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The Arcade Trilogy


"Basic Black Jack"

By Arcade

Writen 10th October 1999

Copyright 1999 Arcade, all rights reserved.


BLACK JACK : Yeah, I've called myself allot of names in my life. I've had to. That's just the way things work when you're a man on the run. Sure it ain't pretty, sure it's a real bust. But hay, such is life. When you start to grow up, you then begin to realize the sad, but true fact, that the world isn't exactly YOUR playground. When you're a weak, spineless little nobody, everything seems so big, so huge, and so terrifying. You see the big kids, pushing around the little kids and suddenly...... the past suddenly seems like a paradise, a dream, a forgotten memory. Nothing but a story.

But this is the story, of how I got a brand, new name. And how the running stopped. And how I made my memory, a reality, once more..........

November, 1973, 11:34 pm

Somewhere, in the northern area of Argentina.....

The warden of the Pena Duro Prison looked out the window at the stormy night sky. Rain fell down in thunderous waves onto the ground below. The jungle seemed to love it. The inhabitants of the prison however, could have done without it. At least for a few more weeks. For the past five days, it had done nothing but rain. The river just south of the prison was starting to overflow. That was just what the warden needed.

The warden sighed, as he leaned back in his chair, and tapped his pencil on the desk. Three more years of this, and he could retire. No more smelly prisoners, no more rotting concrete walls, and no more jungle rain. he would be free, free of it all, and he could have the chance to go back to Buenos Aires, and be a judge. He closed his eyes, as he thought about life in the big city. Easy life. No more jungle. He sighed and spoke something in his language as he drifted of to his fantasy world.


The warden said something rather unpleasant, and leaned back over his desk. He punched the little red button, that was connected to the intercom.

"What!" He shouted. "I was in the middle of some important paper work?!"

"Sir." The guards voice floated back over the intercom. "We've got a newbie." The warden grumbled, and got up.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." He muttered. He switched of the intercom and hurried over to the door. Stupid prisoners, why did they have to come in now. Cursing the new prisoner that had disturbed him, he hurried down the torch lit corridors of the old, ancient prison. That prisoner was going to pay.

The warden finally came down to the holding room, and he opened the door, and went in. The guards stood back to let him though. The warden stood, starring at their new arrival.

"This, is it?!" He said, pointing at the figure in the chair. "They send me a child!" The warden glared at the boy sitting on the chair.

He looked to be about five years old. He had long black hair, that went down to his shoulders. His skin was fairly light, and his wrists and ankles were chained together. His eyes were blue, and he was wearing a dark gray prison uniform.

"Is this some sort of JOKE!!!" The warden demanded. "What has our little amego done?!" The captain of the guards stepped forward.

"This is Demian Scarlett, age five years old. sentenced to life in prison at Pena Duro Maximum Penitentiary Prison. On the charges of one account of murder of the first degree." The warden smiled slyly.

"So." He said, looking at the child. "We have a wild one eh?" He then walked up the to child and looked down at him. Suddenly, without warning, he kicked the kid in the stomach.

"Oofffffhhh!!" The child cried out as he fell of the chair, and landed on the hard cement ground. The guards laughed at his treatment.

"I am warden Antonio Diego. I am your god. You can not do anything, without asking me first. You can't eat, sleep, breath, or go potty, without asking me first. You can forget about human rights of prisoners, because from now on, you no longer exist, you were never born, and you aren't even real. You are mine now." The child made no noise. "Got it?" The warden asked. No reply. He then rolled the child over, and stomped his foot down hard on his back. "GOT IT??!!" He cried out once more. The child screamed with pain. He waited for a while.

"Y-yes." The child stammered. The warden smiled.

"Take him away." He said. The guards grabbed the kid, and dragged him of to parts unknown. The warden went back to his office, felling pretty good with himself. He smiled, as he opened the door, and sat back down in the comfort of his office. That felt really good. He gave a small chuckle, as he leaned back in his chair. In fact, he was rather pleased that new prisoner had come along.

Meanwhile, deep within the bowls of the prison, the young child sits on his cell bed. Across the other side of the cell room, is a huge man, who has just given the kid a good pounding, to teach him about the rules, his rules. As the child sits there, he begins to plan. He realizes, that in order to make it in the real world, he has to be strong. One of the reasons he is now in jail. He was weak. But now, he knows the error of his ways. He was strong enough to kill that man, when he refused to give him his wallet, but he was weak in out running the law. He wasn't strong enough. He had to be stronger.


Demian Scarlett now of age twenty-one, sat on his cell bed, doing weights. He was now pumped up to the extreme. No prisoners messed with him now. Not ever, since that day, five years ago, when his original cell mate pushed him a little too far, and he broke his skull open over the rocks. He was the top dog in the prison.

He had borrowed many books from the prison library, ones that hadn't been moth eaten yet, and read up about the outside world. His cell was pilled high with books. He wanted to learn, all this is to learn. Even though he wouldn't be allowed out till he was old and grey, he was planning. planning to leave this dump, forever, and peruse his career on the North American continent. He would be at home there. Crime, drugs, and violence. He smiled slyly. America. What a place.

Just then, his train of thought was interrupted buy the sound of the huge iron door at the prison halls far end opening.

"Right in here gentleman." He heard the warden say. "I've got the perfect specimen for the job." Scarlett didn't like the way 'specimen' sounded. Especially coming from the warden. However, as the warden kept yapping about 'the perfect man' Demian just closed his eyes, and swore. Even as the sound of the foot steps got closer to his cell, deep down inside, he knew who the winner would be.

"And here he is gentleman." The warden said, pointing at Scarlett's cell. Demian just shock his head. Bingo, he thought to himself. Demian raised his head, so that he could get a good look at WHO, the warden had brought along with him..
Two scientist, and a man wearing what looked like a Soviet Union generals uniform. The two men in lab coats talked to one another.

"He looks pumped up enough. But I don't understand why we just couldn't get a weakling." The general said to the two scientists.

"General Scaramanga!" One with black hair said. "You've seen what the VENOM formula can do to a weakling, just think of what it could do to someone like this!" He pointed his clip board at Demian. The other scientist, one with red hair turned to the warden.

"We'll take him." They said. The warden's eyes, and smile, went wide, and Demian almost expected dollar signs to suddenly pop up.

"Excellent choice gentlemen." He said, as the guard unlocked the cell door. "Excellent choice indeed." The two guards pointed their rifles at Demian, and motioned for him to get up. putting down the dumb bell, he slowly got up, and walked out of the cell, for nearly sixteen years, had been his only home.

Two Days Later......

Demian's cell door was suddenly yanked open, and four guards came in, and pulled him to his feet.

"Come, now." One said, as the four guards, armed with Uzi's pushed Demian down the dark corridors of the abandoned fortress. It seems that his owners, had been doing some research into genetic engineering, and wanted to use Demian as their show of toy.

They pushed him into a big room, full of computers, medical equipment, and of course, the old Frankinstine Lab Table. Complete with straps and a moveable stand. Just behind the table, was a huge mirror, who the general was talking too. The guards then placed Demian on the table, and strapped him down. Then, they vanished into the dark corners of the room. Four shady looking doctors suddenly surrounded him, all wearing medical masks. What they were preparing him for, he had no idea.

The four men then began to stick him with all sorts of needles, and putting at least six different tubes into his arms. He wasn't really scared, only when they brought out the barrel marked with a skull and cross bones, did he even remotely start to worry.

"Gentlemen!" The general said to the mirror. "What you shall witness here tonight, will be a breakthrough in genetically altered soldiers. We'll see the new breed of worriers in our armies. A new and improved, super soldier."

The scientist began to attach some of the tubes to the barrel marked with the death sign. They began to turn some knobs, and twist some dials, and flick some switches, and finally, type a few commands at a computer near by. The head scientist flashed the general the thumbs up. The general smiled, as the head scientist reached up to pull a lever.

"Time to scream." He said. The man pulled the lever. Suddenly, an enormous pain shot straight thought Demians body. And, just as promised, he screamed. And screamed. And screamed. He felt as if someone were pulling apart his muscles. Like they were being stretched like an elastic band. His body compulsed, and he writhed on the table. He was in so much pain, that he didn't even notice the strange occurrences to his body.

His chest was beginning to enlarge noticeably. His neck was thickening, his forearms growing to massive proportions, and his calf muscles were bulging. Also, he was growing in height.

"Behold!" The general said to the mirror. "For those who cant see, the computer readouts say that our volunteers muscle tissue volume and mass, have increased tenfold." Demian didn't catch a word the general had spoken, for the pain was too much for him to bear. He began to struggle, he started to tug on the straps that held him to the table.

"Look out!" On man cried out. "He's breaking lose. STOP HIM!!!" Demian didn't need to be told twice. With one mighty roar, he ripped free of the bonds, and sat straight up. The first thing he noticed was that he was larger, both in width, and height. He flexed his newly born muscles, before spotting the guards rushing at him.

"Just stun him." A man's voice cried out. "But don't kill him!" Demian smiled. The first guard to grab his arm, was suddenly herald across the room, were he slammed into a row of test tubes. The other two, he smashed them in the face, and they were sent flying into the mirror. It smashed into a thousand pieces. Deiman couldn't see who was behind it, just allot of darkened outlines. A fourth guard managed to pull out his stun rod, and jammed it into Demian's stomach. Surprisingly, it didn't even tingle. He grabbed the stun rod, and it literally crumbled in his hands. The guard backed off a few steps, and Demian reached for him, grabbed him by the collar, and hurled him out the nearest window.

"My goodness." Demian turned to see the four scientist backing up against the far wall. He smiled at their puny forms. He took this time to give himself a good look over. He now stood at 9.1 His frame was massive. He was now bigger, stronger, and able to do things his way.

"Free at last!" He cried out, as he pulled back his fist, and smashed though the stone wall like cardboard. Then, he leapt from the hole in the wall, and jumped sixty feet, into the river, flowing below. With a thunderous splash, Demian hit the waters surface like a bolder. The river was thirty feet deep, so he wasn't that badly hurt. The river was flowing rapidly down stream, and all Demian could do, was float with the current.

Suddenly, of to the right, he saw two eyes, staring at him. An alligator. It lunged for him. Demian grabbed it, and tossed it aside. He was amazed he could have even done that. It looked to weigh five tons. It swam back for more, jaws wide, ready to bite. Reaching out with both hands, he clamped it's jaws shut, then, with one mighty twist, he ripped it's snout right off. He watched as the dead creature slowly sank into the river. Demian smiled. He was definitely going to the United States. Now, he had the muscle to do so.

