I do not own Biker Mice nor am I making a profit from this story. I'm just writing this because I like to write and I like Biker Mice and hopefully no one will sue me. (Like they'd get much) The characters Freefall, Tailgate, Turbulence, Overhaul, and Turnabout were created by me and cannot be used without my permission.

A Biker's Tale

By: Felicia Tabby (Chasis)

Copyright Felicia Tabby 1998

All rights reserved

The city of Brimstone was peaceful and quiet. Neat little houses dotted the Martian suburbs. Children played happily in their yards while neighbors chatted cheerfully. Everything was good. But inside his house, Stoker frowned at the newspaper as he reclined in his favorite chair. What he read in front of him didn't look good. The Plutarkians were close. So close. How they ever got on Mars was a mystery. But now they were spreading like a wildfire across the planet, enslaving Martians and taking over their cities.
And now, the Plutarkian forces were ever nearing the large and industrious city of Brimstone. Though the Martian army claimed everything was under control, Stoker had a feeling that it was only a matter of time before his city fell like the others.
Stoker had never really even seen a Plutarkian before. But he had heard that they were some kind of disfigured monsters. Others said they were ferocious blood sucking aliens. One especially confused mouse claimed they were giant fish. What ever they were, Stoker knew that their presence on this planet would cause trials for the future.
"What are you reading, hon?" Stoker's wife Freefall asked as she wrapped her dainty arms around his neck.
"Oh, it's nothing much." Stoker said as he laid the paper down.
"Oh yes it is." Freefall slid gracefully into her husband's lap. "You're worried about those Plutarkians coming to take over the city. You shouldn't worry like that. Wouldn't the government alert us if we were in any real danger?"
Stoker sighed as he slipped his arms around her waist.
"I guess you're right."
"Besides," Freefall added. "the last thing I need is a panicky husband when this little guy arrives."
She patted her stomach which was starting to bulge.
Stoker looked as his wife and smiled. She was so beautiful with her fair yellow fur and her honey colored hair which danced about her dainty face. The young couple had been married about a year now and Stoker loved Freefall as much, if not more, than the day he married her. And he was also beginning to love the unborn child she was carrying.
Freefall smiled back, her bright blue eyes sparkling. Stoker placed a hand gently on her stomach as Freefall ran her fingers down his furry cheek. Stoker reached over and kissed his wife who returned the kiss passionately.
"Hey Stoker! Wanna come out and play?"
Stoker groaned as the familiar but obnoxious voice interrupted their moment. He and Freefall stood up and walked over to the open window. Outside three younger mice of the colors white, tan, and grey and dressed in t-shirts and jeans sat on their motorcycles and looked up at the window expectantly.
"What do you want punk?" Stoker asked the white mouse who had addressed him.
"Just thought you'd like the pleasure of hanging out with the raddest mouse on the planet." Vinnie replied with his usual stamina.
"Hey, aren't you guys supposed to be at the college?" Freefall asked.
"No ma'am." Modo said. "The college is closed because of the war that's starting up."
"So what do you guys want anyway?" Stoker demanded.
"Come ride with us man." Vinnie invited.
"Yeah Stoke." Throttle added. "There's no telling when the Plutarkians will attack. This maybe our last ride before we all get drafted and everyone destroys the place."
Stoker looked at his wife for answers.
"Go on Stoker." Freefall urged. "This will be a good chance for you to unwind."
"All right hon." Stoker kissed her on the forehead. "I'll see you later."
Stoker ran out the door and into the garage to retrieve his bike. He pushed it out to where the three young mice were waiting. He then straddled the bike and put on his helmet.
"Okay guys, let's ride."
Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie replied with hoots and cheers as they started their bikes and raced down the rural streets. Stoker turned and waved good-bye to Freefall as they drove off into the Martian desert.
