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A Christmas Carol

"So This Is Christmas"



by DecemberGirl - Christmas 1998
© DecemberGirl 1998, all rights reserved




The room lay peaceful. The only sound disturbing the peace of it was the soft clinging of the Christmas decorations where they hung on the walls and windows of the room. The sound of a man's pleased snoring blended lovely into the heavy of spices and flower scent mixed air.

The man laid comfortable in the large brown armchair, his feet up high of the matching stool. The light gave his somewhat tan skin a touch of peaches. His sharp chin seemed darker due to the short 3-day beard that framed it neatly. From underneath the large and puffy santahat that was tucked down over his face, some wild thick locks of short fiery reddish-brown hair peeked out.

The man, probably in his late thirties, seemed pretty well trained for a human man, but now he was far from training his body. His clothes indicated, judging from his relaxed state and way of laying there, that he was better dressed than usual, even though what he was wearing was a pair of exclusive jeans, and a simple white shirt.

The young man breathed out a pleased snoring again, ever so comfortable in true relaxed Christmas feeling.



With a surprised yelp, Paul Davidson-Berg made deep impact with the wooden floor of the room. He winched and got up on all four and looked around, only to get a most -for any hetrosexual male- intresting view of a pair of long white-furred female legs and a short skirt.

"New underwear Amber...?" Paul smirked and got up. "OUCH!.. hey, it' was a compliment!" Paul laughed from under the santahat that Amber pulled down over his whole face.

"C'mon no Paul! You must help me here! Get these boxes of sodas to the dining room, - I can't carry them in this skirt and shoes!"

"Then don't dress that way when you're working." Paul said matter-of-factly and sat down again. Not for long though, after a slim white-furred arm choking his throat gently made him change is mind...

"Gack..." Paul held his back before picking up the last box of sodas. "Where's Ashes? That walking muscle mountain is NEVER here when he's supposed to!"

"He is too, and he's been working since he came, - in difference from some OTHERS!" Amber answered him with glee from the kitchen.

About then the 6.9 tall, gray-furred, broad shouldered, subject of discussion rounded a corner and came up to Paul.

"Paul! Hey, how are ya?"

"Ashes....." Paul grinned by the sight of his old friend. Tall and muscular, a copy of his late father, and all dressed up in black pants and purple shirt for the evening. "My man! looking good bro!!" The human man laughed and high-fived the mouse.

Ashes turned and peeked inside the kitchen and waved hi to his sister, and then looked back at Paul.

"When is 'you-know-who' arriving, you know that?"

Paul shook his head.

"Nope, no idea. But soon ah guess. Phweew, are we gonna get a rough job keeping that guy alive though this night! being a PeaceKeeper Bodyguard is harder than it sounds if you're supposed to bodyguard HIM." Paul laughed and went to unload himself of the soda box once and for all.

By the sound of distant upset screaming female voices, Amber peeked out of the kitchen again. And when two sets of feets could be heard fleeing up the stairs outside the front door, she grinned wide and called out for the two males.

"I think they're heeeere...."

Paul and ashes looked up as the front door was thrown up, and in fled two haunted forms. One female, and one male, both about 20-25 years old.

The young female mouse turned around to face her companion, breathing heavily from running all the way there.

"REMEMBER ME TO NEVER EVER AGAIN WALK DOWN A STREET CLOSER THAN A MILE FROM YOU!! AAARRRGH!" She pointed a delicate hand up at his nose, roared in frustration, and whirled around, stomping off into the house, clothes hanging off-que.

The young male stood still leaning at the door for a second, then bolted after.

"Era! C'mon! It wasn't my fault!!! I can't help they do that as soon as I show my face!!"

Era opened the door she'd disappeared into and glared with flaring green eyes at him.

"Then DON'T SHOW IT!" Then banged the door shut again.



Paul and Ashes sat in the livingroom with wide grins on their faces as the young male walked in. Flame van Wham held his nose and winced as he laid down his coat on a chair.

"Ma little sister shut the door in your face again, redhead?" Paul grinned and winked at him.

Flame mumbled something under his breath and pulled a white-furred hand through his thick silky crimson red hair. He walked over to the window and pulled aside the curtain slowly and peeked outside, only to be met of the sight of at least 50-70 females standing down on the street screaming like crazy by the mere sight of his face. True, he had the looks, the voice, and the charm. But really.... Talk about overdoing it, Flame thought to himself and pulled back the curtain again and walked over to the nearest mirror and started to reset his clothes. Running for your life for five blocks, and getting mobbed by crazy babes could make any clothes misfit a man, - now matter how perfect body he now might have. Flame grumbled some curses as he tried to straighten out the wrinkles out of the expensive jade-green silk shirt that the ambassador of Saturn's daughter had given him for his 17th birthday. Without any luck however.

