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Andreas W's

"Those weird tales"

Part I (a prologue)

A Christmas as you wouldn't like

December the 24th, 1998

"So, we'd like to warn all you drivers out there, slippery roads and a snowstorm is a baa-aaad combination fellahs! So watch where you're driving! And now for something completely different!"

"Yea yea yea! El, can you turn down the volume?"

"Does it make you nervous?"

"It's not that. I just don't like to hear that guy Brown, yelling. The music he plays, too much metal-crap."

"Tsk tsk, don't be like that! It's hard to believe that you ARE from Essex!"

"That's why I insisted we should move to Chicago, to get rid of all that rave."

"<Chuckle> Bad excuse, James darlin'."

He turned his head and grinned.

"As bad as always, huh?"

"My god, it's already 7:15p.m! Timmy must wonder where we are. He said he would come home at seven."

"Aw, come on sweets, you really don't think our little anarchist would be too much for Renshaw to bear for another twenty minutes?"

"Remember that they're going for a vacation? We don't want to be an obstacle in their way, right?"

"I guess we don't and better hurry up a little?" he asked and accelerated.

The car, a BMW M Coupé, had studded tires and was well prepared for a ride through a winter city in the middle of a snowstorm.
Both the windshield wipers were working rapidly and the lights were good enough to at least reveal thirty yards ahead in the heavy snowstorm.
There was unusual much traffic on little road they were driving on that lead through a very anonymous block in the outskirts of the city.

"Damn, we won't be able to be home before 7:45pm." James muttered and slowed down the car a little.

"I'll call them and forewarn about our late arrival." Elinoré said and dialled a number on the cell-phone, then waited until someone picked up.

"Renshaw, it's Weronica."

"Hi, it's Elinoré."

"Oh hi, I was just wondering why you didn't show up."

"Yes, I'm terrible sorry...but we're gonna be a little late, and..."
"Don't worry about it. We just got a phone-call from Henry's parents and we'll go there tomorrow when the weather is better. Peter and Tim are having a great time so you don't need to hurry."

"Thank goodness, then I can breathe out." Elinoré laughed and felt the tensions go away. "You're great who can have with us once more."

A laughter could be heard from the phone's little speaker.

"Well, it's not like we're getting used to it but this time you DO have a good excuse. So don't hurry and get into an accident, okay?"

"Promise." El grinned a little. "We'll hopefully be there in thirty minutes but I'm not sure."

"Come whenever you want, we'll keep an eye or two on Timmy."

"Thanks. I love you for doing this. We'll come as fast as we can, okay?"

"Love is mutual here. We'll see you later." Weronica laughed again.


She hung up and put the cell phone in the purse.

"No need to hurry. They're not leaving tonight."

"Whoa, we're lucky today! Once a year is it supposed to be so, isn't it?"

"Always." His wife answered and squeezed his arm gently.

In front of them was a railway crossing and the red lights flashed, so James stopped the car and waited.

"This will be the first calm Christmas since I don't know when." James said right out into the warm air inside the car.

"Mmm." Elinoré mumbled and stared blankly at the large amount of snowflakes that fell over the windshield and slowly melted on the warmer glass before the windshield wipers removed them. "So much trouble, still so much time left."

Behind the BMW, a lorry appeared and the driver stepped on the breaks to slow it down.
Suddenly, he felt a powerful jerk go through the vehicle when all breaks froze and locked the wheels. The slippery state of the road caused it to slip and fall over with a load crash.

"What the hell is going." James got out before a deafening sound of the crash followed by the violent jerks that passed throughout the entire car when they were pressed through grade-crossing barrier.

All provisions in carry bags flew around them and smashed the instrument panels.
Slowly, the car fell over and the Waltwilths found themselves hanging upside-down in their safe-belts, aching all over and soaked in food.

Elinoré was the first to recover from the shock.


She furiously pressed on the switch that held the safety-belt locked but it refused to let go.

"Shitshitshitshit..shit" James cursed and grabbed the seat, lifting himself up a little to ease the pressure on the belt.

His trembling hand finally found the switch and it let go.
He fell down with a hard thud but collected himself as quick as he could and began to help Elinoré out of the seat.

"Hurry... We must get out..." She whined, trying to pull herself up to make it easier for him.

"I'm trying!" He barked harsher than he had expected.

"Ouch!" At last, the belt released her and she fell down over him.

James kicked hard on the car-door next to the driver's seat and it let go, opening itself widely.

"Come on!" He hissed, just as a familiar shrill sound from the rails went up through the roof of the car.

A powerful light from outside lightened up the entire inside and their pupils shrank.

"Elinoré..." He gasped.


In the next second a horrible crash exploded through their heads and their eyes didn't see anything anymore.

"Holy Maria!!" The male Lorry-driver shouted as he ran after the express train which took it sweet time to stop.
Load metallic shrieks echoed into the snowstorm and a fire exploded inside the car's coupe as burning metallic splinters lightened the leaking gas.


Detective superintendent Carl Adams sometimes hated his work.
He had been forced to stand in the sharp smell of fried metal and bodyparts and hear reports from the technicians.
Endless reports about the victims, the story about the accident and etcetera.
But worst of all was when he had to visit the remaining relatives and tell them.
This time, they had to tell a four years old boy that he had no parents anymore and that would be hellish enough.
His female colleague Ashley Eubanks accompanied him in the patrol car that evening on their way to visit the family Peterson.
About one hour earlier had a Weronica Peterson called the local police-station and reported that James and Elinoré Waltwilth hadn't showed up and she had not even been able to reach their mobile phone.
After they had been tracing the license plats on the damaged BMW and technicians had found two bodies were there hardly no doubts that it was the Walthwilths.

"Here we are. Greenhill Avenue." Ashley commented and Carl shook his head to revive from the deep thinking, slowed down and did an illegal parking in front of a middle-large red house made out of pinewood.

Two cops got out of the car and walked up the gravel path and Carl recognized a movement in one of the enlightened windows.
Next time the door opened and a rather tall woman with straight blonde hair and a ravaged face appeared in the opening with light streaming out around her body, creating a shadow on the porch step.
The two strangers removed their hats.

"Good evening. Mrs Renshaw I assume? I am superintendent Adams and this is my colleague Ashley Eubanks. May we come inside?"

She nodded stiffly and made way so that the two officers could step inside.
A broadshouldered man with brown short hair came out from an opening to the right. His face was troubled.
They introduced themselves to him.

"What has happened?" Henry Renshaw asked them in a matter-of-fact tone. "I want to know it, straight and easy without any explanations or sluggishness. Speak!"

Carl Adams was silent for a while and felt the silence thicken until it threatened to stifle him.

"Your friends, Mr. and Mrs. Waltwilths were involved in a car-accident about two hours ago. A collision made the car break through grade-crossing barriers and they never had a chance to get out. I am deeply sorry."

Weronica put a hand over her face and big tears began to roll out of her eyes.
Henry Renshaw on the other hand seemed to be totally unaffected although anyone could see in his eyes that the emotions were wrestling each other.
Nobody could find out anything to say.
Every word seemed to be useless, without meaning and filled of blaspheme.

"What is going to happened to the boy? To Timmy?" Henry Renshaw asked at last.

"I cannot say since I am not any social worker." Said Adams with big effort. "But I believe it's best to let the boy stay here over the night and you will be contacted tomorrow."

Henry nodded slowly.

Suddenly, a little shadow appeared on the hallway wall.
All adults turned around and looked at Tim who was standing in the doorway Henry had entered the hallway from.
His face was pale and confused.

"Where are they?"


"Where are they?" He repeated.

Weronica quickly wiped the tears off with her sleeve and shot a quick glance at Ashley.
The other females mouth formed the word SHOCK.

"Where are mom and dad? Where are they?"

The blonde woman wrapped her arms around the little kid with nutbrown hair and embraced him.

"I'm sorry, Timmy. I'm so sorry..." She whispered and caressed his hair. "So sorry..."


Carl Adams had been right.
Next day, a female social worker called the Renshaws and talked with Henry for over half an hour.
Shortly thereafter had Henry a adult-to-adult talk with his wife.

"She says there is a possible orphanage that can take him in after the Christmas weekend." He said in low-voiced. "A woman from the social welfare service will arrive at 11:00 so that we can talk about this."

She nodded and sipped on the coffee.
Timmy was still in shock and very hard to establish a contact with when the social worker arrived. A middle-aged woman with steelgrey hair and thick glasses named Agda Creves.
She was very objective and asked them if they could look after the boy for another week.
They agreed.
At first, she asked them if they had thought about adopting Timmy into their family but Henry said no.

"May God and Tim forgive me for this, but we can't. We have Peter and Anja already and we know that we won't have time. I don't know how we will ever be able to explain this to him... We just can't."

Mrs. Creves nodded understanding and wrote the answers in her notepad.

"If you would happened to change your mind, I want you to contact me as soon as possible."
"Of course, of course."


December the 31st, 1998

"I wonder if we haven't made a decision we will live to regret." Wictoria said to Henry as they watched Timmy walk down to the cab that New Year's Eve, accompanied by two workers from the social welfare board.
He didn't answer and went back inside.


December the 28th, 1998

Four persons were sitting in a livingroom in a rather luxurious apartment in the more central parts of Chicago.
First there was a tall and bald man from CIA called Patrick Wayne, then a child psychologist named Evans Jansen, a lawyer named Spencer Schwartz and at last a female from the local government's committee for childcare.
Her name was Rita K. Wicker and it was obvious that she and Patrick knew each other from before.

"He will survive this." Said Evans and meant Timmy. "You can't imagine what a great ability children posses to work things like this one out. But I am worried that he might be at that institution too long."

"That depends on if we can find some proper surrogate-parents." Answered Rita.

She had a voice Evans didn't like at all.
It was too cold, sharp and demanding.
The kind of a voice you can expect hearing from a general in a concentration camp.

"I would like to ask you, Mr. Spencer, what the last will of the Waltwilths say?"

"Oh, I apologize, I almost forgot." The lawyer said quickly and opened an envelope, pulled out the papers and gave each person a copy. "I guess you can read the text yourselves."

Five minutes later had they been reading through the document that was very clear on every point.
Almost all furnitures and the house were going to be sold, and the receipts were going to be placed into bank accounts.
The remaining things were supposed to be stored in a warehouse until Tim had reached the legal age and could do whatever he wanted with them.

"Then, there is also that safe-deposit mentioned. It belonged to Mr. Waltwilth himself and can only be opened by his child."

"Isn't that cryptic." Patrick commented.

"Not really. You know what might be stored in there. Photos, family jewellery and things like that. Access to it required both a password, a key and a retina-scan"

"All that for some family things? You don't believe that yourself, right Mr Schwartz?"

"What I believe or not, is not relevant in this situation. I am paid to protect Timmy Waltwilth's legally property against all hands, and that is what I am going to do."

"My advice is that we leave him out of all these matters until he has grown older and put this pain behind him." The psychologist put in gravely. "I don't understand why this discussion is even brought up?"

"An expert on physiology and parapsychology might have some interesting documents in his safe deposit, wouldn't he Mr. Jansen? Why do you think the government has rented us this exclusive place to discuss such a simple matter as an orphan child?"

"Well, I don't want to get involved in any dirt!"

"You are already in it then. If you two gentlemen believe that this is a coffee party where we discuss which ball we were at last time, then you're wrong."

"We are gonna be as clear as possible, Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Jansen." Rita spoke in that ice-cold voice. "Our employers want the contents in that safe deposit, the sooner the better. We can't reach it if not the child is allowing us to. That is why we ask of you both to try to convince him about this and tell us where the keys are. If he would happened to die, which we certainly don't want, the box will not fall into the hands of our employers earlier than 2020. That is to long and we don't have time to wait. Do you understand?"