The four mice had a great time kicking up the red Martian soil as they drove through the sand dunes and over rocky terrains. Stoker smiled he watched the three younger mice ride beside him. Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie were all the same age and quite a bit younger than he was. Stoker had known the trio since grade school because they grew up around his neighborhood.
And even as young mouslings, it was no secret that the trio idolized Stoker as a friend and role model. He was the one who introduced them to motorcycles, being in a pretty rough motorcycle gang himself when he was younger. And though some parents didn't approve, the three were determined to become bikers just like him.
And now that Stoker had grown up and married, the three mice were now his gang. Vinnie, the wild and crazy maniac with an ego to match his spunk. Throttle, the calm and rational thinker. And Modo, the kind and easy going gentleman. They were a broad leap from his rough and tumble biker days but they were his friends, almost like family.
The sun was getting ready to set as the four mice stopped at the top of a large red rock to look over the quiet Martian landscape. The view was spectacular but Stoker noticed that Throttle seemed to be preoccupied with something else.
"What's eating you kid?" he asked.
"Throttle's just bummed because his girlfriend dumped him for a uniform." Vinnie snickered.
"She didn't dump me Vincent." Throttle informed him.
"So, Carbine joined the army." Stoker concluded.
"Yeah." Throttle sighed. "She says she's doing her part to defend our people but I haven't seen the army do much of anything at all."
Stoker nodded.
"Something tells me our government knows more about these Plutarkians then they're letting on and for some reason they're not doing anything about it."
The others nodded in agreement.
"Holy cow! Look at that!" Vinnie cried.
The group gazed in the direction of the distant city of Brimstone. The city glowed brightly against the ever dimming sky.
"Oh mama." Modo said. "Looks like someone's hosting the city's biggest barbeque."
"Modo, that's no barbeque. The city's on fire!" Throttle exclaimed.
"And what do you want to bet that the hosts are none other than the Plutarkians themselves." Stoker added.
With that, the mice's pleasure ride became one of fear as they raced off to their city. The dread in their hearts grew as they rode past the demolished and burnt remains of a once industrious and busy city. Now the roads were empty and not a building stood that was unmolested from the raid. As the mice neared their own neighborhoods, they each split up to find what had become to their homes and families.
Stoker was filled with anxiety and fear as he saw the devastated remains of his street. He had never felt so horrible in all his life as when he approached the burnt remains of his house. Nothing but a pile of brick and rubble remained of his home.
Freefall! Stoker jumped off his bike and climbed through the wreckage, looking for his beloved. He couldn't find her. Where was she? Had she been captured? Or did she get away and was she hiding somewhere?
Stoker's heart sank into his stomach when he caught sight of a patch of cream colored fur buried in the debris. He ran over and pulled out the limp form of Freefall. Blood and ashes soiled her once silky fur. Her blood. Panic filled Stoker's every being as he frantically searched for a pulse. There was none. Freefall was dead.
Unspeakable pain and grief squeezed its way out on the form of tears as Stoker held the dainty body close. He couldn't believe how fast his world had shattered. He had a nice home, a beautiful and loving wife, and a child soon to come. Now it was gone. All gone. All because of those Plutarkian invaders.
Stoker's grief was suddenly replaced by a blind fury. He finally let go of the once living form and stood up to face the sun. He clenched his fists in rage as he shouted every possible curse at the Plutarkian nation.
"You'll pay!" he cried to the blood red sky. "I swear it on the innocent blood you have spilled this day. As long as there is still life in me, I will make you pay!"

