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Biker Mice from..THE WILD WEST?

By: ZippoGirl1

October 16,1998

Copyright 1998 ZippoGirl1 all right reserved

"You guy's ready yet?!? I wanna get going!" Becca yelled up stairs at the still sleeping guys. " I'll pull tthose tails of yours out of those beds in two seconds flat!" said Becca marching up stairs. She slammed the door to the guys room open. "Get your tails out of those beds..NOW!!!" she had been waiting for this day for weeks...and there was no way these mice were going to screw it up! "Ok, guys, me, Axle and Charley are off to the strip bar, we'll be back in about twelve hours." With that the guys were out of theirs beds and glaring at Becca. Who smiled innocently." how did I know that would get you out of bed?" Becca shurgged at left the room, and the guys quietly got back into bed, just then Becca yelled up the stairs "Don't even think about getting back in those beds, or else I promise you you'll learn to fly...the hard way!" The guys then turned their attention to Waves. "You had to bet her didn't you?" Throttle said sounding quite aggitated. "How was I suppose to know that she could swim that fast?" said Waves meekly under his cousin's stare.

~~Flash Back~~
It was a hot summer day. The guys and Charley were helping Axle and Becca move in. Waves was complaing about how hot it was. The girls had had a plan though...after Becca and Axle were moved in they would go down to the beach. Soon after they were done. "We have to go out and get a few things from the store...we'll be right back." So the girls left..letting the guys fend for lunch. Which needless to say the guys werent to sure about..all except Waves, Becca had taught him how to cook. " Don't sweat it, I'll make lunch." said Waves. He did...and without ruining the kitchen! They had their normal rootbeer and hotdogs, before the girls showed them what they went out for. Swim wear. They got trunks for the guys. The girls went up to chenge while they did the guys did the same. A few minuets later they came down, but had shorts and tanktops on. "What with this?" said Vinnie. "You'll see when we get there" replied Axle, slyness in her voice. Vinnie got the point. They all got on their bikes, Vinnie and Axle, Throttle and Charley, and Waves and Becca, Modo was by himself ((poor guy)). Soon they arrived at Lake Michigan. The guys were off their bikes faster then grease lightning. The lady's taking a little more time, to set up the blanket and get out the picnic basket and such. "Well, sweets aren't you coming in?" Waves asked Becca. The gals exchanged glances, and decided that, yes they would go in. They girls took off they're shorts and tanktops. The guys' jaws dropped, especially Waves, for he had never seen Becca in anything less that shorts and a tanktop. "Wow babe, you are lookin hot!" Becca blushed a little. Axle was wearing a white bakini, Charley was wearing a emerald green one piece with many spots of cloth missing, and Becca was wearing a black Nike team bakini suit. After a while of splashin, dunking, and such things they ate. After they were done eating Axle and Charley laid out, while Becca and the guys got back in the water. Becca was felt like actually swimming..."Hey, I have an idea." the guys stopped they're game of water wrestling. 'Really? What's that?" asked Vinnie, in the normal Vinnie 'i'm da mouse' voice. "Well, why don't we have a little race?" asked Becca. "Sounds good to me, were too?" said Throttle. "How about...to the bouy and back?" said Becca. "Charley and Axle ma'am's? Will you so kindly start the race for us?" asked Modo. "Sure big fella...start back here on the beach." They got out of the water. The guys looked at Becca funny when she stood next to them. "Aren't you going to take a head start?" asked Vinnie rather confused. "Nah, it's ok, i wanna start back here." stated Becca matter-of-factly. "Your lose sweetie." said Waves. Becca stood up and looked at Waves. "Do you wanna make a bet?" "Sure I got nothing to loose." said Waves. " Ok, if I win, you guys have to go with me on a cattle drive for say...three days...cowboy gear and all." Waves cringed a little but came up with something. "And you have to dress up as a french maid for halloween." he knew how much Becca hated dresses, let alone short ones. "Do we have a deal?" Waves stuck his hand out. Becca took it and shook it. "Deal" "Are you guys done yet?" said Axle. "Yeah, we're ready" said Becca. "Alight then. on your mark, get set....GO!!!" Axle yelled, the guys were off in a flash, with Becca behind them. As soon as they got into the water, the guys fell. Becca jumped over the waves passing them by. The guys got up and ran after her. As soon as the water was deep enough Becca plunged in and swam. By that time the guys had caught up. Becca soon passed them by again with ease. She went around the bouy, and was half way back by the time the guys even got to the bouy. Becca ran up on shore, as the guys finished the last leg of the race. "When's a good time for you to go on a cattle round up for three days?" Becca said with a smirk.

~~Flash Forward~~
After the guys had FINALLY gotten up..it tokk all three women to get them up. They headed out towards Montana where Becca had picked out the best spot for the cattle drive...They hit to Montana border but they guys kept their speed. "Uh guys..." asked Becca. "Yeah sweets?" replied Waves. "You guys do know that there is not speed limit for Montana except at night, right?" Well obviously they didn't because they took off as soon as they heard 'no speed limit'.

