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We don't own the Biker Mice or Ranma 1/2, we don't get no cash for this thing either. This fic contains brief moments of shirtless females. If you are bothered by a man changing into a woman and back repeatedly, or a woman turning into a duck, don't read on. Although we find it hard to not find turning our Macho mice into pigs and pandas, we understand that there are some people that have no humor, so now that we are done with the disclaimer. ON WITH THE CHAOS!



Inferno and Jentina

copyright 1998

"All right you wimp, are we gonna fight or not??" Vennie shoved Throttle back as he yelled for the fight to get going. Vennie had dissed Carbine and Throttle was not to pleased. He had chewed Vennie out and now it was fight or tuck your tail.

"I don't have time for this, Vennie, go admire that gruesome mug of yours in the mirror and leave me and Carbine be you egotistic dolt." Throttle turned to Carbine. "Ready to go?" Throttle and Carbine were about to leave for a nice relaxing trip to the Second Moon Resort along with Modo and Lisbeth when Vennie had shouted out the rude remark.

Carbine nodded and got behind Throttle on his bike. "Any time." Modo and Lis had already been waiting for the past few minutes, waiting for all this to blow over or just stop. The two couples roared off down the road on there way to the resort, leaving Vennie behind shaking his fist.

"You won't get away that easily!!" Vennie, being very, very small when it came to brains, tried to figure out a way to get back at Throttle for yelling at him and then, as far as he was concerned, running away from the fight.

While Vennie was still shaking his fist at what was now nothing to be seen, a little girl walked around the corner and tugged on his tail. "Hey Mr. What ya doing?"

"Huh? Oh, Hi Jentina. What do you want?" Vennie kneeled and rustled her blue hair.

"I thought I heard some one yelling, is everything ok?"

Vennie smiled at how naïve the little girl was. "Sure, everything is fine. Unless you count the fact that I have a score to settle with Throttle. You wouldn't happen to know how I could follow them do you? My bike is totaled."

Jentina thinks for a moment. "hmm. Well, you could always walk."

The thought hit Vennie like meteor from outer Plutark. "Your right! Thanks Jen!"

"No prob Mr. Vennie Van Wham." The little girl smiles and waves farewell to him as he runs off to pack his stuff.

"Does he suspect a thing?" Inferno poked her head around the corner.

Jentina kept waving and smiling, responding threw her teeth, "not a thing."

After packing his back pack, he grabbed an umbrella just incase it rained, witch was not such a rare thing now a days on Mars. He strapped it to the top of his back pack and walked outside, following the road to the Second Moon Resort.

*~*~* Meanwhile at the Second Moon Resort..*~*~*

Throttle sat on the cliff side, over looking the Jusankio Lakes. All he had on was a pair of swim trunks, he patted down on the ground next to him invitingly to Carbine. "Come, sit with me."

Carbine took the invitation and sat down next to him. Resting her head on his shoulder she looked down at the lakes. "I can't believe Vennie was that rude for no reason."

Throttle shrugged, "He has been really edgy ever sense we left Chicago. I guess he misses Charlie." He puts one arm around Carbine's shoulders and sighs.

All of a sudden and without warning, Stoker came bounding out of the woods and skid to a stop behind Throttle and Carbine, "Hey there you two love birds!!"

Throttle jumped and turned around, standing on the very edge of the cliffs, looking at Stoker. "Oh, it's you." He puts one hand on his hip. "What do you want old man?"

"Old man?" Stoker pokes Throttle in the chest and makes him loose his balance.

Throttle flails his arms like he was trying to swim in the air before he fell back words off the cliffs and down towards the water. "AHHHH!!"


Throttle popped his head up and gasped for air before he went back under water, unable to swim. "Hel..glub..lp!!"

Carbine glared at Stoker. "Dummy! He can't swim!" She turned and dived off the cliff and down towards Throttle.


Throttle went under again but Carbine grabbed onto his arm and started to pull him up and toward the shore. After reaching the shallow water, she stopped and just sat there with Throttle, resting and catching there breaths.

Throttle reached up and felt over his eyes, "Oh No! My glasses! They must be in the water some where!"

Carbine knew that he couldn't see with out his glasses so she took a deep breath and dove back under to search for them. Carbine began to feel strange and when she surfaced with the glasses she realized that they weren't in her hand but in her....beak?? She looked at Throttle and gasped.

Throttle looked down at him self and yelped, he covered him self up, now blushing madly. "I knew these lakes were said to be cursed but I never believed it!" He smacked one hand over his mouth at the sound of a female voice.

Stoker hopped down the side of the cliff and walked over to the beautiful woman, (Throttle) sitting in the shallow water of the lake. "Well now, hello there. Would you like some company?"

Throttle glared at him. "Back of old man! Look what you did to me!!" Throttle stood up, not covering his top half and shoved Stoker into the water.

When Stoker surfaced, he looked around and came face to face with a duck laughing like mad. When he tried to talk, he realized that nothing but grumbles and gruff noises came out. What the hell is so funny?? He stood up and walked out of the water, when he looked down at him self, he practically fell back in shock. Where is my body?!? And what is this PANDA doing in it's place?!?

To Be Continued....