Biker's Own

By Leanne Mac Leod, Aug 16, 1997

I wrote this story to share my feelings of the Biker Mice with everyone, I won't be making a profit.

"Rise and shine biker buddy, we're hittin the road!"
Throttle grunted at being awakened from the really good sleep he was having. He kept his eyes shut and rolled over hoping the annoying biker would go away. No such luck.
" C'mon times a wastin'!" The biker grabbed the edge of the blanket Throttle was curled up in and pulled. Throttle fell hard on the floor, several objects including a wrench and a tape case poked him in the back. Like most teenagers, Throttles room was a disaster area.
"AAHH, What's the big idea Dad?" Throttle demanded as he rubbed his back.
"We're goin' on a road trip, just you and me. So, get dressed and packed I want to be outta here in twenty minutes." before Throttle could protest his dad scooted out of the room.
This SUCKS! thought Throttle to himself. He liked spending time with his dad but this was too much. You didn't go on a biker road trip for a couple of days, you went for a couple of weeks and he'd already made plans for the summer. I told Dad about them, he never listens!
Throttle got a quick shower and put on his jeans and a white T-shirt. Then he started to pack stuff in his motorcycle travel bags. He packed a change of clothes, shampoo stuff like that.
"You not ready yet? If you can't pack for a road trip in five minutes then you're packing too much. Let's see what you've got." Throttle's dad said then he did some editing.
"You won't need this... or this.. shampoo? This is a road trip, you're gonna be too busy to worry about how you look!" Throttle winced as his dad took it out of the bag, his hair got really oily after about two days without washing it. He liked his hair to look neat. He watched as his dad took more stuff out including ....
"My Toothbrush?" Throttle protested, that was going too far. Not only would his breath be rancid he'd get cavities. Just then his mother entered the room.
"Tredz why don't you go check over Throttle's bike, it would really make me feel better." She said then yawned.
"O.k, make sure he doesn't put any of that stuff back." he left. His mother handed the toothbrush to Throttle.
"Put that in your jacket pocket and take some toothpaste too." she said. She was wearing her housecoat and her long hair was a tangled mess. Throttle noticed that he'd rarely seen it that way, she was just as obsessed about her hair as Throttle was about his.
"I know you don't want to go sweetheart but your father has been waiting for today since the day you were born." She always knew when he was reluctant to do something or when something was bothering him.
"You'd think if he'd known that long he could have given me more time to get ready." said Throttle. His mother giggled then smiled warmly.
"The first road trip a father takes with his son is very special. It's your coming of age. He's going to teach you to be a responsible biker. You're going to learn how to use your bike in ways you never thought possible."
Throttle felt bad for being reluctant, now that he knew how important it was to his father. Then there was Modo and Vinnie, Throttle's best friends. They'd spent a long time planning a camping trip, now Throttle wasn't going to be able to go. He couldn't just leave without explaining to them but he was pretty sure they wouldn't appreciate a phone call at four in the morning.
"Don't worry Throttle I'll explain to your friends why you disappeared." she knew that Modo was older and had gone with his dad last summer. Vinnie wouldn't be going until this time next year.
"Thanks Mom!" he said and hugged her. He'd always wondered how she knew exactly what he was thinking.
"Now, let's get you some breakfast." she said.

Throttle's mom gave him some cereal. He was eating it when his little bro, Torque came in the kitchen.
"Breakfast this early?" he asked
"Go back to bed it's too early for you to be up." their mother said as she poured a glass of juice for Throttle.
"How come Throttle gets breakfast now and I don't?" he demanded as he sat down at the table ignoring what his mother had told him to do.
"You're not going on a road trip with Dad." she said and handed Throttle his juice.
"Why can't I go? I'll be good, and I'll do everything dad tells me and I won't complain and I won't eat much and........" Torque rambled on and on as he always did. Throttle was quiet, but Torque was the complete opposite of him, even though they looked exactly alike. Torque usually talked in one great big sentence only stopping when he ran out of breath, then he'd continue.
"You can go when you're fifteen." his mother said.
"But that won't be for another......" Torque trailed off as he counted in his head.
"Seven years." Throttle answered for him.
"I can't wait THAT long!" Torque exclaimed and put his head on the table dramatically. His mother rolled her eyes.
"Tough, You'll just have to wait." she said " Now, go back to bed. Or no TV in the morning."
Torque sighed "All right! Bye Throttle. If you get eaten by a saber squid I'm takin' your room."
Throttle stuck his tongue out after him.