October 12th 1999, New York

Crime Central

In this little hide away, lives probably the most powerful man on the planet. He pulled of his first crime at age twelve. Ever since then, he has never looked back. He has engaged himself in body-building, personal combat training, and Japanese Sumo training. All these combined have created a sturdy figure. In short, it was done all in order to bulk his body to massive proportions. Now, he can truly take on any man, or woman at any game, for he is, Wilson Fisk. Better known to the Underworld, as the "Kingpin of Crime."

Hardly any activity is going on in the central nervous system for nearly all the crime on the entire planet. A few guards can be seen, sanding around, waiting for their shifts to end. The whole of Crime Central is one huge snooze for this particular time of day. At one corner of the room, sits a rather odd creature, working on a computer. His name is Herbert Landon. Long ago, he was an associate of Hennry McCoy, more widely known to the world, as X-Men member, "The Beast." He hated all mutants, and vowed to destroy them all. Then, along came the Kingpin, and he offered Landon the chance to destroy all mutants. Of course, he wanted Landon to make him an army of Super-Mutants, but why tell him that was impossible.

Instead, he agreed to do so, because, how would the Kingpin know if he was double-crossing him? That idiot, the Hobgoblin, found out, and threatened to tell, if Landon didn't pay up, big time. Then Spider-man interfered, and then, he had the X-Men to worry about, and finally, all hell broke lose, and Landon was forever scared. McCoy had ended up saving his life, but at what cost?

Landon drew his claw like fingers of his right hand, down his mutated face. Now he was split right down the middle. Half human, half mutant. He'd become what he hated most. But still, there are an infinite amount of tomorrow's to try and find a cure. One of these days, he would.

Suddenly, the elevator platform light came on, letting everyone know, that someone was arriving. The Kingpin. The platform carrying the infamous crime lord came up in the center of the room, and stopped with a jolt. The Kingpin walked off the platform and towards his desk. Once he reached it, he sat down, and growled.

"LANDON!?" He cried out. No sooner had he yelled out the man's name, when Herbert Landon turned around, got up, and walked over to the desk at which the Kingpin sat.

"You called, sir?" He said in his thick, British accent. The Kingpin didn't bother to answer him back politely.

"Landon." He said. "I now have a major problem on my hands."

"No surprise in that." Landon said under his breath.

"I'll ignore that crack, just this once." The Kingpin said, as he turned to his computer. "It appears that I now have a problem that I thought was finally over and done with." He typed in a few commands, and a picture appeared up on the main screen. "It would seem, that I have lost my foot hold in the city of Chicago. " Landon was now beside him. "My criminal rival in that sector, one Lawrence Limburger, has managed to snuff out my operations.." Landon stared at the picture before him. It was of the most ugliest man he'd ever seen. He was fat, bloated, and had only four fingers on each hand. "This is now my new enemy, since Spider-man is no were to be seen."

Unknown to the Kingpin, Spider-man is of fighting in the Secret Wars. If you've seen the cartoon series, you'll known what I'm talking about.

"Then what are you going to do?" Landon said. The Kingpin spun his chair around to a phone.

"I'm going to make a phone call." He said with a smile on his face.

"To whom?" Landon asked. "In case you've forgotten, ever since that incident with Electro and the Red Skull, the Insidious Six has disbanded, and gone underground." The Kingpin smiled.

"Not all have deserted their leader." He said, picking up the phone. "I still have contacts with two of the Insidious Six members, after all, it was I who created them." He picked up the phone and began to dial.

"And you think, that these two, will help you snuff out Lawrence Limburger?" Landon asked. Kingpin didn't smile.

"Think? I know they will!" He said.

Gotham City, 7:56 pm

Wayne Manor

Beneath this old, and sturdy mansion, lies perhaps one of the worlds best kept secrets. "The Batcave." In it, is one of the most highly developed crime preventing computers in the world. Next to S.H.I.L.E.D. But anyway, it's within these caverns that one man stands between order and chaos in Gotham City. His name, Bruce Wayne, but when the night falls, he becomes the man known as "The Batman."

Bruce Wayne sits in front of the Bat Computer, with his mask pulled back, reading the information on the screen in front of him. He has sworn to protect this city from all forms of evil. Ever since his parents were murdered right in front of him. He stared right down the barrel of the thugs gun. His parents, lying dead on the ground beside him. That night, something changed him. In that moment, he grew up. He became a hero. He became the man. The Batman.

The sudden echo of foot steps brought him out of the trance he was in, of reading the screen. He turned his head slightly to the left, to see Alfred, his ever fateful butler, and his best friend. He was carrying a tray full of scons.

"No food, no sleep, for how many days now?" Alfred asked. Bruce was not amused.

"Just doing my job Alfred." Bruce said, as he brought up some more files.

"And I'm just doing mine master Bruce, if you don't have something to eat, sir.....I'm afraid I'll be forced to resign." Bruce didn't even move. He was used to Alfred's mock threats. "After all, how will it look on my resume when you starve to death?" Bruce didn't even look away for a fraction of a second.

"I'm fine." Was all that came out. Alfred now stood behind the Dark Knight.

"Of course you are. A happy, well adjusted young man, with a slight penchant for masks and tights and insane risks. Just doing your job, indeed! If I didn't know you better, sir, I'd swear that you were either a fool..." He paused in order to catch Bruce's attention. "...Or mad." Bruce just licked his dry lips.

"Or maybe both." Came the only reply. Alfred was beat. Or at least, he pretended to be.

"Sigh. I suppose you can't help yourself, can you? Although I do know an excellent psychiatrist who----" He thought for a moment. "No, I wouldn't want that. He'd probably just have you committed, and then I'd really be out of a job." Bruce didn't even bat an eyelid. Then, he reached out, and took one of the scons of the plate, and began to munch on it. Behind him, Alfred smiled.

"Enjoy the scon sir." He said. Bruce didn't hear what he had to say. For the past week, Batman had been on his toes, fighting the Joker. His latest breakout from Arkham Asylum had resulted in a week long struggle, as the Batman had tried to keep up with the deranged lunatic, but somehow, the Joker was managing to keep two steps ahead of the Dark Knight. This was not good.

"--Following the explosion at the Gotham Chemical Plant last night, Authorities have linked the cause of the disaster to the criminal mad man, known as the Joker. This explosion is but many in a sires of attacks that have accrued though out the week. Although the Joker has not actually surfaced yet, Police Commissioner Gorden has reason to believe that these attacks may only be the warm up for the grand finally. As the death toll from this reign of terror steadily rises, the Commissioner stated that people should try to stay calm, and not to panic." Bruce turned on the mute. icon on the computer screen, and the reporter continued her report, in silence.

"You really seem to have your hands full." Alfred said.

"You don't know the half of it, old friend." Bruce said. He brought up some newspaper clippings from a newspaper in L.A. "I thought I only had problems with the Joker, but now, it would appear that I might soon, have even more trouble." The clippings headlines read----

"Masked man terrorizes L.A." Alfred read allowed. The picture underneath showed a mystery figure, partly blurred because of the movement, but all to formula. "My god." Alfred said. "Is that---?"

"Bane?" Bruce cut him of. "No, that's what I thought at first, but the nature of the attacks, they don't fit the pattern of Bane's. Normally, I wouldn't care about such things, but what really concerns me is that this new villain, uses VENOM too." He closed down the main clipping and brought up several others, all on the attacks by the mystery masked man. "One thing Bane is famous with, is VENOM." Bruce said. "If this Bane wanna be wants to replace the old model, he may come gunning for the Batman, the same way Bane did, and what I don't need right now, is both this guy, and the Joker, to worry about. The death toll is already to high. I don't want it even higher."

"So what do you intend to do, sir?"

"Well, the last reports of this new guy, have stated that he has been spotted in Chicago. The last report, is only two days old."

"So the trail is still fresh?"

"Maybe." Bruce said. "But we can't ignore any possible leads." He pressed a few buttons, and activated the phone. "I'll call Tim." Bruce said. "He's been dying to go to Chicago."

Chicago 8:34 am

The Last Chance Garage

The morning rose up over the city, to announce to the world, that a new day had begun. As it came up, it's bright golden glow, spilled out over the city, reaching the highest buildings first, then striking the shorter, smaller ones below. One of those being, the Last Chance Garage.

Charlene "Charley" Davids, yawned as she walked down the stairs towards the kitchen. She had a normal job, and owned a normal business. She wasn't married, and for a single woman, she lived a pretty normal life.

Yeah, right!

As she came to the bottom of the stairs, she heard a voice, coming from somewhere in the kitchen.

"Morn'n Charley girl." She knew the voice from anywhere.

"Morning Vinnie." She said, to the giant, white furred mouse, with antenna and biker clothes. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and got a better look at Vinnie, and what he was eating. "Yuch!" She cried out.

"What!?" Vinnie asked innocently. "What's wrong?" Charley just shock her head.

"How can you call a hot dog, a breakfast food?" Vinnie smiled.

"Easy." He said. "Hot dogs are a breakfast food." He grinned at her. "There, I just called Hot Dogs a breakfast food." Charley just shock her head.

"I knew I should have taken my mothers advice, and become an engineer." She said, as she watched Vinnie consume an entire plate of Hog Dogs in ten seconds. Vinnie then belched rather loudly, and wiped his mouth free of bread crumbs.

"You really don't mean that sweat hart." He said. "You can't stand to be away from me for long."

"Wanna make a bet?" She said. Vinnie leaned back in the chair.

"Yeah." He said. "I'm so cool, so great, and so studly, that you must drool over me in your sleep." Charley made a face. But then, she had an idea.

"So." She said, walking over to him, with a sly look on her face. "You think that your pretty assume?"

"Sweet hart, I don't have to think, I know."

"No surprise in that." She said under her breath. "But the point is, you KNOW that your invincible, and that no one can beat you at anything?" Vinne's ego was going into overload.

"Really?" He said. "Then if you believe that, then I must be pretty cool. I've never been defeated yet." Charley leaned closer to him, and whispered into his ear.

"That's because you've never been attacked by me." She had the biggest smile you'd ever seen.

"Huh?" Was all Vinnie managed to get out, before Charley stuck her fingers under his ribs, and began to tickle him. He was taken so much by surprise, and laughing so hard, that he fell of the chair, and landed on his face. "OW!" He cried out, as he rubbed his check. Charley smiled.

"Serves you right." She said, and walked into the kitchen, to get some proper breakfast.

"Touchy." Vinnie said, getting back onto his seat.

"Where's Throttle, and Modo?" Charley called out from the kitchen.

