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A shot came from nowhere, finishing off the last goon a split second before he would've shot Vinnie in the back. The Biker Mice From Mars-Throttle, Vinnie and Modo, all spun to see where it had come from. A shiny black bike skidded to a stop beside them, skillfully kicking up a spray of dirt behind it.
"Nice!" Vinnie complemented the rider. Throttle looked the new biker up and down appraisingly.
"What's your name?" He asked, just a touch suspiciously. The rider reached up to unsnap their helmet. Shaking out long red hair, bright blue eyes twinkled at the mice as they were struck speechless. She smiled and sassily tucked her helmet under her arm.
"Amber-Leigh." She said by way of introduction. Vinnie whistled and she shot him a look.
"Thanks." She narrowed her eyes with a half-smile.
"Hey," Throttle interupted. "You wanna come back to the gararge with us?" Usually he wouldn't invite a perfect stranger but his animal instict told him there was more to Amber than what they were seeing and he wanted to keep an eye on her. Amber nodded, gunned her bike, and followed them back. She was really nervous. This was exactly the chance she needed and exactly the help she needed. She wondered however how easy it would be convincing these guys she was for real. Her whole story sounded like a trap. She closed her eyes briefly in annoyance.
Charley heard the guys approach long before she ever saw them and had to smile.
"Oh Charley-girl!" Vinnie bellowed as they roared into the gararge.
"Hi guys!" She cheerfully greeted them. It was then that she noticed the new biker, still on her bike, behind them. Charley raised her
"This is Amber." Throttle said gesturing to the newcomer. Amber smiled and held out her hand. Charley shook hands with her.
"Gonna take off you're helmet and stay awhile?" Modo teased her. Amber laughed softly and pulled off her helmet. Charley smiled at her.
"You're welcome here." She assured the girl. "Any friend of the guys is a friend of mine."
"thank you." Amber replied though she made no move to get off her bike.
"Any hot dogs Charley-girl?" Vinnie asked, his stomach winning over anything else. Charley rolled her eyes.
"Oh honestly!" But she nodded while Amber giggled. As soon as everyone turned away, Amber winced and gritting her teeth she eased herself off her bike. Closing her eyes against the pain she put her helmet on the handle bars. It was just as well that she didn't notice Throttle notice her reaction. Charley poked her head back around the corner. Amber plastered her smile back in place.
"Would you like anything to eat?" Charley asked. Amber shook her head slowly.
"No thanks. Just some coffee please."
"No problem." Charley dissapeared again. Amber wandered wearily toward the kitchen. Charley met her at the doorway with a steaming cup.
"Thanks." Amber accepted it gratefully.
"So," Charley asked, flopping down at the table with everyone else.
"What's Limburger up to this time?" Amber bristled at the name but no one seemed to notice. Limburger wasn't exactly the most popular person.
"We're not sure." Modo answered.
"Yeah, really weird." Throttle agreed. "We were sort of attacked out of nowhere which isn't unusual but no Greasepit, no Limburger, no Karbunkle-THAT is unusual." The little group talked for quite a while-Amber staying politely quiet only answering brief, safe questions and sipping her coffee. Finally everyone went off to bed. The guys deciding to stay at the gararge that night-for obvious reasons. When they were sure that both Amber and Charley were out of earshot Throttle shook his head.
"I don't know bro's," He began. "Anyone else got a funny feeling about Amber?"
"Aside from the fact that she seems to hate Limburger as much as we do not really." Modo replied.
"Yeah, but why is my question." Throttle answered back. "And I wasn't supposed to see her either but that girl is hurting pretty bad. She had a lot of trouble getting off her bike tonight." They looked around at eachother. Amber was becoming more and more of a mystery.

"Zoe! No! No!" Amber cried out in her sleep. Charley gently shook her awake.
"Amber! Amber, wake up!" Charley coaxed. Amber sat up with a start. Embarrased, she tried to wipe the tears away but they just kept coming. Finally she gave up and dropped her face in her hands, sobbing. Charley felt sorry for her and sat on the edge of the bed. She would have hugged Amber but Amber resisted being touched. It seemed the slightest move or touch hurt her terribly. Because Amber reminded charley of her daughter, Airik, only a little older, she did comb her fingers through the girls red tresses, hoping to comfort her somehow. When Amber had calmed down some Charley ventured a question.