At about six they reached the north desert. It was vast, the road was empty except for the occasional passing biker. Throttle and his dad weren't talking much. Tredz said it was because Throttle needed to concentrate on his driving. He only had his bike for a few months and while he could keep up with his dad, he couldn't do anything fancy. The silence gave him time to reflect on his life. It had changed considerably in the past year.
His family had lived in a biker community. There were a bunch of little groups that rivaled with each other, nothing major, just petty squabbling. His family was a member of a group that tried not to get involved in fighting. It didn't work for Throttle, he was beaten up all the time. He was always wearing sunglasses to hide his black eyes. Biker kid's didn't fight fair, they usually ganged up on their victim taunted him/her then mildly beat them, Saving them for more lumps later. It wasn't only rival group members that would beat him up, members of his own group did too. It was no secret that Throttle was smarter than the average mouse. Tredz said all the other kids were just jealous. Throttle had tried to seem more like a biker kid by purposely failing a test at school. His teacher called home wondering what the problem was. His mom was pretty angry, she said he didn't have to change who he was for anyone. Throttle would have agreed if he wasn't getting his face beaten in every day. So Throttle kept living his life like that for a long time, friendless and alone.
But one day it all ended. His mom ran out of milk and instead of her having to go out at night, Throttle said he'd get it. He was halfway to the store when a biker kid named Road Hog got in front of him and wouldn't let him pass. Road Hog was really mean. Everyone was afraid of him, even his gang of followers who thought it was wise to stay on his good side. Throttle wasn't on his good side. He said something to Throttle but he wasn't sure what it was, he could only remember certain parts of the attack. Throttle remembered saying an insulting remark, but again, couldn't remember what it was. Road Hog obviously took offense to it. He attacked Throttle. Tredz always told him to fight back, somehow he managed to punch Road Hog in the face, hard enough to make his nose bleed. Throttle couldn't remember if the rest of his gang attacked him, but he definitely remembered being stabbed. Actually he wasn't stabbed just cut, a deep wound on the side of his stomach, but he was bleeding really heavy. They left him in the alley. All he remembered after they left was the shadows on the ground before he lost consciousness.
He woke up in the hospital late the next day. He was hooked up to all these machines making annoying beeps. He was told he was suffering from shock because of all the blood he lost, he also had several broken ribs, a broken arm and a concussion. A man who happened to be walking through the alley got help. His mom was really upset, he was filled with painkillers and wasn't quite with it but he knew she was crying. He faintly remembered her telling his father that " It's not safe here!" and "I want to leave this cesspool for good!" he obviously agreed because a week after Throttle got out of the hospital they moved to a small suburb in the city of Brimstone. Road Hog and his gang got off the hook because Throttle couldn't remember who was there and who had stabbed him. At least he'd never see them again.
He started school in the fall, he hadn't made any friends over the summer and he didn't want to go. His mother told him to get up the first day in a tone that said 'I'm ready for an argument, so don't bother you won't win!' so he went to school and to his surprise it wasn't that bad! In his first class all the girls asked him a bunch of questions, ' Are you a biker?' 'Did you ride your bike to school?' "Do you have a girlfriend?'. He had no idea why the girls were so enthralled with him at the time, but he later noticed that there weren't many bikers in the town and the girls liked his dangerous appearance. Throttle had never thought his leather jacket and shades looked dangerous but he'd grown up with them.
Before third class Throttle was getting some books in his locker and was having trouble with the lock. He didn't notice the huge jock coming up to him.
"Did you talk to my girlfriend?" he said half startling Throttle.
"I talked to a lot of girls today." Throttle said and went back to his lock hoping the conversation would end there. It didn't.
"She's that girl over there." he said as he pointed at a girl who was looking at him, everyone in the hall was looking at him.
"Melanie? Yeah I talked to her. I didn't know she was your girlfriend and even if I did I still would have talked to her, she's a nice person." Throttle said. Melanie smiled, the jock saw.
"Don't you ever talk to her again Biker Trash!" he said
"Champ please!" pleaded Melanie.
"Why? You don't own her! I'll talk to anyone I feel like, and I don't like being called trash!" Throttle stated and looked Champ right in the face.
"You think you're smart don't ya?" Champ asked coldly.
"I know I'm smart!" said Throttle.
"Well smarty pants, I'll see you in the side alley after school!" Champ said "C'mon Melanie!" Melanie followed and looked sympathetically at Throttle. Everyone in the hall gave him the same look. Throttle had a sinking feeling in his stomach. The first day at a new school and I get into another fight! Before lunch too! How am I gonna explain this to mom? Sigh, it never ends!
He stood by the lockers for a while, suddenly he realized he was alone in the hall and the bell had rung ten minutes ago. When he finally found the class he was about twenty minutes late. The teacher said something about first impressions, but let it go after a girl with black hair told him that he'd never been in the school before and probably got lost. Throttle was thankful but couldn't help thinking what was worse, everyone hating him like at his old school or everyone feeling sorry for him and one guy hating him. What made this guy so tough anyway? He was half the size of Road Hog and Throttle'd managed to hurt him, at least he thought he'd hurt him, the concussion hadn't been good for his memory. He wished the black haired girl had kept her mouth shut, then he would have gotten detention. Maybe Champ would've got tired of waiting ,forgot about him completely and never bothered him again. As If!
He decided to sit alone at lunch, everyone was looking at him with pity and it was driving him nuts! He sat alone at a table resting his head on his palm and poked absentmindedly at his food.
"Hey, Can we sit here?" two guys stood in front of him. They weren't wearing an expression of pity they were smiling.