"Throttle and Modo went to pick up some MacDonalds for breakfast." Vinnie said, as he open the small Eski beside him, and took out another can of Root Bear. "They shouldn't be long." And as on queue, the sound of motorcycles suddenly filled the garage.

"Vinnie, were home." Modo called out, as he and Throttle both walked into the living room.

"Oh, hay Charley girl." Vinnie heard Throttle say, as he walked into the living room via the kitchen.

"So." Modo said, once all three mice were on the sofa, eating breakfast. "What's the agenda for today?" Vinnie pulled out a small note pad from his pocket.

"Lets see....." He aid, flipping though it's pages. "Eat, eat, eat, go for a ride, lunch, bet up some goons, ride some more, rock to sweet Gorgey-Brown, trash Limburger tower, watch ball game, dinner." Vinne closed the note pad and put it back in his pocket.

"We've got ourselves a busy day." Throttle said, putting his hands behind his head, and stretching.

"Then lets get started." Modo said, heading for the door.

Limburger Towers, 10:01 am

In the main penthouse of the building, was the most highly dispiesed man, or fish, of the Biker Mice. Lawrence Limburger. He stood facing the window, looking out over at the city of Chicago, which should have been all sent to Plutark by now. However, thanks to three, rather annoying problems, the city still stood.

Just then, the door to his office was opened rather violently, as a rather huge man entered the room. He wore a rather lose tank top, with oversized baggy pants, and a rather ridicules looking red cap. However, the most distinguishing feature about him, was the fact that he was dripping with oil. Enter Grease Pit. However, this under paid lacky of Limburger, lacks more brains than Gold Fish, (who have a memory span of one minute.) And as a result, he slipped on his own mess, and was sent, sliding into the main desk, were he slammed, rather painfully into it, face first. The papers he was carrying floated down all around him.

"Dauh, sorry boss." Grease Pit apologized. Limburger wasn't in the mood.

"Grease Pit, my dear boy." He said. "I take it you came oozing in here with something to tell me?" Limburger said, trying not to blow his top. The lackey gave him a confused look.

"Huh?" He said. Then he looked at the papers in his hand. "Oh yeah." He shoved them into Limburgers face, splashing him with oil. "Yeah's I did. It seems dat yours goons have successfully --uhh---" He stared back at the papers. "Oh yeah, have taken care of dah last of all dah udher criminal gangs in dah city." Limburger studied the hand outs.

"My my, I'm impressed that you not only were able to accomplish this task, but you actually managed to say that whole sentence."

"Aww gee, tanks boss." Grease Pit said. Limburger ignored him.

"With all the other criminal gangs out of Chicago, my empire will rule this city alone. The old gang members will have to come and work for me, and I'll have even more goons to finally rid myself of those blasted Biker Mice." An evil grin spread across his face. "I mean, they can't fight an entire city. If I keep up the pressure, they're bound to falter, sooner or later, and when they do, I'll be there, waiting." He chuckled silently to himself.

"Can you's let me in on dah joke boss?" Grease Pit asked. Limburger put on arm around his shoulder, but quickly withdrew it after it was covered with oil.

"The joke, my dear simpleton, is that you soon won't have to worry about the Biker Mice any more."

"Oh, dose dat mean you's is gonn'a starts pay'n me?" Grease Pit asked with hope. The smile quickly diapered.

"Don't push it." He said. "With the amount of time you've failed me, I sometimes find myself asking that same question when ever you come back here with bad news...." His face turned to a snarl as he shouted out the last of his sentence. "Why did I ever keep you in my services?!" Grease Pit scratched his bald head.

"Because you's likes me?" Limburger just shock his head and ground.

"The day I'd admit something as stupid as that, Grease Pit, is the day that I'll eat my left shoe!" Just then, the elevator that lead to the lab, suddenly appeared, carrying the infamous Dr. Karbunkle.

The doctor was a small man dressed in a white coat, with large head complete with a tube leading to a clear jar, green glasses, black high-heeled boots and a squeaky voice.

"Great news, your Chunky Chesseness." He whizzed. "I have successfully tapped into the cities secret files, and have discovered something that might be of great value to Plutark." Limburger just rolled his eyes.

"What have you found doctor?" He asked.

"The United States government has a fleet of Nuclear Submarines that are performing some exercises in Lake Michigan." This caught Limburger's attention. He rubbed his chin and gave a half smile.

"Hmmm, interesting." He said. "Do go on."

"Plutark is indeed in need of some more energy to power the air conditioners in the High Chairman's palace." A smile spread across the Doctor's face. "It could put you in the good shoes of the High Chairman." Limburger joined in on the smile.

"I like, I like." He said. "My most marvelous M.D. How soon can we high jack these subs?"

"Just give the word your Extreme Reakyness."

"Then, the time is NOW!!"

At that very moment, in another part of town........

Two men got out of the black, 94 model Ford and closed the doors. The one who got out of the drivers side door, was much smaller than the one who got out of the passengers side door. Both wore blue jeans, white T-shirts, and light brown trench coats. They wore dark sun glasses, and wide brim hats.

The smaller one was Herman Schultz. A long time ago, he was a small time burglar who had an aptitude for using tools. He was the best in the business. But somewhere down the track, he lost his touch, or maybe he was just a little sloppy, but what ever the reason, he landed himself in jail. While in the joint, he used stolen materials to build a device that produced powerful vibrational sonic waves. Once he was free, he turned back to his life of crime. But he was no longer Herman Schultz. He was --- The Shocker.

His larger friend, still remains unknown. However, his past is not. He used to be a small time muscle man who worked for professional criminals. Giving rise to the term, all brawn, and no brain. For this man literally had no brain, kinda like Greas Pit. Later, to make himself stronger, he was the subject to a experiment that would turn him into a superhuman assassin, via the use of chemical and radiation treatments. As an added bonus, he was equipped with a super-strong suit, that made his body, virtually invincible. He too, took up a name. The Rhino.

Now, the both of them are in Chicago on a mission from their boss, the Kingpin. Their mission, is to assassinate one Lawrence Limburger. The reason, is simple. Lawrence Limburger had intruded on the Kingpins territory, and humiliated him. No one has ever done that, and lived to tell the tail. (Except for some super-hero's.)

"This is the place." Rhino said, as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand, and looked up at the building.

"Nice of the Kingpin to give us a place to hide out while we plan our kill." Shocker said. He locked the door, and they both walked into the lobby of the hotel After they got their room key, they went over to the elevator, and went up to their rooms. Once inside their rooms, they made their plans.

"So what are we going to do?" Rhino asked, the moment they were inside their room.

"First." The Shocker said. "Is we find out as much about this, Lawrence Limburger, as we can. Then ---" He slammed his fist into the palm of his hand. "---We give him a real shock to think about!" They both opened their suit cases, and took out their costumes. After they were fully dressed, Shocker gave Rhino a large white envelope.

"So this is the guy." Rhino said, opening up the envelope and pulling out a large colour photograph of Limburger. "He almost looks as ugly as the Kingpin." Shocker studied the photo, and the other pieces of paper that came with it. They were mostly on Limburger's criminal activities, were he lived, and his enterprises.

"Strange." Shocker said, as he began to suit up. "According to what this guy dose, he only seems to be stealing natural resources. Buying up land, and shipping it off somewhere." Once he was fully dressed, he rubbed his chin. "Now why would somebody do that?" he turned to face Rhino, who was also fully suited up. "Maybe the Kingpin will pay us extra if we find out some other information about this so called Lawrence Limburger."

Now fully dressed The Shocker wore a yellow suit with squares in a diamond pattern all over it. He wore dark brown paints that matched his dark brown boots and gloves. He wore a same coloured vest and a small 'V' on top of his head. There was no mouth piece, just to eye holes. On his hands, her bore two strange looking metal devices. The Rhino looked like a guy, in a gray suit, with two horns on the top, and two eyes on the side of his head. The only part of his body that wasn't covered by the suit, was his face.

"Lets get going." Shocker said, as they headed for the roof of the hotel.

Elsewhere, in a deserted part of town.......

In the distressed part of the city, in a building that no one has ever lived in for nearly thirty years, sits a man. He is a very huge man. He wears a black ski mask, with a black biker's jacket. On the back of his jacket, is a huge Ace of spades. He wears a pair of black leather jeans with black steel capped army boots. He wears a pair of black fingerless biker gloves. He also wears a steel belt around his waist. His name was Deminan Scarlett. That was along time ago. Now, he is called ---- Black Jack. He sits in a reclining chair, and watches t.v.

"----was the final violent act that has so far been committed. Following the three week long gang wars, it would appear that everything has gone quite. Authorities believe that one side has finally won, the only question is who. So far, there are no leads to say exactly who was envoled in this three week long blood bath, but however, one thing is very clear. Who ever was behind this war, really wanted Chicago very badly. Could the Windy City be facing another Al Capone? Citizens hold their breath as they stand by and wait for any further blood shed. The Mayor released this press statement later on to---"

Black Jack turned off the t.v. and tossed the remote over his shoulder. Behind the black woolen materiel of his ski mask, Black Jack smiled.

"I'd say that everything has gone according to plan." he said.

Four weeks ago, Black Jack first arrived in Chicago. He spent the first week in the city, finding out, who exactly were the major crime heads. He found out that two, were presently fighting for Chicago. Although there was a third, he was no real major biggy. One was a man who lived in the city, his name was Lawrence Limburger. He owned most of the city, and had his goons running wild, stealing the whole city out from under everybody's noses. The other, was perhaps the most famous crime boss on the planet. The Kingpin.

Once he'd discovered who was in charge, he set about starting a gang war with the two rival factions. The day after he'd attacked the Kingpins organization, the war erupted into a bloody conflict. Both sides, prepared to knock off the other. However, Black Jack wanted Lawrence Limburger's forces to succeed. Once Limburger won the battle, The Kingpin would be back with a vengeance.

Knowing the Limburger's forces would be weak from just winning the gang war, they would be open for a second attack. However, although the VENOM formula that had been given to him, made Black Jack strong, didn't make him invincible. He'd need muscle backup to take down Limburger. Surely when the Kingpin's army was defeated, he would send in some of his super-human thugs. Once they arrived, Black Jack would take command of them, and use them to wipe out Limburger, and the Kingpin. Once they were destroyed, he'd rule the underworld.

However, there were a few minor complications. For instance, there were those Biker Mice. As hard as it was to believe, they were mice, from Mars. It took him awhile to get over it, but there they were, fighting Limburger, who also happened to be from another planet. He'd discovered allot in those three weeks. These mice protected the city, and weren't going to let anyone tear it to pieces. So Black Jack also had them to worry about. However, he knew how to deal with them. He'd been planning in all those three weeks. Planning on how to make sure that when victory was successful, he wouldn't have any problems to worry about.