"Who is Zoe? You were calling her name in your sleep." Amber's eyes got impossibly wide.
"Oh! Oh, she's, she's just someone I knew. It was just a stupid dream."
Amber wouldn't meet Charley's eyes anymore. Charley sighed.
"Amber, we're all your friends. I sense that you need some sort of help but we can't help you unless you tell us what's wrong." Now it was Amber's turn to sigh.
"I'll tell everyone in the morning when were all together ok?" Charley nodded. At least they'd get some answers.
"Are you going to be alright?" She asked Amber. Amber nodded. Charley went back to bed and back to sleep but Amber had too much on her mind. The terrified look in Zoe's eyes, Her crying for Amber to help her, Amber's own helplessness-she shuddered and blinked back the tears that threatened yet again. She now knew there was a Plutarkian on Earth-Lawrence Limburger and she had to find out what if anything he had to do with Zoe's kidnapping. She also had to find a way to tell the Biker Mice so they could help her. She, Charley, Throttle, Vinnie and Modo were her poor baby sister's only chance.Amber snuck out of the gararge as quietly as she could, wheeling her bike down the sidewalk. When she figured she was far enough away she rode off in search of Limburger Tower. It wasn't that hard to find actually.
"Has quite a bump on himself doesn't he?" Amber muttered disgustedly to herself. There was no doubt in her mind that he had something to do with Zoe's dissapearence. Knowing the condition that Plutark was in, what Plutark did to Mars, what Plutark was now doing to Earth, it wasn't hard for Amber to figure out why they's want Zoe and sooner or later herself as well. She only hoped Zoe was strong enough to resist. And on Plutark a small, petite little girl with black hair and eyes so dark blue they were almost purple sat stony faced with her arms crossed, a pout pursing her pretty mouth and refusing to say one word to the smelly, ugly fish who had taken her from her home and her family.

When Charley awoke Amber was gone. She walked out into the kitchen.
"Morning guys! Anyone seen Amber?" She asked with casual curiousity.
Throttle's head snapped up.
"You mean she's not with you?" Charley shook her head.
"Did you find out anything new about her Sweetheart?" Vinnie asked.
"Not much. Only that she needs help and she was going to tell us this morning when we were all together." She flung her arms helplessly out to the sides.
"Do you think she's gone for good?" Modo asked softly.
"I don't know." Charley shrugged her shoulders and flopped down in the chair. A second later the sounds of explosions and gunfire brought them all to their feet.
"Whatever that is I bet Amber's right in the middle of it!" Modo commented.
"Bet you're right bro!" Throttle answered. Charley climbed on behind Vinnie. "Let's Rock and Ride!"
Dunebuggies were burning all over the place. Amber, armed with her blaster and a hunted look in her eyes scanned for any more goons that would stand between her and Limburger.
"Amber! What're you doing Sweetheart?!" She heard Vinnie whine behind her. She spun to see three mice and one young woman all watching her expectently. She blushed guiltily and began studying the toes of her boots.
"Look Amber," Throttle began gently, "We'd be more than happy to help you whip tail on the big fish but we'd like to know why first. Why not give us the whole scoop?"
"Right now." Vinnie added. Amber nodded down an alley. They all followed her there where everyone say down and looked at the redhead intently.
"I'm Amber-Leigh. I'm 20 years old and I'm from the planet Inasha,"
Charley interupted."Where's that?"
