Break of Dawn

By Hayden

Copyrighted by author.

SPOILERS WARNING!!! Story contains hints and references to events that have yet to take place in my stories. You have been warned.
Disclaimer: Biker Mice belong to their owner. I don't own them nor make money of this. wish I did. I mean I'm a poor college girl here!! ;-) The song `Price of Love' belongs to Bad English.

Rated R for implied sexual and adult behavior. If you have a problem with an adult couple acting like adults, don't read this.

Girl, sometimes it seems to me
That I don't say the things I should, to you, I act like I'm no good
You wait for me patiently
This house is not a home without you, it takes two hearts to share

She's up early. I can hear the shower running. Wonder what she's thinking', wonder if she's still mad about what I said. I know she meant well, I know I shouldn't have yelled. But she knew how I'd act when she said she want to come along. What was she thinking? I over reacted, that I know....but it just made me so think of what could happen to her....

I know he's awake. I heard him turn off the alarm. And turn the music on. Wonder what he's thinking, wonder if he's still angry bout what I said. He makes me so mad sometimes, with his macho bullshit. Why doesn't he join me, he never passes up the chance. Did I upset him that bad? Why was I so harsh with him? I know he meant well, but why did he have to yell. He acted so angry but his eyes were so afraid....

And thru the good and bad times, you have always been there
We hold each other close, you tell me it's alright
The nights we fight about it, never dream of givin' up
That's the price of love

Should I go in? Should I say something? I don't want to leave with things like this between us. But what was she thinking, wanting to come along? Doesn't she know what she means to me? If something happened to her, I don't know what I'd do. Could I find it in me to raise Zoey alone? Would I be a good father without her to guide the way?

I can't stay in here forever..oh why doesn't he say something...I could care less if he yells. I know he's leaving soon, though I don't want him too. What if we never say anything and things stay this way...what if he dies...and I never said I love you one last time? I just wanted to be with I wouldn't have to be so afraid. Oh god..if something happens to could I raise Zoey alone....

Look, sometimes it makes us cry
Forgive me when I get it wrong, sometimes it's hard to be that strong
And oh, I would do anything
For you I'd turn the stars around, I'd find a way somehow

God, she so beautiful ..even dripping wet. She must of forgot all the towels are in the dryer. Come on, Vinnie, say something make it all right. Don't mess this up, you know she the best thing that ever happened in your sorry life. If you lose her, you lose everything...she's what gave the fight meaning again...she's what made you see the light. If you don't say something now she might not be here when--if you get back.

I know he's watching me, pretending to be asleep. What is he thinking? Is he as torn up as me? Are the what if's plaguing him as well? Does he regret his words as much as I do mine? What if when--if he gets back he doesn't want me anymore? What if things stay like this forever more? What if tomorrow Zoey doesn't have a father?

This time, you see I built a bridge to you again
Love shines, we'll sweep away the past
We're more than lovers, more than friends

Her back is turned now. I could go up behind her, wrap her in my arms. Tell her how much I love much she means to me. God, I love her. She looks so beautiful... so vulnerable. I never realized how empty my life was till I met her. Lord, doesn't she know I couldn't take seeing her

What is that mouse waiting for!! I'm standing here in front of him butt naked here!! He would of had me in bed the minute I walked out of the bathroom normal. Doesn't he still want me? What if he's thinking about going back to Harley? Why didn't he say for sure whether he was coming back? Say something Vinnie, say something...please...come on love..speak to me.

And thru the good and bad times, you have always been there
We hold each other tight, you tell me it's alright
The nights we fight about it, never think of givin' up
That's the price of love

I can't stand this..I have to hold her. It seem like an eternity since I held her last. If I'm quite she'll never know I'm coming up behind her....but why does she look so sad. Don't cry sweetheart. I'll make it better..I'll do whatever you ask. Your my everything Charley. You and Zoey are the most precious things in my life. Why do you have to be so beautiful? Leaving today would be so much easier. You seem to become more beautiful every time I look at you. And I need you more every minute I'm near you....

Hmmm...I'd know those arms anywhere. I still can't believe how good his arms feel around me. When he holds me it feels like home, I never thought I could feel so complete. You always seem to know how to make me feel better, and chase away my fears. Do you know who much I love you ego-mouse? My life was so empty before I met you. And now my whole world seems to revolves around you and Zoey. You leaving would be so much easier if I didn't love this much. After you there could be no other.....

Your eyes will always see through me, and bring me to my knees
And I will always turn to you, you're everything I need

My arms feel so good around you. Would you mind if I kissed you? If I touched you there? Or there? Say my name again baby, just like that. I could never love another. Want me to do that again, you know you liked it...I can see it in your eyes..I can hear it in your moan...

Dam, know how to change my mood. Kiss me again, don't be shy. ohh..touch me like that, you know what I like. Would you mind if I touched you like that? Vin, I love the way you say my I'm all that matters in the world. Take me to bed lover-mouse. Make me scream..make me forget that soon you have to go...

And thru the good and bad times, you have always been there
We hold each other close, you tell me it's alright
And sometimes I can't give enough, that's the price of love

Let me drive you crazy. Let me make you scream. Charley do you know what you do to me. Let me get closer, let me get deeper. Say my name, scream it out..who cares who hears. Forget the fact this could be the last time I hold you, the last time we're one. Let me push you you're the only one who can do this do me..

Come on, Vinnie. Take us all the way to heaven. Make this room and everything else fall away..make this day disappear. Make time stop for you and for me. Come on, baby we're almost there. Make this last forever....don't ever let me go.

That's the price of love, that's the price of love

I love you, Charley-girl...your my heaven all the way

I love you, Vinnie...your everything to me

That's the price of love... (to fade)

The End