* Five years later*

"It's no good Sarge. The Plutarkians have us out numbered four to one. We must fall back."
"No chance!" Stoker yelled at the mouse above the sound of the gun fire. "The Plutarkian scum must die!"
The mice ducked as the ground exploded near them and bullets flew at them from every direction.
"We've got to retreat." the mouse insisted. "We've lost too many. We'll all be killed if we stay here."
Stoker sighed. The mouse was right.
"Okay gang," he ordered through the fray. "let's get our tails out of here."
All the remaining mice ceased their fire and retreated to their bikes which were hidden among the sand dunes. They drove off with Stoker in the lead, back to their base in defeat. Leaving the Plutarkians to celebrate another victory.

"I don't believe this!" Stoker growled back at the base which was a large cave inside one of the Martian mountains. "What will it take to beat these stink fish?! The army is crapping out big time and we're not doing much better!"
He kicked a helmet that was sitting on the floor. It flew across the room and bounced off the far wall with a loud clang. Stoker had never been so frustrated. How he longed for revenge. But even with the help of the group of Freedom Fighters he had organized, there just seemed to be no way to win. Stoker was so sure he could do better than the army in driving off the invaders. But he had yet to find an effective plan of attack.
Stoker plopped down on a rock and silently brooded, letting his bad mood consume him. There had to be some way to successfully fight these guys, but how? The other Martians at the base knew better than to disturb him when he was in this kind of mood.
Minutes later, the sounds of bickering brought Stoker out of his thoughts.
"What's going on out there?" he demanded, though he remained looking down at his boots.
"There's some mice out here who say they know you." one mouse said.
Stoker grumbled as he got up. He was in no mood to talk to anybody. They had better have a good reason for coming here. He looked up to see three Martian forms standing in the doorway.
"Hey Stoker!" a rowdy voice called. "Long time no see."
Stoker stood dumbfounded as he saw three Martians he hadn't seen in five years. Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie.
He couldn't believe how much the young mice had grown both in height and in muscle. Especially Modo, the mouse was huge. The trio had shed their usual t-shirts and jeans for thicker, darker clothing, boots and battle gear. They looked so mature for their age. Well at least Modo and Throttle did. Vinnie would always look like a little punk to him. Once careless teens forced to grow up before their time in a cruel and warring world.
"What are you doing here?" was all Stoker managed to say.
"We came to join you." Throttle said. "We want to help you win this war."
"Yeah Stoker," Modo added. "we figured it was our turn to kick some Plutarkian but."
"You got it." Vinnie smirked. "With the Vin Man on the job, those Plutarkians will be running for their mammas before you can say ‘Oh Vinnie, my hero'."
Stoker had to smile. He hadn't seen this much enthusiasm since when he had first organizedthe Freedom Fighters. Such devotion and determination was rare with all the beatings they had taken.
"Welcome aboard gentlemen." Stoker said to them. "You too, punk." he added to Vinnie.
"Whoo hoo!" Vinnie cried, ignoring the comment. "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be one wild and crazy ride!"

