Note: I do not make any profit from this story, it's just written for fun and the enjoyment of you, the reader. Vinnie, Modo, and Throttle belong to Tom Tataronowicz, and are the sole property of him. Jax is my creation, so anyone wanting to use her in their stories, e-mail and ask me for permission first.
Author's note: This is set after Jax has her head shaved off by her bros. Confused? Don't be. I'm working on a story that'll explain everything.

The Towel Story

Written by Blaze Van Wham 2000

Copyright Blaze Van Wham, all rights reserved

    Vinnie sighed, as he waited for Jax to be finished.
        "Come on, sis! You're taking forever!" He banged loudly on the door to accent this.
    Throttle, Vinnie and Modo had been waiting outside for almost half an hour. Each needed to take a shower desperately.
        "Jax Van Wham!!! Hurry up!" Vinnie yelled again, banging more insistently on the door.
    "Wait just a minute!! I'm finishing up may hair!" She yelled back, to which Vinnie replied,
    "You have no hair!"
    Jax opened the door and glared daggers at him. "And who's fault is that, might I ask?!"she said, stepped out and slammed the door behind her.
    Vinnie walked into the bathroom, and now there were only two mice waiting. Modo tried to suppress a giggle, and Throttle just shrugged.
    "Don't tell me you guys had nothing to do with this, because I know you did." Jax glared at them, and began to travel up to Charley's room to change. The only thing she wore was a white towel. She hmphed as she stepped up the stairs.
    "Hey babe, why not change down here?" Throttle asked her, and motioned to her.
    "Don't even think about it. You're not getting a strip show." She said angrily at both of them, and Modo grinned stupidly behind his bro. Throttle had suddenly forgotten that Jax was a sis, not a bro, but he was still treating her like one of the guys. She continued on her way up the stairs.
    "What got her so hot and bothered?" Modo asked, confused by the whole scene. Throttle just sighed and waited for Vinnie to be done his shower.

    Jax pulled on her leather top, skirt, and vest. It was a new outfit, she realized, but what with the other having been burnt to a crisp, this would do. She tugged on her knee-high combats. She decided to take a nap for a while, and soon she was fast asleep. About an hour later, she woke up and walked down the stairs. By now, she figured her bros would be done their showers and dressed. She plodded down the stairs connecting Charley's room to the garage and what she saw before her made her want to scream. She didn't and instead sat herself down on the stairs quietly, waiting to see how long it would take for her bros to notice her.
    Her three bros were stark naked, and whipping each other with towels. Charley, they knew, wasn't going to be back for hours. They ran around the garage after each other, and were jumping up and down, and over objects, and...everything was going everywhere, flying all over the place...

    Vinnie let out a howl, as Throttle slapped him with his wet towel.
    "Bro, that hurts!" he said, and whipped his own at him. Modo took the advantage and hit Throttle in the butt.
    "Got ya!" he said, and raced away from his bros, intent on escaping any kind of whipping he would get.
    All three stopped, as they heard a noise from the stairs, where Jax was. They looked up, and their faces went white.
    "Jax, sis, hi!" Vinnie stuttered and covered up anything he could. He grabbed the closest dry towel to him, which wasn't there, and ran behind his bike. It just barely covered below his waist. Throttle and Modo took their cues, and ran behind their bikes, hoping it would cover something up for them as well. Unfortunately, it didn't, and the two had to find a different solution. They quickly did, which was a stack of tires, and a box of root beers.
    Jax laughed from where she sat on the stairs, and said, "So, this is what you guys do when I'm gone." She placed her chin in one hand.
    "Uh yeah." Modo scratched his head, and leaned on the stack of tires. His face seemed to blush a constant red.
    "Listen, I'll go back upstairs to let you guys change into some clothes, and you're finished, let me know." She stepped up the stairs, and closed the doors behind her.