri what are you planning to do with me?"

"I don't know I haven't thought that far yet. Last night you said there were those who would help you. I know of no one that would go against the high counsel. Why should they?"

Because my sweet little fish what your people are doing to my world is wrong."

"Wrong in what way. Your own government sold us the land. My father said that you didn't want it, it was there for the taking."

He breathed out a sigh of sad regret before speaking further." Yes, they did but with out telling most of the citizen's what they had done. It wasn't there place to sell our homes, our land, our lives no one has a right to do that. Nor do your people have a right to kill innocent men women and children." His expression changing to anger.

Kasseri moved back afraid that he might hurt her in some way.

Don't be afraid little one I don't blame you for the ignorance of your people" He voice softening once more.

She hung her head knowing what he'd said was right. Knowing that she had hid her head in the sand refusing to believe that even her own father as cruel as he could be would be a party to any of it.

"I am to blame my father is the high chairman and all that we have is from the sorrow we have caused on you and your people. I deserve anything you do and worse."

"Oh no my little one I would never hurt you I owe you my life." He leaned over and gently lifted her chin. She looked up and shivered a little as she looked deep into his warm brown eyes.

She smiled nervously as she moved her head and got up to leave. "I don't know whom I can get to help you but I promise I will find out. Do you have a name something I can go on."

He hesitated a moment but decided he had trusted her so far and it was his only chance of leaving Plutark alive. "I was told to try and get to a man named Chashel."

"Chashel are you sure? The only Chashel I know is the minister of" Then it all began to make sense. He was a grumpy old person that kept to him self and worked in the ministry of records. "I know him but I don't know if he would trust me. Knowing who my father is."

"Here take this and give it to him he will understand." Ravenfire took a small almost invisible chain from around his neck, on the end was a tiny silver image of a mouse's head. She took it from his hand and stood to leave.

"It may take me a little while but I will try. I will be back later tonight with more food and a change of clothing." She smiled as she left.

"I'll be waiting my little mermaid." He said returning the smile and lying back down to rest.

Her heart beat so hard see could hardly catch her breath. Her head was spinning her hands shaking. She had to do what ever was needed to save his life. Save it so he could leave, so she would never see him again. A sudden sadness filled her. The first time in her life she had ever felt love and it with a stranger from another planet who probably would never feel the same. Who would go and never know how she felt.

She spent the rest of the day finding everything she could about what her planet had done. Not the half lies she'd been told but the truth the whole truth her father hid in his private files. Files he thought she didn't know about, files that gave her a deep shame and a new purpose. She would fight them, her father, the high consul, every one who had a part in the horror that was done to Ravenfire's planet and the many others that she'd found out about. In her own small way she would fight for all of them.

Charley/Kesseri was jarred back to the present by the sound of the guy's bikes pulling into the garage. How long had she been lying there? Looking at the computer terminal it had been quite a long time. Vinnie must have gotten more concerned about her resent behavior and brought Modo and Throttle to check up on her.

She got up out the water dried then reluctantly put her disguise back in place. It wasn't uncomfortable they were designed to fit so well they could be worn for hours it was just the deception to those she had come to care so much for. One last check in the mirror and she was ready to continue her charade.

"Hi guys why are you here so late?" She cheerfully chimed as she bounced down the stairs

"Vincent I thought you said she was down. This worrying boyfriend of yours dragged us all the way over here. Said he thought something was wrong. Man you'd better get a grip this love thing is making you dingy." Throttle joked as he swat at Vinnie's head

"Oh did I worry you babe I'm sorry I wasn't feeling quite myself but it's past." Charley cooed as she pecked his cheek.

Vinnie just shook his head thinking he would never understand women but smiled as he held his Charley in a full embrace picking her up off of the floor.

To be continued