An ominous silence hung in the air until the lawyer got up on his feet.

"I don't want to be involved in any of these Gestapo doings. Count me out of it! I have done my part in this meeting."

"Sit down, Mr. Schwartz." Said Patrick in a soft voice, now with a gun in the hand.

The lawyer froze and he stared at the man's unemotional face for a flashing second before slowly sitting down.
Patrick smiled and waved with the gun.

"Does it have to be any clearer than this?" He asked.


FBI-report: #DE919-594-316
Thursday, 17/6 1999

Name: Waltwilth, Timothy Adrian Leopold
Age: 5
Date of birth: 29/1/94
Date of case: 13/6/1999 OR 14/6/1999
Status: missing
Last seen: The orphanage `Rosegarden' 21:00 13/6/99
The case: Disappeared from his room during the night between June the 12th and 13th, sometime between 21:00 and 07:00. No children have seen him leave his room and/or the building. Upon examination by the local police was it reported that all doors were locked safely. No trace of fights in the rooms. Security cameras were fully functional upon examination. No unauthorized persons have been seen around the room of the disappearance. After proper examination has the management established that all employees have acceptable alibis.
Suspicion of crime: N/A
Summary: Enigma

And the real story may begin...

Andreas W's

"Those weird tales"

Part II

When you're found, don't feel too safe

May the 10th, 2000

The rocky landscape piled up around them and created dark silhouettes in contrast to the purple-coloured sky.
They were two and they were martians, assigned to a mission they intended to complete.
Another plutarkian base had been under their supervision for a longer while and they were going to do a closer examination that night.
The two of them were very different. So different it was almost comical.
One tall, one short.
Black and nutbrown.
The aggressive and the carefully.
Like two opposite sides that had merged and become a perfect combination.

"We're gonna kick some plutarkian ass tonight, aren't we kid?" the tall one asked without really expecting an answer.

He had made up the fire he was Sitting in front of, watching his companion on the other side.
Not really a typical martian, but yet typical.
People on Earth would say that he was mentally retarded but if someone on Mars (or any other place) dared to say something in that way, Spark wouldn't let them get away with it, if it came to his knowledge.
He was a very tall martian. About 7'0. Besides that, he was aggressive, cold, and with nerves made out of steel. That meant nobody messed with him at all. They were scared of him and his bike.
But he also enjoyed killing the fish-creeps, a special feeling that didn't compete with anything else. There wasn't anything he couldn't do to get a chance to wipe some of them out.
Cross my way, be careful, don't tease me, don't bitch with me, don't fight with me, and I'll let you go.

Stunts was the most awesome rider he had ever seen, with an attitude that was hard to get a grip of. Not even Spark could succeed with that, though they had been knowing each other for what felt like an eternity.
Sometimes, Stunts could be bright and able to think very clearly like any other martian. Then, he turned into that state where he was more of a little child, who asked what/where/why.
His ultimate description of Stunts used to be, `toys in the attic'.
And that had characterized him pretty well.

But at that time they were just sitting there by the fire, looking into it as if they were two wise men, trying to find the spirits in the glowing light.
Suddenly, Spark's bike started to act weirdly.
The mouse scowled and walked over to it.

"What's the matter, bike?"

The engine revved and it ejected its weapons.

"Someone's coming?"

He picked up his blaster from the holster and moved up to the big rock and listened.
Very true, t here were footsteps heading their direction.
Yet, the low sounds of feet touching the ground weren't rhythmical and that made him a little perplexed.
A plutarkian would march towards them or at least sneak, but this creature didn't do either. Almost as if it didn't care if someone heard it.
Stunts had woken up for a moment and moved back into the shadows with a weapon in the hand, if the approaching one would happened to be armed.
The someone was just about to move out from the face of the rock, when Spark tensed his muscles, grabbed whoever it was by the collar and dragged the person violently into the light of the fire.
At first he wasn't sure what it was, until the creature raised its head with big effort and tried to focus.

"I die..." was all it got out before losing consciousness.

Spark quickly put it down by the fire while Stunts walked up by his side.

"It's a human." He established, still in that bright state where he could make valid points.

"That's hard to believe." Spark said lowly.

The human child was so thin and emaciated that was easy to believe he belonged to some different species.

"I think our mission will have to wait." Spark continued. "We must get this kid to a doctor or else he'll die."

Stunts tipped his head to the other side and looked at the human again.

"We better hurry." He said flatly and his taller companion nodded.


May the 11th, 2000

"Badly nourished, anemia and big loss of body fluids, plus several infections. One broken thumb, several bruises from injections and other punctures. It's a miracle that he's still alive. His current condition isn't the very best."

"Starblaze, this just doesn't make any sense. How the hell did he get here in the first place?"

"Good question. What about abduction?"

"Those plutarkians." Spark muttered and clenched his fist.

"Maybe. Are you really sure that he was coming from their base?"

"Where else would this kid have come from?"

"Another good question. But you're probably right. At least I know of no other buildings in that area, and nobody in his condition would make it from the closest of our cities, through that landscape."

"Enigmatic." Stunts let out.

The two other martians looked at him.

"Yes Stunts. That is exactly the word to describe all this." Starblaze's said.

"But why don't we just let the army-doctors take care of it? We have missions to complete and they're gonna ask us why we never got any information about the fishheads!"

"Well then, you will just have to tell them you didn't catch anything tonight."

"I don't see the point."

"Well, I do." She replied and looked at him steadily. "We shouldn't let any of them be aware of this child's presence until he has waken up, and told us his story."

"What if he refuses?"

"To wake up, or to tell?"


She was quiet, as if she considered the fact that her patient could live as well as die during this critical period.

"Come on, Starblaze! They have better equipment than you and they are more than just one. He's better off at some real hospital!" Spark said and looked at the drip connected to the child's arm.

"May I remind you that I am an educated doctor too? Plus that I have access to all medical storages around? I care for this little one! Don't you care?"

"What kind of a question is that?" Spark frowned.

"A straight question."

"I care as long as I find out what he was doing out there."

Starblaze went up to him, leaned forward and whispered, "You don't need to hide your feelings when you are with me...and you know that."

He looked self-conscious and scowled again.

"You get me wrong. I ain't hidin' anything."

"Are you sure about that?"

She refused to give up.

"Okay okay! Of course I care a little. But I just think it would be better if two or three doctors could watch him."

"I understand." She moved up to the bed and opened up the child's right eye and looked properly before she dropped the eyelid.

"Personally I'm convinced that it will take a few days before he comes back. If he does at all, that is."

They looked down at him.
Starblaze had cleaned the boy up and dressed him in some clothes she had found in the magazine.
To comb his bright brown hair had felt good and she had felt it curl beneath her hands.
Starblaze loved children and had cursed her inability to have her own innumerable times.
In fact, the arrival of this little fellow had been quite a pleasure and thrill. Some variation in a stiff life.

"I have put big doses of iron and vitamins into the drip. He will definitely need it all. I also gave him an injection that hopefully will speed up the reproduction of new bloodplasma and blood cells. Let us hope that it works and that he doesn't have any brain-injuries."

"You mean, he could wake up and be like, retarded?"

"If things are against him, yes."

"Poor kid."


May the 17th, 2000


The black muscular mouse looked up from the papers and looked questioning at his girlfriend.


"He is about to wake up." Starblaze told him in an almost excited voice and waved her hand. "Come on, you two."

Stunts and Spark accompanied her into the little room where he had been sleeping.

His eyes were fluttering and he moved back and forth mumbling inaudible words.

"I was changing the drip when I recognized that he was about to regain consciousness." The female mouse explained. "The blood count is much better too it isn't surprising that he is coming back. Those shots did..."

She cut off the sentence because she saw a pair of big hazel-eyes suddenly staring at her.

"Relax honey, and don't be scared. You're in safety and..." She began, but was interrupted because the boy got wild.

"STAY AWAY AND DON'T TOUCH ME!! DON'T HURT ME!!!! DON'T HURT ME!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! LET ME GO!!!" He screamed as he practically flew up from the bed.

Spark reacted immediately and caught him in a firm grip.
Seconds afterwards, the child hammered on him with his small fistsand twisted violently to get free.

"Calm down, calm down. We are not gonna hurt you." Starblaze said softly, but definitely.
It didn't help.

"YOU HURT ME!! DON'THURTME hurtmemore."

The boy started to cry and stopped fighting and the body lost all its tension.
He was still in the hands of the male mouse and Starblaze gestured to her boyfriend to put the child down on the bed.
Spark did as she wished.
They watched the boy they didn't even know the name of, crawling up in the corner with tears streaming over his face and dripping from his chin.

"Sweetheart, don't cry. Whatever that might have happened is past. You you're safe with us. Do you understand me?" Starblaze's voice was soft as velvet.

The boy stopped crying, wiped off his face with the sleeve of his sweater and contemplated them expectantly.

"My name is Starblaze."

"Spark." Spark said shortly and looked the child straight in the eyes.


The boy's vigilant gaze went to Spark, then to Stunts, to Spark again, to Starblaze, to Spark, and so on.

Maybe he tried to decide on which side these mice were.

"I am...Timothy." he finally got out with a little voice they hardly could hear.

He looked down at his hands.

"I don't know anything...more..."

"I tell you this, he's lying."

"According to my examination there are no signs of that he's been hit in the head, neither recieved any injections that can cause amnesia, so I guess it's true. Unless..."


"Unless he's suffering from repression."

"You mean that he's forgotten everything by free will? That doesn't make sense!" Spark leaned forward in the armchair and fixed his girlfriend with the eyes. "Realize this logical fact: the kid just doesn't trust us."

"We've been saving his life so he should. I can't help it but I get this weird suspicion" Starblaze stopped speaking and looked pensive.


"Oh, nothing. Maybe we will find out but we'd better let him play his game until then."

"Timothy is hiding something from us."

Starblaze sighed and nodded.
Positively, he did.
It was so strange.
Why was he there, on their planet and not at home on Earth? What had happened and why all silence and concealing?
Weren't his parents looking for him, there on Earth?
She was longing for answers and the kid's first reactions worried her.
Later on, her misgivings turned out to be justified.

"You must eat properly, hon. If you want to become healthy again."

He looked up, then put the fork with fried meat into his mouth and chewed on it thoughtfully.
There were also some vegetables that reminded of potatoes covered with some sauce.
He had emptied the plate within two minutes.

"Good. I bet you will be up on the feet again soon." Starblaze said and stroke his hair.

Steps echoed from outside the little house and someone knocked on the front door.
The female mouse immediately felt how the child's body got tensed.

"So, it's you. What do you want?" Sparks masculine voice could be heard.

"We need to talk, you and me Spark. A very important matter, so I suggest that we get out of this hallway!" Another sharp, female voice said.

Starblaze knew that it belonged to the female general Carbine from the martian army.
She had earlier been involved in the freedom fighter troops, but since that day her Throttle left Mars she'd slowly slipped back into the her old group and started to get interested in some lieutenant.

"What's this about?" Spark's voice was harsh.

"I must go out there and join them." Starblaze told Tim. "Stay here and keep quiet."

He nodded and watched her slipping through the door, closing it, then jumped out of the bed and silently moved over to the door to listen.

"For the first, I want to say that I am very disappointed at your inefficiency during the last missions!"

"I am not in your army. I have no duties towards you!" Spark replied ice-coldly.

"Yes, you have as a martian! Either you do the missions you have been assigned, or else you'll face jail time! People who are unwilling to fullfill their dutyies receive hard penalties and you know that, right?"

The tall black martian silently looked down at her with death in the eyes, but Carbine was still standing as straight. Confident and self-assured as a rock.
She moved her gaze over to Starblaze who was standing by a chair on the other side of the table.

"Who is in there? I think I heard something." Carbine said and pointed at the door.