The mirror reflection showed him the image of an average tall, lean muscular, white furred, red haired, green eyed, well shaped and for the unusualities - a boy you could call 'beautiful'. A young man with red marks all over his face and neck. .......


Paul and Ashes bolted out in laughed by their younger friend's cream. Flame turned around to face the two men.

"Why didn't you SAY something!!!???" He turned back to the mirror testing to rub the marks away. To no avail.

"Aaaaamber! C'mere with you're lipstick remover will ya? - Flame's got the lipstick flu again!" Paul laughed hysterically when Flame glared at him.

Amber came smiling out from the kitchen and handed the little lip-bottle to Flame.

"Here ya go hunkie. These new permanent lipsticks are just such a pain for wanted guys, no? Typical all female fan mobs have 'em, ain't it?" She grinned. Flame grumbled and went to the bathroom.


"This will be one great Christmas" Ashes said with a smile and a longing sigh as he picked up the phone. "I only wish dad was here to see it."

"Yea." Paul smiled a somewhat sad smile. "Bu' take it or leave it, - they gave us the most wonderful Christmas gift five years ago."

"Peace. " Ashes smiled sweetly and then turned his attention back to the phone. "PeaceKeeper's HQ? ... Yes, this is Sergeant Ashes Maverick... Requesting to speak with General Ares Carbine please. .... Yes, I'll hold."

Paul looked up from studying the flames of the advent candles when a young female walked into the room. The same young woman who 'accompanied' Flame inside. She walked inside the room slowly, and threw herself down beside Paul on the couch. Even if she had had antennas, Era's blue-green eyes, her unusual thin fur, and her reddish brown hair that was striped in her tanish fur color in thin streaks, showed she was not your average Martian Mouse. She flattened out her knee-long black skirt and her green shirt and leant back her head with a frustrated sigh.

"..... Ares?" Ashes broke into a smile where he stood by the phone. "Merry Christmas! .... Oh yes, thank you. .... I just called for back up here. .... Mhum. Send some officers to clean the street of the fans, or we won't be able to get Flame to Rising Sun Stadium at all. .... Yea, you said it. It's gonna be a nation wide disappointment if he doesn't show up in time for his part in the Xmas remembrance festival. .... OK, got it. . We'll wait. Take care bro, see ya there then." Ashes smiled and gave Paul a thumb up when putting down the phone, and then went to help Amber in the kitchen.

"Cheer up little sista...... It ain't THAT bad." Paul laid an arm around Era's shoulders and hugged her. She looked up at him.

"Oh no?" She chuckled and leaned her head against his chest. "You wouldn't know. I guess YOU would think it's FUN to be chased five block by fanatic fans, and having them pulling at your clothes, huh? - Especially when they're not YOUR own fans." She smirked ironically. Paul giggled.

"Yea yea.. But still hun, you still is the only female out of a whole planet who gets to be his date for dinner, no?"

"Oh, plueze..... I'd rather date Sliver....." Era snorted and got up, just as Flame walked into the room again.

She watched him silently for a second. For being of his generation, one who has not had to fight for their life completely, his motions was almost unnatural cat-like. Almost sensual even. God, she loved that shirt.

"Hey Era, I'm. sorry for that. I had no idea that.." Flame looked a bit beaten at her, while trying to apologize.

"Yea yea, whatever...." Era waved him off and walked out of the room. "Spare the sweet-takin for the concert."

Flame looked after her and then folded his arm and sat down where she had been sitting a minute ago.

"Damn. It's a curse I tell you!" He glared at Paul, almost accusingly. Paul however, had to concentrate not to laugh, too much.

"Hehe.. Frustrating huh? On one big planet, not a single woman would say no to ya, - but the one living next to ya does!" He couldn't help it, and started laughing. Flame didn't thought it was that funny though.


"DINNER!" Amber called from the kitchen just as the doorbell rang.

"I'LL GET IT!!" Paul shouted and rushed off. "Aahahah!!! MA PRINCESSES!!"


"Paul, you goof!"

Shelly grinned wide and gave her by two years younger brother a big hug. Paul smiled wide and hugged her back, and then grabbed the two young girls beside her and swirled them around.

"Unc Paul!! WEE! We've missed you!" The sandy-tan girl said, and her human-looking twin nodded with a smile.

"You have? OF COURSE you have!" Paul laughed and let them down. "You're JUST in time for lunch babes! - What took ya so long?"

"Street all crowded with females, - clue enough? I reckon Flame is here all ready?" Shelly smirked as she hung up her clothes.

"Flame?!" The sandy-tan mouse girl looked up at her mother, and then sprinted off and around the corner to the dining room.

"Queenie! Don't run inside the house!!" Both Paul and Shelly shouted after her.