Disclaimer: I wrote this for fun, and not profit. The Biker Mice from Mars do not belong to me (though I wish they did). I make no money off of this what so ever. Axle-Rose, Waves, Becca (that's me), Shelby, Trent, Jeff, Neena, Cryn, Aunt Kathi, and Uncle Brian do. Oh yeah, so does Spitfire. Please ask to use them, but you may draw them to your hearts desire.

The Biker Mice from....THE WILD WEST???

Part 2: The Ranch

By: ZippoGirl1

October 30,1998

Copyright 1998 ZippoGirl1, All rights reserved

"Yo, I didn't mean you could go THAT fast..." Becca yelled as she nearly fell of the back of Waves bike. "Sorry babe..."the guys slowed down, to about 120, but hey it was better than 220. "Well, where are we going?" Throttle asked. "We're going to a relative of mine...I called them a while ago and they said they need the help..." Becca responed "Aww man! Do we really have to dress up in cowboy outfits?" Vinnie whined "Yes!!" the gals responded in unsion even Charely and Axle wanted to see this. "I dont know why you guys are complaing so much, it's basically the same thing you wear now, only small differences..."Becca said.

The rest of the trip went uneventful, soon they were at the ranch..."Wow, that's the best time I've ever made here..." "That's because you were with the baddest biker mouse this side of the cosmos..." said Vinnie with a grin. The other rolled their eyes. "Whatever Vinnie" said Axle as she poked him in the side "HEY" Vinnie squeaked, Axle only gave him a devilish grin...They turned into the driveway, about a mile or two later they finally reached the house. "Ok, you guys stay..." to late, the relatives were already coming out...First out was Becca's cousin Trent who was about Becca's age, and had black hair and grey-green eyes. "Becca!!" "Trent!!" they ran towards each other and gave each other a hug. "Who's the company?" "I'll show you as soon as everyone else gets out here." "Well, Dad's out with Jeff...and Mom's cooking, why dont you guys come on in." becca had cringed at the name Jeff. "Ok, hold on, we'll be in in a minute." "Y'ok" Becca turned back to the guys and the gals. "Well? Whatta waiting for? Let's go! I'm hungary!" "Me too" said Axle. "Me three" said Charley. "Uh, Becca. are you sure that they're ok with us? I mean did you tell them about us?" said Throttle cautiously. "Oh yeah...I mean they've known about Waves here since they crashed into to Tiger's stadium scoreboard...." "AGAIN WITH THE SCORBOARDS!!" waile Vinnie. Becca had a rather dumbfounded look on her face..."We'll explain later Becca ma'am." said Modo. Becca had gotten well use to Modo calling her ma'am, so she didn't correct him. They unloaded all they're stuff and went into the house.

"Hello? Anybody home?!" Becca yelled at the top of her lungs...they heard a scream."AAAHHH! Becca darlin? Is that you?!" came a rather high-pitched voice. "Aunt Kathi?" a very short woman with blonde hair and blue eyes came out of what was obvisouly the kitchen, they could tell by the smell of food coming out of it. 'Becca?! My god girl, you grow two feet every time I see you!" Kathi said as she came out and greeted them all. "How about you introduce me to your friends?" "Over dinner, i'm starved...and so are they, I hope you made ALOT I eat like a mouse compared to them...HAHAHAHA!" becca started laugh as well as the other relizing her pun. "What cha ya'll laugh about?" "You'll see aunt Kathi...you'll see." Kathi quirked an eyebrow..."Well, supper's almost ready, have Trent show ya'll to your rooms." "Ok..." Kathi walked back into the kitchen...Trent was standing right behind Kathi. "Come on, this way to your rooms." They followed Trent up a flight of stairs and down a hall. "Here ya go..' "Thanks Trent.' "No problem..well, I have to go help mom finish up with dinner." "Ok". Trent went back down stairs. "Well? What do you guys think so far?" Becca asked. "This place is huge!" Charley said in awe. "No kidding..." Axle chimmed in. "When do we eat?" said Waves. "As soon as we get un packed..." "Welp, we mine as well get started..." said Throttle "guys in one room gals in another." said Becca "Gals call first room!" said Charley, who had been inspecting the rooms...as the three lady's rushed into one room. The guys went into the other room. Soon there was a light knock at the door. The girls turned around to see who it was, Becca let out a happy scream. "NEENA!!" "Becca! Gal! What's up?!" The too girls gave each other a hug. Becca turned to the other to women in the room. "Neena, I'd like you to meet my friends Charley and Axle." said Becca gesturing to each as she said their names. "Hello ya'll, my name's Kristina, every one calls me neena for short." Neena was about her mid-twenties. She had Raven black her and bright blue eyes. "Well ya'll dinner's ready, we'll have proper introductions then.." Neena headed down stairs. Charley went over to the guys room, "Dinner!" Soon every one was down stairs in the dining room.