"Wild and crazy enough for you Vincient?" Throttle asked as they took cover behind a sand dune from the barrage of bullets and lasers.
"Me and my big mouth." Vinnie grumbled.
As rookies to the war, one of the trio's first missions was to go and retrieve some much needed supplies. One their way back, the mice were ambushed by a large group of Plutarkians and were now doing their best to stay alive.
Throttle and Vinnie were slowly picking off Plutarkians with their blasters every chance they got while Modo was desperately trying to get his bike's radio to work.
"Modo to home base. Come in home base. Stoker, anyone. We've been ambushed. We need back up immediately. Please send back up."
Modo's plea was replied with only static.
"Oh mama," he groaned. "wake me up when this nightmare is over."
"Don't give up on us now big fella." Throttle told him. "We've got to make it through this."
The mice never noticed the grenade land behind them until the ground at their backs exploded, sending them flying forward, right in front of the Plutarkians. The three mice quickly recovered from the blow and looked up into the barrels of the Plutarkian's blasters.
"Well, well fuzz balls." the lead fish chided. "Any last requests before you meet your maker?"
"Suck on this you bottom feeders!"
Both Plutarkians and Martians looked up in surprise as they were showered with laser fire. Seeing their chance, Vinnie, Throttle and Modo lunged back behind their protective sand dune as the small war started up again.
Sounds of a raging battle floated to the mice's ears. But none of them dared to take a look at it with all the cross fire whizzing only inches above their heads. They could hear explosions and startled cries and yells. But above all that they heard the unmistakable sounds of whooping and hollering. Someone out there was actually having fun!
The fray eventually died and the loosers were retreating. Modo, Vinnie, and Throttle cautiously looked up from their hiding place to see the Plutarkians running away.
"I don't believe it." Throttle said.
"The fish heads are running away." Modo exclaimed.
"I wonder how many Martians it took to finally run them off." Vinnie stated.
The mice looked around for a fighting squad or a Martian battalion. But all they saw were two mice on motorcycles giving each other high fives and laughing at the defeated Plutarkians.
"Them?!" Vinnie cried in disbelief. "They did all that?!"
Both mice had grey fur and were a couple years older then the trio. One mouse had brown hair that fell down in front of his eyes. He had a silver ear ring in his left ear and a dark blue dog collar wrist band on his right wrist. He wore a black leather sleeveless jacket over a white shirt with midnight blue pants and brown boots.
The second mouse was slightly taller and leaner than the other. He wore a green sleeveless jacket over a tan sleeved shirt with dark brown pants and green boots. What struck the mice as strange was the green streak in his long jet black hair.
The two mice got off their bikes and approached the three mice that were crouched on the ground.
"You guys okay?" the mouse with the brown hair asked.
"Uh, yeah. Just great." Vinnie hurriedly stood up and did his best to salvage what pride he had left.
"It's a good thing we saw that fight from that hill over there." the green and black haired mouse stated. "If we didn't come when we did you guys would have been toast."
"Well, thanks for the help." Modo said.
"Hey, maybe you could help us." the brown haired mouse said. "We're looking for a group of Martians calling themselves Freedom Fighters who are supposed to be stationed out here some where. Do you guys know where we could find them?"
"Of course." Throttle said. "We're Freedom Fighters. We'll take you right to the base."
"Hey great. By the way, I'm Tailgate. And the guy with the funky hair is Turbulence."
"Wuz up?" Turbulence responded.
"The name's Throttle. And this is Modo and Vinnie."
"Okay ladies, enough intros." Turbulence announced. "Let's boogie down to this base of yours."
"Right bro." Tailgate agreed.
The five mice mounted their bikes and drove off through the desert.

"So, who are these guys?" Stoker asked Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo privately when they returned with the two new mice.
Stoker had known many Martians in his life but never had he seen or heard of these two. They're appearance made him skeptical.
"Who cares who they are." Throttled argued. "They want to help us fight. That's the important thing."
"Yeah Stoker." Modo added. "Those guys just beat 25 Plutarkians by themselves. That's gotta count for something."
Stoker took a moment to consider and then approached the two new mice.
"It appears you two have great fighting skills." he told them. "Why do you want to join us? Why not the army?"
"The army? Yeah right." Turbulence snorted. "If we wanted to beat the Plutarkians we'd have better luck fighting them by ourselves."
"We've heard that you don't approve of the army's way of fighting." Tailgate added more seriously. "We don't either. We believe there's a better way to win this war and only a team such as this is capable of providing the means. We want to help you win this war."
Stoker grinned approvingly.
"All right boys, welcome to the club."

About a week later, the team of fighters were led by Stoker to a Plutarkian supply camp recently discovered by one of the scouts. The mice rode up to the camp on their bikes but Stoker ordered them to stop and dismount as the light from the fading campfires could be seen in the darkness of the night.
"You mean you want us to leave our bikes?" Turbulence asked incredulously.
"Yes." Stoker growled. "The sound of the engines will give us away."
"But Stoker," Tailgate defended. "our bikes are how we fight. They're our means of defense."
"We won't need any defense." Stoker insisted. "This will be a silent operation. We'll sneak in and out with their supplies before they even notice."
"Sneak?" Turbulence cried. "I'm a fighter, not some low life sneak thief."
"Well if you feel that way, maybe you should stay here. Both of you." Stoker added before Tailgate could respond.
"Hey, come on Stoker . . ." Throttle started to say.
"You be quiet." Stoker ordered. "You and your buddies can stay here, too. That's an order. The rest of you come with me."
"What?!" Vinnie cried in outrage. "But Sto. ."
He was cut off as Tailgate place a hand on his shoulder. Vinnie turned and looked at him for an explanation. The grey mouse only shook his head.
Tailgate felt sorry for Stoker. He could see that look in the leader's eyes. Stoker was aching so bad for revenge. Even just a little. And he wouldn't let anyone, not even his closest friends get in the way. Tailgate decided that the best thing to for the moment do was to just fallow orders.
Stoker and the remainder of his team crept silently into the Plutarkian camp. From there, they split up into two groups in order to cover more ground. Stoker's group quietly approached the first tent. There wasn't a Plutarkian in sight. The morons were probably all asleep. Stoker slipped into the dark tent thinking that the raid was in the bag.
Stoker felt a thick arm wrap tightly around his neck and a Plutarkian blaster was pointed at his temple.
"Run! It's a trap!" Stoker yelled to his troops.
The mice scattered as more armed Plutarkians appeared out of the other tents and started shooting. Stoker's captor roughly hauled him out of the tent and into the crossfire.
"Hold your fire Martians." the Plutarkian yelled. "Or you're going to need a new leader."
The mice saw Stoker's prediciment and ceased their fire.
"Now surrender or I'll blow his brains out."
The mice grudgingly dropped their weapons.

