Harley's Story
by Alisha

Disclaimer: I do not own the BMFM this story is for entertainment only.

Whenever I think about what that rat mace and that demented doc karbuncle did to me, I just want to break down and cry. I was kidnapped by mace back home on Mars. He then took me to karbuncle's lab. I was a guinea pig for his awful experiment. I was chosen for it because I was a bike mechanic. The plutarkian government had already picked their next prey-Earth. They needed a spy. karbuncle had selected the DNA of Charlene Davidson to use to change me into human form. Charlene was , ed in a motorcycle accident. The way karbuncle had planned it, I was to be turned almost into a cyborg slave. When I had finished what the plutarkians wanted me to do, the chemical reactions from being transformed would be so bad that I would die. I managed to escape from that lab. By that time, I was changing into human form. I stole a plutarkian spaceship and headed for Earth. I wanted to warn them about the plutarkians. By the time I made it to Earth, I was completely transformed and I had assumed the personality of Charlene. I didn't remember Mars, Vinnie, or ever being a mouse. All I knew was the identity of Charlene Davidson. When I met up with the Biker Mice, I didn't remember them. I know now that a piece of my life was stolen by the plutarkians and I'm going the help make them pay for it.