"No one." Starblaze replied and tried to look calm and collected.

Before she or Sparks had any chance to intervene, the general tore the door open and then just stared inside.

"Oh shit..." Spark mumbled and hid the face in his hands.

Tim stared back at the female in shock, totally unable press speak until the paralyzation lost its grip and a shrill shriek left him as he backed off shaking.

"He's got a hysterical attack! I will handle this!" Starblaze hissed and caught the human child who struggled as if his life was in deadly danger.

Spark went up to the general and piled up in front of her, saying: "I think you'd better leave now, general!"

"Wait a second! I demand to know all about how that...that human, has come here! I require that you..."

She closed her mouth when the tall black mouse put his blaster beneath her chin.

"Get out, general." He said menacing and forced her go backwards out through the front door.

"You won't get away with this, Spark!" were the last words he heard before slamming the door close.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit!"

He continued to swear loadly when he walked into the small room still holding the blaster.
Starblaze was sitting on the bed with the crying child in her lap.

"She made him hysteric." She said and looked at Spark. "Now I believe we can pretty easily figure out who's responsible for his wrenched condition."

"You don't mean that..the army's own doctors...scientists?"

"Yes I do. But Carbine probably didn't know about Timmy, and he didn't know anything about her. I think he just recognized her uniform. You didn't see how he stared at her clothing, first thing?"


"Well, I did. I am afraid that they will come back soon, to take him away."

"Don' let'em take me, don' let'em take me" Timothy pleaded in panic.

"Don't be afraid baby. We won't."

"This kid has been nothing but trouble from the beginning!" Spark said muffled.

"Oh, sure! You should have left him to die in the desert instead!"

He replied by giving her an icy glance.

"Timothy, honey, for your own safety. You must tell us what happened. You hear me? You must tell the truth!"

"Don't want to! Can't!"

"Yes you can. Just relax and trust us, okay? We just want you to be safe."

She stroke his hair while she spoke and the child allowed her to comfort her, then stammered out:

"They, p-put nails in me...I couldn't go... They we-were say...saying...I'mmmnot...human..."

"Do you mean that they said you weren't human?"

"Y-yea. I'm...odd...they...aregonna...hurt me..."

"Listen carefully, Timothy. We will try to take you back to your home. To your parents. Wherever you came from. Do you hear me? We will take you back home."

"I h-haveno home..."

Spark had watched them silently all the time, and now he asked with his deep voice: "What about your parents?"

The boy turned his head and watched the male mouse through tearful eyes.

"D-d-died on Chr...Christmas, l-l-la-last year."

"I'm sorry honey." Starblaze whispered and her soft grip around his little body tightened.

Suddenly, someone knocked so hard on the front door that it almost fell apart.
It sounded like they were using a battering-ram.

"Now what the fuck..." Spark growled and got up.


"You have no right to force your way in!" Spark barked and aimed the blaster at...
...the door fell apart after a powerful kick.

Five soldiers dressed in the classical army-clothes rushed inside with charged rifles.

"Drop your weapon!" The officer ordered and Spark obeyed reluctantly.

He hoped that Stunts would show up, but the kid who had been working on his bike earlier was most likely totally unware of what happened.

"All right", the officer continued, turned to his men. "Now seize the kid and take him back to the chambers!"

One of the soldiers grabbed Tim's wrist and pulled him away from Starblaze.
They were all determined in their movements and appeared to be ready to handle everything.
Except for a punch in the crotch.
Slowly, the soldier sank down to the ground with a muffled groan as Timmy, who obviously had punched as hard as he could, quickly moved backwards into a corner.
The soldiers stared him with amused smirks. All of them were well aware of that he wouldn't be able to escape this time.

"Now, you little creep", snarled the sergeant, "let's see what you will do NOW!"

The mouse lunged at him but only hit the wall with a load smack.
Because the human was no longer in the room.
First he'd been there.
A 1/1000 second later. he was gone without a trace as if he' been forged into pure energy.
With eyes which flashed of furious anger, the cocky sergeant got up on his feet.

"He got away!" He confirmed and narrowed his eyes. "However, the next time he won't escape that easily."

His cold and hard eyes focused on the black martian.

"And you Spark! In the future do we expect you to be more co-operative! You will contact us if you so much as see the shadow of that creep, understood? Refusal will result in a trial for you and your girlfriend, probably followed by death sentences. You know what to do. Good evening!"

They left and didn't even close the broken door.
Their vehicles started and rode off and the sound died out.
Only the wind's mournfully whining remained.

"I am gonna kill them!" The black mouse growled and clenched his fists. "All has been chaotic ever since that fucking kid came around!"

"Spark! How CAN you put all blame on an innocent child?!! I would be more concerned over WHERE he is right now!"

"We won't find out. He'll probably never come back and that's the best, for us anyway." The night-black mouse declared and left the building without telling where he was going.

It was late when he returned from a long ride with the bike as only company.
He silently watched the stars as he walked inside the house Starblaze and he had been living in for about two years.
Inside had someone obviously Starblaze- lit several candles and shut off all electic light.
She sat on a chair before the table, reading something.

"Starblaze..." he called out softly but she didn't turn around or give any sign that she was aware of what he was saying.

"I'm sorry, for everything I said and did. I just needed was to calm down and regain senses, you know."

She slowly turned around and looked at him seriously.

"I want to show you something." She said lowly and got up.

A confused Spark followed her into the room where their human visitor had slept during the nights and the days.

"What the hell...?"

"Are you surprised?"

To tell the truth, he was really surprised. Seeing the human lying in the bed, snoozing silently like he hadn't done anything else for years, was very much of what he hadn't expected at all.

"He came back?" Spark raised his eyebrows.

"As you can see. I found him here one hour ago. Nothing dramatically at all. He was lying in the bed, sleeping."

"This is too much. I want to know what the hell this is all about!"

"We will have to wait until he wakes up and tell us. If he remembers anything of this, that is."

"Come on Starblaze, we don't need to wait. We just wake him up right now!"

The tall mouse was about to start shaking the kid but his girlfriend stopped him.

"No, don't! Later, we will know the truth in time."


May the 18th, 2000

After spending many hours in the world of all wonders, the world we sometimes call dreams, Timothy woke up to face the next ominous day.
Sometimes he had dreamed about other worlds, and they appeared to be so real that he almost thought they were.
Like they weren't just simple, electric impulses between the synapses in his brain.
Timmy didn't know anything about that.
Most six years old human children aren't aware of how the real world really work, and they don't care to worry much about it either unless their innocent world is ruined by someone.
At the very moment he opened his eyes and let the light into them, he expected to see something he wouldn't.
Not that he was very sure of what he would see but still, he wished it would have been something nicer than that room, and that martian to whom he was nothing but trouble.
Tim wanted to throw off the sheets and run away, but they were outside.
Those living demons that had capitalized on his confusement back there after the dream fairy had taken him to a bad, bad, bad place.

"So, You decided to wake up now?"

He looked at the huge mutant who was standing by his bed, arms folded and with a stiff face-expression.
A handful of big worms began to crawl around in his stomach, biting its inner walls and Tim shivered.

"You know kid, I could never dream of all trouble I would have to go through because of you, that evening when you stumbled over our shelter in the desert."

Tim bit his lower lip and were quiet.

"We know you can tell what this is all about: your disappearance yesterday, and the army guys trying to get to you. You are going to tell me the truth about all this. And right now! Get it?"

Embracing his own body, he continued to do what he had done the last minute: silently staring at the sheets.

"You know, I'm really getting tired of your bloody silence!" Spark growled and grabbed him firmly.

"You'd better open up the little closet now, or else I am gonna help you do it!"

His arm-muscles were tensed and hard like a dozen of rocks.
Tim had no problems to imagine what the martian would to help him remember what he didn't want to be aware of.
His only physical protector wasn't around, and that rendered him helpless.
But not completely.
Shaking as an aspen leaf, he closed his eyes and called out for his super-natural friend.

-Hello Tim!

From the darkness above him, she came flying with that weird but sweet smile on her face.
The dress was waving in a wind he couldn't feel.

You needed my help? She asked in a voice that sounded like an orchestra of pan-flutes.

- Medea, take me away! PLEASE! He hurts me! He wants to hurt me like all of those mutants!

Medea smiled and waved the magic wand, whispering: -
No one is gonna hurt you, Timmy-boy. I am going to take you away. Just come with me!

She offered a little hand and he accepted her offer. In the very same second as their hands were connected, gravitation stopped to matter and they flew off into the darkness. Towards one of the worlds Medea knew.
Sometimes she would took him to bad worlds and he wondered why?
Was she evil or something?
Tim didn't want to believe that because she had helped him so many times before in his life. Why would she try to have him killed?
Almost as if she had read his thoughts, Medea turned her head and smiled to him.
A smile saying, `take it easy my little boy, sure I will take you to a good place'.

"This is your last chance before I lose my patience, kiddo. TELL ME THE TRUTH!!"

Next moment, the floor beneath Spark's feet fell down into nothingness. Just disappeared, like fogs disappear in the summer-mornings.
Everything around had ceased to exist and he fell like a stone.
For a short time, Spark wondered if he had died.
Suddenly he found himself safely standing on the ground once again.
On an old highway with spruces and pines in the asphalt.
A road where big plants were growing rapidly and free throughout big cracks.

"Where are we?" Spark asked, still and holding the human's arms his hands.

"How the hell did we get here?"

"Let go of me!"

Tim got a tweezers-grip of the skin on Spark's upper arm, in the centre between the elbow and the shoulder, and twisted the skin firmly.
Spark let go of him and gritted his teeth when a sharp sting of pain went through the arm.
Using his advantage, Tim kicked him on each lowe shin, consequently giving himself an opportunity to get a good headstart.
He ran faster than he ever could remember.
Ran along the broken road and up on a large hill, trying to reach the top.
Behind him had the martian already begun the hunt.

Spark had gotten up and started to pursue the human.
On the road were furry animals running there and back in the heat of the sun, collecting food and grass for their nests.
They must have landed on the very edge of a landscape, because the character of it changed dramatically.
There were more broad-leaf trees now. More grass and hardly any coniferous trees.
In the distance, he could see that Tim had reached a large emerald-green hill covered with flowers. He was working his way up the hillside.
Like any of the well-trained martian fighter, Spark ran through the terrain with ease and caught up with the human just as he got up to the top of the hill.

"Now listen you little sh..."

He cut off his own sentence, because the sight in front of him was completely stunning.
Below them, a huge valley was embedded between the hill they were standing on and large frosty mountains, located on the opposite side.
A waterfall with a fall-height on at least onethousand feet fell from one of the mountains, down into a river, creating a large rainbow when the sun shone on the water-drops.
The valley itself was completely covered in flowers of different colours, and the river looked like a band of silver as it floated through the landscape.
On the hillsides grew some kind of white cherry-trees with all all their flowers blossoming.
Spark almost thought he could the the very old fragments and rests of buildings along the river. Deserted and ruined, now with only animals as citizens.
It was like a dream.

"Where are we?" Spark asked.

"I dunno. Medea took us here."


"Yea, Medea."

"And WHO is Medea?"


"See kid, I have had a hell of a day already. I want to go back to Mars immediately!"

"Sorry." Tim said quickly, more eager to examine the valley than discussing travels.

"Oh, shit..." Spark cursed and gave up.

He sat down in the fragrant grass and the boy moved backwards, getting a safe distance between them.

"So... We're stranded here now?" Spark looked at him.

Tim nodded and played with a flower in his hand.

"What is so strange about you? You're a human. Why do they want you so badly?"