"Well Becca, I think now is a good time to introduce your friends." Said Uncle Brian. "Alright" Becca stood up. " Well, this is my good friend and mechanic, Charleene Davidson. charley stand up.." Chaley stood up. "Call me Charley for short, thanks for letting us come out here..." she sat back down. "And these are Waves, Axle-Rose, Vinnie, Throttle and Modo the biker mice from mars." as Becca said their names they stood up. "Ok, time to take off the helmets." They did, and a small gasp came out of everyone's lips except for Trent, who said "COOL!!" "Waves here is my better half, or is it the other ay around?" said Becca, with a comical grin on her face, "Hi" said Waves shyly as he sat down. "this is Axle, his cousin, she's helping me build a bike, she's also a very skilled mechanic." "Call me Axle for short please." said Axle as she sat down. "And this is..." "The baddest mamma jamma this side of the milky way." said Vinnie with a grin. Everyone rolled their eyes. "Vinnie.." becca finished off. Vinnie sat down. "Next we have Throttle, Axle's brother." "Hello.." he siad in a deep voice, Neena sighed a little..."And last, but definatley not least is Modo." "good evening" he sat down. "questions?" becca said finally. everyone was too shoked to talk.."Good," Becca sat down and finished up eating. "Neena, your turn." Neena shook her head a little "huh? Oh yeah..." she stood up, she stood about 6'2 and was strongly built so Thrttole and the rest noticed. "Well, This is Trent.." who nodded. "My mom Kathi" who smiled warmly. "my dad Brian" who also smiled. "I'm Neena, and my sister Cyrn (pronounced Cur-in) is out for the evening but should be here tomorrow morning." Neena sat down.

After dinner was done Becca helped Neena clear the table while the others talked. "So your guys are from mars?" asked Brian. "Yes sir.." replied Throttle. "Well Kathi ma'am that was some good eating." "Why thank you Modo, I'm glad you like it." 'Reminds my of my old grey furred momma...." Kathi just smiled. "So Waves, how long have you and Becca been together?" asked Trent. "About a year." replied Waves. "I want you to know something Waves, Becca's like my little sister, if I ever fond out you..." "Dude, I would NEVER hurt Becca, I love her to much..." Waves said, seriousness filling his voice. Soon the table was cleared. "Well, I have some more work to do out in the barn. This would be a good time for you to get a look around the grounds." Brian said as he stood up, then he remembered something. "Becca, I need your expertise on a young horse I have, no one's been able to keep him under control." "Ok Uncl Brian, I'll be out in a minute, I;m going to go change into some barn clothes." Becca started out the room. "you guys might want to change too, actually I highly recommend it..." becca ran up the stairs, followed by the others. In a few minutes they were all down stairs by the front door. "Welp, you guys ready?" "Yeah.."Throttle replied for them all. "ok let's go..."
They walked out towards the barns...

Neena showed the guys, Charley and Axle around while Becca helped Brian and Trent with the horse. "Well, let's see how he takes to me.." Becca walked into the round pen where the horse was. Neena was done by then and led the others out to watch. "And finally this is our world class trainer Rebecca Wilson!" Neena finished up. "Oh Neena, stop it will ya?!" becca started to approach the horse, talking to it softly. The horse backed up. Once it's rear end hit the wall, the horse blew up, bucking, and rearing widly. "BECCA!!" Waves screamed. "She's ok dude, she does this all the time.." Trent reassured him. Waves wasn't very convinced. Soon the horse calmed down and Becca approached him again, this time the out come was much more calm, the horse let Becca put a halter and lead rope on, she walked him around a little. "Aww...he's not so bad..." after a littlw while Becca let him go again. "So, what;s his name?" Becca asked. "Spitfire." Trent reponded. "It suits him, he has a firey spirit, and his coloring proves it." Becca said. Which was no lie, this horse was a red chestnut with a flaxen (or white-blonde for you horse ill-literates)) mane and tail. "I've always wanted a horse this color." Becca said softly. becca approached the horse again, the horse this time came to Becca. She put the halter back on and clipped a rope to each side of the bidle. "Are you sure you want to try that now?" brian asked, kinda worried. "Yes, he's ready, I know it." Becca jumped up onto the horses back. the horse started to buck again widly, while Becca was yellin. "AOOWW!! WOOHOO!" Soon the horse calmed down, and Becca started some easy drills with him. All this in bareback. becca slipped down and landed on her feet. "Awww, that was nothing...." Becca said. "Good, he's yours..." Becca's eyes widened in surprise. "Really?!" "Yep, dad called and said that you were needing a horse, and i knew you'd like him." "Thankyou Uncle Brian!!" Becca turned the horse loose again, and walked over to the fence. "Well, we outta teach you guys how to ride now shouldn't we?" "Ok trent, Neena go get the horses." said Uncle Brian. "I'll help!" Becca said jumping over the fence. they did and in a few mins they came back out, each holding two horses. "Gentlemen and ladies pick your horses..."

To be continued...