I don't own the Biker mice from Mars, no matter how much I wish I did because it would still be on T.V. ! I don't make anymoney from this story that is a fabrication of my own imagination.

Care to dance?

By Crystal

August 5, 1998

Copyright1998, Crystal, all right reserved

Charlene was looking at an old movie she really liked "Dirty dancing" when she heared an explosion. thru the windows she saw the top of Limberger Tower collapsed in the setting sun. She knew they would be there soon, just after they had gone to get their hot dogs. Too soon for her to finish her movie without them grabing the T.V. and turning it to sport. So, she could give it up now or fight back...dirty! She went to her office and got ready for them, returning just in time, for Vinnie came in yelling is usual "Honey I'm home"

Grabing his bag of hot dogs and a rootbeer, he ran off to Charley, jumped over the couch, landing next to her, and reached for the remote. His move was stopped by the sight of a blaster pointing at him.
"Waoooo! What's wrong sweetheart?"
"I was here first mister and I AM finishing this movie so shut up or your tail will get it" and with that she pointed slightly down.
"Ah come on Charley girl, you wouldn't do that to your favorite mouse now would you?"Vinnie pleaded
"No, I wouldn't shoot Stoker, but you...?" Charley answered
"STOKER ?" Vinnie yelled, is jaw falling . Modo and Throttle shoked on their hot dogs amazed.
"Shut up guys" Charley said with a big smile, holding back a laughter at the sight of their face. Vinnie lost his voice, and and a good part of his appetit, leaving Charley free to see the end of the movie.

"Now that is one great dancer !" Charley said at the end of the movie. Then mumbled to herself with a smile "Wish I had someone like that."

The mice's hears had heared that and they smiled. They had wanted to dance with her for a long time. The image of her smiling in their arms, her beautiful body dancing next to them had haunted their dreams more than once. But let's face it, three martian mice in a club sure would have attracted a lot of unwanted attention! But now they had their chance and they sure weren't going to miss it! They looked at each other and without a word understood each other.
"Hey, you've got us sweetheart! We can rock your world all night long if you want to!" Vinnie started
"I said dance Vinnie not wiggle! And even at that, I would still need steal toes boots to stick around!" she ended laughing.
Throttle got up and said "Never heared a girl complain when she danced with me"
"Or with me" Modo added right behind him
"Must have been the pain" She replied with an evil smile
"Chill bros, she's just searching for a way to dance with me"said Vinnie, a Hollywood smile on his face.
"In your dreams! You guys couldn't dance right even if your life depended on it"
"That sound like a challenge if I ever heared on" Throttle said with a smile Charley didn't like.
"Yep, it's a challenge alright!" Modo added, his smile getting larger
Vinnie took her by the showlders "Get your dancing shoes girl. You just got yourself a night with the best dancer in town!"
"oh no! I'm not getting my feets crushed to pulp for your egos boys!"
No! she was backing up! How to get her to accept? Throttle saved the day when he asked:
"How about for the remote , babe?"
"Meaning?" She asked surprised.
"A week of control over the T.V. for every time we step on your tender feets?"Throttle tried, staring at her straight in the eyes.
"And what do you want should you ever succeed?"
"Two weeks of T.V. control and an apology for the mouse who doesn't" answered Throttle with confidence.
"No rock ?" Charley asked with a sly smile
"No rock babe. Deal?"
"Deal ! "
Modo stepped up and took Charley's arm, leading her to her room. "Why don't you go and change into something real nice while we make some room in here Charley ma'm?"
"Yeah Charley girl, When you dance with the best, you have to look your best." Vinnie added
"Why don't you use this chance to wear that dress your mother gave you last Chrismas.You complained you wouldn't get to use it" Throttle finished while Modo pushed her into her room, leaving her unable to reply anything.