Quietly, the inquired reached for an animal that had decided to come up to them and see what kind of weird life forms they were.
It looked like a rabbit with speckled fur in the white and black, long ears and brown eyes. Still, there was something strange about it, and Tim couldn't really understand what.
With careful hands, he started to scratch it behind the ears like he had done to the rabbits at Spencer's farm when he was little.
The animal seemed to be very pleased and allowed him to continue the comfortable treatment.

"They are not scared." Tim said amazed.

Spark didn't seem to care much.
Instead he raised from the ground, now with that impatient expression he had been using earlier.

"We must get out of here and back to Mars. How do you do it?"

"I dunno. Medea does it."

"WHO is this Medea?"

"She is Medea."

"~sigh~ You're one stubborn little kid, you know that?"

Tim didn't answer. Instead, he headed towards the deserted village in the bottom of the valley.

"Hey! It can be dangerous down there!" Spark shouted after him.

"But I want to see it!" Came the answer as the boy raced down the hillside.

"Hell! Why did I ever get involved in this mess?" Spark muttered and tried to not stumble over any stone on the way down.

He tumbled down to the sandbank, feeling deeply confused and yet more happy than in ages.
At last, he had found what appeared to be a beatiful paradise.
A counterpoise to the hellish experiences on that red, dusty planet with the mutated mice.
Tim reached the sandbank and stopped before the water.
The river was about five metres wide and swarmed of fishes and other marine creatures he had neither seen or heard of.
There was a medium big stone on the edge of the bank, and Tim couldn't resist to climb up on it and stare down into the water.
But suddenly he slipped, lost the balance and fell into the river with a load splash.
A shout of joy escaped him as the warm water poured through the clothes. He allowed himself to float around with closed eyes as curious fishes swam up and bit his clothes.

"I wanna stay here forever!" He yelled right up into the sky and laughed.

A pair of strong hands suddenly grabbed his arms and roughly dragged him up on the sandbank.

"LAY OFF!" He yelled to the martian.

"No way! This is the end of your play-line. Time to get us back."

"I can't! Only Medea can!"

"Then summon her or something! Ask her to take us back!"

"I can't!"

"You could before."


"That doesn't matter. You MUST try!" Spark said firmly and shook him lightly.
Tim closed his eyes and looked into the darkness.

Medea Medea, where are you now? Where are you hiding, where, where, where? Don't be shy, you must help me, come on Medea, come back, please!

Then she popped up out of nothing, smiling.

Take me back, back to the home.

- Tim-Timmy-Timothy-boy, you wanna go home, yes? Sure, Medea will make your little wish true, yes!

And they were back at their department station.
The world they had been in just vanished in a second and was replaced by the walls, roof and floors of the house.
Starblaze was standing, her back turned to them, writing something on a paper
She turned around immediately and stared at them, then squeezed the paper into a little ball, threw it into the recycle bin and rushed into Spark's arms.
Tim quietly slipped away and ran back to his shelter in the backside of the house.


"Tim, darling..." Starblaze let the hand run over his thick hair. "Don't be afraid anymore. Come with us. We're gonna go and meet some people who want to help you."

"Nobody wants to help me... Spark hates me..." Came the answer out of the pillow.

"Shhh... No he doesn't. He is just not very comfortable around kids."

"I'm scared... I don't want to..."

"I know that you're scared. We are trying to help you."

"They want me back...they will come back....."

"Come now." She pulled him up carefully and put him down on the floor.

He wiped his brown eyes with the sheet, but then followed her outside to the bikes.


Mars (a FF base somewhere in the northern areas)

"Now, can we be clued into what this is all about?"

They were all in a room made out of brickwalls, sitting around a large tables on chairs.
He was the only one of his species and felt like a man who walks into a large hall with women only.
Felt so lost.
Spark and Starblaze had taken him there and he was now sitting between them both, holding a glass with water in the hands.
All gazes were turned to him.
There was no escape and he would have to dig up all he wanted to forget forever.
Were forced to do so if he wanted to live.
If he wanted to be free.
He started to talk but could never remember what he had said afterwards, no matter how hard he tried.
Thus, are we not able to reproduce his exact words, but the story goes like this:

One of the days was everything normal at the orphanage and therefore also majorly boring.
But that's the way life is at an institution.

"Time to come in, children! It's bedtime for you!"
Mrs. Clara shouted from a window.

"Awww man! Why now?!"
Peter Egers whined and crawled out of the bushes where he had been hiding during their play.

"Whatta lame place to hide!"
Tim exclaimed and waved his arms. "If we're gonna play hid'n'seek, you gotta find someplace else to hide!"

He had been the one counting and had just been about to shout that the time was out, when mrs. Clara called them in and destroyed all the fun.

"Hurry up, children! It's already too late and you should all be in bed by now!"

The kids sullenly walked towards the main entrance of the big building with slow and sore steps.
That building was their home, and their prison.
Outside it, a wonderful June-evening existed, and Timmy thought that it was stupid to waste it by sleeping.
Now when the temperature was perfect, the evening-air fresher than liquid and the song of blackbirds more wonderful than any orchestra.
Now, was the evening for adventures, finally there...and they were forced to bed!

Tim absolutely hated to sleep.
While he was lying in the bed all alone, he thought about how much he longed for the danger to come. To see everything be turned upside down.
If he only could get out of there.
But the front-doors were all locked and they even had stupid security-cameras to watch every corridor, and a guard who kept an eye on the them all during the nights.
That made it impossible to get out without being caught.

Tim's room was the first in the row.
Each child had one little room all to himself/herself.
After all, the bed was almost everything the limited space would allow.
Those who suffered from claustrophobia were allowed to have bigger rooms with much space but he wasn't among them.
Mrs. Clara who were the owner (and Frau Führer) of the place, had created a very strict atmosphere when it came to boys and girls.
She believed in many of the old techniques of running and orphanage, and the Government didn't seem to really mind as long as the children weren't neglected.

In the days were all children going to a school nearby, usually between 08:00 and 13:00.
The rest of the time were they supposed to work and learn how to become adults.
Boys were supposed to learn how to use hammers and the girls were being taught how to sew and do "house-related things", as mrs. Clara used to call it.
During their sparetime in the late afternoons, there were lots of activities to choose between since the children were allowed to make up their own games.
All of them were (of course) restricted to the surrounding areas where they knew every stone and tree.
Boring, boring AND boring.
How he wished that he could get free.
Especially now, when the evening was calling from outside, filled with adventures and secrets just waiting to be discovered.
That was enough.
No matter the cost, he HAD to get out!

Timmy slipped out of his bed and quickly got dressed.
All windows were equipped with special locks which were kinda ingenious, to prevent any child to fall out, and it took a while to figure out how to open them.
He slowly pushed the window and open and sat down on the window-ledge, looking down to the ground ten metres below.
Jumping or climbing would be nothing but suicide and there were no other ways to get down to the surface.
If he only had some super-natural gift so that he could FLY down to the ground.
With a disappointes sigh returned Tim to the bed, when SHE suddenly appeared in front of him.
Was it Tingeling?
Yes, because eit couldn't be anybody else.
This fairy looked like nobody else.

Hello Tim, I am called Medea. She said and smiled, angel-like.

-Uh, hi.

-You want to follow me on an adventure?

-Yeah! Where are we gonna go?

-You'll see. Now take my hand and step out.

He accepted the offer and walked out of the window hand-in-hand.
Medea, or whoever she was, made a little gesture and the window closed itself and the got locked.
By that time, Tim realized that he WAS actually flying.
That was really weird.
And against the gravitation-laws too!
Good ol' Newton would have ripped off all his hair if he had been able to watch the scene.

Medea suddenly vanished and he was alone in the evening-air.
He immediately shut his eyes and Medea was there again.
Eyes open and she was gone.
Always when he closed his eyes she re-appeared.

-Stop plying Timmy, before I lose you and you fall down. Now
let's get out of here.

She sang the sentence in a strange voice and made the world fall apart only to rebuild itself shortly thereafter, in a fashion he never had seen.
The world had turned into a miserable, stinking and dirty dump.
It looked like a dump anyway.
Somewhere, it reminded him of a film called the Terminator that he had seen once when his parents didn't check what he was watching on the TV.
Then had somebody grabbed his hair.

"And whatta we got here? Where did HE come from?"

Five MICE in uniforms were surrounding him, together with three fishmutants who smelled worse than hash.

"I think our doctors will be interested in this." Another of the mutated mice said and looked down at him, with a death-head's grin.

Time to have a nightmare so real that you will never wake up, poor Timmy! You SHOULD have stayed out of it, but noooo, you INSISTED. Now you'll receive the sour after-taste!

"Plutarkians? Together with martians??" One of the mice asked him, frowníng.

"I don't know." Tim answered resolute.

"They saw you appear without transport-devices and dragged you off to become an experiment-animal?" The mouse continued.

"I don't know, I tried to not look when it hurted. They asked me why I was there, I didn't know, they said that they knew. Took me to this strange place, put nails in me, it hurt, I wanted them to stop...but they continued to do..things...sometimes, they cut...me up..and like...put some strange things into my...arms..."

He started to cry again.

"When Spark and Stunts came with him had he already lost about 60% of the blood." Starblaze said, while doing her best to comfort the crying. "A miracle that he was still alive and even more mysterious that he recovered so fast."

"Bloody hell! And we thought that the Plutarkians were bad!" One dark brown mouse growled and smashed his fist into the table. "As ruthless as ever, our dear army! And what can we do about it? Not a damn thing!"

"Does it matter? The highest priority should be to get him out of here as quick as possible." Said a mouse with grey fur and clear-blue eyes. "I suggest that we send him back to Earth. That would be a safest place for him, since the army wouldn't like going there. We don't have the possibility to challenge them now, with the Plutarkians behind our backs."

"I agree with Thunderstorm." Spark said casually. "We have no time plying baby-sitters or protectors. We must get him back to some place where no one would dare to look."

"But where would that be?" Stoker said and glared at Spark.

"Why not the bikermice? They are just dragging around there, doing nothing. Let them look after this kid."

"Firstly, let me remind you that they actually fight the plutarkians there. For the second: neither of them would have the time or money, and third: what do you think they would say yes if we asked?"
"Some Plutarkian ass-wiping on Earth is nothing. They have no choice if they it's an order. I'm not speaking of OFFERING them to look after the kid, I am speaking about giving them it as an assignment."

"I somehow agree with Spark there." Said Zip, one of the doctors in the base. "At least, we should get him back to Chicago where he once lived. The commander chiefs in the army won't be able to go that far to bring him back, risking to be exposed and get into trouble with Earthling's authorities."

"Don't count on that for one second! But as we don't seem to have any other choices are we going to Starhill where they still have some working transporters." Stoker said.

"Don't bother. Just let someone dress up like an army-soldier and scare him and he will be off on his own."

"Very funny Spark. Very funny!"

"I thought so too."

"However", Stoker said harshly and glared at the tall black martian, "we can expect even more problems if we wait, so let's get started right away!"

A hummy sound around the table said that they agreed more or less.


"NO! I WON'T!"

"Tim", Stoker said, "just get up on my bike. It ain't gonna hurt you."

The bike revved lowly but Tim shook his head and backed off.

"I won't sit on it! Never!!"

"Wanna ride in the sidecar then?"

"If I don't have to sit on it."

"Don't worry sonny, we'll fix that." Stoker said and walked off to get the sidecar.

The large garage was crowded with tgh freedomfighters who were going to accompany them on the way to that city.
Most of them seemed to have motorcycles with intelligence.
Tim looked suspiciously at the bike in front of him.
It was painted in typical dark colours and lots of chrome like most other martian mc:s.
The bike revved the engine again as if it tried to be friendly.

"Don't for a moment think that I trust a bike which rides by itself!" Tim whispered to it.

The motorcycle protested by flashing the red lights on its control panel.
Shortly thereafter did Stoker return with a sidecar.