"AAH! It's the street princess!!" Flame's voice could be heard screaming from the other room, and then both his and Queenie's laughter.

"Where's the knife-brain then?" Paul asked his sister with a grin.

"Dad's at the Stadium all ready, he'll meet us there."

Paul looked down at the human girl.

"Spring, have I ever told you how much you resembles your mother?" The girl grinned and took her uncle by the hand and went to the others. Shelly followed put with a smile, carrying her youngest son on her arm.


* * * * * * * * * *


You been robbed
You been used
You been crucified and
You been abused
You been sacrificed and
Now you're confused
Ain't it the truth, yea

You got a hole in your head
And a cold empty spot
In your big brass bed
When you're mad at the world and
You feel like you're losing control
All you need to get by is
A little bit o soul

When you've lost in the flood
And you feel like you been
Kicked through the mud
You know they still
Haven't found the drug
To pick us up

Feeling down, misunderstood
You know these times
They ain't looking so good
When you're mad at the world and
You feel like you're losing control
What we all need to get by is
A little bit o soul

Whoa oh
Little bit of soul
What we all need
To survive
Is just
A little bit o soul

When you're mad at the world
And you feel like
You're losing control
What we all need
To get by is just
A little bit o soul

Whoa oh little bit o soul

Whoa oh little bit o soul

Whoa oh little bit o soul!

"MERRY X-MAS!!!" Paul stood up by the -by now cleaned of food- table, and held up his glass. "WE MADE IT!"

"KEEP THE PEACE!" The rest shouted , and swallowed the drink.

"Okey, let's get goin! Tidy up here, and then off to the festival! - Btw, GREAT food Amber."

"Why thank you Paul."

"Kids, come help your mother clean the table now."

"Hey, Ashes, blow out the candles before you go."

"All ready done!"

Chatter and the sound of people moving filled the house as the friends and family started to take out lunch, and easing down before preparing to move on for the main event of the evening. - The Christmas Remembrance Concert at Rising Sun Stadium. A remembrance concert, a festival, to celebrate, and remember all the horrors of war with the joy of peace.

Flame van Wham, extraordinary famous 24 year-old, and the 'main event' of the concert itself, stood and watched how some PeaceKeeper cops cleared the street of his own fans, and slowly but surely sealed off the block with holo lazer walls. The young male put his hands in his black jeans pockets thoughtfully. He wasn't nervous about the concert, no, not at all actually. He'd always figured it had something to do with his mother's genes, but really - who cares? Flame didn't. But his dad sure did. He smiled by the thoughts of his dad after he won his first Gold Mons Award. They all had had to put up with his dad's proud bragging for several month's afterwards. - That was afterwards he had woken up after had fainted when his son's name came out as the winner. Flame chuckled inwardly.

By now the street was cleared from people, PeaceKeepers and fans alike. The world was white outside, the street and the houses in the richer areas of Aquarius City. Aquarius City, the capital of a new era for the planet mars. Era. Flame stared out the window. Damn that Davidson-Van Wham curse.... He grumbled to himself and sighed. 'Just keep on trying' his dad kept saying, and eventually something will happen. Flame snickered ironically. yeah, sure. SOMETHING. Once, or twice, or even s couple of times if I'm lucky. He grimaced. Strange that the son of the Martian Love Goddess wanted more. But he wanted more. Damn. Flame growled at himself. So typical, the 'perfect' boy had one serious flaw, and that was his childhood 'flame'.

"What are you doing, Flame?"

Flame looked down at the seemingly human girl who'd come up beside him. Spring looked up at him with her one pink, one blue eye, and her blond-furred long tail waved back and forth in ease.

"Era giving you headaches again?"

"It's more what she's NOT giving me.." Flame muttered.

The young man looked strangely at the girl as she started giggling. Then he realized he'd said the last sentence out loud. He smirked and grabbed Spring's head over her ears with a played anger.

"Don't listen to such mutterings young lady!" He laughed and hugged her. "Darn you kiddo!"


The two by the window looked up, and then down, at Spring's little brother. The small seven year-old sandy tan Mouseling grinned toothy at them and pointed to the door, his fur all wet from snow. Flame and Spring looked at each other, and then pulled aside the curtain from the window and stared outside. It was true, it WAS snowing! And by the looks of all the snow on the ground, it had to have been snowing all during their dinner too. There were drifts of it outside!

"Last'ne outside is a Sand Rider!!!" The little boy shouted and whirled out the door again.

"WHIRL!! Come back, you have no clothes on for playing in the snow!!" Spring shouted with high spirits after her younger brother and ran after him taking her coat and his with her.

Flame stared at all the snow outside and wondered slightly how the heck he had missed ot see it when he'd been standing looking outside for at least ten minutes! But as his younger friends and sort of family memebers came into view on the street below, with laughter and snow sprinkled around them as the chased each other around, he grinned a loop-sided grin that long ago was trademarked by the family Van Wham.

