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Part 1, a nightmare on .. Mars.

by Cassidy

©2000,Cassidy mccarthy, all rights revered.

One night Cassidy was having a nightmare. She was in a battle with all of her friends from Venus. She was fighting for her life. Suddenly there was a loud explosion and she fell to the ground. The next thing she saw was Brian taken captured by the enemy, she was taken for dead because she didn't moved and her entire body was covered with blood. Fortunately for Cassidy it wasn't her blood, but it belonged to an enemy she had wiped out before the explosion. It took her about ten minutes to get the strength back to get up, and she got up. She looked down to a dead enemies body who's blood it was that was on her body. She chuckled almost unnoticeable and looked when she heard her name. She saw Heavenly screaming her name and hurried up to her. Heavenly was pointing wildly into the sky and Cassidy followed her direction with her eyes. It was then when she saw that the enemy's spaceship was fleeting away. She and Heavenly went to their own, when they got there the other two members of their squad were already there. Mikkie, one of the two, asked where Brian was. Cassidy told them what happened and they went inside the spaceship. Cassidy was steering it while the others were in the back. She flew the spaceship till she had a good view of the enemies HQ. Several thought ran to her head and she finally made a decision. She pressed a button and two missiles flew towards the HQ and blew it up. Unfortunately the ship wasn't far away enough and got blew away by the explosion. The ship was uncontrollable and was flying all the way to Mars. There, not far from a base, the Ship crashed. Cassidy was thrown out of the window and was lying in the dry sand. For a moment she saw a mouse coming towards her, and then she closed her eyes.

With that Cassidy wakes up on her own bed with Mike lying next to her. She looks at the alarm clock and sees it is 01:21 hours. She gets up and goes to the bathroom that is next to the bedroom. She plashes some water into her Face, accidentally splashing some on the mirror. She takes a towel and dries her face up first, then the mirror. When she is cleaning the mirror she sees her face changing into Brian's face. She heard it talking "why did you kill me Cassidy? Didn't you loved me anymore?" Cassidy starts yelling stuff and then she hits the mirror HARD, breaking it. Cassidy falls to the ground crying and Mike awake from the yelling and glass breaking, came running into the bathroom. "What's going on?" he sees the mirror and then looks at his girlfriend crying. He had never seen her cry before and knew something was up. "I guess I was just having a nightmare and was sleepwalking along with it." telling the truth about the nightmare, but not about the sleepwalking. She knew she was wide-awake when the incident in the bathroom acurred. She assured Mike she was all right and said she would clean her mess in the morning. They went back to bed. In bed Cassidy laid close next to Mike holding him tightly, while she fell asleep.

The next morning Cassidy is in the bathroom picking up the little pieces of glass from the mirror. In the other room Mike wakes up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower, when he entered he found Cassidy in there looking at a piece of glass covered with blood, then she looks at her hand that has a cut on the side of it. It was covered with dried up blood. She didn't remember she had cut herself. She didn't even felt it. Cassidy then looked up, straight into Mike's eyes. She holds up the piece of glass "looks like I cut myself last night" with that she looked back at the piece of glass and chuckled.

She continues cleaning and the remembered why she broke the mirror the way she did. She knew it wasn't a dream and that she was wide-awake. But why didn't she felt something when she had cut herself on the piece of glass? She went to the bedroom when she had finished cleaning the bathroom, and she lay on the bed, putting her hands on her head to prevent a headache. Then Mike came into the bedroom.

Cassidy had closed her eyes and opened them looking into his. Suddenly mike changed in her eyes seen. She was no longer looking at Mike but at Brian. Mike noticed Cassidy was looking at him with fear in her eyes. He asked if there was something wrong, but instead Cassidy heard; was there something wrong with me? She blinked her eyes and everything was back to normal, Mike was Mike again and she heard what Mike said. Cassidy tried to figure out what was going on, after a few minutes she gave it up, knowing she wouldn't know it anyway. She sat up straight with he chin resting on her knees and her arms around them. She knew there had to be a reason why she was experiencing all of this, but couldn't figure the reason out.
The rest of the day Cassidy was a bit drifted, because of last night's event. She didn't sleep much last night and went to bed urly. It didn't take her long to be asleep. When she was asleep, her dream continued.

She opens her eyes and looks around the room. She was trying to remember what happened and wondered where she was. In the room there was the bed she was sitting on, a lamp at the ceiling and four Grey colored walls. In one of them there was a door. In the corner between two walls and the ceiling there was a security camera. The door opened and a Martian male doctor came inside, underneath his white lab. Coat he was wearing some sort of uniform, when saw this she knew exactly where she was. She stood up and faced the doctor. "Well looks like you're finally awake" he started but Cassidy's reply was nothing but a cold glare so he just continued "what is your name?" Cassidy noticed that he didn't mean any harm, but still she played it safe. "II ...I don't remember" she looked at him with her eyes filled with fear, and he head filled with laughter when she knew he believed her. "I suppose you also don't know where you're from and how you got here?" his eyes files with sympathy, she just shook her head no, and looked down to the floor. She looked up when the door opened again and a female Martian with raven black hair came in. She was wearing a Martian army uniform and Cassidy noticed she was a general. She looked at the female and knew she was now face to face with one her planets biggest enemies. The doctor looked at the female and told her what Cassidy just had said. The female listened to the doctor and replied "well we know she isn't from Venus, because all the other ones that WERE from Venus and were all bought out. I wonder ho she is and where she is from. Perhaps she was a Martian captured by them?" when they continued talking about her like she wasn't even there, Cassidy looked at herself and saw her clothes were all thorn. The few wounds she had were taken care off, but she wasn't cleaned. The female looked at Cassidy and told her that she was going to get her some clothes and that she could clean herself. She said a few words to the doctor and then left, the doctor left with her, leaving Cassidy all alone.

Cassidy wasn't alone for a long time though. The female returned carrying clothes and such. Cassidy got herself all cleaned up and putted the clothes she had gotten on. She had gotten a different room and was there now. She was feeling tired so she went to bed. When she was asleep in her `dream world' she woke up in the normal world.

It was dawn and Mike was already up. She got dressed and went downstairs. When she entered the kitchen she noticed a letter laying on the kitchen table
Addressed to her. There also was a note from Mike saying he had gone to the store and went to visit some friends. He will be back around dinnertime. Cassidy opened her letter and started reading it. It turned out that it wasn't a letter at all, but an order from her boss saying she had to report as soon as possible for a new mission. She went packing her bag. When she was packing her bag she found a silver box. The box was filled with packages of cigarette. She took one package out and putted the box in her bag. She finished packing her bag. When she had finished it she went downstairs and lighted a cigarette, ignoring the safety line on the package saying cigarettes are bad for your health. She waited for Mike to return. When he had returned Cassidy explained everything to him. He said he'd stay with his cousin Kal and her boyfriend Mikkie. The next morning Cassidy was on Venus and sitting, waiting in a room. When it was finally her turn she went inside the office. In there she got news she had to wait for an entire week for her other two partners, and that she couldn't leave Venus in that week, so she stuck.

To be continued (end of part one)