"Let's see here..." He attached it to the bike. "Voilá! Finished! Sit down and fasten the seatbelt sonny `cuz you're gonna experience your life's first real ride!"


"Got it right." Stoker grinned and ruffled his hair properly before turning to the people of his own species.

"Okay bros! Let's ride!"

He and the other mice put their helmets on, revved the engines and took off through the open doors.
A pleasant knot appeared in Timmy's little stomach.
This reminded him of riding a rollercoaster in an amusement park.
The only difference was that this was little bit funnier.

As time flew, the group rode under the bare sky and it was so cold.
Starblaze (who obviously liked to play the role of a caring mother) had insisted in wrapping Tim into a blanket and now, when the icecold winds whipped the face he realized why.
Formations of large rocks and hills were rolling by while they flew forward throughout the martian night.

"Are you enjoying the ride?!" Stoker shouted to him.

"Yea! But I'm tired!"

"Well, you better get some sleep. It will take many hours before we're arriving. Turn the stereo on if you feel that you need some music. There's a red cassette tape down there in some box!"

Tim started to dig through the box and found the red tape Stoker had been talking about, put it into the stereo and leaned back, eager to hear what was on the tape.
He recognized the song when it rolled on and looked up in the sky, watching the stars and moons.

I am the passenger and I ride and I ride
I ride through the city's backsides
I see the stars come out of the sky
Yeah the bright and hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight

I am the passenger I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright
I see the stars come out tonight
I see the bright and hollow sky
Over the city's ripped backside
And everything looks good tonight

Singing la la la la
La la

Get into the car
We'll be the passenger
We'll ride through the city tonight
We'll see the city's ripped backsides
We'll see the bright and hollow sky
We'll see the stars that shine
So bright stars made for us tonight

O the passenger
How how he rides
O the passenger
He rides and he rides
He looks through his window
What does he see
He sees the sign and
Hollow sky
He sees the stars
Come out tonight
He sees the city's ripped backsides
He sees the winding ocean drive
And everything was made
For you and me
All of it was made for
You and me - 'cause it
Just belongs to you and me
So let's take a ride and
See what's mine

Singing la la la la
La la

O the passenger
He rides and he rides
He sees things from under glass
He looks through his window inside
He sees the things he knows are his
He sees the bright
Hollow sky
He sees the city
Sleep at night
He sees the stars
Come out tonight
And all of it is yours and mine
And all of it is yours and mine
So let's ride and ride
And ride and ride

At that time, he really felt like the Passenger.
The song by the famous Iggy Pop helped him to drift into a needed sleep while the landscape continued to fly by them all.


May the 19th, 2000

A sharp light suddenly blinded Stoker and his companions.
They stopped their bikes and the leader shot a quick glance at the sidecar.
The kid was still fast asleep.
In front of them had the army put up a road block of barbed wires, thus wiping away all chances to enforce it and escape that way.
The soldiers were silently holding their weapons in a threatening manner while the sergeant walked up to Stoker, glanced into the sidecar and let out a scornful laugh.

"How cute!" He leaned over it to pick up the sleeping human.

"Don't touch!" Stoker growled lowly and caught the other mouse's hand in an steelgrip.

"Stoker, don't be an idiot! This kid belongs to us and...you have no chance!" The sergeant said superciliously.

"Since when did you get the right to state ownership of a human being?"

"Stop your pointless and moralic dribblings. We have work to do, a mission to complete and orders to obey. There isn't anything to argue about so get out of the way before we shoot you aside!"

A soldier rose his weapon and let the pipehole point at the dustbrown mouse as he nodded threatening with his head.

"What do you think would happened if he wakes up and sees you? He'll be gone before you can do a shit!"

"That is, IF he wakes up." The white-coloured sergeant said and picked up a syringe from his inside pocket, removed the cap from the needle and let some liquid out to be sure there was no air inside it.

"I am going to give him some soporific... For the last time Stoker: get out of the way!"

Stoker moved aside very reluctantly but gave the sidecar a stealthily little push while he moved, hoping that it would be enough.

"Are we there?" Timothy mumbled and sat up.

The sergeant fastened his eyes on Stoker and inaudibly told him to not answer as he carefully put his hand on the boy's left arm and rolled up the left arm of his sweater.

"What are you doing?" Tim asked drowsily and pulled the arm away.

"Don't worry, this is going to be done quickly." The white mouse said and seized the arm again.

"You ain't Stoker!"

Tim flew up with a jerk and stared around wildly and fully awake.

"Stay calm now because no matter if you like it or dislike it, you're coming with us!" the sergeant hissed.

Well, that was what he thought.
The situation turned out to be the opposite right when Timmy vanished in the air and took the whitefurred one along with him.

"This is just great!" Spark exclaimed after a short silence. "The kid is lost; again!"

"You little boys can run off now! Your chief will not be coming back." Stoker told the remaining soldiers who were panicing, just like bees do when the swollen insect that rules their colony dies.
One of them made up a quick and plain decision and screamed it to his companions "Let's get out of here!"

They jumped into their sandjeeps and drove off as fast as the engines would allow.

"Now what?" Zip asked, turning to Stoker.

"Let us continue the journey. There's no use to turn back when we've come this far. We'll try to figure out what we have to do when we arrive. Maybe he will come back as he did last time. What do you think, Spark?"

The tall mouse looked at him and said nothing in reply, because he had honestly not an idea.

To be continued in the next chapter...

Andreas W's

"Those weird tales"

Part 3

"The amazing truth"

May the 19th, 2000

"Well, I guess I should say `welcome'." Charley Davidson, a vehicle-mechanic in Chicago (IL, USA, Earth), said with a little smirk.
"The guys will be here soon." She added and showed the visitors into the garage.
"Thanks babe. As sweet as always." Stoker grinned and sat down by the table where the three mice they were waiting for used to play cards and splash root beer.
Due to the guests' rapid and unexpected visit, Charley had spent about ten minutes to clean the table up.
But what a mysterious bunch of guests, then!
Four new martians she had never seen plus Stoker (whom she knew from before) and finally the six-years old child who apparently was the mainreason to why they were all there.
It's not everyday you get such a motley group of visitors into your home at the same time.

"I haven't seen you four before." She continued and the four new mice walked up to her, three males and a female.
The young mouse shook Charley's hand and smiled nicely.
"Kickstart." Said the first male.
"Charley, nice to meet you."
"Hi. Charley. I think I have heard about your name somewhere when the guys spoke about war-adventures."
"Doesn't surprise me one bit. This is my companion, Stunts."
"Howdy." The short Martian greeted.
"Timothy. Waltwilth. People say Tim." Said the human and extended his little arm.
"Hi Timothy. I guess we are all here to help you out of some troubles, right?"
"Yea, something like that" he said quietly and sat down on the floor.
"Now, the only ones we're missing are the guys and they should be here anytime soon." Charley said, before she heard the familiar sound of the bike's engines.
"I meant, they will be here within a minute." She finished and sat down amons the others.

The three famous warrior-mice rode inside, jumped off their bikes and walked up to their peers.
"Stoke! Nice to see ya! `s been a while, hasn't it?" Throttle laughed and patted the FF-leader on the back.
Stoker chuckled and turned over to Vinnie.
"Hey punk! So you're still alive? Against all odds?"
"Aww, Stoker! You know I always clean the floor with all goons and Plutarkians who dare to face Vincent van Wham!"
"Oh yeah! Dream on, kid! I'm gonna all three of you a chance to prove that!" Stoker grinned and threw the white mouse into a torn armchair.
Spark smiled an almost invisible smile as he watched a sulky Vinnie sit down and shut his yapper.
"Nice to see you." Modo said smiling.
It faded though when he looked over at Spark who chillingly met his eye-gaze without blinking.
"And you must be the one we're gonna look after. Right, little fellah?" Throttle asked the kid whom seemed to be major bored already.
Tim nodded rapidly.
"Okay then", Stoker said while Throttle and Modo found themselves chairs to sit on, "we should go through the story-line properly so that you kids know what you are getting into."
Tim was muttering something about being bored and Charley hurried to inform him about that she had some Game'n Watch:s (handheld computer-games manufactured by Nintendo during the 80s) lying in the kitchen.
"I'll check `em out!" Tim exclaimed and rushed out of the room and Charley turned to the aging FF leader.
"Go on now and tell us what happened."

"and then he re-appeared just when we were about to leave. The sergeant never came back and the Tim himself hasn't uttered a word about what happened to him." Stoker finished and emptied his bottle of root beer.
"Cool story!" Vinnie said loudly and took a big gulp of his soda.
"I wouldn't say so." Starblaze said abruptly. "There're too many uncontrollable shadows in this story. Too many dark corners where anything could be lurking. I don't like it at all!"
"And I agree." Spark said in a matter-of-fact voice. "Personally I'm sick of this whole mess. We've lost lots of time because of it and that has allowed the Plutarkians run riot on Mars."
"Spark, we're always fighting Plutarkians. Everyday, year after year." Modo said and stared at the other martian.
Spark just raised his eyebrow.
A gesture that told Modo that he couldn't care less about his opinions.
Stunts was sitting beside him and hadn't said a thing during the long conversations. He was probably unware of what they were arguing about.
"I think we should take him back to the orphanage he belonged to." Vinnie let out.
"And you think they will be able to keep a special eye on him?" Starblaze put in.
"The lady is right. Bringing him back there wouldn't be smart", said Throttle thoughtfully, "not for now anyway. I mean, of course he should go to school as usual but that means we're gonna have to tell the authorities that he has been found. It's not like they are gonna buy a story about him being teleported to Mars by a fairy."
"Very true." Stoker nodded in agreement. "This situation ain't easy. We have got to be careful."
"Correction, THEY will have to be careful. We have completed our mission and should go back to Mars as soon as possible, before the army-bastards notice that we're gone and start an investigation."
"Spark's right." Kickstart looked at the others. "We better leave soon."
"The army. Carbine.." Throttle mumbled lowly. "Why did you go over to the army again? What are you involved into now?"
Stoker heard him and said "Take it easy bro, I'm sure she has some logical reason."
"Yeah! Once in the army, always an army-soldier." Spark commented with a scornfully voice.
Throttle looked up and nailed him with his eyes.
"What did you say?"
"You heard me, smarty."
The tan-coloured mouse was on his way to get up when Charley put her hand on his shoulder.
"Don't let it get to you, Throttle. There must be some reason, just like Stoker says."
"I haven't rejected that fact!" The mouse replied harshly and sat down.

"It's time to say good-bye now, dear." Starblaze said sadly and hugged the boy hard. "I'm gonna miss you."
"I'll miss you too. Will you come back sometimes?"
"I promise I will."
"Bye Spark, sorry for bein' trouble."
"It's not really your fault, kid. We may meet again." Spark said as he stepped into the transporter.
"C-ya someday Timmy." Stunts smiled lightly and patted him on the shoulder before he accompanied the others.
Kickstart and Stoker were the last ones to say good-bye, walked into the transporter and waved before they vanished.
Tim sighed. They were the only people he had got know. Being surrounded by strangers didn't feel comfortable.
"So kid! Wanna go out for a ride with your new idol?" Vinnie asked and put the arm around the youngster's shoulders.
"I dunno. Those bikes are spooky." Tim nodded towards the three MCs which were parked by the doors on the short side of the garage.
"You'll love my baby after you two have met for real!" The white mouse exclaimed and sweeped Tim up on his bike.
"Can't trust machines who can think!" Tim said and stared down at the red bike he was now sitting on.
"They're spooo-oooky." He continued and let the `o' roll on the tongue.
The three mice laughed.
"Heh heh, alright then Timmy. Do you wanna hang out with us for a while, grabbing some hotdogs and root beer?" Throttle asked.
"Eh, guys? I don't think that's what a kid needs for breakfast."
"Charley! Let him become a grown up macho-man! He has to start early to become like yours truly!" Vinnie started to flex.
"Oh great" She muttered as she put her helmet on before sitting down behind Vinnie.
Then she thought about something and shouted, "Wait!"
"What what??" Throttle looked at her, puzzled.
"Tim has no helmet! You don't take him for a ride without him having one!"
The three mice groaned.
"Charley ma'am, what do you suggest we do then?"
"Either does one of you WALK down to the bar or else we'll stay here. Unless you want to ride off by yourselves."
The three males hesitated. Walking down to the bar was classified as "not cool" and neither of them were willing to do such a thing.
"Wait, hold on just a second. I think I remembered something!"
Charley jumped off the bike and started to dig through her wardrobe.
"Hey Charley-girl, what are you looking for?" Vinnie wondered.
"This!" She picked up a little helmet and shut the door with the foot. " I used this helmer when I was little. I have been keeping it in there for years as a happy childhood memory."
"Now let's see if it's the right size." She continued and put it over Tim's head. "Perfect! Now you can ride with us all the time."
Tim let out a ringing laugh as Throttle offered him to sit behind on his black MC.
"You don't need to hold on so tight. It's not like I'm gonna drop you or somethin'." The tan-coloured male said when he felt how two small hands grabbed his fur firmly.

