The biker mice do not belong to me and I'm not using them to make any profit. Crossfire is my
own creation though.


Enter Crossfire

Part 1

By: Crossfire

September 4, 2000

Copyright 2000 Crossfire, all rights reserved.


The black mouse struggled against her bonds. She looked about, her left eye taking in
her new surroundings. Carbunkle had not been happy the last time she tried to escape, especially
when she'd broke his little toy.
Suddenly, the door opened and the doctor walked through large bandages wrapped around
his head and arms. He walked right up to her and held a knife in front of her face. "Well," he
weezed, running the sharp knife down the front of her uniform, "it seemed you didn't like your
surroundings on Mars, so how about on Earth?"
He pressed the button on a remote causing the earth's sunlight to beam down onto her
battered form. She looked out the window, eyes went wide in disbelief. Where was she? This place
as nothing like Mars. Her eye traveled over the vastness of the city,
the large buildings made of steel and glass, the hundreds of metal vehicles that ran over black
roads, and so many strange creatures that looked like Carbunkle but better looking. She looked
over at Carbunkle her left eye glowing a bright but angry gold.
"Why did you do this to me? And then bring me here?!" she ordered pulling against her
"You were a strong young mouse and I couldn't help but feel the urge to...upgrade your
body. So I just added a few...adjustments," he weezed happily.
"When Modo finds out about this you're dead!!" she screamed, her chains straining to
keep her in place.
"Modo?" he mused. "Oh, yes, that young mouse you were always with, well unfortunately
for you he's still on Mars, so he can't help you."
His laughter made her sick and she just wanted hit him. Suddenly, the chain
about her right ankle, the heavy titanium chain broke and her foot came up to kick him out the
window. That's when she noticed it, her entire right leg was metal, smooth, shiny, and lethal.
She couldn't believe it, he'd taken her leg and had given her this thing. With a cry of despair
she tore the remaining chains from the walls and jumped out the window to the street below.


One Year Later...