"It's a free world." Throttle said blankly. The two guys sat down. One was really big, he looked like he could pick Road Hog up with one finger and swing him around over his head. The other guy was a skinny white mouse wearing a stupid looking grin. The other mouse noticed it and smacked his shoulder.
"Hi, I'm Modo and this is Vinnie." the gray mouse said.
"HI!" said the other.
"So where are you from?" Modo asked. Throttle told him.
"My dad's from there too. He says you'd have to knock him out, tie him up and drag him back! No offense." Modo said.
"None taken, I hated living there." Throttle said.
"So, what's your name?" Modo asked. Throttle was surprised he didn't know, everyone was talking about him.
"Throttle." he said.
"Hey! You're the guy Champs gonna kill!" Vinnie said with his mouth full.
"Vinnie!" Modo said embarrassed.
"What? It's true! I don't mean to scare ya but you're dog food!" Vinnie said.
"He doesn't have to fight him! That's what my dear ol' gray furred mama always says."
"You're dear ol' gray furred mama has no idea what it's like to be a kid today!" Vinnie said to Modo then turned to Throttle "Ya gotta show, everyone will think you're a wimp if ya don't, then everyone will pick on ya! Besides how long could you land in the hospital three, four weeks?" That's what Throttle was afraid of. But Vinnie was right if he didn't show he'd be labeled a 'wimp' then he might as well go back to where he came from.
Modo quickly changed the conversation to motorcycles and the three of them talked the whole lunch hour. Later in mechanics class Vinnie and Throttle ended up being partners. Vinnie got kicked out of the class because he wouldn't shut up when the teacher told him to. The day passed really fast and before he knew it he was standing in the alley about ten feet from Champ. The way the fight was set up was weird. All the students crowded behind a nine foot wooden fence, where they couldn't see what was going on. At his old school the kid's would form a ring around the two fighters and usually joined in, creating a huge riot. Throttle found out why Champ was so feared, he held a huge chain in his right hand, an unfair advantage over a weaponless opponent. He started swinging it.
"I'm gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget!" Champ said then lunged at Throttle. Throttle grabbed a stick on the ground with lightning speed and blocked the chain that would have connected with his head. The chain wrapped around it and Throttle yanked back the stick. The chain was pulled from Champ's grasp and Throttle threw it behind him far from Champ's reach. Champ was furious he lunged at Throttle again and punched him in the face. Champ went for another swing but Throttle caught his arm, fell to the ground and backlifted Champ over his body. Champ fell on the ground hard, and was mildly stunned. Throttle used the opportunity to get behind a dumpster for school garbage. Champ wasted no time getting to the opposite side.
"I'm gonna kill you!" Champ roared. Either anger clouded his judgment or he was too stupid to notice the dumpster had wheels. Champ got up on the dumpster and was going to attack Throttle from above. Dumb move! Throttle kicked the dumpster hard, Champ fell into it. Throttle slammed the lid and secured it by shoving the stick into the lock loop. Champ was trapped!
Throttle wheeled the dumpster into the school yard. Everyone cheered when they saw him. He hopped up on the dumpster and knocked on the lid.
"How's the air in there, Champ?" Asked Throttle.
"I don't think so. I'm out here and you're in there. Looks like you're the one who's TRASH! Have a nice evening!" With that the whole school yard started to laugh, Melanie most of all! Throttle decided to get out of there before a teacher found out what he'd done. No doubt Chance would tell, but he doubted they would believe him. He was half way down the street when someone ran up to him, It was the black haired girl.
"Hi, I'm Carbine I stuck up for ya in history." she said
"Yeah I remember, thanks, I'm Throttle."
"That was a pretty clever thing you did back there Throttle, but you're still dead."
"Champ was the school quarterback for the past two years. He's got good grades and all the teachers know him. He's gonna tell them who did this to him And I'd believe the story of a studious quarter back before that of a renegade biker kid!" Carbine said.
"I make good marks too!" Throttle said defensively.
"With that display back there I'm sure you do, but you represent an image people don't trust around here. It's not right but that's the way it is."
"That doesn't matter, if everyone Champ's hurt comes forward against him then I won't be in trouble!" Throttle said, after all they couldn't ignore many accusations could they.
"Would you want the whole football team after you?" Carbine asked
"That's the way Champ ensures he won't get in trouble, he tells his victims that if they squeal he'll sic the football team on em, brutal, but it works!" She said.
"Great." Throttle said dryly.
"Sorry to bring you down from whatever glory trip you were on but you had to be warned."
"I wasn't on a glory trip!" Throttle said.
"You've just humiliated the toughest guy in school and you're a male, you must be on a glory trip! If not then there's something wrong with you." she said and smiled. Throttle smiled too, she was right, he was on a bit of a glory trip.
"This is my street, see ya later!" She ran down the street. Throttle decided he liked her.
"Throttle!" someone hollered. It was Vinnie, he and Modo were running down the street.
"Ya gotta go back to school!" Vinnie said out of breath.
"No way!" exclaimed Throttle, he didn't feel like getting in trouble.
"But ya just gotta! Champ tried to squeal on ya , but a couple of his previous punching bags decided to squeal on him." Modo said.
"But Carbine said...."
"FORGET CARBINE! She's a bossy loudmouth who thinks she knows everything!" Vinnie exclaimed "Ya better get there to defend yourself, the fact that you're hurt and he's not is really gonna help ya!"
"I can't prove he punched me." Throttle said.
"And I suppose your nose just up and decided to pour blood all by itself!" Vinnie said sarcastically. Throttle touched his nose and sure enough he was bleeding.
"DON'T WIPE IT OFF!" Vinnie hollered. "LET'S GO NOW!"
They started to run back up the street. Throttle couldn't decide whether to be happy that he was bleeding and could prove he was just defending himself, or to be mortified that he'd had a conversation with a pretty girl while dripping blood all over the place.
"Hey Throttle, after ya save your tail ya wanna go with Vinnie and me to the arcade?" Modo asked panting.
"Yeah!" Exclaimed Throttle and smiled the biggest smile he had in years.
