***Official Disclaimer I don't own the biker mice. This story is pure fiction. It is apart of a past that has never been known to anyone to exist.

The Year Without Chip

Karla McMantelsson



It's been nearly a year since Chip disappeared and now I feel like I've failed to keep another best friend alive. This is my only best friend who really care whether or not I was still suffering from a broken heart caused by the last guy who demanded that either I had sex with him or he'd kill me right on the spot. And he was the only one out of the many guys, even though he's eighteen years old,besides Chad, who I could count on to be awake in the middle of the night to talk while the rest of our family slept at that time of the night. But now I guess that doesn't matter anymore now because Chip's been gone one week short of a year now; it's been a year without Chip. I wake up each morning no longer expecting to see him. But at least Tanner is home now, and knowing that helps me face each day. Sometimes at night when I can't sleep I go in to their bedrooms just to feel their presence. I go into Tanner's room first, and look at my younger sister in law surrounded by the handful of teddy bears she allowed her self to keep after she turned sixteen. Her breathing is deep and steady and while her hands are half clenched in fists with tears glistening under her eyelashes there is a peacefulness to her that promises hope for her broken heart and torn soul. Seeing Tanner back home safely gives me the strength I need to face Chip's things. I tiptoe down the hall and enter his bedroom where he used to sleep when Tanner was sick and before he disappeared , quietly,so that I won't wake Tanner or Chad up. They sleep lightly now, and when they can't sleep they come into his empty bedroom also. It startles them to find me here,so I try to make as little noise as possible. I open Chip's closet door first and find his presents waiting for him,the computer, the baseball card book,even Chad's expensive gift set, The Chemistry set from Terrance, The Lazer gun from Adam, the sheath from Cassidy,the spears from Pike,Rex's Swiss army knife, the jacket from Rimfire and DJ, and finally the empty Cell phone box that once held the cell phone from a friend of Rimfire's but Chip carries it with him on his bike in case of a road side emergency and his radio doesn't work. All as neatly wrapped as they were on Christmas. Then I go through his drawers,taking out his shirts,his underwear, his socks. I hold them to my cheek trying to catch the last lingering remnants of his scent. I put them back where I found them,because Chad and Tanner will be doing the same things later. Then I pick up the note books he bought for school and never used,all those bright and shiny, appropriate-for-College notebooks. They sit on his desk waiting for him. Everything in Chip's room waits for him. I feel him very strongly even though he's been missing for nearly a year and yet Carbine and Stoker are doing everything possible with in their power to locate Chip and his missing wolf pack brother that went out on an outing and never came back three nights later. As soon as the clock struck 5:30 I expected to hear Chip's bike pulling into the drive way and his exhausted voice speaking to Tanner who greets him every day unless she's too sick to go out side saying "Hey how was your day? Hmm Missed you too sis. What's for supper? Go tell Karla and Chad that Rex decided to stay for supper t'night and see if it's alright with them. Now git. I'll be in in a minute. Twin sisters gotta love `em! Especially mine. She's so sweet you'd think she was my mom not my sister. Since she, Chad and Karla are the only family I have left." Or when he goes into her room and she's laying back trying to rest "You don't look too good sis. Got the flu bug? Just rest and we'll keep the noise down. Right Rex?" and Rex politely saying "Right Chip. We'll keep the noise down so you can recover. Night Tan" But that night all Tanner and I heard was silence as the clock went from 5:30 to 6:30 to 7 then 8 then 9 then 10 then 11:59 rolled around....one minute till midnight his expected curfew that was laid out by Carbine and Stoker when his buddy Mitchell, drugged and raped an innocent eighteen year old girl then ran off leaving Chip to take the blame and accept the punishment of a strict curfew of midnight and no later. Until the next day when Stoker over heard Mitchell bragging about how terrified the girl had been that he was two times her age, stronger and heavier than she was,how scared she was when he injected the serum into her bloodstream and Chip failed trying to stop him from doing his dirty work by unsuccessfully trying to pull him off of her and how macho he felt that he had did something "COOL". But Chip knew that he was terrified at what he had done,because Mitchell straddled his bike,donned his helmet,started his bike up and left leaving an innocent