The guys looked at each other smiling when the door closed behind her. "We're bad!" they said togetter giggling. Throttle looked around and said "Vincent, Modo move that sofa away so we have some room. I'll be back in a sec." He went to the closet and took a box out. "I'm next" Modo said

Charley remembered that dress all too well! A fine silver chain with false diamonds and emeralds held up the riche emerald colored crepe up The cleavage was long, showing her generous curves. The back was left bare down to her hips. The straight skirt fell on her hancle while on the right it opened all the way to the middle of her thight so that she could move freely ...and show a lot of her legs! Her mother had even gave her the emerald high heels slippers to match. This wasn't Charley's idea of a dress, it was WAY too sexy! Especially for her to wear in front of them. But if she didn't they would say that she was chiken and would tease her all night, especially Vinnie! With a sigh she took the dress out and started to change.

She came back half an hour later in dress and slipper. She had found matching earings in the box. Some make up and perfum had completed her makeover. She looked stunning! And so did the guys! Charley's mother had given them some cloths for Christmas too. Each had received a pair of black jeans and a polo, black for Throttle green for Vinnie and dark blue for Modo. The result was incredible! She had picked exactly the right size so the pants would fall just right and the polos would mold their muscular body without being too tight.

Charlene had just enough time to think to thank her mother before the guys noticed her. They stared at her long, too long for her taste. She was about to go back to her room when Vinnie wistled
"Light my fire sweetheart!" Receiving punches from Modo and Throttle.
"Charley ma'm, you are the most beautifull thing this mouse has ever seen!" Modo said
Throttle took her hand kissing it lightly "A look at you right now and Mars would be at your feets."
Charley blushed hard, this was more than a girl could take! Especially coming from these three!
"Mother does have good taste." she replied while she took a good look at them smilling. They returned her smile taking the compliment as well as they could. Then Modo bowed to her and reached out a hand.
"May I have this dance?" She took her hand out of Throttle's hand, leaving him a bit sadden, and placed it in Modo's hand.

Modo pressed a key on the C.D. player with his tail and soon the calm music of a beautifull waltz came on. Modo's bionic hand was gentle with her hand as his left hand touched her bare back causing both of them to blush. Throttle and Vinnie had gone to the sofa and were looking at them . Throttle's face was blank as usual but Vinnie was jealous and if not for the dim light, it would have shown !

Charlene couldn't beleive it! Modo, her big teddy bear, was light on his feet as he swirled her around the room with ease and confidence. To the question on her face, Modo simply said "My mama always said it could be usefull" When the last notes fell into the silence, Modo simply kissed her hand and smiled.
"Thank your mama for me next time you see her." Charlene said happilly. "That was worth two weeks of sports." she thought.

Throttle got up and chose a C.D. He knew Vinnie would be mad at him but he had won the throw and he was going to enjoy torturing him! He took her hand from Modo and asked:" Want to give up now Charlene?" "No way YOUR mama got you to dance school!" Throttle smilled as the first few notes of a saxophone brought a slow blues into the room. He pulled her closer and place his other hand firmly on her back staring into her eyes. Vinnie mumbled to himself how he would punch his bro out with delight when this would be over. It was low enough for Charlene not to hear but Modo and Throttle did, bringing evil smiles on their face. Throttle even got closer to Charlene so that their body would form one shadow. He bent to her hear so that Vinnie wouldn't see his face and wispered: "How do you think I got Carbine to wait for me this long?" Then her gently got her to bend back, in a sedutive way. If Carbine hadn't been waiting for him on Mars, he would have fought Vinnie for Charlene. She was so soft, so warm, when she smiled like that she could break a mouse's heart and steal his soul.

When, at last, Throttle's turn was over, Vinnie had a plan. He had gone to his bike and had taken back a martian C.D. that had survived the crash hiding it until he was next to the C.D. player. He programmed it and went to the couple, his smile was just a bit too big.
"Care to raise to stakes doll?" he asked when he was next to them, making her raise an eyebrow.
"What do you meen smart mouth?"
"If I win, I get another dance, If I loose I'll do anything you say for a day without complaining"
"Your on " Charley laugh

Pressing play with is tail, he took Charley's hand form Throttle and gently took her away from Throttle by pulling her to him. The music was nothing she had heared before, all she could say was that it was a slow.
"What is it?" she asked.
"a martian slow: 'Forever' " he wispered to her hear.