He smiled as he sat in the darkness. All there was to do now, was to sit back, and wait.

"Soon." He said. "You'll be mine."

Some time later, on the streets......

The Biker Mice drove along, looking for crime to bust. But there was none on the streets what so ever. For three weeks, the Biker Mice had been fighting two rival gangs, Limburgers, and some one else, who wanted Chi-town. Now, all a sudden, there was nothing. No goons, no fighting, and no fun. Vinnie was hit pretty hard by it. Throttle thought that by the sudden peace, that one side had won. Who, he was not sure. Had Limburger held his ground, or was Chicago open to another new crime boss, maybe a Plutarkian. They had been cursing the streets, looking for anything, but the streets were errierly quite, and still.

"This doesn't make any sense bros." Throttle said. "For the last three weeks, Limburgers been fighting for this city, now, he's no were to be seen."

"I'll say." Modo said. He sniffed the air. "I can't even smell him any more."

"We've got bigger problems to worry about bros." Vinnie said. "There's no GOONS!!!" He screamed the last word out, and bit his bottom lip. "What am I going to do?!" He did a mega wheeley, and brought out his weapons. "I'm all revved up and got no place to go."

"Your ego can wait Vinnie." Throttle said. "I say we pay the Big Cheese a visit, see exactly what he's doing." Vinnie liked the sound of that idea.

"Then what are we waiting for." He cried out, as he shot of towards Limburger Tower, leaving his bros. in the dust. "Lets go go go GO!!" He shouted. Throttle and Modo both took of after Vinnie.

Meanwhile, on top of a roof top, a pair of eyes watched as the Biker Mice zoomed off towards Limburger Tower. The figure lowered the binoculars and chuckled. It was Black Jack.

"Piece, by piece, the pieces fall into place." He then began leaping from building top to building top, as he leapt after the Biker Mice.

At that very moment......

Timothy Drake got of the train and stepped onto the platform. He looked about as the other passengers from the train began to depart, and go their sprat ways. He smiled as he began to follow the other people moving towards the exit. So, this is Chicago he thought. He looked about as he exited the train station at the city. He flagged down a taxi, and headed of the hotel, that Bruce had booked him into.

As he entered his new room for the next month, he lay down on the bed, and spread out his arms. He smiled for a while, before getting off the bed. He wasn't here on vacation, he was here on an assignment. He was here to find another Bane. The first one was bad enough, but the world wasn't big enough to handle two. He was to find him, and then radio back to Bruce what he was doing, and what he wanted. Of cause, Bruce told him not to engage him, but he just happened to get a fly in his ear, and missed what ever Bruce had been talking about. He smiled slyly. Well, that's what he was going to tell Bruce anyway.

He to had a suite case, which he put on the bed, and opened, and inside, as you could have guessed, was his Robin suit. He then put it on, and was ready to fight crime. He was Robin, side kick to the Dark Knight. Many years ago, Tim was just a nobody, who lived with his father. Then one day, something extraordinary happened to him. He meet Bruce Wayne. Later, Bruce shared a little secret with the boy, the secret that he was the Batman. Tim couldn't hardly believe it. He later found out that there had been in fact, two Robins. The first, was Dick Grason, who later grew up, and became his own hero, Nightwing. Later, Bruce took under his wing another, Jason Todd. Jason became the second Robin, and wore the costume for many years. Until he had an unfortunate encounter with the Joker and lost his life. Then, Tim decided to dawn the costume himself when both Batman and Nightwing wound up in trouble. Of cause, Bruce didn't like the idea, but eventually settled down, and let Tim tag along. Thus Tim took on a new name. He was the third Robin.

He then walked to the roof, making sure nobody say him, and firing a grappling hook, he swung off, looking for this new Bane. The only problem was, he didn't know where to look.

Limburger Tower.....

The quite office of Limburger was suddenly filled with the sound of motorcycles, and with a mighty crash, the Biker Mice entered the building, the same way they always did. By driving up the side of the tower, and driving straight though the window. Limburger, who had been sitting at his desk at the time, dove under the desk, the moment he herd the noise. When the glass stopped raining down, he peaked over the edge of his desk, to see none other than the three most annoying problems in his life. The Biker Mice from Mars.

"Don't you hyperactive Hamsters ever use doors?" He growled, as they came to a screeching halt. They spun around to face Limburger.

"Not when you've got windows Cheese Face." Vinnie said. Throttle drove up to the desk, and stared right at Limburger in a threatening manner.

"I take it you're here for a reason." Limburger said, as Throttle drove up, onto the desk.

"Yeah." Throttle said. "For the past three weeks, you've been rather busy, now all of a sudden, you just stop all your activities." He leaned closer to Limburger. "Mind if you filled us in, or do we have to go looking ourselves." Vinnie revved up his bike.

"Biker Mice style." And with that, he brought out his weapons. Limburger quivered.

"NO, NO. Don't do that!" Throttle then grabbed Limburger by his collar.

"Then tell us what we want to know." Throttle growled. Limburger's fear suddenly drained away from his face, as he looked past Throttle at the door.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to put that of hold for now." He said. The Biker Mice turned around, to see about twenty goons pointing their guns right at them. Throttle let go of Limburger, and he got up, straightening his suit. "I'm afraid that you'll have to put that on hold for quite awhile my furry friends. It would now seem that I have the upper hand, and it would seem that you, my dear Biker Mice, are trapped." He gave an evil chuckle. "You may be the best bikers in the galaxy, but even you have your limits, and not even the famous Biker Mice, can get out of a trap like this." The Biker Mice slowly looked around, and raised their hands into the air. Limburger smiled. "Now that's more like it."

Meanwhile, outside......

The shadows outside Limburger Tower moved, with the sudden appearance of two new ones. They belonged to the Shocker, and the Rhino. The Shocker was observing the tower though a special pair of binoculars. After looking the tower over, he lowered them, and turned to Rhino.

"It would seem that someone else wants that slim ball Limburger too." Shocker said, as he gave the binoculars to Rhino. "The question is who?" He rubbed his chin. Rhino looked at the newly made hole in the top floor window.

"Hay, why don't we just let those guys take care of Limburger, and go back to New York and tell the Kingpin that it was we who wasted him?" Shocker turned to face him, and waked him on the head.

"Idiot!" He said. "If we do that, and leave now, we have no idea who, or what it was, that took out Limburger, and you know how the Kingpin likes details. And suppose that who ever iced him off, actually wants to move in and take Chicago all for him, or herself. And, what if, whoever is attacking Limburger fails? That'd look real good in front of the Kingpin." Rhino shrugged.

"I just thought..." He started, but Shocker quickly silenced him.

"Don't think, you'll have a migraine, just follow orders." He then began to walk towards the front doors. "We'll attack from two different areas. I'll go in though the back, while you can be the main diversion at the front." He then turned to Rhino. "You got that?" Rhino nodded.

"I can follow orders, I'm not that dumb." Shocker smiled under his mask.

"Good." He said, cracking his knuckles. "Lets cause a little mayhem."

On a rooftop nearby, Black Jack watched as the two super criminals went to work. He too, had a pair of binoculars, and watched all the events that had taken place. Everything was going according to plan.

"The Kingpin sends the Shocker and the Rhino eh?" He said as he lowered his binoculars. He smiled. "They will be all right. Now, all I have to do, is get them under my control." He then leapt from the roof top, and jumped three stories down to the pavement.


Limburger watched with glee as his goons escorted the Biker Mice down to Karbunkles Lab. He couldn't believe it. He was going to finally rid himself of those infernal Mice. All the humiliation, all the punishment, all the pain. It now all suddenly seemed worth it. For this moment, he'd waited for, ever since they landed on Earth. How he wished that Lord Camenber were here to see this. Limburger suddenly got an idea. Why NOT call him up, to witness the extermination of the Biker Mice.

"Karbunkle." He said.

"Yes, your high ranking reakeness?" Karbunkle said.

"Kindly torture these mice, while I call up Lord Camenber, and ask him to witness there distraction." Karbunkle smiled.

"With pleasure, my Flatulent Flounderness." He then pulled out an electric stun rod, and lit it up, cackling all the while.

"We're really in trouble bros." Throttle said.

"You can say that again." Vinnie said. Throttle smiled.

"We're really in trouble bros." Throttle repeated.

"So what's the plan?" Modo asked, trying to loosen his robotic arm. Throttle leaned closer to the others, so that no one could here them.

"We wait until we find out what the Big Cheese has installed for Chi-Town, then we bust free, like we always do, beat up the goons, humiliate Limburger in front of Camenber, and leave the same old fashion."

"Just one problem Bros." Vinnie said.

"What's that?" Modo asked.

"How are we going to blow up Limburger Tower this time?" Throttle and Modo both shock their heads.

"Why are things so difficult these days." Modo asked.

Down stairs.....

Grease Pit, and ten other goons were standing in the lobby of the building, just sitting around.

"Remembers yous goons." Grease Pit said. "Weres to makes sure, dats dah boss, Aint' disturbed." The other goons sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, yeah, we know." One said.

"Yeah." Another said. "You've been saying that for the past half hour now. Can't you give it a rest?"

"Besides." Another said. "We haven't seen those mice all day." Just then, the twin front glass doors, were smashed open. The goons dived for cover, when they surfaced, they saw the Rhino standing in the door way.

"I won't worry about the mice problem." Rhino said. "I'd worry about your rhino problem."

"Get him yous goons!" Grease Pit shouted. All the goons drew out their lasers, and began firing at the Rhino, but their blasts just bounced of the Rhino indestructible hide.

"Heh heh." The Rhino laughed, as he saw the confusion on their faces. "Don't you guys know you can't penetrate my hide." And with that, he charged at the Goons, barreling them aside. The few remaining goons ran at the Rhino and tried to tackle him, but Rhino just pulled them of him, one by one, and threw them into ordiments, that decorated the lobby.

"Uh-oh." Grease Pit said, as Rhino looked in his direction. The Rhino chuckled, and lowered his head.

"Your next, pretty boy." He said, as he charge Grease Pit. Grease Pit cowered on the spot, and covered his eyes with his hands.

"Mommy." Was all he said.


Grease Pit was sent flying, and though a few walls, into some unknown part of the building. The Rhino looked up at the hole he'd just created. He chuckled a few times, as he listened to the sound of Grease Pit still flying though the walls. Just then, from a door across the other side of the room, he herd the sounds of shouts and cries. Then the door at the other end of the room suddenly was blasted off it's hinges. Though the smoke, the Shocker emerged.