Chip comforting a very terrified CJ who didn't even know what hit her except for the fact that Chip had tried to pull his buddy off of her and that the arms she was laying in belonged to Chip. CJ can still remember Chip's words of comfort and hatred to his friend as he gently rocked her "Sure ,run,off Mitchell, you coward, don't take responsibility for your actions. Shhh now Cee. Your dad's on his way or should be. If not then I'll radio your place and call for him. Now cry all you like,that's what I'm here for." When Stoker over heard him bragging about his deed and Chip not saying anything he realised that he had punished an innocent young man who had just been comforting CJ not hurting her. Stoker had thought in a fit of overwhelming concern for the safety and well being of his youngest adopted daughter, that Chip was hurting and not comforting her. So he hauled Chip to his feet and with no struggle what so ever he pinned nineteen year old Chip against a nearby wall by his shoulders and rammed his powerful fist straight into his stomach causing Chip to groan in pain and fall to his knees,struggling to breath properly as Stoker let go of his shoulders. Gasping in pain, Chip faintly remembered hearing Stoker's words "Pigs like you should be in prison on Mons...not roaming around praying on young girls like Cynthia. Be fore warned buster if I ever catch you around my youngest daughter again I'll do more than ram my fist into your stomach......I'll kill you if I see fit to the situation. C'mon sweetheart lets get you to Terrance to be checked over. Watch your back punk I'll be watching you very closely. From now on your expected to be home at midnight to keep you off the streets and away from the innocent girls that are still out. Understood punk?" CJ can still hear Chip suffering from the pain of having Stoker's fist rammed into his stomach over something he never did to his daughter and him straining to show respect while saying "Y-yes sir. I un-der-ulp-stand you perfectly well. I respect who you are. I guess in your eyes I deserve to be in pain don't I sir?" . I can still remember the talk CJ had had with her father about who really did what. I remember Stoker saying to her " What that punk did to you was wrong Cynthia and he knows it. He admitted he was wrong. That punk was just trying to be macho in front of his buddy that was with him. He's lucky that he didn't do any life long damage to you. He's also lucky that I didn't put him in his grave then and there to get things over and done with." Then CJ said "No dad what YOU did was wrong! It wasn't Chip at all! He was just trying to calm me down, he wasn't hurting me. But you did hurt him and I know that Chip can't eat anything and can barely get out of bed due to the pain in his stomach from your fist ramming into it! You could have killed him with the force of your fist! Your the adult and he's your student! Is that anyway to treat a student? A person who deeply respects you and looks up to you at all costs and has sworn not to repeat your mistakes or anything you tell him that is personal? I don't think so! Your lucky he's not dead and that Chad hasn't quit the Freedom Fighters to join the army. If you remember,you promised me that you wouldn't interfere with me and Chip seeing each other because his older brother was a respectable person. Why did you call Chip a punk? It wasn't him who hurt me, it was Mitchell Cleversston who did it. Chip was in the right place at the wrong time so why did you take your foul mood out on him? What did he do to you that you didn't like? It's not his fault he didn't succeed in talking his ex best friend out of doing what he did to me and besides the point he went through with his plan and now he's paying for it BIG TIME. He's permanently grounded and his bike has been sold by his father. And I believe that you owe Chip an apology and an explanation for your actions. Did you hear the respect he gave you when he addressed you? Chip said and I quote him as saying "Y-yes sir. I un-der-ulp-stand you perfectly well. I respect who you are. I guess in your eyes I deserve to be in pain don't I sir?" Stoker's reply to what CJ said still rings clear in my mind " No I didn't hear how Chip responded to me. I guess I was so narrow minded that I blocked out what he was saying. Your right I do owe Chip both an apology and an explanation for my actions. Your also right when you say I'm the adult/teacher and He's my student and first concern in training. If it'll make you happy I'll go over to his place tomorrow and offer an apology and an explanation for what I did and see if he's alright." True to his word, Stoker arrived the next day to see if Chip was alright, if he had done any damage to his stomach muscles, to make an apology and to offer an explanation for what he did to him. But when Stoker came over, I had the grim job of telling him that Chip never came home from an outing he