It had been three months since the biker mice landed on Earth. Charley looked at the
three sleeping mice, then her eyes fell on Modo. She went up to him and noticed a gold chain
barely peeking through his grey fur and traveling down under his chest
plate armor. She looked up at him to make sure he was asleep then gently tugged at the chain. He
moaned and turned on his side facing her and a small locket slipped from behind the armor.
"What's this?" she thought, taking it in her hand and opening the gold heart. She gasped
as she looked over the picture. There was a single picture in the locket, one of Modo and a
young black furred mouse in swimsuits. Modo held her from behind around her waist and they were
both...laughing, they were happy. "Crossfire," she gasped softly. She'd never seen her smile
That's when Modo moaned and opened his eyes to look up at her. Then he noticed her
looking at his locket and her snatched it away tucking it back under his armor.
"Oh...Charley mama," he said, "what are you doing up so early?"
"Modo, it's three in the afternoon," she said placing er hands on her hips.
"Oh," he moaned.
She looked down at him and her eyes softened. "Maybe I should tell you guys, huh?"
"About what?" Vinnie yawned as he sat up on the couch.
"Vinnie get your foot out of my face," Throttle growled and nearly bit Vinnie's big toe.
"Sorry, bro. Anyway, what do you mean, sweetheart?"
Charley stood and went over to a shelf of books. She looked over them for a minute
before picking out a small, thin black photo album. Then she went back to the ouch and sat
between Throttle and Vinnie, with Modo in the armchair.
"I should have told you guys this a long time ago," she said, holding the album to her
chest. "You see, you guys aren't the first mice...giant mice I've seen on Earth."
"WHAT?!" they all yelled.
"Don't yell at me, yes there was another one. I met them about nine months ago, three
months before you arrived," she said opening the album and placing it on her lap. She turned
through five pages before stopping on a page with one picture in the middle of it. In the
picture was one of a young mouse, her fur was midnight black and a small grey patch of fur lay
about her left eye. She had her face turned so you could only see the left side of her face, her
eye was a bright gold. She stood in a silver one
piece swim suit standing in front of a lake. Her long grey hair was streaked with black
highlights and trailed down her strong back.
"Crossfire?" Vinnie gasped looking at the picture in disbelief.
"You know her?" she asked looking at Modo who was clutching the front of her armor in
his real hand.
"Yeah, she was a really good friend of ours," Throttle said taking the album and looking
at her.
"There's some stuff she'd never talk to me about. She said there was only one person she
could talk to but she wouldn't tell me who," she said and turned her eyes to Modo, "but I think
I know who it is."
Vinnie and Throttle looked at each other then at Charley. They followed her gaze to Modo
and looked at each other in confusion.
"What are you talking about, Charley?" Throttle asked.
She reached for Modo's neck and before he could pull away she pulled out the locket.
"You never told us you wore a necklace, Modo," Vinnie said looking at the small golden
locket. When Charley opened it they all saw the picture of Crossfire with Modo.
"So you and Crossfire were closer then you really wanted to admit, huh?" Vinnie cooed
nudging the big guy with his elbow.
"Well, my mom wanted me o protect someone other then herself and one day she kinda got
us in the same place at the same time. I didn't know it was gonna be her I was meeting I thought
it was one of you guys. Then we got to know each other more then friends and one thing led to
another and..."
Vinnie seemed to go even whiter then he originally was. " two went all the
way?" he whispered.
It was Modo's turn to pale. "No!! We...we just became more then friends.
Kinda...boyfriend/ girlfriend I guess you could say."
Silence settled over the room as everyone thought about this little...issue.
"Well," Charley sighed taking the album and replacing it, "who wants to go see her?"
"Now," Modo asked looking up at her in shock, his cheeks and nose becoming red.
"Yeah, I'm sure she'll want to see you. Besides I go see her a few times a week and it's
about time for a visit," Charley smiled going over to her bike.
Only ten minutes later they were on their way. The traveled down the road and got off in
front of a small but comfortable house. Outside sat a beautiful black bike with midnight blue
trim. It had the design of Modo and Throttle's bikes but was much
sleeker and leaner. Suddenly, it came to life and let her guns and rockets show who was boss.
"Whoa, whoa, Dame. It's me Charley," she said getting off her bike and going over to
calm the bike. The bike nearly reared but stopped when her hand came only an inch towards her.
The bike moved back and let out a chorus of high pitched noises as if in understanding and
headed for the back.
"Come on, she's probably in the back," Charley said.
The mice followed her to the back of the house, in the back was a pile of what looked
like old motorcycle and car parts. On the other side of the yard were maybe two or three pieces
of what looked like new parts.
Under shady willow tree was a work table where a shadowy figure sat hunched over
something on the it. Suddenly, the figure let out a large sigh of exasperation throwing the
part, which appeared to be a brand new carburetor for a '81 Harley Davidson, into the pile with
the brand new pieces.
"Hey, what's wrong?" Charley said walking up to the figure.
Slowly, the figure rose, they were a few inches taller then Charley but still a little
shorter then Modo. A long thin black tail swung out to snare a towel and drap it over their
"That carburetor's never gonna be the same, I've tried everything. Anyway, what are you
doing here, need a new part?" a femlae voice asked looking down at the human female.
"Well, yes to the part, but I came because some old friends of yours."
The figure stiffened but kept her back turned to the guys. "I told you, I don't want to
see anyone from my past...not like this."
"But there's someone who's really missed you and I think you should talk to him,"
Charley said. She waved her hand to Modo to get him to come from the other side of the house.
"Go on, bro," Vinnie said pushing Modo forward.
"But...but what do I say?" he stammered nervously.
"You'll think of something," Throttle encouraged.
Modo finally stepped from the other side of the house and walked up behind Charley.
"Hey, Cross."
The figure stiffened then turned her face coming into the light, her glossy midnight
black fur shimmering in the sunlight. Her single eye landed on Modo and she let out a gasp,
having to lean against the table for support.
"Modo...?" she whispered.

To be continued...