That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Throttle got off the hook, and Champ got in big trouble. Carbine refused to admit she was wrong and said he was just lucky. After getting to know her Throttle found out what Vinnie meant when he said she was bossy. Bossy in a friendly way though. After a while Throttle, Modo and Vinnie became almost inseparable. Throttle only had one more run in with Champ. One day at the arcade Champ was picking on Modo ruthlessly, Modo was trying to ignore him, Modo could kick Champ's butt with his eyes closed but he didn't want to worry his mother by getting into fights. Champ knew this and wasted no time in taking advantage of it. Throttle was getting angry. Champ clinched it by calling Modo stupid. That did it! Throttle walked right over to him and told him very loudly that he was the one who was stupid and that the only reason his so called 'friends' followed him around like a bunch of puppies was because they thought they'd be cool if they were seen with him. That was impossible though considering he was a mean, controlling jerk. Champ got really angry and tried to beat Throttle up. Throttle broke his perfect nose. Champ left them alone after that. Throttle's mother was upset with him even though he didn't get hurt, she said he provoked Champ into the fight. It was true but Champ was making Modo believe he was stupid. Modo was not stupid. No one made one of his bro's feel bad about themselves and got away with it. It was different when people picked on Throttle, he didn't think there was anything wrong with himself, everyone else was just a bunch of jerks.
They had a lot of fun together, anything or nothing could be fun. Throttle had never had fun doing nothing before he met Vinnie and Modo. He hoped they weren't mad at him for ditchin' them. He'd made other friends but Modo and Vinnie were his bro's. When he thought of it that way he knew they wouldn't . He knew Vinnie would act like he was angry but he wouldn't be. He was having a lot of fun with his dad. He'd taught him how to use the jets on his bike to jump really high. He got thrown off on the first couple of landings, making his dad laugh hysterically. He got the hang of it after a while. Tredz taught him something new every day. Like how to use his guns and the tow ropes. He told him how his bike's artificial intelligence circuits made it just like a person, and he had to treat it right because a biker's bike was his best friend.
They slept in the desert around a fire every night, his dad told him stories about road trips he went on .Tonight he was telling him about the time Throttle's uncle Al and him went to a biker club and Al was trying to get a date.
"He didn't get a date but he got a couple of black eyes!" Tredz said. Throttle laughed. Al was a lot like Vinnie, he acted like he was Mars' gift to women. The women didn't agree. Tredz was about to start another story when engines roared in the distance. The sound kept getting closer and closer until two bikers pulled to a halt in front of them.
"Mind if we join you?" the big one said. His fur was dark brown and he had a big scar starting from the upper left of his forehead and ending just under his chin. The other one was light gray with long white hair. he was skinny and he had a funny looking tattoo on his left arm. Neither of them wore helmets.
"Sure." said Tredz. His expression was hesitant.
"I'm Scar," said the big one " That's Lead. Who are you guys?" The two bikers sat down on the ground.
"I'm Tredz, this is my son Throttle." Tredz said never taking his eyes off them.
"HA! Where we come from women take care of the brats." Scar said.
"Well, that's not the way things are done where we're from." Tredz said simply. Again watching them, Throttle wondered what was wrong. Lead took out a package of smokes and lit one for himself, handed one to Scar who lit his, took a puff.
"Smoke, Brat?" he offered one to Throttle. Throttle opened his mouth to refuse but his father was too quick.
"We don't smoke, and he's not a brat." Tredz replied.
"Let the kid decide for himself." Lead said
"No thanks." said Throttle
"Hmmm, polite little bugger aren't ya? Small too! What kind of wimp are you raisin Tredz?" asked Lead.
"I'm raising a responsible young man, what kind of children are you raising?" Tredz said angrily. He didn't like them insulting his son.
"Like I told you before, women raise the brats, we don't have any anyway." Scar said
Thank Phobos!
Tredz thought. He couldn't imagine several more of these jerks, at least if they had children they wouldn't have anything to do with them. Perhaps their 'women' would raise better kids.
"So where are you guys heading to?" asked Tredz changing the subject.
"Mons." said Lead.
"That far out? Not too much social interaction there." Tredz said.
"Yeah, well that's just fine with us." said Scar. Lead gave him a mean look, as if he'd just spilled a secret. Tredz decided not to ask why, these two were hiding something and if they were who he thought it wouldn't be good.
"Well we just stopped to have dinner, we're hittin the road again. Enjoy the fire guys, let's go Throttle." Throttle got up to leave. Lead grabbed the back of his jacket and pulled him back down. He put a gun to Throttle's head.
"Not so fast Daddy, you're brat's not ready to leave!" Lead said.
"Put the gun down, I'm not goin' anywhere." Tredz said. Lead let Throttle go.
"We need a favor Tredz." Scar said.
"I don't help Terror Riders." Tredz said. Throttle's eyes widened in surprise. Terror Riders?! This was bad. In his old community through all the arguments, however intense they may be, every group agreed on one thing, Terror Riders were dangerous, very dangerous!
"Tough, you don't have a choice, unless you don't mind us killing your brat!" Lead said. He hadn't put down the gun.
"What do you want?" asked Tredz angrily. He didn't like this situation and he didn't know how he was going to get out of it.
"Here's the thing, we stole a whole lot of cash from a bank a couple of towns back, and some bystanders got hurt." Lead started and inhaled his smoke.
"Our sources told us the cops were setting up a road block to get us a few miles ahead. So we need you to tip em off on our whereabouts, We need ya to lie for us." Scar said. "But not yet. We need some time to re fuel at a hideout we have in that mountain over there." he pointed at a mountain range in the distance.
"So you're comin with us, and don't even think about trying anything, cause I'll have my sights set on your brat the whole way." Lead said.
"He's not a brat!" Tredz said furiously.
"I'm the one with the gun, I'm gonna call him whatever I feel like! Now get on your bikes and ride!" Lead said loudly. Tredz and Throttle did what they were told.