"Front entrance secure." Rhino said. Shocker jerked his thumb behind him.

"Same for the rear entrance." He started walking towards the stairs. "Lets take out Limburger."

A moment after the Shocker, and the Rhino walked up the stairs, Black Jack entered the Lobby. He looked around at the damage caused by the two super criminals. He nodded with satisfaction.

"They'll suit me fine." He said. "The Kingpin knows his lackeys." Just then, a goon lying in what looked like the remains of a Ming Vase, started to come too.

"Oohhhhhh." He moaned. "W-What happened?" Black Jack walked over to him, and slammed his fist, into his face, knocking the goon out cold.

"Black Jack." He answered the Goons question. He then headed for the security room. He had a fight to watch.

In the Lab.....

The Biker Mice watched, strapped down onto the table, as Karbunkle picked up toy, after toy, deciding which would be perfect in order to cause maximum pain to those annoying mice.

"Karbunkle really enjoys his work." Vinnie said.

"I wonder if Limburger is coming back any time soon." Throttle said. "I'm starting to lose my pastiness."

"Well, I think he's all ready lost his." Modo said, looking over at Karbunkle.

"Ba-dom dom tish." Vinnie said, imitating a drummer.

"Enough with the puns bros." Throttle said. "I think it's about time we found out what Limburgers up to." He then turned to Modo. "Modo?" Modo smiled.

"My pleasure." Modo said, as he wiggled his arm, into a position, were he could slip it out from the chains that held him to the table.

"Time to cash your checks you irritating insects." Karbunkle said, turning around to face the Mice, only to come face to face with Modo's arm cannon. He gulped.

"I'm a little low on cash Doc." Modo said. "Mind if I charge it?" And with that, he began firing a series of blasts in the Doctors direction. Karbunkled screamed as he ran for cover, and out a door.

"Stop them you idiots!" Karbunkled cried out, just before he ran out the door. The goon guards who were near by began to close in on the mice. Modo just swung his arm in a 360 dirge spin, blasting all the guns out of the goons hands. When the smoke cleared, the goons saw that they were un-armed. They all screamed and ran out of the room, following Karbunkles root.

"Could have saved some for us Modo." Vinnie grumbled, as Modo blasted them all free.

"Sorry Vinnie." Modo said. "But, you snooze, you lose."

"Lets get moving bros." Throttle said, as he headed for the door. "Karbunkles bound to have alerted every guard in the building by now." He gave a whistle, and a chained up door at the other end of the room, suddenly burst open, and out came their bikes.

"Then what are we waiting for!" Vinnie cried, jumping on his bike.

"It's Tailllllllll Wippppppping Time!!" They all sang, and drove of though the door.

Limburger's Office....

"Captured you say?" Camenbre said. His eyes were wide with surprise.

"Yes your extreme greatness, captured by me, Lawrence Limburger." Camenbre just gave a sly smile.

"If only you could have done this earlier." Limburger shot him a dirty look, and Camenbre smiled.

"Well, that's not the point." He quickly interrupted. "The point of this call, is that I wanted to know if you would like to personally watch the distraction of the Biker Mice." Camenbre rubbed his chin.

"You certainly know how to please me Limburger." Lawrence just gave a large grin. "Very well, I will watch the end of those infernal mice."

"A fine choice sir." Limburger said. "However---" Camenbre just covered his eyes with his hands.

"Here it comes." He moaned.

"The site will cost you." He smiled evily. "Say, the rank, second to you?!" Camenbre turned red on the spot. But calmed down.

"Very well Limburger. I will grant you that position, but only once you've destroyed the Biker Mice." Limburger grinned, showing all his teeth.

"An exilent decision sir." He said, now, I'll just hook you up to the monitor down in the lab, and we can both watch the dest----"


They both looked towards the doors leading into Limburgers office. Limburger began to quiver on the spot. Oh please. He began to pray. Don't let it be those bombastic biker mice.

"Trouble Limburger?" Camenbre asked. "Why do I have this feeling that, that little show, you promised me, will be put on hold."


Limburger began to panic. He'd been though this before. He quickly turned towards Camenbre.

"I'll have to call you back, your high chiarmeness." Limburger quickly said. "It would seem that I have a--a small problem that requires my immediate attention." With that, he quickly turned of the screen.


The doors to Limburgers office were suddenly blasted off their hinges. Limburger slowly turned around, to see two figures walking though the smoke towards him. He calmed down a bit. At least they weren't the Biker Mice. But who were they.

"Lawrence Limburger!?" A voice called out. Limburger didn't recognize the voice. He dived behind his desk, and pulled out a Tommy gun. He wasn't going down that easily. He then aimed the gun over the desk, at the two figures that were walking out of the smoke. One was huge, and built like Grease Pit, wearing a gray suit that looked like a rhino, and the other, was smaller with a yellow and brown suit, with strange looking devices on his hands.

"Who wants to know?" Limburger demanded, getting up, and hiding the Tommy gun behind his back. The guy in the yellow and brown suit stepped forward.

"My boss wants to know." He said, walking right up to Limburgers desk.

"Yeah." The rhino guy said. Limburger rubbed his chin.

"Really?" He said. "And just out of curiosity, who is your boss?" The yellow and brown guy place on hand on the desk.

"The Kingpin." He said. He then raised both his fist. "And he don't like others messing with his business." He took aim at Limburger, but then quickly changed his direction, and pointed his fists at the desk. Then he pressed two buttons on his devices, and a blast of sonic energy shot out of them, and turned the desk into match wood.

"We've been asked to do that." Rhino said. "Only to you." Limburger smiled.

"Really?" He said. "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you gentlemen, but Lawrence Limburger isn't intimidated by cheep Halloween costumes." And with that, be brought out the Tommy gun, and squeezed the trigger. The Rhino quickly stepped in front of the Shocker, to take the blasts.

"Too bad." Rhino said, as the bullets bounced off him harmlessly. "The harder you try, the more fun we have." Limburger just gasped, as the bullets bounced of the Rhino. He just stood their starring, even as the Rhino came up, and grabbed the gun out of his hands, and broke it in two.

"Lets cut straight to the chase." Shocker said, blasting a hole in the window. Rhino then picked up Limburger and walked over to the window. "We're here to make sure that you go splat." The Rhino held Limburger out of the window. The wind howled about him. "But before you go, we just want to know, what do you do with all the land you dig up and ship off?"

"W-why do you want to know that?" Limburger cried out, as he struggled in the Rhino's grip.

"Curiosity." The Shocker said, crossing his arms.

Suddenly, three motorcycles suddenly burst into the room. They drove up the side of the wall, and came to a screeching halt, just in front of the two super villains. Weapons suddenly popped out of their bikes.

"Didn't you hear." Modo said.

"Curiosity killed the cat." Vinnie finished.

"Now, put down Limburger inside the room, and step away from him, and you won't get hurt." Throttle told them. The two villains looked at the mice, then at each other, then back at the mice. Then, they burst out laughing.

"You've gotta be kidding." Shocker said. "Surrender, to some Bikers?!"

"There not just Bikers." Limburger said. He'd never been so happy to seen the Biker Mice in all his life. Rhino just shock his head.

"Really?" He said. "What are they?" They all took of their helmets.

"Mice." Throttle said. The two villains just starred at them.

"And I thought New York was bad." Shocker said.

"Strange." Vinnie said. "Most humans who see us usually freak out."

"Well." Shocker said. "Once you've seen alien syimbots, genetically altered people, vampires, and wall crawling costumed heroes. Nothing surprises you for long."

"Enough talk." Rhino said. "Lets take down these giant rats."

"RATS!!?" Modo cried out. He raised his arm cannon and fired a series of blasts at the Rhino. However, they just bounced right of his hide. "Huh?" Modo cried out.

"Check that out." Throttle said. "The blast just bounce right off him." Rhino then lowered his head, and charged at the Biker Mice.

"Check this." He said, and with that, knocked all three mice of their bikes, and sent them sprawling onto the floor.

"WHOA!!" Vinnie cried out. He and Throttle both reached for their laser guns. "Something tells me that these guys aren't your average typical goons."

"Got that right hamster." Shocker said, and fired a blast of sonic energy at the Biker Mice, sending them slamming into the wall. Modo slowly got up, looking at the two villains slowly walking towards them, throwing bits of derby out of their way.

"Uh-oh Bros." Modo said. "Something tells me that we're in for a long night."

Elsewhere, at that very moment.....

Robin was swinging from roof top to roof top on his grappling hook, looking for any signs of any trouble. So far, he'd thwarted a bank robbery, picked up three pick pockets, and stopped two muggers, but found no sign of this new Bane guy. Who was he, and did he plan on breaking the Bat as well. Was he pumped up on VENOM? The questions were limitless.

Just then, he herd the sound of police cars down below. He ran over to the west end of the building he was on, and looked down into the streets. There were six police cars all racing down the streets. Robin smiled.

"Ether there's a doughnut sale somewhere, or there's big trouble." Smiling, he fried his grappling hook, and swung off, following the cars. "I wish I'd brought a Motorbike." He grumbled.

Limburger Tower....

"OOFH!!" Vinnie was slammed into a wall by the Rhino as he rammed him into a wall. He looked up in time, to see the Rhino charging him down. "Uh-oh." Vinnie said, and leapt out of the way, just before the Rhino plunged head first, into the wall.

"Watch out!" Modo cried, as he dodged another sonic blast from the Shocker. He and Throttle were jumping back and forth, trying to take down the Shocker, but he was to quick for them, blasting at them every chance he got. Meanwhile, Limburger had used the distraction to make a hasty retreat. He crawled out the shattered door, and headed for the lab, only to bump into Karbunkle.

"Watch were your going you imbecile!" He said, as he recognized Karbunkle.

"I'm sorry your over Repulsive Rankyness." Karbunkle said. "But I've come to warn you that the---"

"The Biker Mice are free? Yes, yes I all ready know that." He said, straightening his tie. "And for once, I'm glad they did." He turned back to his office, were the sounds of shouts, crashes, and sonic blasts could be heard. "What I really want, is to know, who, and what is in my office?" He turned back to the doctor. "Karbunkle, I want you to look up any information you have about two criminals, known as the Rhino, and the Shocker." Karbunkle headed for the lab, when Limburger grabbed him by the shoulder. "You'd better look up the New York files, the Shocker said that he came from New York."

"Right away, your chunky blue chessesyness." He said, and with that, they hurried of to the lab.

Back in the Office, the Biker Mice had managed to pound some sense into their attackers, and now, they all stood at a stand off. The Shocker, and the Rhino stood by the window, and the Biker Mice stood by the door. They all, were breathing heavily, and eyeballing each other.