"Two-thousand light years west of Jupiter." She answered matter of factly. The guys nodded in understanding. Charley looked like they were speaking another language. Amber continued. "My sister, Zoe, and I both have special powers. We are psychic, can see the future, can move things by thinking about it-kinetics you understand-and are empathetic. Can feel others pain as our own and in many cases heal. Now no, the pain I'm feeling is not Zoe's it is my own. I was badly beaten when the Plutarkians came and took my sister. Zoe is younger but her powers are stronger than my own. I tried to help her but at the time we were too frightened and neither of us were strong enough to break away. Our parents weren't home at the time. They took Zoe and threw me into prison. I was beaten there as well, but managed to escape. This all happened about a month ago. There was no way that i could rescue Zoe on my own. As a little girl I used to visit Mars alot. I was friends with a mouse a few years my senior. Her name was Carbine." Throttle's face lit up. Amber continued. "Carbine told me many stories about the freedomfighters and the biker mice." Amber smiled in understanding at Throttle. "I'd never met you and this was years before the Martian/Plutarkian wars. When my sister was kiddnapped though I knew you were my best hope." She paused to blink back tears. "I know they want us, Zoe in particular, to use our powers to help Plutark gain control of the galaxy. To tell them what will happen to them and their planet, and also to repair the damange they've done to their planet." She was cyring openly now. "They threatened Zoe that if she didn't do what they wanted that they'd kill her, me and our parents. She mouthed off and they slapped her-the last thing Zoe heard me say was that I'd rescue her if it was the last thing I ever did. I think it all starts here with Limburger and the transport device you were all talking about." Modo's eye glowed and he pounded his fist in his other hand.
"Nobody threatens or little kids with me around! Nobody!"
"See that's part of the problem though!" Amber cried out. "I think they know I'd look you up! Everyone knows how much Plutark hates the Bikermice! I was seen frequently on Mars. They figure I know you and therefore I'd go to you to help rescue Zoe! Then they'd kill all of us! Not only is Zoe perfect for their own personal gain but she's also the perfect trap! A child has always been the perfect bait!"
"Or a girl!" Charley ineffectually punched Vinnie in the shoulder.
Everyone looked at eachother. It wasn't that anyone was scared of the Plutarkians but Zoe's life hung in the balance.
"It doesn't matter about us. Zoe is what matters." Throttle decided.
"This is such a rush!!!!" Vinnie screeched with excitement. Modo, Throttle and Charley rolled their eyes.
"Oh, honestly!" Charley sighed. Without any goons to get in the way they were all inside in seconds. They burst through Limburger's office but he wasn't there. In fact, no one was there. Vinnie stopped short.
"Y'know bros, goons have been attacking regularly the same as always but we haven't seen Limburger or Greasepit or Karbunkle and this has been going on now......." His voice trailed off.
"For about a month." Modo finished, awed. They looked at eachother then at Amber who closed her eyes as all her suspicions came true. She stomped her foot, punched the wall then threw back her head and screamed. A furious, bloodcurdling howl from the bottom of her soul.
Limburger had Zoe.

Everyone was taken aback by the wail from Amber. Modo's sympathetic nature won over though and he held his arms out to the girl. She buried her face in his soft fur and cried.
"She's a little girl! She's just a little girl!" Amber choked her voice barely more than a whisper. Unable to control her rage she picked up Limburger's desk with her mind and she hurled it across the room.
"Easy Amber! Easy!" Throttle was quick to console the girl. "You can't wreck the place. At least not yet. We need that transport chamber."
"Well, Charley-girl-guess we'd better get Amber out of here and go do our macho-man stuff and rescue Zoe." Vinnie sighed in his "big-mouse-on-campus" voice.
"Woah, woah, woah!" Charley held up her hands. "Hold it macho-mouse! If you think you're going without me you have another think coming!"
"You know the rules Sweetheart! No civilians!"
"Even if it means going to Plutark, Amber's my friend and no is not an option as an answer!"
"How cute!" Vinnie cooed. "She thinks macho-mice like us are going to be intimidated by one determined little grease-monkey!"
"Anyone get the feeling we've had this conversation before?" Throttle rolled his eyes. "Look Vincent, we might as well let her go-she'll probably end up being a great help as always and were wasting time standing here arguing!"
"Yeah, let's go!" Modo was getting impatient.
The transporter dumped them all in a little heap outside some sort of lab.