They left the garage and rode down the street in the light of the morning sun.
It was a really fresh May forenoon and people were crowding the streets just like they should do on a day like this.
Vinnie was beginning to do some `awesome' stunts but Charley successfully kept him from fullfilling them by informing about improper behavior in traffic.
She secretly felt very relieved that Timmy was riding with Throttle.
If HE had been behind Vinnie had nothing kept the mouse from doing mad stunts.
Nope, Throttle was just right for what he did.
Timmy couldn't have been at a safer place.

The hamburgerbar was pretty crowded with kids when the three mice and two humans arrived.
"Okay. So, whatta ya want?" Vinnie asked while he read through the menu.
"Fries and a hamburger and coke."
"No problémo." The Martian replied grinning. "Find a seat for us, will ya kid?"
Tim nodded eagerly and ran over to an empty table and sat down.
All around him there were children in his own age. He wished he could have been among them instead, having an forbidden dinner with his lost friends.
They were probably still around somewhere and he really wished to see them again.
"What are you thinking about?" Charley asked as she sat down beside him with two coke-cans.
Charley decided not to push it and stayed quiet as she realized how skinny the kid really was.
No chance that this food will make him fat. She told herself and felt ironical.

"Here! Meals for men!" Vinnie said loadly as he appeared holding a tray filled with hotdogs.
He immediately stuff down hotdogs with such a speed that he would have gotten a good chance to win some eating-contest.
Modo and Throttle also appeared with more cokes and dogs and began to eat in almost the same fashion as their white-furred bro.
"Don't look at them or you might adapt their bad eating habits." Charley told Tim and handed over his hamburger with strips.
Neither of the three mice seemed to hear her, all busy in their own little hungry worlds. Actually, they ate as if their lives were in a grave danger.
As if somebody would shoot them in the head if they didn't push down at least ONE dog/10th second.
Timmy ate slowly to avoid getting sick as he watched the surrounding enviroment more closely.
Suddenly, something caught his attention, namely two children whom he recognized as Peter Renshaw and Sophia Wiijk.
They had both been living on Greenhill Avenue back in the days when he did and they had also been his best friends.

Neither of the them had recognized him so far and he got up from the seat.
"Where are ya going?" Throttle asked but he got no response.
Tim was busy sneaking up to the table. Then he pushed three fingers into Peter's back.
"OAAH!!!!" The boy jumped high and stared at the guilty.
Both the children stared at Tim for a second before the questions started to hail.
"You wouldn't believe me." Timmy snickered and highly content over the reactions. "I was like abducted by real aliens!"
"Tell us!!"
"I was like beamed up and that's all about it."
"Man, did they put those metal-thingies in you??"
"Yep, but I don't think I have any left."
"Tim, what's going on here?" Throttle put his hand on the boy's shoulder.
Immediately had the two other children focused their attention on him.
"Are you an alien?" Asked the girl with blonde, long hair and looked at him with her clear green eyes.
The mouse couldn't help but snicker at the question.
"Yea, could say you're right sweetie." He said and took the helmet off.
"Ohh, WOW!" Peter gasped and stared at the Martian.
"Hey, there are two more!" Tim proudly announced and nodded towards Modo and Vinnie who had stepped forward to see what was going on.
"HEAVY!" Sophia exclaimed. "Why did you abduct Timmy??"
Throttle laughed.
"We didn't, girlie. There were some other creatures called Plutarkians. Bad, stinking fish-looking things.""REALLY?? Are they HERE, in town???"
"You could say that." Modo grinned faintly. "But we keep them back when they try to do something nasty."
"Yeah! They're getting their butts whipped away every time!" Vinnie let out.
"<sigh>" Charley slapped her forehead.
"So when are ya gonna come back and join us?" Peter asked his x-lost friend.
"I dunno. I wanna go back soon."
"It will take a while before you can." Charley said. "Because the authorities must know that you're alive before you can go to school."
"Why do they have to know?" Timmy looked puzzled.
"Lots. See, if you get hurt and we take you to a hospital must the personal know who you are."
"Can we come with you?" Sophia asked Charley.
"Don't you kids have school?"
"Nope, we are done for today."
"What will your parents say if you don't come home?"
"Nah, no problems! I just call and say that we take the subway to Peter's grannies and come home later."
"I don't think your parents would appreciate it if they found out." Modo commented.
"They'll never find out so we dun't care."
"In that case, I guess it's okay." Charley laughed.

They all walked out of the bar.
"Cool!" Peter and Sophia exclaimed amazed, after seeing the three bikes outside.
"Are those yours?"
"Yea. Right-on!" Vinnie felt that it was time to fill the children with necessary information. "Ray-lasers, auto-missiles, extendable wings for flying fights and"
"Vinnie!" Charley warned and put her hand over his mouth.
Why couldn't he understand that telling kids such things was bloody stupid? Especially if they told their parents about it, who certainly would get very angry and think that she and the guys had endangered their children.
But the three of them didn't even listen, because it was story-telling time.
They were busy telling each other what they had done and planned to do.
Charley and the mice listened to the discussions with interest as they headed for the garage.

Peter and Sophia waved their hands before running down through the street to meet up with their parents.
Tim Waltwilth looked down the road and watched his best friends disappear around a corner and sighed.
"Are you sad?" Charley asked him as she walked up behind and put her hands on his little shoulders.
"I just wish everything was like before..."
Now she noticed the tears dripping from his chin.
"Oh, poor dear." She embraced him, feeling how very thin he still was.
"We'll contact the lawyer-friend of yours soon." She said quietly. "Hopefully, we'll get much help from him and you can find a new home and a new family."
"I don't want a new family!"
"Listen carefully Timmy. Your parents won't come back no matter how much you wish they would. I am sorry to say this, but that's the truth. You need someone who loves you and take care of you, you need it as much as your friends or any other child. You understand what I am talking about?"
He nodded quietly and followed her inside while he tried to wipe away the tears with his sweater.
"Guys. Hold him company while I go and call Mr. Spencer Schwartz."
The three mice who were playing cards looked at Charley who went into the kitchen and closed the door behind her.
"Man bros! Charley's really acting real weird!" Vinnie complained after a while.
"Maybe because she is having a child to look after Vincent? ... HEY! WATCH THAT!!!" Throttle hollored and rushed up from the chair so quick that it fell to the floor.
Timmy had discovered the shelf with grenades, rockets and miscellaneous weapons for the three bikes when they needed some power-up, and was now busy examining one of the highly explosive rockets way too intensive.
The tan mouse ripped the weapon out of his hands and stared sternly at Tim.
"Didn't any adult ever teach you not to mess with dangerous things??!"
"I just looked at it! I wasn't going to fire it off!!" Timothy screamed, highly offended.
"You must get to know when you're touching sensitive and dangerous stuff. Look with your eyes, not your hands!" Throttle replied firmly.
"What about your bikes then??" Timmy pointed on the three bikes in the other side of the garage, enraged. "Self-thinking rolling disasters!! You let them drive around as they wish!!"
Vinnie and Modo were having very fun at the table and Throttle scowled.
Tim wasn't a single bit amused.
He glared at Throttle again, then at Vinnie and Modo, then at the three bikes.
"I've talked to Spencer Schwartz!" Charley interrupted and came walking from the kitchen. "He's on his way. I mentioned some of what we already know, and he said he knows more than that."
"Whoa, that's really amazing, sweet-heart!" Vinnie didn't even try to hide his lack of interest.
"Did he say anything else?" Modo asked, more concerned than his friend.
"Not a single bit. But he said he would be here in ten minutes."
"Meaning that we have a chance to watch some TV first." Vinnie said lazily and turned it on with the remote control.
They were just broadcasting the afternoon news.

"...and the police have no traces of the robbers. Chicago has experienced a wave of crimes lately, all in the same fashion, where electronic components have been stolen. The robbers are described as middle-tall with shaved heads except for some kind of ponytail..."

"Limburger's goons." Modo declared and looked at his brothers.

"The total value of all components that have been stolen from space-agencies, science-labs and electronic companies, is calculated to about 295 million dollars."

"Oh mama!"
"Alright! Seems to me that we need to pay old stinky a visit, again." Throttle said, turned off the TV and ran over to his bike, followed by his two bros. "Let's rock"
"...and RIDE!!"
The three mice jumped on their bikes and took off while the dust filled the garage.
"Do they always do such weird hero-stuff?" Tim asked Charley.
"Indeed they do." She replied with dripping sarcasm and stared at the open ports.

A carhorn honked heard outside.
The engine slowed down and they could hear how the driver parked and turned it off, followed by the cardoor's slam and footsteps.
The man was dressed in a very good-looking costume, which must have been made especially for him only.
His figure was tall and slim and dark, thanks to the black hair which partly let his face lay in shadows.
Timmy let out a load shout and ran over to him, bubblinh of true happiness as he threw himself in the man's arms.
He just laughed, a very warm and pleasant laugh, and hugged Tim tightly.
"Timmy my boy! I thought I would never see you again! Jesus! You have grown thinner? What has happened to you?"
"Hello, ms. Davidson." Charley walked up to man, who obviously was Mr. Schwartz, and shook his hand. "Nice of you to come so quickly."
"Hey, no problems! At first I didn't believe it was true that my little client was still alive. Most people have stated that he is dead."
"I'm not dead!"
"We know you aren't Timmy." He said and ruffled the boy's hair. "But, could we please sit down somewhere so that we can talk a little?"
"Of course." Charley smiled and showed him to the TV-room. On her way in did she pull a switch so the garage ports closed themselves.

"I'm bored!"
The two adults looked down at the six-years old who had been sitting in the armchair for about ten minutes, constantly moving some part of the body.
"Wait a second", Charley said, "I think I have something you can play with." She went over to a cubbyhole and searched through the boxes until she found what she had been looking for.
"Here, is something you may like." She said and put a big wooded box on the floor and opened it. "They originally belonged to my older brother. I playing with this when I was your age. It's called.."
"MECCANO!!" Tim practically attacked the wooden box.
"See there. Problem solved." She shot a look at the lawyer who smiled lightly by the sight of the young enthusiast.
"He's changed so much since last time I saw him. I hardly recognize him anymore, being so spindly. What on Earth has happened?"
"It is a pretty amazing tale. Apparently, it all begun with..."

Charley continued to tell Spencer the story she had heard from the mice, piece by piece.
He listened with interest and asked questions along the way.
At first, he was sceptical to the stories of mice. He found them rather hard to believe.
`If there were populations on Mars, why hadn't people on Earth discovered them?' He reasoned.
She understood his point.
That was indeed really strange and she had absolutely no clue why nothing had been said by authorities or NASA, unless they hadn't discovered the populations on the red planet.