The music was so sensual, it gave them goosebumps. Their body, slowly moving in sync, matching each other perfectly, making their heart beat faster. For Vinnie, it felt like magic for , in the song lays the words he dreamed of telling her. His body, his hands, even his heart screams those words but he cannot bring himself to say.

Throttle and Modo are looking at them from the sofa smilling. Throttle wispered to Modo: "Limberger could get in here with a dozen of goons, trash his bike and he wouldn't even notice" They chuckled Modo answered him: "Would you in his place?" Throttle smiled, thinking of Carbine and replied: "Nope! He's smarter then I thought too. Remember the next song?"
"Oh mama! Do I ever!" Modo answered blushing. "Want to stay around and play chaperon?"
"OH NO! Nobody should have a chaperon when that plays. Beside, it's about time those two have some privacy " Togetter they walk out leaving Vinnie and Charley dancing.

As the slow comes to an end, charley raise her head saying: "Looks like you guys won." "Yes we did" is all he can answer. "The others left." "Yes they did. How about that other dance?" He ask. "I'd love to. What is the name of this one?" "One more dance with you" then he haded to himself " all 43 minutes of it" while pulling her back to him. Her hands went to his neck while his hands happily went back to her naked back. The song was has beautifull and as sensual as the first to Charlene's hears as she dared to put her head on his shoulder. She was surprised to hear his heart beating so fast, as fast as her's. With a smile she started to move her finger in his fur. Vinnie's heart started to beat wildly as his body tensed. She felt his hands respond by exploring, caressing her back, memorizing the texture of her skin. Her eyes closed under the sweet torture, bitting her lower lips to keep from moaning. Slowly raising her hand, she went exploring behind his hears, the back of his head then went infront to his cheak, his nose. When she reached lips , he grabed her hand, kissing the tip of each finger then the palm before placing a long kiss in the inside of the wrist.
"Oh Charlene!" he moaned "You don't know what you are doing to me"
"The same thing that you are doing to me." She answered looking at him straight into the eyes, hoping he would see the invitation in them.
"I'm only a mouse sweetheart. I don't know if I can take much more of this." He didn't want to resist but he knew he had to warn her. If only she would stop looking at him with these eyes, her madning eyes that seemed to beg him to kiss her. But then her tongue caressed her lips, the sensuality of it was too much for him. With a moan he gently brushed her lips with his, looking for her approval. Her moan was more then he needed to return to her lips. His tail wraped around her waist, pulling her even closer has they explored each other's lips. Passion rised as they felt the other respond. When he felt her out of breath, he simply started to shower her face with kisses slowly moving down to her troat. He reached the sensible spot where the troat and the shoulder meet causing her to moan feverishly and shiver. He kissed her mouth again, holding to each other , afraid to let go. He then felt her hands exploring him over his polo, turning his blood to turn to fire in his veins. His moan was that of a desperate man drowning.

Just then the other two mice came back bringing rootbeer and junkfood. Vinnie came back to his senses, enough to gently breack their kiss. Panting, he said" We have company" She could only nod. "I'll go and make sure everything is alright" he turned away and left the room. Charley went to the bathroom, still in a transe and her body on fire. He had left her so fast she wandered if he had any regrets. She had wanted this for so long, it had made her cranky most of the time. Maybe she had pushed him into this. Maybe he was so lonely, away from home and from other female mouse he had wanted the only female presence he could find. Maybe ... maybe she would just go insane!!!

"Hey bros, where did you go?" Vinnie asked still shaky
"We thought we'd leave the two of you alone... So how did it go?" Modo asked
"What do you mean bro?" Vinnie asked innocently.
"Don't play games with us Vincent. You were alone with her for an hour and you want us to believe you didn't try anything? No way you are THAT crazy!" Throttle snarled.
"I don't...kiss and tell" Vinnie finished blushing.