It was about a half hours drive to the cave. It was smelly and messy. It reminded Throttle of his room, only he felt safer in it than here.
" We'll wait till sunup then you'll go." Lead said to Tredz. "In the meantime, Scar tie up the brat."
"No deal, my son comes with me!" Tredz said as Scar grabbed Throttle by the arm and hauled him over to a support beam.
" Oh, did I forget to mention that your brat's insurance. Do what we tell ya or you'll never see him alive again!" Lead said as Scar tied Throttle's wrists to the support beam. Tredz growled but didn't argue.

Sunup seemed to take forever to come, Tredz had been gone an hour when Scar said something.
"You're dad's a trusting idiot and a sentimental fool, If you were my brat I would have said ' screw ya' all brats are too much trouble than their worth."
"You're the idiot if you think my dad'll let you get away with this." Throttle said.
"We're gonna get away with it. Cause as soon as he gets back we're killin the both of ya." Scar said putting his face right in Throttle's so he had no choice but to look at him.
"Ya ruined the surprise as always Scar." Said Lead
"I can't help it, I love seeing the terror in their eyes!" Throttle hoped he wasn't giving him that pleasure. He tried to keep the anger on his face instead of fear. It wasn't working, Scar laughed and ruffled his hair.
THIS BITES! I can't die now, I'm not getting beaten up or teased every day, I actually have FRIENDS! Why is it when my life starts to get better someone has to go ruin it?
" He should be back in another half hour." Lead said. " We'll off em then vamoose. I doubt Tredz told the cops what we wanted him to, they'll be a couple of kilometers behind him so we'll have to be quick about it."
"You guys SUCK!" Throttle said. It was all he could think of.
"If I were you I'd start praying for my soul, brat." Scar said.
"What soul? You don't have one! No one who murders with such pleasure could!" Throttle said.
Throttle obeyed, he had no idea why considering they were gonna kill him anyway. He had never been so terrified in his life, and he had a previous near death experience. He vaguely remembered being fourteen years old and bleeding to death in a dark alley, He hadn't been nearly as scared as he was now. Actually he wasn't scared at all, he was sad that his family was going to be traumatized by his death, they didn't deserve that. But other than his family he had nothing to lose. Now he had friends, hopes and dreams. He was happier than he'd ever been in his entire life, and it was all going to end in twenty minutes. Or less.
Tredz walked into the cave.
"Right on time, my man" said Lead lying. "The cops?"
"Headed in the opposite direction. Now, if you would kindly untie my son we'll be on our way."
"Fraid' I can't do that. We're wanted for more than robbery and causing injuries, we're wanted for murder. We don't want to go to prison, so if you two aren't here then no one will find us." Lead said as he pointed a gun at Tredz. Scar was aiming for Throttle.
"That wasn't our agreement! You said if I did what you said I'd get Throttle back alive." Tredz said outraged.
"No, I said you'd see him alive. There he is alive, and in two seconds he'll be dead."
Tredz turned his head and shut his eyes. Throttle shut his too. But instead of the BANG he expected to hear...
"GET DOWN!" screamed Lead. Throttle opened his eyes to see what was going on. A Martian mouse grenade was on the floor. It exploded but instead of blowing everything around it up it leaked yellow gas. The last thing he saw was his father putting on a gas mask before he lost consciousness.