decided to go out on after supper, as to which he could barely eat due to the pain in his stomach that was too intense for him to eat anything. Stoker had a funny feeling that Mitchell and Mack were involved in Chip's disappearance when he said "I have a funny feeling that I know who was involved because Mack is Mitchell's cousin and Mack never returned home until around eight this morning. I'll start up the trackers that Mitch and Mack agreed to wear for Terrance and never took off their jackets, so we can now track them anywhere that they go. Unless they suddenly stop working and we loose their positions. These trackers are only test models but they should continue to work. Rain or shine we'll find Chip and bring him home to you and I'll apologize to him for hurting his stomach with my fist." But all that's in the past now because I know where Chip is and that he's alive but I just don't know how to tell Tanner,Rex,Stoker and Chad that I have a funny feeling about a certain mouse being involved in Chip's disappearance. Finally it got to the point where I cornered Chad on his way out the door and as gently as possible I said " Chad ,darlin, I need to talk to you for a bit about something that's been on my mind for quite a while. Chad I think I might know where Chip is. Don't rush me I might be wrong but I've talked to Rex about it and he's agreed to lead the search party back to Briar Rose to look for Chip." What I said must have hit him pretty hard because he agreed to be on the search party. Gently saying to me before he left "Karla,honey, go and lie down. Your in no shape to be walking around. You know what Terrance said about resting and doing as little as possible until the day arrives to deliver our first child. I won't leave until your laying down on the couch resting. Let Tanner do the heavier house work that you do like the laundry, the ironing, mopping the floor,cleaning the windows, emptying and filling up the dishwasher and putting the dishes away and getting supper for the two of you on the stove." Reluctantly I gave the rest of the house chores to Tanner, went into the den,laid down on the couch where Chad fixed me up comfortably then kissed me goodbye on the mouth, then kissed and hugged Tanner,being that she was his only sister, good bye, as she said to him while still in his arms "Bye Chad, good luck, I'll miss you. When you find Chip give him my love and sympathy. Here give him my locket,that way he'll know I'm alright." Then Chad saying in a no nonsense tone of voice "Don't forget your still grounded because of the incident that happen five months ago. No going anywhere, no receiving personal calls, no TV, do your home work as soon as you come in the door, do as Karla says to do and lights out at 11:36 on the dot. Your punishment is almost over, just three more weeks and your free to do what ever you want. Don't make Karla give me a bad report on your behaviour or I'll lengthen the grounding. Am I understood young lady?" and Tanner saying "Yes Chad, I understand you perfectly well. I won't give Karla a hard time while your away. Promise." Then three days later Tanner answered the phone and took a message stating that Chip was found, heavily drugged but alive and confused as to how he got to be in Briar Rose. Chad can remember him saying " R-Rex? C-Chad? How-how did I get here? What Happened? W-where's Tanner? I-I don't feel so good." And Chad trying not to make Chip more frightened calmly saying "Easy Chip, easy,don't try to sit up. Tan's at home with Karla. Here's her locket to prove it. She gives you her love and sympathy. As for now lets get you back to base and let Terrance check you over." Now we're all together once again the way we were meant to be and Mitchell was charged with attempted rape,forceful abduction and possession of unregistered and Illegal drugs then banished from where we live. Mack admitted that he had been with his father all evening when Chip disappeared, which was proven to be correct and Mack was given both a formal verbal apology and a written apology stating that the law was wrong to assume that he was involved in Chip's kidnapping and that they should have asked where he had been when the kidnapping took place. Chip is now recovering under the care and supervision of Terrance and Tanner, well she's back to being her self once again and Rex is much happier to have Chip back. I think he's fallen in love with Tanner and she with Rex. Although Rex and Tanner deny that they are falling in love, they know enough to wait it out and see for them selves that they like one another. One can never tell a young couple that they are meant to be with each other, they have to find out for themselves that they are meant for each other. The more time Chip takes to recover, the more of Tanner Rex sees. Rex has been a gentle man, he brings her home before the expected 2 am curfew and if he's late he apologizes and takes the blame