I do not own the BMFM, but I like to write story's about them. I didn't got any money for writing it (sad, but true), and dont mind my spelling, because I'm just a little Dutch girl. I hope you'll enjoy my story.


Charley's dairy

by Illah Westwood

oktober 30, 1999

Date: October 29, '99

Today I've been waked by the sound of the guys bikes. Yesterday the bikes
were a total mess after they fell into a mud pool, one of Limburgers very,
very, dirty traps. Guess who got to clean them? But anyhow, the guys were
taking the bikes for a test spin at 5.30 am! After I told, or better,
yelled them to pipe down, I snuggled in bed for a little more sleep. A
little is the right word, because fifteen minutes later, Vinnie, Modo and
Throttle woke me up again for breakfast on bed. They had bought me a hotdog
with everything on it, and then I mean EVERYTHING!!! Not your any day
breakfast, huh? The rest of the day went smoothly, 'till 5.15pm. That dirty
ol' stinkfish, Limburger, had me kidnapped by Greasepitt. He got
greasespots all over my new blousse! I mean, that thing costs 25 dollars!
Oh, but don't think Greasepitt took me without a fight, after a struggle he
hit me on the head. The bump still hurts! Fortunetly the guys came to
rescue me, but it took them two hole hours! That's not their bikermice
Anyhow, in Limburger Tower, Limburger was "Torturing" me. "So my dear
Charlene." he said. "So nice of you to pay a visit." "The plesure is all
yours." I grawld. I turned my face away, but Limburger grabed my chin, and
I could feal his slime, dripping on my chin. I would have bitten his hand,
but I couldn't stand the tought of his slime, in my mouth. Then I heard the
sound of three bikes, and then the sound of a window being broken. That
could only mean one thing, the guys came to save me! Well, then it was a
punch here, a punch there and then Vinnie's tale around me, while driving
back to my garage. In the livingroom I got al little compliment from
Vinnie: "Nice looking bump you got there, babe." I was pretty mad at him,
because it really hurts. "Can it, hothead!" Vinnie looked surpriced. "Don't
you mean hot stuff?" "No, I'm pretty sure I meant hothead." Modo and
Throttle laught. "She's got you there." Modo said. "Nice touch,
Charley-girl!" was Throttles responce. I know it wasn't very nice to grawl
at Vinnie like that, but I really needed to say that.



Date: October 30, '99

When I woke this morning I noticed there was something different, but I
didn't quite knew what. When I was dressed and looked out of the window, I
saw the guys' bikes were gone. I rushed down, to find the kitchen in a
complete mess. It looked like there was a struggle. I noticed the
greasespots on my furniture and on the ground, when I slipped over one of
them. Now Limburger had gone to far!
I ran into the garage and took a few tools. Then I drove to Limburger
Tower, with the attitude of a real hero. I was worried about the guys, but
it was cool to have to safe them for a change. My attitude changed when my
tire got hit by a bullet. I fell from my bike and Greasepitt's goons
brought me to Limburger. He had me lockt up in the same prisoncell as the
guys. "What are you doing here, Charley-girl?" Throttle asked. "Uhm, uh, I
came to rescue you guys." Modo sighed and said: "We woud have freed
ourselves." I could feel the guys didn't had much faith in me, but then I
noticed I still got all my tools. I took a look at the lock and a few
minutes later we were free. I smiled when I saw the look on the guys furry
faces. Ten minutes later we saw a trashed Limburger Tower. But one word of
thanks for freeing the guys? Oh no, and sometimes I just want to hit their
sturdy faces!



Date: October 31, 1999

It was sunday today, and on sundays we (me and the guys) keep it quitly,
that means, if it's possible to keep it quitly with thoce three Martian

In the afternoon I went to rent a movie for Throttle and Modo, because
Vinnie and I were planning to go to the park. These are a few of the movies
they wanted:

Last action hero
Rambo part 2
Conan, the barbarian

They always want action movies, that means that I can never watch "The
scarlet letter" or "The english patient".

So anyhow, Vinnie and I drove to the park, and we sat on a bench near the
water. I looked at Vinnie, and could see my own reflection in his mask.
I've always wonderd whats under it, but something tells me I don't want to
see it.
Vinnie looked at me and smiled. I turned red, and stared down to the
ground. When I looked up, I saw he was stil looking at me. Then we both
bend over to kiss. I shiverd when his lips touched mine, but the kiss
wasn't that long. I suddenly felt like a little schoolgirl again, who had
just had her first kiss. We were both a little shy, but then Vinnie layd
his arms around me, and kissed me again.


The end