Throttle smiled. He knew Vinnie was shy when it came to feelings. His father was a hard mouse, never saying anything nice to people or touching his familly. From him Vinnie had learned that a man doesn't go sentimental on others or show his feelings. They had tried to help him shake it out but he still had trouble when it came to very personnal stuff.
"Did you tell her how you feel?" Throttle asked gently but Vinnie didn't answer. "Vincent, she needs to hear it. Girls are like that, if you don't talk to them, they start asking themselves questions or imagining things. You'll loose her, like your old man lost your mother."
"Bros, do you hear that?" Modo interrupted
"Charley!" Vinnie shouted and ran off.
"Good luck bro, you'll need it!" Modo wispered

"Charley? Charlene!" he could hear her crying thru the door.
"Can we talk? Please, sweetheart?" but she only cried harder
"Please stop crying sweetheart, your breaking my heart" He called out, tears in his eyes. The words and the pain in his voice surprised Charlene. Slowly she opened the door and saw the tears in his eyes, barely beleving it. Vinnie saw her tears too and couldn't stand them. He took her in his arms and held her tight wispering in her hear: "Don't cry sweetheart, I'd do anything to see you smile again." He placed a gentle kiss on her forhead the he kissed away the tears from her eyes, begging them to stop. When she raised her head and their eyes met, he gently kissed her lips.
"Why were you crying Charley girl?"
" It was stupid, I must be real tired."
"Too tired to talk to me?" The sorrow in his voice made her realise how much he needed to talk to her.
"No, but I really need to sit down, my feets are killing me!"
"No sweat sweetheart!" He said picking her up in his arms and taking her to the sofa. He liked the feeling of holding her so close, her arms around his neck, which made it hard for him to let go of her. But he had to, for has long as she was in his arms, he couldn't concentrate enough to talk. On the sofa , he noticed how hard she was trying not to look at him, how affraid she seemed, almost as affraid as him and that gave him courage.

"Charlene, please,tell me why were you crying. Did i hurt you in anyway? Did I say or do anything to upset you? Please, I have to know." He pleaded

"It's just ... the way you left." she managed to wisper

He took her hand and said: "I wanted to stay with you but I tought you would want time to fall back on your feets before the others came in." he paused " Modo's mama always told us not to ambarrasse a lady infront of others" He was reward by her smile when she said: "Great lady that mama" He chuckled and answered "Yep a great and very dangerous lady" He knew he had to say it, know!
"I never was happier then when we dansed tonight. It fell so ...perfect! You look so beautifull, the mood was right, I even found the perfect song. Holding you like that would have made me a very happy mouse ...but when we kissed... the rest of the univers stopped to exist for me. It was what I had dreamed of for so long" He stopped to kiss the inside of her wrist "When you responded, it was heaven! Then my bros came back. I wanted to shoot them just to stay with you like that." He smiled like a kid "But they're my bros, so I went to see them, keeping them from embarrassing you." They both smiled as the wall between them started to fall.
"Why didn't you speak sooner Vincent? Why did you just play around, never talking like this? I couldn't tell if you wanted me or if you were just fooling around!
"Because I'm a mouse and your are human. Because your from here and I'm from Mars. Because my old man thought me that a real mouse never talk like that. Because ...I didn't dare to hope you would feel the same way too."
"You? mister ' I'll try anything no matter how crazy it is' didn't dare? You must be getting old ... or sensible."
"You weren't helping too."
She laugh "Maybe"
His face turned very serious when he said: "I love you Charley girl. I don't think I can ever let you go."
"Then don't." she says as she draw him closer and lightly kiss him. A spark passed between them as their blood turns to molten lava. Their kiss became a tribute to their emotions and new found love. Her hands played on his face and slowly went to the deep fur of his neck and troat. Poor Vinnie had to grab her hands before he lost all controle. He broke their kiss, panting, shaking. "I want you Charley girl, but not like this. Not on the sofa, with my bros in the next room and you half asleep." She knew he was right but she wanted to keep him a bit longer. She got up, started the C.D. again and turned to him, smiling.
"Care to dance?"


I was lost in the night
My heart was broken
Never the chosen
Then came the light
Your sweet face
Made my heart race!

You and me
Could it be?

Your voice was music
I was extasic
The way you walked
The way you talked
your smile enchanting
I was dreaming

You and me
Could it be?

I took you my chance
Took your hand
We started to dance
In you I blend
I fell in transe
There was no end!

You and me
Could it be?

We still dance
still in a transe
You are my life
You are the light
You are my soul
Who makes me whole!

You and me
It can be!