"Your *puff* Good." The Shocker said, as he rubbed his head, were Throttle had landed him a decent blow. The Rhino had a bloody nose, from were Modo had landed a rather powerful punch with his robotic arm.

"Your not bad yourself." Vinnie said, keeping his eye on the Rhino. Too bad I couldn't say the same for your costume." Rhino looked offended, as he looked down at his costume.

"What's wrong with my costume?" He asked, looking for anything wrong with it.

"Well, just look at it." Vinnie said. "It's, just a skin tight body suit, with two horns on it."

"So?" The Rhino said.

"So." Vinnie said. "Where's the originality?"

"Shut up!" Shocker said, as he raised his sonic blasters.

"No!" Said a voice from behind. "How about you!" The Shocker was suddenly kicked from behind, and was sent sprawling on to the floor, face first.

"What the---?!" The Rhino started, only to be tripped and sent face first, into a wall.

"Who--?!" Modo said, when he saw the figure standing at the window.

"That was too easy." Robin said, as he twirled his extending staff. He then turned to face the anthropomorphic mice in front of him. "Hi." He said. "The names Robin, perhaps you've herd of me." Throttle rubbed his chin.

"Robin eh? Aren't you that guy who always hangs out with that Batman guy?" Robin smiled, and crossed his arms.

"The one and only." He said.

"But what are you doing in Chi-town. Isn't the Batman supposed to be in Gothem City?" Modo asked.

"Yeah, but I'm here on a special assignment. I'll explain later. But right now---" He looked out the window, as the sound of police sirens suddenly became more clearer. "---I suggest that we make haste, before the fuzz arrives." The Biker Mice hopped back on their bikes.

"Sounds like a plan." Vinnie said. He turned and waved good-bye to the Rhino, who was moaning on the floor, with his face still flat against the wall. "So long sweet hart, we'll continue this little dance another time." Throttle turned to Robin.

"Need a lift?" He asked, pointing his thumb to the back of his bike. Robin smiled.

"Sure." He said, hopping on the back of the bike. "Lets go." Once Robin was on the back of Throttle's bike, he turned to face the others.

"Say it like you mean it." Throttle said. "Lets rock---" Then, all the mice shoved their right arms in the air and shouted.

"---AND RIDE!!!" Then, they both shot out of Limburgers office, down the stairs, and out the back, before any police officers had a chance to spot them.

Meanwhile, The Rhino and Shocker were slowly coming too. The Rhino rubbed his head, as did the Shocker.

"What happened?" The Shocker asked. As he tried to get up of the floor. The Rhino pealed his face of the wall, and rubbed his nose, which was still bleeding.

"Some kid in a costume kicked our butts." The Rhino said, using the wall to stand. "Talk about humiliation." Just then, they both noticed the sound of sirens, and looking out the window, they saw the police cars outside the front entrance.

"Oh crap." Shocker said. "The cops. Now what do we do?"

"Agree to follow me." They both turned around to see a figure dressed in black, wearing a black ski mask, and leaning against the door frame. He was huge and pumped up and looked as if he could give the Rhino a run in for his money.

"Who are you?" The Rhino asked. The figure started to walk towards them, slowly.

"I am Black Jack." He said. "And right now, I'm your only hope of escape." The Shocker was intimidated by him.

"In case you haven't' figured it out, we can blast our way though those cops with ease---"

"O.K." Black Jack said. "You fight your way down though the building, and out though the front doors, then what? Where will you go, there will be cops everywhere. You can't fight an entire army." The Shocker thought for a moment.

"What do you want in return?" The Shocker asked. Black Jack smiled.

"Work for me."

"We only work for one man." The Rhino said. "And that's the Kingpin. Besides, he doesn't like the idea of us working for others behind his back."

"Besides." The Shocker interrupted. "We haven't completed our main assignment. The Kingpin will have our heads if we get side tracked."

"What he doesn't know, won't hurt him, right?" Black Jack said. "Besides, what I require you for, will help you take out Limburger. So, what's it gonna be?" The Shocker rubbed his chin.

"You strike a hard bargain Black Jack." Shocker said. "But like you said, we've got no choice." Black Jack smiled.

"I knew you'd see things my way." He then pulled out a grenade, and threw it at the roof, blowing a hole in the roof. The three villains climbed out the hole , and onto the roof. There waiting for them, was a helicopter, all ready to go. They climbed into the cockpit, and flew off, before the cops burst though the door that lead to the roof.

Back inside the tower, Limburger was talking to some police officers.

"Yes, and a guy in a Rhino suit." The directives were writing it all down. "They said that they were from New York." The detective finished writing it all down.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Limburger." He said. "Do you have any idea why they might be after you?" Limburger shock his head.

"None what so ever, after all, I am a very wealthy man. I mean, how many attempts have their been on my life, like my poor building." The detective chuckled at that.

"Yes, well uhh, Heh he. Thank you for your time Mr Limburger. Good-bye." He walked off, giggling under his breath. Limburger pulled a face.

"Yes, yes, have a good chuckled why don't you." He said. Once Earth was under Plutarkin rule, he'd find that detective again and make him his own personal underpants cleaner. That should give him a few thing to think about. Turning around he headed for the secret lab, were Karbunkle was waiting, with news.

"Success, My Glorious Gluntenness." Karbunkle said, as he brought up some files on the screen. "I broke into the criminal records at the Maximum Security Prison in New York City. It would seem that those two who attacked you are the super-villains that go by the names of, The Shocker, and The Rhino." Karbunkle brought up their criminal records.

"Hmmmm." Limburger rubbed his chin as he read over their reports. "It would seem that they've worked for some mysterious crime figure, known only as the Kingpin." Then, his eyes went wide, and he clicked his fingers. "The Kingpin. That's the name of the crime lord I was defending my Chicago territory from. And now that I think about it, they did mention that they worked for the Kingpin back in my office." He smiled. "So, the game is afoot. The Kingpin want's to send super-powered assassins to try and kill me?" He chuckled lightly. "Well Mr. Kingpin, two can play at that game. Karbunkle." He cried out, turning to face him. "I think it's time we contacted our secret ally." Karbunkle smiled.

"At once, your repulsiveness." He then walked over to the View screen, and began to work away.

The Last Chance Garage.....

The three motorcycles roared into the garage and screeched to a stop. The three riders, and passenger, dismounted, and walked into the living room, were Charley was watching TV Charley smiled as she saw the three mice walk into the room, but nearly fell of the coach when she recognized their friend.

"Whoa!" She cried out. "Your Robin, aren't you." She said, pointing at Robin. Robin smiled at her.

"The one and only." He said.

"What are you doing in Chicago?" She asked. Throttle turned to face Robin.

"Yeah, we might as well ask that question again." Robin sat down in a chair.

"I suppose I owe you that much." He said. "The Dark Knight sent me here on a special assignment." His eye's narrowed behind his mask. "Tell me something, have you ever heard of a guy called, Bane?" The Mice just gave him a blank stair.

"Isn't that the guy who was supposed to have trashed the Batman?" Charley asked. Robin nodded.

"He did more than that, he broke his back." Robin said. Charley mouthed the word, Ouch. "We barley survived that encounter, but the point is, Bane was able to trash Batman with the help of a strength enhancing drug called, VENOM. Now, we thought that Bane was the only man who was subjected to this drug, but it would seem that we were wrong. About three days ago, we discovered that there was a new guy in town. By the descriptions from the papers, the stuff this guy was doing, could only be down with the help of VENOM. The last thing we want on our hands right now, is another Bane."

"But why are you here?" Vinnie asked.

"The last known report of this guy, stated that he was here, in Chicago. Batman was unfortualy busy back in Gothem, so he sent me, to find out as much as I can about this guy."

"So who were those guys back in Limburger Tower?" Throttle asked. Robin shock his head.

"Sorry, but I know as much about them, as you do."

"What two guys?" Charley asked.

"One guy dressed in a rhino suit, and another wearing a brown and yellow suit, and fired sonic blasts from some devices on his hands."

"Rhino suit?" Charley said. "That sounds formula." She went and got her helmet. "I'll take a little trip down to the public library, and see what I can dig up on our mystery men." They all waved good-bye, and watched Charley zoom out of the garage, and of down the street.

"So." Vinnie said, turning back to Robin. "You like Hot Dogs?"

Meanwhile, Back in New York.....

The Kingpin sat at his desk, watching the video that had been delivered to him. It showed the whole battle of the Rhino, and the Shocker, with the Biker Mice, and Limburger. But it also showed their disertion, to this new guy, called Black Jack. He sighed heavily and turned off the tap. Landon was beside him, watching the whole thing.

"Loyalty is so hard to find these days." The Kingpin said. Landon beside him just shock his head.

"I knew they couldn't be trusted." Landon said. "We should have just sent Hammer Head. Now what are we going to do."

"The Kingpin never gives up. If you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself." The Kingpin said. "What ever happened to that last Mega Slayer that Smyth made for me, before he left."

"After that little incident involving the Parker's wedding, we've managed to rebuild it." The Kingpin smiled.

"Exilient." He said. "Have it sent to Chicago. Once there, I'll use it to take care of Limburger once and for all. And maybe, I'll take out those traitors two, Rhino, and Shocker."


The Helicopter carrying the three villains landed on the roof top of an abandoned building. Once it landed, a hydraulic elevator began to descend, taking the chopper out of sight, and into the building. Once inside, the crew got out. Black Jack lead them to his room of operations. Nothing much, it was just a huge map of the city, a pile of newspapers, a TV a couch, and a lap top computer, with internet connections.

"Nice joint." Rhino said. "But we've got our own pad." Black Jack turned around and smiled.

"Not anymore you don't." Shocker didn't like the sound of that.

"What do you mean?" He demanded.

"Well, I taped your little encounter with Limburger, and the Biker Mice. Then, while I was on the helicopter, I sent a special E-mail to one Wilson Fisk." Both the Rhino and Shocker's eyes went wide. "I bet, right about now, he's watching your disertion to me." The Shocker growled, and pointed his vibro blasters at Black Jack.

"You double crossing snake!" He cried out. "Why did you do that?!"

"To permanently get you on my side. You now have no other choice but to work for me."

"Idiot! Shocker cried. "Now the Kingpin will not only have a price on Limburgers head, but ours as well. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blast you into next Tuesday?!"

"Because, I'm the only one that can protect you from the Kingpin." The Shocker hesitated for a bit, but lowered his Vibro Blasters. Black Jack chuckled. "That's better." Black Jack sat down on the couch. "Now, down to business." He pointed up to the map of Chicago. "I'm going to tell you what I'm doing in Chicago. I want the city. I want to rule it. I want everything in it."