He woke up in the cave, he was untied and his dad was talking to another biker. The police were hauling Scar and Lead away, they weren't awake yet. Were they going to be surprised!
"I think I saw them on Mars' Most Wanted. " the biker said.
"Probably did. Hey, Throttle! How's it feel to be back among the living?" Tredz asked.
"Great!" said Throttle and smiled.
"This is my friend Stoker, I found him on the way to the road block. He threw the grenade."
"Hey, Throttle, the last time I saw you was when you were only as tall as your dad's knee. Ya take after your mom, you don't have your dad's ugly face."
"Ugly eh? I was the one who Storm decided to go to the prom with after she turned you down."
" That's because she wanted an older man. Besides she saw the error of her ways, I was the one she was married to for a year."
"What? You and Storm? Married? Stoker you didn't? You're lying right? You have to be.... C'mon Stoke tell me!"
"See how I got your dad goin', I can teach you that!" Stoker said to Throttle laughing. Tredz started laughing too.
"Thanks Stoke, I don't know what I'd done without you."
"Hey, what are friends for? Y'know besides messin with their heads!"
" What were you doin' way out here anyway?" Tredz asked
"There's been some strange activity goin on out here that the government doesn't want any one to know about." Stoker said. "These aliens called Plutarkians are setting up bases on different planets throughout the galaxy. Seems their Eco- System isn't doing too good so their borrowing from other planets. The government gave them permission because they want to help them, but I heard a couple of horror stories from another planet. Mass destruction and a disregard for life. So a couple of my friends and I took it upon ourselves to keep an eye on them."
"Keep me posted." Tredz said "If those stories are true you'll need some help."
"That'd be great! Throttle could help too once he learns his stuff."
"Yeah!" exclaimed Throttle. That sounded exciting.
"We'll have too see what your mother thinks, young man. When the time comes that is." Tredz said.
" That time will come." said Stoker solemnly.

