Best Friends

By Illah Westwood

January 12th, 2000

Copyright 2000 Illah Westwood, all rights reserved

Music. Sweet tones of music he knows she likes. He hears it when he walks up the stairs, to her room.
He's about to knock, when he hears a voice say:

"Come in Romeo..."

"How'd you know?" Romeo asks when he walks into the room.

"I smelled you..."

Angie sits on her bed, listening to a balad on the radio, her back turned to Romeo.

"I can't believe that music." Romeo says to his best friend.

"It's junk! It will only depress you."

Angie raises her shoulders.

"If you don't like it, change the station."

Romeo turns off the radio. He walks to a chair by the window, and sits on it. He looks at Angie. Grey fur and black hair with dark grey streaks, nothing unusual there, but her eyes, blue and always sparkeling, are beautyful. It's a shame they can't see.

"How have you been lately?" Romeo asks, just to have something to talk about.

"You haven't rang me in weeks!" Angie says accusatory, ignoring Romeo's question.

"I was busy helping my sister!"

"With what?" Angie asks.

"She's found a nymph."

Angie raises an eyebrow.



"So, how have you been?"

Angie's face expression says it all.

"It's no fair!"

Angie lowers her head and shrugs her shoulders. Romeo sits next to her, and places a comferting arm on them.

"Ange... You know it's not your fault. It was nobody's fault. And besides, I know a lot of people who are blind, and you're not one of them."

Angie laughs.

"Where have you read that?"

Romeo is glad Angie can't see his face expression.

"In a book..."

Angie smiles.

"Turn your face to me."

Her fingers gently touches his face, and he knows she's looking at him. Angie smiles when her fingers touches Romeo's chin.

"Do I feel a stubby beard?"

Romeo's white fur turns red.

"Haven't shaved this morning... Sorry."

When Angie finishes looking, they sit there for a while, without saying a word. Angie's phone breaks the silence. Angie stands up and walks to the little cabinet where her phone stands on, in one straight line. She touches the wood and finds her phone. Her black haired, brown eyed friend waits untill she's finished.

"That was Breeze, who's Blossom?"

"Damn! I was supposed to watch her today, 'cause Breeze was gone in the afternoon."

"Who's Blossom?" Angie repeats.

"That nymph I told you about.. Do you mind if I go now?"

"Not at all! I know Breeze. When she's mad, she's mad!"

Romeo smiles at his best friend.

"Thanks! Bye!"

Angie says goodbye to Romeo, and hears him running downstairs.

"If his head wasn't attachet to his body, he'd forget it..." She says to herself.