I am in no way at all making any money off of this story. This story is for the reading pleasure of all the Biker Mice from Mars fans such as myself.

Bath Time!!!!!!!!!!!

(By: N-E-K Givan Jan.29, 1998)

Copyright 1998 N-E-K

7:30 P.M

Scene 1: Last Chance Garage

(The setting starts as the moon shines bright in the sky over the garage. Inside the guys lay restless, for nothing dangerous is happening. Charley decides to take a shower, Throttle and Modo decide to take a nap to wear away the bordom while Vinnie is up to his tricks. Maula is inside of her room.)
Vinnie(thinking to himself while he sneaks up to the bathroom door): Man oh man, this is the chance I've been waiting for, to scare Charley out of her mind, since there's nothing ELSE to do.

(Inside the bathroom Charley is in the shower. She realizes that she forgot to lock the door, but decided to leave it open. She heard someone snickering outside the door. She knew that it was only Vinnie trying to sneak a peek of her showering. )
Charley(thinking): Well Mr. Van Wham, I have a little trick of my own. You don't know that I can get dressed with the quickest.

(She quickly jumped out of the shower but left the water running to fool him. She then quickly dried off and got dressed. She was ready to spoil his surprise.)
Vinnie: Oh man, this is going to be fun!!!!

(He opens up the door and is disappointed that Charley was waiting fully dressed and holding some towels and robes signaling to Vinnie that he and the others were in deseprate need of baths.)
Vinnie(mad): Ah sweetheart, you ruined my fun!!!(sulking): Your no fun!!!!
Charley: Well sorry Vin if I wouldn't allow you to turn my shower into a peep show, but YOU need one and so do the others, BADLY!!!!!!! Don't take it as an insult.

(She then hands Vinnie the towels and tells him to hand them out to Throttle and Modo downstairs so after him they can also take baths.)
Charley: Now go give them to the guys and come back up and take your bath.
Vinnie: But Charley, they're sleep!!!! They'll kill me if I wake them up!!!
Charley: Better kill you with bare hands than with bare funk!
Vinnie(protesting): Back on Mars, we sometimes went months without baths or showers.
Charley(pushing him to the stairs): Well Vincent your not on Mars and you have the the chance to shower everyday, now GO!!

(She then pushes Vinnie down two steps. He looks back at her with the saddest look and heads into the livingroom to wake up Modo and Throttle only to find out that they have just awaken. They notice that she is holding more than one towel so they already know what is going to happen.)
Throttle: Uh oh, Charley girl is trying to tell something bros.
Modo(rubbing his eyes): Yep, she thinks we stink.
Throttle(sniffing armpits): Weeeeew, yeah, well I know I need one.
Modo: I hate baths. Whenever I take one, it makes my fur all fuzzy and clean. I like the grunge look. I remember when we were on Mars, we didn't take a shower until there was one available, and that would be every month or three.
Vinnie: Well, all I have to say to you two is that if you tell her that, she'll throw you in there herself, and she may even strip you of your clothes. Luckily I have to take mine first.
Throttle and Modo: AH HA!!!!! (They both laugh out loud.)

(Charley heard the guys laughing downstairs, and so did Maula. She decided to come out the room and see what was going on. She then bumped into Charley)
Maula: I wonder what they are laughing at?
Charley(sure): Probably at Vinnie, since he has to take a bath first.
Maula: YEah, well he needs it. Its not good for a mouse with snow white fur to look like he is as gray as Modo.
(They both begin to laugh themselves and the guys hear them laughing now.)

Modo: Hahaha, they're laughing at you Vin!!!
Vinnie(stripping of his clothes and putting on the robe): Funny!

(He heads back upstairs and sees the two ladies laughing they're hearts out.)
Vinnie: Whats so funny? (He thrashes his tail very hard)
Maula(taking notice): OOOOOhhhh Vinnie, careful the way you thrash that thing, people may see something that they are not suppose to!!!
(They laugh to the top of their lungs at Vinnie)

Vinnie: Everyone's a comedian around here.

(He then runs into the bathroom and hops in the already running hot water. He then starts to sing.)

Vinnie(singing): "Splish splash I was taking a bath, all around a, a....................................Hey Charley?
Charley(laughing even harder): Yeah Vin?
Vinnie: Whats today?