"Great, another Kingpin." Rhino whispered to Shocker.

"Shut up." Black Jack said to Rhino. "As I was saying, I want to control Chicago. But I can't do it alone. I need other to help me, people under me, people that I can control. People like you." Shocker growled. But there was nothing he could do about it. "Once I'm strong enough, I will take down this city, and no force on earth can stop me. Not Limburger, not the Kingpin, and not even those Biker Mice."

"Hay, were are those mice from anyway?" Rhino asked.

"Mars." Black Jack said.

"Mars?" Shocker said. He wasn't' surprised by it at all.

"MARS??!!" Rhino shouted. "Then that means that aliens really do exist." Black Jack just shook his head, and the Shocker just smacked him on the horn. "What?" Rhino asked.

"Just shut up." Black Jack said.

"So what do we do first?" Shocker asked.

"We wait." Black Jack said. "We wait to see what the others do. Then, when the time is right, we strike." He slammed his fist into his palm. "We strike hard, and fast."


Robin was swing along on his grappling hook, as he was heading for his apartment. He'd said good-bye to the Biker Mice, and headed for home. They were O.K., but what a food combination. Hot-dogs, and Root bear indeed. Yech.

Suddenly, as he was just about to land on another building, a small beeping sound came from his belt. Smiling, he picked up the little tracking device. Before he'd made his little appearance, he'd spotted a rather odd looking helicopter on the roof, before he ingaged those other villains, he placed a tracking device on it, but lost contact with it after the left without he Biker Mice. Now, he must be close to it, for it now registered. he swung of in the direction of the signal.
"Bingo." He said, as he came across a building. It was old, and abandoned. Which made it the perfect hide out for our mystery man. Robin landed skillfully on the roof top, and opened the roof door, and went down the stairs. He pressed the special button on the side on his mask, and the night vision goggles turned themselves on. The whole stair case was pitch black, but everything looked green to him.

Slowly, he walked down the stairs, and came to a door. He tired it, and found it to be unlocked. Cautiously, he entered the room, looking around. Nothing. He walked over to he couch, no one had sat there for a while. He turned around to look for something else, when he saw a huge fingerless gloved fist, flying straight for him.

The Last Chance Garage....

The Biker Mice looked up from their hot-dogs, and root bears to see Charley walk into the room, with a few pieces of printed out paper.

"Guys!" She cried out, holding the papers up. "The Rhino, and the Shocker!" She said.

"The What, and the WHO?!" Vinnie asked.

"The Rhino, and the Shocker." Charley said. "They're the names of the guys who attacked you back at Limburger Tower."

"Let me guess." Modo said. "The Rhino, was that guy in the gray suit."

"And the Shocker was that guy with the sonic devices." Throttle said.

"Cool, now we've got our contestants, all that's left to do, is work out who's the main man."

"How did you know about they're names, Charley girl?" Throttle asked.

"A few years ago, before you guys arrived on Earth, a creature called the Hulk, and another figure, called the Rhino, battled it out on the streets of Chi-town. Made a real mess too." Charley said. "Once you guys said one wore a rhino suit, I just remembered. The other one, I just looked up some old police reports from New York. It seems that they're both from there."

"How did you get a hold of those?" Modo asked.

"You don't think that you're my only friends in this city." Charley said. She looked around the room.

"Something wrong Charley?" Vinnie asked.

"Where's Robin?" She asked.

"He went back to his temperary hideout to get some rest." Vinnie said.

At that very moment, across the other side of the city.....

Robin sat in the dark. He could here the wind whipping around him, and he could here traffic below him. So he figured he was up high.

"So you're awake." Robin turned towards the sound of the voice.

"Who are you?" Robin asked. "Is that you Bane?" He could here a low chuckle.

"I'm not that loser." The voice said. "I'm the one your looking for."

"So your him."' Robin said. He realized that his arms were tied up behind his back, and not his feet. "What do you want?" The figure laughed out loud.

"I could ask you the same question boy wonder." He said. "I found that little tracking device on my chopper. I knew you'd come looking for me, but now I've got you , I wish to ask you a question."


"Why are you following me? I can't have you doing that. You are not part of my plan."

"I want to know what your doing here in Chicago."

"That's for me to know, and for you to find out." He said. "Did you come looking for me, because you thought I was Bane?" Robin didn't answer. "You will answer me boy." He said.

"Why should I do that?" Robin asked. Suddenly, he felt a hand grab his ankle, and he was lifted upside down.

"Because if you don't, it's a sixty foot drop to the pavement below." The man said. "Now I will ask you again, did you think I was BANE??!!" He cried out.

"I'll only say one thing." Robin said. "Kiss my ass." Suddenly, he was thrown down on the ledge of the building he was on. He landed on his chest.

"I grow tired of this game child." The man said. "I don't need you around. Like I said before, your not part of my plan. Your a lose cannon. You will leave town, either on the next train, or in a body bag." The was a slight pause. "The choice is yours."

"Who are you?" Robin asked. He was suddenly lifted up by the collar. Then, his blind fold was ripped of his mask. He starred right into the eyes of Black Jack. The man was huge, maybe a little taller than Bane.

"I am Black Jack." He said. Then, he held Robin out over the edge of the building. "Since you won't answer my first question, I'll take it that you DID think I was Bane. But now, I wish to ask you another question."

"Which is?"

"Tell me everything about the Biker Mice."


"Did you think I was after the Batman. I most surtantly am not. I couldn't give a rats ass about some guy dressing up in a bat costume catching criminals. I don't want the world, I just want Chicago. And everything in it. Now, the only ones who stand in my way, are the Biker Mice, now tell me everything about the mice, that you know."

"I know as much about the Biker Mice, as I know about you. I was only with them for a few hours, then I left. I didn't' exactly ask them their life story."

Black Jack thought for a moment.

"Then I have all the information I require from you. There for, you serve no further purpose." And with that, he let go of Robin.

Robin fell like a rock towards the pavement below. He had to act fast. Using all his strength, he managed to flip his body under his arms, and bring them around to his front. Then using the steel 'R' on his chest, sliced though the ropes. Then, with only a few seconds to spear, he fired his grappling hook, and caught the edge of the building, and swung to safety.

However, the building was so old, that the grappling hook came lose, and Robin fell twenty feet to the pavement.

"ARRRRGGGHH!!!" He screamed out. He slowly got up, and felt his left arm. It was numb. He fiddled around with it, and realized it had been dislocated form his socket. With much pain, he pushed it back in. His arm was on fire, and he nearly fainted from the pain. He stumbled around, trying to get his bearings. He had to find the Biker Mice. He had to warn them. They were in trouble. Slowly, he stumbled of into the darkness.

Black Jack had been watching the whole event form the roof top. Go warn the Biker Mice. He thought. It'll do them no good. Black Jack will be triumphant.


Robin winced as Charley applied the bandages to Robins arm. He had managed to get back to the Last Chance, and warn the Biker Mice of Black Jack.

"So he really wants to take down you guys, not Batm--- ARRGHH!" he cried out. He gave Charley a dirty look. She gave him one back.

"You super-hero's are supposed to take this kind of abuse." She said. "And yet here you are, whining like a baby."

"I'm only 19." Robin said. "According to the Batman, I've still go a long way to go."

"Maybe next time, you'll take his advice, and not get involved." Charley said, as he finished tying up the bandages, and tied on his sling.

"Black Jack, Rhino, and Shocker." Modo said. "These are the guys were up against."

"I wouldn't worry about the Shocker and the Rhino." Throttle said. "It's Black Jack we've got to worry about." Vinnie flexed his muscles.

"Bring it on." He said. "I'm ready for any goon."

"But this isn't any goon." Throttle said.

"Yeah." Modo interrupted. "This guy whipped the floor with Robin, and Robin whipped the floor with both the Shocker and Rhino, and they nearly whipped the floor with us."

"But they just got lucky." Vinnie said. "Next time, will be different." Robin got an idea.

"What if there was a way, to make sure that next time WILL be different." They all looked at him.

"Just what are you getting at?" Throttle asked.

"Well." Robin started. "We know that the Rhino's hide is impenetrable right?" They all nodded. "What if we had a chemical that could dissolve it, like a harmless sort of acid."

"I see." Modo said. "A weapon to get past that suit of his." Vinnie then slammed his fist into his palm.

"Then I can really teach him a lesson about messing with Vinnie VanWham." Robin headed for the garage.

"Ms Division." He said to Charley. "Do you have any sort of chemicals handy with you?"

"This is a garage." She said, with a smile. "Of cause I do." Robin smiled.

"We've got work to do." Suddenly, he felt a furry hand on his shoulder, he turned around to see Throttle with a worried look on his face.

"Not we." He said. "I'm afraid you can't do much with that arm of yours." He said. "You almost got killed tonight. We can't allow that to happen again." Robin lowered his head.

"Hay, cheer up kid." Vinnie said.

"Yeah." Modo said. "You've been a great help to us, but we can handle things from here. Black Jack's not after you. There's no reason for you to stay and make yourself another target."

"But I'm a super-hero." Robin protested. "I'm already a target."

"In Gothem yes." Throttle said. "But not in Chi-town, your hardly even recognized. Black Jack won't harm you any more. If you stay, you might end up surverly injured, or worse." Robin hung his head. Jason Todd had learnt that lesson the hard way. He remembered how bad Bruce had been after Todd's death. He needed a Robin to keep him in line. And dying on him won't make things any better. He knew when he was defeated.

"All right." He said. "I'll go. But I'll give you guys the formula for that chemical, so you guys can make it your selves."

"That's more like it." Throttle said.

"I just wish I could done more for you guys." Robin said.

"Like what?" Modo said. "You've all ready done all you could. What more could you do?" Robin then got an idea.

"The Rhino and the Shocker have been defeated many times before, by another hero, who lives in New York."

"Who?" Vinnie asked.

"Goes by the name of Spider-man. He's fought and defeated both the Shocker and the Rhino. Well, that's what I've read. I'll go to New York, find Spider-man. I'm sure he'll be glad to help you guys." Throttle rubbed his chin.

"All right." He said. "Just don't get into anymore trouble." Robin frowned.

"You guys are too much like Batman." He said.

"Perhaps that's good for you." Charley said. Robin smiled, and said good-byes to the Biker Mice, and Charley. Then, he headed out, and using the shadows, made his way back to the hotel. He entered the building via the basement, and made his way up to his room. Luckily, hardly anybody was out that night. He packed up his Robin suit, and went to bed. The next day, he'd be leaving for New York, to find Spider-man. But he won't find him. Unknown to Robin, the Web slinger's been missing for weeks. He's of fighting in the Secret Wars. (See the animated cartoon series of Spider-man for further details.)