"Flame? Yo! Flamie-man! Where art thou?" Paul looked around the living room, holding a tray of cups of mulled and spiced whine. Era came up behind him.

"He's probably hiding out somewhere, combing his hair or something." She said and took the tray from her half brother and put it down on the table when the rest joined them in the room.

Ashes perked up his ear towards the door just as he was supposed to sit down by the others. Wondering, he walked over to the window. A broad smile spread across his face as he did.

"Ashes? Where ya goin'?!" Amber looked questioning after her brother as he grabbed his jacket suddenly, and went outside instead of sitting down.

Paul looked up, as curius as always when something new happened. He jumped over to the window.

"Whaaaaaaat!??!!!!! A snowball fight, and no-one invited ME???!!!!! ...... Why, I'll show those....." Paul got a sly grin of mischief all over his face as he rubbed his hands. Shelly looked hesitant at him.

"..Uhm,.. Paul.. what are you up to now?"

"HOLD ON TO YER HORSES, - THE KING OF SNOWBALL FIGHTS IS ABOUT TO JOIN THE SCENE!!!" Paul laughed like a crazy man, then winked at his sister, and literally flew out the door with a war-cry inspired from the old adventure series of 'Xena - Warrior Princess'.

"Snowball fight?!" Queenie stood up, and rapidly collected her long sandy-tan hair into a ponytail, and hurried after her uncle. "WAIT FOR ME!!!!!!"

Amber, Shelly, and Era looked at each other. Amber stood up hands on hips with a determined look.

"OK Ladies, shall we let the kids have all the fun, or teach them what a REAL snow fight is all about?" She got a wild look in her ember red eyes. Shelly and Era grinned.

Laughter echoed down the empty street under the darkening sky.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Faces. Hundreds. Thousands. Innocent faces that had not seen many turn of the seasons, and other, faces of old worn and scared fighters who'd seen more than any man wishes to. Faces of mothers, fathers, children, adults, and teens. Faces of proud grandparents who stands there in the crowd with tear-filled eyes, but smiling. Tears falling by the remembrance of what was. Smiles evoking joy by the thought of the now and the future.


The candles hold by the crowd turns the stadium into a sea of thousands and yet thousands warm flickering flames. The huge scene glows in a golden light as a choir made out of Mars' finest vocal artists sing songs of the season and to the honour of the evening. - Peace, War is over. remember what you dead fathers, and friends gave you. Cherish the moments of peace. Keep the peace. Within yourself. Cherish life. Your mother, the earth. Live.

As the choir's song dies away, a young man steps into the golden light of the stage, and with him, a choir of young children trails. The young man smiles, and as he waves a delicate white-furred hand out to the sea of people, a loud cheer greets him. His golden earring as well as his crimson hair and crimson silk shirt and pants almost glitter like a halo on him in the spotlights and the torch light of the stage. In his hair, a ring of winter-green leaves crowns his statue.

With one last glance at the smiling children around him, Flame van Wham turns to the people.

"Six years from today, we once again saw waves beat against our Martian shores. Five years from today, the fathers ad mothers of my generation cried bitter sweet tears when the planet of Plutark ceased to exist. Today, we can take, and open that Christmas gift they gave us. - Peace."

Flame paused and looked out over the sea of tear-shot eyes, smiling faces, and burning candles.

"Today we honor they who fought, and still fights, for the freedom of our mother planet, and the Martian races. And today, is Christmas. Merry Christmas, Mars. "

A loud cheer erupted from the crowds. Screams, shouts, and howls of victory. Flame smiled with his whole being as he led the microphone to his mouth.



So this is Christmas...
And what have you done?
Another year over...
And a new one just begun.
And so this is Christmas...
I hope you have fun.
- The near and the dear ones,
The old and the young.

A very merry Christmas!
And a happy New Year!
Let's hope it's a good one,
Without any fear.

And so this is Christmas...

(War is over)
For weak and for strong.

(If you want it)
For rich and the poor ones.

(War is over)
The world is so wrong.

And so happy Christmas!

(War is over)
For black and for white!

(If you want it)
For yellow and red ones,

(War is over)
Let's stop all the fight!


And so this is Christmas,

(War is over)
And what have we done?

(If you want it)
Another year over..

(War is over)
And a new one just begun..

And so happy Christmas!

(War is over)
I hope you have fun.

(If you want it)
The near and the dear ones,

(War is over)
The old and the young!


War is over......
If you want it............
War is over............











~ Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year ~



Lyrics borrowed from "Little Bit Of Soul" - By Bon Jovi. And "Happy Xmas - War Is Over" - By John Lennon.