"The fish heads have Stoker!" Vinnie cried. He had been observing the whole thing from the hill top over looking the camp. "All the fighters have given up to them. We've got to do something."
"Okay you guys, here's the plan." Throttle said. "We'll sneak around them and . ."
"Haven't you learned anything?" Turbulence interrupted. "Look where sneaking around got Stoker. We've got to do this a different way."
"And how do you think we should do this?" Modo asked skeptically.
"The same way we always do it." Tailgate replied as he revved his bike's engine.
"Oh yeah!" Turbulence howled, revving his own engine. "Let's rock . ."
"And ride!" Tailgate finished as the two mice took off for the camp.
"Hey, I like that." Vinnie stated.
Throttle and Modo nodded in agreement.
"Then what are we waiting for?" Throttle asked. "Let's rock. ."
"And ride!" Modo and Vinnie finished.
The trio then raced toward the Plutarkian camp.

"All right mice, no funny stuff or he's history." the Plutarkian was saying. "Cuff em boys. We'll see how they like digging in the slave mines."
The Plutarkians advanced on the surrendering Martians but stopped when they heard the distinct sound of motorcycle engines.
"Attention all stink-fish." a voice sounded through the camp. "We ask that you please remain seated. We are experiencing some turbulence."
With that announcement and a loud war cry, Turbulence flew into the camp on his motorcycle, firing at the Plutarkians left and right. The Plutarkians began to duck and cover while the other mice retrieved their weapons and joined the fight.
Meanwhile, Stoker struggled against his captor but the Plutarkian refused to let him go.
"Eat this you chum chucker!"
The Plutarkian looked up in time to see Tailgate's fist collide with his face. The large fish instantly crumpled to the ground.
"I thought I told you to stay put!" Stoker yelled in fury, despite the fact that Tailgate just saved his life.
"I know but . ."
Tailgate's excuse was interrupted as Throttle, Modo and Vinnie drove into the scene, whooping and hollering and shooting at everything. The two mice jumped out of the way as the trio raced passed.
"Ow! This party's jammin!" Vinnie cried as he sped by.
Stoker glared at a shrugging Tailgate as the four adrenaline powered biker mice continued to blow up everything around them.