"You were almost KILLED! Man, I miss out in everything!
"It wasn't fun Vincent!" Throttle said to his friend. He and his two bro's were standing on a bridge over a water filled canal. Throttle had just gotten back from his road trip and he found Modo fishing with Vinnie. Vinnie had been throwing rocks in the water scaring away all of Modo's fish.
"Man, Throttle! Why is your life so hard, It isn't fair!" Modo said angrily No one deserves the kind of life Throttle had, especially Throttle.
"It's not hard anymore bro, it's great! All the hard stuff just makes me appreciate it better now!" Throttle looked at the water below.
"So, how was the camping trip?" he asked.
"We didn't go yet." said Vinnie as he took one of Modo's bait worms out of the can and looked at it.
"Huh?" asked Throttle.
"We decided it'd be no fun without you, so when do you want to go?" Modo asked smiling.
"You guys waited for me?" Throttle asked in disbelief.
"Yeah, without you to keep us out of trouble we'd probably get lost in the woods and get eaten by something. I don't think we should go next week, the forecast calls for rain." Vinnie said as he petted the worm. Modo hauled in his fishing line, he'd caught a fish and took it off the hook.
"Hand me that worm bro." Modo said.
"Not this one he's my friend!" Vinnie said and passed the can up to Modo. Modo sighed and shook his head as Vinnie started baby talking to the worm.
"I can't believe you guys waited for me. I thought you'd be mad at me for ditchin' ya!" Throttle said.
"Mad, as if!" Vinnie said. Modo looked at him. "What? I wasn't mad! That's just how I expressed that I would miss him! We're guy's, we gotta be macho!"
"And talking baby talk to a worm is macho?" asked Throttle.
Vinnie stuck out his tongue at him.
"You better watch it bro! One of us has to drive you home unless you want to walk!" Throttle said.

"Three months bro, then we'll see who gets left behind!" Vinnie said, his fifteenth birthday was in three months and he couldn't wait.

"With that skinny body of yours, you'll take three months just to find a bike the right size. Maybe you could convince one of those Martian circus bears to sell ya his!" Throttle said.

"THAT'S IT!" Vinnie got started to chase Throttle. He caught him and they started to playfully fight all over the bridge.
"Knock it off bro's you're scaring the fish!" Vinnie and Throttle grabbed Modo and dragged him into the fight. Modo picked them up by their shirt collars and tossed them over the bridge. Throttle resurfaced and spit out water.
"That really scared your fish!" Throttle hollered. He and Vinnie started laughing. Modo jumped down with them and they started splashing one another. Life was great!

The end