for being late and promises that he'll call the next time if they're going to be late coming home so that Chad doesn't have to worry about what happened and where Tanner is and she has now served out the six month punishment that Chad made her serve for being mouthy to to Stoker or so he says she was being mouthy to an older person who was in charge of her. But Tanner's punishment could have been avoided if Chad hadn't of lost his temper and grounded Tanner for six months, he simply could have spoken one on one with Stoker to see what was going on. Instead Chad chose the path of grounding Tanner for six months. Finally six months later after a good report,Chad spoke to Stoker to see if Tanner had been disrespectful to him in anyway and to apologize to him if Tanner had been disrespectful to him. Chad soon found out the yelling that he had heard wasn't Tanner being disrespectful to Stoker in anyway, but simply a lesson in understanding commands that are being yelled over noise on a battle field. Then Chad came home and apologized to Tanner for grounding her for six months and for threatening to cut off her allowance if her behaviour didn't improve. Then in response to CJ's demands over the last three weeks, Stoker went to see Chip in the medical ward to apologize to him for hitting him full force in the stomach when he was calming CJ down after the attempted rape had occurred. Very late that very same night Chip received a surprise visitor to his room, just as Terrance had finished injecting a counter serum to ward off any unwanted side effects of the unfamiliar drugs that were still in Chips body. Quietly knocking on Chip's open door, Stoker asked Terrance if Chip was awake saying "Hi Terrance, is Chip awake? He is? Good, mind if I talk to him alone for a while? Thanks. Hey Chip how are you feeling now that the drugs have worn off? I uh came to apologize for hitting you in the stomach. I now know that it wasn't you who tried to do it with CJ, but at the time I didn't realize that you were helping to calm her down. What I really don't understand is how did you know where to find me? I mean I'm a very busy and hard person to find when you really need me. Who told you where to get a hold of me in an emergency?" A sly smile slowly spread over Chip's face as he said without any hints of pain " It's not that hard when you do the process of elimination. I was told that you weren't at the base. So CJ told me that if you weren't at the Academy then you'd be at your place dealing with Timmy and Cynthia who have the flu. That's how I found out where you were so I could contact you and tell you that there was an emergency concerning CJ." Stoker then started to understand how Chip had tracked him down so fast and said "When will you be coming back to classes Chip? Anytime soon?" That's when Terrance said "I'm sorry Stoker, but Chip as a bad case of the flu and won't be on his feet for a while longer. Say three to four weeks due to the surgery on his right ankle that was badly damaged." Under standing what Terrance was saying to him, Stoker could only be sympathetic and say "When you get the chance and are awake enough, CJ wants you to call her to let her know your alive. I'll give her or your sister your make up work for you to complete and I'll have Rimfire come and pick it up on his way to the Academy alright? Good as for now you need as much rest as you can get to let the unfamiliar drugs wear off and for you to recover faster. Lay back and get your self a good nights sleep Chip you deserve it. Oh and before I forget CJ says to call her or your history Chip. What ever else she said was mumbled since she has a chronic habit of......." Stoker didn't finish his sentence because Chip finished it for him by saying " I know, she mumbles when ever she talks to me. Just tell her that I'll call her in the morning when I wake up if it'll make her happier I'll call her before I turn in for the night. Oh what the heck! I'll call her now to make her happy." Picking up the cell phone that was laying on the chair beside him Chip pressed the speed dial button and instantly the phone rang and Rimfire picked up on the third ring and yelled for CJ to pick up the phone in her bedroom. Shortly after Rimfire delivered that message, the phone in CJ's bedroom was picked up and the phone down stairs was hung up then CJ came on the line saying " Hello? Chip? Chip where are you as a matter of fact where's my dad? He's there with you? Good how are you feeling? That bad? When are you coming back home? When?! Why that long? Oh you had so much injected into you that your still sick from the drugs and you just had surgery where? Oh on your right ankle. I was starting to think that you weren't going to call me tonight. You sound tired so call me back in the morning or maybe if I have time between my runs I'll stop by and see how your doing alright? Hmm you too. Chip has my dad left yet? good Could