"I can't believe you did that!" Stoker yelled at Tailgate and Turbulence back at the base. "You disobeyed direct orders. You had no business barging in on that camp."
"Hey, don't thank us or anything, we only saved your life." Turbulence responded.
"And blew up the entire camp along with any supplies we could have used against them."
"Hey, you would have, too if you had the adrenaline rush I had." Turbulence grinned at the thought of his last battle.
"That's just the problem, your too reckless. We need to approach our enemies rationally."
"Like the army does?" Tailgate interjected.
Stunned by the remark, Stoker couldn't think of a reply.
"Look." Tailgate continued. "We're not the army and I know that's the last thing you want us to be. But the fact remains that while you were chewing my tail off back there, four mice on motorcycles took out the entire Plutarkian camp while your so called fighters ran and hid from the cross fire."
"Yeah." Turbulence agreed. "We may have blown up the camp, but we also captured every Plutarkian there and threw their stinking hides in prison. That only took four of us Stoke. Just think of what we can accomplish if all your troops could fight like that."
The Freedom Fighter leader was silent.
"We're Freedom Fighters." Tailgate said in a softer voice. "Let us <i>fight</i> for our freedom."
Stoker forgot his anger and reflected on what the mice had said. He had to admit, these reckless Martians made sense.
"All right guys." Stoker surrendered. "Show me how we can beat these dirtbags."
Tailgate and Turbulence smiled in triumph.
"First thing to do," Tailgate instructed. "is to start using your bikes for battle instead of just transportation. It's harder to hit a moving target and easier to get to your enemies. We'll have to get right to work on installing weapons on everyone's bikes."
"I'm afraid I don't have any really good mechanics around." Stoker admitted.
"I know a guy whose good at this stuff. I'll contact him and we could start modifying bikes by tomorrow."
"Okay. Anything else we can do?"
"Quit doing all that sneaking stuff." Turbulence ordered. "We my be mice but that doesn't mean we have to be quiet. Real fighters don't sneak."
"And one more thing." Tailgate added. "The most important thing a great fighter should do."
"Always party after kicking some major Plutarkian butt!" Turbulence finished.
"Now that I can go for." Stoker agreed and the three mice ran off to join their comrades in celebration over their first victory.

Late the next day, a large brown mouse with dark brown hair appeared at the base.
"Hey Overhaul." Tailgate greeted. "Glad you could come and help us out bro."
"Anytime cuz." Overhaul replied.
Overhaul wore a tight yellow shirt with rolled up sleeves, blue jeans, black boots and a cocky grin. His thick head of brown hair sprouted wildly from his head. He wore a gold ear ring in his left ear and his large physique rivaled Modo's.
"So you're the guy who's going to fix our bikes." Stoker said to him.
"You got it." the large mouse replied in a gruff voice. "I figure there might be a lot of them so I brought my cousin along to help me."
Overhaul introduced them to a beautiful female mouse with light brown hair and fur and sparkling blue eyes.
"Hi, I'm Harley." she said as she shook hands with Stoker.
Vinnie, Throttle, and Modo had been watching the whole thing from a distance.
"Wow, check out the babe." Vinnie gaped at the new mouse.
Modo looked down at his friend disapprovingly. Throttle didn't say anything but silently scoped Harley out for himself.
"Well, let's see those bikes." Overhaul said.
"Right." Stoker said. "They're this way."
The mice fallowed Stoker through the base. Vinnie didn't realize he was still staring at Harley as they passed by. But Harley obviously noticed and playfully winked at the white mouse as she walked by. Vinnie, for once, was too stunned to speak.