Just as Charley was about to go into the parts about the first mysterious event, when Tim had disappeared, the sound of the three bikes' engines interrupted them both.
The three riders rolled in and got off their mc:s and Spencer Schwartz really raised his eyebrows when they removed their helmets.
Then he got up and introduced himself politely.
"Spencer Schwartz. I'm Tim's lawyer."
"Man, I thought we've had enough of lawyers by now!" Vinnie let out but was immediately silented by Charley's flaming gazes.
"ALL solicitors aren't necessary like the Plutarkian ones, Vincent!" Throttle said and shook Spencer's right hand.
The white mouse the same man's hand reluctantly.
Modo glared at him before he did the gesture of politeness as well.
"What was all that about?" Spencer asked Throttle as Modo sat down on a chair and Vinnie went over to the fridge to get himself a soda.
"Just a story about a stinky Plutarkian lawyer who tried to bust us by using false evidence." Throttle said.
"And Vinnie usually have little problems with people who're brighter than he is." Charley added with a little evil smirk.
Spencer watched Vinnie drink of the soda and burp loadly, a little popped up in his face.
"I see. Now let me hear the rest."


"An interesting story." Spencer Schwartz said and leaned back in the armchair. "Timmy have not had an easy time for many years. You will get to know what this is about, later on. When he is fast asleep."
The serious expression on his face couldn't be misunderstood and Charley nodded silently.
"I suppose we should try to make some supper first." She countiued and stood up.
"I'll help you. I'm used to make meals for my wife."
"And you three will do all clean-up!" Charley added and walked into the kitchen.
"But what about him then?" Vinnie made a gesture towards Tim who had been building an aerodynamic lift with the Meccano. "It's not fair!"
"You are right, I will give him a mission." Charley grinned, went up to the boy and asked loadly: "Timmy. I want you to watch those three and prevent them from messing up the garage. Can you do that for me?"
"Yes ma'am!!" Tim beamed.
"Good boy."
Charley winked to him and disappeared through the kitchen door, accompanied by Spencer.

"Okay, I'm the one in charge now so you'd better not do anything!" The boy said exacting and stared at the three muscular mice.
Modo and Throttle who perceived that Charley's joke was straight directed to their white-furred brother smirked, but Vinniew didn't get it at all and let out a scornful laugh.
"That means you too!" Tim said definitely and glared at Vinnie.
Throttle tried to make a gesture to Vinnie to have him playing along instead but neither of the signals went through and the mouse went on to make fun of the six-years old.
"Goddamn you! Respect my fucking authority!!" Tim yelled, and all by a sudden Vinnie found himself pulled up in the air by invisible hands, flying across the room and make a hard landing on the garbage-sacks.
"Oops!" Timmy put a hand over his mouth as Vinnie got up from the sacks, smelling rotten eggs and moulden apples.
"What's going on here? Vinnie! What the hell are you doing??"
Charley was staring from the kitchen-door with Spencer standing behind her, holding a kitchen-knife in his hand and a vegetable in the other.
"Ouch, I was like, uuh" He didn't know what to say.
"Vincent somehow levitated through the air and crashed in the garbage-corner after arguing with our little fellow." Throttle told and looked intensily on Tim.
"Timothy..." Spencer began, but the addressed ran outside before the lawyer could finish.
The door slammed close.
"Sigh! Here you have one example of what I talked about. Don't be angry with him, mr. Vincent. He can't control himself all the time."
"Are you absolutely sure about that?" Vinnie growled with disgust and removed a banana skin from his shoulder.
Spencer and Charley didn't listen becayse they were on their way going outside.
They found the one they seeked by one of the garageports.
He had sat down in a puddle of oil-spill and the clothes were now totally soaked with the stinking grease.
"Come back in, Timmy. No one is angry with you." Charley assured.
The boy snuffled lowly and didn't move.
"I promise that nobody is angry. It's alright, so come back in, okay?"
Finally he got up, very reluctantly, with wet face and oil-stains all over the clothes.
It hit Charley that he was in serious need of some new clothes and a bath.
That mouse called Starblaze had found him some martian clothes which didn't fit him very well. The sleeves were to long and covered his hands and the trousers hung on him as he was some kind of skater-kid.
"Come on, I will get you a bath and some new clothes." She said mildly and stroke his hair.
"I will continue in the kitchen." Spencer said and disappeared out of sight.


"This tastes great! Ya're areally great cook, mr. Spencer!" Vinnie got out as he shovelled food into the mouth.
The lawyer chuckled lowly before he said, "My grandfather was actually working as a cook, and my father took after him, and I took after my father. I do the most cooking at home."
"Are you still married with mrs. Martha?" Timmy asked, looking all fresh and happy after the long bath.
"Forever and ever!" Spencer snickered. "There's no chance in the world that I will ever meet a lovelier lady."
"What does she work with?" Charley asked and put more salad on her plate.
"Computer-consultant. And a damn good one too. She is ardently coveted in the financial world. Bankmen are standing in queues to hire her for a job."
"Sounds like she's one hell of a woman!" said Charley with a little smirk.
"So true. She was also best friends with Elinoré. That's Timmy's mother." He looked at the child as he went on.
"And I was his father's best friend. We had been in the same university and shared many classes. I moved from London to Chicago in 1984. James came here in the autumn 1993 along with Elinoré who was pregnant with you, Tim. They moved here because they didn't want you to grow up in Essex."
Timmy didn't say anything and his eyes didn't reveal what he was thinking of at all.

The lawyer hesitated for a while before he continued.
"I have never had a better friends. We used to help each other out many times. James helped me with researches for my cases, and I helped him to assert his rights during some problems with the government. They financed some of his projects and then claimed ownership of the results. I won the case for him, and I guess they weren't too happy about that."
His face darkened as he fell silent.
"I was offered a huge sum if I failed on purpose, causing James to lose the case. I refused of course."
"You are a very noble man."
Charley couldn't help but admire his obviously good morals.
"Daddy always told me that if I ever got problems, I would first go to mom or him, then to Spencer." Timmy said and took a gulp of his juice.
He had managed to empty his plate completely.
"Good that you ate everything." said Charley.
"Stop coddling! I ain't a baby!"
The two humans and the three mice laughed and that supper ended up to be one of the nicest Charley could remember.

"So", Charley said when they had finished eating, "you guys have some work to take care of now, don't you?"
"We're at it Charley ma'am." Modo affirmed as he began to clean the table. "You joining me bros?"
Throttle nodded and began to help him out and Vinnie hooked on after a short while the remaining people (who all were humans) went into the TV-room and sat down.
"I am tired." Timmy said at once.
"Okay, I will make your bed. Come." Charley went into a little guestroom where her mother usually slept during her visits.
Charley gave Tim a toothbrush and when he was done burshing the teeth was the bed ready.
"Miss Charley?" He asked while he slipped down between the sheets, dressed in his pyjamas.
"What's gonna happen? I don't wanna new family."
"We'll try to find a solution. Don't you worry." She said comforting and stroke his thick brown hair.
"I don't want to sleep. I'm scared."
"Don't be. I will sleep in the room next to this tonight. If you wake up, just come in and wake me. Okay?"
"Goodnight. You'll see that this is gonna work out just fine." She said and turned to leave.
"Miss Charley?"
"What does `destruction' mean?"
"Where have you heard that word?"
"I heard you say that those three mice are `chaos and destruction'."
She couldn't help but laugh a little.
"Did you hear that? Alright, it means that something or someone is destroying and messes things up."
"Okay. Nightie"
"Good-night hon." She replied, turned off the light and quietly closed the door.

"He's in bed now." Said Charley to Spencer and sat down in an arm-chair.
"I hate seeing him like this. That he has to go through all this. But he will live on since he is a truly example of the survivor-kind. He IS quite special."
"Speaking of that, I'm dying to hear you tell all this about his strange...uhm...abilities?"
"Not now." The lawyer said in a low voice. "If he found out about it, things could become disasterous. Besides, I think we should also wait for your friends to finish their kitchen-duty."
"Oh yeah." Charley grinned slightly. "Those macho-guys could learn a lot from you, Spencer."
"Maybe so. I guess they could teach me how to be rough."
They both laughed and turned on the TV where the news were being broadcasted.

"Another big company has been hit by the ruthless thieves today! This time, the robberies required their first victim.The security-guard Duke Storm at AeroTech, Inc. was found dead earlier in the evening!"

"Holy smoke!" Spencer exclaimed. "This is getting worse."

"We have with us, the federal investigator Aaron Stephenson. Mr Stephenson, let me ask you: exactly how did the security guard die?"

"Well, he has received a very powerful kick that broke his neck and turned the head 170 degrees."

"It must have required a considerable strength to do such a thing. Is it possible for a human being to do that?"

"Positively. We're suspecting that the thieves and now also murderers are well-trained in some kind of Asiatic martial art. Many of these techniques are mainly focused on how to concentrate the power in a kick, alternative punch, to cause as much damage as possible."

"Have you been able to establish if the murderer is a male or a female? Are there any traces at all?"

"Our technicians are vacuuming the area but we have found no fingerprints or genetically traces such as hairs, blood or a piece of skin, so far. They seem to be professionals. Vut we will do everything we can, to locate them and bring them to justice."

"Thank-you Mr Stephenson. These crimes are really starting to bother the authorities. The Mayer of Chicago has choosen not to do any statements right now, but Washington, NSA and FBI give the Chicago-police their fully support since the thefts also involve federal material."

Just as the news program ended, three rather exhausted mice who entered the TV-room and sank down on the couch.
"You finished now?" Charley asked with a little smirk.
"Everything is, as clean as the chrome, on my bike" Modo puffed out.
Spencer got up from the armchair and walked over to the door of the adjacent room, opened it and peeked inside.
Tim was sleeping and his breathing slow and rhythmical.
The lawyer closed the door carefully and walked over to the armchair again.
Charley and the mice were looking at him in silence, eagerly to get to know what he already knew.
"I hope you are prepared to hear a really...futuristic story. Sometimes, it can be hard to believe it." Spencer said as he leaned back in the comfortable suite.
"Yeah! Go ahead! I wanna know how the heck he could knock me away like that!"
"Firstly, he didn't do it on purpose. I want you all to be perfectly aware of that. Tim has no control whatsoever, when it comes to these phenomenon, because they are controlled by emotional impulses. I wish I could explain this as good as James would have done, but it is so complicated and far away from the world I live in." He sighed and rubbed his forehead.
"Well... Everything BEGAN very uncomplicated; with a biologist at Michigan's University called Dr. Bob Easley.
He was a very ambitious man, from what I have heard, and also very bright and VERY fascinated of the Galálops Islands."

"Galálops Islands?" Vinnie leaned forward.

"You know, the islands where Darwin studied the animal life."


Anyway, in 1995, an expedition led by doctor Easley himself, left USA to go to the islands and examine some rumours about observations of a strange lizard-species.
I guess they did their researches for a few weeks and James told me they were all astounded, because they had found the first proof in human history, of teleportion.
There was some kind of lizard who had the ability to move itself either at a lighting speed, or in some other way.
No matter how they did that, Easley was ecstatic and wanted to catch one of them and show up in front of the academy.
Of course, he always failed and the scientists started to call them simply for Quickfoot Lizards, because they first thought that the reptiles were just very very fast.
But after many days of fruitless tries Easley become very suspicious and gave up the plans to catch one. Instead he concentrated to study the lizards' technique to escape.
I guess he was knocked upside down when he discovered that they were teleporting.
As soon a possible threat appeared, the lizards vanished without a trace even on large areas without vegetation and holes in the ground.
Easley was fired with enthusiasm and from James told me, he considered it to be one of the century's biggest discovers.
But he wanted a specimen and that was hard to get.
Apparantly, he was about to give up when he stumbled upon a diseased Quickfoot Lizard, which he showed up at the university."