"This is disgusting!" Amber exclaimed, gagging. The planet really was gross and it smelled like raw sewage. Charley was turning a lovely shade of green. The door to the lab required some sort of code so the little group simply blasted through the wall. (They're the biker-mice and they don't use doors) When the smoke cleared.......
"Ah, the Biker Mice From Mars and company! We've been expecting you gentlemen!" A calm, smooth, Plutarkian voice intoned. Amber was instantly in Limburger's face.
"Where's my sister?!" She demanded, shouting. It was then that the guys noticed the dangerous sparkle in her eyes and the air around her glittered brightly.
"No need to get excited. She's right through that door." Anger clouding Amber's judgement, she stormed to the door and flung it open. Zoe, held in an iron grip by Greasepit, fought her way out of her gag as her sister opened the door.
"No, Amber! No!" Zoe screamed. But it was too late.
In the blink of an eye a cage imprisioned Throttle, Modo, Vinnie and Charley and Amber was magnetically shackled to the wall while Zoe watched. Zoe closed her eyes briefly and willedthe air around her to calm as it had been glittering as bright as her sister's.
"That went remarkable well, Your Supreme Cheeseiness." Dr. Karbunkle's voice creaked. Vinnie smacked himself in the forehead. Throttle was lost in thought. Plutarkians were never as smart as they thought they were.
He tested the bars with a quick tap. Were they charged? Nope. Mistake number one. Was the door combination locked? Nope. Mistake number two.
They had imprisoned all four of them together and had taken their weapons but the bars were Plutarkian glass steel so they couldn't blast out anyway. They were good with their tails though. Throttle casually leaned back against the bars and began to pick the lock.
Zoe and Amber, shackled to opposite walls were glad to see eachother despite their circumstances. Zoe confirmed everything Amber had already suspected.
"They wanted me, now both of us to use our powers to help Plutark gain supreme control. They want the entire galaxy under their rule. They also want us to heal the damage done to the planet though I'm not sure that's even possible." She paused to read her sister's eyes.
"We simply won't do it that's all." She flung her hair back emphatically.
"It may not be as simple as that." Zoe warned.
"What do you mean?" Amber's eyes narrowed. Her little sister gazed at her imploringly.
"They're going to kill your friends and make the woman a slave. Also they've invented a new way to brain-wash us since we won't help on our own and this time I'm not sure we can resist." Amber swallowed hard.
Then a thought came to her.
"Were they going to kill them before of after they brain-washed us?"
"Oh before I'm sure. They want to make us watch."
"Good." Amber's eyes began to glow dangerously again. Slowly, Zoe began to understand what her sister was thinking and her own eyes began to glow as well. A luminous purple in the dim light. Her laugh was deep and rich.
"Beautiful sister. Beautiful."

Throttle flinched as a sharp click told him he'd gotten the door unlocked. He glanced around to see if anyone had noticed. No one had.
Now, the only problem was getting out without being seen, and getting Amber and Zoe free without either girl getting hurt. Getting back to Earth, destroying the transporter and marooning all the villins on Plutark would be too much to hope for. For the six of them to get out alive and uninjured would be enough. He didn't have time to get any further in his thoughts for at that moment Amber and Zoe were dragged roughly from the room they'd been in. They looked unhurt and strangely unafraid, just annoyed.
"ah, the day I've been waiting for most of my life!" Limburger stated in an almost congratulatory manner. "The annhialation of the Biker Mice AND Plutark's gaining supreme rule. The high chairman will be very impressed, I do beleive."
"You don't know what a mistake you're making." Zoe warned in a sarcastic, sing-song fashion. She shrank back when it looked like he might hit her. She only scowled at him.
"Shut up you little brat!" Limburger snarled at her. "Karbunkle! Greaspit! Dispense with the rodents, Lock up Miss Davidson, and procede with the brain-washing process of these stubborn Inashians!" He snapped.
"Aw, man!" Vinnie exclaimed under his breath.
"Chill Vincent." Throttle warned. "It's better for us than it looks."
He inclined his head to the door so Vinnie would know that as soon as the time was right they could get out. Limburger stood his fat self in a corner so he could watch the action out of harms way.