"So what do you guys want to show us?" Vinnie asked impatiently.
Turbulence smiled while Tailgate addressed Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie as to why they were there.
"Well," Tailgate started. "we were impressed by your fighting skills over at the Plutarkian camp so we had Overhaul modify your bikes especially for you."
"Where are our bikes?" Modo asked, only able to see Tailgate and Turbulence's bikes in the room.
Right here." Tailgate whistled.
To the trio's surprise, three driverless bikes rode around the corner and up to them.
"How did you do that?" Vinnie demanded.
"My old man was a technical genius." Tailgate explained. "He invented the AI computer chip. It's an artificial intelligence micro chip that we installed in your bikes. Now they can think, move, and use their weapons by themselves or on their rider's command."
"Cool!" Vinnie exclaimed as he examined his bike.
It looked a lot different than it used to. Armor was added to it along with lasers and buttons that activated other defense mechanisms. His mirror was shaped like a mouse head and the whole thing was painted a fiery red.
"They look like pretty deadly machines." Throttle commented. "What if the Plutarkians get a hold of them and use them against us?"
"Not possible." Tailgate insisted. "The bikes are programed to fallow their riders only, which is you guys."
"I don't know." Modo said. "It seems kind of dangerous to trust a machine."
"Don't worry bros, they're perfectly safe. I have one and she's the best friend I could ever have, right darlin?"
His midnight blue bike revved in agreement.
"What about you?" Throttle asked Turbulence.
"I don't have one." Turbulence said. "Thinking machines are just too creepy for me."
The bike growled at him.
"Uh, no offense."
"Look guys," Tailgate said. "just try them out next time we're in battle."
The deafening sound of explosions was heard near by.
"Which looks like it will be sooner then you think." Turbulence said.
A frightened Harley raced into the room and almost ran into Vinnie in her haste.
"Hey sweetheart, what's the matter?" he asked her.
"The Plutarkians found our base!" Harley panicked. "They're attacking us!"
"Well don't just stand there bros," Turbulence announced. "Let's show these mud-eaters how we fight, biker mice style."
He mounted his bike and the others did the same. The five mice drove off through the base to find their leader, leaving Harley behind to find cover.
Stoker was sitting on his bike at the base's entrance, shooting at any Plutarkian who dared get into his view.
"What's the situation?" Tailgate asked as he and the others approached.
"We've got hoards of Plutarkians outside. But there's too much cover for them out there and those cowardly moss-lickers won't show their faces long enough for anyone to get a good shot. So what do we do?"
"Just fallow me." Tailgate smiled. "Let's rock. . ."
"And ride!" Turbulence, Vinnie, Throttle and Modo all finished.
The five mice led the charge into the open battle field, racing into the thickness of the crossfire and defeating Plutarkians too surprised at the sudden change of fighting style to retaliate. Stoker and the other Freedom Fighters fallowed in suit, but weren't as bold as the first mice.
"Let's see what we've got here." Vinnie said as he looked over his new weapons panel.

He pushed a button and two laser cannons appeared on either side of his handle bars and began automatically shooting any Plutarkian that came into range.
"Ow-howhowhow!" Vinnie cried. "Now this is fire power!"
He pulled two grenades out of one of the bike's compartments and threw them at a group of Plutarkians, blowing up the desert around them.
Tailgate and Modo rode side by side through the battle. Ahead of them were a group of Plutarkians firing behind a sand dune on the left and another group doing the same thing to the right.
"Hey Modo, watch this." Tailgate said.
He rode at full speed between the sand dunes and did a back flip off his bike. He made quick work of the Plutarkians on his right with his blaster and a few grenades. To his left, the AI motorcycle had also defeated the armed fish. Tailgate mounted his bike and winked before driving off.
Modo looked up to see a Plutarkian standing on a cliff above and pointing a gun right at his head. Before he could react, Modo's bike shot the Plutarkian dead with one shot. Modo smiled at the bike beneath him.
"Thanks for the help partner."
Stoker finished blasting all the Plutarkians he could see. Behind him he could hear Turbulence and Throttle teaming up to beat their foes. The mice seemed to be having the time of their lives. Stoker hated to admit it, but he was having fun blasting fish, too.
Soon after, Stoker saw a sight that made him grin form ear to ear. The Plutarkians were retreating.