The next morning, at the city docks......

The huge create was slowly put down onto the dock. Dock workers swarmed all around it, moving it onto the special truck that had arrived for it. The truck too it to a where house, were it was unloaded. Four men all grabbed crow bars, and opened the huge crate, it's four sides falling away. The fifth man watched the crate fall apart. When the dust settled, there stood a large robot. The thing was twelve feet tall. It had a human body with a dome for a head. It was all metallic gray, with a few view screens on it's head. The fifth man rang a number on his cell phone.

"Hello, this is Agent X. Yes, the package has been delivered. It's all ready for operations. yes, same to you. Good-bye." He put the cell phone back in his pocket.

Suddenly, the view screen came to life. The face of the Kingpin suddenly appeared on the view screen.

"Exilent." The Kingpin said. "It's time I eradicated four annoying pest from my life. Limburger, Shocker, Rhino, and that masked man, who turned my men against me." Then, the rocket boosters on the robots feet roared to life, and the robot shoot into the morning sky.

The Last Chance Garage.....

Vinnie smiled, as he drove into the garage. He looked around for Charley, and found her fast asleep at her bench. She'd been up all night, working on the chemical that Robin had given them to use against the Rhino's suit. Vinnie grinned. He quietly crept up to Charley, and puckered up his lips. He then lowered his head, to kiss her on the lips.

However, when he was only a few inches away, Charley spoke.

"Do that hot shot, and you'll be eating your hot-dogs though a straw." Vinnie quickly backed off.

"Charley." Vinnie said in surprise. "I thought you-you were---"

"Forget it." She said, smiling. "Just don't try it again. She gave him a playful tweak on his ears.

"Casanova strikes out again." Modo said, shaking his head.

"I finished working on the chemical last night guys." Charley said, yawning. "All you have to do, is cover him with this stuff, and his suit will like a three piece at a moth party."

"Great." Modo said. "Now that we've got the Rhino and the Shocker out of the way. All we've got to worry about is Black Jack."

Limburger Tower.....

Limburger walked past all the cleaners working away in his office, and into the secret room. He took the elevator down to the lab, were Karbunkle was waiting for him. The doctor turned form what he was working on, to see Limburger walking towards him.

"Good morning, your cheesy chederness." Karbunkle said. "And how are you feeling this morning?"

"That all depends, my dear demented M.D." Limburger said. "On what kind of news your have for me." Karbunkle smiled.

"Well first, our new ally has agreed to help us in getting rid of the Kingpin." Limburger smiled.

"So far, so good." He said.

"All our forces will be ready to hijack the nuclear sub when it reaches Chicago harbor. The sub will arrive in Chicago, in about four weeks." Limburger's smile turned into a grin.

"Even better." He said.

"Now." Karbunkle said. "All we can do, is sit back and wait for Kingpin to make his move."

Meanwhile, above the city, the Mega Slayer flew towards Limburger Tower. It flew over buildings, from one, an observer to notes.

"The Kingpin never gives up." Black Jack said. Behind him, the Rhino and the Shocker move uncomfortably.

"That robot looks like something that Smyth might have dreamed up." Shocker said, watching the robot flying across the city.

"But I heard that he'd left the Kingpins services." Rhino said.

"Idiot." Black Jack said. "He must have had it in storage, and is now using it against Limburger." He rubbed his chin, as he watched the robot. "Perhaps that little device would be better if it were on my side."

"I can see were this is leading to." Shocker said. Black Jack turned to face his lackeys.

"I want that robot." He said. They both turned to leave, when Black Jack stopped them. "No." He said. "I'll handle this." He said. He then raced to the helicopter, he looked back at the two villains still standing there. "Just because I said I'll handle this, doesn't mean I don't require your services." They jumped into the chopper with him.

Limburger Tower....

Limburger was seated at his desk, when his phone rang. He picked it up.

"Yes?!" He said into the phone, suddenly, his eyes went wide. "Oh, hello. What?! Really? O.K. Are you sure? All right, I trust you know what you're doing." He put down the phone. Karbunkle approached his desk.

"Might I ask who was that?"

"That was our new ally." Limburger said. "The Kingpins launching another assault. He said to keep the Kingpin talking until he showed up." Karbunkle looked out the window, and gulped.

"He's here." He said. Limburger looked out the window, just in time too see a giant robot come smashing though his window. He hid under the desk, as the robot landed on the floor. The robot looked around.

"Lawrence Limburger!" The Kingpins voice cried out. Limburger looked out from underneath his desk, and looked at the huge robot starring down at him. The Kingpins face starred back at him.

"Kingpin?" He asked. The face nodded. Limburger stood up, and straightened out his suit. "Well, well, well. Limburger and Kingpin, face to face at last." He crossed his arms. "So, what can I do for you." He said.

"Well, for starters." The Kingpin said. "You can die." The robot started to walk towards the Kingpin. "This is what happens to those who mess in my affairs.

"I don't think so." Limburger said. he pressed a small button on his desk, and ten lasers popped down from the ceiling, and began firing at the robot. However, they did little but phase the metallic surface.

"Your toys have no effect against this robot." The Kingpin said. The robot took a might step forward, and broke the desk in two. Limburger was now sweating. He leaned over to Karbunkle.

"When's our ally supposed to turn up?" He asked, rather quickly. Karbunkle shrugged.

"Good-bye, Mr. Limburger." The Kingpin said, as the robot raised it's arm.

"Not today!" A voice cried out.

"Huh?" The robot turned around, just in time to see a huge fist slam into it's main view screen. The glass did not shatter. But it was enough to send the robot staggering backwards. Limburger smiled.

"At last." He said. "I thought you'd never show up, Mr. Black Jack." He said.

"I told you to leave everything to me." Black Jack said.

"Black Jack?!" The Kingpin cried out. The robot began walking towards him. "So that's the name I'll have to carve onto your tomb stone." The robot raised it's arm, and fired a series of laser blasts at Black Jack. Black Jack just held up one half of the broken desk, and used it as a shield. Grabbing the other half, he hurled it at the robot. The robot stopped firing in order to raise it's arm to block the debire. Black Jack used this distraction. He leapt at the robot, and tackled it to the ground. Then grabbing it's arm, he twisted it behind the robot, and ripped it right off.

"Wha--?!" The Kingpin cried out. Then, Black Jack head butted the robot, just were the head connects to the body, and knocked the head right off. He then kicked the robot body into a wall. he walked over to the head, on which the view screen was sparking. Black Jack bent down, and picked up the head.

"You've lost." Black Jack said to the Kingpin. "Don't you ever come back here, again. Or next time you do, I'll do the same thing, only to you." Then the screen fuzzed out completely, and the screen went blank.

Back at Crime Central, the Kingpin watched as the screen fuzzed out and went blank. He didn't scream nor did he smash the control panel that would have sent sparks flying. He just calmly stood up and left the room. He came across a guard standing all by himself. The guard saluted him as the Kingpin walked past. Suddenly, without warning, the Kingpin grabbed him, and lifted him of the ground. Then, a mighty crack filled the hallway, and the guard was forever stilled. He dropped the dead guard and smiled. What a way to vent ones anger.

Black Jack picked up the head, and the broken arm. Meanwhile, Shocker and the Rhino had come in, and were taking the robot away. Limburger was congratulating Black Jack.

"Well done." He said. "You did rather well. I must admit, you did leave things till the last minute, and you did have me scared, I thought that you weren't going to show up."

"Trust me." Black Jack said. "I always get the job done." He then left, in his chopper, with the Mega Slayer, and his two lackeys. He had a robot to fix, and control. The Kingpin had served his usefulness, and Black Jack, like Robin, no longer needed him any more. And anyone he didn't need, he got rid off.

Limburger watched the helicopter fly off. He sighed haply. Finally, those blasted Biker Mice would finally meet their match. he then turned to face Karbunkle.

"I'm glad I made that little alliance with that man." He said. Karbunkle smiled.

"A stroke of pure genius, my repulisiveness." Karbunkle said. "So, are we still proceeding with our little nuclear highst?"

"By all means we are, my dear Doctor." Limburger said. "We shall still go ahead. By the way, how's Grease Pit?"

"The doctor's said that he'll be all right in two days. The Rhino really hit him hard." Limburger chuckled.

"Looks like he finally found something that was harder than his own head." Karbunkle laughed at the joke.

"What shall we do now?" Karbunkle asked. Limburger smiled.

"We break out the Champaign my dear doctor." He said, putting his arm around Karbunkle. "For the first time ever, I finally have the necessary muscle to take down those infernal pests, that have plagued me for far too long." He looked out at the sun. "My dear doctor, we are about to witness the end of the Biker Mice from Mars." He turned around and began walking away. "I finally feel for once in my life, that things are starting to go my way."

Later that night....

In a building, far much different than the one Black Jack receded in. In was a flush apartment with fancy decorations, much like Limburger's own privet room. In a dark corner of the room, a figure sat, watching TV. Just then, a knock came from the door..

"Come in." The figure said. Black Jack entered the room.

"It worked sir." Black Jack said, as he came into the room.

"Of cause it worked." The figure said. "After all, it was my brilliant mind that came up with the whole idea." In the darkness, his eyes narrowed. "Does anyone know, or suspect, that I'm involved?" Black Jack shock his head.

"No." He said. "Every one thinks that I'm the master mind behind all of this." The Figure smiled.

"Good." He said. "That is the way it must remain. For I don't want anyone to know of my existence in this little...game. Yet."

"The Kingpin is now out of the game, completely." Black Jack said. "The Rhino, the Shocker, and the Mega Slayer are now under my control. And Limburger thinks that I'm working for him."

"What about the Dark Knights side kick?"

"He's gone." Black Jack said. "I made sure to that." The figure smiled.

"Exilent. He was never ment to be a part of this." He said. "Perhaps your little crime spree in L.A. caught some unwanted attention." He swiveled his chair mount to the right, were there was a chess board set up. On the board, were pieces of everyone that was in the game. Limburger, Karbunkle, the Biker Mice, the Kingpin, Shocker, Rhino, and Black Jack. He flicked the Kingpin piece of the board. He moved the Rhino and Shocker pieces behind the Black Jack piece. "Now that the pieces are in place. We're ready to begin." He looked over the board. "We've made our move." He looked at the Biker Mice pieces. "Lets see what there move is." He leaned back in his chair. "As they say in the movies. Let the games begin!"

TO BE CONTINUED.............