"Make sure the young ladies have a clear veiw of everything!" He called cheerfully to his assisstents. The air around Amber and Zoe began to shimmer and sparkle brighter than it ever had before. Both girls eyes glowed intensely.
"Yes," Amber almost hissed in a voice dramatically different from the normal one she used, startling everyone, "make sure we have a clear veiw! Better yet make sure you have a clear veiw for this may be the last thing you'll ever see! Never cross an Inashian!" She shouted and with that statement lightning crackled around both herself and her sister and in the blink of an eye a stunning white wolf with purple eyes and an imposing gray wolf with ice blue eyes stood gaurding the cage, growling menacingly.
"WHA?!?!" Everyone gasped.
"Amber?" Charley questioned in a little tiny voice.
"Zoe?" The rest of the guys asked incredulously.
"It's still us." The gray wolf answered without taking her eyes from her enemies. "I never bothered to mention that we're also shape shifters.
It's our most powerful secret weapon. For that reason I warn you. You won't be harmed by this but the memories of what you see at this moment will be wiped from your minds and you won't remember ever seeing us in this manner." Nobody knew how to answer so nobody said anything.
"Thottle," Zoe spoke up, "I know you're nearest to the door is there any way you can pick the lock?" The white wolf never took her eyes from the villians in front of her.
"Already done, kiddo!" He said gallently. Blushing as he realized he'd just called someone who could tear him into confetti if she so chose "kiddo".

A noise came from Zoe that could have been a giggle had she been human.
"Slowly, everyone get out of that infernal thing so we can take care of this once and for all."
Well, Limburger who had turned a strange mix of red and purple while this was going on ordered Greaspit and the goons to attack anyway. Before his eyes he saw another perfect plan going up in smoke. Not being the brightest things ever born they followed orders. Amber and Zoe jumped into the brawl, teeth and claws bared, while Throttle, Vinnie, Modo, and Charley took care of everyone else. Seeing his people getting the worst of the fight Limburger headed for the transporter, rightly figuring that Earth was much safer than Plutark at the moment. Everyone else was right on his tail. In a confused mass of animals, and hysteria the whole group landed in a heap in Limburger tower. Except for Amber and Zoe everyone else was unconcious. Zoe looked worried. She and Amber returned to human form.
"They'll be fine. It's for the best little sister. Oh, I'm so glad to have you back. I couldn't have done it without them." She hugged Zoe before the two of them took the Mice and Charley outside. Once they were safely outside they began rousing them up, one by one. Vinnie sat up rubbing his head.
"ohhhhhhhh," he moaned, "what happened?" Zoe stood beside him and grinned.
"Well, I'm free for starters!" She gently kissed Vinnie's nose. "thanks for helping my sister." Vinnie blushed.
"Yes," Amber broke in. She hugged everyone in turn. "I could never have rescued Zoe without you. I can never thank you enough. We really must be retuning home. Our parents will be delighted to see both of us. Safe and sound." Charley looked sad as she brushed off her jeans.
"Will you come back and visit us?" She asked.
"As surely as the moon rules the night sky!" Zoe answered with a smile.
"There's one more thing we have to do." Amber grinned mischevously at her sister.
"Oh, let me! Let me!" Zoe begged. Amber laughed and nodded. A large rumble filled everyone's ears as Limburger tower came crashing to the ground for the umpteenth time. When the laughter and cheers subsided, they watched as Zoe, Amber and Amber's bike slowly, completly, faded from sight.
That night was very warm. Charley, having nothing to do, was sitting outside staring at the sky.
"Whatcha doin' out here all alone darlin'?" Throttle asked softly.
"Oh I was just looking at the stars." She answered. Hearing Charley and Throttle outside brought Vinnie and Modo out too. Charley pointed up at the sky.
"See those stars?" She asked the guys. "I don't remember ever seeing that constellation before. I don't know what it is." They all looked at it for a long time but couldn't figure it out. After a while they gave up.
"It looks like something I've seen before but I can't seem to remember what or where." Modo commented.
What it was no one could figure out was a wolves head. A Thank you from above for a job well done.