"Ow! Hey, careful with that!"
"Really Stoker, for the leader of the Freedom Fighters, you can act like such a child."
Harley was doing her best to patch up the laser burns Stoker had received during the fight. But the FF leader was putting up more of a fight then she was used to.
"Quit being so rough." Stoker whined. "Ouch! What are you using, sand paper?"
‘For crying our loud' Harley thought. ‘Not even Vinnie is this bad.'
But even with all his protests, Stoker was beginning to like Harley. She was sweet and gentle and reminded him of his wife. She also had those brilliant blue eyes Freefall had.
After Harley was finished, Stoker went to look for Tailgate and the others. He found the five of them sitting on large rocks with their bikes, over looking the Martian desert. Stoker eased himself down to join them. He couldn't believe it. Not a single one of them had received even a scratch the whole battle.
"Hey Stoker, you look more like a mummy then a mouse." Vinnie snickered.
"Quiet punk or you'll look the same." Stoker threatened.
"So how'd we do?" Tailgate asked.
"The best I've ever seen. It's because of you guys we won this battle. I think we're finally gaining ground in this war. I just wish all my fighters had bikes like these."
"These have the last three micro chips." Tailgate lamented. "All the rest were destroyed by the Plutarkian raids. Sorry bro."
"You know, I've always wondered about something." Throttle said. "You two don't seem to be related, but you call each other bro."
Tailgate and Turbulence grinned at each other as if sharing some inside joke.
"Well, you see," Tailgate began. "we're not related by blood, but we are brothers in arms. United by a common goal to survive, fight back, and reclaim our planet from our enemies. In that way, that makes us all brothers."
Stoker took a moment to reflect on his words. Tailgate had repeatedly proved to be wiser then he ever would have thought when he first set eyes on the brown haired, grey furred mouse.
"So what are we going to do now Stoker?" Modo asked. "We can't stay her now that the Plutarkians know where our base is."
"We'll have to find a new base." Stoker said. "I just wish I knew where."
"I know where." Turbulence blurted. "Pack your stuff bros, I know the perfect place."

"A convent?" Stoker asked when he saw the so called ‘perfect place' Turbulence had told him of. "You want us to live in a convent?"
"Not in it, below it. There's tunnels and caves below the building. The monks would never know we were there and it would be the last place the Plutarkians would think of looking for us."
"It just might work." Throttle agreed.
"All right bros, this will be our new base." Stoker said.
"And after we fix this one up we should make other bases among the desert like the first one." Turbulence added. "Alternate stations with emergency gear incase we're found out again."
"Good point." Stoker said. "Well Freedom fighters, let's get to work."

It took many weeks of hard work, but soon the Freedom fighter base beneath the convent became the central station for the ever growing group of Martians as they continued their fight against the Plutarkian invaders.
One day, Stoker, Tailgate and Throttle were discussing battle plans while Turbulence and Modo lounged and talked near by.
"Hey Tailgate, this guy says he knows you." Vinnie said as he walked in with a mouse new to the Freedom Fighters.
The mouse looked tired and dirty from many days of travel. He wore a large olive jacket with black pants and brown boots over a wiry but muscular form. His brown fur and blond hair was soiled with Martian dust.
"Turnabout!" Turbulence greeted. "What happened to you bro? You look like you tangled with a sand worm."
"Turnabout, what are you doing here?" Tailgate asked.
"Tailgate, we need your help." Turnabout told him urgently. "Olympicia has fallen."
"The Plutarkians breached it. The whole city's in ruin. They took everything and destroyed what they couldn't take with them. Tailgate, they have your sister."
Tailgate went numb all over. His home town had been destroyed and his only sister had been captured. He turned from the brown and blond mouse and ran his fingers through his thick hair. He suddenly felt so guilty. He should have been there when his city needed him the most.
"I got to go back." he announced.
"That's just what they want." Turnabout argued. "You know it's a trap. The Plutarkians would do anything to get their fins on you."
"I don't care. My sister's the only family I have left. I've got to save her."
"I'm coming with you bro." Turbulence volunteered.
Tailgate nodded.
"Come on bros, get your bikes. We've got a city to save."
Minutes later, Tailgate, Turbulence, and Turnabout were all on their bikes and ready for their journey.
"Let us go with you." Vinnie requested. "We'll help you put those stink fish in their place."
"No." Tailgate insisted. "You guys have fish to fry here. I've got to go where I'm needed the most."
"We'll miss you guys." Stoker said. "You did a lot to help us."
"Well, maybe we'll see you guys again after we win this war."
"You said it bro." Turbulence agreed. "Ride free fighters, we'll beat these stink fish yet."
"Well bros," Tailgate said finally. "let's rock. ."
"And ride!" Turbulence and Turnabout finished.
The three mice took off into the Martian desert and disappeared over the horizon.
"Come on bros." Stoker said to Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie as they headed back to their base. "We've got a war to win."

The End