you put him on the line for me it's about Timmy. Thanks" After hearing that the message was about her younger brother Timmy, Chip gave his phone over to Stoker who took his call saying "What's up CJ? He's been doing what since I left? Is it bad? Alright I'm on my way home. Oh and CJ? Try to keep Timmy laying down if it's that bad and I'll bring Terrance home with me to check him over. Alright? Good. You too Cee, I'll be home soon. Who's cooking tonight? You are? What's for supper? Lasagna and garlic bread? What's for dessert? Pick any old thing up from the store? Okay Sounds good to me. What? Oh we're out of what kind of cheese? Parmasian and what other things do you need? Grated and Mozzarella Cheese, pasta sauce,meat,noodles, French bread,garlic spread and what? Oh Pop alright,CJ I'll stop off and get that stuff for you. Did you just say Rimfire offered to get the other stuff? You did great then I'll just pick up the Cases of pop and bring Terrance and Pike home. Thanks for the update sweetie, Be seeing you shortly. You too bye. Well Terrance think you can leave Chip here and come over to my place for dinner tonight and to check on little Timmy?" That's when Terrance said "I'm honored that you asked me to join you at your place for dinner Stoker. I'd love to since Chad's coming to pick up Chip in a few minutes I'll go, rustle up my brother and tell him where we're going and we'll meet you there. How bad is it did CJ say? Well I'd better pack a few extra vomit reducers in my bag and go find Arrence before I leave. Hello Chad, c'mon in he's waiting for you to take him home. Keep him in bed until the stomach pains and the swelling in his ankle have subsided. Don't give him too much to eat, his stomach isn't quite back to normal yet." Chip must not have sensed that Chad was in the hallway because he was absolutely thrilled that Chad had come to take him home for the first time in a period of a hundred and fourty-eight hours. When Chad walked into his room.over to his bed. Chad took one look at Chip's flushed face and let Chip give him a hug and said "Easy Chip, Your cutting off my air ways little bro loosen the grip. Much better I can breath easier now. Ready to go home and go to bed for the night Chipper?" Chip responded with a tired drugged yawn,Chad grabbed his bag and helped Chip With his crutches then turned and said to Stoker "Well it's been a while since I've seen you around Coach. How ya been?" Stoker replied "Not to bad, busy but not to bad. How's Karla doing with the baby?" Then Chad replied"Not bad, she's still in labour but she's still got eight more hours to go before the kids are born.C'mon Chip lets get you home. I didn't bring my bike I brought the Academy's Camper to make the trip home more comfortable and pleasant on your ankle. See ya Later Stoke." When Chad brought Chip home and helped him upstairs, the first thing he was greeted with was the sounds of his new niece and nephew crying which brought tears to both his eyes and Chad's eyes since Chip knew that Chad had just became a new father of twins that he named Gadget and Dale McMantelsson. After Chad helped Chip into bed, he brought each of the kids into Chip's bedroom to meet their uncle Chip since they already knew aunt Tanner. As Chip held the kids, he faintly remembered the day that Tanner was born and he was amused at the name Dale and said "Did you pick Dale just because my name is Chip and there's a cartoon named after us called Chip `n'Dale Rescue Rangers? You named Gadget after the female mouse mechanic named Gadget on that show right? What's next? Montey and Zipper? Here, take these guys off my arms so I can go to sleep Chad." Then in their own secret code in sign language Chip signed "C-U-Tomorrow. G'night Chad." Then laid back against his pillows and instantly fell asleep dreaming sweet dreams of being back together with CJ then and forever. The very next day, true to her word, CJ stopped by our place after classes at the Academy to drop off Chips homework and to help him with the reading assignments that had to be completed for the next day. Shortly after seven that night when CJ and Chip had finished all their homework, Stoker came to pick up CJ to take her home for the night to get some sleep for classes in the morning,confirming that Rimfire would be picking up the finished homework in the morning. When Chad stated that Chip's homework was already complete he just said "Well if he's finished everything but the reading assignments then I'll take what he has completed home with me. C'mon CJ time to go home and get something into your stomach. G'night Chad" The very next day Rimfire came to pick up the finished reading assignments and said that CJ would be coming back later that afternoon to drop off the homework for that day and that he hoped Chip recovered from his serious ankle surgery and the flu. Other than that we all are back together and we will forever remain that way.