"What happened next?" Modo asked the lawyer who had paused the story.

"Well, as usual time passed by and the biologist worked all days and nights with the dead reptile and discovered more amazing facts.
The animal had haemoglobin in the blood that was completely identical to the one in human blood, and the structures of the blood-combinations were also surprisingly familiar to the humans'.
Easley was convinced that the teleportion issue was somehow combined to the blood, so he tapped some of it from the dead animal and tried to cultivate the cells artificially.
But he also felt that he needed some help from someone who knew more about phenomenon that are included in parapsychology, so that's when he called in James.
In the spring 1997 had James become fully involved in the project that was classified top-secret by the government, who didn't want Easley (or anybody else for that matter) to tell the world.
No wonder why. Imagine what they could do with such an ability. Train assassains to appear everywhere, no matter how good somebody was hiding. Or send out spy into the most guarded bases in the world."

Once again, his face become dark and Charley wondered if there was something he avoided to tell them.

"Anyway. I guess James and Easley co-worked very well and got to understand more and more about the teleportion issue.
Easley could soon prove for sure that it had something to do with the red blood cells, which contained a pretty weird structure of acids, glucose and proteins. Overall, they very almost identical to the human DNA. Of course there were some differences, but way too few considering that these are lizards we're talking about."

Spencer paused and looked troubled, then spoke again:

"Damn! I almost wish that I was a scientist so that I could understand this. So that I could explain exactly what the differences were. James did a rather good explanation, I guess, but it was kinda hard to understand when you're not clued in.
All I know is that the cells from the reptile somehow possessed an ability to respond to certain electrical impulses from the temporal lobes in the brain.
James and Easley succeeded to to manipulate them with weak shocks, causing them to vanish and pop up. They were trying to understand how to gain more precise control, but obviously it was too hard since they had no living animal to examine.
James claimed that the secret to why teleportion would work, was well hidden in another one of his own top-secret science-project.
He talked about streams of invisible particles that sped hundredfold faster than the lighting throughout the universe. From reckon that certain creatures are able to use these streams to move themselves from one place to another.
Still, it's just a a very dusky theory. I didn't even understand a percent of what he said, when he told me all of this."

"How did the kid got involved?" Throttle asked.

"I'm coming to that now." Spencer answered and looked intensily at the tan martian. "One day, James had brought Timmy with him, to Easley.
They were going to exchange some papers and he thought it was safe to leave Tim without supervision for a minute.
A huge mistake, and I can assure you that James suffered and pulled his hair a lot over that.
Some clumsy person had not managed to shut the door to Easley's laboratory properly, and Tim who was only three years old at that time, walked inside and found the beaker with nutrient solution and lizard blood."

Charley who thought she knew what was coming made a disgusted grimace.

"Yes." Spencer said sadly. "He thought it was juice or something, and drank it. All of it. The solution must have tasted very sweet and he was way too young to understand what it really was.
The panic that broke out when James and Easley came back and found out what Tim had done, was indescribable.
They immediately drove him to the hospital to pump out the stomach.
At first they seemed to have succeed with that, but Easley insisted that he should examine Timmy himself to be on the safe side.
Yet again, he discovered something very curious.
The lizard-cells hadn't died at all by the gastric juice.
They had found their way into Tim's blood circulation and the white blood cells from the reptile started to exterminate all human blood-cells, both white and red. The red blood cells from the lizard replaced his original ones, and the same went for the white.
There was nothing Easley could do since the process was out of his control, and James strictly refused to take his son back to the hospital.
I guess he was afraid that one of the organizations that watched him and Easley would find out what had happened and take Tim away from him.
So all they could tink of was putting him into a very private clinic for treatment.
I met him a couple of times when I accompanied James and Elinór, and it was never a happy sight.
The doctors were giving him cytotoxin and all his hair had fell off and he went all pale and emotionless.
It was a very trying time for James and Elinoré."

"But they cured him, right?"

"No, miss Davidson. They didn't.
You see, they sent him away to get radiation treatment after the cytotoxins had failed.
And Easley discovered another amazing fact about the weird DNA of those reptiles."

"What was that?" Throttle had started to be really interested in the strange story about that kid.

"As you know, radiation harms the DNA. Smashes the molecules apart.
But not this time.
In fact, no radiation at all seemed to destroy the reptile-cells and thus was James' and Elinoré's last hope definitely crushed."

"But he lived, din't he?" Vinnie let out.

"That's the most curious about all.
He lived, because the foreign cells were accepted by his body.
They had simply rooted out all the old ones and taken their places.
From what I saw, Tim also became more healthy than ever when all treatments stopped.
Easley, however, who was so excited of all new discoveries that he died in a heartattack in December 1997.
They found him in a telephone kiosk and James somehow managed to collect all Easley's files and documents he'd been keeping secret before the authorities got their hands on `em.
Most of the project they were having control over didn't include the most important results, because Easley kept it away from them, and I assume you all can guess why he did.
But then, everything was just fine until that disasterous Christmas Eve that ended it all."

"I don't quite understand all this." Charley looked a bit puzzled. "If the blood cells adapted Tim's original DNA, how could they still possess abilities besides them?"

"That's a good question, which I cannot answer. Accordingly to what James told me, the lizardcells destroyed all original cells in Tim's bone-marrow and took their places as reproducing factories, after they had taken in his original DNA. But they also kept some of their original reptile-DNA.
I know it's a mess, but I can't explain it in any other way.
But I reckon that Tim got all his abilities through the reptilish parts of his DNA.
After the radiation treearments stopped, all his hair grew back very quickly and he was more energic than ever before.
Remarkable is also the fact that he never got sick anymore.
Not even when the chickenpox and the measles were running riot was Tim affected."

"Does the government know about these lizards?" Charley asked, changing the subject slightly.

"I don't think so. Easley was a very independent scientist who wanted to do most of the work himself. He never let anyone read his material, except for James of course.
I even think I know where that material is hidden, but I fear that the government knows about it as well.
You see...James and Easley completed each other with their respectively theories. What's worse is that everything they had discovered could be very useful in wars.
Besides the releportion issue, a soldie who could easily heal from wounds and never be affected by biological warfare.
A warmonger's dream.
James was a pacifist and so was Easley, and they never wanted their creations to be used like that.
They had rather burnt all the material, and I think that's what James might have done with most of it."

"What's this talking about particle streams?" Modo asked the lawyer. "Do you mean that we're walking around in invisible floods or somethin'?"

"As I have explained, I'm not a scientist and know nothing about parapsychology or its theories.
All that I know is what James choosed to tell andI didn't understand much of it, may I add.
Maybe you should ask somebody among your own people? Your race ought to know since you have solved the mystieries of teleportion, from what I have heard."
"Right. We know some friends who hopefully can explain some of it." Throttle said. "And now I get it, why the army finds that kid so attractive."

"The army's scientists must have found his blood amazing since they tapped him on most of it." Modo put in with a low growl.

"Yes." Spencer mumbled, again with a dark facial expression. "I suggest that you try to locate those laboratoties and detroy all samples and data, or else your people might face bigger problems than they had ever expected."

"Then we must contact Stoker!" Modo got up.

"Yea, and we'd better hurry." Throttle said and extended his hand. Spencer grabbed it. "Pleasant to get to know you, Spencer Schwartz. I hope we'll meet again."

"The same Mr. Throttle."

After the good-byes the three mouse to contact Mars, leaven the two humans behind.
Charley and Spencer continued their discussions for hours until Spencer suddenly threw a glance at his watch.
"It's time for me to leave now. Martha must be wondering where I am." He said and shook Charley's hand.
"Thank you for everything! You're really helping Timmy. He must be very glad to have you."
Spencer smiled.
"Probably. I'll do my best to help." He said as they walked up to his car.
She watched him start it and wave his hand one last time before he drove away and disappeared in the evening traffic.

Charley closed and locked the garage doors and went back to the living room, lying down at the prepared couch.
Usually was the loft above her shelter but she had decided to sleep downstairs in case Timmy needed her.
Slowly she remember that she had totally forgotten to ask the guys about Limburger.
Had he been involved in the thefts and murders?
Those who did that were probably just another bunch of sick terrorists. And that was NSA's business to take care of.
She yawned and put her head on the pillow, then remembered something that made her worried.
There were obviously things that Spencer Schwarts hadn't told them.
All times he got all silent and dark-faced were flushing through her memory, before she decided that they would have to wait until the next day.
Now, she just wanted to get some sleep.

Meanwhile, the three Martians were busy telling the freedomfighter leader on their home planet about what they'd learnt.

"This is the weirdest story I have heard for a long time."
Stoker said, his image on the screen flickered a little.

"The lawyer promised that he would take care of the legal issues with the authorities. The kid will get a good chance to start over. But how're things going up there, Stoke?"

"Bad, Throttle. The Plutarkians are unusual active."

"And Carbine?"

"Sorry to say it bro, but we know nothing about her. She hasn't been seen for quite a while."

"Damnit!" Throttle slammed his fist into the device, making the flickering increase. "What's the problem??!"

"She's made her own decision, bro. There ain't a thing you can do about it. But you might get a chance to find her and talk, since you guys might be needed here. And soon!"

"But Stoke! Limburger! We've jobs to do"

"I know, I know!"
The old leader seemed to be very frustrated. "But I'm afraid we have no choice but to call you back. At least temporary..."

"What about the little guy then?! Weren't we supposed to play his protectors?" Vinnie interrupted.

"Yes you were, punk! You should bring him with you. To keep your female friend out of trouble."

"But Stoke', do you believe we have time to look after a hyperactive kid who is unable to let things alone during a war?" Modo sounded doubtfully.

"Do we have much of a choice, bro?"

"There's another thing." Throttle said. "Someone's stealing high-technological material over here. Including nuclear-devices. Just go figure the situation, Stoke. When we broke into Limburger's tower, the only things we found was a bunch of chep electronic components. What if they are preparing a nuclearwa..."

"No! Why would the Plutarkians go on like that on Earth? Leave that up to the humans to deal with, since it's not our concern. This planet is our concern! I'll get back to you, bros. Later."

Stoker disappeared and the screen went black.

"Shit!" Throttle who always kept his temper under control was worried for once.

It felt like everything was slipping out of control.
Carbine, the ruthless crimes that shook whole USA, Timmy and Mars...
He needed a ride.
All by himself.

"I will leave for a couple of hours, bros. I need to think." Throttle said and sat down on the black bike.

"Okay. C-ya later." Modo said understanding.

The two friends watched Throttle disappear with his bike.

The air was chilly the sky pretty dark that evening.
His tight fur kept most of the chill away but his eyes couldn't penetrate the twilight. Not even with the shades removed.
Not that he would care much about it, because he was more into thinking about all that Stoker had been saying. All that lawyer had been saying...
Taking the human boy back to Mars was nothing but idiocy and it couldn't have been Stoker's idea.
But whose was it then? He knew that the fearsome leader would never allow anyone to take over his role and make dumb decisions.
There was something fishy about it all.
Then there were murders and robberies, plus a Plutarkian running loose in the city.
Throttle sighed as he was watching the evening traffic from the high building's roof, then his gaze went upwards and watched the stars
Mars was there among them like a red little grain of sand.
So very far away and out of reach.
He suddenly felt very weak and powerless, not being able to fullfill what he had shouldered.
Somewhere, he also felt that his relation with Carbine was finally finished and done for.
And he considered it with mixed feelings.
Sighing, he got off the bike and sat down, leaning against it with closed eyes.
Within minutes, he was asleep.

To be continued...